The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 6, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1818
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IN CHANCERY. JLX - ; . .IN CHASCkXtY.I S,atof New - York, It. - lit nnniisnrr of adecreUd order of this honor We court, will be cold at public auction, at the 'ienline CoTe (ioi fa Urn city of New - York. 4 tinder th diiection o( tM tubtcribcr, a m ai v vi aievter fthit court, on Saturday, th (oor - teonlb dty of February next, t twelve o'clock at boo, all that certaia house and lot of cmud, situate ea the westerly aide of Nanau - street, ia the third ward of the city of New - York, aad - knows a oumberol, bounded at follow : latterly in front by Nassau street, westerly ia the lear by property belonging to Mr. liaacMead. ' northerly by Mr. Hooekinioo's .Tavern, wtd southerly br Property of Mm. Elizabeth Giro '(toart, containing ia breadth In front and rear ' twenff five feet, tn length' on the aorlberly aide i dm hundred and twelve feet four inches, add on the southerly aide one hundred and ten feet tea ' inche. te tbe tarae more or lett t together with all and singular the beriiitarooutt ana eppunf , Baocet thereunto belonging.. Dated the 23d day , 1 : ' :.. Matter fa Ctaoceryn 1 "a Jfotn The terrot of the will heat fol - ' low : 10 per cent oo Die day of tale, 15 per cent ' oi the first day pf May ntxt, at wtkh tune a 'dted will be rxemled aod possession given t the ' midiie to be paid ia teven. yeart, with interest ' - hnrf yearly, tecared by a bond aad morteaje ' ti premises th oouse to be intured ny the purr baser fro the taid first diyofMay uotflth imirrlntf nanev andinteiest thereon u Paid, aad the policy to be transferred to the morf cage. - 1 For farther particular apply aiwe masur - s i. r fici Nu. 60 JPice - tUee w 'J Jaa 23 d3w j IN CHANCERY.. j': ' j ..Henrv iWcrd. - 1. - " - I f ue vreeiu ana outers. I N pursuance of - a decretal order of thit honora 1 bic court, made in the above cause, will be tmna puouc aaciiois, ai wo i online ,oiiee nHoose, ia the cKy of New - York, on Mondsy.thi inth day bf February neit, at IS o'clock al - nee of thai day, under the direction and toper - . intundance of the subscriber, one of the mat ten r wiun cwsn n uiiceruig jaw piece, m ymi .sjel of nound. titanic Ivinf and beinc in the te venth ward of New York, and part of the real et . tate of Ebeoeeer Youor. deceased, and to the "northward of Cnerry - Mreet, ami between that , ana uontardy - etreec i bounded toatiieriyjiartiy rm eround now or lata, ia potaeuina of ueorpre Teck, partly by a (angway. of eight ieet, and ' dl1! bT Cbeeer .Younc't property, aow or Hate ia the occupation of tUtha Jtlouoia s wett enyby itaae Claaoat northerly ty Cbeneter Toufis, Janior aadeatterly hvJohn Sinclair I ewtataiaf ia breadth thrrnaj(1iout OHy feet Bine nun i uu in loojin dq Dgia liaei .mifinj aioe rfeett and alto the nzht to. or nriilcee.of all that iwrtain gangway of right feet ia width, leading "from itwrry - etreet to tne rrouau nereby convey 'd.'ith the absolute rightof patting aid repatf . 1 y - II . ' 4l L .!J 5 '.11 r mil uitciuiruajja ui gaozway, wan nor - tet,'eartj can - Uget, loaded aud anJoaded, at pteamre. 'And auo, all (Hal certain lot or ground, aituate, rying and being fa the said seventh ward of the city aTootaid, oa the north aide of Cherry street i founded aoetberiy in front by Cberry - at raet. aibretaid l northerly in the raarhy gmuud ,'Ute of Sarah Raiobird, aid, formerly belonging MoEtxneier Yoddc, of Ihe city aforesaid de ceased 5 easterly by a gangway of eight feet in 'hreadth, and westerly by grdiiod now or lata ol - Itaae Clatoo j containing ia length on each tide one handled feet, and fa breadth, in front and Tearetch twenty five feet which twenty five rieetiucUidettbeone half part of the aaid gang - .wayf.aod alto the use and privilege of the. said f;ajigwty, in co sua on with the proprietort of the ott of land adjoioinaj thereto t and which laid gangway u to be, and remain, a common gang way or passage for tlie utet aforesaid which . aaidlatof emMdMBartof the real estate where. . of the said F.hrneier Yowir, deceased, wnt seised iiiee'attba time bf hit deatlit and which was .flvea andndavised to Sarah, the wife of John AtiMobird.inand bv tlie lett will and tettamont of the laid Eheneter Young, and by the aaid Jiha al tinrah conveyed to William Weeks. .I'oK' - Xhtr with all and siagvlnr, the edifices, buildings, rights, aiemliers.privilege, heredita - - tnenta and appurtenimces thereniito belonging or It tst wie armerm vatmt r - - ui Pj Kin, I WILLIAM SEAMAN, . ii . i jan 0 law3w&dtdt IN CHANCERY. umv:..1j... . . ' jstau tftftwYnk, at. IS pumaoc f an order of thfs honorable eoort. will beeold at public taction at the Ton tine Cofee House, in the city of New - York, tm - der the direction of the tahscriher. - on the 37th day ofNovember fast, at ELEVEN O'CLOCK ia tlie forenoon All that certain lot, piece or parcel ofgriHind situate lying and being ia the '.fourth ward of the city of New - York, comraea - cinr 40 feet from the southwest corner of new laarket - slip (late Catberine - street) and Cherry - :etreU aad running waster I aloas Cherrr - etfeet 40eet, to croued bow or late tho property of Jotnrltorsrnati t - thence sontbrrty along eaid ..ground 120 feet to Water - street; thence ent , erly along Watetreet ' 40 feet, . to ground now or late or K on us Moore, then oortheriy a ;tonc aaid ground 130 feet, to the puce of beein ' nine. Also, all that Certain other lot,' piece or . l 1.. - . a i - ... parcel oi (ruuua, uiunir, ivir; an DCing in I Of J fourth ward fftie city or New - Yorlt, directly 'in the rear of the above described piece or par j eel of groand, and commencing 40 fttot frorn the 'toirthweil comer rfnew - market - tlip. and Water ' rtreet, and running westerly along Wa'er - ttreet '40 feet, to ground of John O. Cotter ; thence ' southerly along said ground 160 feet to South - "'street, thence easterly along South - street, 40 feet ' to ground now or late of Boltus Moore, thence - nor ui erly along said ground 160 feet, to the place ' of beginning. Together with the hereditaments and appurtenances to the tame, and every part win parcel inereoi oeionginr or in anywise ap - iicnaiuing.. unma riov. in, ion. , THOMAS BOLTON. '.i,. Master in Chancenr. f. tv Tht ahov will be sold ia eepetvta loU.' : The , .terau of sale will be liberal and amy be keowe hy eDCjuirui; of the Matter, No 44 PiDe - eireet, . wrt a map oi ine v remises can D teen. - ." nov4lawti9tbdtt : .' - . . vl'be sale of the above property it postponed to the riith day or January next, at the earne how "tmrptace. - - ViUt Nor. nth, 1817. - . ' . . THOMAS BOLTON, M : - 15 " ' Master fa Chancery, ' novtl lawtJantOdtt' - The abowi rale it la rl her postponed lathe 13th day of Febrottry aearr at the aatne hoar and ptBCOx.Jaa.S8, 1828. - Jan 29' tdt Master ia Chaocery. JtaemUe. titokt, Dim tried Mmt. Ue. mHEsubgcriherba till e kafad, rgeoeral 7; ana pleasing assortment of booki br youth, dissected prints, snap, and cards of amusement, k sale, wholaaait or rttaj. at bit store, No. 2 - WilUamtreet. . . 1 . ' .' Parchater of particular books, tc. wiU do well to apW early, as th Dumber of tome are low. - . ' - t - Jaa262w. THOMAS DA RTOT. ' mUiaTUKK fAIMISO '" (I TADAME JACOT, UUly arrived from Neu - . O.V I rhatel, fa Switxerlaod, respertl.Uy Uoders Her services to the laaie geodtntea of thit . nty and BeisLbourbood. the will, as may be ' most convenient te those who may favor her with thnr commands, take likcaetwVm thru own ... ' miliee, or at her resioVwc, Nos 16 Spruretrt . wuere tpecimeot of ber style aad execution mat . fee teen. febtlwt ' ,,r,. 1 HE ALBINfcBS. v vTIKL. exhihitioa of this intemtinc female will. - a - in rutore, be on every Monday and Friday . during the week, at the City Hotel' . Admission 60 cent ; tickets to t bad at the r - rbt!0t WANTED. A white girl about 16 vosn attend on a lady aiuf one Child. One who can bring recommendation ..wiT mm wucruupwiuon, neauseta,icc. "ew ot "on ana permanent nltctt, by " - IS CHANCER - , V tat of New - York, i. fS pttrtuance of a'Sicwtti: order of tide ho"""'! I - bl cOart, Iwanng d&U um vim oav u - miU haanlilalnuhUnaaelioak mt (M ! Uae CuCoa Ileus, lotheeity of New - York, on - der the ilirecUon of the enrwerihets ma e of fiie atertofthiteoart, a rkurtd, the 8th lay of Jaaaary neat, at tU otloc& atnooa, " t Mi iwm nr rraooa swa "' under watery to tie made had and groand, out of the North or Umlson't Kivcr, aituate, ijng mm being between Wuhingloo - street and a certaia new street of twenty feet ia breadth, o bemade frviin ha laid Nortk lUver, called West - street, and it bounded as followe I twrth - easterly aad easterly tyr Liberty - ttreet t BOrth - wetterly .t.rfr, i, tvt.treet abfetaidi aoutb - wetterly and westerly by tar - ttreet, and K.uth - ailerjy and easterly by Washington, ttreet t containing in breadth oa. WasliinBtoti. ttreet and West - ttreet one hundred and ten feet six inches, and fa length along Libert; - itreet i,uAlrH and seventv - eeven feet, and atone Cadar - ttreet onebandred and seventy - two feet" ; together with the appencnancet, tun;ect acver - ikIms to the rents, covenant, restrictions and agreements to which laid premises are subject, is favor of the corporation of the city of New - York,, at Imposed, reserved and created by (heitt. . uaiednov, win, ibj7. ... - , ? V ' ratter fa Chancery. Xottv - Th tale of the a bo protiertr is post poned to Friday, toe 30th instant, at eleven o'elork, A;M. al the tame place. It will be told fa tott or parcels, and oa liberal terms, which may be known by applying at tM Master otuct, No. 3 Law Buikftnet t where a map of the pre - msea may Deaeea. January cm, tow. . l JaadU - J ' ' . . - . Th above tale it further nottDoned to the ele veata day of Febroary next at the tame hour and place ;Jan.J0tb 1818. ; t - t - JAMES A. HAMILTON, - fcb t dtde Matter in Chancery, .v&wc vi - m IN CHANCERY. , ... ' State of New - York. IS. IX vtartuanca of an order of thit honorable court - will be told at public auctioa at the Tontine Coflee House, in the city of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, oa the twenty seventh day of November instant, at' ELEVEN O'CLOCK fa the forenoon, all that certain lot, piece or parcel of ground, titaate, lying aad being in the fifth ward of the city of New - York, irooung oa Liaigm - si tiuuowi ouaiuiiy bonndd oortheriy fa the rear tiy Vesty - street, easterly by the house opd lot now (or iak) occupied by Mrs. Murray, westerly .by a house and lot late of Leonard Lisenard, deceased ( Containing in breadth, in front, and rear 31 feet 6 incbet, ana in aeptn oa eaco siue i a ten. cma nremisee beiiur keld under end br virtue of a certain demise from the rector and inhabitants of the city of New - York fa commanioo bf the r rote tant Episcopal Church fa the atate of New - York, for the term of ninety - cine years from the 25th day of March, 1805 i subject to the yearly rent ol 15. and to the provisoes, covenants and agreement! contained ia said lease : together with the hereditaments and appurtenances to the tame belonging or in anywise appertaining uateo ov. 4, iui. - " Matter in Chancery. The termt of tale, which will be liberal may be known br enoairins at the office of the mat ter. No. 4 Pine - street. . . . . : nov4 oawuwbKdte The tale of the above property it postponed to the t8th dav of Jannarv neat, at the tame hour and plate; ; Dated Nov. 17th, 1817. ' - THnu Rnr.Tnw. . . V ... w w - 'M ' ' Matter In Chancery, aov rflawtJSOdtds The above sale it further postponed to the 13th day of February next, at the name hour and piece, jan. zu, I bib. T ,.' TllvJlnS BULTIU, JanS9dtdt Matter in Chancery. NOTICE. T AT7HEREAS Richard Wallace, late of the VV - firm of Whiting lc Wallace, of Fetert - U , 1T:.:: i.. .b. u. 1.1. A 1 f : datAlon the 5th day of December, 1817, trans ferred ani set over to me at i trie estate, rent, per - ohal, and iniaed ; all the books and accounts, the nchts and eredilt, which dul heretolore be long to the mid firm of W.hiline Jt Wllf - iid 10 ititTata Kicbsra WblWe, individually, at trustee for the creditors of the said firm of whi ting & Wallace, or of the said Richard Wallace iiMiinuuaiij I nia si vt ioii owulc, uwi I am alone authorised to settle and adjust all the : i t 1 1 'i : i : i ! . I . outstanding claims against them, as well at to receive all the debte due to them. - The creditor! of the said firm, therefore, or of the taid Richard Wallace, - who are disposed to receive tbei benefit of the taid trust fund,' are invited to call spoil me and execute a release la duo form, on or before the 1st day of March next, aad the debtor to the said firm are assured that the matt speedy methods will De resorted in, to close an outstanding dabtt. .. JOSEPH PETTIPOOL. - Norfolk, Virginia, 1 Ub Jaa. 1818. Jan 19 Zawlm 1 ' - ". ,. TOLEASK, LJ . i j For one or snore yetu - t, Tbe Farm and Mansioa House bclooging to the subscriber, situated eo the baoktof the Hudsoo, on mile Booth of the village of Poughkeepsie 1 kve farm n tuitably drrided into meadow, or. chard, and arable land. The frnitt are abun dant, and of the best kindsThe maiuiou honte n coounodiou and large, eighty feet long, with a tiiaiza fa front The situalioss has loot been ad mired, and the lofty locust - trees by which it it decorated, reader it the mot detintbl residence betweea New - York and Albany Th rent will be moderate, at the car and attention of the tenant' will be taken into consideration For par ticulars apply to the propietor, either personally or oy letter. ..... - ,: . UENRT A. LIVINGSTON. Poughkeepaie, January 20, 1818. ' , ' Jan 21 Saw4w .'.. ' PARTMt N'l IVIKTril A SINGLE geotleraaa withe to rent, io or LX. near wail street, in a rented onvate farai ly, a JBed. Room and Parlour without board; lumiihed rooms would be preferred. Tbe quiet ana neautest oi me nuute. a wen a me resoec uouiiy oi ue occupant, are particularly requi red. A hoe directed toJ. C. lell at this office, menTJomng terms ana situation, win he duly at tended to. ' Jan 28 2awlm PARr.'tK.HlP. 0 - The subscribers bare formed a connection, for the porpoee of transacting business oo commission in tots city, under trie firm of JNO, ft GEO. W. LYNCH. JOHN LYNCH, , GEO, W. LYNCH, i New - York, 8th Jaa. 1818. xtmiicii. Metsrt. LeRoy. Bayard & Co. Messrs. Prime, Ward it Sands, Hoa. : Jas. Lloyd, - - New - York. Messrs. T no. C Asnory It Co. Bottoa. Meter. Msmaoa tx oaraard, jaa 9 2awlm ; tfT COUNTRY SKAT FOR 8.4LK. Sal. if ' The Farm known by the name of Cat. tie Howard Farm, htndaomely situated I 1 - 2 mile from Princeton, bounded in front by the main tnmpike road from Philadelphia to New tore, aad ia ue rear by Millatono Creek, it eontam 14S acre, 30 acre of which rs wood land, SO tore 3 mile from th farm, and a beautiful - lot . of 10 acres within about 300 yard of tbe rigtit winyof the house. ,.. rieside omamenui tree, it contain a va riety of fruit trre. constv.ins' of rrxled Dear. of the beat quality, 17 different kinds t cher: ne, in Oilier en t ktndt, the anoet of them graf - J a ..... . V . m ana an nrcnaru or Ui beat apple, beside a young and thriving orchard of crab apple, far making the cidrr o eelebrated, also, one "Hi apple fctf f.tting bog. The house it pleasant and commodioti with an excel mt gi den. tlie ouubootet and feneet all m roodi cundrjon. Th atwwa ;. . t.i; - ht. fui autTimer or winter reaidenee. . Po riwther p.rtkuiara enquire a No. 127 Pearlet, New - iorx, or to the tubveriber, on tl.e prti, who will prt an iuditpuubU tide tor th 'aa S tawtf . . - ZESAI1 IIAWLEY lliyticiaa and DrflUtf, ..would iatbrm jnliahjtaolf of New - Yorla, k I... .! .n r.tTu a at No. 321 reBrt - urect. where he will extract ckaru Jue,M ana ul 'J ttth in the most approved manntr,' He will also prevent any irregularity' of the - ecrwdury SmIK. if nuliciitinn ii tnuite to lilin in tcBSOB. 4 He flatters himself, IrOrn tlie experience he hat had fa hit profession, that he tliati bo able te give general tautiacuoB. - ' r r.. - x . , ' r or uiartcter uiepaiiic r"o - reierran soma. Geo. P. fcLipcnsn, mercheat, No. 03 South - street, aad Doctor A. tytt, no. xui rean - tireci, f ; i. U'kmt U sneaeeneens.) frV Thlteartifies. thai Dt. Ztnh Hawlty it a regular bred pbyMcioa, and in good itaodine. with bit brethren fa thit place IhHt he hat paid particular attention to tlw art of DenJutrg, has studied the best European woiki oo the tuiijeei, and bat given very good satisfaction io this branch to hit customers, who are iwoniof the first re nm - tnhi it in this cUr. We ttierelore. witn en tire confidence, tecotnmeod Or. Haw ley to the ctiuenaorAew - Korc, asa oeousu ... .. t iEoeat Muosoa ; . lEUIrea ; . Nathan Smith I Joaathaa Knlcht. frofeMon of the Medical lattitiitioii of Yale Col - , ICoUeg New - Haven, JaoM,1818 ' , - .:. febS.lw v - '' 1 '' TO BE SOLD, THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE PROPER TY; BELONGING TO THE ESTATE Of THE LATE DR. THOMAS JONES. . I Q. The Dwelling House and premisee now fa tht possession of Mrs. Margaret Jones, known at number 343 Broad way, being 3d feet 8 inches in width in front, and 32 feet 6 Incbet in the rear, and 140 feet ia depth together with the brick ttable, and lot oo which it t lands, in the rear ol the dwellinc hoote, beter about 17 feet square and the undivided half of a lot fronting oooonani ttreet, being zi teet wide on Leo - nard - strect, and C3 feet 10 incbet in depth t which undivided lot it held in common between William Denning, Etq. and the owners of the property now offered for tale, and it intended for a passage way to tneirttaniet ana yarai. The above property it itualed fa the most eli gible part of the city, and it, in every part, fa the best repair and mutt complete order. - ) Q Three Lot of Grouad, tituafed at the corner of Broadway and Warren - street; besttg known oa the map of the lands belonging to Trinity Church at Not. 415.416 and 417. and contain, together, 75 feet fa breadth on Broad way, and in the rear lee io inchee oa warren - ttreet, and S9 feet 9 incbet oa the aortberly tide. These lots, with the builainet thereon, axe now under lease to various tenant, for term which will expire on the lit May, 1820, aad at eucb rents at amount, io the whole, to (2425 annually, bettdei all taxes. These three Jots will be tola fa one parcel, aad lubject to the unexpi red leases. . A Dwelling Honte and Lot of Gromd, known at No. 147 Water - street, betweea Fine - street and the Flv Market, beinr 2 feet 10 inches io width in front, aad 21 feet 7 inches ia the rear, and 1 00 feet 10 inches, fa length. Tint house and lot it under lease for a terns, ending 1st may, ieia, ai we annual rent oi dollars anc all taxes. i i " ' J1 A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, SansJi known at No. 145 Water - street, edloininc tlie lust above t beinz 18 feet 4 inches on Water - ttreet, 17 feet fa the rear, and 84 fcet 4 inches fa length.' - Thit house and lot are on der lease for a term ending lit May, 1819, at the annual rent of 250 dollars and all taxes. A LOT Or GROUND, fronhns the Broad - way jutt above Jooet - streot, and next but one adjoining the property of Mr. Martin Uoflinan I anil the kit fronting on Mercer - street, in the rear of the Broadway Int. These two lot will be sold, together, and are 15 teet u inches wide and zuU lee t deep. , ALU1 ur i.Atu, known at number 645 Bavard't farm, frontier oo Rvnders - street, and running from that street to Orange street ; being in width on Hynders street Sb teet, and oa Orsuae street 25 feet 6 inches, and in leneth on the north erly tide 145 feet 6 inchca. and oo lb Mtoeriy tar red 3 inches. ' 1 i t A U Me eoore mentioned property it htltt in fit itmplt. The fuUmcine u heli under a leaie from Columbia C'oUrge, 54 yean of which lean vat vnerptrea en ill oepiemoer Mil. A Uwellinc House and Lot of Ground. known asNa 217 Greenwich street, now under lease lor the annual rent ol Z5U dollari and all taxes ; lease expires 1st May, 1821. f7"a A Dwelling Honse and Lot of Ground, VtMjSknowo asNo. 215 Greenwich - street, bow under lease for the yearly rent of 350 dollar and ail taxei j lease expire lit May, 1821. k A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, L at the corner of Greenwich ttreet and Bar clay ttreet, under for 450 dollars and taxes; ieae expiree lit May, itl. L Two Dwelling Houses and Lots of li Ground, known a No. 69 and 71 Barclay ttreet, now under lease for 600 dollar annually and ail taxet ; leas expiree lit May, 181. i note two noutet being leased together, will be soia logewer. - - - - ., ' J. A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known a No. 67 Barclay street, now un der lease for the annual rent of 90 - dollars and taxes; lease expires May 1st, 1819. . ' n A Uwelling Home and Lot of Ground. X4aix known as No. 65 Barclay street, now un der lease for the yearly rent of 90 dollar and th taxes i lease expires May 1st, 1819. - - I I oi leasenoki property cannot conveniently be dt scribed within the limits of no advertise - meat, but tlie ize and exlentof each lot may be parucuiany seen onamapinereot, Blue omceoi .nr. j w.i r.c, nuc iireuu i The title to all this property i unaueationable. the areatett part of the pronertv hasine beet owned and nossessed by the late Dr. Jones and his representative lor more than 25 year, bow last ; and for tuch part at hat been purchased within that period tbe subscribers hold warranty deedt from the erantort. ' i The house and premises first above described is offered at private tale, and may be viewed after tbe fourth day of January next, any dav be tween one ana two o'ciocn is toe aturooonj . u not sold on or before the twentieth day of January next, that property, toeethcr with all th rest of the above mentioned property will be exposed to tale by auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, by Messrs. HONES ti TOWN, on Tuesday, the tenth day of February next, at 10 o'clock fa tbe foreaoca of that dav. i The terms of sale for tlie house and premise No 343 Broadway, will be 10 per cent oti the day of tale and one th ird of the residue on the first of May next at wlrxh time a deed will be executed and possession given there maining two third to be paid in 2 annual pay meat, with interest, from the first of Mar. te ured by a bond and mortgage on the premises. Term of sale for the rest of the property will be 10 per cent on the day of tale, 1 - 3 of the residue oa the delivery of the deed, which will be about 10 day after the sale, and tbe remaining two thirds fa 2 equal annual payments, with interest from the date of the deeds, secured by a bond and enortgnge on the premises the purchasers are to receive tiie rents of such parts of the property at are unaer leatetromtue ltt orrebruarynext. . . For all other information and pa: ticularly in relation io uie ime or au tne above property, appiv to U. 8. JONES, etq. at hit office 44 Pine - street, where the title deed, and map oi ui property may oe cen. - . , . MARGARET JONES. 1 i' , . ' MALTBY GKLSTON, Exec'r ' MARY GELSTON. 'dec SO eodtd - - f" fOH C4LA. xM The Hoote, Stable and Lot No. 19 Stair - street, on accommodating tenet. If not sold by middle of February next, the premises wui dc icasea. i or (eraua, appry at ' V ' ' Burling - elip. t ALSO FOR SALE.. r Aa elermt Lot, front ioc Bowling Greeoe, and Hosts aad Lot 46 Franklm - etreet. Title to the (ocegwing ladisjMrtabio, Eaoaira aa above, jaa 13 XawtFtbM ' . ,. t - .eTfW KitSTlC RAZOR STROPS. n EORGE tfANDEKS, lately from Vudoa, IT wee mora addressee fke public, tBanto; them for past dvenVaad once aaor eniur, ....1 Uim iHintai nna of the tBOtt CPB1U)IV '" - "' - - . . r ivmgomtriruiottthat.eecr wesi me I. 110 wu smrsnn; u - i fl oaa at ui ate 01 iv aou i - - - ' the Jecret and a bog a ronrpoturari, n may j with the poet o oalura, To shave to sleep n.n to dream while In the operatiod - and who would bear the tweak and acta of br - her Use, who would trvni ana twew uouera loathome beard, dull razor use, wbeo he mizbt hU ouietiu make with a simple Saundcr .ns lionU thn In his manufactory at the coraer of lUed - ttreet and Broadway, aad tberf von wiH find the tubseriber alwayt ready to rs ceive the commands of Liscostomer. - f i decs tf ' ' 1 ': ' - - wiip'ATON ITCH OINTMENT. . THE long aad auccessful uie of this ointment is a lufllcicnt recommendalioo, ae it has been found to be a pleasant, safe and certain remedy for that ditagreeable disease ia all itt tta. tee. It it for tale in the city of New - ork, or 5. A. tc W. it Pott, No. 41 William - ttreetf l t T. aark, No. 85 Maiden - Laoo ; n. n. Schieffclinfc Co. Not 193 I'eari - ttreet I Law - relice : Keeae, No. 195 FeaH - tlreet i Hal Bowne, 146 Pearl - street R. 6 L. Murray, 313 Paari - aiiwat J. M. Rrarthorst. SI4 t'earl - atreet ; John Peoford. No. 4 Ffcfc herttreet ; Duryee k Poe, in. Pearl - ttreet; J"hn C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich ttreet ;iohn P. Fisher, 106 Broadway s Walter 6t Seaman, corner of Chamber - st. and Broadway, and also in Chatham - street t and ia short it may be procured at most of the Drug Mores in thit city - Also fa Philadelphia, ol '8. Witberen 1 Sons ; George Hanell , North ti Ro - cert, aad utmost ai the druggists fa the principal towns in the United State. - '. ' LIKKWI9B, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above places.. ? jan226m THE LAST NOTICE, To those who are owing arrears of taxes, to the corporation of the city ana county oi mew - Vork f ' fhv - The time limited for the payment thereof xoirea oa ino in msu ana i am now cocbecu v - . . - - - - , ,. - I in making a return of tuch property at remains delinquent, preparatory to the advertitf - meotand tale thereof ibr the paymept of taid Taxet, and such other auena at may be required to meet the expenses of tuch talc, which will take place when completed. . , ; 1 am directed to receive all arrears which may h nrTared. nnor tolhe come et ion ol Uie aoove - named return and will attend at this office da ly from 10 to 2 o'clock, until that period. ' - T. W. GILBERT, Collector. , Collector Office, No. 2 City Hall,) ; ' January 15, 1818. ) Jaa 16 1m cOAPCViiOJV PHOJ'JiJirr. mo Im sold at Dublic auction on Friday the 1 20th February, 1318, at the City HalLlt o'clock; ... The hishly valuable rAKM now occupied ny Mr. William A. Hardenbrook. about 5 miles from the city, containing together nearly fifty a - cret of land. It will be sold in lot front 6 to 10 acre each, aituated oo the 6th, 7th, 8th. 9th, k 10th avenue ; on the latter aland the dwelling bouse and out buildings, but a abort distance from the Hudson River. This property is worthy the attention of those who wish to cossets handsome country tents t as itt contiguity to the city, commanding views of tbelludsno. retired situation, ana cnoice quaiiiy of tome of the ground, together with an ample opply of wood, render it one of the moct desirable objects of purchase. A man of the oreniitea may be teen, and far ther particular known, at the Comptroller! Of fice, City Hall. Jan o nt TANNERY FOR SALE. rriO be told at public auction, on Wednesday, JL the 18th day of February neat, in the area of the Exchange Coffee House, in the town ol Boston, at 12 o'clock at noon, All the real estate belonxine to the ILuapthicr Leather Manufactoryr situate in tbe town ot nuruiauipvun, ta tM Ma .aannaii. The estate win oe soia ib iour loss, via s Lot No. 1, containing about 31 acaet of land, near the centre of the (own of Northampton, oo which is erected all those extensive and valuable buildings, lately occupied by the corporation foe tannins of leather, with about 300 vat, some of which are very large end part of them under cover, in winch leather may do nanoiea ciunng tbe winter I it r presumed there is not fa tbe state so extensive and valuable an establishment A particular description of the building and pri - viiedge would lax up too mucn room lor an advertisement. Lot No. 2 contain about 3 acres, aituate on tbe north tide ol the county road, directly opposite to lot No. 1, on which are two dwelling bouses, with convenient out buildings, it - oa high ground, and considered a very deiigDimi srtua tioo. Lot No. 3. containinz about four acre of land. situate on the easterly side of Mill River, about two mile from the meeting house in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings inereon. . Lot No. 4 contain about One acre of land, oo which it erected a bark mill and bark sheds, ti taate near Edward't tavtrn, about 6 milet from Northampton, on the Albany road. ' Any person havine an inclination to purchase all or any part of tbe forecoine property, are in - vueu so eaajnimj si. sue Hwnun. snruRt themselves to sell to the highest bidder, being determined to close their concern. Any information respecting the estates maybe obtained on application to JOSI AH D W IGHT, Etquire,a4 Aortnampioa, or jaa 14 India - itreet, Bottoa. D LYNCH, Junr. having made arrangements . with a respectable house fa Madeira, to he supplied with a proportion of tlie wineaof the Pa rishes ol M. Antonio and (Jama do lioboe, (uni versally acknowledged to produce the best Ma deira in the Island) ha opened a wine otore, at no 4U vv ii liana - street, wnere ne will receive order for tbi wine, from gentlemen wishing to lay no a stock for thnr own use l and f bv the arreo - uienj witn toe noute in madeira; it tbe wine, on arrival, be oot approved by D. I Jr. it it not to be sent to the parties ordering it." "'. - D. L. Jr. hat taken great paint to procure from variout placet in the United State and the West Indies, the best Madeira, that was to be purchased, in tbe wood, and old bottled wine, of very soportor quality, rrom private stocks, which be now oner lor sale. - He will constantly keep oo nana an assortment ot tne choicest wines aad bquort, selected with care by himself, and will sell none which he cannot WARRANT PURE as l.YiroKTHl. Jan 19 Im BLACK WELL'S ISLAlfD FOH HALIL I r is situated about five mi'e from the city 1 and contaiot about 1 15 acre of lahd of the belt onalitv. with a rood dwellintr house, bars. tc. Possession may be had the lit May. orear - lier, if required. Most of tbe ourchatd money may remain oa bond and mortgage, fork number of year. For further particulars, enquire on the pnrnusei, or oi , AUAjIO S oLAUK.Wt.LL. ' 175 Pearl - ttreet. i TO LET, - v A laree convenient tnodera hisilt hmssu eooxh house and improvement, f with or without enexter.sive kitchen garden back lot) frNn tlie first of May next ; tituatcd on the corner 01 the Frst Avenue and First - ttreet, near tbe corner of North and Allen - streets, and about one mile from the City Hall. Tbe situatioa is elevated and healthy, and ia every respect suitable for a rente! family. On the premises It a well of most excellent water. Apply to - ' - ; . t, . Cornelius Dubois, Feb 2 tf ' No. 36 Front street. ' : BoqK - KKt.PRfVS DIRECTOR!. JUST publi'hed, The Trial Balance or Book OJ Ifeepert Directory ; shewinc a comnlet system of book - keeping, commenced, carried oa, and closed, and new books opened, upon a clear and experimental plan. By Tbojna Jl..God - dard, acoooataat. - On a hug sheet. ; Price 50 I cents, tsrtaleoy ; . PRIOR fe DUNNISO,! Jaa 30 - tw . ! t Nbv.hi Water - rt. ; - . V - '.T - U f x.Vmr CJ u POST CHAISE LINE. FOR PIllLADJSurnia. : Th. pn?T rllmF with tverv convenience V . ... t . a, nwaasa for PaNengera and their ? VUro;fthJ0 f day) will leave the Pt ChaiseOILce, l.lttBrosid - way, opposite the City Hotel every aJ to""" day excepted) at 2 o'clock fa the iBorntor. by way of NeH - ajk, aod arriva tba day at Phi - "TheM AIL PIL'OT, faopporftioa to the Mail Coach, with aoperior BccoinmodaUon" 1 ot" tengers and thefr baggage, will ke the nn plwr every day (Sunday excepted) at hair pas. o'clock r. M. will proceed before IbrMail.and sot ubject to tbe incoavenjenco of stopping at lUaunitmus PtmlOibetm tm the road, but ery accommodation provided for, the traveller, aod arrive tome hours before tlie Mail at Pbilodrl - fjSr All good and baggage at the rhoue ofj thaownef. : t.s ' ' - " I JOHN N.CUMMISG, Newark, JOHN GULICK k SONS, Princeton, f STOCKTON Kl HOWELL. I'hiludeJiJiia Jf. B - f xpreiiw U f nyparf of ikt Vnited Stales, bv l.l BAlvt.iv tu. , " POST COACHLlNL foh PHlLADEI.r'HU - by. wit or rowiM - jtopa; , Ki - i kuromTABT TO MBBOBU.' No crwaeotion with the pott chain line.. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANDOPPO - i ii - tf r?i) IO REVIVED. V NEW LineofPoitCoacliet with every con - A. tenieore for pattengert and bapeage, on gpriogs 1'H ROUGH IN ONE DAY. j The Post Coach will start from the Coach of - Hce, old No. 1 Courtland - street, N. York, every morning, Sundays excepted, at l - 2past6oclock, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philade! - nhin lhfsame evenine. ' ' The Steam Boat Lint INDUSTRY, will start from New - York every, morning (Sum - day excepted) at 10 o'clock, ia the fcteam Boat Atalanta, from the Borth aide of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dine ' ; - ; 1 m - Uoited State Mail Coach, With a guard, with every convenience for passengers ana baggage, on springs. The U. 8. mail coach will start from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtlaodt - atreet, New York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 passengers aduuUed, i . . For seat in the above named Line, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old estanluhed Coach, Stage and Steam. Boat office, at tba old No. 1 CourUaadt - ttieet, the second office from Broadway, New - York; to ISAAC BROWN, No. I Waahington - etreet ; or to A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar street, New - York. CirAll goods and baggage at the risk of tbe owner. . JOSLPH LYON, SONS ft CO. N. B Expresses tent to any part of the Coa tinenLby THOMAS WHITFIELD. Jan U " U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, . Wlllt A UUAJtll. frr - The public are assured that this line is equal to swy in Ui U. 8. for h cooveoteoce and comrortoitno traveller, . with tbe addition ot the guard, tbe passenger nay. rest secure at to bit baggage and ptrtooM salcty the coach ne ver being left whilst changing at tha post c Aires; witnout a persooon ine oos i re way man is pot in separate bag and changed fa the. Euro - ; pean ty.'e. The U S. Mill Coach will start from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtland - ttaeet, New - Tort; every day at 2 o'clock P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia uextmornios at 6 o'clock i oulv 6 patsenser admitted in ihis coach: avm . . ltrW - am a HttVH n . yor seau apply to i uus. vuur ir.LLi, at the old Coach and Stage Office, old No 1. ecood office from Broadway in Couitliodt - street, or to A. T. GOODIUCIt ii Co. No. 124 Broadway, comer bfCfdar - street, New - York. N. B. All gotxli and baggage. at the risk of the owners. . ' i v e J. LYON k SON87PowTes Hook.: ' r WILLIAM GULICK, At CO. Kingston. I S CHEaTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Exprette eot to any part of the Continent by jan 20 THOS. WHITFIELD. ISO Hi b,H TIOJ OH SUUK blVMJCH. S acknowledged by medical writer to be a complaint ot stubborn kind, and at all times very difficult of cure. This is sufficiently illus trated in the disappointment of those who uafor - nately suffer under it, as, they, for the most part. una tnat alter navint; tnea many wines to little or bo purpose, they axe at last obliged to its (for pernaps uie rcniainuer 01 uiei ruco apiciet at can at best but palliate the disease. Under tuch circumstances, any medicine capable of remo ving tne complaint, mult surely 0 an article highly deserving, the attention of all those who are afflicted with it ; tuch a combination is to be met with in Vr. MEAD'S AXTTI DXSKP TIC or STOMACH PlLLSht sucres of which hat never yet beea equalled, for. tbe cure of dyspepsia in its most complicated form. uch as loss of appetite, nausea, heart burn, flatulen cy, knawfag pain ia tbe stomach, pafa fa the tide, great cottivenett, paleness ta th counte nance, languor, towne of (pint, pain in the bead, virtigo or giddiness, and dmerbed sleep wnoeyer applies inese pins ia uie aoove oisease accordins to th directions, will never be disap pointed, at they have never been once known to fail in producing a radical and permanent curt I ne use oi a single 00 x win convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. ,They will raott effectually remove fell sourness of tbe stouiach. not juereiy by oeutralrxiiw the acid, but bv cor rcctinc that morbid state of the tecretion which jcivesritoto - it, and at tbe seme time will restore to tha debilitated orraas of direstion. Oit tone ana yigoir wnicn is aosoiaieiy necessary to the well beinr of th animal economy. 1 To be had at Brook H Carle's, Pearl - street, aw.. ftiornton't, tireeawtcB' street, and at Hull k Bowne'l 146 Peari - ttreeL where Arm. gists and country dealers will be served on Ubo - rJ term. - ' - 't v,. uir ( - (CT Fnee n douai per box. ' vdec24w I . W 1 II"" !! M 'll ID) LEE'S ITCH OATAttVT. i.4 I WARRANTED aafafaliible remedy atooe application, may be Used with perfect safety oa infants a week old. not oontaasB a particle of mercury,orany dangerou iugredieat whatever, and not accompanied with that offensive smell which attend tha application of other remedies.. 1 '' - 1 Th above medicine are prepared od o?d at LF.E'3 Medicine Store, No. 4 Maiden - Lana, sod to!4 by S. CARLE; cornei of TnUoiv and Water - ttrpat. t i i ; i Druggists and country tort keeper supplied 00 liberal terms, ,:Jbjb iti i qiHIS day rerHved by T. : J. gW0rDS. J. - 160 Pearl itrret,vhwitoinelv pristed in two volume, 24rao. price two dollar., a new and complete edition of theworks.of JtmetMcrdg - mery, iacludmg MversJpcemt, bow first published : together with a sketch ofhi. lift. . T - ha t SafirfaMaSasaaWaWaaWasaWiliiii ill I II I ' : TV) A tUteaniag pq!i ksow aow to .liinnztisk k twMrathiegithU differ. . re d(Wjca occaxional piac by another . . iJaaW. - ;".'. - , - ,V .r.jv. 1 1T 1555 Vi.;v - w - e - i.l h - t iyi.:i U f J s) ii M v . e. i li . t J 4 h ' DOCTOR H0R5E, f.H,rrly of the city of London, - , member of the faculty of phy?it t and lurrerv there. rJroi it f.Lr - . ty to tt - peat om ontervation to the abuse of MERCURY, a rb mditcriasinate, and uaquaa. Bed ute thereof, ha been: produc. 4ivo of faCnite mitchier. 'it sands are - annatJIy mercurialixed out of existence. ' The disease we have fa view owe its fc. fal tenth chieiry to tbi source. What a piti that a yoang saaa, th hope of hi country, aaw th daihog of hi parents, should bo a itched 7 way from all Uie urotpoct and enjoymeoUolif. by the cocsequeuce. ofooo uigWed loooient and by a disease not ia it own nature fatalTaM which only prove to from neglect or improt. treafrneBt A geriflcmat, (late Dr. IKS tient) bow perfectly hearv and well. had beTi uadcfphyiiciaBt of georiJ practice, six vaaV. ana repenveaiy tauvafa d l whoa recomaeiidd il Dr. H. (by gentleman of this city) luTbl! were cariou, and hi Ceth dropping from thm . bit fricndi declared he could Bbt powiblv soralcJ trromontlii longer. Thouiatidi exMnmcnf.n. know with what ease and taety Dr. sTSP catet tbe severest cases, and cocfirms tba tuUoo. The Doctor' bias (wJwtiiir) i?m7 cemary to guard the puhlio against tie at.. mercury, and other fatal delusions, held forth . Person, therefore, having contracted a nrL" vat - 4iiordr, or suspecting latent poisoa. ?T admonished not to tamper with their coast it. (ion, or conceal the disorder,' tUhpast recaVL ry otbenhaving the remaiai of aa old rVaT or other impurities of the blood, at well u oth! er complamm of a.delicato oafare, it, tnZ tcx. thould remember posterity, and do iuit a - to their. coMcieace, by soaking apnhcif! - to Dr.' H. at hi. old and 10? Kihmeut, No. 64 Water - trtet, fou, hw wJ of OldSp, td.obteiri that prompt uJLT. rone calculated tb prevent disclosure. And rl!. let me claim your aeriou atteotioaRememti; a supertk cures no cur. at all; unless theba - uiieesi radically done, you will certainly hay, tii disorder break out again with redoubled ma t f1" ft" sWfad 1 perhape then will be too fate for remedy. Don't you often meet ill the itreett miserable, mutilated beinss. with)vli evea a bit of note on their facif . Taka wwnfaT beseech you. , ; . . Dr. H'a. character for akill and rtubboril iate. gri ty being univeraily known in tbi city, tinea 1804, guarantee to iatienU that delkacy andsi. crecy hitherto unknown, and having coBSned bit practice for year part, exclusively to the cure of diseases of tlie blood t;ttm they amy tartly calculate ou tbe most decided advantaxe i lultingDr.H. ' Gleets eradicated ta two or three weektL Strictures removed without bosgiesnr any other instrument 1 and all debilities r likewise tO old ulceration, fistula'i fcc.; .. .,.,,r A pfarality of office are prorided, aad to situated that patienta are not exposed to each other observatioa. Open till half past t ia the evenine. All pertoBiooweraed are mviteu to be frroin calling, and speakiot; with Dr. H. wfaJctY if rrew of cost. And here the Doctor eaaoot avoid the xprattJon of gratitude lor inirsmerable recocg. meodafiotn, and for the decided preference fit i nretumed with just cause) loac ritra t,im h ludiciout puhlic. '. - v - af D a II I - a. - - a I a - is. nil it - ncra am urn pott paiOa . Dr. Buchanan. AugfT 1 "," ' X4.i:H&H iUJiLKt.HX A OR jttpuai. 41UJ. - DR. EVANS tuperiN method of curing a certain Disease is now eaiver - tally acknowledged fa this city ; fait mode of trentmeat is perfectly mild. talc. peditious. and bit ckaree Ireaiooahle. In every us - J stance he warranU a cure. I ww wiH return the pay if hu Jdoe not psrfona agreeabla xxi xtutmxtMKt. - . . : K .Ipirla.l aiIM .Im... I - f There are many person ib this city and itt vicinity, laboring under variout chronrc rfftrire, tacb aa osukMra. oM isay.s.,.a. ,.,,,, mtHSm or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of too urethra, bladder and kidniet, old complicated coatpkiata. of a certain nature, bilious aad other ebstnsc - titos, rbeomatisiii, Vc. which they cosMUerBaCU - . - " ws.x..xixw biwbti onaervao. rahle. they can certainly be cared fia ennmli by BPplyfaratI.EVAKS8 Medical Store, No. 0, , Peck - elip, baing prac tiled fa etxtthsive hnatutuhl IB XiUrODe 12 vr. are. anoVr an ma mi ttv. first Surgeon and PhrsiciaAt.fa too world, aad made those ottttioat (Ute ate his constant study for 30 years, . !: - ,1 r. . - .i Oct It ,rfrr VVHEATON DAVIS, Taney Chair Maaufac turers, No. 153 rulton - rfreet, oppotiu St. Ptult 1 Church, offer for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assort meat of Curid Maple, plain painted aad 'ornament - ed fa gold k bronve, Btttboo, t Plain and Gilt Ball, Rocking, Sewing, aad Cosrvertu - tioa Chair. Sofas. Suttees. Louugee. Music Stools, tc , tJ - Orders from any p - rt of the coo (in est executed with aeataess ana uispstcn - . . ;.: Oid.Cbsur repaired, painted aad onameatea. oct 13 r ' 1 . VQ The subscriber havicz recently rt turned from England with aa important improvement tw the artificial spring LEG, he take tbi method of informing his friaodi add the public, that all those who are so unfortunate at to be in want of a leg, or arm, they cat be accommodated by ap plying at no. n Barclay - irt, iew - Horn. Jan 21., t :ii.,t x' ry, - WM. PURVIS.' ' ORIENTAL POvtDER. ' For removing uperfluous Hair. .tro Ai.y 1 Cold Creara t Almond paste ; antique and Rus 1a oil 1 pomade de grass for thickening the oak i tooth powders emlat ' for lb tteth t eweoce, , Wteoder, orange 4ost, . famgiirieand fuse waters j 'poniataBi io pots It rolls; ifsvtfctoaoatattaoaineV . violet aad plafa hair pow - in r. - t . x.." tiers t ciasor. t rasoxsi pea aad pocket kaive hair aad meoroiog pie ; ladies work and dressing rases sgenUatncaV tra velling case for sale at the coyaueai pepuw aadfaacy osaaufactorY of ; , 1 y t i .".. (. Vi. - fl. O.Hlltl LAV1L IvVS.' . 196 Broadway, nearly opposite City HeteL Who hart also oa hand, rose, jessamine, o let, orange, vernacular, abytinian, honeysuckle, Naples' aad la vender pwipa ; patent PENi - TRA - TlisG HAIR BRUSHES fancy BrtickS kc Jan 27 ,v .. . , - ,l . . ' ' NancE, - - THE co - partnership heretofore existing be - tweea the Subscribers, under the firtn of hudtZryft AtbeUU fa thi day dissolved, try tual content. The affai rt of the concern w ill be settled by Thomat Buckley, 153 South - street New - York, 1st mo. 10. 1818. .', , J7 - .: THOMAS BUCKLEY. - ;,;fiV , ; ROBT. ABBATT, faa. ' THOMAS HUCKLKT, havine; takeb bit oa JOHN LAWRENCE BUCKLEY, . v t. f : : . - w,TT DO Hinncrsjiij ( iiw niiuwua u,mtw. - . continued on' thrir eccount, vnler . tiW!M THOMAS BUCKLEY SON. . ' 1 too 14 , In . . : . ' " NEW - YORK t PRINTED JM PimtlSHtQ . xJ'XlCUAKJ DURXHAM k CO. : rto. 4S PijrE - gTnmiT 1 . " tjaJ . I i k 'I - 1 v, - sawlskwy war the re gut of Fraar . tai at S. - nV T I . I f?nn 't. - J 1 ' . a. - ' t

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