The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 6, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1913
Page 3
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1 World Noted Sculptors Produce Marvels In the Plastic Art Superb Decorative Statuary Fast Assuming Form at the Panama-Pacific ternational Exposition m- p RODIGIOUS works of sculpture are now being completed in the scolp- tura! warehouses of the Panama-Pacific International ExposiuoD- Maiiv of them h*ve already long been finished. The works are re- niarkable for their imagery and vigor and for the beauty of their coa- HERE WE NOTE THE DROP SHOULDER ON A COAT Essentially plain and straijji'-v of l'.^; ,, the separate coat must be smari of cut. For trin^ning it depends more or less upon, an oticly shaped r--.-vt.-r. an attractive cuff or "belt. The novelty fabrics, in which ol these coats are nja£e. are in irj^m- · selves decorative, and rev.- tr;:r.=ia?s are required. Tweeds :n r.eTM mis- · tures effectivel" relieved by plain ma- " terials, raiines. velours ie Ia:ne and -..he new lur fabrics are ail favorc-'J These new fur fabrics, by the way. ar,,- some Of them so much like tr.e rcai skins that it is dIScult to tell £e d-iTer^r.-e. The" are light, supple anc v.-arm. O^o of tteni--broadtaU. for instance--could be used ^siris T9S3 very«r!y. HJsre ratine was used wi-.h cufis. collar arc rev^rs r£ brocaded satin. To copy sr-'s.Ec- SC 4=-, yards of 42 inch, material v.~m tc- ncfeded wi'_h ri of a. yard oJ "-Ti^ro" is some-_h:ns very attractive abou: the of 7S7S. It resembles riose'y a s=ait of Poirei. mace of bright blue velours fie ZaiUt: -a-iili trimmings oi black silk i-raiil and touches oi ·scarlet, i^e buttons were centered witiL srariv-t. The drop shoulder effect, the lo-.v be5t ana ibfe turndown, collar are ' ~~3~-k vard-s or 35 inch ve:o"rs'Je lalno 1 with 5 :-arc'~ of braid will be needed to " ni2-£-"^ -" fciz«s "*. | Xo. 72 C--s;zc-s 34 to 45. '; ;xo. "STS--sizes C4 CO 42. Kach pattern is 15 cents. r macv rears Tiill tbe world be enabled 10 eajoy so marvelous a collection of ib.* -.vyrk^ of coi-zeaiyorary sculptors. Tbe World's Columbian Ei- posii'on at Chicago nrst proved that tbe greatest talent might be employed to produce evea wurk oi wuDomry v^ue. Since ihea more an.l more attention has been given ^ each succeeding exposition 10 sculpture as a form of decoration. and nov.- the Panama-Pa* ific Icternational Esposiuou promises to surpass even Chicago's erqui^ite display. Yiev.iag the su:-rL» groups acd individual pieces of statuary, the visitor feels like a Li'lfruiiaa who has been minsiKrteI into a land of giants. Some of the '-"eat groaiw are of colossal dinieasious. Many of these great pieces of staraarv will a.!.^ hu_'e triumphal arches and when so placed will seem ot natural" «ize u, the -i^uor «ho viands upon the floors ol tUe exposition courts. We prtti-nt uj*!, this page some classic-a! examples of the sketch models and the' enlarged ngures. A number of America's foreiao-t sculptors have bc-n engagel in tte production oi ihes,.- Ogures. Amoog the sculptors are many jianifcs \\idciy known both in America and abroad. The lisc includes \.- Stirling Caldt-r. acting director ot sculpture; Alberr Jaegers. Furio Piccirrilli, Leo Lentelli. P.o!,err 1. Ai^n. Ado!ph A. Welaaaaa, Isidore Konti, Evelyu Beat"\-e LonKinaa, Sirs. Harry Payne V/hitney. Douglas TiWen, Gutzen Borgluia.- II i Slat-Neil James E. r raser. Charies C. Kumsey. Haig Paisaan, Paul Man- saip. K. O- li- Kota. Cu:ir!es Xeihacs, I-- C. French, Herbert Adams and others. The sculpture of the Panama-Pacific International Expvs-iaoa v.-il! carry out the note "of tbe exposition ia celebrating the opening of trie Panama canal. Tiie spirit of achievement as exemplified by America's work at Panama will be ideaHzed- AVben iSc- sculptors began to plan their work they bad as an inspiration aa undertaking which has appealed to the imagination of tbe world for centuries. I In the opeL.:nir of the Panama cana! they saw the 3nal result of four centuries I of effort to secure a p-is^ageway bc-m eea the oceans. The statuary will repro- i duce upon a wonderful scale the historic incidents connected with the Panama I canal. Figures of the earsy explorers of the oceans, groups symbolizing the i effort to pierce the ror-ky backbone of the continects, compositions designed j to symbolize occidental and oriental themes, colossal representations of struggle and achievemect, v.ii! iilustrate many of tbe cramatic topics inseparably associated with the search for a passageway to the Pacific and with tie final building of the canal at Panaina- la no other exposition has sculpture been caiployed to adorn the grounds to tbe extent that it wu! be employed at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. And while the sculptors are fast completing their splendid productions, which reveal the ic=a!s of sculptors of the present day, other work upon the- exposition is fast progressing. When the gates of this. Ampriea's Panama canal celebration, swins open to the world on Feb. 20. 1915. it wi?! be upon a fully completed and perfected spectacle, the setting of the greatest international celebration that the world has ever beheld. To obtain either pattern oat Tills coapoh and" eneTos stamps or coir:. Be sr-ire to fi ot, patterri £z. srze. maas-jnus O" 0 fullest part 'ot the bust. Ad-Tress r care 1 of "this pai»er. il AROLD: lir.rtonr" called - Sally's v o i c e from the kitchen door. "'Father sa;. a be r-nre t close ai;d SocU"-- sleishbelis came from the tree- He stopped in as- tocisnnjent. Evi ery one e l s e heard the aoise. too. and tbirty- two pairs of eyes were turned toward t!ie tree. Certainly s o m e thin? Trns moving: in the tree. The branches to- vrard the center "Ob. 1 know shook. ti!'ja~ii no n:l a Lou: it." caiied Harold QUEEK FIGCTU; FUSE- ED OUT. one touched else tr«je. and as iufc watched breathlessly the tranches "Don't bother your heat! al«oiH i parted. anu the queerest little figure Coor. me." He lamed h;s back a:il stalked i-ato t!ie barn, carrying a b: filied with i.-'.Uy. ; T .r Dorzhs and mis tSetoe. Harold was to dress tl-e Christmas tree and decorate tbe bant, for the tree was too iarjre for the huse. and the barn, wblch was well built, had been fitted up with sto-vcs. Harold and Bert Keen put the last touches to the decorations siud the tree just as the supper hell ranjr the clay before Chrfctnias. I you ever saw jinsbed its way miz ana basket · stood on a lirn J. bowing politer rlzht ;Ir Dorzhs and with ionTM Cowing white beard and hair and dressed jest as you always espect to see Santa Ciaus. The children lookofi up ia open cioutbed astoais'isnent. Harold among them. aud the grownups, with puzzled esprfssio!'^. were trying to sos--e the Clustery -.vhen another sbnrp Httle TT-I--=TT« -.vas i-'^r-J. sr:d the tiny Santa Diarser was carJy. as soaie cousins v.c-re to come ;n the } Claw. «:ns "is l-ar.ds and leer with evening and they h.u: to be KieC at the station four mile? away. The Bentons ijved on the edtre of a town at the foot of a thickly v.-ooded mountain that sheltered many a wiid animal and often hnicaa beings almost as wild. The cousins came and soon were safely tucked away in the beds and on the sofas that: were not u^ed by the uacies and aunt?, and nil was m::et. Two persons were not asleep. though- Sa!!y ^as thinking: "I wonder if Harold did lock the barn up well -- with aJi our beautiful presents there. Suppose some of the woods tramps should break ID. Oh. dear. I wish morning were here!" Harold also, roiled up on n mattress on the garret floor, reiaemberr-a {h-3t, although he had locked the Sarge doors. he had aot thonglit about the little door and he cou'd not remember whether It was fastened. Morninjr dawned briglst and crisj\ Harold helped tsie gardener buiid the fires In Uic stoves in tbe barn and thea waited impatiently for Urscie John. who_ bad promised to act as Santa ClSHS-JHnd who con:«i not cret there until the last moment. The train arrived without Uncle John, ansl the sr.jaHer ere. bes1nnii;g to fret at tbe was anally decided teat tffey wou'.d have to do without a Santa G§ius. ^or Uncle John had always taken that part and no one could be pei- sunded to take his place. The candles were lighted, and the family nnd guests trooped over to tbe barn." Such cries of surprise and delight there were when tbe big tree stood before them in a blaze of glory! ·When the "ohs" and "ahs" had dioa a-wny a little. Harold started to make an apology for the Absence of Santa. "Santa Claus was detain"-- lie began. when a whistling sound nnd then a Will Make a Good Wife. A Los Angeles man w as held up and robbed of the ring he was taking to his fiance, and she believes it.-- Da- much chrabed down r branch or _ two. In f Coin; he mmed bis bacs | and saowed a \c~.\z brown tall beneatb · his co-^t ! Then tl:ere was a stout of ia-jjrhter, i wit!i clnr-pi-- «* Jinnds. attd !::e cuii-j dren fs:r!y Casced with joy as the' 5i3all S-ini.-i CIni:s. sitting: uemureiy on a branch, took noi-J of a very pretty pink and white d-:iy and. aftt-r exam- inins her was face c-:oseiy. ki.-^ed ber! lo^iasJy. At itii* there was a louder | roar of lanshter, in the raidst of w-iicn " ·i gruff voice called out; "Here, you be.z^ar: Let It alone!"' Th!=: voice came froia the Jiayioft. .nd when the thsrty-two pair.^ of eyes rumed ir.injeciateiy :o ^e w!:o spoke they saw two p-" 5 -^ of !ecs h in-nng | ·jver the cdce of t!;e loft and two Bearded faces peering dowa, 5 The two bearded men cnrne t»owr. j oce swinsin:: from the nnd the ; other c3jm]:ng down tne JadOi-r. Har j old. wi:h an csclamntlon of de'.ighe. i flnng both arms about the mast bay- j 1. c ecdy JooiviTijr one- ! - Thev every one exdaiined. "VThy. ] Uacle'johnr" And Uncie .loh^ '.a^gh- ] 10^3^ by the Panama-Pacific Intematiosal exposition Co. Phoio by "vv". "W. Svs-adley, photographer. A MARVELOUS SETTING FOR SCULPTURE AT THE PANAMA-PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION, SAN FRANCISCO, 1915. T 3 ? c dominating architectural feature of the exposition, the superb Tower of Jewels, which will command the south entrance of the Court of Saa and Stars at the Panama-P.icinc International Es- posirion In San Francisco Ia 3915- This tower. 430 feet ia heicht wiH have a base oue acre In extent. The tower will rise upward In Terraces, giving way at last to a group of figures supporting a globe, typifviac: the world. Tne repeated figures of armored horsemen and of explorers of the ocean wiii lie used on the tower, which, with its statuary, moral palatines and mosaics, will be indescribably beautiful. Messrs- Carrere Hastings, architects in chief of the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo Ia 1901, are the architects. OUR TWENTY-SIXTH Christmas Anniversary Finds us with a better assortment for the gift buyers than we have ever liad the opportunity to offer before. Among the many articles that are always useful and acceptable are--Tabler Silver, Solid and Plated Ware; Cut Glass, viceable pieces for daily use; Toilet Sets, prising Brushes, Combs, Mirrors, Etc. Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases. Com- WATCHES x f c , every size and description, open face thin models and the old reliable hunting-case kind. Ail the prominent well advertised makes. A Special Line of Ladies' Eiwm and Waltham Watches in 20 year guaranteed S cases ior only $12.00. A Solid Silver Handled UMBRELLA makes a useful and lastinsr gift. We are anxious to have you see O o our beautiful selections in Silks and less expensive materials. C A. BLOCHER, Medical Advertising M. M. Fenner Co's We Recommend the Kidney- Pills for the KIDNEYS, Bladder, Liver, Bowels, Dropsy, Backache, Rheumatism, Ca- -arrhai Conditions etc. Ask Dealer for a Free Sample FOR SALE by The People's Drug Store iHRlSTMAS PBESEKTS FOR THE GiiLS Gifts Easily and Inespansively Made at House, TRAPPERS and FUR BUYERS Bring yo sr frr; 11 light along, thi longjr voi ·xa.'.i the less money vou'll pet tec -.use your lurs-vM'.l turn Hue, on account of the weather. AVe will pay as fallows; Xo. 1, 3arj:i fkimk ?3-0" ·· 1, Medium skunk SJ.W "' ~2, medium skunk i -Jl.SJ " : ^ " £0 to oc" ' " ' - 4. . -iO to 50-: For blue pelts I «ill pay you accordihg to value. Op r ssdin . ~~~ v v ' · : 1 » -:o : 2(\R A T S 05o J^arse winter rats ^c " largo fall rats - ~ "20c" l Sc __ ~ Raccoons " ~ S1.35 75c i SOc [7 -- S (X^ flO^Ml tO ^*~*C Prices ire £Qful for SCH da =. If you can't come wuh your furs =t-n 1 them in sad I'll treat y ·;: ;d ri-ht H. VIENER, 217 North Stralton St. Both Thones 1 A girl T^ho makes especially fine orange mnrmalsde is planning tins year to give ber mends little decora ted j:irs of this dainty for Christmas. She has bought prettily shaped glasses and has pasted on them little colored Christmas garlands and ropes of greens, with the red berries, which cost her only a few cents. She vr!H wmp tbe glasses in holly sprayed paper nankins, making her simple gifts j doubly attractive because of their pretty exterior. Traveling Manicure Set. For the girl addicted to week end parties or for one who is much of a ciobe trotter nothing by vrny of a snnn:cnre set could be ni"re tisefn! tnnn the contrivance illustrated. Tl;e ma- C o f f e e Pot Free Buy t\vo pounds of 25 cent Prize coffee and get \ a quart gramite coffee pot free. H. W. Trostle and Son ArendtsvlHe, Pa. ,********^ [ PUBLIC SALE Medical Advertising On Friday December i2th. JO}.", i h t - j adersisraed will sell at jhe I.-MH- «·! Mr? ; tiadersi^n H. . . IHHt-mn. T.;.from Caslito-wn the following: Breathe Hyomei--It Medicates the Air You Breathe and Instantly Relieves- Why continue to suiter from ca- London Lost Musical There was a period of ass life Is which Handel, the famous composer retired :rc;n London in a fit of dis- =,. ^. iis -_- »-- sust. He v,-eat to Dublin and it was ._ do not carry whips. There Is a} there--in the Dublin Music hall--that prohlbiticg their use. The excel-" j his -^rca' ransterpiece, "The Messiah,'^ ^..-p^g i } ent condition of their horses attests i was nroduced. 'The performance," * * t _ ^ . » . » . » T _ *^~- t No Whips Allowed in Moscow. Amons: the curious tbiags that ar- *-*-»^ .»v*.«. .......... | jvii-^iifj *.n~ « ^ ^ T ' r c tfcnt !;? n:u1 .-) iricisc. \ rest the traveler's attention oa amv- he inrrMuccd r.s Mr. vrhitmaa. ! ing in Moscow is the fact tbat dirjers -^ved on :!--e midni^hr tniin md. 1 of cabs, carriages and al! sorts of ve- the'v did r^ot ^ : sh to dMnrb r^- ,,^ --,,* tj, c h ? rn doors T tf*O^ i l * l ( i C»O*'**'*d S i l ' * ^ - I t * t * . " * ,-»*! J J . 1 'V,- j * ^fmmf, -.,--.-- ·-- -- ^ _ . . _ . ~\rd tue SnnJ.i C'.:-.n« monkey !s | the benefit of this humane law. Xo-S hi:ri5o'f a pr«=cist f^r you. On-old, to I There are there sleeker aad better reniip.t! V'JR to io-'U donrs." said Unc:e ' grooised horses than^ those used in, witl- a twinkle in his eye I the carriages of Moscow. i Have 3. Fire-Extinguisher. | Not a. Sea Serpent. A reliable fire-extinguisher, which An exciting hunt for what was oe- tnrows chemicals instead of water, \ lieved to be a sea serpent, took place ( should hang In every home. In the I on the Humber, off Hull. England, the j barn and in the stable. Seconds are ; other day. Rivermen, lightermen and [ precious when fire breaks out, and the small. Inexpensive extinguishers are so simple of use and o.uick of action that they at once arrest the progress of a small blaze. Motorists have found the little extinguisher invaluable. | writes T. A. Chart, "was for the bene- | fit of Mercer's hospital. In order tc provide room for a large audience, la- d:es ·sere requested to lay a^ de theii hoops and gentlemen their swords. By this means an audience of 700 wai crowded into the space, aad tae con cert realized $2,CoO." T o«nl-. 1 £xxl spring wa^on wun tup. : sen you nyomei w.«ui *_ -~ 1 heaivsprinrr wiisronT this w ill carry a j refund the purchase price if it is not i heavv'luad and is" a gxv5 one. 1 l»ght satisfactory- . - . Hyomei is a pleasant, harmless and j c I " - , , - \ taUnv c wacon. 1 on«-limc wairon. 2 top bu^cies. 1 trotting bugcy. . autisep'tic medication basket sleish- I set ?prinir wagon = breathe a few times daily througa a wheel-- Ifclec. 1 ^oI nnowcr. 1 co^-d j small inhaler. It effectively ar.a hoi^e rake, 1 ?princ har ow. 1 one-! j promptly relieves all catarrhal dis- Mostly Men. tugmen all engaged in the hunt. The i gi^--"Kas your wife many speaking "serpent" turned out to be a bullock, j acquaintances?" DIx--"Not very which swam strongly and evaded capture for some time. It was eventually lassoed and towed ashore. many; they are nearly all ones "--Boston Transcript. listening , -,,-,, double harr.ess. 2 zy-l ?et~ rfnsK ! b.arnesf. 1 new «ts yankoc harness Iionw- n:a*K' never is.-fJ. These are hard toleat. J set yankd- ham-?, -" gof»l ilyne!?, -ns- -sa33Je "ids us ·«» a few l5u»f, 3 n«1Jn bridle. 1 jav-eye-«-e l»:t, ne-er v.sei, cr^o.j bor.-«- Banket, 1 lap rosv, 1 sp^O black v.r-1: r-^i^. 1 b u i r y #inad. 1 Ai MADE FROM A U2WTH OF BTBEO'. terials needed are white ceiiuioid rings, a row of which are threaded with ar.y colored satin ribbon one desires A smart 'jow of tbe ribbon ornaments each end of tbe celluloid line. At one end are attached a file, orange stick and nail scissors. Mtish lx-:i cr.i paw. i hwM" power, one hors fiy \\hee5 an-1 strap. 2 sets ice tong,-. ase, ; br^-a't a\^. ad/., cr.?sns. eto. 1 tumius' lathe amich'sel-- lot of w a-ron-;nakortoo!s Kit of \\aon-iTiakfr material, nr', jxkfS. j »:-rinc ^ac«n l*,\\f. hul«. split spokes. U'xlfv. piaitk, etc. -n cocxi l-o- hivrs, j rack:-. ioxft=. section*, etc. 1 donbl^barrei 'shotiin. 'i\e sa'.lon ice cnam frptwr, t\\o lalion icecream frcxzer, lot ot cream tubs and cans, milk can. stoves dryer. S drvtrs. pco/nls's new. 5001! churn, j butter bowK Hay and straw by the ton. Al-omany othermic'esnot nuntioued. Sale to commence at 1:00 P. M., when tenns w.ll be made known by,C. A. Heisj-es Executor. Ut-o. ,7. Man?. Auot. A complete Hyomei outfit, consisting of Inhaler and a bottle of Hyomei, costs Sl.OO. and extra bottles, if afterwards needed, are only 50 cents. _ _ Alwavs use Hyomei for bronchitis, cold in the head.'hasky voice, croup of infants and any inflammatory disease of the breathing organs. Sneezing? 11 Iliere's no need of it- Snia a Jittla Koncon's, the original and genuine Ca:arrhal Je'.iy. np the nostrils. Its soothing, healing properties quickly re- heve vou. Best thing for hay fever.colds. ca:arrh. sore threat, catarrhai headache, nose bleed, deafness, etc. Relieves_thc condition which causes snoring. Sold onlr in £5c and 50c sanitary tabes by cnigg.s^ord.recu Sample free. \Vrite Koadort Mfg-f J For *ale by People's Drug Store Gettysburg, PA. KWSPAPLRl »-. NEWSIV

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