The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 6, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1818
Page 3
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,A i,tihii&n&e. Con PowJef Tea. . rnv.. v.. rrj, tea. . - Vj ' '. i' each; 2 "8 boxes containing. .vr r;7 'u ,t er - ;;; r - RiMG ft PEARSON. ; nw - - . - - ,.. - ,. , l(W W I i . i ' .J? i . - J a fJl The - spacious . story brick.HOUSfi, ot water m the yard. - It P''"? ndon - "1 . , .. ..... nrh hntiae. and re ender street irum vu - ap - P7cb6 ' Fearl - ttrcet ' From lit of May, two geoterf 3 i ttory bffill house. NO. 491 loaHUTOnM.. - - . with (or witnout; name id u . ttj . k. M,oirB Cotrsitl nd MtV.?? ... . a. a . i v. miv nrcDiHini 118 Fly Mantel, near ui - Alio, convert dwel in? ,"13 1 Hltd lDie. wiui - - J . Inquire No. 496 Greenwicb;street. . . ; . , feh6tf . . .v u s 41. f rAem. 1 Q . A piecs of greond, oo I Broad war, aw .woes' - inw, . 7 . garden, 85 feat froatint om Bnwdway and t89 Mtdwp. ' . . .,fh. r AIM for Mrta, 1 nw iot ; t.ailda.p. tkerec. binr larf. d coht.iu. nt. Wo. 97 BrovUitreet, Ulw Pri and Walar - treeU. Tba lot 38 fcat incb fronting : oa j .4 ...t .Vwin 1A met data, wbicb buUdio will readily r U pay taUrt of ten per ceni per anunu r ' The creftter part ol tbe pnrchasa money for either y remain on urlm ' "'p Ap" p!rt7Broad - tt.or , JOHN SHARP, TO LKTt The 3 storv fire proof eto re, ' 854 Water - it pan,, fronting o. Pecp ; hau; occupied for hardware, and at preient for a xroctery.byMottar Birda, J . " fcb elwt 8. WICHOL8. neitdoor. THE FOKUH TTinLL be opened TliU Evening, at the An - IT aemby Boom. City - Hotel, when the foi. lowing queatkm will be discuated, Are ear U marrugeaadvieable ; DtscumUm at 7 o'clock precudjr. . feb6 It M ON SltU R WACLOlRKliaathehoBor to iafarBi the yoonf geotlenw of tbii i city that be bat opened a Fencing Academy at No. a CoartJaadt - ttnet, where he teachea that aietul aad eweani accompiunineai. noun uvw v nfroni 5 to 8 in the ereniiig. A. ni. 10 r, m. sua i febfl Iwt olXliLL - HRStt SLKIGH. A 61 RON G well made Sleigh for aale, price SlO. Aapply at tlie euble, rear No. 9 Stone - atreet. - feb 6 It i.nsT. SUPPOSED to have been taken by mistake at the CotiUian Party last evening, an 8 - 4 Vite Merino SHAWL; with manUe bor - cr. Tlw peon havlnif the lame, will pleane infurm by note, t - ddreised to S. at thia office, - whnre itwaytehad. V' feb 6 3t URl i OF UtART, or woman at lU. ab.. he, a novel, by tui old wile of tweatr 'wrt,'tbidypbliti'dby : . . - W. B XJH.LXV, Broadwny ; pnce 87 1 J eent . fcfl iSKW CU - K3 - T) feCF.NTLT pnMirfed and for tale by KIRK J.XM Ml'KCW. tt ull - i - treet, narrative ,cObe r,reilent'iToor,n.adediring the ouin f of 1817, tbr - High thf unrth - eaatera and tnuth - wcrtm lUtMirtuHHita of thfl anion. Sic. Ice. i Lord AakhenPe tubauy to China , the Memoir! of - Ctaudiue Uecbanan ; MamlevillK, a novel, by . W'm. Godwin ! Letter froo the Cape of Good JCnieht of 6t iobn, by Mitt Porter t Bingley't Ue7at lumwledge t Cose on Fruit Treet, with 200 eneavingt Parity Of Heart, or woman a toe tnonra ne, a novel, oy an oiawne iwemj MISSIONARY BERMON, a pa foe a etaad - aag ninttry. A Sermon, (falivered at the Aaniveriary oftbe YoogMcn'e Miuiooary bo - iety of Rew York, by the Revd. Alexander M'CWIand, pattor of the Pretbyteriaa Church, ia RutgerVttreet, it Ihitdny nohliihed and for ale by A. T. GOOuRICH & CO. 114 Broadway, comer of Cedar - ttreet. ' - - Hf.cErr ruBUOHriojin. CffiLEBa Deceived, price 75 cent j Lettera from the Cape of Good Hope. 75 ctt l The Nero, or advenleret of a night, 1 dot ; the Kauht f St. John, by Mitt Anna Maria Porter, t volt. 1 75; Uie Balance of Comfort, volt, t dolt: Lett ert from the Sooth, by the author of John Bull and brother Jonathan, S volt, t SO Me moire oftbe Life and Writing of the Ret . Claudia Bochaaaa, D, O. t 75; Mandeville, a talc oi ine eeveoteenin centary,ia England, by William Godwin, t volt. 175; Lady Morgan! 1 ranee, withtrantlationt and engravingt, t 75 ; Longwortb't Pocket Almanac aad New - York . and United State Kaleodrr, for 1818, 60 ceott t A new aad complete edition of Jamee Montgomery, t volt.t dot , The VYeltb Movataineer, S ' volt. f For tale by . - COLLINS at HAR RAY, ' fcbt Ke, 30 Vearl - treeL URITY of HEART, or be ancient cot tume a4deard to the anthor of Glenarvon, by an old wife of twenty yean, thit day pohliih - ed. Btice one dollar, be A. T. GOODRICH ft CO. Ho." 114 Broadway, corner Cedar - etreet is cHanckrV. - 18ptMttnucoftoWretaJorderoftldtlKnora - L. . a Li' . ' .a wwnwwiiMNiiu iwure iKumi ai torn ToaUne Cofleo Hoate. ia the city of Mew - York, woorrTT oirecnoti oroe tobsenber, atontot the matter of thit evert, on Friday, the t7th in - Ini. W a m A. J mA. .a . .. m una, atiwa a me nmin warti of tlx tjty ; mrraWyck, UU mf the aid city, deceaaed, and euitoa ta a centm map or Ute a&Kl eatatn, nad by WiUiam Bodffea, ia November, I80M. 'by feu Mo. 8 aad 9 aad totters I and H. The aaia loia, laera tocethtr, are boaadrd weiterly u front by Hndtoo Rivef, and contain twenty a - cret of groU, more . Icm. with it appurto - ' ' - Matter ia Chnneery . - - - - - - - - - r - t - wuwuv wi WW teiH Otoce, Na. 3 Law Buildings, ber a ma wi im tnctmii w auo j Bja - mr nrvj. 7 e - (b 5 tawffwicdte . . i.m cntisck'.ftv " . IX Dunuance of a decrttaJ order iJ thia luwnv. V X L rrMrf nr. II. Ka t rail .li . uf. . - i oouoe iwQCe uowe, in the city or new York, under the direction of the tbcriber. at nna ' the tnaatart i thit court, on Friday, rtit7 thia - uat. at Z o'ciocA at boon au tkott three rer taia M CfUnd, tittate in the tenth ward oi the film .f M Vl I . - I 1 . . .wijvi.i. ivrt, anu uuuiigainR'ii o a cenam raopoi ueeiute, lite oTJame Ueianry, Eeq d i nftcn,ii buadred and nixtix - fl, and ri baa uredaad leveotecn, bounded wet. - rl by Secoad ll NU. t ..J . A A t . t mu vuui.iuiH'j nco xj in jd Drraam, one hundred feet in dptl, more or lew, with iywwaatr.' - isatea r ev , tm - rv JAMES 4. HAMIl.TO.t, AlTRs' Prire lit Medical Science Lot. 'ery. Sv 4. v 23d dafilrawinr. - - .; .fiU 41000; 14.W.V C103T 8.28. Kl I. - - V IS.TW.I, Jiw, rbt 10.COO. DOLLARS ? Ctrl ILL be awarded to the tint drawn nomber sv next. 'v ULlMJO DOLLARS A i .... . . 7 : l... X1 i - To tM nrtt ora wn duwwi " i ,f Tbe wheel contain valuable priae, via. " - r l prire of pJ.OOO I J . do . of $3,(H)0 ; S Pdo of 10,000 4 do 1 of V 1,000 , . 1 'do of - 3,000 1 ' . Andmaay ofSOO, WO, 100, tc. - , 5. . . - ' Price of Tkkett $13. - A few warranted andrnwa tickets for tale at ! s , V. ALIXNd' . " - Truly Lucky OiSce, o. 122 Broadway. ' T"Whtr have been fold tbi week, No. X5493, a prize of 5000, No. 6657, a prize of 2000, and where No. 3320, which drew 100,000 vat told and, paid, being the highett prize over drawn ia America. . Feb 6 2t ; If PRIZE List, Medical Science Lottery no. 4 23d dayt drawing. No. 24766 50. . : !24tli dayt drawing - . Not. 14208 ,100 1 16623 100 10402 50 1 22999 50 1 20185 50 j 18728 50. All told at Allow. The firat drawn number next Monday mom - inir. will be entitled to the capital prize of Ten Thousand Dollar. A few warranted undrawn ticket are yet for aaie at ALLENS Truly Lucky Office. No. 123 Broadway, where waa told and immediately Daid the hisrhest prize in Atnerica, viz. no. 3320 a priie of $100,000. feb 6 MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. 4, now drawing 5 timet a week. , CORRECT UST OF PKLZE8, 23d drawing. No. 24,766, $50. - 24th day - U208, $ 100 16622, 100 ; 18728, 10402, 20125, 28999, $50. lit drawn nomber on Monday morning wil be entitled to a capital price of $ 10,000. Feb 8 1 AKE NOTICE, (fy The brst drawn number on 'Monday next will be entitled to $10,000 ( and oo tbe Monday toiioiv ing to 30,000 dol llM. A few tickets for sale at th lucky lot tery office of . ivdai k tat anus, piuutn lane. Where bare been old ia former Mte riet mott oftbe high' ret .ir.n.t. Cirauir Intterw. forrim bank notes. and approved promiucry notes, will be received in psjiut - ni tor ikuui - - t hnnk I. kitnf t fha Inrkv lot n wiim. r - - - r - j. tery o tfice, which may be examined at all timet rreo oi lm'. ' i(i,HlU DOLLARS OtMOMOA F. pp H E lint drawn number that comet out of the I kul am aiAt.ta mnrninff will tw ntitMd to the stationary pnse oi Ten Thousand Dollar, nnH lh 6nt drawn nuuibet OA the Monday fol lowing to 30,000 dcllarr . 1 be louowing prize yei rcwua ui w wucci, via : , I of . $lsoooll of .' $3,000 1 of . . lo,oool 1 of 3,000 1 of I0.000 1 4 of " i,oo And maty ot 6o. zoo, too, tec c. And the lottery nearly half done drawing. A very frw tkVt remain untold at Lottery and Exchange Office, No. 54 Maiden - Lane. Where tlie highest prise yet draws has been old, viz: I689 50(10 dolh. drawn on 'lhursrlty lat, besides enanjr other valuable prize in the lime lottery t and tea thousand dollar prise, ia hares of ticket in the last Medical Science Lottery. The highest prise (25100 dollart) they naid thesecond day after betne; drawn. G. k R. WAITE will alto advance tbe cash for all tbe prise ia Outclass, as toon as drawn. feb RUSSIA ttKEY HAKE BKl.Na. G EORGS ASTOR ofleri for sale 10,000 Rut - am 4rey Hare Slant. Jan 31 lw HEMP, SPIKES, LEAD, 4c. ST. PETERSBURGH clean Hemp and Kentucky yarn in Lou to tuit purchasers 100 caskaapike. assorted tixetfrom4 to lOin. 60 rolU Sheet Lead 50 boxet 8 by 10 Glass ' 6 tons Patent Oakum 30 bales India Twine, No. A. With a ceoeral astortmeot of thin Chand lery, for sale by I . mr,w.n rs . n rr. r - r. j i w - iuvau i VyAi i r,rk. MOLASSES, COFFEE, He 32 boot and 4 bbls. Molasses, first quality 23 bars Green Coffee. 120DryHidet 7 bblt. Sugar Landing; at Dover - street wharf, from tclir. Linoet, from Porto Rico, for R.&C. W.DAVENPORT CO. Jaa23 EMP ft IRON bC Petersburg clean Hemp Russia, Old Sable and Swedish iron, for tale in lots to tuit purchaser by CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, feb 2 - 7 Soath - etreet. O1 IL KOSE3, tic 100 ounce Oil of Rotes, 10 bales or 2.000 lbs. Goat Wool or Co rnell riair 2 bales Turkey Carpet Rug, and A parcel of Nicaragua Wood. Landint? from achr VastaL ttnaa Smrma. For aale by - . CAUBRELENG ft PEARSON, jao 12 7 ftnajtb - ttreet Ik L.M. 20 hhds. Moiaase Kua, km prooo A.l let tale by JACKSON WOOLLET, fl - ' ' " 75Wan - L 1 m UPLAND (VTTOA. AfJXI bale Terr prime tjpUnd cotton, m ilor, and for sale ia lot to nit pnrchaser, by GRISWOLDS ft COATES, Jaa 23 C8 8outh - t liLOUK. - IO0. bbk Mayo't Mills landisg a. - , num tenr. , at recK - tnp. - IN STORE, 100 bbls. Richmond Mill 33 do Ptrtenbnrgk (Stoke and EmilhS brtuxm m . - . - ? , an 12 v CRiSWOLDS ft COATES, 68 So tb - street. XOBACCO, FLOUR, &c 2 hhds. tup. ju turnnnaxi 1 onacco iboJ fin Richmond Floor , - 6 do fio Middlings . r , - . 190 lbs. rlotant Indigo 100 French Drmfiohst . ; ' S or sail old Sercial Madeira Wine 4 no eld Malmsrr da do rortaleky - W. It & CRAIG. I f BEJWAL LVOIGO. . I J case very prime aosltr. entilled debenture. fartaW at 75 WaUetreet, by fan 10 . JACKSON A WOOLLET. TUKPENTlNK350 bljls SU Tarpentias, 27 do. Tar ' . '. f do. Beeswax Afi - wt and for sain by ' R.AC W. DAVtNPORTftCO. Jal HIMGLES, wcUll00,rXMI tweatv - two aacb SUeeHes, aad tOOO linn , tor tj by Jul! 3SFtcbslfn, t - - i.. L - . For A E W'ORLEjI fiS, : "wf ' Thoahip SUSANNAH, Jus. Morgan, For XEn - ORLEAJiS, ' iz master, to tail in three days. For freight or passage, apply to the master oh board, pier no. 10 East River, or to - 'feb 5 2t ' AT. NEILSOM tt SON. FOR SALE, A BRIO of 4 40 ton, now on the ttockt at Providence, built of rood material, copper fastened to light watar mark, and completely famished with n tuit of (per and block, with her ttanding rigging all fitted. Apply to BARBAR1N, STANTON CO. ; Pcb5 3t 17 FnlU - lip. ' - r tOH SALE, . JfA The very fiut Bailing tloop PARA - MgON. burthen 66 ton, built of the beat material ; hat made one voyage to the West - Indie ; it one year old and can be tent to tea immediately. For term and a view oi her inventory, apply to GRISWOLDS & COATE8, Feb 3 68 5onth - tt. For CUlHLESTOr, The fast tailiiur tchooner LOUISA. W Napier, master, beinsf nearly loaded, ill tail tbe first wind for tbe remainder, or passage, apply on board, west tide Burling - tlip, or to . ALLEY, Feb 3 98 Pine - at. . FOR N EW - ORLEANS, The brig MARY ANN, 175 tons, a jubttantial fast tailing vessel, one year okl ; will tail on Sunday next. For freight or passage, apply to " GOODHUE & CO. Feb 2 44 Southtt. For MATAXZAS, (Cut.) wwii ' The britr Caroline, G. Munro, mas x V.r. will take what freight may offer Una week' For terms apply to JAMES D'WOLE. Jim. 57 Front - street. For FREIGHT or CAARTER, The brig; SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur then 156 tons, a staunch good vessel, lately repaired. Apply at above. feb 2 . for OPOR1V, The schr. BETSEY, capt Turner, burthen 97 tons, a substantial good vessel, only one year old, having a part other carro enncred.' For freight of tbe remain' der, which will be ' taken on very reasonable terms, apply to GOODHUE c CO. jan 31 . 44 South - street. For bale. Freighter Charier, Tbe thip UKU HAION D, K., master, 300 ton ; will carry upward) ol 3UU0 bbla; u a substantial vessel and well found, For tenni, apply on board, at pier no. 17, or at 68 bouth - itrect, to Jao 27 WAIH A GALLAGHER. J or Sale, freight or Charter, The substantial, fast tailing brig MA RY - ANN, capt. Lewis ; is 1 year old ; earns about 1600 bblt i lict at pier no. 13, east river. ' Inquire of GOODHUE ft Co. Jan 27 44 South - street. For LOJWUfDERRY. The fiue last tailing thip FOSTER, N. Moran, mater, hann 7 - 8ths of her cargo ready to go on board, will be despatched without delay. or freight or 100 to 200 tierce teed, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. ft S. CRAIG. BAT A HA CjiHQO A T A UCT1 OA. U., 1KM1.J. IIAU X GUIU.IJI IVIU) CICIU o'clock, at the south tide of India Wharf, ia aT - m 1 1 rut. r , ,010 . .i. Boston, will be told at public auction 1 ne enure cargo 01 in ong new - ijeaaer, cap - in soune. rrom Hatav.a. cootituas at . 943 CANiNIOTHRe OOOAK 2750 BAGS COFFEE. . , Conditions at the sale. - T. K. JONES CO. Boiton, 30lh Jan. 1818. Auctioneer, feb26tt TJEMP ft DUCK 60 ton St. Petenburgb ix clean Hemp 80 bolts first oualitv Russia Duck For tale by , JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. . jan o 67 t rout - street. UPLAND CO Tl'0. - 54 bales prime upland Cotton, fust received per tchooner Laara, from Savannah, and for tale by una BWAH, Jan 14 157 Pearl - street. HILL at BOWNE bare just received by tht Lorenzo, from Iondon, Dtxon't Antihilious Pint Hickman't Pillt for the gravel, ftc. Cliing'i Worm Dettroying Lozenge Road' Embrocation , Thompson' Cheltenham Salt Hay ward' Tolu Lozengea - Hen'rv'a . Calcin'd Masnetia. - And a ceoeral assortment of British Patent Medicines of repute, not mentioned above ; war ranted genuine, aad lor taie at Jan Slim 140 rean - ttreei. 1O.MBAZETTS & COTTON. 4 bales MJ Bombazetts 34 balet Sea Island Cotton, and . 15 do. prime Upland do. landinir and tor sale by ? SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pme - street Ir S toss 40 bales Sea Island. Apply as above. . ian 24 PLASTER OF PARIS. A CONSTANT supply of ground platter of x jl pant, in oarreis, suitable tor tne ontnere markeu urder ten with Walter Nexten, No, iioiroui - ttreet, corner 01 uuning - tiip, win oe promptly attended to JOHN RYERS, . 001 of mrru on - street, noru - tuver. Janl9tf GLASSWARE 15 hhds. Eng. Glassware, conusting of Winet and Tumblers, for tale by CHAS. L. OGDEN ft ABR. OGUES, jan zt wasnington - w CL OODHUE ft CO. No, 44 Soutb - atreeU offer VJ fot sale, 150 balet of Calcutta Piece Goods, consutingoi Baftaa. chowd araries. cottas. emertiea Gurrtb, blue gurraht, entitled to drawback . Long isiotne, mamoody, mull mullt . Baanat, aawnt aad Menuckera Bandannoe and longee audy tilk bdkik Lotcbee and madras pattern hdks 10 pipe Catalonia wine, entitled to draw Madeira wine . . back in cssk l oraey red wine 124 boxes tweet oil, J2 bottlet each 11 caaes Italiaa letter paper . ' 230 bags corks, 7 casts fur hat 45 ceroont peraviaa bank, 6 catki senna . 5 cases eum tragaranth 1 cao Turkey opium 60 boxes Russia window glass 15 bales Russia feathers, 15 do do down 280 bolts Russia duck, 1st aad 2d quality 40 pics block tin ; copper bolt assarted .. , Spelter, gunny bagt 140 hhds. first quality Muscovado Sugar, entitled to drawback, feb 4 BLOOM RAISINS. xOO boxes fresh Bloom Raisins, just received and for sale by ' " N. L. ftG.GRtSWOLD, , Jaa 8 ' 86 Sontb - ttraet. ' 1N& 8 tea gallon kegs very old and delicate Maackiel and Paforet Wioes, pat rp expressly lor family use, and wiu oe torn teO8.HOWLAND, Jaa 28 " ' 77 Wasbingtnn - etreef. "tOTTON. 40 bale prim Upload Cotton r, ft c. w. davenport ft co. .Jaatl l - : fUOUR ft TOBACCO. 150 bblt sucbojosd 1 City Fsntrr. Hawaii's brand - m Hssdouowtrrm 'a 1 . - . t bhd Prim Md Ual ToLneco f 20 do 3w do i tter and for sale by TROKES, DAVIDSON ft CO. Jaa 27 . . rr - 10 Frontstrrtt - Ti ERMAK STEEL, BIUMSTOXE SxlSSi X boxet Steel : .129 boxet roll brimstone - . t 1 case Leghorn bats . ' "v'l5 do tumblers , v. a . . 10 packages paper - .'' . , 3 fsases cholleis . SO boxes mould candles - ; - .. " SO do op, entitled to debenture For tale by " . " JAMES 1TWOLF, Jr. . janl.t " 57 Front - ttrect. IROM HOLLOW WAKE. AN nnortmeot of the above article consisting of pott, kettles, bake pans, frillies, - leU, basont, spiders, tea kettles, &c. per ton or piece, lor sale by . . CEBRA ft CUMING, Jan 30 ' 76 Pearl - st. EiNULIaii BACO.V, kc. ENGLISH Bacon, Slit Peat, Berkley, Don - bin Glouceiter and Cheshire Cheese, all of a very superior quality, imported in the Ann Maria, from Liverpool. . Also, a general assortment of first quality Tea and Urocenei, Fiib Sauces, Olivet. Ancbovie v ' Very old Jamaica Rum Superior 5u proof Irish Whiskey Amencaa Puie Apple Cheese , . - English Porter, Demijohns, and Brittol Ware, for ta'e cheap ibr cash by : . E. BLACKr OKU, , . i : 157 Greenwich - street. fl .;. For Sale or to Rent, lmot. HaJ Two HOUSES aod a STORE, tifuated in Uroad - itreet. Newark. ( N. J.) oPDOtite the E - plscopal Church." Alto, for tale, the HOUSE aod LOT, 114 Fulton - tt. . feD4 1" T.VUSK TABLE CLOTHS, LINENS, J tic. Just opened at No. 61 Maiden - lnno 3 cases Irish linens, course to toperfine 1 'do long lawn, ateorted 1 do 5 - 4 stout Irish sheetings, tssorted ' 1 do diaper and damask table linens, assorted, from 5 to 10 qaarters wide 1 do super real double damask Ublecblhs, part very large size, with elegant small and lareer napkins to match 1 case nolted counterpanes together with a, general aisortuent of Dry Goods, tor piece ana retad tales, at very moderate pnce. Abo for Sale bu the Pacl. - age, - A few casei Irish liuent and long lawns, assorted out 5 - 4 Irub sheetings, Drogheadt , , Blach 7 - 8 lipent glazed. White platillat ' Jan 28 tf L.AC. SUYDAM. HOPS. 2U bales ol Hops, lor sale by STARR he SMITH, feb 6 lw . - 190 Pearl - street. CHEAP LIMA'S AT UKTAlL. ' JUST received at No. 19 Maiden Cane, a com nlete aisortment of 4 - 4 Irish Linens, rurcha srd at a reduced price, of a strong fabric k and eleeant bleach, which will be told by the piece at a maii advance. ' leooTii 4OOALS 150 chaldron coarse Liverpool V coal, 00 board thip Nestor, at Alurrayt wharf - ibr tale by , , . G.G.&S.HOWLAND, Feb 5 77 Waihington - t. D LYNCH, JUN TVTO. 40 William - street, bat juit received a 1.1 few barkett fcontainine one dot. each) of tuiienor White Lreaming Lbampaigne, imported in the Factor, from Havre. tie hat alio in store, Madeira, in catkt, from 3 to 1 2 year old Do. from private stock, from 3 to 20 yean In Dot lie , , Cont'sntia, Burgundy - Claret and old Sauterne ' Grape Juice, 8 years in bottlet Dry Lisbon, Port Wine in bottlet ' Ola Brandy and Ram And a Toile Wine, of excellent quality, and Tba above have all been selected by himself nt a vers sow once. with particular care, and are or very superior quality, ne oner went lor taie, warrantea pure as imported. ted a 1 FRKAtn oouoo IUU LA1E JMIll VALS. . 2 cases plain black tilk velvet 2 do , color'd do 1 do very elegant ribband in e,tt, No. 5 ft 12 z ao piain aaun una taneias ' I box thread lace 1 do merino ahawlt . 1 case fine Leghorn hats and crown 1 do mock merino thawlt 2 do levaotine thawlt, 5 - 4 aad 6 - 4 2 do pint in boxet. ALSO. Types, in founts, brass wire, ftc For sale by A. D. DURAND ft BOURDEL, feb 5 St 30 Pine - tret COTTON. - 54 hales Prime Upland, for tale at 66 South - ttreet, by Jan 27 WALSH h GALLAGHER. NE hundred bbls. Bristol Spanish Brown, VJ SO do White Lead, a With a general assortment of Paints, dry and ground, tor sale Dy ' - ' 6 RIPLEY ft WELD, , 192 Front and corner of Falton - ttreet. Jao 23 a iO WATCH - MAKERS. 23 dozen WntcD Spring 48 dozen Watch Chamt. ' For tale at H. VOS3 . No. 74 Washington - street. febdlw Tf OLASSES ft COFFEE 90 bbds. Havav Lvx nn Molasses new crop 24 hhds. do Co&e Landint: at Old - slip from Brie Caroline, and for tale by JAMES D'WOLF. Jr. feb 2 57 t ron' - ttreex. Button vnw ttu. r.t,VI MISSION J COMPANY, 148 Peari - ttreet, have now for sale, mott Not. of Cotton Yarn, from No. 4 to ' . a jYErT PUBLICATlOMi. LENT! ME, 104 Broadway, (3d door below Pine - street.) ' Mandeville. a tale of the nineteenth century, ia Jotn - naloftba proceeding of tbe late embassy 10 nunu Character of .Bhakapetre't Playt, by vVm IjazletL . BingleyH Useful Knowledge. TkAni.1 im Jnhna. h Misa Porter. . Letter from the Cape of Good Hope, la reply to Mr. Warden, with extracts I rem Donapanc - i great wore v , ttaiaoct ot isOinion. , t .t.M .Ka a.ih Together with a general aisortment of Books and btatiooary. t , : J . Vititioc aad Address Cards engraved aad print A GEN I'LEMAN ano hit lady, with one child and servant, wishes to otrfaia hoard from 1st May next ia a respectable private family, west of Broadway. A line addressed to T. I. and lert at thia office, will meet with attention, feb 5 lw TWIST and FILLING. - . r - sr - rii.rtaM riMPRk'I.I. No. 197 Pearl - V V street, has received 1000 lb. of No. 12 aad 13 Twist and Filling, from nit lactcry at rat - tenon, which he will ten on fair termt. A regu lar supply of yarn from No. 10 to 18 will oe received weekly. - J" wf ffOR 8AAX. ten good Feather Beds, wiui JL pillows, sc. inquire ai na a . - ttreet . : ... - MERlfO HOOL, COTTOf YARN, SAT - - a JVAi ia, se. . , cotton yam, particularly low numbers. Proposals will also be received for making of tt - uoett.. The mantrlactarer to be suppliod wiUi th materiaK and the basinet t bs rstxlorsd, prebably, permanenL - - - - '.J A Contract is also waoiau, mnr "'(, - m i rirm nlndl m i the cot - ton to be sopi.listl, and th yarn to be received a stipauued pnes. ppiy o - - trprtairs. rotice. ; - '.'!' DUBLlC no(k ia hereby rirea. that the tb - L acriben intend to apply to the icgitlature of uie ttawoiCTew - iorK, aiuieir present seuion, for an act of incorporation, incorporating them and their nisoctatee by The name and style of the " ULSTER GLASS COMPANY." with a ca pital of one hundred thousand dollart, for the pur pose or manufacturing glass, u uie town 01 v oou stock, Ulster county. ELD AD HOLMES, ' . i l - y O. B. ABEEL. v , JAREDPECK. , . , fh2dlwtaw5w . ') MECHANIC HALL. VKAT KVSJIIHO THIS WSKK. MR. STANISLAS, ever wiahful to gratify a liberal public, hot devoted some time in bringing forward for those evenings, one of the greaieu piecesofbuman inventionsver preienteo before nn eolightencd audience, called the Tem - pie 01 mars. 1 nu attomsnint; and ineotnprenen - sihle piece of mechnniam, at the command o(the exhibitor open it doors and display in the back eround the butt of the illuatrion Wastiinston : the temple change and discovert the OoddeM of LitDerty and r ame descending from the clouds with a wreath of laurel, and placing it on bit wau, onpiaytng m motto Homage to tne immortal Washington," For further particular ee 2D Lt.T. Tbe House No. 215 Peari - ttreet. well calculated for a boarding koate. Enquire at no. if a reari - st. ' feb 5 lw Until That convenient House no. 87 Broad. tu ett, formerly occupied by the subscriber. , , . GARRIT STORM. ALSO A four story fire - proof Store no. 8 uouverneurt - iane. ' ten 6 u . TO BE LET. - . Two convenient room in the basemeat of No. 44 Pine - ttreet, suitable for officea or count ing rooms, inquire 01 U. o. Junta, tebStf ' 44 Pine - ttreet. VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR HALE, ti. Will bo told at public auction en the slns25th Feb. if not previoudy disposed of at private sale, that well known and valuable property, situated oa the turnpike road, about 34 of a mil from Brooklyn ferry, commanding a beautiful view of the navy - yard and Wallabout nay. it contain abont nine acre of land, in tne highest ttate of cultivation, having asparagus beds which produce $500 per annum ; with be tween 50 and CO Eueliih cherry tree ia full bearing. 1 her are on the premises two houses and a store. : Ilia house, at present occupied by the subscriber, it lanre and very com mod io as. and in sufficient good order for th reception of any family. The barn it conveniently situated, and in excellent repair. There are likewise se veral beautiful buildihz lots. Persons desirous of purchasing r requested to call on the tubsenber, when they can exam' ion the condition oftbe property. Feb 5 lw TEUNI3 I. JOHNSON. f"1 HEAL ESTATE. niil Tbe subscriber offer for tale that elesant three ttorv brick house and lotto pleMantly 11 tuated ia Murrav - atreet. beins: tbe corner of Mur ray andCbapel - ttreett. Tbetituatiou of the a - bove property ia too well known to require a par ticular description. Pertoni wishing to purchase areuvitea to can ana viewior tnemseives. Tbe house mar be viewed any afternoon sf - ter three o'clock. The property at present reals for twelve hundred dollart per annum. Potiet - sion to be sriven lit Mar. 1819. If not sold at pritrate tale, will be offered for sale at auction. on the 1 6th intt. Anv mrther oarticnl art mav be known by applying to JOHN LlM BERG ER, Baker, Greenwich, comer of Hemns said Amoa - (treeti. ler ot 10 . a - t 1 r - ; El L 3 Two ndioininr room In Wall - ttreet. convenient tor omces. Appiy to PRIME, WARD ft SANDS, . feb - 2 tf ;42 Wall - street. Q tolet I TO LET, - ri. - u n. a a K7.b. 4 rrom itt may aexi. nppiy to GEO. UUMMER ft CO, feb 4 tf 112 Broadway tfTl TO LET or LEASE, , kjuj From the 1st May next, tlie three ttory bru k bouse, Ho. 10 courtlandt - ttreet. Apply at turn vumx 01 1,. i tv - ..1 jC - r ma .lUDL'Kri' feb 4 lw No. 172 Fulton street, OTO LET, , The handsome new bouse, with bate - scut awij. ,w. . fi - .. enpied by Mr. W. C. Rhinclander. Apply to v . . PHILIP HONE, feb 4 61 Walt - street SALE AT AUCTION BY HOFFMAN mid GLASS. On Saturdav. tlk intt. Tbe Howie and Lot No. 18 Wallf treet, SO teet front and 108 feet deep mora or lets, with a nxbt of partitioa wall wiu trw necnanic'i Bank, built bv davt work. Possession of the rreater nart of th nremitet mar bti had imme diately if required Term made easy and known nt time 01 taie. n ji Vjt t.HA HLE PROPKHTY. The follow ine venr valuable property it Pt.. .k - t.r.f ial tv - aittanit elfll - aUWllAM 3 tOTV brick HOUSE aad LOT of GROUND, No. 3 Lottftland - ttreet, caiLuatea tor a large ana cow (tor in front i laid lot beine 26 feet front and rear by 110 feet deep. n.. k. - w iTnrinra .rwl f.OTS of www.j " ' w " - DrtllMlt hlM ,Hinimnr. Mine no. S and 7, well known at the oldest establishment of tare cmcef ann tavern ia uie cjy - w - ing each front add rear 20 fett ia width by 110 feet deep. For term, sppo. the Pmij. or to tlvaa u. iivaiicui feb41w VVl ClllAUKYXtHLS: FOURexperienced Marble Qonrrymea are - wanted immediately. None need apply . ... r .i i :t .k. k...: DUt UlOSe pence il J anjiuuHni wim mi dm i to auch constant employ and liberal wa get will be riven. Apply to S mJim . mi Anr 84 Beaver - treet. - wmt TO I.RT. Kl. B A .mall 8 - ctorv fire proof STORE. Na 27Moore - street, next to tlie corner South - it roMCtsion given immediately Apply as - bove. nor 12 P&Htr MmiKIm SfmntliHt JeurmaL TU5T nblihd, the Monthly Scientific fjf Jonnul,' containing aisqwnuaaa m DjuKra pbUotopby, chetnittry, and the arts, Also, aa extatmva Mamtsnatical Correipon - dc,pnco S cents, oy s and fellow of the New - York nulosophical Soci ety told ny UM ouitor at nw acauauj, No. 1 Murrsy - streetand Breadway, wb - vsb - tcriben issbk will b thaakfuUy received. Feb 4 1W - . . CORPORATION PROPER 11. 'IO be told nt publie aectioa f ndty the 9 Lots of urotsto on - ;"j - - : feet t. between Aethoey and Uonnrd - tt. , 12 Lots na the easteriy side of Cotlect - iL be - W "of'CoTt - tL bsv (ween Leonard nd FrankhB - sJ. - . 1 Lot on the wesieny sioe w - reea rllect ond On' - iU. - a i ui a siiMasMierCatbariaa market for Jyeojufrom IttMtyaext. dridse. lote Third - it fcr S year from ltt May. ti. aiwr nart of th W ttcmsaae ia eprins st for I year from the Itt May. ITto tarry SI .tiannarcanvine as a yrar. a tv f AUrl Int. mr hr n.. anil nar - Mmlart ksowa at lb Comptrolk - t't Office, City Uill. " F OK SALE, for a term cf years, A bealury, BTfcl srerr canab! rro wench will b drpul of cnanrs at it h faer ova da - " . .mm Atmm mm .a A . a A w Caquira U no. norm nocrv - nreet. JBLIC SALES V BTJ. P. DIETEUICH&CO. . , - r AT PRIVATE SA LK. f fiOOOacret of had, in Wood County.. (Va. witliio 10 miles of Marietta, and 5 aufci from fxt Ohio River. 131(0 do in the town of Pittsburgh, Clinton County, New - York. , 400 do. ia Pike County, Pennsylvania, and an improved farm of 200 acres, oo (l Cosheeton turnpike road. The two lert will he txclianged for property in the city of New - York, or for ruenhun - dize. Apply ct the auction room. .'. 07"Mr. KEcNE, romeetfully announces to i..o l.adiet and Gentlemii of New - York, that hit GRAND CONCERT, wftl take place, at the CITY HOTEL, (weather pernu.liog) oa Tuetdav, Feb 10. , ' " ACT 1st ; V ' Overinre, ." . Foil Otchertra Song, Cabin Boy" Mr. Keene, , Reev 8ons (hy desire) Fry mile je ' . ' iJepbyr, Mr. Monvn " Bishop Dnette, " Ii thou cant lire on humble " ' fare,'' Mr. Kerne and Mn. Moraa Virtue Concerto, Piano forte, Mr. Moran P. A.Corri Song," Henry's farewell" Mr, Keene ' I.ish Duett, (by detire) Ret weary Trayef - . . . ler" Mr Keene nod Mr Moran . Brabant Air, with variation!. Fluffs &5r. Kintela Wridotr . , ACT 2nd . Overture, ' ' ... Full Orchestra Song, - 1 ooogb lor it warm a wlule" rar. skosno ., crtiun Dnette, " Tyrolesen Mr. Kent and Mrs. . moran - . . moor) Air, Piano Forte, Mr. Moraa . F. Hoffin&n Song, The rote bed of Summer' - Mrt. Moraa , . . : . Stevensoa Song, Tba blooming Rose" Mr. Keens, Philip - Sons;, My Henry', gone" Mr. " Mortn i , , . Eteveaaoaj Song, (by detire) Home, Lev and . , Liherty" Mr. Keene , i Biihop f .; - : PoW Orchettre. Leader, Mr. Gentil Plana Forte, Mr. Moraa Ticket! to be had at Metsrt. Weyman'a No. 38, and G. ft R. Waite, Ne. 54 Msmfen - Laos - Mr. Goodrich, No. 128, and Mr. R. Waite.tua. 136 Broadway, at the Music Stores, of Mr. Keene. No. 101 Greenwich - street, and of W. U. Creagh, Printer, fio. 71 Maiden - Lao. febS 8t - - .. NOTICE. ' . fj - V The snhtcriben ha vintr entered Into partnership, the STOCK ft EXCHANGE BUSINESS heretofore conducted by R, H. NEVINS, will be continued under the firm af NEVINS ft TOWNSEND. 1 - - . y X RUSSELL H. NEVINS, fehS . EUHU TOWNSEND. notice. - . : : .: ; . ' OtT The partnenhip heretofore existing between th lubscribers under the firm of Read and Pine, is dissolved by mutual content. Tbe settlement of the concern of the firm it committed to Samuel Head, who continues the grocery newness at the tame place, corner of Front and fnj - ton - tlreete. , New - York. Feb. 3d. 1818. '.... SAMUEL READ, , s febSlwt ! 'JAS. I. PINE. , . VCr' If Mr. Thomai Pyke, mason, of London it in this city, he it requested to call on John B. Dash ft Son. No, 147 Broadway, where he will be informed of something to hit advantage or if abrent any information respecting him com municated at above, will be thankfully received. lob 3 lw . - - '. . - ' " CO - PARTNERSHIP. ftt - AUSTIN ft ANDREWS havinr laken GadTaylor into partnership, the busineu wlM be trantactbd under tbe firm of Asttin, Andrews ts Co - AUSTIN ANDREWS, GAD TAYLOR. FOR ENGLAND, DIRfcCT. 'fjT Latter for Hit Britannic M a testy1 a Packet PRINCESS ELIZABETH, Ocw Falmouth, direct) will be received at tba Peet - Ofic nil Wednesday afternoon, th 9th day of February. Jan 24 T. W. MOORE, Agent. . Notice." Xf All persona having demandt againtttha Mii.wk.M.obV't r.HAMPLIN.dMCeat - eU, will present their accounts, ana LDoft uhkas. sd will pleas mak payment to ' HENRY COIT, Executor, Jan 31 lw No. 83 South - street, , NOTICE. ft7" The copartnership existintr between Wil liam Rots and Joha E. Rot, oftbe City of New. York. Coacbmaker't, it (hi day dissolved by mutual consent. Jan. 31, 1818. feb 2 lw WILLIAM ROSS. (TT The astiirnees of theettate of Mrs. Sid ney Hewitt, (in order to rive time for all her creditors to coma in and participate m the funds provided for them,) dp hereby extend the time or rendering uieir accounts to Mr. Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, until the 1st of Marsh r nauing i ' , ret8 im BUSBV'S WATER WHEEL. iVr The public are respectfully informed that . tbe oafent water wheel invented by the lubtcriber is bow fixed, and it ia action oa board the Steam Boat M York.." Tbe Yoax baa heretofore been a tlower boat (haa tbe J jcksxt, working on th tame ferrv. On Wednesday last the two boats started tide by tide from Powlea Hook fbavug the committee of Directors oa board) and c rotted the Hudson together, when the Y ork arrived Ant in the slip oa tbi tide. This wheel lift ao back - water, and net oeen woraing several aays among tba ice, which it trundled beneath the ring, and mashed by tbe perpendicular paddles. Tbe wheelit left opto for the inipectlon of the public, who are requested to consider it as tJL - H trptiiment establishing a new principle, ta tbe practical construction of which (Us sii other new mrenlioni) improvements are contemplated. u. A. nuooi, . febtlw ' J Law Buildings. TAKE NOTICE, A wm a n uium kui demands asaintt and l.j.kt.J ik.ul.iaiJ Willi. m Rytrenv deceatwd, are requested to call trpoa THOMAS MASTERS. Esooire.No. 92 Walt - street Da - tod Jaa. 19, 18181. - ' Ann nvuaaiot ian.ui - Jaa 21 dim 0 r unbVflf A TP roll PS NY. rj7 The Stockholders are hereby requested attend an annnal sleetioa for nine directors. to vm amut at nwt wtT. . in. . . mi. Pabrasrv next The poll will ope - .. H - H - J Jaa 29 ' ' aviiKu lrf Tbe copartnership heretofore txlrtint tbimScnber. under thafina , of F. bet J SEX TOfl, IT Ull oav uiwunrrj. 181 FRANCIS SEXTON, . . . fcb 4 X JOS. SEXTON, Junr: : t a mrtior. bv adjournment of the trustees of Columbia College, will be held oa Saturday aest the 7th iottaat, at eleven o'clock, A. M. its Uie college - ' U fcb43t . t - NOTICE.. 'TT'The citisent ar requested to be partica - r in rJtnmln lha aAAS, and ICS OO the HOS WiiZS aod gutter tabs cleared sfl, and when it caunot b don without injury W im pavetno so v strewed with sand or ashes, in conformity to aa snlinanc of the corporation ia tnch case mads .... .. . . . , r . aad provkled At Instr satety tun vawwn m - terially depend apoa their attention m thit par - timlar. it is prsaumed that the law oa thit tub - jact will be ttrictly complied with. J1U. wvu.iUHPtreet vbhih - Street Com. Office - r dj 3.1 Feb. 1818. n7 TUT will ha rnd on Friday evening next, ths 6th instant, at th Atsembly - rosm. City Hotel, when Tba loiiowiog qunuuw ill be ditcusted, .ir eartjf nutrrtogca tur ' . . a kKtasiento commence at 7 o'Oocx proas ij. A Ticket wiUadinit alady asTJjj u HckaU to ba kad at I2 7 th door at ZL. rtv u , , Cecil.,.

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