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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, February 6, 1818
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i - I : ixsir.roijt'iv&rtisT. - TBiUAT, ri.B5.UARY O. mums' dUu ctetw 'Wa 4a m now U is, claim of Beanmarchait, lot tb purpose of to the e - rideoc and pkmatm uradf before the public which, if w mUtak aot must bar t cceivinced ell impartial that thii claim it unsupported tajtatfos taw, tbeepi - nk f Mr. Cesar A,' ltody,aattotTeyifsral of the United State, to the coatnrf wwlik - tianding. ' . - 1 1 , ' , Oar object h ageia adverting to this tobject, it tdMrbyinoottIblrridDO which We have Just Ua o fortunate U to discover, . that, adimUiog tb the million of liTTW paid - Beaumarchai, were no, paid oa acouunt af & ' United 8 tat, a b aamrtod by Mr. Attest ' and of course cannot nw to oar befit, yet, that jre art not. awl never wort oadoraayobB - : gallon to pT st - - nd further, that psa awing, at f our government do pnsssss. the documents sow to bo laid baforo tht public, they cannot b igno rant that tho dosaaad f Beoarchei' bwn it . nnModarand fraudulent J6 brtefrecapUulatfc of certain facta may not . be amies. ' - :y ; 'i , . TlMwVofiadopaadM4eoBuatDcodial775. ' jEariy Om following spring, Silas Dei, the ssabe f - ooarma. was aant ly them to , 'franco to solicit aid from tho kins; j ho arrived , at Fart hi tho month ot Job, 1770, '? saoatbs before which BBmarchai had . atfit by tho Proach pToraamt to LoodM, for . tho lrpoMi)fccinwitini through tooMMtrt ,tanaol,tocoopUiod)oUflilhori cabtootto aMt Aawrtca ta nor Kratowiui iaaaarchaiaj who tppoarod in Londoa a ' Hodorifio Hortales, fcuad eat and formed aa oxqoaintanco, with Arihnr Loo, of Tiitaia 1hiroaldif bl tosdot. BoattmardiaJi opoood : 'hlabniseai to Loo, oopod him to taako ah 'commanicailoB to congroia, and arrmngd with hhatboaaodVia which Franca aboaldawidto Ajtorica wpplJoa, ofthovaluoof two hndrod , tboawad pooada ttorliny Thk ccioiiina bo Viag oxocuUd, BoaBDarchaJa rotaratd to Fari Iraoiwhoibokopaoacrotaad anijaatl - ' cal corroopcodoaco with Loo coocorninf Aawri - ca i Boaatnarrhaia rotainiaf tho aaaao af RodV rignaHortaUa, aad Loo aausiaf that of Haa - '. ajahJohaJiai, ao at to avoid tarpicioo, Bdortbo 3 appwraneoofatorolnWpo. ' - ! Loo potao timo In cowman jratint; thro Doc - ' tor rranhlhi to coogrtM, tho iaiportaat iaionDa - ' UoahohadrocoiTod froa Boajuaarchais aad ccoctoh, ca & bith of thii coamoaicatioa, tooa . aiUrwarda appoiatod Doctor Franklin, Olao . Doaao, and Arthur Loo, to bo tholr ccnuala - . aWaari to Fario. - J ' Doctor Franklin aad Mr, Loo dU not arriro T Franc atH tho don of 77, or tho bofia - . - ttSaf of ITTT. DoanoH prorioul arrinl had an - klhoaaaattandamadnauaMoa annoroil ttodiaf eot tho aopplioa which had booa proaaW rata aavara tMaraarcaaa. - rno aaaueai wai V performed by Donna and BeedBUrcheJa, aad - throe largo aUpa, tho AaphitriU, tha Morcora, aad the Beiae, huloa wuh military atoroa, chiafly lakatj ot of tho French anonaJ wore, fa rpite of the apiea aad, renwoftraacoo of the Enjl'uh .' aabaoMJnr, doapatched before tho errinJ of - Doctor Fraakfa aa4 Mr. Lee. . . . , ' ' la the fotlowint; raauaer, drcaaattaacet oo - cured that iadocod, atleartooe oftht coeAaai atoaow to impact that Boaaaaarchah, ia comkx - ' ies with othera, would cbJai cempeaiaUoo for ' " the aapplico which had oeea fratuitoady far - . , Lhod by tho French (oToruaaoaV aad hi tho fbiwardinf of which Baaaanrchaia had aioraly . been employed M U tgtoL The caaaaal - therefore wroto tottare to the rowsittee ofaV t reiga aurt, hbrmhtg thea that thees toppSea rvoro a firttfl of the king and althongh they , : wore ahippod la the name of Rodorigne Horta - leas Co. tbattbiawaaa eurceVthttto conceal tbeking'a toterioroaco, aad that no etmfputt totuld wr ae itmmdtd or txftcki. i - Theao fctUra, dated 5ept and T, 17T7, dehrered, by the commiwiooon, to capt John Folger, of Nantnckat, thea at Fara lobe de - , lirerodbTkiaa tocongrew. ' 7 Captain Folger did not arrive tiH January. 1T78, oei tha 11th of which aaoath bo deUrered hit dupebebe to the preaidont of conrreoi. . Bat - oa being opened ttey rwita'mod nothing bet blank iheeta of paper.' - The troth ia, aoaao clever fW - j mu no cOTmwu, mkto wey imi ram, a - j .' ... .. . . , ptaj eu cap aaa caua wiu ueaa ; aeitaroealy i ! WitMrawtngthrai and tebrtitatag thM blotiki. Much agitata, and dioppoteteMot were cro - eted by thai atogutor oecarreaca. Felger wee arrerfed, anuniaod by coesatlUee of congreaa, , and throw into cueo wafiaoment - . Ooveraor CanreO, of if prth Xaroliaa, wbira Folger ar rived, waa aatired to eyaaain tho penona who vXaaaeoTerb the veawl with Folger, and inforaa 'ceagraai of every etrcanMtaace that might coaae to ba kaewUdge respecting theao diepatcbee, bataUtoaoefiect. - .... IthaabeeatotedhattneMletteAweredatod thetlhaad 7lhSeL 1777: Oa the I OA of the aaaie BMOth Beananrchala esocnted, before two , aotariee of Pane, aa faetnuMat, coorUtataag , John Baptiato Laaarttt Thevraeaa da fraacey, tobe theattraycVd.llrtit,fc . aad aoOmciaiag aaid attoraey to repair to Aaieri - ca, aad there Liquidate, demand aad receive - payment for the vopplMi ocpplioj ia the A.mphi - trite, Mercure and aeiae. , . .JJ EUaa Deana, who co - operated with Beannur - cbaia In - fonranling thate tappliea, certified tha . authority of tbia power of attorney i whoaa ha - port, H woaU aeeaa, be oeoM aot be ignorant of, ao Je Trancey rcarhed Philadelphia aboat the jane tinae thet Fotgar arrived there with the blank dUpatchea. ' Aa Peane. oa the 7th of 5rntoaber. etraed - - V - . with franklin and Lee a diapatdv faforaair; rtrrrww thxt all the npptiee that had bora aant were the frugal of Franc, and three daya af - V 3 - al L Ca. npuLtiL it ca tcarc Wtor Ceto npptiee, itci acarcelybadoiibt - ed that DeaneTO prity tor - thr viewi or bob aaarchaiti oa which eappoaitiwi, there au to be little difficulty faa fixing apo tbooo wboae toowWgo adopportaaity oibled"them to withdraw the dbratchea aeat by Folger, aad to aobt Ularta ia their etead aitsilar envelope cover - ke aodaW but blank iPr. 1 Had the Aspetchee lawlead of the blank, arrived by rolger, the elala. of BoanaarchaJ. wooUUvetawtaatlyrtJectedjbwtthodia. BAtchea hariBtj aaet with tha above Badbrtuae, Do Fraocoy, who arrived with er aooai after Fol - rer. imatcdiaUly pretested the daiaa, authenti - oatod uader the algaatara of Deaae, and obtain - ed ft reaolve of oongreaa aW Ue peyaaeat. The dapUcataaof thaae natbrtnnata dUpatch ea ware at bat received aad the Vyatery discovered. 8ooa afterward Eiaeoa Daaao, brother oTSOaa, arrived with the treatia concluded with Fraaca, aad ia a few weeka waa i aoOowed by the rreach tleet ssder Count D'Catasg, in which Mr. Gerard tha flrat French auaiater, and EUaa Deane wore paaaangin Deane had been MMpected and recalled, and Ihoaa wboee rie eaabrace that period of enr hutory, will ttill recollect with regret, tho rotpicioaa, the jealou - ay, and the ada which thea and for aevaral year afterward exbted is oar public councila. concerning the asaaagemeat of our foreign af fair. Sotuce it to reaaark that ceogreaa, per - hope. Bfiavoidabl, war ltd to apprevo of aurea, which in happier circanutaocea, they would not have hesitated to condemn. It not deemed expedient at the time to permit the insert of these dipetche to traatpire, ao allow them that anflaence spoa the pablio rerea to which they were fully ana Vd. ' Tb&e prndeatial cooiideraliDO no longer go - rerai tiaaea are - chaajred, aaen are changed, and our relations with France are abo changed ; ao that no sufficient reason now exist why these dispatcbeeabouldaoy longer be regarded a state eacreta. Beaidee, their mblicatioa at Out time, may save to the aaiioa a large sum, which congress are about to jranf for tappliea which both France and Beajuavrchais, her agent, have coofoaaod to have boea a fret gil. The extracta which fellow are faithful copies and may be roXed opoa a authentic (TV b tmuhided in eur next) 4rHfie mi mfrtvunc. Th Comaaercial Adrerejer, of Wodaeaday evening, contain a paragraph which require aa answer, and I must apologiae for devoting a part of say paper to that purpooe, since it i rather of a personal thaa a pmblic aatare. Mr. Lewi charge me with aMarapreaonlatioa of hi opinions, a charge which af true, ought to deprive me of all credit, and which, if 1 do aot saUs&ctorily repel, 1 willingly consent to incur the consequence, hcaaaotbe xpected thai cursory readers wiH take the trou ble to call to rocouoctJoB the particular, or to collate and weigh the aaerits of a peat dispute, lattuMttf. be excused If I briefly Meant lulate a saw facta. Some time since I suggested strong doubt whe ther the Executive, in ordering th Florida ex - peditioa, bad aot exercised po wer uakaowa to th constitution ( and that thaaueatloa might be fairly considered, I waa carafe) to confine it to Amelia - Wand j indisputably under fbrelg Ju risdictlsi purposely BVoUicg saying any thing efuajveaaoai thejorisdictioBof which waa by considered doubtful. For similar reason. I avoided entering, at all, into the expediency or poucy of the measure, aa K regarded th United Stateet beaof desirous of presenting the timpl oooatitutiooal question, cleared of all extraneous matter. Th CommerciaJ Advertiser, arrayed aunscu, aa I unJ satipoe, au aide of the executive, aad undertook to justify the meaaure ia a dictatorial styl that did aot become hum, but be took particular care to mention Galveston, a - kae, and not Amelia: TbJt I noticed, at the ttme, bat could "hardly impute to him ao pitiful a piec f cunning as to aeppose that he did it by design, and with a view to future evasion, as rt now appear by his own acknowledgment, he did. If the (Dterprize was uocoaitituUooAl, be - canee u was directed by the Executive alone a - gainst the territory of another nation with whom wo were at peace, it could aot surely make it any the' lets so, because it waa also directed again Galveston j which, for the' argument sake, shall be admitted to belong to the United 9tate. For him to maintain, therefore, that the Executive was Justifiable, in taking poateaeioa oil a place " within th jurisdictional limit of th United States, " waa to maintain a proposition which was aot disputed; waa perfectly nugatory I aad which would have been, and it now appear it waa mere trifling and impertinence. But supposing that the ComanerdaT Advertiaer really intended to enter into a serious defence of the mev rarettsetf, I took notice of hi attempt aa auch, aad exposed na fouy in a couple of sentences. In answer, he attempted to thaw that be waa not alone, but that other editor held similar opin ion with himself; aad for that purpose, be quoted the forte sidetrHitr, justifying the suppres sion of the M tllaHUhmenU," fin the plural both Amelia and Galveston.) and the Bmbm CtnHntt, who iprosi himself in the following order. .. . , ' Aa it respect Galvrctoa and A matte, the documents amply connrm me aesenptton gives of tbom in the presideull message, andfuQy ju tifv - the mearnre adopted by him reapecting insm," x And now Mr. Lewi my thai he ha been al ways careful to snake the distinction between Galveston and Amelia i that he ha at aod third time done ao, but that I haveasoftea had the effroetery to oectsuler him a spoaJoog of both place which he declare to be uocandid andulae. Of two thiagt.eee, oitlsorMr. Lew ss aseant to delead the expedition, or he did aot t if th tatter, thea he has bee engaged in die - pule, where there was ao difbreaon, though he bad aot the opacity to perceive it aflha frrm - lbsorthedlmfeouoopeTpceeofprTid - tag crence to creep out at, wasa he shsmid oe putfioa, ne baa made it wbetbet awiittod or deaitJ, totally irraTaisui w the questioa that has leaf beam beaere the pub - 1 tic. . . . ' . - . - " . After witaeasiag th despicable, diiliooest, tho" truly chararteriatiB artii what ahall we my who we find himerpreauighMarprBmatwhat he can my effrantery, bacaaI treated him a a fair, upright man, who (poke theplaiaUn - guage of integrity, aad rUy matotained,to the beet of hi tsnderatanding, what he retoadd to? It seems, I have mistake him, thea i but lot me tell him that la correcting thi mWake, as to the head, at the expose of hi heart, ncting m coa - formity with the maxim of th world, better e thourhtriheraknvthaafooLlio putaatha - tard something mfinitely dearer to amaa of prin ciple than the repotation ofbeing aa adroit editor. I rladly quit a controversy with a man, wno, whsther rirht or wrong, i sure to find a aumber of really respectable person oa ha ado, trom th a&rne impulse that actuates those, who, without knowing or enquiring where the blame Be, always take part with the weaker aide, and make every other feeling give way to pity for helpless impotence. .' Let Mr. Lewi cease to meddle with question for which he 1 outfitted by education, nor re dered conversant by habits of study or con versa tion, and coo tent himself with watching arrivals, and making selections of ship - news and amusing stories for grown gentlemen, and there to no doubt, though no never probably will be charg ed with witchcraft, but he may still preserve the character of a good sort of a man. Csffj - rt. W have no room for the proceeding even of Immediate interest, at length I th moat wo can give st a summary, Mr. Trimble ha introduced a resolatioa into th house authorising the president to demand the liberation of Me. Mead, detained m the tie of Santa Ca talis a, at Cadix, and in the event of a refusal oa the part of Spain, to mak repri - la: which waa ordered to lie on the table. Mr. Forsyth laid th following resolution on tbe table Resolved, That the committee of ways and mean be instructed to enquire whether tbe Bank of the United State It authorised by ita charter to receive as pledge or security for loan made to individual or corporation, n transfer of public debt made to the Bank, or to any officers (hereof, and if in their opinion such transfers are not authorised by tbe act of incorporation, to report to the bouse some effectual mode of preventing them from being hereafter made. By Mr. Irving, of New - York, a petition of Ebeneser Steven, and others, praying to be paid tbe amount of an award uader a contract for supplying provision to the revolutionary army. In tha senate the claim of th heir of Beau saarchaia waa, oa motion of Mr. Campbell, take from the committee of finance, and referred to a select committee of which Mr. sting is chair man i to whom tha detail of the whole case is fk - Privalt competition ftMit IcnrfU. The former fare for a passenger in the old mail coach between Philadelphia and .New - York, was ten dollars; th post - chaise started to run the same route, at sr - m dollars ; the mail coach, with aJ guard, in th true' London style, thea reduced tbe fare lo dollar t bat a soon a the post chaise taw thi, they advertised to do it tot few doUart r al which price passengers can now go to Philadelphia, a distance of nearly 100 m3t, and back again for the same. Bat we would advise gentlemen intending to visit Philadelphia, if their business will admit of a little delay, to postpone their Journey a few days, when it ia certain, ao - coHing to the rule of arithm tical progression, that they will not only be carried free of any ex - pence at all, but provided with the beat of good living by tbe was, for th sol honor of riding in one roech in preference to the other. Ti tht Editor oftht Etening Pott. SIR Permit me, through the medium of your paper, to inform a aumber, who, I under stand, are desirous to know the purport of a pe tition which has been presented to the legislature, praying an alteration in the law relative to the inspection of domestic distilled spirit, that the object of it is to equalise the rights of individual, M promote the happiness, edvaace the honor, and perpetuate tbe independence of our country," by putting it out of the power of the inspector to bold tbe office a a sinecure, and out of the power of hi deputy to form a combination with one narer, which amy operate to the in - convenience of tbe public, and to the exclusion of j every other ruarer, wno cannot a vad himself of tbuadvaisUgMM such a connection. - This a alt that a designed, which, I presume, ao boa est man caa have any objection to. Though 1 do not doubt tbe assertion of Anti - Sia scare, I win not with him presume to my, that the inspector has never attended to th business himself t that he ha aer annotated but on deputy, and that the public baa been put to many unnecessary ex pence and inconvenience in consequence thereof ; yet I will say, that as th law now stands, it would be an easy matter for an inspector to hold the office as a sinecure, aad take to himself the whole revenue thereof, as it would be a guager,a advantage to pay the salary of a deputy inspector, oa condition that be shootd aeglect to inspect the liquors goaged by any other guager, and by staying constantly with him, enable him to monopolize the bosinets to the exclusion of all others. Now I do not aay that this gam ha been played ; but. I solemnly ever that, notwithstanding the strictest search, I have not been able to find " a loop whereon to aang a doubt", mat aomethmg very Ilk tt has been long in vogue but whether it has or has not, a it may be played, it would be prudent to provide t gainst it, and to guard the peUic from a aaoual tazoftlu'eaorsaur thousand dollar. trust th honorable legnlatnre will shortly do it, to the utter confusion of all who would terrace their country withaaiaecar or a saonopolixiag A. TBORlf. See th New - Tork GascUe Si General Ad - iertsscrofthe HlhatUmo. . - Brmttk Pank. We csJonrtasvl. ssv the Albany Dally Advertiser, that the Directors or the Bank of the United bUtes have consent, ed to the establishment of a Branch ia this city. JHwm to Cent Henry. We understand from a correct eouree (soya tbe Baltimore Federal Republican) that tha United State, eloop of wur norwrc n unoer sausng oraere tor sjape uesuy, Hajrtn ana Utnt en ampsasadnr will pence saber. to demand faoea tit kituTfl 'j TVW'n fSf tlH,Vl. ,( Extd to tbe Editor af thai' BaJtimort fatriot, - It it reported that adrtose have boa tjsrr - j .d t the WrtB - t, from A m. Wa Waad. r.EluA tUotha left St. Auriatma, with " rTT" .twiicihj tho troops are T5rl!Xd aninst th Americans at Amelia, . E74 - ,;A t or whether the fovom - " . Tr.Tc... - intA, til hold that mentoi u ws vm - !ortVoogvr thaa a Spanish force euueot tohold! IUo occupy iCiTnot know, out of doors." xxTBACT er a xrma. .... - RICHMOND, 29th Jan. ' n. ra.;tM nTFinsnce have reported, that it is inexpedent to tax th United States EbyavoteoflOtD - othatit is put to sleep in our legislature." From tht Katitmal hddligencer, Ftb.3. The Supreme Court of tbe United States eoa renedaxthe Capitol yesterday, being tbe day fixed by law for the commencement of their en - aval term. AlllheJedgeewere present, y CJtief Justice Marshall, and Asaooat i Jwges Waanington, Living too, Johnston, Todd, Ua - valaadctory. Tbe Court organised itself Tortii - with, and proceed to baaine at eleven oxnek ttueday. . From tbe Annual Report from tbe Department of State to Congress respecting patents, it appears, that tbe aumber Istoed during the year iqi? MimmnliiifaM hundred end sevcaty, for improvements in almost every description of: macnuery anu manuiaciuiee. ... - . Drmving reemi. The venerable lady of the late President Adams has addressed tbe follow - inc letter to tbe editor of the Weekly Register! QUINCT,Jaa.tO,1818. JkTr. JVi&a Upon taking op your Register the other day, a communication respecting Drawing Rooms attracted my attention. Yourcorrespond - ent must have been miimfbrsned when he states, that there was any distinction of party mad at the drawing room while I had the bonourto preside there any gentleman or lady, of either party, wbo chose to visit there, were received with equal civility. And from your correspond - ent, 1 have now for the first time learnt, that any person withdrew from political motive. The gentlemen of both houses of congress received and accepted the invitation of tha preudent to din with him, and but one of tbe whole number ever so far forgot th character of a gentleman at to end an uncivil refusal. I am, air, your humble servant, ABIGAIL ADAMS. GoaaaK,(r. T.) Feb. 8. 'Two of the nrieonere escaped from our fail laat Tuesdsvnifrht. On the prec ceding Sun - Amw mreninv. one ot the unrulv tenants contriv ed to ret a shovel full of coals into the dun - reon i this raised a smoke and the prisoners criedyire.' which not being immediately discovered, some of tbe beams overhead were tnnuned. and not DroDcrlv aeeured sir Jin i it waa here the fellows eot out one of them bad only fifteen days to stay j the other waa James Hamilton. On Thursday last the sportsmen m the neighborhood of Long Pood,' in the town oft WarwicX, kUied a mige great near, rorsomc days previous they had traced hia footsteps into n narrow nass amort r n cluster of rock. and planacd a gun - powder plot to disturb the Sntlemen' repose ana accoramgiy, on me y appointed, with powder and match, musket and ball, thev met. when poor bruin was ousted from his rocky retreat and brought sprawling to the ground. , PovcaxxersTK, Feb. 4. On Friday last a pair of horses and sleigh, belonging to Mr. Geo. Booth, of this village, in attemptitnr to croee the river, broke through U KB CDS none mn vu"ifju m. PHILADELPHIA. Fb. 5. mKlff inn aurih.ui j i huh. York, is ashore aboat a auile below Reedy Isl and (Delaware side) expected to be sale and get off wbea the ice wilt permit. TheshipAlpbs;CaptaiaWallingtoB.ofPhfta - delria. came into the cane oa Triaav. 30th Jan. seven weeks from Belfast, with 30 passen gers, ballast aad some lew dry good. t' Ba - iardav.ina snow storm. N. E. - trot oa Hie Brown. lost her redder, and drifted on to Lewistowa bar, where they cut away ber main tod mixen masts. wnen sne uiumpeu ovei mi vr. suu uww within 60 yard i of the beach, oa her keel, make ao water ; no live lost, ejapt. vr . oroxe several rib on his passage home by a fall, bat ia doing wen. The brig Roderick, Capt. E. Harding, of N. York, 14 daya from Savannah, (Geo.) bound to New - York, had been to the N. of Baroerat. drifted to the 8. of the Cape, and finally put in on Friday ; lost an anchor be (ore the got a pilot on board, was then anchored in Lewis town Roads, where on Saturday, oo account of her dragging Into aooal water, iney cut ana run lor tne oeacn, where she now is, making no water, do nvea lost, Pattenerer. Mr. Wm. Perkins, of Savannah, Mr. Anthony Belang, of N. York. Capt. L. Heynicer, (late oftenr. Remittance, oi n. iorx; aaa jnr. Van Leneerke. of It. Tork. - . Tbe bng Gen. Scott, Capt John O. Ramburg, from Port aa Prince, with specie, sugnr, coffee aad tobacco, entered the Cape oo Friday - rode out the tale until Saturday when she lost cables and anchors, end bad to ran for tbe beach : the tbamped heavv oa the bar. but got over finally, and bilged immediately after - warat : some ot ber oottom ptaaa urwea asnore. Part of the crew got frost bittea ia landing the specie. Cargo will probably be partly savea ; cut away her mainmast. The informant left en Sunday afternoon, . when every assistance was leaaereo toe 7esei. Pen Calypso, of Bath, from Havana, bound to 17. York, and one other sch. rode out the gale. Too much praise cannot be bestowed on the pilots, Mr. George Marner. on board the Gen. Scott, and Mr. George Wesley, on board the brig Roderick, for their good conduct - Extract of a letter to A. M'Lean, Esq. dated Lewistown, Feb. 1st, 1818. I have taken charge of the above vessels. and commenced discharging the brig Gen. Scott and the Roderick i the ship lies on the outer bar, and it is not possible to get any thing out of her a yet, on account of the ice, to - morrow I expect to commence discharging the ship, if the weather and ice will permit t and as soon st the season will permit, I will forward tbe cargo of the brig Gen Scott, and ship Alpha, to Wilmington, the port of entry. 1 ue brig Boderick a cargo is principally American produce, and the dutiea have been secured on the payment, and captain Harding wisnes to Dro tt sent direct to Philadelphia or New - York, when he receives orders to which place it may go. ' B03TOIT, Feb. 4. Th srhr. Hokee, Gorham, hence for Alexan dria, after making three unsuccessful attempts to get round Cape Cod, run into the bay oa Saturday, aad anchored near Sandwich, where she soon drove from ber anchor&gs t heavy sea running, her cabel were cat and she was run ashore for tbe preaervatioa of tha craw ah after bdred a both aide and filled with water She went ashore oa Saturday evening aa . a. .. m anoui oo'cwcav wn ffunaay, tna cargo consisting of rum, fig, horrmgs, cheese, glas ware, lc war traded. . A pilot from below reports that a schr. ia nahor oa Nantucket Beach, and that the schr. in tha readt a th Elisabeth Jr Mary, heace for Gibraltar she intends to return, being; tee crank to ro to tea, Ue aba reports that the wreck mentm. ed yastorday, prove to be a large Gondola which went adrift from Deer bland, and having her npper planks osT iposinv the heads of the timbers jnst abew water, pr tt th appearance of the wreck of a vessel. - The schr. Raiura, Sprarae, from Chvleatoa fgoteC sjanbeicarje except Wttercct Th, brie Dow. Saner, from Amsterdam for Beaton, went ashore o Cape Cod ia the .gale on Saturday night I V. .ex. - esawawesssp i - Be the arrival hut eveniec of th brig David Richard, la tl days from Falmouth, (Jam - ) hare received a file of the Ciw "'. 4.t . rJM. t. tha 14th January, from aai sjaaasjpna ana at yssrvwy w - m - which w copy soma late accounts of the opera tion oftba patriot aad royal force oo tho Sen - iih Maine. Ia on sanguinary battle, fougbt oa th Id December, where the patriot forces con sisted of 1500 men, 1200 wer slain. The lorn on th part of theroyalitto it said to iamountto onlr 1 1 killed and 93 wounded. Th troops of th latter fought to desperation, and are said to have been equalled only by those of Mareogo, Austeriitx, and Jean. , , - . . CURACOA, Dec. 17. The TrenCh fleet which Darned thi island on Wednesday last, tailed from Cadis with . aa In - tendant - Gneral for Caraccaa, and lay in the roads of La Guyra for several day, having left that port for Porto Bello, to convey tpecie from thence to tbe Havana. From thi circumstance it would appear, that Franc ba givn assistance to Spain to her struggle with the revolted Colo - mas. Accounts bad reached La Guyra, of genera) Mine, and the whole of bis staff, being the rem nant of his army, having been taken prisoners, and escorted to Mexico, .where they were to be put to death. A Caraccat Gazette of the ITth lust contains an official ditoatch from general Morillo to the captain - general of Veneiuela, Don Juan Bap - tuta Pardo, date a neau - quariers, uu marram a, 7th December, from which it appears that gene ral Pees, of th independent army, was in Acha - guas, and commenced bis retreat on the Arauca, with the emigration, and all his forces, having at the same time ordered those hi Nutrias, to crow back the - Apure, in consequence of which all general Monllo's endeavours to meet mm were fruttrated. t General Morillo beinsr at Calaber, and hav ing received account from colonel La Torre, from which he learned that the Utter was deterred from attacking tbe enemy by a fills re - port that Bolivar and Arirmendi were Cooing up th river with great tore, saarcnea wiin several corps to reinforce him, and arrived at Gua - darrama th very day hit dispatches are dated, where he received another letter from Latorre, mentioning that ha had foiled tbe rebels, commanded by Zurasa, ia the field of Hogasa. The official dispatch of col. La Torre, - is dated CUvario, 8th December, and contains tha following m substance t - - 'v' That on tbe 2d December, be attacked tbe independent army, posted on a height in the Hato of Hogasa, to the number of 1500 men, with two pieces of artillery i his army, (compo sed but of 300 civalry and 900 inrantryj advancing with undaunted courage, amidst tbe cries of " long live tbe king." ' His cavalry, under Airogones, being attacked by that of the enemy' left, be ordered this officer to charge them, which be executed in such a gallant man ner at immediately to repulse and disperse them at a great distance in the rear of their line. Col. Juet was then assailed by the enemy's ca valry of the right, reinforced by tbe squadrons of reserve, but he routed them also j that this event, added to the gallantry with which th infantry charged with the bayonet, threw the enemy into such complete disorder, that they took to flight, sea vine every thiar behind them. Pursued by the infantry, and having their retreat cut off by major Aragooee, aot one of their infantry escaped, having all perished or been taken prisoners ; their cavalry met very nearly a ami - aVftl fftlsT The loss of the Independents is stated at ltOO (lain two brass three - pounders 1S00 mutketi four colours 18 dramt 50.000 musket cartridges one load flint - 1 - printing machine all their equipages. The loss of the Royalists amounted to only 11 killed, bJ aUghtly, and 18 severely wounded. ' Among tbe wounded is Colonel Ln Ton himself, in the thigh, by a musket ' shot, which be received ia charging at the heed of the infantry j also Cokwei D. Pedro Gontnles Villa, the Ad jutant of the Sd battahou ot Navarre, Do Jose rtarvaex, Lieutenants Louis do la Madrid, fian - cno rardo, uommgo Aogustm, ventura oaiga - do, Pedro Fern an del. Angel J.ono, the captain of Grenadiers Qo Juan de Lone, and DoaJnan Francisco Gimenea, wounded by a cannon shot That to consequence of a conflagration ia the bushes, a great number of tbe wounded were consumed, and among them some of tbe Royalists, whom it was impossible to rescue from the flame. By this accident the bodies were o die - figured, that it was absolutely impossible to ascertain by their features the independent chief wbo bad perished : some of the prisoner, howev er, knew that amont; the number were colonel Marti aes, a Staff officer, the Commander of Artillery lieut. cot Monte, lieut. col. Valderrama fan Enelishman). commandant of tbe battaho Rcstnapor, and Lecuma, comu.andant of another battalion. The fire con Mimed also a large Quantity of arms, ammunition, the printing machine ann.tome otaer articles, ine remnant oi woicn were to be transported to Calaboxo. Tbe dis patch, which it long and tedious, close by recommending the officers and men who distinguished themselves in the battle, which is said to have equalled those of Marenzo ! Autteruu : and Je aa!! I . t - - From the Gotlten Patriot. ' A Correspondent bss furnished tbe following additional stanza to John Anderson my Jo, published in our last - Contemn the Congress, John man oh, ye were illaVisMi - , They've brains Ilk - either folks John, and maun na be despis'd i For promises na worth a stra', they" winna be , forsworn. But let them touch the siller,'. John, they - wo a na uunx ye scorn. John Anderson my Jo. MARRIED. Oa Thursdav moraine. 6th nut. bv tha Be. Mr. Kaypers, Mr. 8am eel F. Halsey, to Mis Sarah N. Youle. daughter of Mr. Gaorse Yoala. en oi wis cny. . In London. Dec 17. Mr. S. I. Tobias, mer chant of New - York, to Eliza, eldest daughter oi liar , ivq. ot r Jisoury square. - tflUWVa POSTMAJWfE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Susannah, Morgan, New - Orleans v Wm. Kelson k Bon Brig Charlotte, Connelt, Kingston, Jam Armstrong, Bazelgette at Co. " Agent Sedgwick, ,. Alexandria . Saydam & Wyckoff Schr. Louisa ft Mary, Phillips, . Edeaton Brilliant, Block, ; Richmond . Jaliet, Latourette, "Norfolk JRRIVKD THIS FOREfOOA. . Sch Charles, Brilton, 3 days fi om Norfolk, wim oysters, to tne master. ' bailed m ca. schrs Margaret Ann t Union, and several other, for N York.' Wednesdsv morninc. ten wirte to the southward of Cuiacoteatr. aaw targe yeuow aided brtff a'rtmrc, apparently not bi.ged, her masts and yards standingi ecu the Sch Gen. A Jackson. Christie. Ifidivs from Savarmah, with cotton, bides, tc. lo CC Xii - nis Otis ft fiwaa, O Gridley, mid the master. Spoke off BarnenL' sch Madison, from St. aia - ry, bound to N York, 15 dys out - The Jack - eon na Dern. ou the hook B day, and was dri ven off Barnerat Li the rale off the Dala - J UL?gi - rilcd a bn hoafid te ft York. Vas - j H , - . BELOW, Schr CeEsl, 50 day from Havana, toLc VV WOeeoreeU - - .. - (VV. TT.t im ru DRIml.irfn M W with uaval stores, ;to Jones. - . V On sloop. 'The Cotton - Plant, Fash, 16 days from fiavam aaa, with cotton, rice, &c. to H K Toler & Co, was out - eide the Hooti this morning, and will not get up until this evening. ARRIVED LAST EFEJrtJVG. British brig David IUcharda, M'Ltllan," SM days trom Falmouth.' Jam with rum, pimento and coals, to AD Duff, R Lenox, JGNibbs Cher kit, Wilkes to Co Talnun It Torrey, and to order. i ne snip ruay roroes, arrived at Jamaica. Jan 1. from Si York. s?poke nothinr Bode out the gale tinder Cape Hatters Passengers, Messrs. Hugn M roeraon, and T Lemnels. " ' - ' ' . 8cb. Gertrude, BrHon, S2. days from Port - no - Prince, with coffee, logwood, . cotton and tortoise shell, to Hazard k WHliam, De Rbam fc De Lestert, J Gaillard, J J Labouiace, J In. gersoll, WDawaonStCov WHinch, WW VVetmore, A 8tafllrd, J ft A OUa, Bogert k Kneeland. L Goudain, P Merrill, E N Cox. H Penny L Son, J Treadwell.'and the captain. Left Jan 12. schr Seaman, for N York, same day i Sally, Mather fur do in 10 1 Wm b Ma ry, Keene, do. 15 1 Lambert, for Boston, unciamerTa.Auuns.uain, aot prur tstourh. ton, Turner, for Bordeaux, but Feb i tclt U - za, Boston, unc i Lucy, suae, tor Haitiraore: 20th eloop Margaret, Hughes, N York 20th,. Sch Pocanontas, 3eyDen,rrom rDuadlnlua. 24 hours f. om the capes, with flour. Ice. to L'Hommedieu & Brown, owner, FThompjon, D 6 Hubbard. Byrnes, Trimble It Co, H a D CotbeaL and I Moses k Son. ' Sch. Pararon. Thayer, 23 day from Balti. more, with flour, copper, &c to L'Hommedieu k Brown, owner. Palmer k Hamilton, Rbind & Tumbull, T Everitt k Son, and. It Pearull. BiLTtaroBE. Feb. 4. Arrived sch. .Snv. Willis. 20 days from Ponce, Porto Rico. Left there Jan. 14, brig Eleanor, Dennet, or Keane - bunk, for Philadelphia, in 30 dsys - the only American there. The brig Water Witch, Bunce, sailed for Mayagues 3 days before Spoke nothing on the passage, came into the bay on the 77th ult Left in Cornfield. Harbor, (Potomack,) on Thursday last, ship North A - m erica, - Child, 95 daya from Bremen, and sch. Comet Swain, from Porto Rico bound up. Arrived at Annapolis ycatcrday, sens bomet Smith, from Martinique and at EusUua i Tree - ton. Beasley from Madeira and at inomas : He - solve, Watrous4from K York. - . . In Patuxent a nnc. ou days trom rortland. and sch f asset, from Havana, both put in .with the loss of an anchor in the bay. ' theatre;.: Third Night of Mr. lockdon's Enjemtot On Friday Evening Feb. rj, Will be presented, (lorthe 1st time in America) r THE WOODMAN, ' OR FAJRLOP FOREST. Feirlop, the Woodmaa, ; Mr. lac ltd on Between the opera and farce Mr. lucledoo will - aintr bteven' eeienraieu oescripitoo oi rT THE 8TOKM, la the character of a shipwrecked sailor. To which will be added, the farce el r i THE DEAD ALIVE. v - IB.OAC awina - the. firm! draarn niimhr. d day's drawmg, entitled to one thousand dol lars, we told by ROBLUT tVAITE, Jua. IX Broadway, wbo bat sold and paid more prizes ia the present lottery thaa aay other office in Broad way, i nenmarawD numoer on monuaywiu be entitled to ten thousand dollar, wbih ROBERT WAITE, JVSEL will PMLpn deaana. wnetner pnrcnaseu oi uuu vi uu. febfl . - ' For Sale. Freieht or Cltttrttr, Jf Tv A new pilot boat built SCHOONER, ELIiabout 150 tons burthen, built in the best manner, copper fastened, in complete or - der to receive a cargo in every respect s good vessel apply on board t uuriing - aiip, or to i, fl. Ik fi U. bUISlTULU, feb 6 ' ' 86 South - street for Sale. Freicht or C'Arfr. The rood fast sailing brig NYMPH, 157 tons burthen, in complete order to receivi a cargo, may be sent to sea without delay. Apply on board, east side Fly - market, or to . t u. uttiswuuj, feb 6 86 Southtreet. For Srnte. Freight . or Charter, The ship MIRKOR, 820 ton bur then, is a rood vessel. 2 years old stow about 3200 bU. arid sails fa apply on board, west side Burluig - sllp, or to ' 1 x K. L. oi ti. iiunv UUL, feb 6 .' 86 5buthtreet tar Sals. Freimhl. or CAerter, A new pilot boat built SCHR about 120 tone burthen, built in' the beat manner, of food materials, and copper fate ed, a very feat tailing vessel, and may be tent to aea with small expence. Apply on board, at Burling - lip, or to , N. L. Si G. CRI3WOLD, feb 6 86 South - atreet far Sale, treieht or Charter, &Xy Th brunch gooLhip B RILUANT, iiiJiaboutJM tout burthen, 2 yean old, aad in good order to receive a cargo - ,) Apply s board, at Bruiing - tUp, or to . ; JS. L. k G. GRISW0LD, Feb 6 8&Mith - t. , ; For U t i KUlA i", ('. f .fti Th brie EUNICE, captain now, Tjwill sail in a few daya, and wul take heavy Ireight at a low rate. . A n!J 00 board at riue - st wharf, or to " - - . CAMBRELENG L TEARSdN, Feb 6 67 Sonlb - st 458 SMOKED. PICKLED, tut Boxes N. S. herring , , . arto .i li;k . Ja - A few ton plaster Alao,. pickled salmon, da. herrtosrs, do. codfish, bbl. mackerel, do. had - Forsatoby ' . j. v SMITH, BLANCH ARD ft Ca Rnrtinf - ellP. - i$ Schooner MAXAMILLA, r.S - nj yS&L master. wiUake frct for rortlaedor Lubcc Enaulre as above. .. H" 11. 1 a Aa twulM nnak - Arfa,n law. - u voev pu"nvv ( 1 do col'd sattins, entitled lr debenture ; a 3 bales cord caaumere aha wit For sale by ' CAMBRELENG A PEARSON, Feb 6 - 1 - v. , : C7Sosth. TOBACCO, FLOUR, Ac. 60 hhd . sU . JUcbmond Tobacco, principally of P"" quality, adapted to the Irish market 40 do new do., part very prima i, - M J 11 f, 1. - t. .Ia - U ug ,w Aiyuujoiuiu,. uv t50 kegs Richmond manufactured to wti - scented and common - 30 bbis Richmond suprtfin flour - . 4 bale prime upland cotton 123 piece Holland diick 000 k5 Dutch hernng .. 20 caikt allum 60 do dry,'whillwd 25 do claret . . - . At crates carthmwaxr, assorted St ca?k muJard, - . .. . ; x 3 butt beat Loedo portor 6 puncheons rabbit iias ' .. ; SO) raain medium prii.U. - if - pap J VW . iW - , . .1 - I 20 groi yrm paper, kc w mle r7 I ,rw paper, KC. ior j - j WALSH i GMXAGHER. c - .''"A.l t 'I

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