The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 11, 1937 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1937
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

_MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE. FEBRUARY 11 M 1937 MLSBURY'S PANCAKES BREAKFAST TOMOR R o w ? Just add milk or wattr-stlr-and bake' the finest pancake* you ever lasted/ PILLSBURY'S PANCAKE FLOUR A L S O P I L L S B U R Y ' S B U C K W H E A T P A N C A K E F L O U R I MEATS THAT SATISFY! TITTLE BROS. PACKING CO. 105 SOUTH FEDERAL PHONE G93 SPECIAL -- PRTIDAY AND SATURDAY- ^- SPECIAL Fresh Dressed Pike, lb. 13c CHOICE BEEF POT ROAST lb. lOic FRESH GROUND BEEF lb. IQc CENTER CUT CHUCK ROAST Fresh HERRING . . lb. 7c WHOLE or HALF PORK FRESH PORK SHOULDER ROAST lb. LOINS ROLLED RIB ROAST Fresh HADDOCK . lb. 17c HHSEE OUR WINDOWS BEFORE YOU FEDERAL F R U I T M A R K E T E DELIVERY PHONE 42 Fresh SPINACH ORANGES Sunkist I* doz. Fresh CARROTS » bunch APPLES Jonathan LEMONS BUTTER 35° HiMs Bros., Butter-Nut, lb. 27c Profit By Using the Classified Ads SPECIAL LENTEN VALUES CODFISH, Jack Sprat, 1-lb. Box. CHEESE, Jack Sprat, 2-lb. Box. SHRIMP, Wet Pack. SALMON, Jack Sprat, 1-lb. Con. RICE, Bulk, 3 Ibs 21c SPAGHETTI, Jack Sprat, Per Can SPAGHETTI, MACARONI or NOODLES, Jack Sprat, 5 oz. Package, 4 Packages. . LOBSTERS, CRAB MEAT, FISH FLAKES, TUNA FISH, FRESH FISH Fancy Beef POT ROAST Pound . . . : . . . . . . 18C Berkshire Pure Pork SAUSAGE Pound 23C HOME-MADE BREAD lOc Mrs. Rogers 7 Home-Made Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Etc. CENTRAL CHURCH STARTS SERIES Lenten Services on Sunda and in Midweek Are Announced. The first of a series of Lente services was held at the Centra Lutheran church Wednesday eve nlng. The meditations for the season in charge of the Bev. Walter I Kampen, are on St. Paul's analys of Christian love. The theme o the first service with Holy Com m u n i o n . w a s "Love Defined." Following are the mid wee services for the remainder of th Lenten season, including t h e Eas lev services on Sunday, March "K Feb. 17, "Love and Almsgivin«- Feb. 24, "Love Benignant;" Marc 3, ''Love Not Vnin;" March H "Love Not Irritable Nor Censor! ous;" March 17, "Love Magnani mous and Invisible," w i t h publi examination of conformants March 24, "Love Surviving Knowl edge;" March 25, Maundy Thurs day, Love and Its Importan Lessons," and March 28, Good Fri day service, "Love Enforced Upo Christian Practice." There will be Holy Communioi at the Maundy Thursday and th Good Friday services. The following subjects will b discussed by Mr, Kampen at th Sunday morning services durin the Lenten season: Feb. 14, "Love and Miracles'' Feb. 21, "Love Longsutfering;' Feb. 28, "Love Not Envious No Proud; March 7, "Love Not Un courteous Nor Selfish;" March 14 Love True to Righteousness; March 21, Pal Sunday service' Ye Are My Witnesses," wit) service of Communion; March 28 Easier Sunday, sunrise service a G. a. m., "An Empty Tomb," and 11 a. m., 'The Resurrected Christ. Andrew Carnegie on one occasion was asked which he considered the most important factor in industry--labor, capital or brains Carnegie quickly replied, "Whicl is the most important leg of a three legged stool?"--Chattanooga News. Lenten Suggestions --PISH-Spiced Hcrrinir Cutlets, pint . . . . Genuine Norsk Smoreasild, y» pint . . Imported Swedish Anchovies, tin Fancj\ Tacit . Roll Mopse, pint Fancy Pack Gaffclbilar, pint ..25c ..20c ..25c .25c ..25c .25c ..25c . 25c 35c 75c 35c lOc 15c lOc 45c Fancy Red Salmon, tall can ',.. Alaska Pink Salmon, 2 tall cans . . . Imported Sclkakcr, large tin Imported Fiskcboller, larsre tin Imported Fiskcpuddine, large tin Fresh Pakt Boneless Codfish, Ib Imported Cross rack Sardines, tin Fancy Sardine Fillets, tin Larce Oval Sardines, Tomato, Mustard N. Y. Count Fresh Oysters, pint --CHEESE-While Mountain Cheddar -. Wisconsin 1935 Cure Cheddar New York M i l l e d Full Cream Iowa Milled Full Cream Fancy Wisconsin Colby Fancy Mild, Tender Colby . . . Process Brick and American, 2 lb. box . . . Half Pound Packages, Kinds Fresh Shipment Primosl, lb. Imported Norsk Goat Cheese, ',£ Ib. . . . Philadelphia and Other m. Cream, 3 for . . . . Imported Danish Blue, Ih Swanky Glass liecse Spreads Irecn County Umburscr, Ib Kaukauna Spread, Sizes in Stone Jars, 51.50--80c--fiflc Jcderkram for Fine Dessert, ea Iriffhl, New Pullost, pint Imported Romano or Grating-, Ib 7 ancy Large Eye Swiss, Ih Kcal Italian Macaroni ami Spaghetti with all the Trimmings! 50 KINDS Of OrlttSt 45c 39c 45c 29c 24c 19c 54c 15c 15c 25c 25c .59c .15c 25 c 35c 25c 18c .65c 49c 24 f IMT ST.S.t M/SSCM CITY Same Prices at Clear Lake Store. Wholesale Retail FIFTEEN Bankhead Reunion at Capital famous in HID world of (lie ( her father is in politics Tallnlah Bankhead is pictured with Speaker William B. Bankhca'd and Mrs. Bankhead in their Washington home. The famous (laughter was in the capital for a benefit performance for the lied Cross flood fund. Admits Faking Story of Highway Robbery PARKERSBUHG, R. H Pi-iee, Iowa Falls tea salesman confessed to officers Thursday that he faked a story told Wednesday night o£ being slugged and robbed of $75 by two masked men on a h i g h w a y north of here. Hnrri pressed financially, he took this menus o[ getting some ready cash, :ie said. Loses Turebretl Chicks. E L D O H A, (fl J )-~Clif£ord D Martin, New Providence farmer, lost between 400 and SOD purebred chickens in n fire which destroyed " chicken house. Speed. The proverbial lamb would have o be able to make 50 miles an lour to follow Mary to school hese days.^Los Angeles Times. W^VV I £4t«X£A *r I T wasn't a pleasant story... days of b a c k - s t r a i n i n g scrubbing, time-wasting dishwashing, even though I tried any number of soap flakes. Suds were flat . . . water scummy . . . my dishes and clothes were only half-clean, despite my best efforts! One day I read about a new- j type cleanser, CLIMALENE. It's easy to use as common table salt. You just sprinkle in, a tablespoon or so, before adding soap flakes. So I tried itl CI.IMALENE cut the grease, produced far richer suds with !/ the soap than I ever believed TOSsiblc and rny dishes gleamed without a trace of'soap scum'! I am telling a new cleaning story now... no more 'soap scum' worries for me!" Get I0c BOWLENE [tnm you, grocer . . . ends bowl scrubbing. WOULD OPPOSE COURT CHANGES Petition to Congress Urged by Three Republicans in House. DES MOINES, (/P)~Three republican members of the Iowa house of representatives Thursday sponsored a petition to congress to reject the proposal by President Roosevelt for changes in the federal judiciary. In the form of a resolution, the petition asks the Iowa legislature to urge the Iowa delegation in congress "to employ-all of your efforts to the end that the proposed change in the membership of the supreme court be defeated." Introducing t h e proposal were Representatives Glaus R a n d a l l of Manly; Roy .1. Sours of Charles City, and Earl. Fish baugh, Jr., of Shenandoah. It asked also that if the president's plan is followed by congress, the "Iowa delegation see to it that if changes are made in the federal supreme court, the change be effected through a constitutional a m e n d m e n t submitted to a vote of the people in the usual way." The proposal, under the rules, was laid over (or the day. The OhslaHn, Los Angeles proposes to enact an ordinance forbidding dogs to bark after 10 in the evening. Very good, but who will tell the dogs about it?--Cleveland Plain Dealer. Slight earth tremors have been noted recently in southern California and in Florida. The former were caused by^lhe shivering of Californians; the latter, by Flor- idans shaking with laughter.-- AVashington Post. BAKERY SPECIALS fior FRIDAY * SATURDAY 1 Dozen 20c Rolls, (any kind) 1 Dozen Donuts or Cup Cakes 1 Loaf of Bread (any kind) AH 207 North Federal Avenue Friday and Saturday Specials Buy for Less at Bitchier'* Lard 100% Pure Bulk Leaf. ,, Decker's . ID. fowana · 14 Steaks III, 1 *-15 LARGE WIENERS, lb.. . BOLOGNA, Pound . . . . LIVER SAUSAGE, Pound Hormel's Sliced 5-Pound Box · a OLEO, Best Buy, P o u n d . 2ic Select Cutlets, Ib ......... 20c Chops, Steaks, lb ..... 20c Shoulder Roast, Ib. . . . 1 8c Side Pork, Ib. . . 1 8c BREAKFAST BACON, Pound. Corn Fed Leg-o'-Mutton, Ib.. . . lOc Shoulder Roast, lb 8c Chops, Steak, 3 Ibs,. . 25c Breast, Ib 5c SUMMER SAUSAGE, lb.. . Milk Fed Pocket Roast, Ib lOc Steak, Ib I S c Roast, lb 15c Patties, Ib 1 5c Smoked Country Style SAUSAGE, Pound . . . BARBECUED SPARE RIBS, Ends, Pound No. 1 F u l l Cream Colby Cheese, lb. 23c OAM|JP Hearts, L i v e r , STWaa* Brains, Hocks, Spare Ribs, Briskets, Ib Corn Fed Pot Roast, Ib I2c Short Ribs, lb. lOc Boneless Stew, Ib... IZ'/zc Rolled Prime RIB ROAST No Waste, No Bones, !b No. 1 Full Cream Brick Cheese, Ib. 23c PORK BACK BONES PIG'S FEET Pounds Fresh Ground Hamburger aiad Sausage, 3 Ibs. . . 25c WHITING, 3 Pounds. . 25c PERCH FILLETS, Pound 15c OYSTERS, Quart . . . FRESH DRESSED CHICKENS, « w _ 3 to 6 Pound Average, pound. . . . JL JV BACON SQUARES, Pound 17c The Cut Rate Grocery ^ ^y SAVES YOU MONEY. In trading with us you will always get the BEST GOODS. LOWEST PRICES and COURTEOUS TREATMENT WE ARE AS CLOSE TO YOU AS YOUR TELEPHONE FREE DELIVERY -- PHONES 112, 113, 1 1 4 Prices Below Good for Friday and Saturday Get Your Share of Them The HOME of REAL BARGAINS 512 First Street S. W, Plenty of Parking Space For All BUTTER ^ or Bro c oSd y . . Ib. J4c SUGAR, Brown Grapefruit T e x a s Srrdlcn Honey Full Cake: Gelatine Powder All Flnvnrs 25c Pure Vanilla Bottle EGGS ISc Pink Salmon Lifaby's Peaches Apricots No. 10 Cans Table Salt, 10 Ibs 1 5c Marshmallows, per lb. 1 5c English Walnuts, 2 Ibs 35c 25c Ammonia, quart bottle 19c Fancy Tuna Fish, can 1 5c and 25c Chocolate Cream Coffee, 1-Ib. j a r . . . 29c Butter-Nut Coffee, 1-lb. can 29c Crystal White Soap, 5 bars 13c Green Tea ( B e s t ) pound 25c Black Tea ( B e s t ) pound 35c Santos Coffee, Ib. 19c; 3 Ibs 49c Best Peaberry, pound 21c DRIED FRUITS Prunes, 3 Ibs · 25c Prunes, large, 2 Ibs.. . 25c Peaches, per Ib 19c Apricots, per Ib 23c Raisins, 2-lb. pkg . . . . 1 9c Dates, 2 Ibs 19c Dates, Pitted, 2 Ibs.. . 25c Figs, per pkg 1 Oc Winesap Apples, bushel basket. . . . $1.98 Apple Butter, jar lOc and 19c Brooms, Good, each 39c, 49c, 59c Mop Sticks (Best) each lOc Crackers, 2-lb. caddy 15c and 19c Macaroni or Spaghetti, 3 Ibs 25c Vanillan Flavor, 8-oz. bottles. lOc Peaches, No. 10 Cans 42c Sardines or Mackerel, 1-lb. tall cans. . lOc Sardines, in Oil, 5 cans 25c Blueberries, No. 2 cans 23c Strawberries or Black Raspberries, can 25c EAT MORE FRUITS Carrots, large c a n s . . 1 Oc Hominy, large c o n . . 1 Oc Corn or Peos, c a n . . . 1 Oc Tomatoes, No. 2 can 1 Oc 15c Peas, 2 c a n s . . . . 25c 1 5c Corn, 2 cans. . . 25c Spaghetti, large can 10c Kidney Beans, Ige. can 1 Oc 15c Succotash, 2 cans 25c and VEGETABLES Lima Beans, Igc. can 1 Oc Spinach, No. 2 cans 1 Oc 15c Beets, 2-qt. can 25c Celery, large 1 5c Mixed Vegetables.. 1 Oc Baked Beans, 5 cans 25c Tapioca, Fine, 2 Ibs. 25c Pinto Beans, 3 Ibs.. 25c Pearl Barley, 2 Ibs. 25c FLOUR .Tcrsny Cream, 'in 1ls. . . S1.(ir Omar Flour, IS Ibs SI.90 Oma, 19 Ihs. . SI.7!) Kunhcam Flour, 4!) Ihs.. . SI.8ft While Flniir, 5 Ih. sack . . 28c Whole Wheat, 5 Ihs 28c Graham, 5 Ih. sack 28c Whole Wheat, 10 Ih. sarlc -IRe Corn Meal, 5 Ih. sack Z3c Crushed Wheat, 5 Ih. sack 2!)c CHICKENS--Dressed to Order MR. FARMER: Tirinc Us Your EKK Oiir Storn Be Vour We Always Sell the Best Grade of Merchandise at the Lowest Price Possible

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