The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1931 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MARCH 2 1931 High School Girls Gather for Play Day B a s k e t b a l l Game Event of Afternoon's Program. More than 40 Mason City and Clear Lake Girl Reserves attended the play day held at the Y. W. C. A. from 3 to 8 o'clock Saturday. The first event of the afternoon was the playing off of the basketball game which the Clear Lake girls had challenged the,Mason City girls to with the Mason City team winning 9 to 24, · ' i-' On the Mason City team were Ruth Sanders, Gladys Burtis, Margaret Patton, Frances Billman, Allie Easly and Catherine Simmons. The Clear Lake team included Ardella Sharp, Eleanor Runcie, Fay Davis, Delores Anderson, Dorothy Clock, Anna Mary Calla- haa and Anna May Jensen. Fern Wilson acted as referee. There was swimming after the game and following the'swim the girls met in the gym for instructions for a meal-ticket hunt. The meal tickets admitted them to a bean supper. The remainder of the evening was spent with games and songs and prizes were won by Doris Wells, Eleanor Runcie and Doris Anderson. Jane Williams was general chairman assisted by Barbara Walker and Doris Crabb. Betty Green had charge of registration and Ruth Sanders was manager of the Mason City team assisted by Margaret Patton. Eleanor Runcie had charge of the Clear Lake team." NOVEL CLTJB MEMBERS GIVE DINNER PARTY Covers were placed for 28 at a long table centered 1 with spring MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE WOMAN'S PRIVILEGE Mrs. aiarion Kahn, Brooklyn,. N. Y., whose refusal to have children wns deemed insufficient grounds when court denied her husband's suit for annulment. OUGHS 8ub on throat; pl»« «ome OB tongue and swallow asitmdti. OVER ff MILUOH JARS USED YEAPIV \ Why Let Your Skin Age Protect your skin with', this new wonderful Face Powder - and let MELLO-GLO give you that youthful bloom. Made by a new French process--stays on longer, prevents large pores, beautifies your complexion. Does not irritate the skin or give a pasty look: Purest face powder made. Try MEDLO-GLO and you'll love it. Damon's, Inc. flowers at the dinner given by Novel club members Saturday evening at the Clear Lake Country club for their husbands. The evening was spent with dancing and cards. DINNER PARTY HELD AT HOME TEA ROOM Mrs. Elizabeth "VanNess, president of the Rebekah assembly of Iowa and L. L. Leming, I. O. O. F. grand master, and Mrs. Leming of Des Moines, were guests of Mrs. Gi H. McKague, nogle grand of Queen Rebekah lodge; Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hazlett, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kolwinska, Miss , Dorothea Diercks, Mrs. C. G. Viall and Mrs. R. A. Washburn at dinner Saturday evening at the Home tea room. WIFE PRESERVERS To clean brass articles, submerge in large pan of hot water in which three and one-half tablespoons of baking soda have been dissolved. Allow to partially dry, then rub briskly with flannel cloth. HELPING THE HOMEMAKER By 3MRS. ALEXANDER, GEORGE Sunday Ten Menu. Fruit Salad and Mayonnaise Hot Biscuit -, Grape Jelly Chocolate Nut Fudge Cake Tea "OLD-FASHIONED" Fruit Salad, Serving- 8. Eight slices pineapple, 8 halves canned peaches, 1 cup seeded white cherries, % cup diced pears, 1 cup diced marshmallows, '!. cup red cherries, 1 cup mayonnaise, V- cup whipped cream. Chill all ingredients. Arrange pineapple slices on head lettuce and top with portions of rest of fruits. Add marshmallows. Mix mayonnaise and cream and place' on tops. Alnyonnaise ' Two egg yolks or 1 egg. 1 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons -sugar, 14 teaspoon paprika, % teaspoon celery salt, 14 teaspoon dry mustard, i cup chilled salad oil, 4 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon boiling water. Chill all utensils and ingredients. Place egg yolks in bowl, add dry ingredients. Beat two minutes, using Dover egg beater. Add one- fourth the oil,.adding it very slowly and beating steadily. Add three tablespoons more of the oil. Beat two minutes. Alternate rest of oil and lemon Juice. Beat steadily. When dressing is very thick and creamy beat in water. Beat two minutes. Chili. Chocolate Nut Fudge CaUe (A great favorite) ' One-half cup fat, 1 cup sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla, y, teaspoon salt, 3 eggs, % cup milk, fe cup boiling water, 2% squares chocolate, cut fine; 2 cups flour, 1 cup nuts, brok- 3n; 2 teaspoons baking- powder. Cream fat and sugar. Add vanil- a, salt, eggs and milk. Beat three minutes. Mix chocolate and water. Seat slowly until blended. Cool. Add rest of ingredients to sugar mixture. Beat three minutes. Pour nto two layer cake pans. Bake 25 minutes in moderately slow oven, '"tool and frost. Frosting Three tablespoons butter. 3 table- poons hot coffee, % teaspoon salt, Ws squares chocolate, melted: 1 easpoon vanilla, 12-3 cups sifted onfectioner's sugar, 2 tablespoons ream. Mix all ingredients and beat two ninutes. Let stand two minutes, hen beat until very creamy. The sale of apples to provide em- ·loyment, the practice pursued on he streets of our leading cities, is in ancient idea. Mother Eve brot mployment upon all of us when he "sold" that apple to Father \darn.--Arkansas Gazette In an unusual divorce complaint, filed lit Wichita, Kans., Mrs. Dorothy Macey, above, alleges that her husband, Thomas, slashed her trousseau with a razor blade and left her, n short time after their Christmas eve wedding, because she was "just too old-fashioned to drink and smoke with him." Boy Scout Meeting Is Held at Clarion CLARION, March 2.--Support of the Boy Scouts thru contributions amounting to ?500, thereby enabling them to continue as members of the North Iowa area council, was the principal subject considered at an open meeting held by the two local troops at the library clubrooms. One hundred fifty persons attended Fifty-two of the local 55 Boy Scouts were present. Dr. J. C. Powers of Hampton, president of the area council, gave-an address. CITY BRIEFS Mrs. Olaf Ulcn, 38 Twenty-fourth street southwest, is suffering from an attack of erysipelas. Birth certificates havo been filled in the office of the clerk for George Wilford, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Thompson, 144 Twenty-sixth street southwest, born Feb. 23; Harry, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Roberts, 323 Tenth street northeast born Feb. 23, and Patsy Velma Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Albert Query, 13 South Connecticut avenue, born Feb. 14. Raymond Zack, district highway engineer, and F. K. Preston, assistant district engineer in charge of construction, will attend the state highway commission session at Ames Tuesday when bids will be opened on paving for the Rockwell cutoff. This consists of five miles of paving which'was ordered by the highway commiasiou to avoid three corners which were declared dangerous. Upstairs alone while others danced...was the reason 'B.O.'? A lot of people make noises because Raskob is financing the democratic party, but not many of them have come forward with offers to relieve him of the job.--LynchhurTM News. i "TV T* HEAD ACHES," she said. "I don't iVL f e °l like dancing." But the pitying look on the other girl's face told her everyone^ knew the real trouble. No partners! Everyone suspected the reason, too. But they hesitated to tell her. It wasn't until some days later that one of the girls finally dropped a tactful hint about "B.O" (the polite name for body odor) and suggested a simple safeguard. . .. Now she enjoys every minute of a party --has every dance taken. "B.O." once ended--loneliness vanished, too! We get no warning! That's what makes "B.O." doubly dangerous. We don't know when we offend, because we quickly get used to an ever- present odor. But pores give off a quart of odor-causing waste daily. Don't take chances--don't risk unpopularity. (Body Odor) Adopt Lifebuoy as your toilet soap-say good-bye to "B.O." worries. Lifebuoy gives an abundance of rich creamy lather, even in hard or cold water. This searching antiseptic lather penetrates pores-removes all odor. Its pleasant, extra-clean scent--that vanishes as you rinse--tells you Lifebuoy purifies. New,complexion beauty Thousands of happy women are rejoic-. ing over the radiant new complexion beauty Lifebuoy "facials" have brought. So simple, too. Just work the bland, creamy lather well into the pores. It gently loosens and dissolves clogged impurities--tones and stimulates dull skins to fresh, healthy radiance. Adopt Life- buoy today. LEVEK BROTUEBS Co., Cambridge, Mast. LIFEBUOY Shaving Cream New double-dense father soothes, lubricates and protect* . . , ends tender snots that hurt when you shave. At.. yaur Lifebuoy H E A L T H S O A P «/ stops body odor-- The Globe-Gazette Offers Booklet on the REMOVAL OF STAINS Prompt treatment is one of the most important rules in seeking 1 to remove stains from clothing and household textiles. Changes in the character of the stain, brot about by drying-, exposure to the air, washing, ironing, or in other ways, often make it necessary to use stronger chemicals in removing old stains. Learn all this, and the most effective methods of removing 88 different kinds of stains, from the government booklet now procurable thru the Globe- Gazette Washington information bureau at a postage and handling 1 cost of 4 cents. This is one of the most valuable publications for the home. Fill out and mail this coupon TODAY. r The Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington, D. C. I inclose herewith 4 cents in coin or stamps for a copy of tim booklet, REMOVAL' OF STAINS. Name Street City . . Slate . DRUMMOND GIVES ROTARY ADDRESS President of Club Speaks oit "Good Will" at Lunch Session. "Good Will" was the subject of a talk given by B. J. Drummond, Rotary president, at the meeting of the Rotary club Monday noon in Hotel Hanford. He cited several instances showing how good will has a real value, altho it is intangible. Mr. Drummond pointed out that in business good will is highly valued and that often the name of a firm for which good will has been built up is retained after the persons who organized the firm and for whom it was named, have died. Calls are made by businessmen in Mason City, he continued, to build up good willfor the community and to carry on projects. Altho there are certain projects which do not deserve support, there -are many which should be backed, and if these are neglected, the community is the loser. The would-be backer also suffers. Mr. Drummond touched on Rotary ethics and showed what an important part good will plays in these. State Senator E. W. Clark was a guest of the club. He gave inter- eating- reminiscences on the club when he was a member five years ago. Other guests were R. W. Summers of Chicago and Ray Clough and Willis G. C. Bagley. A change in the by-laws was adopted, providing for a nominating committee to select candidates for the board of directors. Mrs. James Hickey, 67, Dies at 'Local Hospital Mrs. James Hickey, 67, Dougherty, died at a local hospital Monday forenoon. She had been in the hospital since Saturday. The body was to be taken from the Patterson funeral home Monday evening to Missouri for burial. Real Estate Transfers Ridgeway Joy, Co. Treas., to S A. Sirrine $46.39 lot 18 in lot 14 in E% SWtf, 9-86-20, 2-14-31. Bagley, W. G. C. and Winifred to G. E. Cross SI, lot 12 in blk 1 Auditor's subd., lot 14 in subd E% SEH and part E% NE% 18-S6-20, 2-6-31. New name for a "chummy roadster:" A Companionate Carriage Springfield (Ohio) Sun. ROASTING CONTROL IS FLAVOR SECRET OF RARE COFFEE Scientific Control Gives Hills Bros. Coffee the Flavor of Flavors Invariably foods cooked in small tumntities taste the best. The cook is able to control every step-perfectly--mixing, flavoring and cooking. The principle of Hills Bros.' patented, continuous roasting process is based on the same idea. Instead of roasting their exclusive Wend of coffee in bulk, measured quantities of about threo pounds pass continuously through the roasters. The heat and speed of operation are accurately controlled with the result that Hills Bros. 'Coffee is absolutely uniform. No other coffee can have the same delicious, uniform flavor of Hills Bros. Coffee because no other coffee is roasted the same way. This process--Controlled Roasting--wns originated and patented by Hills Bros. The. vacuum can in which Hills Bros. Coffee is packed keeps it fresh always. By the vacuum pocking process, air, which destroys the flavor of coffee, is taken out of the can and kept out. Ordinary cans, even if air-tight, -will not keep coffee fresh. Grocers everywhere sell Hills Bros. Coffee. Ask for it by name and look for the Arab-the trade-mark -- on the can'. Hills Bros. Coffee, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota. ©1331 AN IMPROVED BILL For Telephone Service Will Be Furnished In The Future In order to give our customers an improved telephone bill, a new plan of issuing bills is being placed in effect. This new plan will become effective with your next bill which will be dated April 7 and will reach you about five clays after that date. The bill will cover local service from April 1 to May -6, inclusive, and long distance service used from February 21 to April 6, inclusive. Thereafter your bill will be dated the 7th of each month' and will cover local service for one month in advance of that date and long distance service for one month preceding that date. · The discount period for the first improved bill will end April 22. Discount periods on all future bills will end the 22nd of each month. This plan makes possible a more up-to-date bill which includes all long distance charges and all credits up to the date of the bill. Our business office will be glad to furnish any further information you may want concerning this new plan of issuing bills. NORTHWESTFRN BELL TELEPHONE CO. $ 12 50 or your old stove no matter what condition it is in or how old your stove is--no matter what kind it is-your allowance will be $12.50 on a new stove E A S Y T I M E PAYMENTS GAS FARM RANGES $OQ50 V.J %/ and up less $ 1 2 5 « for your old stove All porcelain front coal or wood farm ranges. Cast iron fire boxes, cast iron frame. Good sized oven, good bakers. Prices range from $9.50 up to $121 00 A $12.50 allowance will be given for your old stove on the purchase of any new range. and up less *12 5 » for your old stove -\ AU porcelain gas ranges priced from $45.00 and up. Ihis includes the world's famous Universal and De-- troit Stoves. Concealed manifolds, heat regulators, insulated ovens and all the modern and new appliances. Priced extra special for this trade in week. FLORENCE OIL STOVES Beautiful all porcelain Florence Oil * Stoves. Three, four and five burners, «P with or without oven. An allowance of $12.50 will be given you on the purchase of any of these stoves this week. ' Less $12.50 for your old stove. Ford Coach FREE Ask About It-- Mier Wolf Sons MASON · City, Iowa. 1 -*A-.j-^;c^i^

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