The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 6, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, December 6, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. Vol. XIL No. 57. Gettysburg, Pa., Saturday, December Cth, 1 Price T»-o Ceata. C h r i s t m a s N e c k t i e s URGE GROWO AT i 11 KILLS GIRL ANO HIMSELF IN CAB ANNUAL ATfiS IN TOWN ISUNDAY SCHOOL LETTERS FROM OETi AND THE MEET! COUNTY TOWNS ® ! Mervia f* Reberl, Gettysburg BusI- Four Hundred Sit.dswato Tenth j John H. nlajsr Died at his Horns oa Fj rs t District Gcnvsatisc Ke!d in Carlisle Street after aa Hlnsss of | Gettysburg oa Friday Afternocn only a Day. Deaths in Various j an d Evening. Officsrs Elected and ECKERTS STORE, "Q* the Square | § ! ness Msn, Slashes Throat of Re' cent Town Resident and then Kills j himself. j Mervin F. Rtbert, the Carlisle ; street produce dealer, committed sut- jj tide list night in a Ilarrisburg cab ·after murdering Anna Hur.singer, of ' that city, with whom he is said to ' have been intimate Anfiual Banquet of the Order of Independent Americans. Long Program of Entertainment. The tenth annual of Bat- Parts of the County. Address Made. JOHN K. MAJOR ·Jefieid CwuncU 717, Order of indepen- Joh dent Americans, v.-as held in their j des:t JiK - tour of the county Correspondents send in Many Items of Interesting Hews from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief .terns. LITTLESTO.WN in Hart. M-jor, a is:"*.- long re-si-! -.. v hi t -h oceupitd the first five days of Littlestow"--Mrs. Samuel H. Rebert JCil , ....i^- , -- - -- . of AL* County, diet! at ha!f j t he %veek, btate and county Sunday | and her son, Prof. Homer Rebert, of rooms on Friday evening -.vith over 5 pas-, four o'clock th-s Kivrninij at his ; school workers arrived in Gettysburg ! Lancaster, spent several days during four hundred present, served. An elaborate | home on Carlisle street from pnei:- · Fri-iav and conducted convention cf | -ast week in Philadelphia, where they five separate 1 mo-siu ag-'S Si yeur-% «; months 11" l j, e p"; rst District, including all the jj heard Paderewski, the famous pianist. WALTER'S THEATRE THE SKELETON IN THE CLOSET KALEM A Superb Dramatic Offering in Two Parts The grim specter casts Its shadow when least expected. It stalks through the lives of the innocent and causes a deadly encounter on the plains. The famous Kalem Sta s, Carlyle Blackwe!!, William H. West, Paul Hurst and Martin Sa:s, have created four remarkable characters In this unprecedented p'rouuction. FASHION TOY LUBIN A strange love tale, interesting and romantic. MUSIC BY THE COLLEGE ORCHESTRA EACH EVENING 7 to 9. ''Come and hear them." Show starts 6:30. Admission 5 cents. P H O T O PL ; bold, the driver who had taken them , of the most successful in the history i from the home of Bess lieifner, 111 of the local council, baring the even- i Grace avenue, Harrisburg. to Twenty \ fourth and Berry streets where he had tefre _ Karbo j d stop- '· nets in front of the house for a. minute ing a orogram was rendered, entertaining those who v.vre wilting to be ^erved. The program opercd w:th music by ; or more and when there vras no sign of | 2 n orches'cra composed of the follow- i'che door being opened he got down j Ing, A. B. Plank. James McDonnell, A. 'from his seat. He received no response 7_. Rogers, Ernest Ohier. Eddie Dough- iity ana Mrs. Bessie Timmlns. Prayer vras offered bv Re\: G. W. Sherrick. reached :n to awaken the coup:t \ who he believed were asleep. When he drew out his hand It was o f Shippensburg; and Burgess-elect I covered with blood. Wrth a lighted | John Raymond made an address, out- i match he saw that both the woman Three year.- after his birth his parents :ere st a!1 (! better attendance in moved to the old Major farm i.-s Stra- ' toar o r Adams County than In oan t h: t mother. Mrs. Loretta Martin. ar.\ I Mrs. Charles W. Klingel, of Baltl- Ihvu until -the ' other countv he had visited. He was} more, spent this week with the family ' ~ r her brother. H. B. Zercher. Mr. ^gel accompanied his wife to this j place last Saturday and remained over inday- Mr. and fail cf ii?07 when, with his daughter' verv n!Uc h gratified with "the well or- j of h Miss Annie Major, he moved to town, ^.f.ved work of the iccal district as- ; Klin His wife. Martha J. Mc!!he.-.ny Major, · SO c:ations. died April W, Ii/07. At, the afternoon session, business j Sunday. Mr. Major was a veteran of the Civil w .. s Ir2: ;sacted and tne following- of- j Mr. and ifrs - Calvin Hawk and War having- served a nine months' en-'tjcers were elected: president. Wilson j Daughter. Adelaide, returned to their lisoner.t as a member of Company K. ! A Bream. Gettysburg: vice presi- j home Sunday evening, after i having I$.:th Pennsylvania Volunteers. He ,j ents . Etlgar A. Crouse. J. C a iviR ! spent several days with friends at was a member of the Great Cone-vago Xau. John L. Taughinbaugh. William j Montgomery. Pre.-byterijin church. He v.-as a gentle- p dead. The ; _ _ _ ^ ^ Fitzsjerald; secre-1 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Mayers, '·inlns his ooliclesf which he declared mar. who had a very -.vide circle of Iri rv. Miss Rachael Scott; treasurer. J. j 3on and daughter. Karl and Margaret, ** -- _ -- _ ^_ ·· * rff ». _ r_ ~ _ . _ 3 ^ . _ _ I _ 'T^n »«..--VAWM .vere for the advar.cerr.erst and Im- friends who wlil receive the news of p^^ McCuHoueh: elementary super- i spent Thanksgiving- day in Taneyto-nm, 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ . ~ ~ ~ t » _ J "^ T "\ r _*_..-. i--r~* t-»-W-1.*-1'-£lt» BiOGRAm A MODEST HERO YIPAGRAPK c Sunday, to resume his studies a^ KALEM 1 black-handled penknife, the Biosraph j w j, ich , vas £ ' O out an inch ar.c i long- It was ground to a razor edge. blade of i iJurhisr '--he events: there were a i ±:vi Miss Annie Major a'c home. The man of the noose i= too iazy to help his wife clean house, and hires a maa to help while he sots ri=hiag. The hired man stop= at a saloon on the j . ,,·',,;,.}- -,r,-r,-nr wav snd makes known where h~ is goins. Another man "O to the house j nov.e^e,, \.n-ti, ^cto-.-t c5aimins to be the man hired and starts "to "clean trie house out' 1 . j fective wor.-: it aid. CUPID VERSUS WOMAN'S RIGHT? Vitagraph Comeily | Harbold's first glance for tne er- dent. Mrs. Howard Hartman; teacher ia number of resdli'tre by Frank H. .-Iranier. of the college, a solo by Miss Funeral from his late home on Mon- training superintendent, Mrs. J. I day afternoon at one o'clock, with in- Burgeon; missionary superintendent. Inna. Hollebaugh, an orga:i and man- jterment in Evergreen cemetery. The ji-; ss Louise Stable: temperance super- They need a protector. The la-lle? don't think so. Ccpid proves Is | couple to be badly hurt.. If not dead. I BIHhehner who ^puka loiin duet by Martha Le.-ti and Eilen interment will be private, showed the | Tipton and aa address by Or. T. C. 1 counle to be badly hurt. If not dead, j BiSlhehner who spoke or: tha. ~--n- !*5t~ t have" one for life. MAURICE COSTELLO and CLARA KI MBA LL tjj e raced to the Harrisburg Hospital, j doles of the order. YOUNG are th* proofs ^ j u -nere physicians pronounced them [ Rev. G. W. Sherrick and Rev. J. B: THE lii-IDK - . K ' alem l both dead. The bodies-were taken to | Baker made addresses on the good | Solcer's undertaking rooms, -where the done by orders like the Independent MRS. ISAAC SHEELY Mr.?. Susan Shcfly, widow of thr- late Isaac Sheelv. died at the home of Inter.dent, Miss Luelia McAllister. ! At the evening session In the C-jl- lege Lutheran church Mr. Reel made an address on the "The Four the Baltimore Business College, after having spent a week's vacation with. his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Blocher. CASHTOTFN Cash'cov.'n--Owing to the aamt) the oast week nearly A n-,. ;i ia- · IT.^Irates a plot to ruin the pcrltticat chances of a XKxrr":-: D V V M:;HT -FATHER AND soy YfrAGEAPiim2reei An i !,.«!.»i -^-.-irv ..:'!. tv. a pxr Kusslaii feilosr Ifctt his 'Aife and ioy t i -*-5-k a. f'rt!!ti · i'i A'!! r!.-:i. Show atarts G.SO Admission 5c to all. {Identification was made through the j pollce. The couple had quarreled earlier hi "che evening, according to Bess Hefi- ner, ivho Identified the woman. While in the cellar at the Heffner place. Rebert struck the Hunsinger woman land knocked her down. The Hefrner i woman ordered them out and they J went to Vhe station and. go. a. eab. i This was about 11 o'clock- - - z SELlGiLAN-.the leading izl'.zr. will j They asked to be taken to Twenty- cfrcra you the mast Eit:sfa..-:_r.. Ourif o u r rh an j Derrj- streets, which was For Your Christmas Ciotlies Americans. Theodore McAllister tolu of a personal meeting with Abraham Lincoln. \VnSsaai H. Frey ssng several songs and told a fow stories and there ^vere" recitariuns-'-'by ' the f ollowirg. Ernestine Sharetts; Sarah Weaver. Helen Geiseinsan, Merie Stouifer. Helen Deardorfr. Robert Geiseimar.. Sundav School", naming as the neces- anu 1-j auvs. Mr?. Sheeiy was the daughter "of _ · sessions, similar to the one held here. the Jare Jacob Parr and wife, of White Hall. After her marriage they. L a't New Oxford-. f * ~- -f Fairfislc ar.d Cashtown. - to Hanover and about 25 years - - stone wfll be hauled and, if the weath- Lillian Kitzn:i!ler. Gei^ldlne Epiev.|ag° moved to McS=err-s.own. Her; =nd Martha Eplev. Miss Mary Rom- husband died about; 1C years ago and er^er. of Karnsfarrrg: ^ave several for TM? pasc five years she has been COLLEGE DANCE -eadings aisfl there --K-ere musica! nism bers bv Ethel Zincana, E-Jna Zir stock of Winter fabrics is c-ncaption- : ^j e =ame place they had been driven ally fins In cheviots ajid vrrrs'sds of | ~ o orl Thursday nigh-., \vhen the p-.cst -i_I:ing p^tierr,^ and V.-C-J.TCS. j an j e f t t he cab and the man WILL M SEI.IGMAN The Csish Tailor ind Helen Gelselman. The evening closed ;vr!th t h j i:c singing: "Blesl bs the_ Tie t ; Binds". The si-Ttecr: young ladies who heL . ...^ serve the- supper am. all those- v. ^ During '.he trip out to Twenty-j helped in its preparation contribute j : ·'"· a - ^--' f ' : ' fourth street Harbold heard no sound j largely to the success of the ever.t. ; an left the cab and the man was I driven back to Harrlsburg- After i waiting a minute or two, last night, i Harbold opened the door. living: v.-iih her niece. Mrsr. Haraer. i She is survived by one brother. Ai-" :i'i, PI. Parr, of \Vhiia Hall. : Funeral Sandav. Dccembsr 7. Short er permits, the mason work will be done at once.-' The -remainder of the svorfc will started before spring- Jacob Deardortr killed two hogs on. I Wednesday; that^balanced the scales ! at fotr~ hundred" joands each. Mr." ' JDeardorff is among-one Qf,oarx:hai;v | olon feeders. J. M. Hartrfiaa'aSja-nc^pIiSr Th^ s:^ fratsrnlrielof collet enter, I ^« a ^ hasfgood hdgsjn-hisjen. tailed at a. dance in Glarfelttr HsC ; ? e has ^^ to on Friday evening. -The oatroness-s ! ru "; re - . " The Sunaay School convention wmcn , ,. -,.- . ,- r .. - - ; held In the Reformed Churca ir^ rlersn. Mrs. Kirov. Mrs. one^ly. anc , ^ ^^ ^ Wfidnesday ^e^c-. College Fraternities Held .Dance Glatfeher Hall. ancein , , , _ ,, _. ,-ening. -The patronesses I S2 i-ces at the house at 12:4,- p. m.. ...^ ^^ Cn . aville , :vlrs . S , rope . Mrs : fiirtner stn.-ices IP Trinity Reiormed ,, . , T -,-- - . \ T _ , ci,^ j,- -«^i v -" as ne -" m ^ch. H,TM.,,, r.,v. i ,. ^ S^^T'- ^ --·---.. Interment on tno family ^^ ,',_ : , 2HHlHUIHmiraiHmil!IIII»IH»HnH!HKUHHHIIIIHIHHIIinKH«!HIIIHH!nHaiIJ«I«:!iIiHHiillII. : ,||g I K O D A K S i 1 F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S 1 f ~"~ | Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer H our entire stock Is of the star card | E a s t m a n M a k e 5 Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- 3 ful attention to the development of nlms. " Mail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. 1 H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E J !of either quarrel or struggle. He [thinks that the deed occurred after he [crossed Eighteenth street, Harrisburg, ! for at 'chat point he heard Vv-hat he [now thinks was the breaking of a ! window, as the front window was i found to b * broken- I Rebert's body was found or. a seat htlv forward. The Huns- j ti The committee in charge -"" i Kauifir;^:!.! -··Iis. Georsja Kump. cneji c.t ner nome n-.aa-s Sch-^1 house, Wed- The guests Included Kendig. Miss Esther alcline O'Xeiil. 3Iiss Adelir. cr. Miss Maybelle Kintzing. Fackler. Miss Helena : Ho^ack- of Han- \fj=. HORSE STOLEN I U.H-tC.'i'.t; 1 -- *»JL* O- i_i_*._,i* ^ji»v«* «_--.- v«. -.--j-*.-- - - . T * T". *^ ' J.11U ttl if ! WIHow Grove: Maurice Kump. of near'nagerstoivn: Miss Florence byaney. | ^^ I Biglerviile: Mrs. Mar-aret Degroft. of' ^ C *^_^*:*-°TM*_^' I Mrs. 5 and evening: was very interesting to everybody- One of the speakers. Prof. W. D. Reel, gave some very impor- -- . ^ T - T ^ tant tacts on bur.aay school work-. Prof. Rov Knouss gave a ver- interest- alk "oa the same work. Joha R Stow . of H illtown, ised six white Indian Runner ducks which are severs months and a half old and so far have laid twenty dozen. or iHummelstown; Miss Aurelia Horn- = t beside him with her feet on the front: S seat Her head, nearly severed, hung on her right shoulder. Three half pints of whiskey were 10:00 'berger. Littlestovrn; and the following: Robert Carrens. of Gettysburg, ' spent several days here in town wi'th. A horse belonging to Oliver was taken from ills barn in _ . . . . . , a c land lownshlD Friday night, 't^ found. Two had xallen to the floor of. ^^ marg - fc vea ^ oid ,.. : ,_.,, the cab. while Refaert's pocKet contain-1 f . ; . , ^ s; . '_ ^ , ; ,'..._ .^ 3. "long- stepper". With the hoi: a ;on saddle and a ·les H. Wilson is making! an effort to secure information c*(i- 1 S jed another, ine couple haa oeen her Barents. Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Martz. Burn'-dette Thomas. Miss Francei jSheel;-. Miss Marian Sheeiy, Mis? IRON SPRINGS prings--A very Interesting teachers' meeting was held at Fair- Dorothea, the _! vear oid daughter of Mary Steybaugh. Miss LIHiaa Rlr.-. j ; field Station school house, Miss Helen J. H. RrCER. Drog-Ist- i house where they auarreled. It is not 1 " * ; known what they quarreleo. aoout. | The Hunsinger woman lived here '= i for almost a year at the home of Mrs. cerning 'the stolen property. i Dr. H. M. Hartn-an was summoned- ] About three o'clock she was able to oe; DOROTHEA MeALLISTER · iss i^iiiian liir.c-1 . _, ., - , ,,. ,,.. . , ,. .-. ,,- w ,~ j bcott teacfter. on Fncay evening by AIt'Ain=;tcr of Miss Enza:etn \ an Cieve. Miss heier , - -,,,,!,__.» .»ii..--.i.s-t... ». t ( _ tne Hanuitonoan townsnii i^acners iKenalenart. Miss Janet ^ertson.! ^^ The meedng TO3 open ed :X:?s I- rant'ss jicCiean. Miss /.;:a ; . « , , - - - - · * . _ i . ,,. T - . T .,, -.- , -v Charles rrev. the presiaent. Keci- jRamer. M«s \io.a Miller. .Miss ^^ ! mior ^ ^^ a ' Rd ^.og-^s were ren- ' Swone. i . - , - "" --, , . . · jerets bv tne papiis. oiaved aia ,, · ,. ; , : i ne iO!iOiv"n£: teacners -were pre- ._, Mr. and Mr-. GarSeld -i\a"-'"ri i Harri^bcrjr. died Friday evening. PICTURE FOR GOVERNOR nf Stale Police at Gelt \s-! The c-.jilege orchestra burn Givers Governor Toner. ; r*Irs. Mi;3er catered. mother of Edgar taken back to her home. or i The JTarrisburg- Star-Independent, H.irr:?-!- r -ays: "Probabiy the largest photo- Graceful Lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. These. the undertone features which radiate visibly ihronpli all cloths and characterize them smart. J. D. L1PPY, Tailor. . S George Vv arren. I Warren, who Is a Philadelphia and I When Mr. Rebert lefl f i Reading trainman. They occupied one j burg several days ago he told his wlfejjrraph ta-iea wstn a sing.e negative jof the houses in the Winter block on ! ;hat he was going there on basinet. |--a? preser.K-d to Governor Jcner at IXorth Stratton street- About THERE EVERY DAY s weeks ago Warrep and the -woman |mo%-ed to Harrisburg. three and she receivec no intimation of any-; tne Capuol oy Co.. thing being wrong until the ncvr? of .scoretary of the Gettysburg senii-cen-' Th ., i^ent: Clara Moore. Helen Scott. Stella ' Linn. Zella Currens. Alma Slonaker, : Lou Etta Sharetts. Wilson Hummel' 'a-jzn. Charles Frey. Harry Pecher, « in Ai tendance curSn? , and p ercy Wa3ker Prof . Lai;QJ s . Miss the Third Month. j \vitherow. from Fairneid borough and. irom i'csio~injj pupsis 5-.t:,n:a! c-o^n^ion. The photograp .» Is death reached her. 3 A letter In Rebert's pocket written j For a number of ye; _ j by the Hunsinger woman to him at 1 engaged In farming near Gettysliuiir-'--cnttd tht; iiar tnvps 01 t:'.? State i Gettysburg and bearing a Harrlsbarg Later he was associated \rith Samuel! police. The -.York was that oi a weij- Schoo v,c.. .,«.. }, 0 - ase present also. i to Its utmost - , · ji:ss AUce attenocd ; Straban townsr.ip '. For a number of years Mr. Rel-crt' ^ aln^t rine feet Ion- and repre- every iiuy d;:rin!r , he - h5ni m^.h,'. ^ ^^ ^^ Irene and Claire ucnnan An^l 5 ^ - ^^ ^.^^ ml bamud ilartzell. rJda ar.fl -.,.=·-.,,. . _ ,, , - _ , _ ,, Helen an- For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. The folIo-c-.-Ing: subjects were dis- j ners to Read", by Martha Withero-w. !phoned to Xight Policeman Emmonsj Mr. Rebert was between ZZ and ··-s.aiid liehir.-s them arc some of the lonr · gardir.g | Rebert's wife who lives on Carlisle port. Pa., and a I street extended. Mrs, Reberfs sister, j Sherfy of Washington, D. C. Tha ' of the yotcra-i-, coi^i.lered to be a re- sister. Mrs. Ellen {Governor tne irr i-inr,-) TAKEN" TO HOSPITAL Well Known Resident of Mcnallt n : present. Messrs. O. B. Lightner. Jo- Township Has Lock Jaw. ; s ?P h MusseimaT: and William All:son. H.irrv 3muh, of Wonk^viile. v | a Miss Howard, is seriousl\ T ill at thejtvomarj killed in the tragedy The next meeting will be held at Weeping Willow School, Zella Cur- De- Fresh Daily.. CHOCOLATE COAPED DATES 20c lb. CREAM FILLED DATES 20c Ib- G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N VSPAPFRflRCHlVE® _ _ . . j Carlisle street home and it was feared ·that the excitement following the ! breaking of the news to the wife might son about sixteen years of iivijig in Philadelphia. The inquest in the case 5s be j result seriously to the patient. Ac-| this afternoon and Mr. Rebert's body ; included. The -erics of pictures is his- wapron 'is expected home at 9:05 this e\enin;c- 'toncaliy valuable and duplicates will serious. |cordingly Mr. Beales went with his j automobile Vo the Rebert home and took the wife back to his own residence where -she was told as gently as pos- i sible of the awful occurrence. She collapsed upon being told and FAMILY leaving town: Mumper will sell all their household goods at auction. Saturday afternoon.--advertisement 1 i^ preserved in 'ihe State Library". FOR SALE: a good old , cherp Applv B. P. Baker, Green- l-~ Apply to A. S. Mills or to H. C. mount.--advertisement 1 Sander,, Di B Ierville.--advertisement SANDERS house at IS East Middle horse;'stroet fu. lent from Jan. Ut to April B. P. O. E. 10-15 Memorial services will be held in Walter's Theatre, Sunday, December 7th, at 3:00 p. m. Members will meet at the Lodge room at 2:30 p. me n't in. Committee.--advertise- 1 SPAPFRf

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