The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1931 ツキ Page 6
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
Page 6
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テつキ = ---- ;__ ' . - テつキ テつキ テつキ . テつキ . . . . - . テつキ . . . .. , : MASON CITY GLOBE 7 GAZETTE . " - MA'ftCtt-'テつキ 2 ^H 1931 B. P.W.ASSOCIATION MEMBERS TO HEAR LEADERS BROADCAST テつキ - * : : * : : 1- - ' ' テつキ ' テつキ " ' . . テつキ テつキ - . -テつキ . . テつキ ' ' ' 1 ^"T ' Radio Talks . Planiiテつ」d f or Celebration Local Club Will Hear National Secretary, Emily ' Kneubuhl. ' ' j As a. special feature of national Business Women's week to be observed -by the Federating of Business and Professional Women radio programs are being prepared to be broadcast during the week. I The first of these will be March 10 from 3:45 o'clock to 4 o'clock when Elisabeth Sears, national public relations chairman, will talk on "The New Order in public Relations" from station WABC. Dr. Lillian M. Gilhreth, national research chairman, will speak on "Women and Unemployment" from station WEAF'March 11 from, 2: 30 o'clock to 2:45 o'clock and on the saine day from 6 to 6:15 o'clock from station WRC Miss Mary Anderson; director of the .women's bureau of the \3. S. department of labor/will talk on "Women in Government." ;: .Miss Esther Ogden, executive secretary of the Foreign Policy association will have as her topic, "International Goodwill" -in art address from station WABC March 12 from 3:45 to-4 o'clock. "Business Women of 1931" will be discussed by Misa Marion McClench, -president of the National Federation of Business and Professional Women's clubs, March 13 over WJZ. All th'e broadcasts will WEDDED IN WEST be according to eastern standard time. ' ' The local 'club is planning special observance of the week with a public relations dinner scheduled for Wednesday evening, at the Hotel Hanford when Emily Kneubuhl, national executive secretary, will be speaker. Members of the various local service clubs have been invited to the dinner as well B. P. w. members from surrounding towns. Healthful Candies at Home H'ou can make delicious candies of many'kinds right in your own home. It's an enjoyable pastime -the candies will be fresh and pure. Just think -with Amaizo Crystal White Syrup . you can make English Toffes Loljippps Nut Brittle . Bonbons Chocolate Creams Peppermints Caramels. Candy parties are.fine diversion. Your grocer has 'Amaizo Crystal White' Syrup -- and the other Amaizo quality products. Every Monday Evening at 9:30 o'clock Don Amaizo broadcasts his,, program of music and adventure over Station WMT. Mrs. ulaire B. Logue, vvuose marriage took place in Los Angeles. Cal., was Ruth Barney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Barney, 324 First street .northeast. They テつキ are making their home in Los Angeles. Both are graduates of the Mason City high school and Mrs. Logue attended Hamilton's business college. Ruby M. Ericksoii Weds D. H. -Branson; Living at Hampton HAMRTON, March 2.-- Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Erickson announce the marriage of their daughter, vv Ruby Margaret, and Donald H. Branson. The wedding took place at the Little Brown church with the Rev. William Kent officiating anil was witnessed by the parents of the bride and bridegroom and Miss Clara Tobiason, Latimer, and Ray Jones of Hampton. ...Mr. and Mrs. Branson will reside here and Mr. Branson will continue in the employ of the M. and St. L. railroad. MII/tER GUEST AT SURPRISE PARTY Lloyd Miller was honored at a surprise party given Sunday afternoon and evening at his home, 502 Taylor avenue southwest. There were 40 guests and the time was spent informally. Games were played and refreshments served. TIMWHVEETZ ^ ' NEW HAMPTON, March Si- Miss My ra Mae Metz . of -Lawler, and Alvin J. Timm .were married at St. Paul's Lutheran, church Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock p. m. by the Rev. William Engelke, pastor. The bride was attended by Pearl Metz, her sister and the bridegroom by his brother, Herbert Timm. Other テつキattendants were Arlene Timin and Harvey Biehler. They have left' on a trip to Minneapolis and will live on a farm after they return from their trip. COUPLES ' MARKIED IN EMMETSBURG. EMMETSBURG, March 2. -- Seven marriage licenses were issued by E. M. Thompson, clerk of courts for Palo Alto cunty 'during the month of February, as follows: Clinton D. Noll of Emmetsburg and Dolly McAffee of Estherville; George Craven of Estherville and "Viola .Howlano of Emmetsburg; George Renning and Mable Heise, both of Terrill; Theodore oBnstetter of Rodman and Irene Skeels of Ayrshire; Martin Miller of Howard, S. Dak., and Agnes Johnson of Emmetsburg; Bert Berkland of Cylinder and Leone Larson of Ruthven; arid Tom Bergman and Mammie Ruby both' of Emmetsburg. Iowa D.A.R. Society Has Conference Mason City Women to Rep resent Local , Chapter. . DES MOINES, March 2. '(JP)--Th thirty-second annual-' conference o the.Iowa society of the Daughter of the'American Revolution opene here Monday morning 'with an ex ecutive board, meeting. Captain C B. Hopkins of 'Chicago,was to ad dress the convention Monday even ng on "Preservers of'Peace." Mason City women who will at tsnd the conference include Mrs H JNT. Jacoby, Mrs. E. W. Curry, Mrs Harry Wright and Miss Dorothj Flansom who are delegates from the ocal chapter. A number of past re gents are planning to attend thi past regents lunchuon Wednesday. Tuesday morning will be given over to reports by officers and spe cial'committee.chairmen. In the af ternoon Prof. G. B. MacDouald of Iowa State .college will speak on ''Some Forestry Possibilities in Iowa." テつキ . テつキ ' Announcements of election a resolutions committee reports anc an address by B. R. Harlan, curator, will' occupy the final session Wednesday afternoon. Colunrinist Says Kindness Great Need bテつ」 World took for ffie Amafzo name and gingham background design. AMERICAN MAIZE-PRODUCTS CO. Attends School 4 Every, Day NOW "My daughter Xathleen is fifteen years- old. For three years v she had suffered with pains as so many young girls do. One day we saw an advertisement of LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound in the San Antonio Evening News. I bought a bottle and it helped her so much that she has been taking it regularly and is now completely relieved and able to attend school every day."-Mrs. Victor H. Call, Route #4, Box 76, San Antonio, Texas. Lydia^.Pinkliam's \VegefaWeCompounrff ldiテつサ E Pinthirn Mfd Co . Lvnn. Masj.J By VIRGINIA LEE "There ,is no better age to live in than the one jn which we are living today, so let's be kind to one another." . . This is a quotation from the letter of a young man. which I have just been reading. It il just the text I needed' for starting the column today, so thank you very much, Loyce J. Lovers'^, quarrels, family quarrels, misunderstandings between friends, cause so much heartache. Why can't we all'just be kind to one another, and prevent them? テつキ '"Dear Virginia Lee: Please give me some advice as to how I can get along with my mother and sisters. Whenever I try to please them I can'fc.There is continual fussing all the time.- テつキ:テつキテつキ "Should I leave home? I am 16 P2ease answer as soon as possible. "Troubled." "P. S.: I go with fellows and mother always fusses about them to me, yet she says she wants me to go with them. What am I to do to prevent this?" Your problem is not serious, as problems go, Troubled. And yet much of the unhappiness of the world, comes from just such petty quarreling. , We continually find fault with those near and dear -to us, and instead of enjoying one another's society, we spend the time we are with them in silly fussing, as you say. If we could only think that death might step in suddenly and take our loved one from us, as it did recently to a,sweet young friend of mine, how good we would be to him or her. We want our children to have friends, but we continually criticize those friends and make our young people sensitive about asking them to come to our homes. After awhile, Troubled, when you have been away from home for some time, you will forget all this "fussing." You'll remember .only that you were happy at home.with your mother and .sisters. Console yourself with this thot! Your mother is anxious to have you choose good friends, thus she is critical of those you bring home. People living together get on one another's nerves. What appears to be fault finding often is merely netvous reaction. Don't take it too seriously. Be affectionate and laugh your own peevishness away anv thus relieve the tension of the atmosphere at home as much as possible. And don't leave home. Circumstances will force you to do that coon enough.- x . ' Margie: Why. not cultivate another girl friend, Margie, until thi* girl you think so miich of is rear!}' to come back to you? If you devote yourself to other girls you will not see all the things that distress you when- this new girl "makes over" your particular friend. I is very hard to have one's best friend act indifferent,, so don't think I am unsympathetic, but showing your jealousy is not going to help you SX ftfli PERMANENT テつォPテつォJcUV WAVE Now obtainable at this shop for a limited time only. OTHERS UP TO $10.00. Realistic and Eugene Waves Our Specialty. O. K. BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Cockayne, Specialist Phone IG51 19i/ 2 East Stale MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME .GLOBE-GAZETTE 15. CENT PRACTICAL PATTERN PATTERN 2\04 By ANNE ADAMS Each season the vogue for pajamas becomes greater, whether worn as sleeping or lounging garments. Particularly attractive and useful is the stunning ensemble featured today, including sleeveless blouse, trousers anJ jacket. Note the pointed front yoke section,-; giving th2 trousers a' snug hipline. This set may be. inexpensively made of a cotton print. Suitable fabrics for Pattern. 2104 are-percale, cotton broadcloth, gingham and rayon. The-vivid colorful prints are lovely for pajamas and may be had in any ^number of delightful designs. May be obtained only in sizes 14 16, 18, 20, 32, 34, 36, 38 and 4o! Size 14 requires 4% yards of 36 inch material. _ No dressmaking experience is necessary to make this model with our pattern. Yardage for every size, ana simple, exact instructions are given. Send 15 cents in coins or stamps (coins preferred), for each pattern. Write plainly your name, address and style number. Be sure to state size wanted. The new spring and summer fashion book is now ready. It features an excellent assortment of afternoon, sports and house dresses, lingerie, pajamas . and kiddies' clothes.. Price of book. 15-cents. Book with pattern, 25 cents. Address all mail and. orders to Globe- Gazette Pattern Department, 243 West Seventeenth Street, New York City. , i 2104 y ' BITSABOUT 'EM Mrs - Gleu Maxfle 'd テつーt I Seba Vail, 233 Tenth street north- VTarshalltown left Monday for their home after visiting since Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ingledue, 119 Ninth 'street north- ast. i* * * Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Vail, 319 First southeast, are spending sev- ral days in Des- Moines with rela- Miss Elizabeth Campbell, teacher at Dows, visited Saturday with Miss Adeline McGuire, 326 Second street northeast. - ' ; テつサ."'* * Mr. and Mrs. J: H. Andrew,-who have been staying, ~with Mrs. Andrew's daughter, Mrs. H. A. Preston, 1106 Quincy avenue northwest, left Sunday 'morning for Woodhull, III., to visit another daughter, Mrs. Ed Wilson. * * * ' " Mrs. Guy Butts^of Wesley has re- :urned to her hom'e after attending ;he funeral of Mrs. K. K. Prescott. leld Saturday. Mrs. Butts and Mrs. Prescott were both past presidents of the Rebekah lodge. Mrs. Chauncey Viail has.returned :o her home after visiting in Bella Plaine. She was accoftipanied here y Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Leming o; Des Moines who attended the funeral of Mrs. K. K. Prescott. Mr. Leming s grand master of the Iowa I. O. O. F.' * テつサ * Cecil Boyer, student at Cornell college, Mt. Vernon, visited over the week-end with his mother, Mrs. Sam Boyer, 632 Third street northeast. テつキ * * * Mrs. C. A. Dayton, Rockford. 111., has returned to her home after spending 'a week with her sister, Mrs. Jane Lien, 816 Jefferson avenue northwest. Miss Clarice. Lacock of Jefferson has returned to her home after a テつキveek's visit with her sister, Mrs. So snap out of it and see If you cannot overcome it, and- leu noth girls see that you are an independent soul. lapses of Child From Habits So Laboriously Learned Not Serious By ALICE JTUDSON PEAL^i The young mother is apt to make her first serious mistakes when she encounters difficulties in training her child to habits of cleanliness. He has perhaps already been irained to keep himself both dry and clean when suddenly he re- apses' tb the habits of infancy. The mother is apt to take this as iberate piece of naughtiness which calls for punishment. Such'punish- ment seldom results in improved behavior. There are seyeral reasons for his. In the first place, the relapse s due to factors entirely outside of he child's control. A change in diet, a recent illness which upset his routine, a new nurse to .whom ic had difficulty in adjusting him- テつ」lf, an atmosphere of unusual excitement and nervous tension in the lome--any one of these is enough :o cause him to lose the control which he has so laboriously learned. Sometimes, too, the relapse is d.ue o. the fact that the parent has con- jdered the training an accomplish- d fact and has put entire respon- ibility for cleanliness upon the hild before he Is ready for it. Punishment then is likely to make lie child feel that he is being- made west. Miss Laurine Lyons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ' M. J. Lyons, 604 North Federal avenue, spent the week-end with her parents. Miss Lyons is a student at the University of Iowa., Robert Conrad, a student at the university, was also a week-end guest at the Lyons home. * * * Mr. and Mrs, Clifton Lyons who are motoring home from California are expected to arrive in Mason City within the next few days'They were married in. St. Louis in January and will make their home in Mason City." Mrs. Lyons. was Misa -Lois Hornier bet o f e jlief ^ ' Paul Preston, student at Grirmell college, visited at the home of Mrs. Otho Abel, 19 Fourth street northwest, over the week-end. * * テつサ Misses Betty and Marian.Fergu- son, students at St. Catherine's college, have returned to St. Paul after visiting their father, Merrill Ferguson, Hotel Hanford. * * , * ' Mr. and Mrs. J.'K. Fouts of Independence visited over the weekend with Miss Bea Thill, 127 West State street.^ * * * 'Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Coate of Algona visited Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Boevers, 816 Madison avenue northwest. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Krithe and daughter, Jeanie Mae, Burt, were guests at the Soever residence Sunday. * , * テつキ* Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Feist and Olava, 515 Eighth street southeast, returned from Albert Lea Monday where they attended the wedding- of Esther Erickson and Anders Syvertsen. Miss Erickson is a \former resident of Mason City. Mr. Syvert^en is connected, with the Interstate Power company and will be located at St. Louis where they will make their home. to suffer for something. which is not his fault and to arouse in him a desire to "get even," which will lead him to furtHfer indulge his failing. ' : In another type of child punishment leads to a sense of discouragement, which has similar results. During the early stages of training in habits of proper elimination it is best to make little or no comment on failure and briefly to praise success. When relapses occur later on, it is best to treat them as if they were simply mistakes and to proceed conscientiously with the training- routine. Community Club at Rock Falls Hears Pr6gram by Pupils ROCK FALLS, March 2.--The Community club was entertained with a program by pupils from town and rural schools. The grade chorus was under the leadership of Miss Ellen Smith, Mason City. Mrs. R. V. Wilkinson gave the report of the Christmas seal sale, which had netted the township schools $41 the past two years. The primary room gave a little'play entitled, "The A. B. C.'s of Health." The school band under W. A. Storer, Mason City, made its first public appearance. The grammar room then presented the play, "The Melting Pot." Attorney John C. Robinson, Mason City, gave the address. 15 C o u p l e s Get Permits to Be Wedded Chickasaw County Has 51 Couples Within Month. : : NEW HAMPTON, March -2.-r- Marriage licenses were issued to 15 couples in the last 10 days by Ray R. Sission, Chickasaw county clerk of courts. To date 51 licenses have been issued; the largest number ever to be issued in February. The 15 are: Joe Jan and Bessie Ledger, Belle Plaine; Martin A. Buol, Viola, Christine Marrugg, Chicago, HI.; Lester Doerring, Luann, and Alice Preuss, Monona; Charles A. Howard, Monmouth, '111., and Gaorgia Heady, Galesburg, 111.; Qra A. Seydel and* Pauline E.' Bruene, Gladbrook; Donald Hoyt Branson and Ruby Magaret Erickson, Hampton; Melvia H. Pearson and Lorene Elizabeth Morris, West Branch; Glen Harold St'effler, Charles City, and Thelma Schroeder, Waverly. . Alvin J. Timm, New Hampton and Mrya Mae Metz, Lawler; George A. Winter and Irsi W.atson, Waterloo; Walter E. Brock, Alta J. Anderson, Brandon; Merlin E. Lineman, Maquoketa, and Hazel L.. Jones, Bellevue; Russell Lawerance Morris and Viola Mildred Allemeier, Newton; Herman Noordman and Martha Johns, Ackley; .Edmund Brandt, Hampton and Martha Freets, Alexander. Social Calendar MONDAY B. B. Bridge club-- . ' 6:30 o'clock, Home Tea room, Mrs. Lloyd Barrett, hostess. Eighty-Five club-6:30 o'clock, church, dinner followed by golf and swimming at Y. M. C. A. United Light and Power auxiliary-8 o'clock, P. G. E. Drama Shop players-8 o'clock, Drama Shop. TUESDAY Va-tan-ye-12:15 o'clock, Hotel Hanford. iVoodbine club-- . テつキ"テつキ 1 o'clock, Home Tea room, Mrs. O. W. Ong, hostess. Oweso club-1:15 o'clock,-; Mrs. Otto Engebret- 2:15 o'clock;XMtrs. Ira Stiriaon, 88 Linden drivel D. A. B. board-2:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Woman's Club board-2:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. IHatlnee Musicale-Y. W.C. A. with Mrs. Don Wells, hostess. Current events. Mrs. Ray Prusia. "Cuba, Cervantes, Pastor," Mrs. Enoch Norem, Mrs. Bertha Patqhen. Clio club-Mrs. F. C. Lovell, 212 Second street southeast. Ugo Igo club-Mrs. A. B. Cook, 110 Pennsylvania avenue southeast. hlcago, Northwestern Women's club Mrs. J. P. Borup, 228 Second street northwest. Y. W. A.-7:30 o'clock, Mrs. E. C. Sullivan, 1307 Pennsylvania avenue" southeast, Mrs. John Brown, assisting. East Side Ladies' aid-7:30 o'clock, church parlors, election of officers. Uri'.tv Chapter 138, O. E. S.-7:30 o'clock, Masonic temple. JOHNSON-SAIJVE Mrs. Levi Roberts, Kirk apartments, announces the marriage of ier daughter, Eulalie Elizabeth auve, to Clair Johnson of Akron, 3hio. They will make their home there. nothing like it! .No OTHER cereal so crisp. Rice Krispies actually crackle out loud In milk or cream. Children love them. And such flavor! The taste of toasted rice. A different treat for breakfast. Wonderful for the kiddies' lunch. So wholesome and easy to digest. Rice Krispies are handy to use in recipes. Take die place of nutmeats. At grocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. RICE KRISPIES Word Forum A Daily Discussion of Pronunciation, Spelling and Meaning--Ideas Invited. テつキテつキテつキ "By Mra. E. B. Hunter---The words, finance (fi-nans) and financier (fi-nan-ser), seem to be difficult for many people. Finance is pronounced with the accent on the second syllable. The I is short as in it. Financier ha's the accent on the last syllable with the I short, and A short and the E long as in meet. テつキ There are other pronunciations, but these are favored by most of the dictionaries. BATH TOWNSHIP GIRLS OKQA1VIZE 4-H CLUB At a meeting of the Bath township girls at the home of Mrs. Alfred Zirbel Saturday afternoon a 4-H club was organized and named the Happy Home Makers' club. Dorothy Bergman was elected president; Ruth Ryburn, secretary- treasurer, and Ruth,Gooch, press reporter. Following the business meeting a social hour was held. Tickets for Concert to Be on Sale Grade Teachers Arrange to Admit Interested to Audience. Announcement has been made by the Grade Teachers association that the final children's Concert will be opened to those interested, both high school students and adults. Tickets will be sold during the week by Miss Mildred Jackson and members of the association. The concert will be held March 9 at 3 o'clock in the high school auditorium .when the Russian singers will be presented. An interesting "program has been prepared including folk, secular and classic music. They were trained by Kibakchick, the Russian singer, and they are a feast for the eye as pvell as the ear since they appear in colorful costumes reminiscent of the glamour of the Russian ' nobility and the Ukraine peasantry. Smarter Styles, Better Quality For Less Money Since 1920 NEW! Early- Season COATS ( 2 9 5 TO NEW HIGH SHADES AND BLACK They're of the new rough monotone woolens a n d basket weaves . . . and are really warm enough to wear right now. Some have face-framing collars of Fur, others have drapable collars of self cloth. Intricate sleeve details, wide crushable belts are some of the many new features! SIZES 12 TO so Washday Arithmetic THE COST OF WASHING AT HOME Home Laundry equipment averages about $150 (arid is replaced usually every 7 years) making the total cost each washday . . . Equipment .41 2 Bars Soap .12 . Washing Powder 06 Starch 04 Blueing 02 Heating Water .15 Electric Current 10 Metered Water 03 .52 Materials and Equipment .OU THE COST OF SENDING THE WASH TO THE LAUNDRY The average washing(four in a family) weighs 12 pounds and will cost $1.20 at 'the laundry. IS THE\ SAVING OF LABOR, TIME, STEAM AND MUSS WORTH 27 CENTS TO YOU? YOUR LABOR IS NOT FIGURED IN. TIME VALUABLE? ISN'T YOUR Send Your Laundry to us next week. We are sure that you will find a saving. Phone 600 "FOR A BUNDLE OF SATISFACTION" テつキ LYONS CLEANERS LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS "North Iowa's Largest Cleaning Institution" I f*v,\ 1

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