The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 17, 1944 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1944
Page 12
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12 '' M*Bd»y, Jan. 17, 1944 MASON CRT GLOBE-GAZETTE Simple Method Shows Load Stress on Bridge Iowa City -- A new simplified method for quickly calculating the effect upon bridges of passage of heavy tanks or other military traffic has been revised by Prof. C. J. Posey of the University of Iowa engineering college. It Is reported in the current Issue of'the Engineering News Record. Most bridges were designed for the ordinary loads (of peacetime and their capacity for withstanding stress may be exceeded by the unusual demands of wartime traffic of military equipment or heavy industrial supplies, it is explained. One of the values · of the new method is that it lightens the task of calculating weight effects upon a continuous girder bridge. This problem is much more difficult than those concerning the simple span type of bridge construction. Hog Market Fairly Active ·OARD AND ROOM ty GENE AHEKM Albert LM ALL PRICES HOLD STEADY Receipts of 40,000 Head Top Expectations Chicago, (/P) --Salable receipts of 40,000 hogs Monday exceeded expectations, but the market was fairly active with prices holding steady on all weights. Choice fed __ ,,_,,, steers and yearlings were strong 330-3*0 lb »i2/rs to 25 cents higher, medium and ,·«*.P«*ta« Sows- · I" Midwest Livestock (MONDAY'S PRICES) Trond StoadY Good Butdhon-- HO-1M Ibs. .................. ai.M ISO-ISO 150-170 170-180 Ibs. tlo.TO Ib*. «ll.ll Ib*. *11.70 laOriWO Ibs. »13.M 200-229 Ib*. »13.*J 220-310 Ibs. $13.40 240-260 Ib*. K3M 260-270 Ibs »13.« . 300-330 Ib*. .................. »12.15 COMING WED.-- ALMENKE WITH JOHNNY GLA8EK AND THE BAND WITH A MILLION FRIENDS Scandinavian AC iS NDDKm *» DON ERICKSON SAT. LATE BUS WED., FBL, BAT., SUN. n c TUX 6:00 - THEN Flos Tax - Chll i. 10e letaslafcokll "CINDEIIELLA SWINGS IT" good grades sharing the gain, Higher prices asked for lambs retarded activity in the sheep market, with only scattered sales re- 200 pounds corded early. Weights u n d e r brought the major activity in the hog market. Sows declined 10 cents. Good and choice 200 to 300 pound butchers brought the top price of ? 13.7 5. There were 4,0 00 swine remaining in first hands from last week's trade, and packers supplemented Monday's salable arrivals with 13,000 hogs bought on direct consignment. The hog marketing committee estimated that about 20,000 fanner owned hogs will remain unsold at the end of Monday's session. Receipts of 265,600 hogs at the 12 mid-western markets was a. new record for recent years, with con- 330-360 Ibs. »11.10 360-400 Ibs S11.60 400-450 Ibs. $11.50 450-500 Ibs. J11.40 500-550 Ibs. $11.30 Austin, Steady » t.W ·10.80 ·11.10 ·11.90 »1JJO · 13.40 ·13.40 ·13.40 · 13.40 $13.40 »12.n »12.K $11.70 $11.70 $11.70 . $11.70 SI 1.60 · 11.50 Waterloo Stndy 111 JO tll.W $12.70 ·13.49 $».45 $13.49 $13.43 ·13.00 ·12.80 $11.75 . ·11.75 111.65 ·11.55 $11.45 gestion reported East St. Louis. at Omaha and (WFA)-- Salable hogs 40,000; total 53,000; steady on 'all -weights, fairly active on weights under 200 Ibs.; sows around 10 cents lower; good and choice 200 to 300 Ibs., $13.75 the top; 170 to 190 Ibs., $12.40 to $13.25; 150 to 170 Ibs., $11.50 to $12.65; 310 to 350 Ibs. heavies $12.50 to $12.90; good and choice 300 to 550 Ib. sows, $11.75 to $12.00; estimated 20,000 unsold. Salable cattle 14,000; salable calves 1,000; choice fed steers and yearlings strong to 25 cents higher; medium to good grades 25 cents up, instances more; reduced receipts main stimulating factor following last week's sharp break; heifers mostly 25 cents higher; cows steady to strong, bulls steady to weak y veaiers steady at $15.00 down; stock cattle scarce but dull; mainly $12.25; best fed steers $16.85, choice kind scarce, few loads $16.25 to $16.75; but bulk $13.50 to $16.00; 2 loads choice to prime fed heifers $16.25; bulk heifers short feds $12.00 to $14.50; cutter cows $7.25 down; most beef cows $7.50 to $10.50; practical top weighty sausage bulls $11.50. Salable sheep-7,000; total 10,500; lamb market retarded by higher asking prices; load lots good and choice fed wooled western lambs held $15.75 and above, scattered early sales fully steady; deck good wooled lambs $15.50; few medium native $14.00 with cull outs at $10.50; sheep strong, load good 113 Ib. fed western ewes $8.00, odd lots common and native ewes down to $6.50. END MONDAY "Swing Shift Mosie" "Gildersleeve an Broadway" Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. CO-HIT Actual War Pictures "THE CITY THAT STOPPED HITLER" ALSO NEWS MAT. WED. 2:00 P. M. .ENDS MONDAY "Reap the Wild Wind" n c TILL 6:00 - THEN ·} 1 ( Plus Tax - Child. lOc £, 1 TUES.-WED. --.HLSTlWnOH isjiii MBT. E. STRICKUND riSrf 'RAGS' RMLAMD *»*"« JUNE ALLYSOII MNCY WALKER · GUY KIBBEE MBS TOMMY DORSEY CECIL NOW - PLAYING PALACE · LAST TIMES TUES. · Film With Army Air Corps Co-operation! Local Livestock BOGS MASON CITY-- For Monday Steady. Good light llgnu ......... 1W-150 1 S.90 Good light lights . 150-160 * 9.90 . Good light lights ......... 180-170 $10.90 Good light lights .......... 170180 111.90 Good light lights Good light lights Good med. wt. butchers Good med. wt. butchers Good med. wt. butchers 1BO-200 $12.90 . 200-220 113.40 . 220-240 $13.40 . 240-270 $13.40 _ _ . 270-300 »13.40 Good med. wt. butchers .. 300-330 513.00 Good med. \vt. butchers .. 330-360 112.75 ra_.j ,j-- · 270-300 $11.70 RAILS MAKE GOOD SHOWING But Many Industrials Leaders Lose Fractions New York, (IF)--The stock market ran into a little profit cashing Monday and, while scattered rails and specialties continued to make a relatively good showing, niany industrial leaders trimmed the" quotations by fractions. Some customers stood aside await completion of the big war bond drive which gets under way Tuesday and in which virtually all Wall Streeters will have a hand. totential buyers were more confused than disturbed by the Moscow rumor of British-German peace talks. '*· The list developed mild irregularity after a steady opening and near-closing trends were cloudy. Dealings started at a fairly fast - . Good packing sows Good sows Good sows Good sows 300-330 111.70 320-3GO «1.70 360-400 111.70 400-450 $11.60 Good sows Gocd sows 450-SOO $11.50 Due t* excessive run of bogs, please eall taw plant before deUrerlcc any holt JACOB E. DECKZR * SONS. CATTLE MASON CITY--For Monday Choice steera and hellers ...$14.00'15.00 Good steera and hetfers ... $12.50-13^0 Med. steers and heifers .... $10.00-11^0 Com. steers and heifers .... $8.00-8.50 Cowi, dry fed $ UO-9.00 Com. cows s 7.50- 8.09 Butcher bulls S9.00-10.CO Bologna bulls ,..,,,.... $8.00-9.00 Bologna bulls, light $ 7 0 0 - 8 0 0 Cutters : » t.OO-7.00 Canners, heavy * 5.00-6.00 canners, light » 4.00-5.00 Fancy select calves $13.00-13,00 Calvea, gd. to choice. 130-190 tll.OO-ltOO Calves, fair to jood .. 130-180 S 9.00-10.00 Calves, common to Jalr $ MO- 8.50 Calves, cull S4.00d-wo SHEET MASON CITY--For Monday Genuine sp. lambs, ga. to ch. $12.75-13.75 Gen. sp. larnbs, med. to good $11.75-1250 Fed «wes, good to choice ... S S.OO- 5.50 Common ewes . $ 1.00- 2.00 despite quiet periods, were around 850,000 rate and, transfers shares. F a r n s w o r t h Television and American Bosch succeeded in posting new 1943-44 peaks. Ahead most of the time were Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, Sears Roebuck, Commercial Solvents, E a s t m a n Kodak and International Nickel. Intermittent losers included U. S. Steel, Chrysler, U. S. Rubber, Montgomery Ward, Douglas Aircraft, Kennecott, General Electric and Great Northern. Bonds were mixed following early selective strength in the carrier group. rLL TELL HER Ii* IT yau vx«*rr TO FIND our if AJJrJT CUARA CAKES HOffiOU A UITTLE, C5O IN \ABTH TH»OU , kHIFE AND THREATEN -lOURSELF.' ···STRIKE A ANO SM IF M3U CANT HAVE WOULD«*T BE VJOKTW PENCIL SHAVINGS f-- THEY DO 2O5 GUMS, AMD 3 WAREHOUSES Qf BULLETS TO HER./ 8 SaW*J»JH«W£J8, IN AFRICA. D6AR THEBE \S A BOOKER DEMJE 60NS ID nAD/..O£ OF WE GUVS S4VS IF HE WS. RUHWN6 A HOTEL HE VHOttlD ISWDRE .. BUT HE IS *UHtt CSOWM6. BS.VBWS RUUNNQ «.Hora-Gor BOUHTH rr? Westpoint Telephone Company Has Election .Bristow--The and election of annual meeting officers for the Westpoint Mutual Telephone com- resulted as follows: Presi- Fred Wiebke; secretary, Chris Hencken; treasurer, Henry Newbury; directors, C a r l pany dent, Schrage, Ray Hahn, Gus Sie: Henry Bookman and Conrar Weigmann. Jake Wessel wa» elected as chief operator and 1 man. HateUnc--Mrs. Norman Mao is visiting at Stratford. Upon arrival there a few days ago I found that her aged aunt, Bji Lqu Johnson, had suffered a :" tured hip in a fall. Bucks .To- 1-50 CO-BIT "LUCKY LEGS" JINX FALKENBURG LITTLE DEMAND FOR GRAIN Wheat, Rye Off a Cent at Times in Trade Chicago, (IP) -- Wheat and rye were down about a cent at times Monday in a grain market again characterized by a lack of demand. Reports \ol easiness in the cash wheat trade at both Kansas City and Minneapolis, with prices quoted below ceilings on high protein 'wheat, unsettled the futures market; Some of the selling in wheat was attributed to hedging. Purchases of around 230,000 bushels of corn on a "to-arrive" basis from the country, indicating an expanded movement of that grain, caused some selling of other fee'd grains. The trade heard a mild revival of "early peace" in Europe talk, but it was accepted with skepticism. At the close wheat was U-%c lower, May 51.69, oats were down Vt-Vsc, May 77%c, rye was off %-Tic, May $1.27i5i-a;c, and barley was %c lower to y«c higher May $1.20*8. Produce (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by E. O. Morse) MASON CITY--For Monday Eggs, current receipts ... .28c Springs, heavy breeds 24c Leghorn springs, 2 Ibs. over 21c Heavy hens 21c Hens, under 4 Ibs 18c Cocks, heavy 17c Cocks, Leghorns 15c All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Eggs, at retail 38c Butter, Iowa State Brand 49 c Butter, Corn Country 48c Butter, Brookfield 49c CKSTTOQUOTE--A cryptogram quotation U ' F S S P N C U M L I J T I M X S J F N J T X X L A E J I Q A C X M Q I Q S Z J -- G S T J X S J . Saturday* Cryptoqoota: WHO IS BORN IN THE PURPLE IS SELDOM WORTHY OF FT--VOLTAIRE. CHICAGO (Monday Market) Chicago, ,TT--Poultry, live, steady; 5 cars, 17 trucks. Hens !3c; Leghorn Kens 24c; colored broilers,' iryers, springs 27^ic; Rocks, broilers, fryers, springs -27}ac; Leghorn chickens 26$ac: roosters 20c: ducks 25c; to 3oc. geese. 25c; turkeys 29c Iowa Speakers Plan for 2 February Meets Iowa City--Besr speaKers of the University of Iowa now are preparing for 2 February intercollegiate tournaments centering around post-war policies, Prof. A. C. Baird of the speech department announced. Four lowans will enter the western conference debate tournament at Northwestern university, Evanston, HI., Feb. 16 and 17, arguing on the subject of the United States co-operation in establishment and maintenance oi an international police force after ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Monday Mmrkct) Chie»io, (*)--(W. F. A.)--Officially estimated salable livestock receipts far Tuesday: Hogs £5,000; cattle 8.000; sheep 7.000. CHICAGO PKODVCE (Monday Market) HV-Butter. receipts _ 174.348; creamer? butter 83 icore (AAI 41Uc; 92 (A) 41c; 90 (B) «y.c; g» (C) 40'/4C; cooking 88 39c; centralized carlc-ta 90 40V»C. Egg3. re^eipta 9.470; firm; ipeciata 1, 2. 39c: 3. 4, 38c; extra* 1, 2, 37c; 3, 4. 30c; atandards 1, 4. 34tttc: current receipts 34c: dirties 31 to 32e; checks 30 to 31C; pullet 2gi 24 to ISc. -- AND -- Mat. 21c . Eve. 30c - Plus Tax CHICAGO CASH OBAIN (Monday Market) Chicago, ypj--Wheat, No. J hard Com. sample grade miied. Jl; No. 5 ' " mP " ·"'· WWle (So; No. nominal: -._ rade mucod 3 white MKc. Ejrley, milting 31^3311.44: feed tl.!8eiJ2i4 nomlrul. Field seed p« CWT: Timothy W.75K · nominal: red top |14gu nominal: r?a »S?So r n^L n0mlni " ! **"* c1 "" CHICAGO POTATOES (Monday Market) Chieaco, (J)^-(W. P. A.)--Potatoes, arrivals 185: on track 227; total U. 5. ship~ ' ' " ~ " 68; sup- stock demand good, market firm; for northern ments Saturday 1.154, Sunday ._ plies moderate: for good western defeat of the axis. Students also -will enter the University of Nebraska discussion and debate session at Lincoln Feb 25 and 26. Included will be 3 rounds of discussion on the American foreign policy o£ post-war times and debates on the worlc police question! Chickasaw Employes Get Pay Twice a Month New Hampton -- Employes o Chiekasaw county Saturday received their first semi-monthly stock demand l i g h t , market about steady: Idaho Rujuet Burbanlu U. S. No. I. K5.30JS3.M; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1. $3.42; Nebraska and Wyoming Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1, S3.M; Minnesota and North Dakota Bllso Triumphs U. S. No. I. 1ZM; Coboloxa Commercials $2.35; Wisconsin Chippeivas U. S. No. I, S2.55: Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. I, W.SOaa.So'per 50 Ib. aack, $2.35 per bushel basket. check in Saturday recent · years. Effectlvi employes and official wili be. paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. Formerly om check was issued for the whoi month of the 20th. Hides QieUIIom mrnlskM ty ff«lf BTM. lac.. W» FIftb Streel S.uUiw.rt MEAT CUTTER QUITS ' Greene -- William Bunker, meat cutter since 1900, hat resigned his position at the loca locker. He has served a* for 11 employers. · cutter 'Sp" Koons Wore Best Suit on Dieppe Raid Alrona--A luncheon meeting ponsored jointly by the Chamber I f Commerce and the Kiwanis lub was held Thursday with Sgt Zip" Koons of Swea City, a spe- ial guest and speaker. He gave a letailed account of the Dieppe anding and raid and described he way some of the men disguised hemselves, painting their faces and wearing old clothing. "Zip" wore a good suit, having n mind that in case anything hap- jened and he had to stay iri France le wanted a good suit of clothes. Se was the only American soldier in his unit, aU others being British, which definitely establishes the fact that he was the first American to fire a shot on European soU in World War II. OFFICER TRANSFERRED E«le Grove--Lt. R. W. Van Zwbl, U. S. N. R., who has been located at Hutchinson, Kans., has been transferred to Pearl Harbor, effective March 1. He plans to move his family from Hutchinson to California. -- Charles (Tod) Moore, son of Mr, and Mrs. B. H. Moore, has been promoted to the rank of staff sergeant For the past year he has been on the Hawaiian islands, and is with the air personnel.--Harlan C. Hall, aviation cadet, has completed and graduated from the primary course in naval aviation at Lambert Field, St. Louis, Ho., and is now stationed at the U. S. naval training center, at Pensacola, Fla., where he will take up intermediate flying. He has had over 160 hours in the air as a student pilot Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For-Monday No. 2 white oais 700 No. 2 shelled corn (IS'^% moisture) .".....$1.02 No. 2 ear corn (15%% moisture) gg c No. 2 soybeans SI 80 Barley 75c ; sl ............ . ·OBZIN BKIF UIDH Bull Rides ........................... ic From IS Ibs. up .................... no rrotn 15 Ibs. down ..... ......... .. I3c ·Cured hides lo a ID. higher. Also le a Ib. higher for KTMB hides to wboluwj* dealers In whcl«ul» q Chicago, WHEAT-? May July .... Sept. .... Dec. OATS-- July CHICAGO Oa.MX CLOSE (Monday Market) Lew .1.03 Vi . HYt- Har ~.V* .75 Vi .J4V. , 1.33H I.2CU BABLEY-May .. July SepL Close 1.69 1.66'i 1.27 1.26 1.27V. 1.21 1.19'i . 1.19'-. 1.13V. SAILOR BBOTHXR9 VISIT Sheffield--Ensign Max Freudenberg and Robert Frudenberg. former Sheffield boys, visited with friends here this week. Both are in the aviation branch of the navy. Max Is radio man and has been stationed in the Hawaiian islands. He has been transferred to Jacksonville, Fla. Robert, a parachute rigger, has been stationed in the south Pacific. He will go to Corpus Christi, Texas, to serve as an instructor at the naval base. ·»·««,· i.isn Two-thirds of the livestock of the United States is raised west of the Mississippi river. DIES IN ILLINOIS Sjrtllville--Relatives from here will attend the funerai of Mrs. Will Haggie at Deerfield, 111., Sunday. She died 42 hours after the death of her brother, Frank Kapinos. She was 61 yearg old, born in Splllville. In 1906 she married Will Haggle, later moving to Deerfield. The husband and one son, Kenneth, survive. PUBLIC SALE Doe o ill health I am selllnr my stock and farm machinery at Public Sale at my farm located It mUes East of Northwood oa WD and^ mite North, and just South of MeltoavlUe, on THURSDAY, JANUARY 2O COMMENCING AT U:U O'CLOCK W HEAD OF CATTLE--8 milk cows, »oae fr«h now and other* to fre»hen In Febraary; 1 2-year-oId steer,,2 Mack Antnj ateew, 1 year old; Z mack Anroi heifen, l year old. 3 HORSES--1 sorrel feldlnr. S years old, weight 1600 Ibs; 1 sorrel mare, 5 years old, weitbt ICftO lb«.; 1 roan mare, 5 years old, wel(ht 18*0 Ibs. 32 HEAD OF HOGS--2» winter pin, 12 «n ram er pig*. ABOUT 21 FEET ENSILAGE--ABOUT 120 BALES OF HAT FARM MACHINERY, Etc.--All this machinery Is nearly new and ia excellent condition. Oliver tractor, No. 79, power lift, rubber m front, In No. 1 shape, conplete overhaul, ready to no to work; 1 Oliver cultivator, coed as new; 1 Oliver 2-bottom plow, I4-ln., good as new; 1 John Deer* IS-ft. disc, 3 yn. old; 1 Moline hay loader, *ood as new; 1 Deerini mower, new; 1 hay rake, 1 4-section drap, 1 hay rack, 1 iteel wheel wagon, l wood wheel wagon with triple box, 1 manure ipreader, nearly new; 1 Hayes corn planter with 100 rods of wire, 1 McCormick-Deerinr train binder, 1 Mc- Cormlck-Deerins; corn binder, 1 McConnlck-Deerinr endrate feeder, 1 platform tcalM (3N Ibx.), 1 sled, t cootlar tank, 1 grindstone, 1 bof waterer, chicken feeders and ·«rateren, 1 set of work harness, tool chest, some household roods and ether Items too numerous to mention. TERMS--Cash; or make arrangements with yonr banker before sale. No property to be removed until settled for. A. H. PATTERSON N. V. Hober, AoMtie«eer Car««al«r 84vbafa Bank, Clerk Livestock AUCTIO1 Wednesday, Jan. 19--1:00 p. m. 400 -- HEAD OF LIVESTOCK -- 400 25» BEAD OF CATTLE--15 head Hereford steers that are fleshy,! wt. SM Ibt.; 15 head Hereford steers, wt. 851 Ibf.; It head Here- ford.heifers, wt 75* Ibf.; 15 head black steers and hetfert, wt. 55» Ibs.; 2» head fat cattle and many odd lot* of stacker and. . feeder cattle. Springing cows, springer heifen, breeding bollf. 111 ·veal calves'and a large run of butcher stock. MR. FARMER: The beat way to aeU Uveatock is at public auction, Have yours in for this week's tale. The crowds are Urge and Iota of buyers on hand each week. AU consignments receive personal attention. 100 HEAD OF HOGS--Breeding boars, fall pies, native feedlnt hogs of all weights, brood sows, and fat hogs. 50 HEAD OF SHEEP--Bred ewes, fat lambs, feeding Iambs and bucks. Forest City Auction Co. Merle C. Hill, Manager--Phone 38. Fertile Sate Barn Phone Green 345, Forest City, Iowa Closing Out Public Sale Ai I JoATe «cl.lid · qmit fovrminc *nt ra«T« U town, w* will fc*ld » e«E»».«. clMinr out »*Jm »t «Br llTKitaek ant famine equipment on the eld OUrn TelUnd farm locate* one mil* narUi an 4 tw* mile* west «t Sheffield «* " e aunty line-- THURSDAY, JAN. 20 COMMENCING AT 12:» O'CLOCK, THE FOLLOWING FBOPEKTT: 17 BEAD OF CATTLE--One registered Holstein boll. Sir PoscJi Lorells. Pletertje, I ·red by W. R. Bamor and Sons, Ckapln. Iowa. Calved Janoarj 20, Xt42, Bla I data had a 43* Ib. botterfat record as a two year old. Seven Bead of high »rc- ] diclaf Holstein cows, aU reeenUj fresh or will be BT sale aU. Three head! of Ions; yeartlax Holsleln heifers. Two bead ot blak yearllnf steers, wolikt I 70* pound! eaeb. Foar bead of Hollteln belter calves. These calres sired or tie above ban. Black stoer calf. 48 HEAD OF HOGS--CoasiiUnr of foar bead ot Spotted Poland brood sows. I bred to roclstered Berkshire bear, to farrow early In April; thirty bead of t Spotted Poland China fall plii, wel(hUx about 5» pounds cacti; fllleen head of j Spotted Poland China feeding pics, welching abeat 17ft pounds eacb 1 BAT. OATS, ENSILAGE, ETC.-Conslstlnr of 700 bgibels of Boone oats, com- « blned early wlthont rain; oM bales of straws SW bales of hay. clever and al-.' falfa, in barn: fitly tons of sllac*: some Collie and Shepherd cross papplcs. i TBACTOE. FAB* MACHINERY, ETC.-Ollver 19 row erop tractor with power J Urt ajd power take-ofr, rubber In front-Oliver two-row tractor cnltlvatorlf u-foet John Deere tractor disc; John Deere 999 corn planter with 130 reds of 1 wire: John Deere fertiliser, for John Beero planter; John Deere manure spread- I er with »uto steer; John Deere steel bottom cay loader; John Deere «-» mower on rubber; Keck island side delivery rake; long type mower wtndrower 6-It.* \ International two row corn binder; Kevar spring tooth drag; four-section steel lever drac; Kodriek Lean weeder; Intemadonal broadcast seeder, crass attachment; g-ft. disc; single row disc cultivator; cross cylinder com sheller, 75- bnshel capacity; Galloway Gold Nagget oat hallcr; light bob sled; rcrulir boo sleJi blch wheel wagon; two rubber tired wagons; two triple wagon bones- Iowa cream separator, 1,000-Ib. slie with electric motor; Successful 4X-bnshel sell-feeder for hogs; pump Jack; 111 h. p. International gas engine; grindstone; feed grinder; feed bank; trailer boxt two hay slings and Jack; two harpoost^ hay forks; foar baling hay hooks: set of disc transport tracks; walking plow. This machinery Is all nearly new or In shape to go into the field with. Drtggs * Straiten 3s h. p. gas engine: electric fencer; pump and cylinder; hand corn planter; Fordson .palley; bnll halter; ell horning tank heater; Hiztcaan portable milking machine; five-ton jack; (as lantern: some stone jars; some hog troughs; ou drams; pitchforks, shovels and numerous other small articles; some kitchen chairs. WAKM LUNCH WHJ. BE SEStVED ON GBOUNDS AT NOON AND DTJXING SALE BT CHABUS STOCK FAKM LUNCH SERVICE TEBMS: Cash. Or. If yen want time make your arrangements with the clerk before tlrqe of the sale. No property to ba removed antu settled for. GEORGE C. AND AMBIE BARNES B. A. mCEMTSMA, Aactloneer SHEFFIELD SAVINGS BANK, Clerk AUCTION SALE On account of ill health, I am holdlne a Closing Oat Sale on my firm located 9 miles south and 2 miles cut of Mason City; or 1 mile east and 3 miles north of Rockwell; on Wednesday, January 19 Beginning at 1:00 p. m. Sharp 1 chestnut gelding, well broke, 7 years old, wt. 1600. 15 HEAD OF CATTLE 9 head of Holstein cows, 2 fresh and 7 to freshen, 3 to 7 years old. 6' summer calves, White Face. About 460 bales of timothy and clover hay. MACHINERY, ETC. John Deere Model B tractor on rubber with corn plow; 2-bottom plow on rubber; 11-foot tractor disc; 4-sectton drag; John Deere manure spreader; International corn planter; International 8-foot binder; International end- gate seeder; steel wheel wagon and box; nay rack; Deering mower; hand corn shelter; De Laval cream separator; 1 set harness; two 4-pen hog houses 12x16; cream cans; strainer; and other articles too numerous to mention. Above machinery is in good condition. TERMS: Cash or make arrangement* with jour banker before sale. No property to be removed until settled for. Gilbert E. Mcllrath, Owner Ora Bayleu, Anet Sam Rankin of Rockwell Credit Union, Clerk ENTIRE CLOSING OUT PUBLIC SALE Ai I am movine back to Nebraska I will hold a ehnint oat public sale on the farm known as the O'Connor place, 2 miles sooth and 3 miles east of Kensett, miles west and J ,i mile south of Grafton, 2 miles east and 2$4 miles north of Manly, on Wednesday, January- 19 COMMENCING AT O'CLOCK 89 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 48 HEAD OF CATTLE-- 7 Cows, fresh; 7 Cows, to be fresh; 7 Summer Calves; 7 Fall Calves; 1 registered 2 year old Angus Bull; Steers, coming 2 years old, weight 700 Ibs. each; 13 Heifers, coming 2 yean old. 3 HORSES-- 1 Bay Mare, 4 yean old, well broke, weight 1600; 1 Bay Mare, 3 years old, broke, weight 1300; 1 Bay Mare, 11 years old, weight 1500. 38 SUMMER PIGS-- Weighing about 130 pounds each. 160 WHITE ROCK PULLETS-- LAYING «M bales Clover and Alfalfa Hay, abort 75 bale* Straw, about 10 tons loose Clover and Alfalfa Bay in barn, about SM tasbeli oats, S s*cks Potatoes, about 2M bushels Com in crib. FARM MACHINERY, ETC.-- 1 Farmall Tractor and Cnlttvator; 1 s«t Steel Wheels for F-1J or F-H; 1 Ma«*7-Harrii 16-iach Tractor Plow; 1 Massey-Harris Manure Spreader; 1 John Deer* -ft. Mower; 1 l.H.C. No. 12 Corn Planter; 1 S-ft. Detrlnj Binder; 1 4-seetlon Flexible Drac; 1 Slnile Row l.H.C. Culttrator; l I.H.C. !«-«. Disc; 1 Moline It-ft Disc; 1 Dump Rak«; 1 Hay Rack; 2 Wagon Boxes; 2 sets of Rnnnint Gears; 1 Endrate Seeder; 1 Scoop Board; I l.H.C. Cream Separator; 1 Electric Fencer; 1 Feed Bmk; 2 rolls Cribbing-; 1 Brooder ROOM, txS ft.; 1 Brooder How*, like new, 12x12 ft. 1 Oil Burner Tank Heater; 2 Mto Harness; 1 set Leather Fljnets; 1 Electric Motor, U a. p.; l Electric Chkkm Fountain Heater; some Home Sawed Lumber; Gas Barrels; Anvil; Hog- Troat-hs. Other articles too nuneroos to mention. ELECTRIC APPLIANCES-- 1 Eloctrie Hot Plate; 1 Electric Ire*. like new; 1 Electric Wall Clock TERMS: Cash, or make arrangements with home banker befon ' sale; no property to be removed from premises until settled for. FRED DITTRICK Ja«fc Power, Aaetlomer _ Manly atate Bank, C»«rk

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