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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Thursday, February 5, 1818
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; : ,.Y - , in chancery. - . fitlNew - York,is.; IN purtuance of a decretal cnler of this bos.ora. ble twr, wilt be told at public auction, at the ". TuiUh Coffee House in citj of New - York, del lie iiP lioaofll! iuhcril - r as ooeol '.. tlMi muster of thi court, on Saturday, the lour - UeuUi day of February next, at twelve o'clock at noun, JI Uiat certaio house and lot of grown), situate on the wetterly side of Nasiau - ttieet, in "' the lliird wurd f 'the. city tf New - t'orky and fcuowaas nnuhtr&l, bounded a follows :uel - erty in front by Naia - tret. westerly in tt ' tear by prrpei - ty tieioogirg'to Mr. Laac Mead, ; northerly by Mr. Hongkinsou'i T..verti, and , t sentiwrly ty.prrperty of Mrs. EliiaiH - th Giron - court, iotiti.ii.iiii; in brtadth In front and rear twenty five feit,m length on the norllierly tide r or hundwrf and twelve feet lour indie, and on - "thesi.ulbeily tide one hundred nod ten feet teu iochtt, I Uw same more or k - ; together with " , alt and sii tular tl,e hereditament! and .ipptirt. oancet thereunto belonging. Dated the TM day . . . ': . v : Matter in Cbanccrf.' NVrr. The termi of the tale will bent fo - ' lowt : 10 per cent on the day of talc, 15 per cent. I'm the first day of May tt, at which deed wid rm executed und posjetsion civ en j the residue to be paid in teveri years, with inteiett haKyearly.secuied by a bond and mortgage ou . the premises the bouse ti I intun - d by the purrhveriroiatbe taid first dy of May until the ' purchase mauey and interest thereon if paid, and . u the policy to be trantierrcd to the nwrtpagr - e Fur further particular! apply at the ouster's office. No. iQ. Pine - street J.an2Jd3w IN CHANCERY. . , Henry Eckford, JaneWeekt and oUiert - V . .M narsuance of a decretal order of tbit honora - i" A ble court, made ia the above cause, will be anld at Dul.lic auction, at the Tontine Coffee - ' Haute. Tn the Chv of New - York, on .Monday, the ninth day of Febfnary next, at IS o'clock at noon of that day. under the direction and tupcr - ..iiiteoilaure of Ue subscriber, one of the masters of this cpurt All that certain lot, piece, or par - ael of ground, titoate King and being ia the se - Tenth ward of New - York, and part of the realet - ' late of Ebeneser Tonne, deceated, and to the , northward of Cberry - ttmet, and between that ,' and LomSardjr - slreet ; bounded toutherly partly . on ground now or late ia postettiou ol George :TeClc, partiy by a gangway of eight feet, mud . partly by Ebeneier Youns't property, now or IaM in the .occupation of Eliiha Blotnra i weit - . rly by ltaacClaioa northerly by t:teiieier Yuun, Jwii'ir; andeatterly by John Sinclair i cr ntainiog in breadth throughout fifty leet nine I iachet ) and in length on bo.h aidet eighty nine feet; and alto the right to, orpmilrge.of allthat . rertaift gangway of right feet in width, leading - from C'hdrry - ttreet to the ground hereby cooiey - - d, with the abtolote right f phtiing and rt - pau iiigit all tiisetthrougb taid gangway, with h r - ' tct, cart, carriaget, loaded aiia unloaded, at pleature. And alto, nil that certnin lot of ground, ituale, lying and bingin tlie taid terentn ward " of the city aforemid, on the north tide of Cherry - ' ttreet ; hounded toutherly in front by Cherry - itreet, aforrtaid ; northerly in the rearby ground ' late of yaiah Rainbird, and formerly belonging ' to EhrnMer Young, of the rity aforetaid, ie - ceatHl eatlerly by a gangway of eight feet in - breadth, and weeterly by ground now or lute nl Iiaac Claon ; containing in lecfth on each ide onehtmdred feet, and in breadth, in front and rear,ench twenty five feet; which twenty fi.e feel iiictudet tbe one half pirt oftbetnid gai:g - ' way, and alio the ut and prlrilege of the taid " gangway, in common with the proprietor of tne lott of land adioitune thereto ; and which timl . gangway U to be, and remain, a cnminon g'tu; - wht or pattase lor the uei aforetai t ; which aid lot of ground it port nf the real ettate whereof the taid the nt itr V oung, deceated, wat reized n in fee at the time ofhi death i and which wui ' givrn and devised to Sarah, the wife of John . ' Kanbifd. fn and bv the latt will and Ititaiwnl ofthe tnid lenezer Young, nnd by the taid John and Safah conveyed to William W ekt. 't'ogi thnr with all and lingular, the el;ficet, . meats and appurtenances tiiereunto belonging or in any wite uppeitaioing. Dated New - Yurk, , January 9th. 1U18. , . WILLIAM 5EAMAV, ' " Al aster in Chancery. ,jan91aw3w5:dtdi ...... : : ; IN CHANCERY . ." '. : Stale cf JYeir - york, ti. , ; IN pursuance of an order, of thit honorable court, will te told at public auction at the Tontine CoAVe Houte, in the city of New - York, un - ' der the direction of the tiihscriher. on the 27th .day of November intt. bt ELEVEN O'CLOCK 'in the" forenoon All that certain lot, piece or Jiarcel of groond tituate lying and being in the burth ward of the city of New - York, com men cing 40 leet from the touthwett comer of new - - inarket - tlip (late Catherine - itied) and Chorry - - ttrcef, and running westerly along Cherry - itn et 40 feet, to ground now or l ite the property M ' John Iloltman ; thence southerly ulong taid ground 130 fc - t to W'uter - ttreet ; thence easterly along Water - ttreet 40 feet, to ground now or late of Bolt us Moore', then northerly a Jons said ground 120 feet, to the niace of beziu - fling. Alto, all that certain other lot, piece or JiarceJ M grounn, tituate, lying and being in the ourth ward of the city of Mew - Yurk. dirertl '. in tbe rear of the abve described piece or parcel of croWI. and commencing 40 feet rnm the . touthwett corner "f new - market tlip, and Water - street, and running westerly a Ions Water - ttreet - 40 feet, to ground of John G. Cotter ; thence 'toutherly along laid ground 160 feet tt Snulh - . ttreet, tnence eatteri r along Soutli - nlrrct. 40 feet . to gruuud now or late of Bo'tut Moore, thence northerly aloag mid ground 160 feet, to the place of beginning. Together with the hereditament nad appurti aances to the same, and every part . . and parcel thereof belonging or in any wite ap - s tciuiiu. udieu io. Hn, ion. .. . . THOMAS BOLTQN, Matter in Chancery. .. Tbe abort will be told in teperate lots. The t terms of sale will be lilieral and may be known .ny enquiring oi me matter,. Ho. 4i fine - iireet, irncre a map oi me prvuutei can tie seen. '. nov 4 lav,U9thdU 1, Theale of tha above property it postponed to the SOU) day of January next, at the tame bour ; and piacc. JJaiedrto. Z7tn, 1817. . . : . .. ., . THOMAS BOLTON, . i - - - . Master in Chancery, ixv7 lawUana.ldti - The ahovn tale it lurfher pottrjoned to the 13th day cf February next, iie tane hour and niace." jun. 10, ima. THOMAS BOLTON, Jan 29 trtt . - Mntterin Chancery, . IN CHANCERY. . Slate tf.Ye ynk, v. IN (.unuance of a decretal unh - raf thia howo rable court, will h iold at publ c auction, at the m. uftit.uc v - uuee nouse, in tiie city or new I or a, iitvdcr the direction of the tubtcriber, as one of ,o uB!:,,,,;j!,(lbi court. on Wcdnciday, ttie 18.h djy of February next, at 1 J o'clock, noon, .Uin ,o, oi grouoil, annate In Uie seventh ward ol the city of New. York : hounded northerly in front bv Divitiou - ftre.t, toutherly in the rear by a lot oi ground beloogiuic lo Daniel Co unit .Meiterly by a lot of ground belonging to Ann LUler. aud easterly by a lot of ground beJoncingtoCoraeiiut Poiliemus; conUinini in breadth in Iront and rear, each twenty six teet. and in length on each tide, sixty three fe et six inches , and the m of a ganway of ti&l leet wide, leading front the taid M into iiarman - tuvet, in common with the proprietors of Uw .As of ground adioimnt the said gangway ; with the appuitenanccs listed Jan. 27, 18 18. , JAMES A. HAMILTON. Jan J7fawtFl0dU Master in Chancery. Juvenile Sooki. DitMritA THE subscriber has still on band, a general , and pleating attorUnent of books fir youth, dismctetj prints, maps, and cards of .imtucoeot, for sale, wholesale or retail, at bis store. No. 2 tUrtm - ttreet, Purchasers of rarticnlar book k.c - will do well U apply early, at the oatabers of some are low. ' ' ' Jan 23 tw THOMAS DABT0.T. .ClIANCKT - ' t!j i v Ulaew - oi, i purmnce of a decretal order of tbia bor - 1 b! court, bearing date the 7th dT f J" ... .m k. i4i.i mhtut aiu - rian. at the I oat Cfiuw l luie. lo the city of ie - iorj ua - der tbe direction of the tuhwrilwr, at one jae mattertofthiiciHirt, on TAurtdViy, the Oajy iwa cerviuio - t r" - .v , j . r underwater, to t made land and " (1.0 yortliorllorttor.'t tuner, .j - s - - btirgbetweea Watliegtoa - .treel and certain Nwltatt of teyn.y fe'et in breadU ton. , - on the taid Jiorth River, itt - .treet. and it bounded at followt : north - emter y and easterly by Liberty - tlreet i ; uorth - wc.terhr aodweiterlyby We.t - ttreet aforetaid; tcuth - wt?y and wetterly by .Ccd.r.ttree.t, aiwl touth eitteriy said eaMerly Dy vjatMngion - ttrtet:cootining in breadtn onlV atrangton - itreetaad eil - nrcei one nuuunro uu ... nrl in lenrth nlonr Libeitv - ltreet one hundred and tevenly - teven fert, and along Cednr ttreet one hundred and teventy - two feet" ; . - iK with the arjDurtenancet. tuniect never - tixkt to the rent, covenant!, rettrictioni and grecinentt to which taid premitet are tuDieci, u ftvor of tbe corporation of the city of New - York, at implied, retrved and created oy thtm. Dated Nov. 2Ctb. 1817. ' Matter in Chancery. Vnlc .Thr tula of the above nroiwrtv it pott ooned to Friday, the 30th initant, at eleven vckicK, A. lu. at tne tame niace. h w ui u in Mi or parcel, and on liberal terms which mar be known oy applying at ine maer ouw, .. " t n - I I. . i r f km. o. a ouuuingv I wuero uimy f miret may oe teon. January urn, 1010. lunOlIU Tfce above tale it furtl et pottponed to the el - vebtb day of February next at the tame hour and 1... oi.u irriu niace. jwi.iiuui JAMES A. HAMILTON, feb 3 dtdt Matter in Chancery iiS CHANCERY. State of New - York, tt IN purtuance of nn order of thit honorable rf - rill be told at Duhlic auction at the Ton tine ConVe Home, in the cityol New - YorV, under the direction of the tubtcriber, on tlie twenty fventh dny of November inttant, at ELKV EN (vr.t.Cif.K in th forenoon, all that certaio lot, piece or parcel of ground, tituate, lying ard being in the filth ward oftherityof New - York. fronting on Laight - it. (l!UU6Ui oiiUAnr,; houndt d northerly in the rear by Vettry - ttreet, .airl lit Ihe hnuutand lot DOW for late occu pied by Afrt. Murray, wetterly by boute and iot lute of 1 - eonnrd Liipenard, deceatra ; containing in breadth, in front, and rear 31 feet 6 inh.i nrf in Hrnlh nn ech tide 172 feet. Snid premitet bt ing Lcld under and by virtue of a certain deruisn fijom the rector and inhabitant! ol the city of New - York in communion of the Protestant Epitcopal Church in the ttate of New - York, for the term of niuety - nioeyeart from the J$th day of March, 1805 ; tuhject to the yearly rcut ol $15, and to the provwoet, covenant! and ugretuientt contained in taid lease : together with the hereditament! and appurtenancet to the uit belonging or in anjwiie appertaining Dated ISov. 4, 1B17. THOMAS BOLTON, Matter in Chancery The termt of late, which ft ill he liberal, may be known by enquiring at the office of the mat ter, tin. 41 fine - ttreet. nn a oawtl9th&d!l The tale of the above property it pottponed to the Zilth day of January neit, at the tame hour a - i ft i fc.'.... w.l. 1fll7 sou uiu.c. fmcu iiui '., THOMAS BOLTON, Matter in Chancery. nov 7 lawUSOdtdt The almve tale it further postponed to the 13lh day of February next, al tbe twno hour and place. Jan. 23, 181H. , 1 UU.V1AO UVM.IU.', Jn?9HM.i . . Matter in Chancery. Al a Court fl Chancfry held for 'he ttate m' New - York, at the city of Albany, on the tenth dav of January, in the year of our Lord one Ihouiimd eight hundred and eighteen, Pretent, The Honorable James Kent, Etqnire, tillBlK rtf f William Seger, ' George Chonmert, Alexander Glennie, John Cap - lr, William iienioca and jonn luicner IT appearing to the satisfaction of this court, hw ii.e KifiJavit of William N. Dvckman. ju nior, the tolicitor lor tne compiainaai, ana iue fldarit of the comolainanL that nrocett of tub - i trns hat been resrularlv iuued. reqnirine the de fendants Alexander Glennie. John Capir, Wil liam Henkick and John Ritcher, to appear to nd amwer the amended bill of complaint in nut cause, and tnai nenner oi me saia .eiriHiiu Aleitixlrr Glennie. Jolm Capper, Wiluam lien lock and John Ritcher. hat aniHred, accordui: to the rulet of this court ; and diat the said de fendants Alexander Glennie, Johu Lurier, W il liam Henlock and John KiU tier, reside without this ttate, to wit, in the city of London, iu the kinedom of Great Britain It it there fore, on motion of Mr. Munro, of Counsel lor the Comiilainant.' ordeied. that each of the laid drfnt.dantt, Alexander Gleunie, John Cap per, William Hcolock und John Ritcher, can liitappeaiance tobeentereJand hit answer filed to the tiid amended bill of complaint within nine r J.i. .. .1 :.. Ihamnf UI'IUIIM IM'IU tlJI UaiC, IftllU 111 MClBHIi .iibii..'i, tnat the taid amended bill of romphint be taken Diac.'nfetto asainst them to the end that iw h dTree miy be tiiereuimo made n shall be just. And It it lurUM - r ordered mat wniuu twenty aayi from thit day a copy of thii order be published in a' leatt two ol tne public newspapers printed in lliii ttate. and tie continued therein for the term of right weeks successively, once in each of Uie taid weem. A copy, ISAAC L. Kir,. Jan 23 law8w Assistant Register. At a court of chancery held for the ttate of New - York, at the city of Albany, on the twenty seventh day of December, in year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and teenleen, rait air t, . The Honorable James Kent, Chancel - cellor. x Cerard Beekman, tt. bane B. Cox and Corne - , uelia, hit wife, and the Globe Insurance Company. 1 IT appearing by affidavit, to the satisfaction ofthit court, that . recess of tubpaeia to appear and answer in tbe above cause, hath been regularly ittued against O.e above named derendanU, luac B Cox and Cornelia, hit wife, and the Globe Insurance Company, but that tlie laid defendant, Isaac B. Cox, could not, upon diligent search and enquiry; made intermediate the teste and return of the tuid ubprxna, tie found within thit ttate, to he served the rew itli. And it further aDpearineby the taid affidavit, that th taid de fendant, laao B. Cox, it now within the United otates, either in Ue ttate of Kentucky or in the ttate of Virginia on motion of David Cod wise, L squire, solicitor for the complainant, it it or dered that the said defendant, Isaac B. Cox, do raute his appearance tone entered and tut an twer to be bled jn this cause, within four mouths from the date ofthit order, or in d - fault thereof that Uie complainant's bill of complaint betaken prn - coofi - strt against him. And it it further uidcred. that a copy of (hi. order . he pub. uhcd within twenty dayt front the date of Uiit order, in one or tnorf ol the public newtpaprit pnuieo in inis siaie, soreigni weeas tuccttsive ly, once al least in every week. A lopy. ISAAC L KIP, dec 31 law8w Araiitant Register. T BROWN, (tone seal engraver and jewel ler. No. 166 B.wdnit. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, fcc. engraved on stone. J A handsome asnrtmeot of fin golJ teal, chains aod other jewellery. UW teals eocravtJ with coati of anne, nottos, and fancy devices. Diwaonds, amelhysts, crystals, tc. bought in the rough or cut bi any forns. iioocs oi ncraiiirv Vrnt w!lh nnn.l. bUrtsju oaaus. Jan 7 3a IN in 60f COPIES Of . WRIGHT IUWW.; ATHL.A I lot. on, mai lOting p V'T mhirh no man can bntaved. by Samuel Wright, li. U. J to vhich U lidded, the CtiumuMCUiit't Spiritnal Cornpardnri, or n evan - eelical preparation, for the IxtrdH Eupprr, by the Kevd. Thomat llaweia. fiUOcopica ofthit work tbeeb, or by tbe tingle out, bound, for tale by u. nAniLM , Ctrcnlating Library, 13B Fulton itreet Jan lo lui iVI IT S I C, 4 I.I. the nniri. Duetlt. at loivf by Mr. Plil - j linnt al the New - York Theatr.. for tale at Wm. DUBOIa1 Piano Forte and Muac Store, No. 128 Kto - adway. . s . Uch Id iu hit toft expreiiv lace Tho' love it warm aw hilt 'Til but fancy't iketch , It there a bt..rt tliat Mvr lov'd In vain may that boentn lott quite deplore My early day what jojt waa thine Love! yooog dream Tbit blooming rote at early dawn Robin Adair Beautiful Maid Let 'mue to und tbe trumpet Had I a heart Evtleen't Bower Dear maid I love thee ' Ah ture a pain wat never teen Said n tmile to a tear Sigh not for love M v heart with lova it beatins ' Tlie rekhraled urenade of LilUcome down Bird Duett lto mcn rlora't wreath. With a large assortment or new mutic rtc24 IN CHANCERY. N purtuance of an order of thit honorable court, 1 bearing data - lhe nineteentn aay oi January intt. notice it hereby riven to all the creditor! ol William Wells, deceaied, to come in and prove their debti, before the lUbicriber, atone of tbe mailers of thit court, at bit office No. 3 Law Buildings, on or before the ninth day of Februa ry next. Dated Jan. 28th, 1018 - ' JAMES A - HAMILTON, febttf Matter in Chawrery. EAGLE TAVERN, JVV. 9 WAR11ES.STRRF.ET, ( Recently kept by James L. Hedtnburgh) 11 ILL furuieh beef - tteakct, oytten, Sic. at v T the tbortett notice. HOT COFFEE, with or without relithc?, kept constantly in readinett. Jan 7 eodlm B. CARPENTER. Jiy muthortty of tKe mlatei of .stwJtrtry end Aiew - l'or. THE MILFORD & OWEGO ROAD LOT TERY, for facilitating the intercoure be tween the western Dartt of the Statu ol New York and the Crty of New - York, through the Slatet of Pennsylvania an I New - jersey. SCHEME. 1 prize of 70,OflO DOLLARS 1 35.000 DOLLARS 2 10,000 DOLLARS 2 5,000 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS 30 500 DOLLARS 140 100 DOLLARS 3i00 . 30 DOLLARS 33G8 Prizes not two Blanks to a Prize 10,0)10 Tickets Part of the Prizes will be determined at followt Firtt 1000 Blanks, Thirty Dollars each. Fir.l drawn Nn. 1st ilav. wil! be entitled to f 15.000 500 1000 500 . 5000 500 10000 500 101)0 5i0 350)1" 500 10t"0 500 70000 500 " 1000 500 1000 500 Thit Lottery will commence drawing at the city of Jersey, on the firtt Tuesday in Muv next and will be completed in twenty drawing!. The print will he paid at the Union Bank, in the city nf New - Tork, tixty days after the drawing will be GuLdiLd, subject to a deduction of li per cent. CI1A9. KINSEY, ) J). STUART, Committionert JNO. LINN. S Tickets 30 dollan each. Adventurer! and Dealers can be supplied on application to ISAAC G.OUIEN, JanSOendtf 48 Wall - street FOR lilr LADIEs. rnilE RESTORATIVE POWDER FOR J THE TEETH AND GUM; This ex cellent preparation comforts and irentheni the gums, preserves tbe enamel from demy, and clcautes and whitent the teeth, absorbing all that accniiintiiousilinie and foulness, which, tui - ferrd to nrrumulate, never fails to injure, and fi nally ruinttiem IHK IJAMA2I. Lir SAI - iVti. Is recommendeil, (particularly to the Ladies) at an elegant and pleasant preparation for chap ped and tore li, and every mermen and incon venience occasioned by coldt, levers. &c. li ved ily restoring a beautiful roty color, and delicate toltnctt to trie 111 THE GENUINE PERSIAN LOTION, So celebrated among the lashionable through' out Euro;, it an invaluable cosmetic aod per ftctly innocent and tafe, free from cnrrotive and repellent minerals, (tne ban of other louons) and ol unparalleled efficacy in preventing and removing blemishes in Uie fare and ikin of every kind, particularly trecklet, pimples, tr.urft, tet ters, ring worms, tun burnt, Sc. rendering the ikin delicately toft and clear ; improving the complexion and restoring tne nioom oiyoutn. Hamilton's Essence and extract of Mustard, for Rheumatiim, Lumbago, Palsy, vc. Hamilton's celebrated Elixer, for coughs, colds, a'thmat and Consumption. Hxmiltoa's Worm destroying Lozenges Ilahn't Anti - Biiioui Pilli Hamilton'! Grand Restorative, for nervous dis eases, tec. being peculiarly adapted to t einale complaiott. ' Sold t LEE'S Medicine - store, No. 46 Maiden - lane. Hruggiits arid country store keepers supplied on lilwral termt. Certified catetof cure may be seen at the place Ol tale. Jan 9 end IKON, FALLOW, tic. FIFTY torn Guerifit new tabln Iron, Russia Yellow dandle Tallow . Duck, white and brown Sheeting, for sale by HOY r U TOM, Jnn 30 end 1w . 4j Soiilh - streil FOR &ALfc, The lease which hat 16 years to run of tot sloute and kits at present occupied by tbe Rev. Doctor Mason. The House contains 15 roomt with fire places, and two without, besides store - room, wine - room, vaults, smoke houte and other accommodations. Enquire at No. 41 War rn - ttreet. Jan 17 eodtFeh NOTICE. 07" Tlie creditor! of Clayton tt Fanshaw are requested topment their accounts to the tubtcriber, regularly proved, on or before the 10th Feb. next All accounts that are not presented by that time will he excluded the ben' fit of a divi dend. ALEXR. BREMNFR, Assignee, Jan 21 endtKIO 131 Fmnt - trret, A 6WS F.niierwnt, fanner, wiUi a wife and XS. a nanitrout family, would be thankful tn find a situation on a farm, either to work it on hares or to be a journeyman thereon. He alo uodentao'ls well the roana;cment of hor - e; and mihttuit a livery stable : ia Sue, work of any kind within hit capacity he would mort thank, fully undertake and earnertly tnlinis, to be en ablcd tosuniftort his family during this inrh o.eot season. His wise nbo bet emplovm - nl fn coarse tewing. Apply lotht Act. Mr. 1 ctiiVevrrre, do 2d do do 3d do do 4th ' do do 5lh do do 6th do do 7th do do 8th do do . ' 9th do do 10th do do 11th do do 12th do. do 13th do do 14th do do 15th do do 16th do Jo 7tn do do , 18th do do 19 th do do 20th do sio. 13 Ledar - stxeet. Feb S ?; 'pjtTwfstaSTK RJliokSTfiCPSt j EORG E SAN D EliS Utaiy iron them for lt favort, nnd one more venturnt to rci ccommend hit ttropt at one w urn mow "' - f - - ivme contrivancei that nver Wert the chn nJ . M! W1U mnn" "J a . .. f I . .La. tV.Mifl nl man inn nte w n, " r ik r.l ftnil a box Of compotllion, n mar wj ;.k k. nnet of nature. To ihave to tleeu ncrcbauce to dream while in tbt operation . ... tL.i .ff. nf kar. and who wouiu near ui iwwm - her bate ; who would grunt and Wtat under a i.ihnu.ft heard, or a dull raior utt, wbca he might hit quiilut make with a irmple 5aun4er'i itrop?" Cowo then to hit manufactory at the coraer of Heed - tlrcet and Broadway, and there you will find the lubscnber atwayi reauy u re ceive the commands of bis customers. dec 5 tf "WIIKATON'S ITCH OINTMENT. THE long ami succetsfal use of this ointment a sufficient recomciendutioti, at it bat been found to lie a pleataut, tafe awl cert;un remedy fr tliat ditagreeable ditrafe iu all its tta Kei. It it for lale in de city of New - York, by A. &: Xf. R. Pott, No. 41 Williain - tireei; i. T. Clark, No. .85 Maiden - Lane ; H. 11. Schieftlinft Co. No. 103 Penrl tirtel ; Lawrence : Kete, No. 195 Peurl - ttreet ; Halt Bowne, 140 Pearl ttreet ; K. it L. Murray, Jio Poarl - strwt : J. M. Bradliurtt. 314 l earl street : Jolm Peoford, No. 4 Flelcher - ttreet ; Durjee i Poe, in rearl - itreet; John V. .lormoi., iut. Greenwich ttreet; Jolm P. Fither, IUG Broadway ; Walter; Seaman, corner of Chamber - it. and Broadway, and alto in Chatham - ttreet ; and in tkort it may be procured at mott of Inn Drug Wilhj - ll 1 - Sum nrnnre Hxriell .North ti Ro eert, and almost al the druggitU in the principal towns in tbe United alatet. i.ntwui. WH EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above placet. janiKbin THE LAST NOTICE. To those who are owing arreart of taxes, to the corporation of Uie city and county oi new - Vnrk ffc7 - The time limited for the payment thereof expired on uie 1M insi. una s aw uun cutjaftjw in inakinr a return of tuch prciierty as remains delinquent, preparatory to the admtitement and salethereoliorthepaymeniol saia laics, ami nrh other surnt at niav be reouired to meet Uie expenses of tuch sale, which will take place when conipleteil. . I am directed to receive all arrears which may be ofi'ered, prior to the completion oi ine anotC' named return and will att;nd at thiioffice dai ly from 10 to 2 o'clock, until that period. T. W . G 1 LBERT, Collector. Collector'i Oftke, No. 2 City Hall, ) January 15, 1018. Jan 16 1m COHPGKJTIOjY tROtERTX. OlMtmhl at public auction on Friday. the . 20th February, 1818, at the City Hall, 12 o'clock. 111 hiirhlr ra uali e now occupiea ny Mr. William A. Hardenbrook, about 5 mile from the containing together nearly fifty a - crtt of land. It will be sold in lott from 5 to 10 acres each, situated on tbe 6th, 7th, 8th. 9th, 6i 10th avenuei ; on the latter itaod the dwelling house and out buildings, but a thort distance from Uie Hudson River. This property is worthy the attention ol tnose who wish to oouest handsome country seats : as its contiguity to the city, commanding views of tnetiuasou, reurea iiuuiion, wu iuvn.c of some of tie ground, together with an ample supply of wood, render u one oi uie most aetira - ble object of purchase. A map of the premises may be seen, and fur ther particulars known, at tbe Comptrollers Of iVe. Citv Hall. . Jan ft rtts 1 ANNt rlY FOR SALE. 'TO be sold at public auction, on Wednesday, I Uie 18lh dav of February next, in tlie area of the Exchange CotTi e House, in the town oi Boston, at Vi o'clock at noon. All the real estate belonging to Uie Hampthice Leather Manufactory, situate in the town ol Northampton, in the state of Massachusetts. The estate will be sold in four lots, vis : Lot No. 1. containing about 31 acaet of land. near the centre of tlie town of .Northampton, on whit b it erected all those extensive aod valuable buildifu?!. lately occupied by the corporation ini.ninc ofleather. with aiut300vats, some of which are very large and part of Ikcm under cover, in which leather may be handled during the winter; it is presumed lime is not m Un state to extensive and vaiuame an ebiauuminicm for rarrvimr on the tauning busineir as Uiis. A iiarlii ular detcriDtioa of Uie buildingt and pri - viledget would take up too much room for an advertisement. Lot No. 2 contains abcut 3 arret, tituate on the north tide ol the county road, directly ppo - tite to lot No. 1, on which are two dwelling boo - with convenient out buildings, is on high ground, and considered a very delightful situation. Lot No. 3. containing about four acres of land, lilunte on the easterly tide of Mill River, about two wiles from the meeting l.nuse. in Northampton, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings llicrcon. Lot No. 4 contain! about one acre of land, on which it elected a bark mill and hark sheds, ti - tuat - near Edward's tavrrn, about 6 miles Irom Northampton, on theAihany toad. Any iiertou having an inclination to purchase all or any part nf the foregoing property, are in vited To rxumine it. I lie corporation pledge tlitmselves to sell to the highest bidder, being de termined to close their concerns. Any informa tion respecting the estates may be obtained on application to JOSIAH D WIGHT. Etquire, at Northampton, or .tttC.Erl rKAVi;i3, janl4 India street, Boston D LYNCH, Juor. having made arrangements . with a respectable house ia Madeira, to be tupplieu with a proportion of the winetol the ra. risoesolbl. Antonio and Cams ce Jyooot, luoi versally acknowledged to prluce Uie belt Ma deira in the Island) has opened a wine itore, at no. 4U.wiuiHm - itreet, whtre ne will receive or ders for this wine, from gentlemen wishing to lay up a dock for tliesr own use ; and (by the agree . - : . l . . - .1 i ' I uieni wiui me nouse iu iiiaaeirai n me wine, on arrival, be not approved by D. L. Jr. it is not to oe em to ine pames orucring H. D. L. Jr. has taken great pains to procure from varioui placet inMrie United States and tne West Indies, the best Madeira, that wat to be purchased, in the wood, and old bottled wine, of very superior quality, from private stocks, which be now otfen lor tale, lie will constantly keep on hand an assortment of the choicest winet and liquors, selec ted with care by himself, and will tell none which he cannot WARRANT PURE at IMPORTED. Jan 19 Iru HLHCK WELDS ISLAXU r'O4 HALH T is situated about five milei from the citv l and contain! about 115 acre! of land of tlie best quality, with a rood dwelling houte. barn. Ac. Possc'ttioo may be bad the 1st May. ortar - licr, if required. Most of the purchase monev may remain on bond and mortgage, for a number oi yean, r or ruruier particulars, enquire ou the premitet, or oi ADAMS k BLACKWF.LL, J.io22 175 Pearl - street TO LET. . A large convenient modern built houte. coach houte and improvements, (with or without an eiier.siir ancnen garden and back lot) from tlie Brst of May next : situated on the corner ol Uie Frtt Avenue and First - str - et, near the cor.ier of North and Allen streets, and about one mile from tbe City Hall. The situation is elevated and healthy, and in every respect suitable torn genteel family. Un the '..remises is a well of mott excellent water. Apply tn CORNELIUS DUBOIS, lb 2 tf No. :V( Frnnt - ttret HUQK - KEEP F. rV'5 DIRECTORY. TUST published, The Trial Balance or Eook tf keeper's Dtrrctory; shewing .a complete sytem of book - keeping, commenced, carried on, and closed, and new books opened, upon a clear and experimental plan. Uy Thomas II. Gcd dard, acrountaut. On a large thceU Price 50 cents, t or sale oy MI0H k DUNNING, JaaSO 2w No. Ill Wator - tU for I h V 3 COR PH I LA DEL - PHI A. The POST CHAISE, with every convenience Passengers and their bugRtge (fhrnugh in one day) wiil lenn tne Post Chaw OlBce, l ib Broad - way, opposite the City Hotel every day (Sundays excepted) at 7 o'clock in the morinn. .by way or Newark, and arrive the same day at Ici - ladelphia. ..." - i The MAIL FILOT, in opposition to the Mail Coach, with 'superior accommodations for Pat - tengert aud theft baggage, will leave the tame place every day (Sunday excepted) at half past o'clock P. M. will proceed before theMail, and ..,.t inhiM - l In the inconvenience of stopping at the numerout Pott Officet on the road, but every accommodation provided for the traveller, ami arrive tome hourt before the Mail at Philadcl - t.:n inn 7 linllar. (r All goods and baggage at the rbque of ine owner. . JOHN PJ. UuiviMifii, niewara. . JOHN (1IILICK iz SONS. Princeton. RTnrvTTnN te HOWELL. Philadeltihia. JV. D. bxvTtttft iU to any part of the lnittd Statet, by l BAKER to. jnn au POST COACH LINE roa PUILAUELtiiU av WAT or FOWLES - HOOK IMPORTANT TO FAMItieM' ' No coraeclion with the pott chaise hne. PARTNERSHIP DI3SOLVED, AND OPPO S1TION REVIVED. A NEW Lion of Pott Coachet with every con AA rniinr for Dasteneert ard baggage, on ..,.. 'i iiRnn:n in ONE Dav. The Pott Coach will start from Uie Coach office, oM No. I Courtland - ttreet, N. York, every moniing.Smidays excepted, at 1 - 2 past 6 o'clock, nf IMurark. New - Bruotwick. Prince ton, Trenton and Brittol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same evening. . Tk. SUnm boat Lint INDUSTRY, Will lart irom New - York every morniiur (Sun days excepted) at 10 o'clock, in Uie Steam Boat Atnlnnta. from the north side of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dine - . United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, on springs. Tbe U. S. mail coach will start from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtlundt - itreet, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock Only 6 passengers admiUed. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at Uie old ettai hthed Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courtlandt - ttteet, Uie second office from Broadway, New - York ; to ISAAC BROWN, No. 1 Vv'ashington - itreet;orto A. T.GOODRICH & CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner of Ce - il.,lm.t. New - York. rrj - AII goods and baggage at Uie risk of Uie nve. JOSEPH LYON. SONS & CO. N. B Expresses tenl to any pan oi ine i.oo - ient,by THOMAS WHITFIELD. linent Jan 22 U. S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, WITH A GUARD. Or The puhhc are assured - that this line it euuui to any in Uie U. S. for the convenience and comfort nl the traveller. With Uie addition of Uie guard, Uie passenger may rest secure at to r r.i ... i ....i ik - i. Oil uuggac Miu ii:iivui aicftjr ftiic luui ii never btiugTeft whilst changing at the pott officet, without a person on Uie hvx. The u ay D.ail it put in separate bass and changed in Uie Euro - Dean it vie. The U S. Mail Coach will ttart from the coach office, old No. 1 Courtland - it.eet, New - York everyday at 2 o'clock P.M. aod arrive at Philadelphia next worniiid at 6 o'clock: only 6 paiteusera admitted in tbis coach. For tcatt apply to TUOs." W 1 1 IT FIE LI), at Uie old Coach and Stage Office, old No 1, second office from Broadway in Courtlandf - street, or to A. T. GOODRICH ft Co. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - stiet - t. New - York. N. B. All goodi ana baggage fat the risk of the owners. J. LYON k SONS, Powltx Hook. WILLIAM GULICK K CO. Kingston. CHESTER BAILEY, Philadelphia. Expresses sect t& any part of the Continent by janso thus. WHn riELu. ISDlULlsJlUtf Oil 6O0R yiVM.iCH. S acknowledged by medical writers to be a complaint ol stubborn kind, und at all time very difficult of cure. This is sulbcienUy illut trated in the disappointment of those who unfor - nately suffer under it, at Uiey, for tlie most part, find Uiat after having tried many things to little or no purpose, they are at latt obliged to use (for perhaps the remainder of life) tuch articles at can at best but palliate the disease. Under tuch circumstances, any medicine capable of remo ving Uie complaint, mutt surely ha an article highly deserving the attention ol all those wn - , r - t - are afflicted witn it ; tuch a combination is lo rte met with in Dr. MKjiU'S JtfCTl UY&EP TIC or STOMACH PILLS - ihe success of which has never yet been equalled, for Uie cure of dyspepsia in itt mott complicated form, tuch at lots oi appetite, nausea, neart nurn, natuien - 1 ... :. l - i I. .. n : i. :j. AlHftnuig ptuii iu wn iiuuiftLu, i.ftftiu tu uir tide, great i osuveness, paleness in ine cnunte nance, languor, lownett of tpirits, pain ia the bead, virtigo or giddiness, and diiturbed sleep wnoever applies mete piut j ine aoove aiseate, according lo tne directions, win never ne ditap pointed, at they have never been once knowuto rail in producing a radical and permanent cure the uteoi a tingle nox will convince the mott unbelieving nf their efficacy. They Will m.t effectually remove all sourness of the stomach, not merely by neutralizing trie acid, but by cor recting thai moroid state el uie tecretioni which givei rise to it, and at the same time will re store lo the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which it absolutely necessary to uie wen (icing oi ine animal economy. To be had at Brook fc Carle's, Pearl - itreet at J. C. Morrison's, Greenwich - street, and at Hull 1 Bowne's 146 Pearl - street, where drug gists and country dcalcrt will be served on libe ral terms. QJ" Price one dollar per box. dec 24 6w LEE'S ITCH OAVrjlfEJVT. TITARRANTED an infallible remedy at one v v application, may be used with perfect taletyou inf.uiti a week old, uot contain - nz particle ol mercury,or any danerout ingredient whatever, and not accompanied with Ui tt cITen - live smell which attends Uie application of other remedies. The above medicines are prepared and told at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 40 Maideo - Laue, and tolJ by - S. CARLE, cornet or Fulton and Watcr - ttreets. Druggists and country store keepers inpplicd on uuerai termt. jan 29 .W OJTTGUM ERu ' a tUEM S. rpillbday received by T. Al J. SWORDS J. iw 1 earl ttreet, bundirmely printed iu two ....Minn, niu. price nvo uoiiars, a new and complete edition of the works of James Montgomery, including several poems, now firtt i.s'JuJ. - td ; Wgetner with a iketch of bis life. To which 1 'vme "ccauonal pieces by another pen, , ; TOST CHAISE LINK. . .f pn fiiitfi! min A i . the ry or er to to oi a I tiitceraicg ptbtir know bow to ditJkgaita a. .vcrii ui.iifii iiift uiuer. . DOCTOR HORJVE, forrherry of the city of Losdon, act) ffl.itber ol the faculty of phytis ami surgery Uiere. deems it bis du ty to repeat soineooaeryatiou ca tlie abuse cf MERCURY. A rash, indiscriminate, ubd unquali fied use thereof, baa been productive of iofiuite oiitchief. Tbca. sands me annually mercurialized out of existence. The disease we bave in view owes its Is - results chierlv fn il.i. a young man, Uie teopet of his country, an!: daruug of lui parents, should lie sstched a - way from all Uie prospecti and enroymenliofli.'s byU .e consequences of one unguarded moment, and by a disease not in its own nature fatal, aui wmciiouiy proves so irom negttci or unpropec treat menL" A centleniac. flata Dr. H's n - tinnt) pow perfectly bear? and well, had beea unucr piijiH inn ui grnciM practice, SIX yean, and rfiieatedlytalivakd; when recoituneo.Jed to ui. u. uj a guiiieiiiaa oi una city i nis bones were carious, and hit Deth dropping from them j his friends declared be rould not - posiibly turvii two months longer. Thousands experimentally know with what ease and scuety ur. il, eradi. diet tbe severest case, am couL'ms Uie cootU - tution. The Doctor's plan (advertiefcg) is Btm cessary to guard Uie public against Uie aouie ef mercury, ana luuu delusions, ticJd lorth Persons, therefore, having cootracted a pri rate disorder, or I us pec ting latent poison, ar adinouithtdnot to tamper with their ccostits - lion, or conceal the disorder, till past recov. ; oUitrihaving Uie remains of an old cats, other impurities of the biqod, as well as oth - couipiaiuls of a delicate nature, in either sex. should remember posterity, and do juitica their consciences, by making apniicttion' Dr. II. at his old. and rtsucctaLL eifnK. lisliment, No. 64 Water - ttreet, four houses west uiu - mp, to oDuua uiai prpuipe assistance a - lone calcuuiled tx prevent disclosure. And here let me claim your serious attention Remembtr superficial cure is no cure at alt ; unlets Uie hi - tineiwis radically done, .you will certainly Lava (he disorder break out ygain with redoubled ma - lignity. at some future period ; pcihups Uvea will ne ioo late lor remeay. ion'i you often meet in the streets miserable, mutilated heiues. without ' even a bit of nose on their face t Take warnine beseech you. , Dr. H's. character for skill and stubborn int griiy being univt - rtally known in this city, tinea 1004, guarantee to patients Uiat delicacy ends - , crery hitherto unknown, and having confined bis prnctice foryeart past, exclusively to the cure o iliieatet of the blood tyitorn. they may lately calculate on Uie mott decided advantages in con - sulUi.g Dr. H. Gleets eradicated in tiva or three weeks - Strictures removed witiioui Oougies or any other inttrumcut ; aod all debilities 1 likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's Su , A plurality of offices are prorided, and so silt, ated that patients are not exposed to each other's observation. Open till half past 9 in Uie evening. All persons concerned are invited to be free ia calling, and ipeaking with D. H. which is tree of cost. And here Uie Doctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable recon.. mendalloot, and for tne decided preference (R ia presumed with just cause) lone given him by a lUilicious public. rv. n. ah teuersmusi oe posi pain, Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 lv JiKlTULR WJUiEKX JiOR lMtUil - . tiojs: EkR. EVANS' superior method of caring a certain Disease, iioow universally acknowledged in this city ; his mode of trealmebl is perfectly mild. safe, ex - peQiuoas, ana him cbargt leasunnoie. in every ia stance be warrants a cure. and will return the pay if te ori am penorm agreeaDia SS&L'L contract Tiie ttncieii secrecy always observed. There are many persont in thit city and its vi. cinity, laboring under various chronic ditettts, tuch at cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula . or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of Uie urethra, bladder and kidnirt, old complicated cotayltiiito of a certain nature, bilious and other vbstnsc tiont, rheumatism, vc. which they consider incu rable, they can certainly be cured fin general) by applying at Dr.EVANS'S Medical Store. Nu. 9, reek - slip, having practised in exieisiva hospitals in Europe If years, under some of tbe first Surgeons and Physicians in Uie world, aatl made those obstinate diseases bis constant itud for 30 vears. Oct It ,r WHEATON DA - VIs, Fancy Clinh Masufac - turers. No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St. Puuk Church, otfer for sle, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plaid painted and ornameal" ed in gold h bronte, Bamboo. Plain and Cilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs, Sofas. Settee Loungers, Muiic Stools, tc Onlcri from any twriPT uie continent executed with neatneoi and dispatch. Old Chairs repaired, painted and ornamented, oct 13 ry The subscriber baring recently returned from England with an important improvement on the artificial spring LEG, be takes this method of informing hit friends and the public, that all those who are so unlortunaU as to be in want 01 a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plyiug at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jan 22 . Wil. l'tltvia. ORIENTAL POWDER, For removing superfluous Hairs. fj L,ir OAI.VI. Cold Cretin ; Alffiuad paste j antique and Rn tia oil ; pomade de graste for thickening the hair; tooth wwders s opiate , for Uie teeth ; essences, lavender, orange slower, hungarie and rote waters; pomatum in pots ft rollt fresh tonotiin oeant ; rose violet and plain hair pow - , dersi sriisors 1 rasors; en and pocket knivea ; hair and aouroing P" mii. nrlr .nH ilrMairxr rim ; rfntlermV! tra velling cases ; for sale at Uw chymical perfuia and fancy manufactory of n. S.VIllll liavics m - - ' 13(5 Broadway, nearly opposite City Hotel. U'lm Ui.. alA nn hnnit. nw. iess&mine. vio let, orange, vernacular, abysinian, sVwMrsttrktej Naplev and lavender soain ; patent PENETRATING HAIR BRUSHES, fancy articles, fcc. JanS!7 .1 - W. .I'M THEco - parinersl.ip heretoforn exitting between the lubecriber, under the firns Httciltyii Atltatt, is this day dissolved, by tual content. The affairs of Uie concert wUI settled by Thomas Buckley. 153 South - street New - York, 1st mo. 10. 1818. , - THOMAS BUCKLEY, KOBT. ABBATT, jun. THOMAS BUCKLEY,avirg taken hit ,1 - 11 1 v nun rurv sinr'lfl.t'.Y. into co - Dartnerthip. the Committion buii's will b continued on their account, under . THOMAS BUCKLEY" A SON. I mo 14 lot firm oi NEW - YORK: PRINTED, A f'D POVLISUED MICHAEL nURJfUAM k CO - No. 43 PlSB - tTtST. 2 mj: mm - i . - . - tw M

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