Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 17, 1944 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1944
Page 11
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lnd»y, Jan. IT, 1944 11 \SON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE rationing Calendar /.W v»IU: Brown meal stamps R. S. T. fl Book 3. Green stamps D. E. F. o. T* J Book 4. Susar stamp No. 30, Book 1\' KOOd for 5 pounds; Shoes, stamp 18, book 1 and Airplane stamp 1. Book 3. .J.eocd indefinitely; Gasoline 9-A coupons Rfood for 3 gallons: B and C (issued · (prior to Dec. 11 good lor 2 sal. each: »fB2 and C2 (issued alter Dec. U good f lor 5 gal. each. Fuel oil. new season s fperiod 2. 3 coupons good for 10 gal. eacn. Ltn 20- Green stamps D, E, F expire. |ml2l7 Gasoline 9-A coupons expire. I'm. 22: Gasoline A coupon, No. 10 valid. Jin 23: Brown meat stamp V valid. · in. 25: Fuel oil period 2 coupons expire |t'an.23: Brown meat stamps R, S, 1, u *»,, M: Brown meat stamp W valid. [·«!. 1: Fuel oil period 2 coupons expire. f.eb a: "Fuel oil period 4 coupons valid. [ Green stamps G. H, J expire. I'fcS "(i- Brown moat stamps V. W expire. j'cb 2«: Fourth inspection period. Class B ration expires; Fifth inspection pe- road. Class C ralion or bulk coupons |J,t«rcVl3: Fuel oil period 3 coupons ex- Uil»eh21: Gasoline A coupon, No. 10 exli.I.rctfsi: Sugar coupon No. 30 expires. l-.Iarth 31: Third inspection period, Class A ration, expires. Commercial vehicles: Every C months ir every 5,000 mites, whichever occurs '"certificates no longer needed for rccap- J Late applicants for war ration Book 4: Apply in person at your local board and War Chests Over Top GERRO GORDO IN LIST OF 404 TO GROSS GOAL LINE This County Subscribed $103,444 on Quota of$97,OOOforYfear The first 404 community war chests to report the results o f t h e i r fall campaigns have raised ?lb4,- 747,247, 1.2 per cent in excess ot their combined goals, E. A. Roberts president of Community Chests and Councils, Inc., announced Monday. The latest figure on the War Chest of Cerro Gordo county nhows a total of 5102,444.68 on a of 597,000. The entire Ijresent Book 3. [Mason City Calendar i.n. IS-Start ,o£ 4th War Loan Drive. ll.n. 18--Annual meeting Association Jor Preservation of Clear Lake.'Y. M. C. A., g P. m. |kn. 20--Annual i council " ~ I ford, n. '-1--Special ,,,, meeting ot Winnebaeo Boy Scouts at Hotel Han- election on abandonment of'city manager form of govern- ''^"g of V. W. C. A. Movie Menu QUO13. UA v « P ,- - -- -- i - j amount from the county outside Mason City was 525,703.06 and it was all paid with the campaign. The latest figures on Mason City, goal $75,000, is $77,741.62 and the number of subscribers is 8219, one of the two highest marks in local chest history, and several hundred higher than 1942. "Results of these campaigns indicate that the chests--now numbering more than 700--will raise a total of $219,000,000 for 1944, the lar»est national total since the be*inning of the chest movement m this country 30 years ago" Mr Poetic Grand Forks Editor Writes Ode to "Safety Ace" CITY EDITOR'S'NOTE--News of the presentation of the "safety ace" award to W. Earl Hall, Mason City Globe-Gazette managing editor, Monday evening at 9:15 o'clock over the Blue network, stirred the poetic nature of M. M. Oppegard of Grand Forks, N. Dak., to the extent that he produced the following verse, which we think should be passed an to our readers: ODE TO A WAYSIDE HIM You'd never think that on the street he'd scram for safety's ?}e. Or when the torrent lashed the shore he'd seek the highest pile; For having heard his deep basso, ah, very much profundo. You'd think he'd scorn the safety hedge, like any jungle jumbo. His voice soars out, so brave and stout, you call him Robin Hood-(Or least that way, we saw the play, when Errol Flynn was good ). He made the caissons roll and turn, he made the anchors aweigh; We knew, by God, that at his nod, all foes would stand at bay. And even when his voice grew tout, and fell short of perfection, It kept its grip-tfstift upper lip'-in just the right direction. So woe the day his roundelay must yield to wordly gloom, And sound no more in reckless corps, or to the heavens boom. Tt spems a nity his every ditty no more will sing the graces 01 heroes bold, and rnaids untold, as down life's path he races. For he has given up the gun, the rod and, yes, the reel And no more will his heSrt thump-thump behind a speeding wheel. "Girl Cr»iy" now l.'ALACE-- "Aerial Gunner" I Heat's On" end Tuesday. |JTIIASD""K«»P the 1 and The . wild wind" and end Mon- nd "Lucky ot . "Cinderella bwmss Jt "B»dmen of Thundenap" day. "The Bit Street" |3XATE-"Deiroy"r" "and ''Outlaws Stampede Pass" end Monday. " tnare' and Roberts predicted. Last year, 625 U S chests raised Sl37,802,S)5b. The highest previous year was m 1932 when 397 chests raised $101,- From now until that Horn is blown to make all sinners You'll never see him on a spot from which he 11 have to hump. It's plain to see, for you and me, he's taken on new 'graces But won't he feel he's just a heel as one of safety s aces? Oh what a bland, dull, stupid life, for this guy once so reckless, Who craves a spot, as safe a lot, as Mrs. Astor's necklace. WHh knitting needles now he'll spin the time in dim confusion, With ne'er a f e a r of tangled gear or e'en a mild contusion. In sheltered nooks, where no ill brooks, HE'LL, toy with safety's medal-- \ While you and I, free as a sky, View life from danger's pedal. 377,537. "The paigns evidence success of these cam- Mr. Roberts declared, "is Stopped Hitler," starl Tuesday. ((Parents-Wives (OF MEN AND WOMEN IN THE {SERVICE OF THEIR COUNTRY I Your help Is needed In compiling the World war II history of Cerro Gordo f County men and vvomeri. that c o m m u n i t i e s throughout the country have used the community chest to unite their efforts to support essential wartime welfare services, to budget them fairly, and to receive the most generous contributions of the last quarter of a century. The practical usefulness of the chest idea in time of war as well as during peace has been demonstrated All but 13 of the 417 completed chest campaigns^raised money not Seabees Make Ice Cream, Says Hansen, Ship's Cook_ Design and Build Freezer ' """' Using Tarts Salvaged From Several Nations [ Friends of Libraries - : City library, liles at. the Masnn You may'receive trie questionnaires at i the Globe-Gazette ' library. Get yours now. the Mason City fill it out and send it in. You want the record o£ sour son husband or daughter in this Cerro Gordo county history that Is being compiled now. HERE IN MASON CITY Dr. H. S. Becmer, Foresters Blflff. A daughter weighing 7 pounds 4 ] /4 ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Curran. route 2, at the Mercy hospital Saturday. Floor Sanders. Boomhower Hdw. A daughter iveiehine 8 pounds 12 1 /. ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. David Huey, 1811 Harding S. W., at the Mercy hospital Monday. per cent of their combined campaign goals. The sum included for the National War Fund and its 17 member agencies in the 5164,747,247 already raised by the chests was $61,279,007. Community war chest campaigns which were conducted m 325 cities for the second consecutive year raised 18.1 per cent more for 1944 than they did for 1943. The smaller communities, those raising from $25,000 to $50,000 pledged 70.4 per cent more than last year, a considerably higher percentage increase-than that attained by the larger chests, Mr. Roberts said. Thirty-eight of the chests whose campaigns have been reported to Community Chests and Councils, Inc., raised more than §1,000,000 and 11 o[ these were for more than Ice cream and lots of it, enough to feed 168,000 men, was turned out by the cooks in the 54th naval construction, battalion stationed in various parts of north Africa, according to Gerhard J. Hansen, ship's cook 1/c, son o£ Mrs. David Olson, 114 10th N. W., home on a 30 day leave after 11 months overseas. The seabees in Hansen s battalion not only build bridges and similar constructions to prepare the way for the landing troops, but make ice cream freezers as well The motor-run freezer used in making the 8,080 gallons ot ice cream consumed was designed Buy your J. R. Watkins Products at 404 6th S. E. Mrs. Mae Ford. 4379 A daughter weighing 6 pounds 15% ounces was born to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Carroll, 322 Jefferson N. W., at the Park hospital Sunday. L,. P. Sanborn, U. S. internal revenue agent at Mason City, left Saturday for Washington, D. C., to confer with the commissioner of internal revenue on tax matters. He will be in Washington a week. · Mrs. R. L. Burgraff of Fairficld, CaL, arrived in Mason City Saturday to spend some time visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Brenton of Charles City, and Capt. Burgraff's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burgraff, 159 14th N. W. Birth certificates/ have been filed for Allan Leroy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wayne True, 216',4 3rd N. E.. born Dec. 30; Joseph Stephan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Maurice Sheehy, 218 20th S. E., born Jan. 2; and Robert Rickie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander (Speaker, 435 14th N. E-, born Dec. 12. $2 500,000. The 11 are Chicago, $11822,501; Detroit, $8,427,595; Boston $7,626,994; Los Angeles, $7 514,000; Cleveland, $5,663,959; Pittsburgh, $5,311,579; St. Louis, $5 268,000; Washington, $4,500,000; Milwaukee, $3.252,865; Baltimore, $2,735,000; and Minneapolis, $2,- by Hansen and put together by the boys, he said. "The freezer was altogether an international affair," said Hansen. "It was turned by a confiscated German motor, had a. 'gas drum that came from Paris, a reduction gear from Italy, seTeral small parts from Palermo, Sicily, and used parts from U. S. tractors, etc., that came from over there." Dehydrated eggs, canned milk and sugar were the ingredients used in the ice cream. Hansen spoke with pride of his outfit. He said the 54th battalion was credited with being the outstanding battalion in all respects among any of the C. B. s. He said it was the only outfi! that had a man for each job that could be done in the navy in the line of construction and a lot of WERE ACCEPTED FOR SERVICE--The boys pictured here and almost as many more were recently accepted for. service in the various branches of army, navy or marines. Some have left and others will be leaving soon for a reception center to be sent to their respective training centers. Their names as reported by local board No. 2 follow: Back row, left to right: Herman Ell, Donald J. Miller, George Auto Trip in S. America on Program ' An auto trip through South America, from Caracas, Venezuela, to'the Straits of Magellan, much of the way on the Pan-American highway, will be offered to members of the Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake at its annual meeting Tuesday evening. A 45 minute color-sound moving picture will be the medium. It is titled "Our Neighbors Down the Road." It will be shown at 8 o'clock at the Y. M. C. A. in Mason City. A short business meeting also will be held with election of 3 directors and reports by committee chairmen on accomplishments during the year. The terms ot M. F. Zack, C. E. Strickland and E. H. Wagner will expire. The board elects its own officers at the reorganization meeting. The association now has 1,187 members. Dr. H. C. Krueger, acting presldent-of the organization, reported Monday. Not only members but also anyone else interested in the association's program is welcome to attend, Dr. Krueger said. Refreshments will be served at the close of the meeting. Madsen, Patrick Phalen, Ronald Keeling, Charles J. Bielefeld and William F. Burke. Front row: Jack L Hansen, James G. Cahalan, Martin P. Mullaney, Robert H. Smith, Dennis L. Odegard, Eugene P. Peshak and Howard Delahoyde Not pictured are Lawrence Halhgan, Willis Nichols, Oscar Fewines, Robert Whitney, H. D. Cowell, Francis Campbell, James P. White and Orville A. loung. (Lock photo, Kayenay engraving) fan. 28, and ins'est every dollar you. can in the 4th war loan gov- 2rnment bonds. If you do this no one will have to call on you to ask you to do your part as all American citizens are asked to do in supporting the drive. "Do it today." Chinese Maj. S. T. Wang made the first air raid in history on Japan in the bombing of, Formosa 6 years ago. You'll Be Sorry IF YOU DON'T FACE THE FACTS AND GERHARD J. HANSEN --Ship's Cook 1/c --Lock Photo 683.-S83. The campaigns in 3 large cities arc still in progress. The cities and their goals are Philadelphia, 58,900,000; San Francisco. 53,973.525; and Cincinnati. 53,300,000. The largest of these. Philadelphia, has raised 58.565,569 to date, 96.3 per cent of its goal. In moving more ACCIDENTALLY DISCHARGED Dubuquc, (/P)--Coroner F. S. Leonard held Monday that the death of Melvin C. Datisman, 26, Sunday, was caused by accidental discharge of a shotgun which he dropped on the cement floor of ono of the barns on the farm o£ his father, Charles W. Datisman, a former county supervisor. Mrs. Daniel H. Shire Rites Held; Burial at St. Joseph's Cemetery Funeral services for Mrs. Daniel H. Shire. 60, wife o£ Mason City's former fire chief, were held at St. Joseph's Catholic church Monday morning, with Father P. J. Behan officiating. Mrs. Leo Conners and Mrs. M. G. Wimmer were in charge of flowers. Pallbearers were John Gallagher, Dceg Schegal, Leo Conners, Dr. Hardy Poole, Abe Brakle and Villiam Miller. Burial was at St. oseph's Catholic cemetery. The 'atterson funeral home in charge. HONOR FARMERS, PROCESSORS "A" Award to Be Given for Food Production "The workers on the farm and ^ ^ _ those in the food processing plants b£en h u r t are fighters, and a grateful nation stands prepared to bestow the symbol 'A 1 , the 'A' of achievement for outstanding performances in the processing of food in seasonal and year-around food processing plants," Marvin Jones, war food administrator, announced. The "A" award has been grantee in the past to honor farm families in a very limited number of counties in each state, in which outstanding food production records were made. Seasonal and yearns,. ,. ,^ ..... --.. -- - » - - - , a r o u n d food processors will now to those who are here as to what be eligible for this award, tn is best lor boys in the service it highest recognition the govern to send plenty of mail. "It is ment can bestow for outstandinf Cabell Flown to Hospital From the East Pfc. "Hubert Cabell, son of Virgil Cabell, 304 21st S. E., was one of a group ot battle casualties of the Tunisian, Sicilian and Italian campaigns that had been safely flown from an cast coast port to Memphis, Tenn., to the general hospital there by the troop carrier command of the army air forces, according to word received from a United Press staff correspondent. A letter from Pfc. Cabell to his father in December stated that he was in a hospital in Italy but did ot say more than thai he had VOTE NO FRIDAY, JANUARY 21 st the work was done under fire. The men constructed camps for naval and army bases in Africa, built roads, made runways for airports, 'did all the electrical work on the LST's that came in and repaired the damaged «ships. He said they had seen plenty.of action in both Africa and Italy. "The morale of the men was good as long as mail was coming oi - er," said Hansen, a n d added if he had any advice to give the" best morale builder there is," I accomplishment than 500 casualties, whose wounds ranged om total blindness to shoulder njuries, there wasn't so much as a case of air sickness to mar the jroceedings, wrote the correspondent. Those sufficiently able-boded took seats on the C-47 cargo planes used, while the more seriously wounded were placed on litters and slept through most of the trip. The ride, it was stated, was pleasant and smooth. Pfc. Cabell is a graduate of the Mason City high school and was employed by the International Harvester company before entering the service in January, 1943. He went overseas in August. the field of he claimed. 1 food processing, Jones slated. The Hansen enlisted as ship's cook award in no way competes with 2/c with the seabees from Seattle, the Army-Navy "E." The E is r ash in Oct. 1942. His first class I available only to those food pro- ating became effective Jan. 1. He cessing plants whose output goes ·as born in Bergen, Norway. | mainly to the armed forces. Announcement of "A" awards . _^ _^ Union Legislative Group|jS{ 0 Sfo?SSfSd 1 5tS2SSJS: Best Buy ' ministration in the future, following final approval by the war food administration in Washington. Loosen Asthma MUCUS Sleep Fine Soy Thousands of Sufferers Chofctni. ga tacks ot Bron asping, irtieezinf, recurring at- ncmal Asthma nitn your slee ..... _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ictp in'd rob your blood of vitally 'important oxygen because you can't set air In and out ot your lungs properly. Exit now It Is no longer necessary to suffer from these terrible attacks without the benefit you may receive from, a physician's prescription called Mtndaro. Within a very short time after the first dose. Mmdar* ingredients start clr- i.. U v»~ (phlegm), thereby PL. ....... .,, breathing and more restlul sleep. In fact, Mendmco has proved so successful in help in | t h o u s a n d s of salferers from recurrim spasms of Bronchial Asthma that It Is soli under a guarantee ot money back unless completdf satisfactory. So «t Menflmco _ - for only tOt. NOTICE The Globe-Gazette again - reminds all publicists interested in 16 election Friday at which the eople of Mason City will vote on vhelher or not they wish to return o the aldermanic form of gov ernment that Wednesday is th ast issue of the Globe-Gazette it vhich new issues may be raiscc n any advertisements appearin n the columns of this paper, un ess the parties presenting the ac vertiscment are willing that should be presented to the oppos ing parties before publication, to possible answer in the same pape The officers of the Globe-Gazette are the sole judges of whether or not new controversial elements are involved in any advertisements resented. This long established policy with respect to political advertising is based on a wish to be fair. faking No Sides in jity Election Friday A number of persons misinter- wording of issue of the zetle concerning action of the oint legislative council of Mason :ity labor unions, H. L.. Leake, b u s i n e s s representative of the Mason City Building Trades coun- | cil, reported Monday. Workers Canteen $77 The packing house workers "The legislative council is tak- | union at the Jacob E. Decker and War bonds are the best investment which can be made today, according to Clarence A. Knutson, Clear Lake banker and war finance committee chairman for Cerro Gordo county. "Go in today and invest all you can in the 4th war loan bonds," he advised. "When the war is over you will realize more than ever what a sensible and wise move you made. Idle cash depreciates with in- Your government bonds legislative council is taK- union at me jacoo c.. uuci^i um ; nr ; val ~ e evcry day sides in the matter," he Sons and E. G. Morse planU ed '"crease, m jalue^^ «tey ^ " s to the "" MANAGER PLAN FOUND SUCCESS Not One City Voted in '43 to Abandon System (Christian Science Monitor News Service) Chicago--Political opponents ot the city manager plan appear to be giving up the opposition as a bad job. During 1943 not a single city voted to abandon the plan, reports the International City Managers' association here, and only one referendum was held on the question of abandonment and this resulted in favorable action for the plan. The only city voting on the question was Bloomfield, Conn. In 1942 voters in that community had decided to abandon the plan as of Jan. 1, 1944. But before the date was reached they went to the polls again and rescinded their action. , In the 13-year period preceding 1943, there were 10B referenda on proposals to abandon the plan. Of these 83 per cent re- resulted in retention of the plan. In the whole history of the movement only 27 municipalities adopting managership have returned to their old form of government. But a great many efforts have been made to gel cities to give it up. Last year was the first to be marked by an absence of such effort. This abatement of political antagonism to the plan is regarded as a testimony to its practical accomplishments by students of the movement here. The movement has g r o w n steadily. Each year since 1908, when Staunton, Va., led the march toward managership, has seen the total number of council-manager cities grow. The total for the United Slates is now 555. There are also city managers in Canada. Puerto Rico and Ireland. All this growth has come about naturally. There is no propaganda organization for spreading city manager government. The association here is strictly a professional society. Read this clipping released by a National News Service January 14, 1943 '43 voted to abandon the city manager plan. 1942 Bloomfield, Conn., voted to abandon the \ plan. Not one city in In . BUT Before the date was reached they went to the polls again and rescinded their action. Here's the Difference Between A "YES" or "NO" Vote! Read the Question: SHALL THE FOLLOWING PUBLIC MEASURE BE ADOPTED? Shall the City of Mason City, Iowa, abandon its organization under Chapter 3Z8 of the Code and become a city under the general law governing cities and towns? YES NO emphasized. "Our only action was I the list of contributions to the 1 If You Vote Yes to the Question! It means that our city manager plan will be abandoned; that we will revert back to a political form of government with its inefficiency and waste of people's money. If You Vote NO to the Question! It means that our city manager plan will be continued under proven economy and efficiency. The records for the past 17 years speak for themselves as published January 13th. son City. to urge all union members to | Canteen. Mason City service men s vote" center, announced Monday. An election will be held Friday The monthly contribution by on abandonment of the city mana- 1 these employes went to a new ser plan of government for Ma- high of 577. Other contributions announced were: Sheet metal workers, S2; women's labor auxiliary No. 6, S2; American Legion, $40; Mason City Trades and Labor assembly, $2.50; V F. W. lodge, $5; I. O. O. F. lodge, $5; D. A. R., S4; U. B. of C. and J. of A. local 1313, $10; Mason City Fire Fighters association, .52.20; Roosevelt Red Cross, ?2;| Florence L. Maloney has filed I United Cement and Lime and suit for divorce in district court Gypsum local 106, $3.87, and Bap- Mrs. E. J. Maloney Sues for Divorce on Grounds of Cruelty Dr. W. 0. MAUCH DENTIST 2*7 Weir Building Phone 872 TAKING SKILLS TEST Alsona--The annual basic skills test for every pupil began Wednesday and will be completed Jan. 26, according to County Superintendent Lauritzen. To facilitate the taking of tests 10 centers have been established in the county. PrescriptiM Filled Over 15 Milliu Tines Recommended to do just two things: relieve constipation and gas on the stomach. This successful prescription is nowput up under the name of ADLERIKA. Get a bottle of Adlerika next time you stop at your druggist's and sec for yourself how quickly gas is relieved and gentle but thorough bowel »ction follows. Good foroldand young. women's union, $4- here against Everett John Ma- ioney on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. A stipulation niES IN SOUTH DAKOTA between the 2 was filed with the . petition and calls for payment of Ackley-Herman Zachanas of $200 cash alimony and surrender- Hartford, S. Dak., was found dead ing of an $1,800 promissory note in bed. His brother, Albert of this to Mrs. Maloney: The couple was city, was notified. Mr. and Mrs.i married Dec. 27, 1916, at Ana- Albert Zachanas and family left .mosa, according to the petition. 1 Friday to attend the funeral a l l OSCO DRUG IHEPHERD'S .MMtSM* CITY'S WALLPAPER T OTE NO AND PRESERVE AN ECONOMICAL AND EFFICIENT CITY MANAGER FORM OF GOVERNMENT FOR NOW AND OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS COMMITTEE FOR THE PRESERVATION OF GOOD CITY GOVERNMENT PHONE 350--HEADQUARTERS FORESTERS BUILDING--2nd FLOOR

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