The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 5, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1913
Page 6
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NOW Most any retailer will now you WRIGLEYS a the box for 8B Cents! This famous confection that's liked everywhere-that benefits everyone-that's constant delicious and inexpensive aid to teeth, breath, appetite and digestion -is now selling for less than cent a stick -- by the box! Take it home tonight! It's dean, pure, healthful ifit'sWrigley's Medical advertising Faulty Digestion Quickly Shatters the Nervous System' Immediate Action Necessary-- , i Try Mi-o-na. I When you feel irritable, tired and j despondent--when you have nervous! twitchings, specks" before the eyes,, , headaches, sour stomach, heartburn, j I indigestion and pains in the colon and : !bowels--you suffer from indigestion,! ' v.-h-eh soon develops into dyspepsia--, Uhe chief cause of nerve exhaustion--j : vou need Mi-o-na at once. i i" Mi-o-na is not a, care-all, bat a j I scientific remedy thst sarely ends; ! stomach misery- It builds up aau| · strengthens the stomacK ^ walls and | « glands, improves quickly the digestive j · system. Then the vital force and nerve,! !energy is restored, ircaartiag strength; Sand good spirits ~xo;-tae discouraged, j | risa-down and wealci *, \ \ Do not suffer another day. Gee a f j fifty cent bos^ of 28uM-r.o Tablets at 1 People's Drug Ssorel Medical Advertising Your Stomach Bad? JUST TRY ONE DOSE of j Mayr's Wssderfii! Stomach Remedy sad Be GesYtneed That You Can Be ftestoretto Health j Yea are not asked to taie itayrV ! -ful Siom^urli K^mtNir for \reeaS asc ; bssore ou reeer.c anv benefit--ose (Jose is cssaJ!)- repaired to convince ihe =10*1 sl-e · KiSfcrcr of Stosaach AJ!cs«its tint Itss f should rcsiorc anvoae so sailed -o bealih. Mayr's Wonderful itomarfi teexxuzy h2s b?2 I2lum 2jjT 2S3HV tliOusiK^is t taro-jglsoar the !aai- _lt s^s trcagat 2£3i 2i^pjiiii»?5^ to ssttter^rs who £i^i of «er ccsag restored csi ·--*» i 5i'g:=g others vrho E2a be saHerinj: ·sf.-b. ' t-'icrujcb. £i\tr and Int*tinal Ailarcats ts 1 try :r_ JJjud yoa. Mayr'a Wonderful Stousa*-li ! UtraariJy is so dsSrrcer t!^n ssost meciclscs 1 thai a^e pvl oa tae -=2-ket for the varsoa:. socach 2s!nar:!is--st is really in a c!c;s_ by sfz-iT, anil O3e dose \ril! do more to cor-.iree r mod skeptical su^trrer than teas or c:ter nev^. Lo.'."f!s. liver and skin. For sale by People's Drug Geltysburg, Pa. . years v.Iih Rheumatism, also with Disease of the Kidney. I suffered a-.v- fiiy_ Tried many advertised remedies After using vour truly remarkai le separation. EHEOilA." I was fu'lv j GETTYSBURG « I * IffiSuSlA is guaranteed by People's! '··* «a"-b" hy C. inTton \\ u!f, Jr., S Dru? Store, who sells it for 50 cents 2 i cessor to J. Geo. Wolf's Soil- Co. co,- HERE THE UBIQUITOUS BUTTERFLY COMPLETES A SASH One ol tee daintfest, most feminine vf nii!r::inss novi lavoretl is the bun^r- bottle. ** I DROPSY TREftTED FREE FRAXKLIX ?.IILES. if- D^ LL. E The Great Heart a:id Dropsy Specialist. Will Send a New $3.i3 Treatmeni Free. Per -w lry · -A* l\ar Ooru RETAIL T Per CAUTION i of The great popularity the dean, pure, healthful WRIGLEY'S is causing unscrupulous persons to wrap rank imitations - · - · - . that are riot j even real chewing gum so they resemble genuine WRIGLEY'S. The better class of stores will not try to fool you_mft;thes^imitations. " They will be offered to you prihci- ' pally by street fakirs, peddlers and the candy departments of some 5 anci JO cent stores. These rank imitations cost dealers one cent ^package or even less and are sold to careless people' for almost 'any price. If you want WrJgSey's look before you. , buy. G what you pay foe. Be SURE si's ' ' .Many ''Hopeless" Cases Soon Cared After 5 to 15 Doctors Failed. A.Z firs';; no disease Is apporenaj :".ore harmless tha« dropsy, a little sv.-eHIng- cf the eyelids, hands, fcsi ankles or abdomep. Finally there b great shortness of t/reath.. smothen.if 37jel!s. sitting up to breache. cou:;h fiiat spells, "son^e t lies ,, nausea..^ a »c_ vomi-ine. even burs; "sr of the hrnps asd a liiigeiiiig aitd -vreichsd death il 1:5 dropsy is -not Ten.oved. D-- "\liilsTiaS bee" known as'a IOL- : 'Jp^r Dairy Fee-I '« -.irsc Spn:i^ Bran I.-.nd I'acktTl Unia %.rn and OaiK Chop i oemaker Stock Foovi .............. i -^ ·A hite MiiiJliajs .............. I- 1 " :.d Middling.-; ..... - ............ 1--51- ····iioii.v Hay .................... 1- (r ..eChop .......................... -Ji '...led SET^V ............. _- ......... tc ' tster ___ ". ............ , .50 per -oil. " " t chic tailore Iisr; of sevuins cut! uet s: | completes tbe coiffur^ or tr.ins the sov.-n. In rn^kins a s-=sh the t.-^np- tauon is very great to ha.\« a. butterSy bo-sv La front or bsck. as th n-i". ribbons and silks with their bright Or-e^- tal hues are perfectly suited to b-uier- Sies. An aTtemooa frock disp'aj'ins the utmost simplicity and deinur«:nc=5 i**. ^ts long-, scrajght lines Is shown in. ?(:::·.. The skirt has three broad tuc!;s the _eer. each fceadad wth s^v^ra! saialier tucks. These ^TectiveJy brca' -~ the lines of the snr; anu serve as in::i- 1 ^ are agr^jn uj*»tl us a. rinish. F!o '.^rtrj s!U cripoii is the asaterfal. «=hov.-ir.s '- br gbt r*ower on aa old blue S^iiandT Th* Eiiih ii o£ crepe-derChlne. Tn: i'-s:gn :::^y be copied in :izfe~33 i\ -tii i? yards ot tbirty-sts Such - - Aiotbpr desiK" attractive to Its' sfm- pl:c:t is s^'onn i« "Ttl. The blouse Is sSisjhtiv drape 1. and there Js an tinder- b!=-uie cf nee. Ii : ack" saria trtainied. vi uh me i'"-y t-ice frilbns and a. hucter- rl\ u^tiJ tn the illustration. S:ze -5 re'iu:r'-s for this naodei four end ti-ree-rourths yartls o£ tadrty-sn inch initeriul :o. 7520 -- sizes 34 to 42. :I-- siz^d 34 to 42, - ming-. A surplice cK- bfcuse attractive, and sins n.iK-.s the ' hore the tucks ! T~a«-.h pattern 15 cents. · -- . ,. ug iiie above caufioa sole!? to protect our customers. v.-ho are contmaaiiy vrritinc cs thai tney have been deceived by iinitaaons which, they purchased tiuakias they wereT¥RIGLET'S. vcitav cf serious ·_ons:aeration. i ai -nav riot have anotre.- opporranity. T-he Grand Dropsj Treatment ccn. -sts of fciir dropsy remeuias . in c.xfe lis-; Ton : c Tablet^ and Pura-Laxa r.-, r,e»aov ; ne' the ivater. This treatment \ r '»spec'ail"v prepared for each patiei i^'d is ai ieast ten times as success nil' as ttiat of most physicians. It asi:- allv relieves the rirsc day. and re -nves swelling in six days in rcCt. Per bbl To obtain eitner patiem «t'i;s:ra.iel nsi out tiis coupon and e-c!ose 15 cenis 1^ stamps or co - n Be sr;-e 10 stn^ r.unbar o* pattern arx! size. IPO fu'Jest-part of the b-j=t. A-lress Pctt-rn Department, core Otjthis r2."*r Xo Size PUBOCSALE- W · w - ·^^^·^·P · Our Holiday Gifts Now I on iJisplay and Oar store has in addition to its usual stock, a big assortment of pretty things for the holiday trade, that is unsurpassed in this section. Our store rooms are to the brim with interesting and "appropriate gilts- The price.- are right and -will meet the wants of all. Among other things are the following: CHINAWARE LAMPS GLASSWARE CANDIES UMBRELLAS FANCY LINENS HANDKERCHIEFS NECKWEAR UNDERWEAR _ ' GLOVES SWEATER COATS READY-MADE CLOTHING IE... cured arier giving uT hope. Mrs E'vhiaT^Spaders. Decatar NefaiT.. cured afrer -llT physicians f_i : 2-i. ilrs. A J. Xash. Minden. Xebr jured- Liaibs sv.-oller. iip to" the bch I-irs. J. Y. Davidson. Galesville, \V".sc. cured after 6 physicians failed- 31« r-alia Breault. Pugdale. ilinn.. curer. after being pi enounced incurable b; three physicians. -John T- AIexar_ der, Elvrood. Il's.. cured after 4 fai!ed Or. Miles" Book contains a large HUT-. jer of remarkabie cares. -AH aSicted readers may ha\e hi. neiv Diopsy Book. Examination Ch-rt Opinion.'A(h ice. anu a SS.To TreaV ^Tent free. Write at once. Desci DC vour case. Address. Dr. Franklir Miles. Dept. PB.. 565 to -575 Ivfair Strecr, Elkhart, Indiana. Line / Ql or blioes Pine new line of UP-to date HA is just received. An Up to Date The W. W. W. -- Selz and Freed's, three popular brands, many others, ever member, of the family. KLEPPER'S STORE, Shoes Arendtsville, Peima. aveUpYour °ademark s T 1 Ir Be Pretty! Turn Gray Hair Darl Try GrandiTiother's old Favor ite Fecipe of Sage Tea and Sulphur \ Everybody- buys gifts at 1 CIiristKias. lou won't have i to! Merely save every I trademark from every oae !°B!ABB1TT J S and CLEANSERS When Christmas comes ivour Babbitt'trademarks T "Will entitle you to many [ valuable premiums, sho^vn f in our catalogue- It is the finest selection in the country. Every gift is -worth having--just the kind that 1 you -would buy at any reliable store. Yoa kno'w our reputation-- ·^to'-k: and f,inma.r I'j.ySeioePTc ia,rr,i iii'Cnnilv rlar.i! io.»n-h:n. 5 -·mth 'if .fctr-shnr^r Eiinsiiu-imrir. :"!·'- '-- niuniit. jj!J I:H» K.»u 5 , icnovrn :u- t-h · t.L^-!« ti." f !!«?·*·?«2 - 3DC HEAD OF HOBSES~£. HULES ^Co "i. r.hit-k ir.aie, 15_ vpar? Q!I.. IL ;oal io-UaiSsnaK's Je»:KTa i'Jir" hftiCj ·uars. i3fd leailc-r ASil'll^S--w^rkpr. -No. 2. Dark^Bav Horse' 3i y?^r-= oKL /.ou's'l r}»;nk he^.^Sj iiils " l i o r r ·.\Ark--r.JN~o. 'X pair of Bar Mules 10 3J»1 11 ViMrs 1 oil!, or.i' a. ticft leader- arui Gtf '?lh'er ,i ti-'e o!:"---\l'- -ororkerr sxi 2 y\ 7'Jir. iso. 4. PJST ol J-rsiur'Mali one I'. 1 Ttionths ol-.l and :be other := oi'!, both i«re-l iru:-i =air.f- nareu;- i jiikl 2-" together, ·will n.akc a pasr '·: bi£rhea\v m«le?. EIGHT HEAD OF CATTLE ~ are H^!=t-in and :i Jer-f\, 4 o: theT ·--.HI l:s\e c*l\v- : -y thc-ir : «\-- i-y Ijy m -ale. No.]. IIuJrt«Mii C«.«- xrjth her'·tl- ait bv side, a !ine :na«-keJ cow and Fata! Mixing -of Labels. : ins of labels fiad- a "fatal resnlt ar. Pans, a few ^days. ago. _Aa,eigIit- months-old child ?-'as taEen "SI, and the doctor v.-ho -was called in gave the mother a couple of prescriptions, GB for a pouon TO he taken internal- ^ly.jaad Tie other lor a lotion for ex- Temaf application". ~,The chemist -who rssde, tte=i upfhowever, put the po- if on' label on the hovtle of lotion, and the label" "To "ae applied externally." he aSsed to the other hottle. The restilt -svas that The- child died, the fol- SHERIFFS SALE PUBLIC SALE I wheels, shoemaker bench and tools. ~2 . plane ar.d men- the alx-ve Jaie and propenj of eerta-» le^-ho"w"eaarrji»V«.--«l !v A»n- .!. ' stove, SO yds. carpet. Co!15ite. o^uer.^oG. H.-.{K',U-:.r..Unt,imstting. yds % linoi. in and to a l«t fi sr-.nn-i-iorntinc --iii York street, rA!.' on n«- t-A-T .tn-5 west arl in tiKt rear by j. ii;,r n'.'.i-y-. The property ir«-nts a;Kr.i, *» · :-«t, o-i York street an«s ru»s ij.n-"^ a.*jor.i 1^0 f-vt _ to a public alkj : the ItjyhoM saU'res-i i of the dek-jiuantrxpirtrson -\i«n! 1-t. T'I4 and is -abject to the pajmeiit of a monthly rental of SI5U.OO wr ntontii. Seized and taken into, evt'iuutn a^ UH- pOOjertyofG. II. fcjpe and t.. be '-old by 11, Almost everyone kno-svs that Sag- Tea and Sislph'w. properly compound ed.bnngs back cne" riC^ural color anc lustre to the ha:- when faded, streaky or srrav: also ends dandruff. itch:r.;' scalp and stops falling hair. Year.- s£jo the only vay to get this mixtur- \vas to make it "at home, which ir niussy anti troublesome. Nowadays. _DJ at any i~ug store for "V%ye'th": Sulphur Hair Remedy." yoi will get a large boi±!e of this famouir old recipe for a»out 50 cents. Don't stay cray! Try it! Xo or.^ can possibly tell that you darkened your hair, as It does iz. so naturally and evenly. Yoa dampen a sponge 01 soiX brush with it and draw this through your hair, taking one sma! . strand at a tin-.e: by morning the grs} j hair disappears, and after another ap · oiscatjori "or tw.-. your hair become' | beautifully dark, thick and glossy. (J. B. Thompson, !.« r,H ',, o!Tc% Gt;U\si-uri.', Pa . No- 40 yds. good euaij T 1 ^ yds.' ^tair cl!set."4 doughtrays. Iron 'Kettle ard r;n~~ iot of \vmdcw blinds and curtains. 4 mirrors, lot of glass\vare ar.d cis'nes. 4 lamps, pots ar.d pans, agate i\are. lot of jars and crocks, "2 s \vash bowls and pitcTiers. 4 one galion jusrs of \inegar. % barrel of vinegar, 1 cider barrel, 1 meat vessel, 1 fifteen ; gshon keg-, 2 ten gallon Kegs, bread ' cupboard, '2 tubs, wash machine, rub- i bef and wringer. 3 lard cans, good ' b'jshel basket. ',« bxishel measure, lot j j of netting wire, digging iron, mattock. | ' shovel, rake, coal buckets. 2 bets of j knives and forks, spoons, 2 spinning » t'or Sale or Rent ! A cfood 6 room house, a nice * o j summer, good barn, lot ! 45 ft. front, 5 So ft. deep. j handy and comfortable home o^ood location. Come and see t for yourself at 46 Stevens St. Gettysburg, g o o d s and honest so begin saving to- ·f ho n est j premranid * day. t B. T. BABBITT, Inc. | P. 0- Box. 1776 I New York City - ti- Th Poppy. ,~ "-_ Tiie poppy thrcngiioiit fa'east is aii*eiableip.~of" deata. -Jn many^arts of India this fiower fs'-plantea Tipon graves and in cemeteries. "Waetlier or noc the Icea was suggested by the poisonous character of the juice IB uncertain- It is believed that tlie poppy was known as a funeral plant to the Egyptians, for upon the tombs opened by Beloni there appeared" representations of plants which, were evidently intended for poppies.-Harpers R ili be fresh "in the Spnnir- 2CVy. Jipl- -r?In Heifer a clos»- -irinL r t-r. ^ _. · --^i 1 -X:-.T rir.e Ho!.-tfein B.-.I1. nt Sic -aill roak' 1 a very larije anhoal. l^o. HoMe.u Heifer S m.-»nth= o!: .. SE"\"EX HEAD OF HOGS ·2 br.-od -o\vs --via bavr- p:ir= b/ ;h -Mes. o-je ivitn 3?t litter. tl:e o* v.ith i«r th'rd liucr. 1 Poiaivl Ciilna Bv.r n' ."or service. 4 --b.or-t?, ~:11 weigh abo-.u 0" FARM MACHINERY of ALL KINDS S ft- TilcCi'rmsck 3 : n':t.r gixxl as new. McCor.nick Mower. 2 }Viar»l D jntr*. 1 p no-sv one No. *tf anfl !No.i,. self Mcr«.mi?« k Hay TJake, Supenor srraui .Irill. dor.Me row' Ea!er=.-»r. corn trork^r. do«b and ^;:-.gIe ?ho\el plo-w#. cnltiva- t or. 'H-c harrow. land roller, double rov- (f.rn pianicr. ispriuz ror.t!-. iiarro\v=. 2 farm wa_:on- for 2 ar.d 4 horses. 2 sets ha\ Ift'ld^rs 18 ft- i«Psr- 'vhr-eibnmva. riti-!i :'.nti «ian2 fnrk^, !nna nook, hay s'ork anrl 12-i it. of rt^pe, jronil as new, S ft. r» r un:u2 hook. Enspire Kins srirayiu^ ·-«:i;nt with K ! srallon tank. 4 s -ets oi front srear^. 2 ?e:s hreoch- '.-r.L- "'ivl and heavv. hridle 5 srj'i ha!- Hi Janjjinjr. «s * nivl". S EXECUTRIX-S NOTICE r- Testamentarv on the estate o \V La\cn3cr. late ofCas own. -op'jiv Per.r..i- decease««, hav- icneii. all tr 1 ore- ar-1 1-^ -3;ain^. j of coni^by the h-.:ri?!!-- a«'l.t l«« to mention. three seasons, all xndcJifsk lsne=. set o 1 ^Tj^j cf-«jk. sinaJe ano -].r^'ler^. bw-a-t. bmt [·A'lUtl tO t?.« to r.s ke '" bnshel. oi" aril Smlder by the S.i3e f cro.iit of e-dn nr !·" ftW-ok 1 . A. M. i monih will Iw ci-.e:! on Six families Blown Up. A gas explosioa bleTr a. house into the air at Coburg, Germany, tbe other day. Thirteen persons "were killed and sis iiuared by the collapse. The explosion occurred ~nfle some -workmen "were searcaing with- a candle for an. escape of gas. The house "was blo-wn Into toe air. six families being bariefl under the ruins. There "were twentj- sis persons in tae house, including ten children, and two of the latter were deaf mates. Anti-Puritan Club. Quite a. long list could be d!ra"WTJL up of dabs Tprmcli aave come Into being as the result of z, quarrel with, some other club- The latest is the "Next Door,"' in "Whitehall, London- It grew out of the refusal of the committee of the Xational Liberal to allow auction bridge to be played. So many members demanded auction that some ot 'them engaged premises next door, in ·which they could indulge in, tfceir favorite game. 10 It2«J -- "strazap sqi 10 u^d SBJKL si s-»an nst A.\\ )v to XEITIEE. Fred Tu-t, ui. x-cntrK of the l.i«t \Vill and Gco. W. I.aven *r ; ,l«c d. -.ant oi AVi liam ITcish, Esq., Attorney. .5.5!!.'« OaMwoll. Anlt. T A ilsllcr. Clerk. .J, I. iJCMPKR. ' Real "Howler." School teacher recently asked his. pupils to give him a sentence containing the word "notwithstanding." , One boy wrote, "The man's trousers were worn out not with standing.'*^.-I ,.-sqjnqns aip ut ao,, Aip- an^ -iri 5 ' vv mapisai Aiicjai-aij aqi 30 30 |3jatmj aqi ptrexjB pjnoijs sasqtnaiii eqi ?Bt5i aiainaiJjneo 30 pn n 9 * -SaiO a!?i 30 aotrsinpjo .duinaa ipnaai -JHOJ pajSAODsrp Xijoeoa^ '3.' in _pasn I st ir ;.a25n2noi etp oim ABA s^i pug 2SJ5 c .qJT^qns,, pjovv atp pip nqAV ,,-qjnqng,, Utilizing the By-Product. j '·Jaraes," said tlie efficiency expert,-. Value of Initiative- the cheerful habit \\hicli; One great value of initiative is the r isad o: wiiisthng while | conquering of fear. Through all his- at his work, "you should remember i Tory w e find that those tnat have ac- that the greatest fortunes nowadays i eomplished- things lived aoove- fear. ^.re made from tLe by-product of j Fear of adverse criticism, fear oi ham- Hereafter when \oi whistle,! ship, fear of failure, all were lost in iue tires and save me the' a supreme effort to ·*·*-* TM ih Jh "V. r ·saste e ipense V, eekly. a. pump.'--Harper's ! with their feliow men the gifts God had ea- trusted to them--Blanche Blessiag. ·3* sr 1 I I

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