The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 5, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1818
Page 3
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. NOTICE. vV fecreditort of John Bltakley. of lb . tW,. v,tr i.oint. are hereby notified . fit 01 j . ni'h aubicriucr. tisiieucci .10 of lo alienuM "T.i.. - ,t.r the act entitled .nct for eiving "lief incaaeiof insolvcn - ? Erne La Buildings, No. 1, N,3, UJIUIICU., "" , r." MUM KI" iu...."B - - . Vi - lr c7 ..: w,....u.itrect. in the city of New - York, PPM Ana uTesrid creditors are further notified. f - ?:"rVi iitata of aaid intolvent will 6LV:7rib7r. atthe place afore - .aM, and between the hour above mentioned, on nrih nav of Mar next. New - York, ue uiauc "J " rrZZ.. '. i ..linnxl. on Feb. 4tb, 1818. SLOSBO.V, febSlawSm Anignee, fce ' "(KT A meeting of the New:York Society will be held on the evening of the 6ih w - Unt, at 7 o'clock, at Harmony nan. . JOHN W. MULLIGAN, Sec'ry. Ah It ' (tJ A select Ceuwe of Lecture. a CHEAilS - TRY, to a Female Class, wUl be commenced on nh.l2thiMt.atl0 o'clockA. . . i t,nud three timet a xorir. msuiuuou, uu - i,,!,, ;n week, at in the former course on Philosophy, till if - ;,, a minted syllabus of the lee - tares price $4, may Lecture Koom, or - - - - syllabus may be had separately, at Jamei East - burn' or at Samuel Wood & Sons', price 12 1 - S Smo5th It For JVEIV - OR LEANS, Theahip SUSANNAH,Jas. Morgan, .master, to sail in uiree uays. ror trrip - ht or passage, apply xo xne master on board, pier no. 10 East Kiver, or to feb i gt W. NE1LSON k SON. FUU SALE, A BRIG of 140 tons, now ou the stocks iiiiat Providence, built of good materials, coiuer fastened to light water mark, and com pletely furnished with a lb it of spars and blocks, with her standing rigging an mieu a ppiy w BARBARIN, STAN I U. It LO. Feb 5 3t 17 Fulton - slip. AT JLCTlOtf, BY HOFFMAN & GLASS, rHO MORROW at half past 11 o'clock, 3801 M boxes fresh oranges i 100 do. lemons land'uig from the schooner Andrew Jackson, fiomFaral. teb 5 it CHEAP LWEJVS AT RUTA1L. JUST received at No. 19 Maiden Lane, a complete assortment of 4 - 4 I nth Linens, purcha - . sed at a reduced price, of a strong fabric k and elexant bleach, which will be sold by the piece at a small advance. febabt COALS ISO cbalJrous coarse Liverpool coals, on board ship Nestor, at Murray's wna rl lor tale by G.G.t P. ROWLAND, Feb 6 77 Waliin;'.o.i - t. ' 1 LYNCH, JU. pvi u. 4U vvuiiam - sireei, lias jusl received a Xi few baskets (containing one dot. earlt) ol aupenor White Crcumiug.Champaigiie, impart - a u ine s actor, irom itavre. . He hat aUo ri Store, Madeira, in raikt, frcra ' to l years old Do. from private stocks, from 3 ti 20 years In ooiues Consiantia, Burgundy Claret and old Sautenie ' irape Juice, 8 yea - s in bottles Dry Li'bon, Port Wine iu bottles Old Brand and Rum And a Table Wine, of excellent ' Duality, and at a very low price. The above hat al! been f elected by himself with particular tare, and are of very superior ti - ialiiy. tie oner there lr tale, warranted pure as imported. lc!5 1w 1U.CH GOODS, TER LATE ARRI U vsii . t cases plain black tilk velvet . 2 d color'd do 1 do rrrj etrgin' rirtlmnds in tefs, No. 5 t 15 ira piainiaun aaa lanoias 1 box thread lace 1 do merino shawls 1 case fine Leghorn hats and crowns 1 do mock merino shawls ' t do levantine shawls, 5 - 4 and 6 - 4 2 do pins in boxes. ALSO. Types, in founts, brass v. ire, &c. i or sale by A. D. DURAND BOURDEL. feb5 3t 30 Pine - sti eet. 7XJ LET. . The House No. 215 Pearl - atreet. well calculated for a boarding home. Enquire at no. 175 Pearl st. feb 5 lw TO LET That convenient House no. 87 Broad ' street, formerly occupied by the subscriber GARurr arroRM Aictrti; c re ' Gouverneurs - lane. 7 ",'fw, TF feb 5 tf TO HE LET. ' hjulS Two convenient rooms in the basement oi i o 44 rine - street, suitable lor offices or count - - "I rooms, inquire of .D.S.JONES, 44 Pine - street. VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR HALE. rl Will be sold at public auction on the HaiS 5tl F eb. if not previously disposed of at private sale, that we!l known and valuable pro - . perty, situated on the turnpike road, about 3 - 4 of a mile from Brooklyn ferry, commanding a ., ol Wlr navy - yara and Wallabout fc'JL' c01'11" but nine acres of land, in the highest state of cultir - tion, having asparagus "wu wnicn produce $500 per annum j with be - jwren jkj and CO Lngluh cherry trees in full I bearior. There are on tha and a stores The house, at present occupied by the subscriber, is lar?e and rw MnvU,,. and in sufficient good order for the reception of ' uiy. i n Darn is ronvemently situated. . . 1 rrpair. i acre are Ukewisese - veral beautiful buildinrf Inii. Persons desirous of norrJunin - ara rnilMtkr1 o call on the subscriber, when they can exam - - wuuiiiua oi ine property. Feb 5 lw TEUNI3 I. JOHNSON. REAL EaV A I K. Visii The subscriber offers for sale that elegant I,.!?. - 0 7,brituouseandlotso pleasantly si - d ;V"rray - rtree, being the corner of Mar - iJr ''npe; - sires. i he situation of the a - - - .y orij is looweii known to require a particular description. Peon u,.h.n. t.. ..f ... are invited to call and view lor tbtVefves. iMvJ - nv afternoon af - for twelve Hon to "Rate oaih - IBth mt. Any further particulars mav he kwiwn by applying lo'JOH.V LIMBERGtR, tlY. Vl ticrriaranu Ann , u;b 5 t 16 liL .IV IV I.;. lJZ r r.. . , . V" - u , wiw one fTn ""oanaserrant, wishes to olitain board . ... o.dT next in a rtspectabi private fami - '.TT of Broadway. A line addressed to T. I. ii?? 1 wdJ Miration. IV A YOUNG mail - m tl f I V nf Pssasaa ii wj,l,,, I . x lor a situation at assistant in an academy in city, cr private tutor in a respectable family J rw'r Hfteache. the French, Latin Z . Urtkla.n6Tages,the mathematk and mu - I - - , u .praii, tnguw. The mnti atitfact.rv a V character and abilities can be gi - b5eo,l2n . MR - BANCEL, No. 5ProvMt - traet. Uy.t , . 1 VVIS I' "'d FILLING. riL"M, CAMPBELU Nu. 197 Pearl. dl3Trtb,,.fvrei,rKl lOOOib. ofKo. If fcrsoa LrtKlld n!l,n?' frora W riy at Pat - - ived i. ?Jfl rf0ai Kd - J0 to 8 ""I I" re - '" - i f ormvrtv iinMu.. I BlHlred d. llart nar ui n I 1 . i8 "m I ' ,Tajr 1319' lf no ' at Sale. Will be Olluail lor ..I. ....... I ! . I... "J tlor V fflA i JL For . . IVJ - 4.1 '' aVX . UMG a. n 1 E I ing FOUR toons and Gunny Bars, lor sale by . . CEHRA k CUMING, Jan S3 ' ' to reari - sueei. t idhs..! bates Mont, mt received lor I fur tale M k. f!AMHRELlNG & PEARSON. J .. ' - .. . feh: 67 South - street 0 0 INDIGO, SUGARS, Ac. . OtJt) bait Bcnarei and Radoazore Soear, Uie latter very superior quality, hard grained, worthy the attention of retailer 17 casei Bengal inuigo 4Z0U uoai cams, large sise arm nnequamy, jt ree'd per imp inaia, .or.aiej P. KEMSEM tl CO. - 28 South - street. jan NANKEEftS. 5,000 pi. long yellow iNan - keens 000 blue do. entitled to debenture, r or sale by JOSEPfl OSBORN, j an mt zo Bonui - Mreei, HEMF, feHKES, LEA J J, tc. ST. PETERSBURG!! clean Hemp and Kentucky yarns in Lots to suit purchasers 100 casks spikes, assorted size from 4 to 10 in. CO rolls Sheet Lead 60 boxes 8 by 10 Glasi 5 tons Patent Oakum 30 bales India Twine, No. A. With a ccneral assortment of snip Chand lery, lorsaie - ny Ja Jan 30 lw TUCKER & CARTER. MOLASSES, COFFEE, Aic 3:2 hhus and 4 bLIs. Molasses, first quality 23 bags Green Coffee, , 120 Dry Hides 7 bbls. Sueur Landinz at Dover - street wharf, from schr. Linnet, from Porto Rico, for sale by K. K U. V. UA Vb. rum & to. Jan 3 HEMP ti UUCK - bO tons St. letersburgh clean Hemp hO bolts first quality Russia Duck . Fonaleby .. JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. janK 57 Front street. I TPLiANDCO l'TOM a 4 bales prune upland kj Cotton, just received per schooner Laura. from Savauuah, and for sale by UTI3.B bWA.K, Jan 14 ' 157 Pearl - street. II EMP 4i IKON - St. Petershorg clean Hemp Russia, Old Sable and Swedish Iron, for sale in Iota to suit purchasers bv UA31uriLLiiu ti rLAUSUI, feb 2 67 SouUi - street. f IL ROSES, fcc lOOouncei Oil of Hosts, V - f 10 bales or S,000 lbs. Uoat Wool or La - t bale Turkey Carpet Rugo, and A parcel of Nicaragua Wood. Landinz from schr Vestal, from Smyrna. For sale by jan 12 67 South street. m zu bnus. Molasses Hum. tutl vroo.t 11 for sale by JACKSON ic WOOLLEY, 75 Wall - st. jan 12 LI ULL 8t BOVVNE have jut received by the XX i - ortnxo, irom London, Dixon's Antihilious Pills Hickman's Pills fur tbe gravel, &c. China's Worm Destroying Lozenges RoaJh's Embrocation Thompson's Cheltenham Salt I lu ward's Tolu Lozenges llen'rv's Calcin'd Alaunesia. nd a general assortment of British Patent Medicines of repute, not mentioned above : war ranted genuine, and lor sale at Jan at 1m 148 fearl strcet. KUfclA GKEY HAKE SKINS. p FORGE AS'l'ORoffers for sale 10,000 Rus - LJ sia urey tlarcMtins. Jan 31 lw 10VIBAZF.TT3 5t COTTON. 4 bales Bombazett 34 bales A'ea Island Cotton, ami 15 do. prime Upland do. landing and for sale Dy SAUL ALLEY, 98 Fine - street. I Stoke 40 bales So Island. Apply as above. jan 24 PLASTER Of FA 'US. A CONSTANT sunniv of rround piaster of i.JL pans, in narrris, suitable lor the southern market. Orders left with Walter Nexsen, No. 174 Front - street, corner of Burliusr - s'iu. wdl be promptly aueoaea (o JUtl.x Kir.KS, t oot of llarnson - itreet. North - Hi ver. Jan 19 tf iTlLASfaWARE 15 hhds. Enr. Glasswnre. J consisting of Wine and Tumblers, for sale f'll 1U I tn I 1 1.1 ..... viins, ii. uuulii t! AUK. UbUtil, - an Washiugtont. 150 UPLAND COTTOX. bales very prime upland cotton, in anJ for in ,ots to ,oil purchasers, by GRIsvvoi.rm h rnTr.i Jn 23 68 South - st (.'LOUR 100. from schr. bbls Uvo's Mills, landins , ai i era - sup. IN STORE. UUI. D .' I w u ninooa anus F"urgl, (Stoke, and Smith', brand) For tale by GRJSWOLD3 & COATES, 68 South - street. an!2 T10BACCO, FLOUR, &c. 1 hhds. sup. Richmond Tobacco 65 bbls fine Richmond Flour 6 dj Cne Middlings 190 lbs. r'lotant Indisro 100 French Demijohns a or. easas oiu sercial Madeira Wine 4 do old Malmsev rin Hn sale by W. Ic S. CRAIG. Jan IV BENGAL LYU1GO. cases very prime quahtv. enUtled to debenture, forsaleat75 Wall - strei.t, by jau ill JAUKMJ.Ti k WlHILLEl. 'pURPENTI.E - 350 27 do. Tar bbls Soft Turpentine, 2 do. Beeswax Afloat and for sale by R. ti c. vv. luvrxpoRT nv Jan 19 jVTAUhlKA WINE. - A quanUty of choice u. r. madeira wine, lor sale or R. 4c C. W. DAEVNPORT & CO. Jan 19 LLOUR RICE. 10 bbls. Supeiane Flour, landing from the Cere, irom Richm wd. and auu liaj lien M ol enan niaia Ku - a. una t5ialju, i rum s narieaton, lor lale by . D1VIE BETH UN E t; CO. Jn 15 92 ConVe.llouw.slin HIDKM. FOUR hundred Hides landing thi day from Perteverance. and will ha aru in ki. h. woan. ADDIVlo JUKKPII nJRrH Jan 9 h n.ih jti slip. ICARAGU A WOOD e L1GNUMV1T.E, la toj Nicararua Wood of - verr rood Oualitv 10 do Lignumvit For sale by TUCKER LAURIES, 29 South - street. Jan 19 "ORN 10,000 bushel. Virginia corn, of prima qui prime quality, deliverable alons - uda a vas. ... i .rti..Kn.. L. I. 1 . . . - or. " " v. rvru, R. CRUMP, Jan 26 80 Pina - trt. J OLAbSES 29 hhds. Molasait, ul' superior OlialilV. IriliiT at I Invar atruat uknrl for oy Iv. & U'. W. UAV LNrORT A CO. Jan 56 200 qr. boxe fresli Turkey pui'd Figt, icveiveo, ami nr saw ny JoJ2 PEl'ER ItEMSEN CO. i 1 HERRINGS. boxc 1st tort,) 177 do 2J dt ( Herring, bow land - I ......... ... . . ' vz c H. f K fuan . i H K I ' I f iu if f 'it r tj i l. j c fiui niishf v. Imullna i' .k. i Aon, from Richmond, for sale by l Dl - 'i nnv - i. anrl for sale by CAMBRELENG PEARSON, Jan C2 67Soutb - ttrret. Vrr' ' : - tOR SALtit ' ty Tbe irtry last sailing sloop PARA - A JCOf. burthen 66 tons, built of the best materials ; has made one voyage to the West - Indie ; is one year old and eau be sent to sea immediately.' For term and a view ol ber inventory, apply to ' - GRISWOLDS k COATE3, Feb 3 68 South - it. . For CHsiJiLKbTOSf, The fast sailiug schooner LOUISA, W Napier, master, beinsr nearly loaded, will sail the first wind fur tbe remainder, or passage, apply on board, west side Burlmg - sbp, or to S. ALLEY. Feb 3 93 Pine - st. . FOR iNEW - OKLEANS. The briz MARY ANN. 17s tons, a substantial fast saihn? vewel. one vear old ; will sail on Sunday next. For freight or passage, apply to . - GOODHUE & Ca Feb 2 44 South sL Fur .VATJUTIAS, (Cuba.) The brig Caroline, G.' Munro, mil ter, will take what freight may offer tuu weet - tor terms apply to JAMES D'WOLF. Jun. . 57 Front - street. For FREIGHT or CAARTER, The britf SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur. then 156 tons, a staunch good vessel, lately repaired. Apply as above. ieb 2 For OPORTO, The chr. BETSEY, capt. Turner, burthen 97 tons, a substantial eood vessel, only one vear old, having a part of her caigo engaged. For freight of the remain der, which will be taken on very reasonable terms, apply to GOODHUE & CO. j n 31 44 South street. Aw ROriKRDAAI. The tast sailing brig JULIANA, B. Augur, master, 204 tons ; bavin? two thirds of her freight engaged, will commence loading this day, and be disp. tched immedi ately. For balance of freight, or passage, ha' I ving good accommodations, apply to E. FISHER, jan 30 lw 54 Sou Ii - bti eet. For Pale, Freight or Charter, i I neship IIUUV1.1IU.MJ, K. tuarlef, ig, master, 300tous: will carry upward - ol JOOO bbls ; is a suottantial vessel and well found For terms, apply on board, at pier no. 17, or at 69 South - Street, to Jan 27 WALSH t GALLAGHER. For Halt, Fmitht or Charter, The substantial, fast sailing brig MA . RY - ANN, cant. Lewis ; is 1 year old : carries about 1600 bbls; lies at pier no. 13, east river. Inquire of GOODJIUE&Co. Jan 27 ' 44 South - street. for LOXDUXUERRY. The Hue fast sailing thin FOSTER, N. Moran, master, havins 7 - Cths of her cargo ready lo go on board, will be despatched without delay. I or freight of 100 to 200 tierce seed, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 1 3, or to Jan 20 W. Si S. CI1AIG. A 1 OLASSES & COr FEE UO Id. Jj. Hav IVX na Molasses new crop 24 hhds. do Coffte LandinK at Old - slip from Brie Caroline, and fonaleby JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. I feh2 57 Front - street. BA J A t IA C.iliUU AT AUCi lO.V. f - X Tuesdavi 10th Fenruarv. DUO. at eleven KJ o'clcclc, at the south side of India Wharf, in notion, win i'e v id ai pumic au uon Th - entire carco of the brie New - Leader. can iui 1'iuns, irom oainvia, consisuns oi V r r - ' 343 CAN NI3TER3 SUGAR 2750 BAGS COFFEE. Conditions at the rule. - T. k JONES St CO. Boeton. 31)1 Ii J an. 1U1U. Auctioneer feb26lt QHEKRY VVIN ice 7 qr. caks very choio O Sherry Wine, 14 years old. and 8 ten sail, kess verv old Muscatel and Pafortt Wines, particularly calculatt d lor famifvuse. for sale oy nun LA.x u. Jan X7 77 v ashmon - street. DRY GOODS. AN invoice ol English Dry Good, of consiJlii) 14 trunks navy bine, and fancy priuts and plates Z trunks baloon and hur cord dimity t trunks cambric sarsnets t cases 7 - 8 white aud printed quiltinrs 3 cases 7 - 8 striped, printed an 4 white jeacs 2 cases 6 - 4 and 8 - 4 damask table cloths 1 trunk imitation quillings For sale by G.G.&8. ROWLAND, Feb 3 77 Washington - st. DRY GOODS. I JENDERSON k CAIRNS offer for sale, on M. x accommodatmi; terms at 81 Pine street 75 packages containing 6 4 and 4 4 plain and spnggea uook isiutnn. 6 - 4 and 4 4 srold end iaconet do. fancv'do Trimmings, Madras aud Britannia lidkft. Sic lena g10T PON ic It LOUR. 125 bales prime up - V land cotton, lor sale in lots to suit pur chasers 100 bbls S. F. Richmond (Mayo Mills') flour or sale by GRISWOLDS & COATES, Feb 3 68 6'outb - st GG. i. S. HOWLAND, No. 77 Washington . street, oner for tale 1200 piec e blue nankeens, entitled to deben - - ture 4 bales fine German shirting and sheeting iintns 23 hhds Boston Rum 200 or. cassis Samos wine 30 do superior sherry . 10 case raedoc claret 5 pipes do very old 50 cases half pint tumblers 100 bblt ground camwood, warranted pure 400 demi.robns - 6000 lbs prime ivory . 25 bbls pickled seal skins 5 do paste Marking 3 tons hgnumvitae 15 tons fine Quercitron bark 16 tons Swedes Iron . . 9 tons' Eiiglish Iron feb 3 A Corn - fan ft anted. WANTED immediately, a corn - fan ; a second hand on will answer. Xpply to TUCKER LAUR1ES, jan 20 29 South - street. COITON YARN. The COMMISSION COMPANY, 148 Pearl - street, have now for ale, most No, of Cotton Yarn, from No. 4 to 30. . jan u lk.f 'd'K TABLE CLOTHS, LINEN4, MJ tic Just opened at No. 61 Maiden - lane 3 cases Irish linens, course to superfine 1 do long la wo - , assorted 1 do 5 - 4 stout Irish sheetings, assorted 1 do diaper and damask table lipens, as sorted, - from 5 to 10 quarters wide 1 do super .real double damask tablecloths, part very large size, with elegant small and large napkin to match 1 case notted counterpanes togcOicr with a general assortment of Dry Goods, for piece tuid retail salts, at vary moderate prices. - iso for sale by the Parkage, few cases l; - i?h linens and Ion? lawns, assorted Stout 6 - 4 Irit - h sheeting, Drogheads Blach 7 8 lu ens glazed, White plalilliur Jsn28 If L It U. M) 1 1'A l. 13' .O ot KAI - slNS. 2U bose lirsli tiloom Raisins jt received and lor s. - le by t G.GKltVVOl.D, janC 86 Sotttu - ttrect. GERMAN fcTEEUBRlMSTdXE &ci - J bdVeg Steel . ; '. . . 129 boxes roh brimstone' ' ' , - l ease Leghorn huU . , IS do tumbler . v ' . : ',. 10 package paper 3 base chollets - SO boxes mould candles . 50 do oap, entitled to debenture For sale by . JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. jan 13 ' ,. - 47 Front - street. IRON HOLLOW WARE.. AN assortment of the above article consisting of pots, kettles, b:.ko pans, griddles, skillets, batons, spiders, tea kettles, &c. per tou or piece, tor sale by CEBRA& CUMING, Jan 30 , 76 fearl - st. w LES. b ttu italloii kegs very iM und delicate Musralel and falbiet Wines. put up expressly for family use, and will be told i.y uie single trg. Apply lo G.G.&8. HOWLASD, i&n 28 77 Washington - street COTTON 40 bales prime Upland Cotton for sale by R. U C. VV. DAVENPORT & CO Jan 23 L?LOUR tn TOBACCO. 150 uhis Richmond r City Flour, Haxall's brand 50 do do Countrv do 9 hhds Prime Old Leaf ToLacco 20 do New do in store, and for sale by TROKE3, DAVIDSON & CO. Jan 27 106 Front street. 20 MOLASSES. hhds molasses, good quality, at Peck - slip, lor sale by ; Jan 31 R. 4 C.W.DAVENPORT & CO. OHAWI.S. 4 trusses col'd aud fringed Cloth O Shawls, handsomely assorted received per aud Maria. CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, Jan 29 67 South - street. "tHINA SILKS 2 cases green sincbews ; 1 V do black cam blets 1 do 6 - 4 white shawls ; 1 do black do 1 do damask For sale by MARCH & LOW, Jau 29 210 Broadway. ,ADMRA WINK 9 pipes Old Madura IV A Wine, of superior quality, imported in wis, lor sale i'v TRrtKES, DAVIDSON & CO. feb 2 106 Front - street. Clll.NOLES, c 100,000 twenty - two inch J shingles, and o.UUO Horns lor sale by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT 4i CO. Jan 19 35 Peck slip. TO WATCH - MAKERS 3 dczen Watch X S pnnss Ad rio? - n Wntrli Phnins. For sale at II. V05'3 ' No. 74 Washington - street, feb 4 lw OODHUE & CO. No. 44 SoiHli - strett, onVr VJ lor sale, 150 bales of Calcutta Piece Goods, consisting of tfaitas, chowdaearies. cosaas. emerties Gurrahs, blue eurrahs, entitled to drawback Long Cloths, mumoody, mull mulls Sannns, tawns end seersuckers Bandannoes and lungee audy silk hdkf - Lott hee and madras pattern hdkfs ' 10 pipes Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - Madeira wine back 10 casks Turkey red wine 134 boxes sweet oil, 12 bottles each 11 cases Italian letter paper 250 bans corks, 7 cases fur hats 45 ceroons prruvian bank, C cask senna 5 cases gum tragapnth 1 case Turkey opium , 60 boxes Russia window glass 15 bale Russia feathers, 15 do do down 280 bolts Russia duck, 1st and 2d quality 4U - pigs block tin ; copper bolt, assorted Spelter, eunnv baes ' 140 hhds. first quality Muscovado Sugar, enti irea to arawoacg. leo 4 ENGLISH BACON, tic. ENGLISH Bacon. Pi'lit fens. Berkley. Don Ci ble Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese, all of a very superior quality, imported in the Aun Ala ria, from Liverpool. Also, a general assortment of first quality Teas and or merits, Fish Sauces, Olives. Anchovies Very old Jamaica Ruin buptiinr 5th proof Irish Whiskey American Pine A pule Cheese English Porter, Demijohns, and Bristol Ware, lor sa'e cheap lor cash by E. BLACKFORD, 157 Grvcnwkh - street. For Sale or to Rent, tr, tss! Two HOUSES and a STORE, situated in broad - afreet, Newark, (N.J.) opposite llic . l';ropitl Church. Also, lor sale, tbe HOUSE mr LOT, 114 Fulton - st. feb 4 lw JfhAF PUBLICATIONS. rUST published and for sale by ELI AS VA - J LENTINE, 104 Broadway, (3d door bcloiv l'ine - ttrett.1 Mandeiilie. a tale of the nineteenth century, in Kr gland, ky XV m. Godwin. J - iurual oftiie proceedingt of the late embassy to China. Character of Shaktpeare't riayt, by sVm tlailett. Bingley's Useful Knowledge. I'hu Kuicht of St. Johns, bv Miss Porter. Letters from the Caie of Good Hope, in reply lo .Mr. w arden, with extracts irom uonaparw great work. Kiiianre oi comiori. letters from the 8outh. ' I'on - tber with a general assortment of Books and Stationary. Visiting and Address Cards engraved and print ed. . ieo j .Monthly Scientific Journal. TUST published, we " Monthly Scientific J Journal," containing disquisition in natural philosophy, chemistry, and the arts. Also, an extensive Mathematical iworrespon dence, price 25 cents, by W. Mariat, A. M and fc How of the New - York Philoopbical Soci ety ; seld by the editor at bis academy, ttweeo No. I Murray - street and liroadway, wlire tub scribers names will be tbankl'ully received. Feb 4 lw CORPORATION PROPERTY. PO he sold at public auction on Friday the 1 20th inst. at thH City - Hall, at 12 o'clock V Lots of U round on Ilie wesienv siocoi Voi lect - st. between Anthonvand Leonard - st. 12 Lot on the easterly side ol collect - si. ne - twocq Anthony and Leonard - sts. 7 Lots on the easterly tide of Collect - st. be tween Leonard and Franklin sts. 1 Lot on the westerly side of Leonard - st. be tween t Collect and OrapRe - sts. ALSO. 6 Cellars under Catharine marnet, lor 3 yean from 1st May next. The upper part of Uie Watrhhoute in El - dridge, late Third - st. for 3 years from 1st May. Tne upper part ol the waichiionte in s - pnng - . for I year fmm the 1st May. The ferry at Manhattanville for I yerfr. A man of the C dl. - 'Cl lots mat be ten and par ticulars known at tbe Comptroller's OrHce, City 11 all. 'en. uia 'ilCKE'lS ADt'ANCIAG. ' 0' S Friday morning next. Medical Science lottery Tickets will advance from ne we. riA ink e of 13 to 15 dollars. 1 he next Burolx - r that romes out cf tlie wheel 'after Friday's draw - n will be enunea to uie sianonary prise oi f 10,000 dollars. A very few tickets remain un - I M !ll lottery and Exctiax :.t - t ili.e, No. 54 Maidc - Where tho hJehaa prise vet drawa ha been sold, ii : 151:97. 50i0 dolls drawn on 1 biirwlay last, besides manv oilier valuable priie la t:e same lottery. Middle District bank antes received at par, or exchanged fw spectp, at a small premius. b leo e - i . tt t A meeting, by adjournment, of tbe trustees of Columbia College, will be held on Saturday next, tbe 7th instant, at eleven o'clock, A. M. in the college. . CLEMENT C. MOORE, Clerk. feb4 3t NOTICE. - QThe citizens are requested tube particular in causing the snow and ice on the side walks aud gutter to be cleared otT, and when it cannot be done without injury to tbe pavement, to be strewed with sand or ashes, in conformity' to an ordinance of die corporation in such - ca made and provided As their safety and comfort materially depend, upon their attention id this particular, it is presumed that the law on this subject will be strictly complied with. J NO. M'CO.VI B, Street Commissioner. street com. UUioe r ' 3d Feb. 1818. V Feb4i 'Xj - THE FORUM willbeepened on Friday veuinjr next, the 6th instant, at the Assembly - room, City Hotel, when fhe following question will be discussed, "Are early marriage adtite - able r . . Discussion to commence at 7 o'clock precisely . A Ticket will admit a lady and gentleman. Tickets to be had at D. Loagworth's and at the door at 25 cents each. Feb 4 3t NOTICE. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the subscribers iutend to apply to the legislature of the state of New - York, at their present session, for au act of incorpoiation, inroi iterating them and their associate by the name and styl of Uie " ULSTER GLASS COMPANY," with aca - pital of one hundred thousand dollars, for the pur - pesi - ol manuiacturing glass, it the townof VV ood - stock, L ister county. ELDAD HOLMES, . G. B. ABEF.L, ' JARED PECK, feb 2dlw?aw5w MECHANIC HALL. EVERT KVKNI.VU THIS WEEK. MR. STA Mi - LAS, ever wishful to gratify a liberal public, bus devoted some lime in bringing forward for those evenings, one of the greatest pieces ol human invention ever presented bclore an enlightened audience, called tho Temple nf Mars. This astonishing and inccmnrthen. sible piece of mechanism, ut the command ol tbe exhibitor opens its doors nnd displays in tbe back eround the bust of the illustrious Wnshineton : the temple changes and discovers the Goddess of LiiuenyandraiOK descending from the clouds with a wrt - alh - of laurels, ami placing it on his held, displaying tho motto ' Hoinage to tbe Immortal Washington,' For further particulars see inns oi ineniy. reb2 lw" OR SALE, for a term ol years, a healthy, - au atuve ana very capable negro wench - will be disiia - ed of cheap, as it is her own de sire Enquire at No. 23 North Moore - street. Feb 2 tf , TO QUARR YMEtf. FOUR'experienccd Marble Quarrymen arc wanted immediately. None need anplv but those perfectly acquainted with the busi ness i to such constant employ and liberal wa ges will be giveifc Apply to LUDLOW, 34 Beaver - strcct. TO LET, A small 3 - story fire proof STORE, No. 27 Moore - street, next to the corner South - st Possession given immediately. Apply as a - bove. nov 12 P&Htf Til I i'iII Two adioinin? rooms in Wall - stret. couvenicnt for offices. Apply to PRIME, WARDS: SANDS, feb 2 tf ,42 Wall - street To LET, The 3 story House. No. 44 Nattau - st to let from 1st Mav next. Annlv to GEO. DUMMER & CO. fell 4 tf 112 Broadway TO LET or LEASE, From the 1st Mav next, the three storv nm s a.OM) . a. . v vvuiirawji - ufxii nij at the othoe or n. LA w ut - nu r., feb 4 lw No. 172 Fulton - street, TO LET, The handsome new house, with base ment tut story. No. 13 Murray - street, at present oo pied by Mr. W. C. Khmclander. 'Apply to 1 UKff ID cn hut., feb 4 61 Wall - street SALE AT AUCTION BY HOFFMAN and GL.VS. On Saturday, 1th init. The House and Lot No. 18 Wall - street, 3u leet front and 108 feet deep more or less, with a right of partition wull with the Mechanic's nana, nuiu dt uav worn, i osn - niun ui uie Sreater part oi the premises may be had inune iately if required Term made easy am known at timn of tale. feb 4 3t I FA LU ABLE PhOPER'iY. The following very valuable property it o lie led for tale That substantial built nnd commodious 3 story brick HOUSE and LOT of GROUND, No. 3 Courtland - strect, calculated for a large and con venient store in front : said lot be ins b leet Iront and rear by 110 feet deep. The 2 two storv brick HOUSES and LOTS of GROUND next below adjoining, beinc Nos. 5 and 7, well known a the oldest establishment of - . .i i . . i stage cmcts and tavern in me cuy saiu ion using each front and rear 20 fett in width by 1 10 feet deep. For terms, applv on the premises, or to JOHNL. DICKINSON, feb4 1w FIFTY UOL.LARS REWARD. OST yesterday, at or near the Mechanics' 1 Bank, a Red Morocco POCKET BOOK, contninins S200 dollart in bank note, chiefly ol this city , also nine ticket in tbe Medical Science a Z. . a.. atk aW a. 1 A lilA Lottery io 4, vu : io. z,.irj, z,om;, ,uij, 4UI4. 4.0:6. 4.037. 4.039. 20.8J2. 20.833. several memorandums, tic. boeier will leave the said pocket bovk nnd content with T. B. Jaen, ,o. 1 1 Chatham - street, or wilh the subscriber, No. 39 Division - street, shall receive the above reward. DANIEL MOORE. Noti If the finder will not return the money hi enclosing the ticket through tbe post - office, will be considered as an essential favor Lottery Oifice keepers and others will plea - e stop the tickets if off - red for tale or examination. feh 3 3it O. M - I .lOR SALE, ten irood Festher Beda, with i? pillows, fcc. luquire al No. 8 Grand - street. feb 2 lw MERINO t tOU h, COTdON YARN, S.1T - TINE ITS, ke. WANTED, a quantity of merino wool; also, cotton vara, particulailv low numbers. Proposals will alo he recti ed for making of tat - lioelts. T he manufacturer lo be supplied wuu die materials and Use business lo be rendeieu, probably, permaneuL A i nniract is also wanted, for the ronningol a cotton mill, of from I to 4000 spindles; the cotton to be supplied, and the yarn to be received at a stipulated price. Apiy t U8 fV n .l..r. oct23rH " I - Ar I.K. MlO L KA S E. FMVE!.ots of Ground on street No. 1, of the Coiomisioiers' Map i which street No I, r Fir - t - strert, ol 00 leei m wsaio. win ..j - h cd in Ihe spring, Irooj tin - Bowery, just above Nonh - street, lo the public square, at the commencement of the first avenue. ALSO TO LEASE. A number of Lots of Ground of 26 1 - 2 by 100 feet, mi Ihe second atenoe, which nvenee is pow prned fr m its commencement at North - street, the New Alms House. Those lots being el cibly situated, and the tfarest part embraced bv tbe Commiauoner' nlaa of the city, will make i&em desirable tiiua - tlons. Apply to - AUGUSTUS WTSKOOP, JanSOlw No. 31 Front - tr - eL COTTON. - 54 haiee Prime Upland, for taje at 66 South - etreet, by . J 3, JM77 IT AJ - .1; U tt UALLAUUi.IV. PUBLIC SALES BTJ.P UlETEKICH fcCO. AT PRIVATE iAI K, 5000 acre cf land, in Wora! Cnqnty. fTa.) Witbin 10 miles rf MarietU. nrd 5 nles fron - tm Ohio Rivtr. - 12110 do io the town of Plattst nreh.' Clinton Connly, Nkw York. . 400 do in Pike CTftllfltV - A mm . ved farm f SOO iirres, on the CVtherton tnrnpik road. The two last wt! In - - x; hnngrd for property in the citv ol New York, or for merchaa - d4e. Apply at Uie auction room. fj - Mr. KEr.NE, rcpreifi.lty announces to theLiidie and Gentlcnun i4 ivew - York, that hisGRND CONCERT, will take place, at the CITY HOTEL, (weadier permnUng) on Tuesday, Feb 10. ACT 1st. Overture, Full Orchestra Song, Cabin Boy" Mr. Keeoe, . Reeve Sony, (by iii sire) " Fly swife je Zephyrs" Mrs. Moran ' Bishop Duetle, " If thou canst live on humble hire,!' Mr. Keene and Mrs. Moran . Virtue Conceito, Piano Forte, Mr. Moran . P. A. Corrl Song, " flenry's tare well' Mr, Keene Irish Duett, (by desire) " Rest weary Travel ler" Mr Keene and ivirs Moran braham Air, with variations. Flute, Mr. Kinsela Weidner ACT 2nd Overture, Full Orchestra Son.. " I liAiiah Inva la tvfirm 9 whila'S . r J - O .w ........ Mr. Keene - Braham Durtte, I'yrolese" Mr Keeoe and Mr. Moran Moore Air, Piano Forte, Mr. Moran F. Hofiman Song, The rose bed of Summer1 Mr. Moran Stevenson Song, " The blooming Rose" Mr. Keene, Philip, " My Henry's gone" Mr. Moran Stevenson Snnr f K. t Hnr. 1 J ' Liberty" Mr. Keene Bishop rintlJe' ".. . ' - Full Orchestra Leader, Mr. Gentil riana Forte, Mr. Moras Tickets to ba had at Messrs. Weyman't No. ,38, and G. H R. Waite, Ne. 54 Maideu - Lane Mr. Goodrich, No. 123, and Mr. R. Waite. iun. 136 Broadway, at the Music Store, of "Mr. Keene, No. 101 Greenwich - street, an) of W, It. Creagh, Printer, No. 71 Maiden - Lane. "ll V uveiivi aiVlirSs UUVE I1UI ICII II i NOTICE. fj7 The subscriber havinc entered Into part nership, the S I OCR. & KXCHANGE BUSI - NESS heretofore conducted by R. H. NEVINS, will be continued under the firm of NEVINS k TOWNSEND. RUSSELL H. NEVINS, feh 3 EI.HIU TOWNSEND. NO I ICE. OT The partnership heretofore existing he tweeu the subscribers under the firm of Read and Pine, is dissolved by mutual consent The settlement of the concern of the firm is committed lo Samuel Read, who continue the grocery hu - siness at the tame place, cornt r ol Front and Fulton - streets. New - York. Feb. 3d, 1818. SAMUEL READ, JAS. I. PINE. feb31wt ft' If Mr. Tliomas 1'yke, mason, of London, is in this city, he is requested to call on John B. lath (l Son, No. 147 Broadway, where be will be informed of something to bis advantage or. if abfeot, any information respecting him com - municated a above, will be thankfully received. Feb 3 lw A - CARD. try - MRS. DELAGE, Milliner from Patis, has the honor of informing tbe Ladies of tbia city, that she ha just opened a imall case of the latest winter Hats received trom farta. nu.uv ncwiumi vuwia uvui u.vauwaj. jan 30 lw CO - PARTNEIlfcHIP. frt - AUSTIN k ANDREWS having tnkea Gad Taylor into partnership, tbe business wiH be transacted under the firm of Austin, Andrew 4c Co. AUSTIN k ANDREWS, GAD TAYLOR. V Alt i 1 .... A .1 fcb2 1w fx Letters for His Britannic Majesty Pack et PRINCESS ELIZABETH, (for Falmouth, direct) will be received at the Post - Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 9th day of February. Jan 24 T. W. MOORE, Agent. NOTICE. Tf AH persons having demands against Uie estate of the late GUY R. CHAMPLIN, deceas ed, will present their accounts, and those indebt ed will please make payment to HLMti LUir, Executor, JanSllw . r, j No. 83 South - street. COTILLION PAR.lES. ZT ftr - The manneer rive notice tliat the next cotillion party will be 6n Thursday evening next. .i . , i t - i . .i rit - uA.Ai uie am rioruury,.aimw vli uuici. Janai 5t NOTICE. fKr - The copartnership existing between Wil liam Ross and John E. Ross, of tbe City of New - York, Coachmaker's, i Uiit day dissolved by mutual consent. Jan. 31, 1818. feb 2 lw WILLIAM RUS3. (TT - The assignee of the estate of Mrs Sid. nev Hewitt, (m order to give time for all her creditor to come in and participate in the funds provided for them,) do hereby .extend the time of render.njf their account to Mr. Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, until the 1st of March ensuing Feb 2 lm . BUSBY'S WATER WHEEL. frs - The public are respectfully informed that Uie patent water wheel invented by tbe subscriber is now fixed, and is in action on board the Steam Boat M York." 1 be I OR a nas nereioioie peers a slower boat than the Jesuit, working on the same ferry. On Wednesday last the two Doau started side by side from Powles Hook f having the committee of Director on board) and crossed the Hudson together, when the York arrived first in Uie slip on this aide. Thi wheel lilt no back - water, and ha been working several day among the ice, which i trundled beneath the ring, and m.shed by tbe perpendicular paddles. The wheel is left open for tbe inspection of the public, who are requested to consider n M.p,r" txpe,mem esiaD...n.DB rr - ; 1'iai - ULtll iviliiius ivts "' . . a strtf tnrerUums) improvementiarecooteiiiplated. - V. la MJV feb21w 2 Law Building. TAKE NOTICE, ftfr All psrsons having ilemsml against, and thoW indebted to thee.ia,e , . Ha'aaari are redtiesirn " !"" - . JIAfffERa! rt.No. 2WaU - .UeeL Da ted Jan. 19, 1H1U ANN ROGERS, Executrix.' Jaa 21 dim JV E W - V UKk SLA 1 E lAlinr A W I . rry The Stockholder are hereby requested In attend an aniiuai limnn lor mam uirrviun, to be held at the house of Joseph Baker, No. 4 Wall - street, on Monday 9th February next Tbe poll will open at 1 1 and close at 1 o'clock. JOHN MOMB, Sec'ry. Jaa 29 NOTICE. The copartoersliip heretofore existing beiwean tlie subscriber uudcr tlie firm of F. ii SEXTON, is this day dissolved. February 1818. FRANCIS SEXTON. fr4 3t JOS. bEXTON, Junr. jj - Au adjoui - ned meeliug of the Protesfcmc Epu - copal Tract Society, will be held in tbe vestry loom of Trinity Church oa Thursday evening next, at 1 o'clock. The atleodanre of Ike members, and of all persons interested in .Ike wellare of the institution, is respecU'uUj oliciUd. By order, THOS. N. STANFORD, Feb 4 2t Sec Pro Tim. ONE hundred bbls. Bristol Spanish Brown, 20 do White Lead, , . With a general asortmcct of PamU, dry ana ground, for - le by .R,pLET t vuELD, . 192 Fraiit and coroerufFaltou - slreet, Jaa 23

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