The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 17, 1944 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1944
Page 10
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E D I T O R I A L S -- Honging Together the Better Course A BETTER-THAN-USUAL un- % derstanding of the United States and its people is reflected in an Article in the London Telegraph, , commenting on . the 1944 presidential campaign. "Politically," said the newspaper, "it will be an uneasy year, but it will not be so uneasy as to distract the American people from the mainTjob of driving'victory Koine.". -:V : ' T. ' . Similarly the'Daily Mail, Lord Beaverbrook's- paper, warns the British not to presume to offer us gratuitous, advice. . ·"Americans," says the D a i l y Mail, "make their own decisions their own .way, and recollecting lend-lease and America's production and military aid we are all aware that those decisions have not let anybody down." It is good to see that their understanding or this country is growing. It would be disastrous if anything should destroy tne unity and mutual confidence of the United States and Britain while the war lasts. Practical necessity holds our » two countries together now. Ifs "hang together or hang separately." Later--after victory--we can let our ways part; It won't, we believe, be good sense or good business. But we can. , ' \ \ Did You Know? "" By, Frederic J. Haskin EDITOB'S NOTE -- !*·««« «r»UUj Uouclvti *t 'tkl Mnie* fM.4*MtIu» ·{ fact-- n«i e««iutl «I«H lit* tk«U (·II UBC and. »4inu aw* OBSERVING . t«nU for ictmrn J tfltm* AUtmt Globe · Gazette bfentaUM B*TMB, Frcdtrlc J. Hukta. DlrMt*r,..WuU«f- Uu. D. C. ' Look Out Below Fascism Isn't Dead A FTER, what Italy went through uiider Mussolini's fascist-regime and as a stooge of. Hitlerite Germany one would think that Italians freed of the totalitarian yoke in the areas occupied by the allies would have had more than their fill of fascism. That is probably true of most Italians, but recent developments: in allied-occupied Italy indicate that fascism Is by no means dead. The American counter intelligence corps disclosed the other day the arrest of IS young Italians on charges that they sought to sabotage the allied war effort and reestablish secret fascist cells. The youth of the conspirators-some of them were as young as 19 years--is perhaps significant. Older and wiser heads who remembered the pre-MussoIini days of freedom, yearned to be rid of the yoke of fascism. ·The younger generation, however, instilled with the doctrines' of fascism practically all .their | lives and knowing no other way of life, were reluctant to give it; up. They had never tasted the'i joys of a free and democratic way of life. Fascism was all they knew.; It shows how firmly entrenched in the minds of Italian youth is the fascist doctrine. A similar condition no doubt exists hi Germany. When Hitler is finally crushed and Europe is freed, one of the toughest jobs confronting the allies will be to convince the youth of Italy and Germany that democracy is the better way of life. It will be done, of course, but it will be a^difficult task to wipe out the false impressions deeply imprinted upon the pliable minds of the Italian and German youth. Harrison Spangler is in for a rude awakening if he honestly believes that just a^iy republican nominee can win the presidency this year. " : · * * * ' There are those who believe that Dr. Win-the-Wai- is either Gen. Marshall, Gen. Eisenhower or Gen. MacArthur--not a politician. . . - · * - * * A multiplicity. o£ "favorite son" candidates is the surest invitation yet devised for a "smoke-filled oom" nominee. * * * It could be a hard winter but it couldn't be ^ long winter--unless it tarried long Into the lap of spring. X * * Millions of Americans are finding their best argument for Will- tie in the enemies he'has made. * * * · If it isn't \Villkie or Dewey, it just isn't likely a republican president Senate Anachronisms ·THERE is indeed something fun- 1 damentally wrong with a system under which, by the automatic action of "seniority," a committee chairman like Senator Robert Reynolds - gets washed-up in the upper house. Under this -archaic rule the Carolinan who wouldn't be chosen by his fellows for the senate's lowliest position is made chairman of the all important senate military affairs committee' in a critical hour. Bob is the boy who got himself elected originally by racing about his state accusing his rival of eating caviar--not merely caviar but Russian caviar. Now he's'married to the blucblood owner of the Hope diamond! That's the measure o£ his dem- agog attributes. Washington has seen nothing like him since Huey Long got bumped off. There's need for an elimination of this seniority rule. And while they're about it, the senators ought to originate some action by which our foreign relations will not be dictated by one-third .of their membership. Both of these anachronisms should be wiped off the books if democracy is to have a reasonable chance to succeed. Your Health By Logon Clendening, M. D. MEDICINE 40 YEARS AGO , IN THE course of my researches on the Turkish bath I have been looking over some of the old medical journals of 1900 to 1805. No one could help being struck with the fact trial the articles go into great length about subjects that do not concern us today at all. Here they were in the 20th century, the same on as ours and thought themselves in the vanguard of progress, but they are agonizing about problems that have simply been taken out o£ routine practice, or so easily solved that the modern" medical student hardly spends a Saturday evening on them. For instance, a n u m b e r of articles on the surgical treatment of the complications of typhoid fever--haemorrhage and; perforation. There is so little call for those procedures now that nobody discusses them. Typhoid f e v e r still exists, but is almost as rare as bubonic plague. But in those days the hospitals, were full of cases. Nowadays, to have typhoid fever is a disgrace; anybody who has it should walk back into the Middle Ages/ If local sanitation does not eliminate it, typhoid vaccination for the individual, in spite of the howls of the anti-vaccina- tionsts, does. Th"en here is an article by a professor in a then and still world- famous medical college on pernicious anemia. It was right-up- to-date in 1902. But under treatment he has a paragraph on diet and thrashes around in a bewildered fashion. Not .a mention or hint of liver. Nowadays the corner grocer can tell you how to cure pernicious anemia. I turn the pages--venfrosus- pension for neurasthenia. The instruments they used to do that are gathering rust in the old surgical cabinets. At Professor Ohlhausen's clinic in Berlin--for anaesthesia, cholo- form is used by the drop method. Many a graveyard headstone bears the name of some person snatched in the prime of life, whose surgeon was ill-advised in this respect. *. The municipal water supply was beginning to be examined critically. But nobody suggested anything so radical as that this was Pros and Cons · Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges Where There's Paper Wastage Sheffield Press: We are ol the opinion Hhat:. there would be no paper shortage in this country at the present time if the government practiced economy in the use of paper wifti the same diligence that it asks the public to salvage waste. The useless waste of paper by government agencies is nothing short o£ criminal when the material is so badly needed in producing equipment for and sending supplies to our · armed forces in the field. Is the President Changing? Cherokee Times: Fearful of the consequences of public reaction to threats of general strikes and their handicap to war activities, ^the president is understood to be considering consenting to enactment of law forbidding-strikes during a war period. Members of congress have advocated such an enactment for some time but the president has vigorously opposed It and has insisted that congress leave to him the handling of the strike problem. Renaming the New Deal Clarion M o n i t o r : President Franklin D. Roosevelt says that the name "new deal" has been outmoded. In his words "Old Doc New Deal" is dead and a new "doc" to'be called "Win the War" should take its place. The president's desire very evidently lies in ·the fact that old Doc New Deal has thoroughly discredited itself. The people have rebelled. Under the new deal the name 1 has become a stigma instead of a blessing. , There's a Great Day Coming Thornton Enterprise: There's a great day coming when we can take up again the peaceful pursuits of life and enjoy the happy laughter of families, reunited. Home again will become the sacred hearth of -the nation--a place where the American way at life can go on to keep its rendezvous with the destiny o£ mankind. If Conditions Were Reversed Osage Press: The English newspapers and English people went out of their way to express praise for the selection o£ General Eisen- \Vho originated the tug o' war? The Greeks. Has a woman ever held a seat on ' the' New York Stock' Ex- chance? No. What is the bird depicted en the 5-cent Czechoslovakia stamp? A phoenix, a mythological bird. How lone I* tobacco aged?; At least 2 years. Do members of the deer family shed both antlers and horns each rear? Antlers are shed, horns are not, except In the case of the antelope. How many states failed to reach their qnota In the 3rd war loan drive? Nineteen. Who was the first woman physician? Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, who was graduated in medicine at Geneva, N. Y., in 1948, was the first woman world. What presidents held a federal office other than members of con- cress after the expiration of their term of office? Women in Service understand t h a t w h i l e there is a national service act in England, Canada and Australia, there has been no application of it to. women. It hasn't been necessary. ^ / The mere fact that women have had to register and thereby make themselves available for war service has had a very pronounced effect of making them realize that they too have a responsibility in this war. This is reflected in the fact that in all of these countries the proportion of women in the uniformed services is approximately 4 times greater than it is he're in the United States. To many this would seem to bje another good argument for the national service act in our own country. --V-- physician in the George Washington, who was made commander in chief of the army in 1795 and William ,Howard Taft, who was chief justice. Was Abraham Lincoln the 1st or 2nd child of bis parents? He was the 2nd. What is the largest' denomination of bills now being printed? $10,000. Of what great leader said that he was not a. man but mission? The Argentine liberator, Jose de San Martin. . What causes paper to turn yel- Almost Persuaded am aUnost persuaded--but is not quite--by a New York "counselor in human relations." By answering for him a certain set of "confidential questions"-7 ; -and paying an appropriate fee--here's what I can learn aboui myself, as promised by this psychologist wonder: _"Yourself? How would you'like to have me send you a persona analysis of yourself, rate your qualifications and potentials, show you how you appear to others, give BOUT K AN ACCHNOmC you an entirely new blueprint of who you-actually are? "Your vocation? How would you like to know what the chances are for advancement in your presen! position? "Your business? How would you like to have me show you how to succeed in your business or profession? , "Your spouse? How would you like to have me tell you how t change your mate into an idea husband or wife? "Your-sweetheart? How would you like to have me send you a confidential report on your sweet- hearfi batie qualifications to make fou. happy in marriage?" The final admonition in this salesmanship letter is: "Obey t,hat impulse and act now! Tomorrow, may be too- late.' -Fill out and return the application lank at once." Although I may be doing wrong, : have decided to wait until at east tomorrow before acting. Information, Please!/ 1. The book in the Bible called :he second law is Exodus; Deuteronomy, Judges, Leviticus? 2. The president who called for :he elimination of the mass formation in if avor 'of more open play in football was.W. H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt? 3. The number of men in the poem, "The Charge of the Light Brigade,'^ is 400, 500, 600, 700? 4. The length of the Panama canal is 12.0 miles, 23.7 miles, 40.5 miles, 50.4 miles. / ANSWERS--1, Deuteronomy. 2, Theodore Roosevelt. 3, 600. 4, 1. Gueits Don't Pay submit · this little story from a Wisconsin house organ as an indication w h y newspapers · call 'em "hotel patrons" rather, than "hotel guests: 1 Patron: May I have some stationery? ' - Hotel Clerk: Are you a guest of this hotel? Patron: Heck no! I'm paying $5 a day. ·» . DOUQUGT To R. K. ROBERTSON, CERF GORDO COUNTY ENGINEER!. or 30 years of distinguished serj; ce in that position. Fred Whiv chief engineer, once told me thl] if Iowa had "99 Robbie Robert. ;ons" there would be no need ft a state highway commission. Thaf about as high a compliment ^ could be paid a man. Mr. RoF son has served faithfully and wri Mason City Globe-Gaze* An A. W- LEE NEWSPAFEE Issue Every W«k Day fcy the M.»«n Clly Globe-Gaie«« C*mr*, 121-123 East Slate Street. Telephone M;c 'Monday January 17; 1944! LEE P. LOOMIS - - - - Publisher'" W. EAKL HALL - tbuilnf EdjUrf ENOCH A. NOB EM - - City EiiterL'- LLOYD L. GEEK - AJierllitnr. Entered a* second-class matter Apr.1 IT. 1930. at the postoffice at Mason Clt£l Iowa, under the act of March 3. 1879.1-1 MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS--Trr" Associated Press is exclusively entltlfj to the use for rcpublication of aU ne\v dispatches credited to it or not' 1 othcrwi/ I credited in this paper and also the ?""-· news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES hi Mason City and Clear Lake by year, Mason City and Clear Lake by week, Outside- MM Milt*.Zone--Per year, $t| 6 months 55.50; 3 months $3; 1 monlli Outside Mason City »n« Clear Uike P Within 1« Miles ** Mason CUr I Outside of the Carrier Districts MUOQ City and Clear Lake; Per year by carrier -'..$10 Per week by carrier ,..$, Per year by mail $ 7 ' By mail 6 months ...$ 3;i| By mail 3 months By mail 1 month .. low? This is (· due to the chemical properties o£ the pulp used and of the solutions employed in the process of manufacturing. In what part of the world did man originate? The oldest remains of man have been found in southeastern Asia. Are dates grown successfully in the United States? They are cultivated in the Coachella and Imperial Valleys of California and in a few southern valleys of Arizona. At what age did Jean Henri Fabre go into retirement? A t 4 8 . . · · · · · What was Verdi's most popular opera? ; II Trovatore. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO The two 1904 classes of the city school banqueted at the Commercial hall last evening. The occasion was the tendering by the June class the annual feast to the February graduates. Few banquets in that popular social rendezvous have 1 excelled this one in hower as the supreme allied commander in the approaching invasion of the continent. · Wonder if we could be as unselfish if the situation were reversed. Who Speaks for G. O. P.? Chicago Sun: A lot of republicans overlook the fact that Wendell Willkie received more votes in 1940 than any other republican candidate for president ever did. The Shock Was Postponed Thompson Courier: War restric- point of elegance and beauty of decorations. The tables trimmed with smilax, potted ferns and lilies, blended in most beau- aiful effect. What is the use of paying 7c a pound for pork roast when you can buy beef roast at 6c. Porter- louse and sirloin steak at Union Meat market. THIRTY YEARS AGO Cement making was again commenced Thursday at the Northwestern States Portland Cement plant, after a thorough overhauling of machinery. The members of the bar association will hold a banquet in the Knights of Pythias hall oh Monday evening, Jan. 26. The speakers for the evening are John Cliggitt, Ralph Stanbery and Robert W. Witwer. The main question to be discussed Is the advisability of iiolding a superior court in Mason City. The committee for arrangements are D. W. Telford, Wiley S. Rankin and Hugh H. Shepard. Republican Vermont G OV. William H. Wills of Vermont in his recent radio address referred to his as the most republican state in the union. And there's none to dispute the claim for Vermont has never failed to elect a republican governor, a republican senator or a republican congressman. ' All' of which reminded J o h n Skinner of the Austin, Minn., Herald, of a story about Grover Cleveland's campaign. Vermont democrats thought they .had a chance. They invited George M. Stearns of Massachusetts, noted democratic spellbinder, to come Into Vermont and make an address. His reply: "I am a busy man, but if the Vermont democrats will come to my home lawn I will be glad to - talk to them." the function of the state. People should boil their drinking water in the home. Cures of tuberculosis by altitude and overfeeding. No one suspected that surgery was going to come close to solvingMhe problem --at least to supplanting all other methods of treatment except rest "Veneral Disease Among the Filipinos"--the penalties of imperialism. "Temperance Reform" -- prohibition of the sales of spirituous liquors and crime would be diminished so much that we could close our prisons. Eyestrain as a cause of chronic headache, neurasthenia, hysteria, mental depression, dyspepsia, underweight, a n e m i a , etc. The chronic headache is all that \* left as a resultant of eyestrain. Wandering kidney--it has wandered out of the respectable operating rooms.of the world. Well, this is still the 20th century and the world do move. tions prevented an electrical Christmas. Nevertheless, father got a shock when the bills came Grist for the Enemy's Mill Dubuque" Telegraph -Herald: A public quarrel between Russia and the other allies at this time would give the enemy grist for his mill. Fanaticism Admitted at Last Waterloo Courier: Germany, says Hitler, is fighting with "fanatical hatred.'-' We always knew that some day he would admit it. No Navy at All Davenport Democrat: From present indications, the German navy at the end of this war will be as big as the Swiss navy. If It Gets iWuch Worse Mankato Free Press: If these railroad wrecks continue, the old timers may insist on going back to canals. Editorial of Day THE BIRTH OF INFLATION W. B. Jones in Allison Tribune: It is too bad that labor cannot see the real reason for the government not always acceding to the demands by union organizations. It isn't because the govern-' mcnt feels that labor doe's not earn what it is asking and is-not entitled to the increases asked. Compliance with the request of one or two groups means that eventually concessions must be made to all groups. Of course, the 250 million dollars to the railroad men will increase purchasing power and tend toward greater infla- TWENTY YEARS AGO --. Tokio, ff)--A representative of the imperial household today paid a visit to Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, widow of the late president of the United States, following her arrival here. Mrs. Roosevelt, accompanied by her son, Capt. Kermit Roosevelt, is touring the orient. Hoy F. O'Donnell, county agent, and C. W. Files, president of the Cerro Gordo county farm bureau, and delegate to the state meeting, left today for Des Moines where they will attend the annual meeting of the Iowa federation. ; TEN YEARS AGO , ' The total number of 1934 automobile licenses issued in this county late Monday was 1,600, according to Deputy Treasurer Lucius L. Raymond. Public spirited citizens are showing a marked interest in the work o£ "the CWA, according to City Manager E. H. Crofoot Mon- daav. He complimented the persons who were kind enough to invite CWA workers to leave their lunches in and eat in the basement of their homes during cold weather. KKT.TAKEITSOHARa SCORCH.' THERE'S PLENTY OF OTHER CHICKS... HANK.WHWTCHA KEEP YA BGYAP'SHUT,' AINT HE. .. SOT rTTOUfiH ENOUGH.' WE'RE GOMMA ,HAVE A LONESOME GUV ON OUR HANDS; 1 PIONT A\EAN IT THAT WKr.KIP.'IJUSTMEAM gXBBHf CRASH- LANDS HIS flANE JUST AS.TME US.O.TRAWMRT TAKES OFF, BEARING KATHV VWTH IT... ; I T M THINKING ABOUT UP ALUASOUTTT IS AS- -msy VOU MAtf BU\UP HIS eooy BUT SO1M' TO FARTS CF YdLIRS TO PO IT.' (, ' ' * IS OME OF -THS. BEST y- SFOKT5 TAEKE IS , :_· GdSiif |PHEHAS,ve M( M1SHT HAVE TO SIVF IT UP.' OH. WHATS TO KEEP US ? WE'VE SOT THE MIS5IWS OUE TO THE T9EASUBE, JUST TAKE IT E*SY; TOONG MAN. DON'T ee TOO as A RUSH TO SOTOTUBS. YES, BUT LETS DO THIS RIGHT. WE POUCE MAY WANT THIS COAT.WU, GO WERE, FIRST. YOU'RE GOING TO WASTE GOOO TIME, 3OINS SURELY. LETS MAKE SURE THIS FSJjOWHASKTTCXD THE POUCS Of THIS VES'M.THE RDVAL SUtTE- OH;THAT? THAT'S WHAT I'M NOT GOING TO WEAR IN THE DOWU WITH TAXE5/ WOW/ BUT WHAT'S ALLTH BAGGAGE HAS .ARRIVED H CAMEL0T PARADE ASABJST THE TAX CM BTOQME TiiXES... SHE CHECKS AT THE TVERH OF OUR OLD HEIEHD "HAPl TrtATSSWaU'L T -BUT ETTA WANT5TO -INWGEEAT HEART REHEARSE HERP1AY IM THERES BOON FOR Clover Couplets By Roy Murray of Buffalo Center LET'S LAUGH LOUDER For some folks life is sach » trial II seems they w*vldn'i dare (D smile And · for l»e(M or hearly jrlnj Y»tTd think they damd ivch J*y* M tfm. Sneh pietj distresses me ,, I ranch prefer lh« t»y«lT An in expressed by B R I C K B R A . D F O R D 4T TURT UQURVAUCH 15THE- BVACK P8EUJDETO DAWN," SO 1KK1 RELATES TO BRICK, . ' B8EKK GWE HIS MEN THE SIGNMFOR ATTACK.' * BBEKK5 WRR1OR6 SttOTE tHHR SWORDS UPON THEIR BRMEN SHIELDS.' IN THE NEXT INSTANT WS * ROUSED BY THE FEARFUL D!N, KHUFU'S SLEEPV SOLDIERS FIRE ARCHERS LOOSED THEIR STUMBLED FORTH FROM TUEIR TENTS TO SEE FIRE RAINING FLAMING MISSILES-' THE HEAMENS UPON THEM -' * S AH'S GWAfl TO --MEBBEAS and Tn turn wiil sooner or W *"« I ' t " k1 "" ll """ later aifect the price ot rail rates I in faft. the and indirectly have an effect on I £T' nearly every community. |TO COPT after who ahtke with bellr liuibler; ee4 large ,dD*t* of such Miss tbt an are* as dark ai this. x!C/fQ£S TH' RIVE8 K//TH A LQTTA llfOH HOOKS ON I · A STACATTO BARK\ FPQM THE Kf/ea I ^ MK BREAKSl

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