The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 18, 1936 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1936
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 18 !· 1936 MEAT DEMAND CONTINUES TO LAG. 0 "."''TM HOG PRICES GET ANOTHER SLASH Lights 10-15 Cents Down, Heavier Swine Steady to 10 Lower. CHICAGO, (.Pt-The lagging demand for meat forced another cut in hog prices Wednesday, light ·swine leading the downturn with a 10 to 15 cents drop. Heavier hogs ruled steady to 10 cents lower. The top was 510.70. The dressed pork outlet waa narrow but some improvement in loin prices in the east was reported. However, this was not sufficiently broad to encourage packers to seek an increase'in slaughter above current requirements. The run of 12,000 head was absorbed slowly. The improved killing quality of cattle offerings stimulated activity and shippers paid fully steady prices at $9.50 and higher. The ear- Jy f top paid for strictly choice weighty steers was ?11.35. Although early bids on lower grades were lower, the market for these was mostly steady at 58.50 down to ?18. Weighty heifers were weak to 25 cents off. The lamb market was weak. Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Jlog prices at midwest markets Wednesday: . I'KlMlt JtAl'lDS--Good hoss 150-160 Inc. $y.05fl.30: 150-170 ibs. sy.aoa9.05; 170- JSO IPS. 59.506fa.St); 160-23-j Ibs. sa.SOa 1 10.05; 230-20U Ibs. 59.756)10; 250-270 Ibs. 59.05019.80; 270-280 Ibs. S9.10*9.65; 290325 Ibs. $9.20tf'9.00: 325-350 Ibs. $9.109 9.30; s°°d packers 275-35U Ibs. ?8.55(jJS.80; 300-125 lb:i. 58.35SJ8.60; 425-500 Ibs. $8 15 SfSAO; 500-550 Ibs. $7.95®S.20. WATERLOO--Hogs steady to 111 cent* lo%ver; Rood to choice 140-150 Ibs. S8.70I 9; 100-100 Ibs. 58.95©9.25; 160-1SO Ibs. S9.45GJJ9.75; 380-25j Ibs. $9.70@10; 250-270 Ibs. S9.50®9.SO; 270-290 Ibs. S9.30SJ.U £0' 290-325 Ibs, $9.13®9.45: 325-350 Ibs. S9JD 9.30: packing sows 275-350 Ibs, $8,60@8.yO; 350-420 !bs. 58.40@8.70; 425-500 Ibs. $8.25 98.55. OTTUMWA--10 cents lower; J10-100 Ibs.. 55.65 to $8.35; 150-160 Ibs.. 58.95 to $9.25; 160-180 Ibs.. 59.35 to S9.65; 180-220 Ibs.. 59.05 to 59.95; 220-250 Ibs., 59.55 to 59.S5; 250-270 it)*., S9.35 to 59.65: 270-290 Ibs.. 59.25 10 S9.90: 220-250 ita.. 59.53 to 59.80: 320-350 Ibs., 58.95 to $9.25; 300-400 Ibs.. SS.7.'. to 59.05; packers. 275-300 Ibs.. $S.45 to 58.75; 350-I25 Ibs.. 58.25 to 58.05; 420-100 Ibs.. 5S.OO to iS.30. .MjSTI.V--10 cents lowrr: good" to choice, ISO-200 Ibs.. $9.65 to 59.90; 250-290 Ibs.. 59.35 to 59.65; 290-350 Ibs.. 59,05 to 59.35; packing sows, good, 275-500 Ibs., 58.10 to SS.80. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Wednesday. HOGS Five to 15 cents lower. Cood light lights 140-160 $8.70-9.00 Good lights 160-JSO 59.35-9.05 Good light butchers 180-200 59.65-9.95 Cood light butchers 200-22'j 59.65-9.95 Good med. wt. butchers 220-250 $9.65-9.95 Good med. wt. butchers 250-270 S9.3S-u.e9 Good med. \vt. butchers 270-290 $9.25-9.55 Good heavy butchers ... 290-325 SO,05-9 35 Good heavy butchers ... 325-350 SS.95-9.25 .. 350-100 JS.75-9.05 .. 275-350 58.0.V8.S5 .. 350-425 SS.35-S.65 425-550 58.15-S.45 , ft ..j, .·,,,,,, 553 and up 57.95-8.25 (The above is a 10:30 tructe hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference In -price is for short and Jong haul hogs.) :ATTLE, Steers, good to choice , s 7.50- ?.50 .Steers, medium to good ...... S 6.00- V-50 Steers, fair to medium S 450- 6.00 .Heifers, good to choice S 5.50- 5.50 Heifers, medium to good S 4.75- 5.50 Heifers, common to medium .. $ 4.00- 4.75 Cov;s, g'lod to choice $ 4.25- 5.00 Cows, fair to good -- $ 3.75- 4 2 5 Cows, cutters S 3.25- 3.75 Cows, canners 53,00-3.25 'Bulls, heavy S i.50- 5.25 'Bulls. liCht S 4.00- 4.50 COMBINED HOC KKCKH'TS DES MOINES, UT--U. S. department or agriculture)--Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Wednesday were 17.600. compared with 13,200 a week ago and 26,300 a year ago. Mostly 5 to 10 cents lower on virtually all classes; trade moderately active, loading share heavier. Quotations follow: Light lights. 1JO-160 Ibs.. good and choice. S9n9.60; light weights. 100-160 Ibs., S9.-154-.10.05; 160-1SO Ibs.. S9.75 ^.'10:25: mcdfum weights 200 to 220 ibs., S9.70SclO.25; heavy weights 200 to 290 Ibs. ?9.40tUO: 290 to 300 Ibs. S9.10fi9.70; packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs., good. S9.60ftlo.10- 350 to 425 ibs.. 58.4008.90; 425 to 550 Ibs.. 5S.15SfS.70. WHEAT SUFFERS LATE SETBACK Chicago Prices Hit Lowest Level Since Middle of Last Month. " CHICAGO, (.«--Wheat dropped late Wednesday Jto the lowest level since the middle" of last month. A'wave erf liquidating sales on the part of holders was attributed more or less to the fact that on all rallies lately to above 'J1.00 a bushej the wheat market had encountered sharp resistance. A tumble of oats values to new low records for the reason was a contributing bearish influence. Wheat closed nervous % to 1 cent Under Tuesday's finish. May 9T~/ S W»S: July SS%i?5);p; corn ',6a% off; May 6 0 U @ % ; oats % @ % down, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 17 cents. Stock List KEW VOIIK STOCKS NKW YORK. H»ttl Ouotutluii* Wednesday. Air Rcducl 182',i Loews H«i McKcss Rob Mid Cont Pet Al Ch Dye Am Can 125 Am Km Ref S6!i Mont Ward Sugar 051i Worrell 168 91!J 22'« 3f;'t 75 ',4 49 Good heavy Good heavy butchers Good packing sows Good heavy sows Good big hy. S01VS Good big hy, sows yearlings slow and \\-enk; very f«w early sales; short, Cc ( i yearlings about steady to shippers and leedcr dealers; she slock alow, steady to wuak; bulls steady lo weak; veal- ers steady; stockers and feeders In light supply, steady; fed steers and yearlings S7 f7.75, several loads held above $S but no choice IORK reds here; heifers S6.25ryiT.25, few 57.50^7.75; beef cows S'i'506i.'5.50; cutter grades $3.^ofi-1.2."j; bulls $4.75^5.50; Practical top vcalers $7, few 57.50; stackers and feeders mostly 56.50117.50; seme held higher. EEl' 8,000; salable supply: 1 load ewes, 2 loads mixed, balance fed woulecl lambs, practically nil killers; undertone weaker, sellers asking stronger on lambs; fed wooletl lambs downwards irom S9.S5, asking $10 a nd above on bulk; fed cu-es held above SJi.Sij, late Tuesday hulk fed wooled lambs 59 75 Q.10, lop S10.10. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN CHICAGO. (.TV -- Cash u-heat. sample Krade. 79. Corn--No. i mixed. ST to 58; No 5 mixed, 53'i to 56; No. 0 yellow, 81; No -i yellow, 57 to 59U; No. 5 yellow, 54 to o T U ' No. 4 white 59; No. 5 white. 35'; to 55' sample grade. 42 to 53'^. Oats--No. 3 white. 25-Vi to 29; No. 4 white, 23u to SS^ ; sample (Trade, 21^ to ^5-"i, Rye--No. 2, 59Vj. Soy Beans--All track. Chicago. No. 2 yellow. ,8Q*£ to SI: No. 4 yellow, T G i i ; sample grade, G2 to 75. Barley--Actual sales, GO to 86; feed, ,tO to 42 nominal; mallfnp, .|-i to 46 nominal. Timothy Seed--$2.90 a cwt. Clover seed 512.5(1 t j 520.7, r » a cwt. 1-ard--Tierces. $10.67: loose, 510 12- bellies, 514.77. Mason City Grain SOUTH ST. 'Calves, gd. and choice 1.10-190 $ 6.00- 7.00 Calves, med. lo good 130-190 S 5.00- B.OU 'Calves, Infer, to com. 130-190 5 5.00 down LAMBS. lambs, good to choice .. 70-90 S 8.50- 9.00 Lambs, medium to good 5 6.5u- 7.50 iambs, lair to medium ' S 5.00- 6.00 Common to fair s 5.00 down yearlings, good to choice 70-90 s 7.oo- y.oo Tearllngs, med. to e.ood 70-90 S 5.00- 7.00 learllnes. fair to medium 5 4.00- 5.00 Culls 5 4.00 down ·Native ewes, good to choice ... 5 2.75- 4.00 Cull ewes S 1.50- 2.SO BUCKS S 1.00- 2.50 Wethers, 2 years old ~ S 6.00- 7.00 Wethers, poor to best J 4.00- 7-Ou Buck lambs 51 lesa. / No dock OD lames. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO. '.rs-- (U. S. department, of agriculture)--HOGS--12,000; including 3.000 direct; steady to 30 cents lower than Tuesday's average on weights above 170 Ibs.; light lights, 10 to 15 cents oft; top, 510.70; bulk 160-250 Ibs.. 510.40 to 510.60; 250-300 Ibs., $10 to 510.40; 300-350 Ibs., 59.75 to S10; 140-160 Ibs., S10.25 to 510.60; sows, £9.25 to 50.50; lew, 59.60. CATTLE--8.000; calves. 1,500; fed steers and yearlings more active due largely to improved- killing quality; shippers kinds iully steady, such selling at 59.50 upward; top. 511.35, paid for strictly choice weighty steers; lower grade steers and yearlings slow, bid- dins lower but market mostly steady at S8.50 down to S7; stockers and feeders dull; weighty heifers weak to 25 cents lower, only desirable light or common light kinds holding up; best yearling heifers, ,$$.60; cows, weak to 15 cents lower, bulls that much oft and vealers steady to weak. SHEEP--7,000, slow; few early sales good and choice lambs scaling around 92 'bs. down, steady to somewhat lower at 510 to S10.25;- bids on all heavy lambs unevenly lower; double good 7S Ib. shearing lambs, §9.75; no yearlings or wethers offered; ewe trade dull st Tuesday's decline; few good ·western ewes, 55.75; fat, heavy natives, 55. KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK (Wednesday Market) KANSAS CIT1". (.Pi--(U. S. department of agriculture)--HOGS--2,000; no directs, mostly steady with Tuesday's average; top, SJO.SJi; desirable' 160-230 IDS.. 510-20 to S10.35; few 260-300 Ibs., S9.SO to S10.15; better grade 130-150 Ibs., 59.90 to 510.20; SOWS, SS.75 to 59.25. C A T T L E -- 3 , 0 0 0 ; calves, 400; killing (classes of cattle opening slow, steady to ·weak; vealers tending lower; stockers and feeders slow, steady; bulk fed steers of quality to sell down from S8.50; few loads held up to 59.25 and above; butcher cows. 54.75 lo 55.50; low cutters and cutters, 53 lo 54.50; bidding 57.50 on most vealers; choice stock steer calves up to SS.25. S H E E T -- 7,000; opening sales killing classes steady; some later bids on slaughter lambs lower; top fed lambs, 510; early sales mostly 59.S5 lo 510; 70 Ib. Oklahoma spring lambs, 510.50. LIVESTOCK .Market) SOUTH ST, PAUL, f.l-v--U. s. department of agriculture-CATTLE 2,800; most classes about steady but slow with spots weak to 25c lower for the week on slaughter steers and cows- several common to medium killer steers and yearlings around SG('ii7.50; few good fed beeves a t $S up; most butcher heifers $5 6.50; majority butcher cows $1.50@5.2 good grades up to S6; low cutter to cult cows S3.505i,4.25; mainly; sausage bu round $5$5.50; stockers and feeders firm most steers 56^7: caives 2,500; stead bulk desirable vealers SG/7- choice sor 57.SO. HOGS 5,500; fairly active to all interest steady lo 5c lower than Tuesday; weigh under 200 Ibs. showing decline better 16 to 230 Ibs. $9.90?f,10.25; top S10.25; m diutn tu Rood S9.50f) 1Q.25; pood to cho 230 to 270 Ibs. SS.GOfy'lO; 270 to 320 Ib $9.409.6u; 140 to 160 Ibs. unevenly S9.75 10.25; sows SS.S5(£9; pigs scarce- avera; cost Tuesday S9.79; weight 234 Ibs. SHEEP 2.SOO; run largely lambs; sizeab share in feeder flesh; nothing done earl buyers talking lower on slaughter class but sellers asking fully steady; indication steady on other classes; bulk fat lanibs Tue day $10; rat ewes 53It5.75. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. i.T 1 '-- O f f i c i a l estimated reccip Thursday: Cattle. 6.000; hogs, 12,000- she 11.000. Representative Sales (Wednesday Markel) CHICAGO, .l-- (U. S. department nf asr culture) -- Representative sales: HOGS A*£, AYK. Usiits-- So. IVct. 1'ricc 26 16S 10. ·M 35:5 $9.80 22 177 10. :113 10.10 19 174 ' 10. S2 10.15 3S ]92 10. 60 28 6-1 Mediums 62 Sfeers- 23S 2:i9 21S 221 9SS lisa lots H70 1137 in-ii S15 10.40 Light Lights-12 nn 10.10 is 1.-.7 10.45 19 160 10.65 10.70 CATTLE Heifers-31 736 31.53 11,10 10.50 10.00 P.-Ii R.7S S.20 7.50 935 89(1 910 Sin J21(l 1172 1290 9*0 843 6.00 5.1 4.8 3.7 sioux ciir LIVESTOCK (Wednesday JJarhel.1 SIOUX CITY, Ui--(U. S. department or Bsriculture)--CATTLE-- 3.500; most slaughter steers, yearlings and she stock opening steady; quality somewhat plainer than recently; stockers and feeders slow, easier; liberal share fed steera and yearlinps. S7 to 5S: few above SS.50; load lots pood fed Fleers nnd yearlinss. S7 to SS; few above 53.50; load lots pood fed heifers around 57.25; most hccr cows. $.1.2.1 to s.1.25: cutter grades mainly !-3.2!i to .M.25; fen- common snd medium stockers up to $7. HOGS--.),000: steady to 10 cents lower; all interests buying early; top. sio.10; bel- ter 150-210 !h. butchers. $10 to S10.10; 2-10290 Ib. averages, S9.S5 to .«10; liuie. done on heavier offerings: 140-170 Ib. selections, 59.50 to S10: sows mostly 59; feeder pigs up to 59.50. SHEEr---4,200; no early bids; u n d e r t o n e weak; best fed lambs held above Jlo: small 3ots- ewes held around 55.75; late Tuesday lambs mostly steady; quality considered; top, SJO; bulk, $9.75 lo S10. SHEEP Fed western Lambs-- Shearing Lambs 195 58 10.40 ]2i 75 8.7; 210 SI 10.2,'i Pat Ewes-JS-1 9.-, 10.15 9 121 5.51 -On 97 10.00 30 116 5 -j 189 JOO 9.75 18 155 5.01 S 320 i.OI Hides OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Wednesday Market) OMAHA, v.p--U. S. department of agriculture-- HOGS 7,500; slow; lightweight bijlchers to shippers and scatterings of other weights to some local interests steady lo lOc lower than Thucsday: big packers inactive; bidding to unevenly lower; better 190 to 220 ib. weights 510.10^-10.25. top 510.25. some held higher; lew 220 to 280 Ins. S8.90S510.10; rothing done on heavies; desirable 150 10 !?0 Ibs. S9.75W10.20: JSO to 150 |hs. S9.25«? 9.30; sows strong io lOc higher, bulk -T9.10 ^3.25; few lightweights $9.25; slap* SO rtnwn: *tron2wcfcht slork pics to S9 ; aver- azc cost Tuesday SP.P5. wHcht 251. CATTLE 5,soo": waives 500; fed steers a n d ! Quotations Furnished fay Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. BORSEBIDES Horsehides · . j 3 oc ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Op to 25 Iba 514,, 25 to 45 Ibs ,.... ' 50 More than 60 Ibs. ...,,.! j c Bull hides , ..'sc ·Cured hides half cent mofe'a'pound'" (On above prices a cent higher to wholesale dealers In wholesale lots.) "(Mil, .MARKKT (Wednesday .Market) BOSTON, .,V;-(U. s. department "f asri- cullure)--Continued quietness prevailed in the wool market. Not enough inquiries were received to test asking prices of domestic wools. A little foreign wool suitable for apparel purposes was moved. Prices held steady on spot foreign wools. GOVERNMENT BONOS (Wednesday Market) NEW YORK. QV~(U. S. bonds closed: Treasury -f'.i's. 47-52, 117.13. Treasury 4's. 44-55, 112.1-1. Treasury 3%'s, 40-43, June. 10S.20 , Treasury 3Vi'!. 46-49. 105.7. Treasury 3's, 51-55, 103.30. MINNEAPOLIS FT.Ol.B (IVfdncsday M n r k e l ) MINNEAPOLIS, f.wiour unchanged. Carload to'.* family patents, XG.95 to $7.15 a Mrrrl j n ps pound cotton sacks. Shipments. 19.RM. Pure bran. Jlfl.75 to 516. Standard middlings, 515.75 to ?16. MASON CITY-- For Wednesday No. 3 yellow corn ............ 47 C No A yellow corn ............. 44 C Ear corn ................ !..'!iOc White oats, No. 3 ..... ....... .21c Feeding barley ......... V.'.25-3,=5c No. 2 yellow soybeans ........ 60c «'E U.NES1MV GRAIN CI.OS E CHICAGO LTi _ WHEAT- H i g h Low "close "I* ......... S -89 'i f -97'.; J .B7-; Jul - .......... .«··» .US'- SS---1 Sept ............. *Sv, .87^ S7» CORK-- '" JI "- V .......... fi"-. .iiii'; .BO 1 1 J '"y .......... ««·; .TO'-. .noi'i -1 ......... " ·*»· '^ Mny .......... ;.fi-, ,-,, ,.,, - R Y K -May July Eepl* BARLEY May LAR.D- A T r Am Tob B Am Wat Wks Anaconda Atclilson Auburn Aviat Corp B 0 Barnsdall Bend Aviat Beth steel Bordchs Bore Warner Can Dry Can Pacific Ca -" c * N W C ft c; W M SI P s C K 1 ft p Chrysler Col G ft K Com olv C o m w l l h Sou Con Cas Cons Oil L o n l l ,;,,,, Lonll oil Del Corn Prod curt Wright Du Pont Gen Kleet Oen Foods r'Hif"' Gillette Coodyenr 111 tcnl fn. vi? Inl Nick Can I 1 ft T Johns ilanv Kennecott Murray Corp Nash Natl Bis Natl Cash Keg Natl Dairy Natl Dist 7-5i Natl Pow Lt 20j; N Y Cent 16% Nor Pacific 24% Oliver Farm 56 « J c Penney 28-?i Penn R R S0% Phillips Pet 11% R c A 1^ Rcr, steel Key Tob B Scars Ron shell U n i o n S()C Vat . So P a c i f i c ;,,,,, B ran ,|, Sid Oil Cal Sld Oil Inrt Sld ON N J g t e w Wan , SIM,,, Wcb studcbaker swift Co Tex Corp T ex G u l f Sin T , m Ro|| Brar Un Cart , Un Pacific 62?i U n l t M A i r ] 7!i unit,, d C orp 27?i United .Drug ,, s Ryp , um u s Eubb " u s Steel Warner Fix West El fr MIc M ' C 13UU ;];.; l\ V . 14415 391; 33 « M 3/i Sl 49 1; 16H 114 -IS'i 50',i 20',;, IDli 34»1 27 ;i 2-1 '.i 31 H HVj 351; 30?1 39.i 72 ?1 33'.i 415; , 3 61=1 11--; Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bldg. Telephone No. 7 Close Total DOW JOKES AVERAGES Ind*. ]tnll* til«. 155.78 -17.16 32.21 Sales ' 1.750.000 B u l l e r BTos Cord Corp CAGO STOCKS 9^; Kalamazoo St Bvi Marsh Field 10.S5 in.B7 107', jr/77 M.SO 14.35 NEW YOKK CL'RB Am Gas El 3STs Ford of Enp Am Cyanamid B 36 Hud B M S Am Su Pow Co 2 7 i Humble Oil Co Ark Natl Gas A 7',s Lockheed As G i El A 1=; Niag Hud Poiv Can Ind Alk 9 s Pennroad Cp Din Corp Scag 26!i Std Oil Ky Eisler Elec ; i ! L Un Gas Co El Bd i Share yi-- t Un L . Pow Ford of Can 2-1 "-t Ulii P L. Co RECENT STOCK LEADERS REACT Specialties Move Higher in Exceptionally Dull Trade at New York. NEW YORK, OB--Specialties moved up . in Wednesday's stock market while many of tyie recent leaders displayed a reactionary tone. Dealings, however, were exceptionally dull. Some selling was based on news of serious floods in New York and Pennsylvania districts. Otherwise, the foreign and domestic situations were improved, if anything. Near the start of the final hour Spicer Mfg., and Columbian Carbon held gains of about 4 points each. Other firm issues included Douglas, Seaboard Oil, Cresapeake and Ohio and Great Northern preferred. Among losers up to a point or more were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Chrysler, General Motors, Allied Chemical, N. Y. Central, Pennsylvania, Western Unon and American Telephone. The late tone was irregular. Transfers approximated 1,800,000 shares. The dollar was higher against leading foreign currencies. Rising waters forced the closing for the day of the Pittsburgh Stock Exchange and interfered with communications, transportation and other lines in various sections. Curb Market NEW YORK, (.T1--The curb market con tinned steady Wednesday, and advancin shares held at their best at the beginnin of tiic second hour of trading. While declines were confined to a poin or less, some active advances ranged from around a point to as high as 3% points. Standard Oil of Ohio rau up better than 2 on a favorable earnings report for 1935 Others bettering the previous close includec Uarsay Oil, McWilliatn Dredging. Mayflowe Associates. Bunker Hill and Sullivan. Creole Petroleum, iDuke Power, Lerner Stores, anc Safety Car. There were sagging points, however among utilities. mines. Industrials and transportation issues. Several of the most active stocks of previous days were quiet and unchanged during the early morning. Bond Market KANSAS CITV G R A I N (Wedncsday Market) KANSAS cm-, (.pi--Wheat--57 cars- unchanged to 1. cent lower; No. 2 dark 'hard nom., Sl.Ol to $1.14; No. 3, {1.10V,- No · hard. Sl.03',4 to st.04',1; No. 3. si 01 ".'to S1.05;_ No. 2 red nom.. 51.03 to S1.06; No. 3. Corn-41 cars; unchanged to 11,4 cents lower; No. 2 white nom., 67,i to 70; No s nom., 66 lo 6 7 U ; No. 2 yellow, 69- No' 3 nom 63 to 61V.; No. 2'mixed nom.. 62V- to 64; No. 3 nom.. 8114 to 63. ^ Oats--Scare: unchanged to =; r.r-nls lower; OMAHA CHAIN 'Wednesday-Market) O.UABA. vT,--Wheat--No. 2 hard. S1.02- No 3 hard, 95 to 95'i: No. 4 hard, 33; No 5 hard. S7; No. 5 northern spring. 98- sample northern snrinp, 7S. Corn--No. 4 wn ite, 61',-i; No. 5 white, 56- sample white, 48 to Sl : No. 3 yellow 6'- No .4 yellow, 5SJ; t o Mi,;,- No. 5 ye i to ^, 50 to a6; sample yellow. 42 to 19; No. 5 mixed 53: sample mixed. 43. Oats--No. 4 white. 22U lo 13 CHICAGO STOCKS CHICAGO. ;pl-- Hednesday Final Quotation* Cities Service 514 Quaker Oats 33311 He.lmajin Br 12-t; Swift i Co 031'; Llbby McNeil 8S Swlf , Inl , .,.,:' Nat standard 41 utility and Ind ] ·; Northwest Biinc n-S Zenith jsi' Alaska Juneau Am For Pow Am Cry SuR Am C Fy Co Am Pow LI Am Roll Mills Am Metal Co Am Ra s Amer Tob Co Armour Co All Ret Bel Hemingway Baldwin Loco Brigss Mfg Co E'endix Budd Mfg Co Burr Add Byers A M Co Calif Packing Cerro de Pasco Ches Ohio Chi Gt W pf XK\V YORK STOCKS 44 C M S t P p p f l-y Coca-Cola Com Credit Gam Solvents Cont Motor Curt-Wr Co A Dist Corp seae Douglas Airc Eastman Eaton Mt E Co Elec Auto-Lite Elec Pow Li Erie P. R Co Firest T Ru Foster-Wheeler Freeport Texas 32 Cen Am Trans Glidden Co Gobel ' Gold Dust Graham Paige Gt Nor pf 14^ Houst Oil (new) 11 SN Hudson Motor 17 23 ',i Hupp Motors 2 26^ Intl Carriers 8 12 Jewel Tea Co 70 29»i Kelvinator Co 23 337i Lambert Co 23 21% Liquid Carb Cp 29 Mack Truck- 33 Mathieson Alk 331 McK Rob Pt McLellan Stores Mex Seab Oil 41 1 . M K T Motor Products No Amer No Amer Avi Otis Steel Co Owen III Glass Packard Motor Park Utah Cop Plymouth Pros 4 Gam Pub Serv N J Pullman Pure Oil Co Purity Bakery R K 0 Simmons Co So calif Kdison 25V Sperry Corp 21 St B fc E S', Tide Wat As Oil IS ' , U S Ind Alch 5UI 14-H U S Smelter 88', 30 ;i Util P £ L A 6 33% Un Gas £ l m p 15; Warren Bros 7-1 5.1=:; Western Myld 9-i 46% Western Union 86 714 worth Pump 30'. 20Vi Yellow Truck IS' 3"-i Yngst s T 50' 38 '.i S2 24 Hi 33% 2SKs 22 !i 34 fi% 4T 14 90-'i SI 21 s s 3-^H 1914 2 6 f i 73^5 163 35 U 39% 15i,i Miscellaneous Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. 5L Schaiike ana Company, Telephone 1300. Mason City. Bid and ashed Wednesday Cent St Tl 6 pet pfd (S25 part 11 Cent st El 7 pet pfd (525 par) 33 Cent St p L 7 pet pfd .... ISii Champljn Ret 1 la 7 pet pfd .. 75 ;reamery Package com 26 fearst cons A ., 23'i Jeo A Hormel A pfd · .-.. S9 Jeo A Hormel B pfd 95 Geo A Hormel com , 17 nterstate Power 6 pet pfd .. 25 cterstate Power 7 pet pfd .. 30 owa Electric Co 6',i pet pfd 54 owa Klectric Co 7 pet p/d - , 53 a Klec Lt Pow fi pet pfd 72 a Elec Lt Pow e 1 ^ pet pfd 73 a Elec Lt Pore 7 pet pfd .... 74 a Pow Lt 6 pet pfd 99ii a Pow Lt 7 pet pfd 102% a Public Serv 6 pet pfd S9 a Public Ecrv fi'/. pet pfd .. KI a Public Serv 7 pet cfrl .,.; 95 a South Util 6 pet pfd .... r.4 a South Util 64, pet ^.fd .... fir. a South Util 7 pel pld r v s linncsota p s- f, B pc t P M .... s; llnnesola P ft L 7 pet pfd .... 92 'orthern st Pow E n cti ,,f,| .. 7314 'orthcrn st Pov 7 pel pM .. st W Bell Tel G!i pet |i[d .. I I S W St Porlland Cement 21 a t h Packing 6 pet pfd ns ath Packing 7 pet pfd ]no ioux City Gap El 7 pet pfd 89 nfted Lt Rys 6 pet pfd .. 72 nited Lt Rys 6.36 pet prd 73 nitcd Lt Rys 7 pet pfd .. SO "estern Grocer pfd S2 'estern Grocer com 7i 23 =i 100 98 19 27 31 POTATO MARKET (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO, (.pi--(U. S. department of as ricullure)--Potatoes--146. on track. 2S3. ic tai u. S. shipments, 1.004; about steady supplies moderate, demand rather siow sacked, a cwt., Idaho Russet Burbanks, U R. No. 1. 51.S5 lo 51.90- No 2 51 52li , S1.67U-: Bliss Triumphs, u. S. commercial Sl.-lj; Wisconsin Round Whites, u. S. No. 1 51.25: commercial. 51.07'^ to 51.15; Michi can Russet p.urals. u. S. No. 1 51 25- North Dakota Cobblers, U. S. No. 1, 51.40 to 51.45 early Ohios. U. S. No. 1. 51.50: Minnesota Early Ohios, unclassified. 51.25; Colorad' McCIures. u. S. No. 1. 51.SO to 51.9214; Ne braska Bl/ss Triumphs, u. S. No. 1 anc partly graded, .$1.60 to 51.70; Florida bushe crates. Bliss Triumphs. U. S. No 1, few sales mostly 51.90 a. crate. 120 I'll) 102 S! 73 ti 7-1 !5 Sl'i SS i'A A Roosevelt Habit. The president wants a "housing rogram" this session, Senator Vagner says, and is not particular chat kind of a program it is. Not eing particular seems to have be- ome a presidential habit under the ew deal.--Somerset, Pa., Herald. Italy eases up on Ethiopian cam- aign because of difficulty in mov- p artillery. You know it is when he battery won't start. -- Dallas ews. Carl Parker Testifies on Bank Records in McNider Estate Suit Carl A. Parker, vice president of the First National bank here, followed Hanford MacNider on the witness stand Wednesday in the hearing before Judge T. A. Beardmore to determine the right of F. A. Ontjes and 60 other stockholders of the Northwestern States Portland Cement company to file a claim against the C. H. McNider estate after the one year period allowed by the statute of limitations. At the request of plaintiffs' attorneys, Mr. Parker produced and identified bank records relative to the deposits and withdrawals in the account of the First National com^ pany prior to the death of Mr. McNider in 1928. Mr. Parker also testified from the records concerning transactions of Alpha Cement company stock belonging to the Northwestern States Portland Cement company. The hearing was adjourned from Tuesday noon until Wednesday morning, Judge Beardmore being called to Northwood on another district court matter, I NEW YORK. ,!·--The bond market was steady Wednesday with medium priced rail issues a little higher. Olber sections were quiet. Demand for the carrier loan was considerably less aggressive than on Tuesday. Liens adding fractions were St. Paul 5s, Rock Island general 4s. Erie 5s, Missouri Pacific 5s, New York central 5s and Southern Railway 4s. The U. S. government list was conspicuous chiefly for ils inactivity. The treasury 2;»s were up 1-32 of a point around midmorning. The four other treasuries traded ivere unchanged, A small fraction was shipped from the federal farm mortgage 3 li s. The drying up of volume in the U. s. government division was matched by a like calm in the low yield section of the corporate group. Santa Fe 4s and Northern Pacific 4s were slightly improved. Steadiness prevailed in the foreigns. Argentine 6s. French 7s and German 5V'.s went forward a little, while small losses were registered by Austrian 7s and Gcr man 6s. Produce MASON CITY--For Wednesday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts I4c Stags ii3 c Heavy hens, 4 ibs. and over .'...16c Under 4 Ibs i3 c Cocks He Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 16-lTc Eggs, cash 14-16C Butter, Iowa State Brand 38c Butter, Com Country 37c Butter, Kenyon's Zlc Butter, Very Best 38c Butter, Brookfield 37c Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO 1JIODL' E (Wednesday Jlurlicl) CHICAGO. (.Pi--Butter. 7.010. easy: prices unchanged. Eggs--11,303, steady; prices unchanged. Poultry--Live. 1 car, 19 trucks, steady to firm; hens, 5 Ibs. and less. 2-t'^; more than Ibs.. 22 V i ; Leghorn hens, 21; springs. 2 j 26; fryers, 24 to 26; broilers, 24 to 25- roosters, 10'j turkeys, la to 23: heavy ducks, -'4, small, 21, heavy colored, 23. small, 20- srecse. 13; capons. - ibs. up, 26, less than Ibs., 25. Dressed turkeys, steady; old hens, 26; vounc toms, IS Ibs. up, 27',"; young heavy tlabby toms. 25; old, 24; No. 2 turkeys, 22. 'E\V YOBK PKODCCE (Wednesday Market) NEW YOP.K, \.T)--Butter. 10.179, easier; creamery higher than extra. 32'^ to 33',i: extra (92 score), 32 to 32U; ijrsts (89-91 cores), 31-li to 32: centralized (90 score) Jlvi to 32. Cheese--194,401, rirnu prices unchanged. Eggs--48.228. steady: mixed colors, sec- mds. 18',^ to 19; dirties. No. 1, 42 Ibs.. IS!-;, o 19: refrigerator nr.its. unquoted: storage lacked firsts, 20'- to 20'i; other mi:;etl olors unchanged. Live ;io»]'ry. .-;}pfldv !o easy; by freight- All prices u n c h a n g e d . rtlllH'CK Kl'TL ; RKS (\Vrdne5dfly Clarke!) CHICAGO. .T.'--Butter f u t u r e s closr-i; lorage standards. March, 30',:'.; Nov.. 26. Kgg futures--Refrigerator standards, Oct.. 1-u: fresh graded firsts. March. 18- Ee packed firsts, April, 20.^. : stor- Greenburg of Algona Injured. ALGONA--Joe Greenburg suffer- d minor injuries when his new ·ord V-8 and J. H. Weigand's auto ollided on the corner of McGregor nd south Thorington streets early Tuesday. Mr. Greenburg's car was adly damaged. In the crash, the ar hit a cement manhole cover at ie edge of the pavement and broke t in several pieces. Greenburg's car urned over and landed on the top. The trcasuiy-postoffice depart- ent appropriation calls for a mere illir.n dollars this year. Protests ·e expected from near and Farley. ·Springfield Union, KULKS AND KKGULATIONS FOIt THE TAKING OF FISH 1938-J937 The Iowa State Conservation Commission, having determined after thorough investigation that certain changes in the rules and regulations for the taking of fish were required for better regulation and protection, by authority granted by Chapter 85-dI, 1935 Code of Iowa and the provisions having been complied with, hereby orders that all existing rules and regulations for the taking of fish by angling now in effect be repealed and the following rules and regulations be adopted in lieu thereof and shall become effective and have the effect of law on April 1, 1936. RULES AND REGULATIONS of the STATE CONSERVATION COMMISSION PAKT III J936-1937 RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THE TAKING OF FISH SECTION J. Game Fish Designated. All fish other than carp, buffalo, quillback, gar and dogfish are heieby designated as game fish. A. Except as otherwise provided in Parts III and IV of the Rules and Regulations of the State Conservation Commission (hereinafter termed as Commission), it shall be unlawful to take, catch, kill, destroy, buy, sell, exchange, or have in possession any fish of any kind, or portions thereof, the ownership of which lies in the state, or which have been taken from the waters of the state or boundary waters thereof. B. In the Rules and Regulations For the Taking of Fish, Part in, the taking, catching or having in possession of any fish or frogs shall mean and refer to and permit the legal daily catch limits, legal sizes and possession limits provided for in Part III of the Rules and Regulations. SECTION 2. Open Seasons. It shall be lawful, except as otherwise provided in Parts HI and IV of the Rules and Regulations of the Commission, to take, catch and have in possession carp, buffalo, quill- back, gar and dogfish at any time and to take, catch and have in possession the legal limits of bullheads, redhorse, dace, chubs, shiners and suckers at any time. A. Trout. It shall be lawful to take, catch and have in possession trout, only between one hour before sunrise April 15th and nine (9:00) o'clock P. M. September 1st, each year. It shall be lawful to take or catch trout during the open season, only from one hour before sunrise to nine (9:00) o'clock P. M. each day. B. All Other Game Fish. All other game fish may be taken from any of the waters of the state between five (5:00) o'clock A. M. May 15th and twelve (12:00) o'clock midnight November 30th, except as follows: J. In the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, catfish, northern pike or pickerel, sheepshead and bullheads may be taken at acy time. Rock and sand sturgeon may be taken between August 1st and December 1st each year, both dates inclusive. 2. Small-mouth or large-mouth bass and catfish may be taken from any of the waters of the state only between five (5:00) o'clock A. M. June 15th and twelve (12:00) o'clock midnight November 30th, each year. 3. In Trumbull Lake and Lost Island Lake in Clay County; Spirit Lake, East and West Okoboji Lakes, Upper and Lower Gar Lakes, Minnewashta Lake, Silver Lake and Swan Lake in Dickinson County; Ttit- tle Lake and Iowa Lake in Emmet County; Crystal Lake in Hancock County; Medium Lake, Silver Lake and Lost Island Lake in Palo Alto County; and Cornelia Lake in Wright County; rock bass, black bass, crappie, bluegill or sunfish may be taken only between five (5:00) o'clock A. M. June loth and twelve (12:00) o'clock midnight November 30th, each year. 4. Artificial Lakes. In Lake Wa- pcllo in Davis County, game fish may be taken only between five (5:00) o'clock A. M. June loth and ten-thirty (10:30) P. M. Novembex- 30tb, each year. Game fish may be taken during the open season only between five (5:00) o'clock A. M. and ten-thirty (10:30) P. M. each day. The following artificial lakes are closed to all fishing · and minnow removal: Upper Pine Lake in Karelin County; Lake Macbride in J o h n s o n County; Ahquabi Lake in Warren County; Springbrook Lake in Guthrie County; Seed's Lake in Franklin County; Lake Keo- mah in Mahaska County; Echo Valley Lake in Fayette County; State Park Lake in Taylor County: Lacey-Keosauqua Lake in Van Buren County; and Swan Lake in Carroll County SECTION 3. Catch Limits. It shall be lawful, except as otherwise provided in subsections A. and B. of Section 3 of these regulations, for any one person to take from the waters of the state in any one day during the open season a total of not more than twenty-five (25) game fish. Of the fish listed hereinafter in gioup A. and group B., not more than a total of fifteen (15) in the aggregate may be taken in any one day. and of those listed in group A. not more than eight (S) of any one species may be taken in any one day. Group A. Trout, small-mouth or large-mouth bass, rock bass, sand pike, wall-eyed pike, great northern pike, yellow bass; Group B. Pickerel, salmon, crappie, catfish, perch, sunfish and bluegill. A. Exception--Bullheads. It shall be lawful for any person to take in lawful manner in any one day and to have in possession bullheads in excess of the catch and possession limit provided in this section, from the Misanuri and Mississippi Rivers and Spirit Lake and East and West Okoboji Lakes in Dickinson County. B. Artificial Lakes--Lake Wapello. It shall be lawful for any one pei-son to take from Lake Wapello in Davis County in any one day not more than twelve (12) fish in the aggregate of which twelve (12) not more than five (5) may be black bass and not more than seven (7; may be crappies. SECTION 4. I'ossession Limits. It shall be lawful for any one person at any one time to be in possession of not more than the legal catch limit of two (2) days SECTION 5. Size Limits. It shall be unlawful for any person to possess, control, kill, take, destroy or allow to die, any great northern pike o_r pickerel less than fifteen (15) inches long, any wall-eyed pike less than thirteen (13) Inches long, any catfish less than twelve (12) inches long, any black bass or sand pike less than ten (10) inches long, any rock or silver bass, trout; crappie or perch less than seven (T) inches long, any bluegill less than five (5) "inches long, that are taken from any waters of the state, but this pro- visioc shall not be construed to change the size limits for licensed nets and seines as provided in Part IV of the Rules and Regulations of the Commission. SECTION 6. Handling Fish. Any fish caught that are less than legal size or which cannot be lawfully taken shall be handled with wet hands and released under water immediately with as little injury as possible. SECTION 7. (Tackle Restrictions. It shall be lawful to use not more than two (2) lines with not more than one (1) hook to a line except that in fly fishing two (2) artificial flies may be used on one line, but not more than one ( 3 ) trolling spoon or artificial bait, but no person shall leave such fish line or lines and hooks in the water unattended, or take or attempt to take any fish by any other means than by angling or trolling, except as otherwise provided in Parts HI and IV of the Rules and Regulations of the Commission, and no person shall use a line or hook for the purpose of snagging fish or to purposely hook them in any other part than in the mouth. A. Trot Lines. It shall be lawful for any person to use in the inland waters of the state open to the use of trot or throw lines, not more than one (1) throw line or trot line containing nor more than fifteen (15) hooks, but no persons shall leave such line set, but he shall be in constant attendance of such line, and no person shall use such throw line or trot line in any stocked lake or within three hundred (300) feet of any dam or spillway or in any stream or portion of stream, closed or posted against the use of such tackle. One end of the throw line or trot line shall .be set from the shore and be visible above the shore water lir.e, but no such throw line or trot line shall be set entirely across a stream or body of water. B. Inland Wafers Open to Use of Trot or Throw Lines. It shall be unlawful to use trot or throw lines in the river and streams of the state except in the following named counties: Monona. Harrison, Pottawattamie, Mills, Fremont, Page. Montgomery, CasS' Shelby. Audubon. Guthrie, Adair, Adams, Taylor. Ringg-old. Union, Madison. Dallas, Polk, Warren, Clarke, Decatur, Wayne, Lucas, Marion. Jasper, Poweshiek, Mahaska. Monroe, Appanoose. Daws, Wapello. Keokuk. Iowa, -Tohnsnn, Washington. Jefferson. Van Buren, Lee, Henry. Louisa. Cedar, Muscatine, Des Moines. Scott, Clinton. Jones and Jackson. C. Trot Lines--Boundary Waters. It shall be lawful for any one person to use. in the Mississippi, Missouri and Big Sioux Rivers, not more than one (1) throw or trot line containing not more than twenty-five (25) hooks, except in such designated areas which have been set aside, closed . or posted by the Commission against the use of same. D. Hook Defined. A hook shall be deemed to be single, double or treble pointed hook, and all hocks attached as a part of manufactured artificial bait or lure shall be counted as one hook. SECTION 8. Fishin" Devices--Unlawful. It shall be unlawful, except as provided in Parts III and IV of the Rules and Regulations of the Commission, to use on or in the waters of the state any spear or grab-hook.- saag-hook, artificial light of any kind, set or night lines, any kind of a net, firearms, dynamite or any explosive substance or combination of substances, drugs, chemicals, lime, ashes, electricity or any compound which would have a tendency to kill or stupefy fish in the taking or attempting to take any fish, except that gaff hooks or landing nets may be used to assist in landing fish when legally taken. Possession of a flashlight or lanterns for removing fish from the hook is not considered unlawful, provided the light is not used to attract or take fish. Nothing in this section is intended to conflict with regulations or laws governing lights on boats. SECTION'S. Trolling from Launch- and Steamboats. It shall be un- nated by the Commission from time to time. SECTION 11. Fishing Through Ice. It shall be unlawful for any person to have, erect or use, while fishing with hand lines on or through the ice; any house, shed or any other protection against the weather, or have or use any stove or other means of creating aitificiai heat. SECTION J2. Minnows. For the purpose of taking minnows only, it shall be lawful for any person to use a minnow dip net not to exceed four (4) feet in diameter or a minnow seine not to exceed fifteen (15) feet in length and having a mesh not smaller than one-fourth inch bar measure, ex-" cept that no minnows may be taken in areas closed or posted against same by the Commission. Upon application to the Director, a written permit to use a minnow seine .longer than fifteen (15) feet may be granted, but no person shall take, catch, remove or allow to die any small game fish or fry taken in the legal use of a minnow seme or minnow net, nor destroy, kill or allow to die any minnows not wanted or cause any unnecessary waste of minnows through careless handling O r by obtaining a greater number than can be properly used or cared for. A. Use of Minnows for Bait in Artificial Lakes--Lake Wapello. It shall be unlawful for any person to use minnows or small fish for bait in Lake Wapello in Davis- County which have not first been inspected and approved by a representative of the Commission stationed at the lake and authorized to make such inspections. B. Unused Minnows--Disposal. Stocking of Fish. It shall be unlawful for any person to release in the waters of any artificial lake under the jurisdiction of the Commission, unused minnows or small fish, or to place or stock any species of fish in any artificial lake under the jurisdiction of the Commission. SECTION 13. Frogs--Open-Season. It shall be lawful for any person to take, catch, capture, sell or have in possession frogs, only between June 1st and the succeeding October 31st. A. Catch and Possession Limits --Sale. It shall be lawful for any person to take, catch or kill or have in possession not more than four (4) dozen frogs in any one day during- the open season, except that bait dealers having an established place of business may have in possession and sell for bait only in excess of four (i) dozen of same, but no person shall ship, transport, sell or offer for sale frogs to any point outside of the state. SECTION 14. Sale of Game Fish. It is unlawful to buy, sell or offer for sale any game fish except as provided for commercial fishing- and commercial sale and for private fishing preserves. SECTION 15. Private Fishing Preserves. Persons who raise or propagate fish or frogs upon their premises, or who own premises on which there are waters having no natural inlet or outlet, either temporary or otherwise, through which such water may become stocked Or replenished with fish, the title to which rests in the state, are the owners of the fish or frogs therein and may take them therefrom or permit the same to be done, but if such waters have been stocked by the state, the taking of fish from such waters shall require a fishing license as provided by the statutes. If any private waters have been stocked by the state, the taking of fish or frogs therefrom shall require possession of a state fishing license from all but the owners thereof, and ail persons including the owners, shall comply with the provisions of these regulations, and no private waters may be stocked by the state unless by agreement with the owner such waters are 'Open to' the public for fishing. STATE CONSERVATION COMMISSION. M. L. Button, Director. April 6 Set as Date for Budget Hearing by Council Members The date for the public hearing of the proposed budget and appropriation ordinance for the period of April 1, 1936, to March 31, 1937 was set for 9 o'clock the morning of April 6 at the council room in the city hall, when members of the council met in a special session Wednesday morning. A motion was also made that the city manager, city solicitor and councilmen .should interview Fred White, state engineer, at Ames, in regard to construction of the Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Pacific railroad viaduct on South Federal avenue. lawful to fish by trolling from any gasoline, oil. or electric launch, steamboat or other boat or craft when propelled by power, on any of the inland waters of the state, or on any boundary water except the Mississippi River or Missouri River. SECTION 10. Spearing. It shall be unlawful to take, catch, kill or have in possession any fish from any of the waters of the state taken by the use of a spear except that rough fish may be speared in the area described as follows: All that part of the State of Iowa lying: south and west of Highway No. 1-11 extending from Sioux City tn Denison, No. 30 from Denison to Carroll and No. 7.1 from Carroll to the Missouri Ftate line and in .Hich other areas and in a manner that may be specifically desig- Couple at Alta Vista Honored on Anniversary ALTA VISTA--Mr. and Mrs! Fred Arndt of Alta.Vista observed their golden wedding anniversary here Monday. Relatives and friends gathered at the Arndt home to spend the day. At 11 o'clock appropriate services were held at thp. home and were led by the Rev. A. F. Karsten, pastor of the Zion Lutheran church of which Mr. and Mrs. Arndt are members. At noon a dinner was served by Mrs. Otto Arndt and Miss Eleanor Manske. Mr. and Mrs. Arndt are natives of Germany but have lived in this community for many years. They were married in Lauenburg, Germany, March 16, 1886. Eight children were born to them- Elizabeth, Frank, Minnie, Meta, An. na, Lena, Margaret and Otto. Besides there are now 25 grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Visited in Ames. ROWAN--Miss Marie Whetstone, home economics teacher, spent the week-end in Arncs and Miss Ella Zumak. seventh and eighth grade trar.hrr, went to her home in Algona for the week-end.

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