The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 5, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1913
Page 5
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M--:- I A : B R A N D : N E W : S T O C K : O F I I EMPEROR WILLIAM. Avralts your inspection here,. I Seiee Oss Telis of loereasioi in Tills GeyotH. it Gsrtnan Crisis on IViintaris.Ti Put I Up to the Kaiser. V X 35- tht- «t:.-ui'-^ »£ UL-J.Iw: liars usaae ulteoI JOCTOBS, IN. ITS y-. H LfuutY. Umbrellas Mesh Bags Table Silver Scarf Pins WATCHES Lockets Chains Bracelets DIAMONDS Manicure Sets Imported Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases Many other articles that will delight and p!^ .sc you. May v/e show ilvm to you ? Compare our prices with others. res Nat;pn ; WJ!: Degenerate Back to Something Worse Than Monkey icm If Use Is Not Checked. I'ii:adei?bia, Iec. 3. -- The United _ Stater is EOT.- -second to China and ahead 01 every other country iu the- vorld ;n the use o£ oylusa a«d 'he n^;-- cori-'-s derived srom :t, according to a statement seade by Dr. B. C. Kiester. a specialist, of Roasoke. Va., before a meeting of scientists anu spec-:ai:s:s at lac- Rittenbo-jso hcto!. Ta^ menace is so sreat. i^e speaker said, that there is c-anyer our our "de- genarsting back to someth'ng -.vorse T ·f_ ~t C I I A M B E R S B U R G ST. e * i I f! ft S 9 ©. M e$ M ^r ^ e ss "A" G zc @ V S ?^* © S Kr. K:ester"s figures \vere such Tis! even to stanJe h^s j:steners..v,'"o are; tr.e ue!e?a;es to the-yearly meeting! of iJe Society fcr ?he StuCy 01 AJcohclj and Orher Xarcoties.' The danger of r he ha jit fomiin^ drags v,-as grov/ing EO great, he said, thai the only logical c-c-jr^e Is to cut them out of the paar- ir-acupea entirely and proLsbit^ their ntanu i?cture. The Sgnres v.-hlch the speaker presented show that 40 ! J/«»J pounds of omani are injported into the United, S;ates each year. This is fifteen times as nuch as is consumed in Austria, Gerruany and Italy combined. ^ Seventy-five per cent of this opium manufactured into morphine. Oi' LlS LOj 1 Suffragists ' " / ' Elect Officers- , / \Vashiss*on, bec*' t S.f-^.tJctpticn of "a cew constitution and e!e.tij2 «/ offi cert- occupied', the sessions ef the Xa -ocia'.ion, now in torty-flftii acsunl ccnveario_h here. Many bowr«; oj di--' : ·:aszion p'receded 'fee liaal ^ote cu the: t:onstiiatlc*n. Dr. Anna 5a£.".v was r3-; elected president. j Y.'nile the 'new system of govern-. the sissociauon entire!;, ca a "ud--;!: basis, to which there has BcSsa'-vlgor-j ous oppos'liion, a large portion o? tie, mosey needed will be raised "sn ae 1 ! eordanee with a bads-et adopted in ( advance each year. When s£,wa§ a.a.,1 nouatesi thar $11.850 would have to be] proviued in pledges to complete the total of $23.G?o previously adopted for the budget, it took less than an iir.ur to secure the sum. Mrs. Chaajp Clark tod ihe conven j tio-i that vrhen she was a young §:ri: she had heard Susan B. Anthony! speak on woman suffrage and thai she! had "remained a convert to tae cause j ever since." i Mrs." ilediH itcComiick and Mrs.| DC ha BrerMaridge. appointed by ts? convention to aslc President Wilson to see delegates, called at ;he White Hcu^e oiSces and laid their leuest before Assistant Secre:ary Toriter. Sec roury Tumulty had gone to Jers"j Citv to attend the funeral c-T n rela live. The * "committee «as tcl-l the president "-as Hi, - - -· ·- Xll persons are' -warned' not fo : 'tresfe'oij-ihc t 'prara5p» oT tin?' Jb «^ ^^ ^, '^ ir Inip for'the' pu^^Oadn^V^^wSr .nu ' ' Jbnd«r. I or forfishinjrjor ifl any'way injuring »* wwvj.*..^ ^'·^r^-'"*' -~-*y-~-^^ -- i-rtjn^f the'Taws of the commonwealth witb" regard'to trespassing XJB-'liilds of »he andcrstgncr will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act of April 14. William Allison, Saral. Walters farm, Hamiltenban fowiiaWp. John O. Kiley, li. 12. Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Tosensbip. Mrs. J. E- Hughes, Cumberland Township. D. B. Wifiesja-s, Cumber'ane! Tovrsskip. Frank, H. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. C. J. Deardorff, OrrUmna, Pa. Charles \Va;«aiaa (Dr. \v. H. O'Neal Farm) F. L. Ku»_e, LVder Township, BIgierville, Pa. 7 / : . ^, ~s g -JC. B. Shank, Strabaa To'-vnship, H/7, Gettysburg; Pk '~**'*Y f *f 7^ J- IL Kubn (-1. F. Kuiai Farm) R. 2, Gettysburg,.Pa. Mt. Joy'ryp. ""' Jacob Froir.Tieyer, Straban Township. +*'*·-#,*· *-i ,/ ^ siioi HIS BIO,, TBIES SOiGIDl Golored Murderer Pardoned by Soversiar Goidsterooeii l". manufactured into morpaine. ULJ til's quantity. Dr. Kiester said, SO per! cent is used by morphine Sends, while! :aUircore. ild., Dec. 5. -- John S. cent is use-j u;- sii^.-.^.^ js^^v.^,. ..---j rludscn, eciored, a "lifer,"' vrao ha'l on-v 20 per cent nnds its ^-ay Into ss= vea twenty-three years in the Mary iesirimate meaica! practice. Morphine IAEJ penitentiary, was pardoned by is being used extensively even in cig- ar^tcs. American cocaine fiends -ccn- suine 150,000 ounces c: ihe dras ^^eh ye--r. Twenty-three ?er cent of the medical profession, the speaker continued, are now victims of the morphine ha'ji:. Dr. Kiesier said tae medical and criminal records of the country iadiccte-J that a complete abolition of the manufacture of habit-forming . iarned Fooi Weefellio Foooa Dyinj. | Philadelphia. Dec. S.--L^sn -Tcdry, i ,_,._^._jj-, e y ears o i,j. and his !:r:de 01 \veeks. v.-ere found ua-T.nscicus Jol n Butts. ecloreS, In Worcester eo 1 civ in ISCO. I'rior tO taKing: final action en the r^rdon, -which was strongly recoin- mgr.-led by State's Attorney Johnson, 0:1 V.'crcesier county, and the seven members ol the jury who are now Hv- :.icr. Governor Goidsborough visited Hu-sos last ireeli- -·: ve heard of person's ejes shinmg = Jocry's mother, at 231ft South street'. 1 Tte belief is that Jodry shot' his j wife-and'then attempted suicide. The · man's mother" believes - there was £ · suicide pact. Both" the yobng' people ! are in a' critical condition at the Poly| cii.Tifc hospital.' j The marriage had been'Icept'a "se; j cret. tKcuga the bridegroom's mother. ~~, par cent less homicides. CO per cent , less suicides and 33 per cent less la- l-aacr. He said the loss to medicine, j -.vr.atever it might be. from the pro- ·h::-ition of. morphine, alcohol, opium an-: cocaine, -s-oum be wo-th while, In vie-- of the possible beneSis. Dr. Kiesi-er's statements ga:aea aud- cii srsBiScance through an address ··h~t ~as delivered immediately after- r^-LnorThe 1 ^" 1 ^^"^! w5d°E::e police she i^d' been Carries the v^prsssion could"niean." to ·; oary : . - " · - ' ' » ' . . " ' H; i-SS-"', Fem ; -d-02 after conviction 'in 2Iay, j Tfce girl had been tmen to che jo- " was 'seaieaped to be hanged" on *~ horrc several times by tae ycung 1' of t«.i = vea-. toverror Jack-1 He U?-d been asked by cis mother V-Io aavs before the rime for ihe) HOE to bring her there. Tr.e el--er Mrs. -",,, ^"ted a resrrite unzil Get. Jo'n as:;rvl the young wjman pom: ""~" ' '- blrak :s ih" and her sc-r, rrere mar cnl two cays before the explratlcu ;I-:=5 extension -coiiniuted the sen-' Tli^re v.-as no answer. ' vc:t are. I ~5il fumfsh rr.onr. _ _ ____ »., ' "* -- /~ f ^---»T-»^--S*J**vn *s T^**E ^-Jli"" TB6L JO- fiends by the hu-areds in his ojn city.^f ''5^TM s^Sa f--^S STbodv | drrVcP^t'w hTi hone w:th"n!m. This is z. new product of opium ana its - P- -"\- -^ -f! -"-" ^T. !_,,."% i TK , , -,, ,,.,,, --,,, ^-,^x ..i.oh^Prvef discovery has been so recent that nc existing siate law riay bs made to ap-' ? I7 against ft. . _ _ . This new chemical is called Jrrc^cfT v^iih"eaiorionT' He talked | The t TO rr--i-t aav? slipped smobservef (.* i^^.NJ*1 V «».·» ^-i: -*· i-v»i- j-i-x-. i_t»»-i.'^»j. - - c^lTnl arter the TfrsT effects of the a n - j - u ? f- -Tf-u^.'s room, for when the i:ouneen;nt anr. ssii that he woul-1 i yo-n=: man'r. mother went to call U-JB c ^ § i Its ejects are like those cf jsorphine,; ,^.,.. o _ aixd IE is sold so'openly-in'one disc --? J --" sr - trfet of'Boston that the vicinity of the i ,,,, p..^o drag store which markets I- has be-i :U ^ .H»-O iorn;-^ :et-.rr. to h r s old hon:e at-Snow HiU { she ."o-rat 1 . the | ·*** I _ _ _ _ ,. .- . i j"W-_ %,"$-- v^*»n-i A. - 1 "^'T-C- T*~ '^--* t r i- there. k on the farii oVbis "torcse/! ;.;--. -ne elaer, to'd her son'r j v.-r.r- she hit! beuer go to her own j none. ias:eaI, th° girl and -Jodr j we^t into tie sitring ro3m. A little i later Harry -Jc-:ry. -brother of the coaiie kno^s-n as "Heroin Sq-aare." Ths, - TiCCt g2 VS Senate V/.Sf- Act Before. Ocrds. who have Increased Jy thej ' G r, r i s trnas. hundreds within the last few months, j yvY.5inr.~ron. Dec. r._--It seenis likely Dr. Douglas said, regularly hold whatj ^ _ t |.,.."' t j, e cr . rre ncy bill will be are known as "sniffing rar:ies." w n e n j _,,..-, . i DV ~^ e senate before Christ-] ;h e ;- ^-o-nds. Nearby 5a.- a revolver. is passed about occasionally;. ,,,'.."" " | ^-^ had ;. C! ^ xrrapr^-1 in c, towei, ;T ;-idsmenr that the bill will ·sinz man. heard two shots fired. He an into the sitting rocni. He foi!3"^ Leon and Tttsry '.laspecl ic arms, unconscious frox eans of entertainment. --ox-- I I S " * I *» I and Small Musical Instruments during the Holidays. Victor Talking Machines and Records. ? e isctive niessures. but an enormous j : - e - 7 and unnecessary expense to the coin- j ^ u: ^" = munity. The methods so far generally] T by other ccnservative Re-j Xew To:'-. Dec. 5---TTr-s'-ana and LH leaders. | the Ur.::;-"- States wiil i.att'.e again ,,.___.__ ,, . ,_,,. senate was unab'e TO reach an! ney: year for ihe iniernational pole enploved. :t ~as said, have been pre-| -, :rre2:nenl; on t he Kern rcsbiGtion pro-! trophy. ;cS!e!al to both tae victiins and tas ,=.-; IJS f or dav an-1 nlglit sessions to I A ch3l!"z:;\ sent by tee HisrHnsr- coacifler the currency VilL I bain tear.;, f f Er.cland, wMch was ne " " " i fcate:! if", s'-'son. ^.vas received by taxpayer. O-.:"noor colonies, so equipped that otherwise helpless victims may re- f*£~--a ^roio^sed. humane and scien- iiflc treatmen.; and a general curtail-· -.-.-irer 5_2bcr Leader Accuses Execu- TT.:-sr of :he free sale of intoxicants.' t:v3 of Libei In Speech. GGV. FOSS SUED FDR SI 00000? tbe Polo association. . Secretary W. A. Bazanl announced 11 ' ---ere the rnles suggested. i © ^s S ar immigrant Wounds Four. YorX. Dec. 5.--Sardis Ishao, a that ie fhiilenge trill be T - nc Tin-Ji-h c^=a^ienge that the ·3ton. Dec. -----A libel s'oit asking j g--^ match be played not later thau ns--Tges was f.Ied by .Tatnes j j- :l: e I, 1314 T. Morisrity. former president cf the ~~r-al uabor TTiiicn. against Governor -serially wcundiag him with a knife.] crspp'e Confesses Murder. v. -"ca on two aged companions, bit-i -^-rcnsbWe. V.". Va.. Dec, A Piano or Victor Talking chine is a^joy to any home. In^rr'gration Bi!I In Agstn. Va=h;asfn. Dec. 5--Mr. Curaatt. cnairTiian of ihe hoj;se imniigratiOD eorntr.:"se. re^ntroduced the imrnia:ra- t:or. bill v.--.:"h former President Taft vetoed. It 01715-03363 a literary test stid -?.··] be re-r.orr-od to ihe house on Sat- urJay. I I * I We sell them at prices and terms that you-Ca; one efford Call and get prices before purchasing elsewhere .::.J wealthy s^benszer farmer "tVi:son Der»ver. olo. » 1 Settle Mine Strike. _ Dec. 5---By unanl-jjj referendum vote the striking 11| eo-:l niiners in the soathern Colorado ; ;j real fiel-s rejected the strike settle-1 ;j m-c^t proposition made to them by. WEATHER EVERYWHERE. ©. 5 C=hservatlor.s of United States ,, -_ ' ~es.iher bureaus taken at 8 p. m. is. The vote was made · 11 cscer ^ s ^" j:r.o--a when union officials notified ] j j "llson of the out- j : | Al ° . _ rcire of ee referendum. Secretary j j i Mlaar.c Citv--- \ in turn EGtiSed Governor Am-j|; ^ c ;; c f . 1*Oo · * · · · · * * Temp. "vVeatSer. ;.»:^,.-. »u^^ -- , , T ~ ' ~ " a . ! ' l ir-^S^-v . 44 ClOUdV. Socreiarv of I-abor Wilson of the out- j : = A ^ a --V·""" _ _ ,-,. . _ " » ± % » ; f l T l * * / * l I i v Gettysburg. ?a. © e T«." «; « :*. t 1 ^^ Arothar ^stal Fire In Boston. . Boston, I5cc. 5.--The Arcadia hotel f^-astrophe of Wednesday, in which tr.-cnty-e:ght men lost their lives, was folIovcVd by another lodging house fire in \7hich En Carre!!, a fisherman, per:-.^a. Carroil was suffocated in a Ve:.(* on tne top oor of the Bay State house in Hanover street. The other \o«Ue:s. aocr.t 100, escaped. j; Chicago J Xew Orleans-- .'asi;jngt "n 4S i-~ 42 52 50 -S2 54 Cloudy. Clear. P. Cloudy. Clear. Cloudy. Cloudy. Cloudy. Clear. P. Cloudy. GENERAL MARKETS sr r*z.\ §::!·:-.·§3.D":' clty *!.$··-·',;,. FLOUR Srm. at 5 ~\VK"EAT steady; Xo. 2 red. a-v: Xo. 2 yeKow, new. The Weatftsr. 'r tcday and tomorrOTr; s 'o\TS wak; Xo. 2 white. 46c,; -v--- srrs': 0 ?. -S4--C. POTATOES steady: per bushel, 7C 5j.%r p-~)r-7^TTY- Live s'oad-': hens. 14^ 7" · V-g ~fr-o?re-s. l l f 12^.: tr.rkevs. " -f^ed Sr^.j cViGi.-s fowK ' Rr-'rTSP nr-n: frn'".- rrear-sery. 07c EGvlS steady: selocted. 4Sc.;-sear Live Stock Prices. Humor From London Opinion. Matrimonial Agent--The lady is Salt Improves Milk. A little salt-a saltspoonful to each : *vi--triiuuiiKu ^I.CUL--A uc nauj x*j -- i u-ly I admit, but take the photo with, tnaiblerftil--mala» milk more easily " ' might get used to her face digestible tor most people and makes ' it less apt to cause bi'iousness. m a little S; r.iV Texas rtt-er*. v^-j'^J ' 1: , '^t.X.'.-; s : ii-r.-i.i",- ^alrc- 1 . S7*i^. 7S.50:'"laaibs. ua- tiVe. 55.90 s!T.:-ft. \Vhere~He"Ma!-ss a Mistake. Someunies ihe e;Tect of labor-saving d-\:ces 5s to fool a man into the idea chat he can loaf all day and still get his woik doae. ^__,, "" Georga E. liar'r.r.D, P_ 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler To^nshi?: ' ^ /" '"** George C. Shecler, Sfraban To'.\iisbip. i^^" '* - -*- -« jlrs. Mary J. V/e'ken. E- 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. H. Ilex. I'-ox :»0, R. 2, liigJerviile. "''· Mrs. Blariida L Ccdori, Cumberland TownEbip.' " ' * : Samuel Robinson, K. 1, Gettj-sb-arg, Pa., Cumberland ToTensbip. J. 1^. Toot, Strsban Tewnship. --*«- v ft. L. Jacoi .s, R. I, Biglerville, Pa. Butler Tovrnship,. Joseph B. Twir.insr. H. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. " *- Kdward A. Scott, !:. -i. 'Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown, HJgh'.aud Tov.-nship. 11. F. Bidcle, jit. Tk-f sant Townsh:p, R- S, Gettysbure. D. J Keile, JL 12, GeU\ sburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Fro!ii!«eyer, Mt- P!eas?nt Township. '" - - " · * Martin Winter, Cuniberiand Townsmp and Gettysburg." "*\V. T. Mehr-ng, Spri-^s Dam Farm, Cumberland^ Township. Robert K. Major, Straban Township. '' " " " '* ' ''*-* John \V. licllhenny Farm R. 7, Gettysburg, Straban ToTfnsftip. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. C. W. Elocn, BeiMlersviHe, Pa. George D. Thcnsas. Chambersburg Pike. Robert Ilarner. Greenmount, Pa. Tarry E. Shriver, Butler Township. P.. 6, Gettysbarg. Joseph A. Albert. Butler To-.vnship, R. 6, Gettysburg. WilHam Coshun, Straban Township. Jeremiah Weaver. R. 8. Gettysburg, Pa. ! O. C. March. But'er Township, R- 6. Gettysburg. I, 'Clias Woli'oru, Mz. Pleasant township. ; ,. : _ E. L. Smith. Butler Townsmp, Bigleo'ille. . - : . ., -c _ ,1. Edv.-ard Lawver. Butler Township. R. R- ^o- 2..BigieEville, ^ J Have'-s'cick, 31. il. Sponseller farm, Straban Twp.; R. S, Gg- ji. E. Freed. Sirs. G. W. Biesecker farm. Franklin Twp. s Cash^town. J. Kerr Lou, Cumberland Township- ,-",.», ,.-" Joan H. Sncnseller, (.McPhersor. Farm). Cumb2rland Township. , ^-frh-MJ- :·.* ·iW tIiCUiJ iZ-» JLi*JrV^» O - i -- V « * * i JL W · » i*-J»**-^*y v^»_l-^» ~JV-» C « -- -H. 31. Sr-eerinscer. R- 9. Gettysburg, near BonneauYiile,,pa... ers .. J..D. Moose. Blglerv-ile, Pa. " ' ' " " 'G F- Baseboar, Gettysburg. Camberlana and Germany aownsmns^ i^uis BlizelJ, Strafaan Township, Gettf sburg, K. 7. X/J. Shank. Biglervilie. Rtfate 1. t . T. F. Roth. Butler To^-nship,.Gettysburg Koate 6. ^ , C. S- Griest's Sons (C. Arthur Griest, Mgr.) Guernsey: C. A. Heiges and Xr=. H. F. Heiges, JFrankhn Tov,"nship . H. C. Warren. Mena' en Tov,-nshio.-. ,. ; ~""~ ,1 C- H. Rnmmeli on C. L. Osborne iarpv, Menalien Townsmp. \Vm. M. B«eham"s Sonr Freedojn TownsMp. ^ ..:. y r . .Wm-.ii. Bigharn's Sens,. J. : bertv.T6wnship. .""_" ·?-".. · Jacob F. -Peters, Tvrose Township,"JL" 3, B^Ierville, Fa. 1 ".Charles Ess'ick and sisters, Butier Township,-^ n - f^** .J-. C. Coulson, T?a'der TQwr.shjp,.: - ' .., *A". S. V/h:sler, Ml" Pleasant Township.«.-10.- Mrs. Clestfa.A. Black."R. i, BigleryiUej.Ba. George Herring'. Highland Township.'--' U r p. Kerbst."iQrrtanna R-I- - - - ·- - .,- ' · - " · . / , . ' : '.O. B x Siiafretfs! Cumberland Township.. K- 2;--Gettysburg;-Pa.' G E StaUsmith, Straban Township. R. 9,.Getigrsburg, Pa-,--- \t--.' f John Dick, HoSacker Farm. Straban Tov.-nship. - . ' . , " ' GHbert; RudisSi, Cumberland Township. Geitysbnrg RoGteX J E Jacobs Euger.e S. Kelly farm, Cumberland Township.' " J. Ciavton Rider. 31- Joy ToXvnship, Geltysburg.R. 1, -'- T- Cha-Ies FidTer, iU r . E. Golden farm), F_ 1, Bigiemlle. BntlerTwp. H. S. ilertz. Ilsinilton Township. (Campbell and Moyer Farm.) Jarnes L- Bsjrham. Freedom Townshh), Ge?Ctysburg, Pa. -_ Lsvi Cram_ Meaalien Township; - - '·; , ir ". . .' * ;rs. Menallen Township... .I** TO !C r^.o*~f^'e~T\rfrcr ^" . " Twp. Wii. II. Johns. Cumberland iownsmp ana ^ettysuut^, : . _ Geoge \v. T, r olf, R- 3. Gettysburg, Cumberland Township^ _, Edmund Little. (JfcLn BlocHer Earm)3^GnmbeTJancL;To\^nslnp.. ? .^; :.;· ? Walter C^S^erTRT^. Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland T\vp., Bayly Farm Vhicea'c Redding, P- S, Gettysburg, Straban Townshia, Edward Redding R. 9.'Gettysburg, Straban Township. A. J. Smith Farm. IT. E- Bovd. Guldens. Pa.. Scraban and Mt. Pleasant Townships. -Harrv S."Trestle, Straban Township.- -- - . -, . . -., -r Edward A. Trestle, Straban Township. JohTi Leese, on Nathan "Brown farm, Straban Township, Gbg- Route 8. Mervin I- Weikert. Highland Township, R- 1, F.anrneld. D. F. Batterman. Butltr Township. " . " Shultz Bros. D. B. Snyder Farm. Straban Township, Gettysburg P. O. McDannel Bros., Arendtsrville and Franklin Township, Biglerville, K. 1- S. B. Bream (F. M- Bream's farm) Ba'tler Township. Calvin R. Snvder, Bonneauville, Pa. Otis Walter.'(Conrad Waiter Farm) R.-1, Tillie, Franklin Townsmp. F. B. Twisden. Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. E. F. Strausbaugh. Orxtanna. P- 1- . _ , . , _ - , -r, ^ Albert Hollinger. Cumberland To%vnship, Gettysburg, ii. ·,·- Deardorff Brothers, Tillie. Pa. Franklin Township. E. P. Garrettson, Butler Township. John and Frank Garrettson. Menallen Township. t R H. Black. R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. ' * Mrs Daniel Miller, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, Route 6. D. S- Revnolds. Straban Township. Gettysburg Route 9. W 4 Bigaam, Cumberland Township. Gettysburg, K- A. .7..hi, Groscost, R- 7. Gettysburg, Soraban Township- Gai-field Jacobs, R. 13. Gettysburg near Barlow. ~ Dorsev Deardorff, Eisrhland Township. (Mrs. H. *. Mover iarm). _ amanael Plank. ifighTand Township, Gettysburg Route 4. E D. Fe:s;es. BIfflcrville Borough. ,'ohn H- EcsertA'trabsn Township. Gettysburg. K.S. r - ^ i « \V. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream tenant) Straban iownsnip, uog. K.. c- ilervin'Black. Biglerville, iienallen Township. Mrs. Martha Seea. near Arer.dtsviHe. V.'avbright Rice. BiglerviHe, Pa. H. S. Corner, Mt. Jov Township, R. 2. Gettysburg, Pa. Jor-n S WoK Straban Township. H- ~i, Gettysourg, Pa. Clarence Hoffman, R- IL 2. Biglerville. Pa. J. C. Waiter. Butler Township, R. 2, Bigierville, Pa. Kobert Wnherov.-. Cur-iberiand Townsmp, R. 13, Gettysburg, .1 a. Frank Herr. C'jmlerland Tov.-nship, R- 13. Gettys^Durff, ** Frank Eicholtz, Freed Jtarm. Straban Township, ic 1-, *.--.. _ ^^, . . . .^k 1 . -T-, J /~* _ x~»_ «l.--. ...v iJf if ·}. ri. riiisrsnjiiii. i^i«iiv .rx- u.jjru^i ^ »...../ -.----«-- J W. Tale. Tyrone Towr.ship, R. 4. Xew Oxford. J. W. Cook. Mena"en Towr.ship. Flora Dale, Pa- ^«S.^S^o sS=sl2!B a :i^ «^ JT«TM ~i. iJl\2ili.i ^ . » X l l . » d *. ti*. » i J t *y_»v»-fc--. ' ·«· - - -- -C 'f^ - ' T_, John B- Eiker, Camberlar.d To-svnship, R. 12. GettvBOnr^, J^K" J Beamer. Strabar. ar.d It. Pleasant io-svnsaips, Gettrsonrg, ±i- v.- J Elaine Bushev, Franklin To-sraship. R. 1. Bi^lerville, Pa. Jacob Groscost/Tyror.e Township, R. 1, Gettysourg, Pa, v»". T. Ho-.vard. Siraban To-jrnship. , C. E. Ta-craav. 3It- Pleasant To-.vns.nip, Gettyspnrg, R. 8. C W "oner iE A. Creese Fcrai Merallen To^vnship, K.-H. Idavilie, Fa Curtin'McGlaughlin (John P. Butt Farm) Franklin Township. .T-m-s Sanders, (X. H. ilusselmaa Farm) Hamiltonban To^vnship. Hovra-d Bieam. Straban Township, R. 9, Getxysbnrg^Pa. ·ilien Keddir? lEobt, S. Bream Farm) Cumberland lovmsmp. ^ William J- Eckenrode, Cumberland Tovraship. _ G G G^-Ifnn. Straban Township, Route 9, Getrysourg. iienton Hcf: (Rufus JLaiT\-er rami) Butler ToTOssmp. . ...^ J^OTb e %cyd. ll iIt. n Jo/Township. R- 13, Gbg. (William Cromer Farm). *S~ F Dashnian, Franklin Tovtiiship, R. 5, Gettysburg. IX "L Hoffman. BJsIer\-iile, Route 2. E. X. Hoffman. Bisrlerville, Route 2. T I Heater. Highland Township. R. -i. Gettysburg, Pa. Ernest ManahanT(Mrs. P. L. Iloack Farm) R. 9, Gettysburg, Pa David G. L-tt. Straban To\vnship, Gettysburg. Route i. V,' C Storrick, Straban Township. R. 9, Gettysburg. _ M' Shind'.edacker, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, R. o. II M Trostle, Highland Township, Tiliie Post Office. ^ ' D" -\ IT-nkc-v (Mi-s. Jeremiah Bender's farm) Cumberland Twp., K, 6. f' C." .March.' ButK-r Township, U. 6, Gettjsburg f.-.K.-rf \t Klilr.n. A^r-ero . "* Mary Baldwin, Bondersville, Pa. "" - -- · - · SPArFR

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