The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1931 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1931
Page 3
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MARCH 2 HI 193J """ " ·--· ------ _ 4Haantt £% would t .Business Manager i paper, SUBSCRIPTION KATES" Caily, pe r ygjj. DaUy, per week .'.'[] Dallv r,£ UtSlde °v5 Mason City'and'ciear Lake-' uBiiy, per year by carrier Daily, per week by carrier!!!.'.'!".' Daily, per year by mail... 6 months, §2.25; 3 months, 5L25;' 1 month Outside 100 mile zone, daily, per year '.'.'.'.'. .53.25 . 3 months... MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ' "6.00 1.75 Iowa, as Enemies carry a report in form different from the original.--PLAUTUS . FRANCE AND ITALY AGREE ANNOUNCEMENT is made out of Paris that at last Italy and Franco have been brot together to their own satisfaction and that of Great Britain on the question of naval parity. The situation is now ready according to Sunday dispatches out of the French capital, for submission to the United States and Japan the other participants in the London naval conference.' It might not be amiss at this time to review the background of the present development. It grew, of course, out of the London meeting, which was in'the nature of an extension and development of the Washington naval arms conference called by President Harding in 1921, at which limits for battleships and aircraft carriers were fixed. The London objective was a fixed limit on all classes of fighting ships. The reef on which the London conference for weeks seemed to face shipwreck was the rivalry between Italy and France, symptomatic of a general friction between these two countries at every point of international contact. Italy declared herself entitled to a navy equal to that of France-full parity. France protested and demanded- consideration of her long sea-routes to Asiatic colonies. Neither side would bulge an inch In the end the United States, Britain and Japan patched. - Jip their own three-power agreement and left the con tinental rivals to work out a solution as best they However, since Britain is a European country vitally dependent upon sea communications for most of her food and materials, the Franco-Italian division could not be entirely ignored in the arrangement of the other three, Britain has a lively fear of a naval race Between her two neighbors, which might result m fleets, especially of submarines, dangerously able to cut off British supplies in emergency. So there was introduceditheifamn,,.,."TM,.,.!,,*,,., clause,'" whereby any an out- .'.motorist who blames the^tmltion"^ M «P«W -- ing an accident that proved ac ?° n , c ° mpany for caus- Fairmont Fridjay nie-ht a fj ^^ai to a -woman. At by a trailer behind a car Wr^tm 0 '.? boy was struck accident that result^ tnt»it · Kllled - Accident- after day. . results fata "y is reported from day to is exercised "by tho^pewtln^PBr, 3 . 11 ,^^ 61 ' ° a " it seems that everv conriiTM£i g s and trucks, yet been advocatedT tod ur«d u 'L 1 *^^" 1 ' 011 has alr « ad y No matter how careful people a V « r h wotor | n e- public. to be accidents in varvlne- -'' """ ^verity. About the onh? £" m f' an ? e ?' therefore, is so ^ Buries that result th n e- p u l i c . e Wl11 c °ntinue to ,TM e r and under «e ' clr- m ° f com P en sation man or wo «TMn who '^ rea - ui rements C C ^ ents are certai ° f ?queu ° y - An un ' ts ls the ^ilure of ^ °'' ashes to aHeviate ° Se victim i=ed thru ^7' ° f course - wi " ' ^ ^equate settle- 1 0 " 1 ^ 1 ^ In many handic aps that « 7"v - uc " L s\ ay making- tl - permitted to drive a car mee of dependability, but eve" tTMe° to continue, tho perhaps with l fortunate aftermath of all accic those responsible for a great n the suffering and expenses o toTwf im * ^/^ount "J °° wa y compensate for liv ment such as insurance would instances overcome for a Hm» n, v °-- " "«»"» would be placed on a familv 7f , e handica Ps that winner of the family Cirwmstnn °- SS ° f the bread vary, but the medium otf^ncfa^a^^ Case wil1 someone who is iniured or nt*. · Y lli al ways help assistance and love of another ^ de P rlved ' °f the Compulsory insurance has nnf amJ cl ° se to him satisfactory in many states but a drtT"" ""^ s?sftaS-HE iS ?- hS! sH TM?mi is- a ·'"·s«r,r;i,TM t sr buses and trucks "for us^n^ tho ,, ,r - ~ * that such a tax would bp nno^ Payea highways is and' necessitate an increa^ ?n . n v° the C! «tomers all taxes paid by raHroads m« r^V *? a slmilar wa y cration when the rates ^ «v H e ,, k ? n into consid- ccmmi SS ions."lt does not seem fai byf "} e r " ' .^r^.,^ng the* tra- * t0 taX MOW--THEM ARE A MESS X MUD To AXLES X AND NO CHANCE IN THIS MORNJN^ ANO SAID TH^ ONLV SA/AY CAN TELl_ THE I50AD FROM THE RIVE IS WHEN VOUfeE suHe\\ MEN ·WHO UPSOME Nice / I ,-__ . ··«"· MUD ( I f ~P' e A COUPLE OF IH.'S , \ TILL , AND IN TWE 150AD SUNK!! we^ii n ri y o!io q ?vr cripuons hoHzon ls always as far one can see. The higher. IWOM ' 000 THE EDITOR'S MAIL BAG CLENDENING al u AUdras your queries ,,, Dr LoLan m » ' J " , lhc la "' column Olche-Oaseue. write ,.,,,,,;. 0 ^," ot C'~,fon ^ °',TM? iSvvs.SLrerB of the t train over I .rSci'tv ir Hi p " Ue l»V? over two one 1929 . Kehm the call *-,.-"« m »30 ^·-'- r ; iU'titeA* ;Wg3 ·· T "--:.--i-E3!K8»SS*l by- notictf-tS'lhv _ Washington arid Tokyo Save had a lively 'interest in the franco-Italian affair. Failure meant the undoing of all that has been done to stop naval armament com- tamed b'y right-thinking ind ta unifprrh twice^a week for - to « c j a) . rather ef ° re the that S n hour 'a drill rs ot a fo »r-year y youth enrolled from intestinal intoxicatic they even than that existent before 1921 for denunciation of the London treaty would have meant no check at all on any kind of naval construction. The most that could have been expected was another conference designed to pick up the broken pieces--starting all over other words!' As this is written the terms of the agreement be- kind that s cannot be «* c o n e q u ^°P° nents * the optional S V' Was benc? legislatre that wo,^ he , re is a VM ° r traini ^ o? any ?S? C " b ? d °° Urse '" 3Ust What g blamed for the sudden * DlUUary -* 1 "' ----"=··= fmjja vviucn are marked for replacement by her new naval program-thus allowing France the actual supremacy which she without waiving ItHly's demands. If the reached is satisfactory to Great Britain must be accepted ag.extremely encouraging For other than purely naval reasons an agreement between France and Ita,y is earnestly to be^TM The antagonism between these two continental powers both ambitious and jealous, is becoming a sJioS v"th a h L r p r n peace - France has a ^ *TM with the Little Entente countries carved out of the defeated powers m the World war. Italy is making overtures to the countries dissatisfied by the peace treaties and is gradually crystalling a riva, al.iance wWch in tersccts and hems in the French allies. Unless tW« rivalry is stopped, it will fiu the European powder magazine again, and lay the train for some spark to touch off another European war. Experts freely pre? JSSSSIIEf^silS Hoover could not consc^nr '"i 0 '' 6 lan - anvon e elsel *'"'·"!! (Schall's first choic ) f y a PP°' n t Attorney sort for the job. H o o v e r f h i Was not the other men for the job And ;-!? , aa . d Scball to accepted- by Mr. Hoover^n'Ji'iv ? f whom c °uld not be ^nv judicial exnerience--inri y v. ° - c S: rou P had limit. So Mr. Htwve" was oblWi T^ 6 " ast the a ^ e H. Nordbye of MinneaDotis w?, a P,P oint Gunnar ^^^^^^S^^^^ "· ***· UJJI.HJU, disturbances ient from the ,-.*,,,,^.m fiucession. emanations and - - near an an/maT The Thfrrt ' r 6 sensiti «d p erson the symptoms is from absorpt on of ^T', Cause fOr The symptoms which oeAir ? 8 Pecial foods, when exposed to the active b f a sensitiv e person nite. Respiratory distress * ^ u ^ s tance are quite defi- fever--nasal dischare-e =r/ TM 'Hustrated by hav asthma. Asthma' alone'nAv^'^' f° Ug " h anct Anally druff absorption. Variou^ L? ,' r f r o m food or dan- to be ascribed to this phenom^nT,'?^? 68 are ce -tainly swellings (called angio-neuraffn ^,' Ves ' and Peculiar eruptions of other kind" oedema) as well as S1ABCII 2, IOH .. , we-rt^^u^l^S a S fte l r C S e b rrhra . ° eS Ar ° ines tain legislators who hilw . hobnobbing with cer- d ^i^fhe vacation week anu P^na'worc^on?" 111 ive^to an appropriation for Cloar T nb.= T Ca " -: Colonel Shepard, while unwKUng^to S hmv su^y and C t rd fn Sta ; kecl on the T _ UVVJ . ---rC tlil " Ja co get anywhere bands," advises Mr. Shepa°d. UUt ducks with brass wil^commencl Monday 1 MaM,^??' 3 kind «Sarten stood the thorolv r-hrUn n r t ,' parents under- the distinctive feature of hTs f^^l 011 , Which forma would be made tcT place' child P t, S ? ? 0l every ef£ott years under this spiritual train' ( v , e e a 3 and 7 in the tenderest age. Suffice it t^ Means so much is to clothe the child with jin 3ay ' l * a highest aim, action. In this, the sev" armor of voluntary rio-hf among us, it is hoped Sirs willqon' ir- ^ -- ··-«« Prif ^rlts^^^rtra^orftl r^^\3^TM^^£? South Superior avenue. m °nth m advance. 324 ing thTM~ a s a . '"eans of perfect- the Kf^nhov... ^..._., I Probabilitip= VeS JD the Til eory of 5j«,V t "~" """"" i*- Benjamin tlm 1 taxes ancl think I hn.ifp Q n?o ghWay ^s£a^^V!rSi- I s£' i ^ :ap WP^?'^^ 11 , he f i ed 'fro'm U s ta xes'for "ho^use"^!,' 10 DOt went to EnE'lnn/T ,,.i . ' °- I ,:_ __., Jr. use ot the road _ : ~ *L'^ IRY ^BROADWAY [K- *r ^ y ' r ° 8Kl ' a VAN KAALTK "V. MarnVi «? r\-\ j *-. N j^ ."·' .*"""--" " "--^uropean civilization will eo down m a welter of bolshevism. Europe another world war. The naval issue is the present point of strain on European equilibrium. Could It be settled pressure would be relieved all along f would it ease the path of the general i f armament conference which is to meet that '.·the hog la a mon production in 1930 are c baskans. Since 1924 this Iowa, and' during the December, ~~ " tion. "res upon pork ·""-'-- to Ne- next to - - - - ~--i nuiuuje more pal judgment on the n nave announced that dizziness and many a nypersensitiveness. In do they have been enthusi, before to - the field than for criti- .. Hence they -^ -Qtnily \vsro Gn r^raSSSsH 4 1 ^ «^i^tS^/^ ri ^f ^rlS evening. The tablesTw^-e de co fat c *· fore P art ·* the ^^"nr^S^K^^. sss^uSj^?^ ^^iAr; e ^ were the center of the'table a.einiJ? as ,? a ?' p ^SMed in dinner was a,, ample one and tho' lhei ? guests " The host and hostess cnjoy^ a^py^^nV ^ ""^ d ir e ^^hfch n if ae tiui: !sss. ltat n ??' teleph °- S*JL*?.?;. ^^nTnol^^M 0 , t ,^ bu ?».««- vid'ed'e^Vc^^ *»* Pro-I p7o b aMi" y ^ K; "* TMTM^* -£ « ^mm--Tow^S- ^fw^ofiil-H^d no such thinp- TM J '"£ that, there's ^OoirSe-^i,^- »«* « i"^Sg? K* ' a "rea- There's no such thi on de Tee'ry o ' iSsj^'^'r ing tl, e .. Ja TM of y chance'"havf n" 1 ' compared timp i have been anu time again. ;,ooo nf rv, V- · «"«mea to taki ano^ex^h^evt^. 11 ^--^ °" rf - few other skin' . are due to to tnv" S ' aStS are a P l to ,*? w ° ver the whol e. --r,,--'**" me prececiine- VPQI. ««^ T ""*" ·**! 1930 a million ahead of the thirrt = f « f an d yet were nearly we raised and sold 5 324 fiq? £ e In the uuion - In 1930 the union in both 1929 and l o ^ f ^ e onl y stat e in m cattle on feed. 93 ° to ^ how a u increase .-i*_v.i.i i^ MI ill K s flllTl next door and one can visit away without auto or h the -- signs of fever, hives ivy, primrose of has been nolhmg~'to W do'"'wi^ Me ^ e/am haa to happen Wltl » what's going sSSH-S"?? ^-sf^SrTM-- ® fi^fl-JTibler Tjcliufici n, / * Mely studying the i y have been obtained, i f e m a t h a t roretcll the results tha? wilt serve its OUTSIDERS WHO TELL IOWA gUPPOSB the tables were turned. Suppose that instead of its being the national organisation for the ET^'L:" "L^ ". Mt « «*--t mili! tate concerning the curricula of our state°J*stitutlona it was an organization favoring the continuation of military drill at Iowa City and A.meS Wouldn't wail of "Outside interference" rend the skies' But it's perfectly all right for the pacifists to brhTg ufeir workers in from New York and WashJ all right. That's another color. NOTHING SENSATIONAL YET JN THE preliminary attacks on the university and-its A administration, the Cedar Rapids sponsor of the present investigation aUuded times without number to Fellowship of Prayer Id. ' iuxt ' ^ UI « e 8="). The seed y f^nw,^ 3 ', P ' ant them and they -» Qiuwing to imnieasurahlf* hn r- n.«u«i, 6(3 UCQ. tlOU yplity-irk 4-u ^'^* tlllL'" the sowing of worrit i^ th r ' y a " c °me human soul. The turning · ? ' the fecu nd soil of the fitly spoken take "o°f ^"H^ TM e ^ w " C re words word"-at- every beginning i^fh begmnin was the cribes Himself as thf Sowtr of f h W ° rd - Je3u3 des - traming of the twelve wo^fn the word .of God. His era of the spirit. So we «TMV^f ^ e m ex P ert f a rm- is to be sowers of words M a n v J v f ° Ur Usk ' which wasted, no-doubt, sown on -*"- -° Ur Words wiu liarity of these sensitized'"" ''^'·'ons. it is a amp un t of t] le s b t ° Persons that if a Small is introduced into the skin ,, i ey are sensitive there, and even generaj hiv« S ? Weal is formed This fact is used in medical ^h t d . asthma Allows, diagnosis. medical laboratories to clinch the Editor's Note: Six be obtained by sending add reused, stamped en ,he recently sold'. P ° PU ar P ' aCe at Fort D °dge which | nfrnpTon 00 ^ bSketbaU 01 !^ ^'" play " le ° - - - - Friday the boys and girls wi'll nlav^ Tt^ fr ° m evInin^L^^^tl^^^^^^^ be followed. ' usual line of work will FOLKS Copyrlclilod ~n- KSiflAn A. A GOOD MEMORY DIES "Well," said St. Peter at .the gate" '"^rSlrSij^t AnS L^s SSS^^r-S,^ "I sat with Plato many a night- ·Wis lang'uage T ««..i»i . »·- ' 'YOU^RE THE JUDGE ^^^^i^K^^ ^iTL^ir--SE 11 ^^^ 20, 1865, published widespread in*t£ ^ ° n A p r i l clamation saying that tha war de t S " ° Pr °" sFHSKira^Fr 1 ^^^ Waller Focler Brown un , "stmustcr Gc-llOru! "itc or Harvard In is?^ h 1 ' nr ' 1 at MnMlllon O),r WM a 3s | st an"TMc C rc|nrJ ,,? """ P"-""--- · ' '"' ^Jxss?TM£»!$f7r^^^^?^^^ '^s^'^-^^^^S ! rL^-i--~^~:^~r-^ carried over the 1 had a marvelous memorv Crammed full of ancient poetry." "That's not enough!" St. Peter said T«r-n.'\ ou lived to memorize. ^"^w^^^n your "^ Forget the books upon the shelf And tell me what you thot yourself. " WcTe ,, you so wrapped in borrowed pl u m e s That never year by year i"""es Am?tr t0 q U i t , th ° se ancient tom bs And let yourself appear. Could you not fashion or devise une thot to speak for Henry Wise?" ^^'^^^^£^^^^K How would yon decides this cnsc? Make up your mind before jou rend the decision ThG decision: Tho court held aBatnst l| lc soldier iJie judge* rcnuonccl tluis: Hlorely i n?oS,o^wWcn l '^T 0t t!, h o en ' lror h ehCn , Sinn "' R u r a l ' »»· «latel specifically tCi u,,. 52% Odd W M P ?^?S l011 - n " 1 lhe " wnr 'l not for t h e Infemntloti. Or cm r o £?£,,. nPIr c h(-n»lon. and oMhe snwicr'ii I n f o r m a l f n n IBiit ?h. n r7», 1 , ^? """^ " 3 rt "1 "'" Hie Information ^^·n.· Blvrn nwl «lnTM ?hl '" ,''"" rc vokc,l before so the revocation wiu cJfJcUvc to all r " Vanl WM o f f c m l " ""- j ··· mail «^^CSSU5' --«-- - return flights to the United States ] 3 a striking tribute to the part thi!, postal facility is taking in aiding e x p a n s i o n O f American t r a d e and commerce. The increases in poundage records on return flights made from Central and South A m e r i can coun- -:--- trie s to the United ·Walter Brown States reflect the understanding of business enter prises m these countries of th value of the airmail service Th postoffice department finds mucl gratification in the fact that itTM fa cilities for sending mail by air t £? TM ted S tat « from Latin Amcr more S utilized more and rn.T^t f rcatc .' st , '"crease was on the routes to and from the Canal Zone Last July when the service between Miami and the Canal Zone was aS 1 °n± d ^ a C ?," tra] America.^ southbound. on' the v a With the postage rat. ma 2,204 pounds for U ^_J 8 a -P°«na United tha W-37 a flying z 1 "";?.* '" J while the pound- 0 - northbound was 1,331 pounds n December the total poundage' ent southbound was 2,034 while he amount flown northbound was -106 pounds. Of the total sent n c a ° all costs to main7am 6 tha TnitP^^c.^ e . ntered i nto gn \vit a h' rn tha went S P0!3to « icc depart-

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