The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 4, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1818
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III CHNCERY . ' u cuacl..t . J - f i U - sTt - - - - - - .. m),1 nftlaf .fwl' y - . : .ka - Iatkt - krsB. - Me Court, t iit b told at public anCtiow, t ihe - .Tontine CotftS tioase it the citi of NtW - Yafk, odor It diieciion of tL subscriber, as one of : the master of this court, on Saturday, use fc - ir - teeath day of February next, at twelve o'clock . - - at none, eU (hat certain house and lot of ground, , situate m tbe westerly side of Nsttaa - tireet, in tb thirtl'ward.,of thf city of New - York, and kSOWft a Binber51. bounded at fellows : eatt - erty ia front by Nastau - ttreet, wtsterly in tb i mr by property belonging to Mr. Isaao Mead, .'IflUIHHIll JJ MAI IIWftlHIUIl rfCin I - a . a II L.iL a - ! - , Rvoum ly i 'J jrvjmrvj vf ai r - . buiiiicitl m iivw - court, coaUuiing fa bidlh ia front and. rear twenty fi fc in length oatba northerly side . th southerly tida oaa hundred and tea feet' tra , inch?, I) tha hm mora or lets i tcf ether witb 7. all aod Mogular Inn iwetKlittovflt Md rrine - . iuch tliereunto belonging. Dated the 23d day . m January, 181. ' Matter ia Chancery. . .IVoywThetermiofthe Mle wilt haaa fel - lows: 10 per cent os the day of saJ 15 pee rent V oa thenrttday of May next, at woko times deed will be executed and potsetsioe sitea t tha residue to be paid ia tevea yean, with Interest , hMf yearly, stenred by a bond and mortgage oa ? - a . i i I 1 Ik . i. i ins premises n uujc - w lrm "t " ' puntiwi from tha laid first day of May aotil tha '' purchase at - wiry and interest tiiareoo it paid. Hid , the policy to be transferred to tbe mortgage) For faf (W ptrticulnra apply t the atattoO l - Henry cyiura, Cckfurd, - , 1 , li and other. J . JaaeWeek TN pumaaca of a decretal anler of thit honor m coon, mane in ina boots caDe.wiii oa ' aoid at public auction, at tha Toatiao Coffee - ifautw, m the city af New - York, an Monday, the kinlh dny of I'ebraary nelL at 2 o'clock at aooa of that day, nnder the directioa aad taper . imeiviaiu e 01 Uve tatMcnberone of toe aaaaten ' - efthit coart All that certain tot. piece, ocpar - . ae) of ground, titanta ljix aad beinx la the aa - eatb ward of New - York, aod part or the real ea - ,iaieoi cneooier loua, oeteateo, aaa tome , ttiwthwitril of ntu.rrslimf ami Mhm KI and lmhardy - ttreei t boaadad loatberly partly ) Peck, partly by a gangway of eight feet, aod partly try Cbeipaer yoant'a propertr, aoar ar ' late m tha ocornatioa of Uuba Bkntotn i watt . erlf by hanc Claaaa aoriheriy by Koeneier Touor. Jaoiuf t aad eattetiy by John biacluir t cainaMiar in Draauio wrmif(nou( Diiy leei nioe i nc are and ia length oa bo'Ji tidei eiglity aiae ieet t aod alio the right to, or pri? ilere, of all that . certain (angway of eight Met in width, leading tay - tre to the rroeod hereby conveyed, with the abtolute right of petting aad repeating at all tircefthroogb taid gangway, with bvr - tea, cant, camogei, Kded aid unloaded, at pieatore. Aod also, all that certain lot of ground. titaate, lying aad being ia tUtaid nerenth ward of the city aibretaid, oa (be north tide of Cherry - tlrwt bounded tnntberly ia front by Cberry - atMefj aforetaidi northerly ia the rear ty groood - late of Sarah Rain bird, aod fornrrly lie footing I. L'kaa a. . . V a. - a.. a., a - a - C .J - J . 4 CaLvuK M. I vwi( VI Ml! I UJ CIWU, u otatndeatterly by gangway of eight (eet ia - taaVaMhallk - - .I Maahll am. - at MMW H,a k laaac - Claioa i coataioiog la length on each tide ' one boadred feet, and ia. breadth, in front aad rear, each twenty five feet; which twenty lite ' feet iuchiilet the one half part of the taid gangway, aad alto the uta and privilege of the aaid Eamcway, ia common witti the proprietora of the tt of land adjoioin thereto ; and which taid gangway it tone, aad remain, a cotainon gangway or patta(t for the aea aforesaid t which aaid lot of r round it part of the real estate where - - of the taid tbeneatir jfoan, deceaard, wat teized in Ice t the time of his ileath t and wltkh w;i rtveo and oerttod io saran, tne wne or - Joiin 1 ilaiutiird. ionnd bv Hie hut will and tettameat of tha taid - Ebeoeaer Yoang, and by the taid . John and Q.trah conveyed to William Week.. 'rogrtbeV with ail and lingnlnr, the adificet, 1 bailiiingt, rirhta, memltert, pririlegct. heredita - tneati and Rppurteouncci therennto belonging or ut - any wite anprriajmng. uatea JW - irE, - Itwuary yuu mm. . a.' - J . WtLUAM SEAMAaV, - Matter in Chancery. . jaa 9 law Jwtdtdt . . . . - ,a cuANCEar. ... : - tUatt erw - rervt, u. ' IN purwianca nf aa order of thit. booorable court will be told at public auction at tbe Ton tine Coffra House, in tha city of New - York, o der the dircctirQ of the subscriber, on the Vi th dayof.Norelberuit. at ELEVEN O'CLOCK Ja the forenoon All that certain lot, piece or Jmrcel of ground situate lying and being ia tbe ourth ward of the city of New - York, comraea - ring 40 feet from tbe southwest enrnor of new. . markevsup (lait cauerwa - ttreet and tnerry ttrcel, aoil running weiterly along Chftrry - ttreet 40 feet, to ground now or late the property nf John Holsman thence southerly along taid ground 130 feet to Water - street ; the nee easterly along Water - street 40 feet, to ground now or late of Ballot Moore, then northerly - long taid ground 120 feet, to the putce of begin - Ding. Alio, all that certain othtr lot, iiece or parcel of ground, ritaate, lying and being in tit fourth ward of the city of New - York, directly ia the rear of tbe above detcribed piece or par eel pf ground, ard commencing 40 feet '"rotn the aoulhwett corner rTnew - markat - alip, aad Water atreet, Ttrhl running; westerly along Water - street 40 feet, to ground of John O. Cotter thence southerly along iaiil grouad 160 feet t9 South - street, thence easterly along South - street, 40 feel ' to ground now or late of But tut Moore, thence northerly along said ground 160 feet, to tbe place of begiaoing. Tugether with the hereditaments aad apparteaaact to the tame, and every part aad parcel trmreof helonert or in anywise ap - uenauuoz.i iiiua nm, in, 101 1. THOMAS BOf.TO. M liter ia Chancery. . " The above will be told in' teoerata lota. The term of tale will be liberal and may be kaowa by enquiring ot the master, No. 41 rineeireet, wnere a map ot tne premitet cao be see. ,. rre41awti9tbdit ' The tale of tbealxv pror - irfy Is postpoaed to , the SBth day of January next, atthe tame boor and place. Dated Nov. $7th, 1817. ; , TUO.MA3 BOLTON," " ' " . Matteria Chancery ' noV 17 tiwuanSOdtt The above tale it further postponed to the 13th day of February, neat, at tha fame houf and . I f ,t,a place. . jasu ze. 1010. - - . V - THOMA3 B0I.TOS, Jan th - ". - r . Matter in Chancery. IN Cai. - .NCR1 taucfSttm Fort. , IN partoaoce of a derref al order of thit boat Trdile court, wUl be tcld at publ.e aurtion, at the "W a'. - aV . . a.1 - A online uet tloute, 10 Ut) city Of .lew I era, wr.der the direction of tbe aubtcriber, ' at one of th matUrt of thit court, oa M'ednetday, tbe 18:h day of February next, at 11 o'clock, noon, " AU that certain tut of ground,' situate if tbe teventb ward ol the city of New - York ; bounded northerly ia front by Duisica - strett, toutberly ia tbe rear by a tot oi grouad belonging to Daniel Coiniff, wtturty by a lot ol ground belooging to Ana Elder, and e uteri j by a lot of ground belontjing to Cornelius Polhrraot; oonuiuio: in - ' breadth ia front aad rear, each twenty six feet, and In length each tide, - sixty three feet tix inchet .and the ow of a ganwty of eieht feet Wide, feeding from the taid lot into Harmaa - treet, ia common with the proprietors of the lots of ground aijoioing tbe tai l ghngwa y : with tlie appurtenance. Dated Jan. 37, 1U: . - - JAMES A. UAMILTON, ' ; Jan 17 tawtFlOdu . Matteria Chancery. - Jut milt JSorit, Diuetltd Maps, tie. TilE subscriber hat sUlloa haad, a general and ateaaing amortment of books for youth, - dittected print, maps, and cards of maaameat, tor tale, wli - leale or retail, at hit store, No. 2 W'iliitm street. ' " ' . Parchaara of pxrticutar books, ke. will do well to ay ply early, at the n Hubert of tome are low. - , . - JartCtJtw , TII01IA5PAS1T0V ,1 J a - ' ; . - : State of iMtw - Vork, at. Itl punoanrt ofa deental Wder of tkit boaora - i ft court, bearing ifeta tl 7Ui day of July att. wiU be toU at pu4 auction, at he Tott - tineCoflealloate, inthecity of w - wluaa - der Uie Oirectiwi of the tohtcriher, at one of (be msttert of thit court, oa TkmtiMh tn"th tlay of January next, at rate, o'clock at noon, fcH II . I o.rtoin klnrtr w niora Af VIOand alia tMI ewderwater, to be wiade land aad ground, at ell tbe North or tlarttont turer, tiiuaie, u'"B being betweew V aahlngtoo - rtreet aod a certain new atreet of teventy feet in breadth, to be made frootiag on the taid Worth Rrrer, colW VVett - ttreeU aad it botmded aa foUowa t amth - oatteriy ana easterly by Uberty - etreel aorth - wattarly and westerly by West - Uoeet aforetaid ; tooth - Westerly and weatorly by Cedar - trt, aad toath - auaterly aad eatterly try: Wathinrtoa - ttreett conteiaing fa breadth oa Waihioicton - fat ad Watt street oe boadred aad tea feet rs tacaea, aad ia length along Uberty - ttreet one huadred aad teveaty - eeven feet,' and along Cedtrttreet one hand red aad seventy - two feat" ; together with the appurtenances, auhject acver - theleaa to the rents, cor en as ts. rtjtrictioe and agreeaaeate to which aaid premiset are iubiect, ia faaor of the crrporatioa of tbe city1 of New - fork, aa iaiDosed. reserved aad created bv tneta. uateaitov. toui, inn. , , J AMU A. HAMILTON. . ' ' Matter in Chancery, rtote. Tlie tale of tbe above proprrtv it post poned to Friday, the 30th Hut an t, at elevra o'clock, A. hi. at the tame place. - i will be told in lots or parcel, aad ow liberal term, hict) may be kaowa bv applying at the Matter oDicc, iio, 3 Law spuuingt I wnere a map m ina pre Biises may oe teea.., j uht; oui, ioio. The above tale it further costnoned to the e)e - ventb day of February acatattha tame hour aad place. Jan. aomiuiH. . : 1 fcbtdldt Matter ia Chancery. . IN CHANC'EKr. . . ,. i .. 1 .?, - . - ! - Slate of A'cie'ork. tx. IN partuanceef aa order oftfiii honorable court, will be told at public auction at the Tontioe Coffee House, in the city of New York, nnder the directioa of thetubtcriber, on the 27th day ol November, instant, at ELEVEN O'CLOCK, in tbe forenoon, ah thote oertaia Iota, piece or par els of ground, situate, lying and being ia the Uin ward of ine city oi aew - 1 "tn, ai ina sou in - west corner of Washington and LaigM - streetsiml runnln - ' snathurardlr alooir Wahinirton - ttreet 61 feet 6 inches, to ground of John Jacob Astor, thence wettwardly along taid AitorH gmuod 100 rect, to the water thence noruwaraiy M leer o inches to Laight street ; thence eattwardl f along Laight - ttreet 100 feet, to tbe place of bcguining i bounded northerlv by Laiirht - street. eastwardly laa. ll.l.I ana. I. aa.n va( I aa K ...aa.l a.f John Jacob Attor, ana wettwaraiy ny we water. And also, all inote certain otner wis, piece or a . . .'a . - , 11 a a. parcels oi grouna, suuaie, ryine suio ueing in me taid fifth ward of the city of New - York, at the southeast corner of Washington and Laizht - streett. and runnintTaouthwardlf ilonr Washirur toa - ttreet 75 feet, to ground of John Jacob Astor thence eastwardly along hit ground W feet, to other r round of the taid John Jacob Astor: thence northwardly along taid ground & feet to L - aight - ttrePt ; thence wettwaraiy aioog L - aignt - ttreet 00 feet to the place of beiianins I bounded northetly by Laight - ttreet, wettwardly by Wash - ington - ttrH;!; KHithwardiy and eastwarwly by r round of John Jacob Astor. And alto all thote certain other lots, pieces or parcels of rrotsod, situate, lying ana being M tne laid iiitn waitLot the city of jfewYork, 75 feet distant from thei tbeeoulhwett comer of Lalclit aad Greenwich streets ; thence running southwardly along Green wicb street so leet to grouna oi . ; thence wettwardly alomr taid erouud 80 feet to around of John Jacob Astor; thence northwardly 30 feet,, along taid attor't grourui, to otner cround of the taid John Jacob Attort thenoe eastwardly along taid grtand HO feet to useei wiiu - sireei, uie piacn oi Dcg'nntnz ; pnuajnau northerlv and wtttwardly by arontxt of John Ja cob Astor. southwardly by around of ' '. anu easrwaruiv dv ureeuwiva - tieb ana sm . a. . 1 1 I ar ' a. a . . . I I all thote certain other lots, piece or parcels of ground, ntuate, lyirg and being m the anid tilth ward oitherityoi new - iora, at ne nonnwew corner of Ureeawichtreet and ueacn - itreet; thence Twinintt north wnrdly alone Ureenwicb - street 100 feet to gread of Joseph Newton ; thence weetwardlv al - " tle ground of laid Jo - erjh Newton toil leet to Washiiittoo - itreet ; thence touth wnrdly along Wathingtou - itreet 100 feet to Btacn - strcett tncoce eattwardiy aioog uenco - ltreei tun leei io me piace oi Decinninic beinr one half the bloik wfakbliet between Green wich. WathioKton. Hubert and Beach - it. - Aad also all thote certain other lot, pieces or parcels of cround. situate, lyinv and being: in the taid firth ward of the city of Ne w York, at the northwest aa - afWaai..... . A D..a.k . f VWlt - Tl Ul TI MIUUKUID .Uil I ai a. V. a , a uvm c running northwardly along Wathington - ttreet 100 reel to grouna oi - ioepn newion ; mencn wen wtrdty along the rrour.d of the laid Joseph New' ton S3t feet I inch to West street i thence south wardly along Wcst - ttreet 100 feet to Be ach at reet i tlience eastwardly alone Bcacb - ttreet 1)4 feet to tlie place of beginning s being one half tne block or tquare wbicb lie between wash inzton. West, Hubert, and Beich - ttrectt i to gether with the hereilitamenit and appurtraan' cea to the tame, and every parcel thereof belong - inr or in anywise appertaining. . Liaieo i or. 41b, 1817., ' , THOMAS BOLTON, .Master in inancttry. For terras of mle which will be liberal, enquire of the matter, No. 44 l ine - street, where a map of the premise may lie seen. I he above will i (om in eparnie rois. nov e lawiiisuis The tale of the above property it postponed to tbe 10th day of February next, at the tame hour and place. Dated Nov 27th, 1817. .j - - , iuut nuiiiuii, ... . Matter in Chancery nov 27 lawtFSdlt IN CHANCERY. ? v Stale of New - York, it IN Durtutnce of an order of thit booorahle court, will be told at public auction, at the Toa - me Coffee House, in the city ol New - York, under tbe direction of the tulncriber, oa the twenty seventh day of November iustnnt, at F.LKyE.s O'CLOCK in tbe forenoon, all that certain lot, niece or cartel of around, situate. Ivmr and be ins ia the filth ward of the city of New - York. frontinc on Latent it. (HUDaON EQUAKK,) bounded northerly in tbe rear by Vestry - street, easterly by the hi uteand lot now for late) occn - K'ed by Mrt. Murray, wetteily by a house and t Lite rf laeonard Lii)enara, deceased ; con - taininjf. in breadth, in front, and rear 31 fret 6 tarhet, and in depth on neh tide 175 feet. Said premise beiue held nnder and by virtue of a certain drmive i'rmtbe rector and inhabitant of t!e rrty of New - York ia communion of the Pro - tef ant Episcopal Church ia the ttale of New - York, for the term of ninety nine years from the 26th day of March, 1805 : subject to Uie yearlr rent of $15, and to the provisoes, covenant! and agreements contained in said lease i together with the hereditamenti and apportenanrea to the tame helongmg or in anywise appertaining Daiea fov. a, ivi4. r - . - THOMAS BOLTON, . flatter in Chancery, The terms of tale, which will be liberal, nmv be too wo by enquiring at the c - Cm: of tbe ter. No. 41 Pir - ttreet.. av 4 oawtiUi - Kdt Tht tale of tbe Above property it postponed t - the tUib day of January neat, at the earn hoar and place, jjaiea iot. xw, ion. . t , t nun ao ouiiiu.i, i ' Matter in Chancery, not T! law! JJOrfMt The above tale it further pottponrd lo the 13th day of February next, at the tame bear and p:ce. Jan. 9, ISIS. , THWIAS VUMU.l, Jan 19 dtdt Mutter in Chancery. TBROW.1, stooe teal ogravtr aaJjtwsd - . ler, No. 168 Broadsray. Coats of arm, craats, cyphers, &C mgrtved oa sumo. A handsome aettiuent of cbaina, aod other ieweUerv. fine gold teal, Ladi sealt engraved with coats of am, motto, and fancy device. Diamonds, ameihyits, crystalt, fcc boerht ia the rough or cut to auy form. BOOKS bfTaUlT kept WiUi a jw i npwaxdt of J i ACACZ3! Y AT CELLF.VILLC, N. 1' TiLi!3 institution will be opened on tht urn ihj rf April aext.'ander ti.e "dirtctioa (t JAMU 6Tr.XK.Lli, A. M. atrrintlpaltbere jf. : v - - - - - - - w - t' ', ' The course of instructk will embrace an the braaciftt oieparator lo a colleciate eduMtioo, ai well aa thoar which are aeceasary for the ner - Ua, the larmer. aad ttg'inechanic, vi i - A a. t . . . a a. . 1 . 1.. .i.L i - .1 - gnunmaucai aoowitnc ni me. ui - iini l.uhh aod Creek languagei. arithoittic, niaOiematict, tntieot and atodcra GaosrKphy, iacla(ttH( the ee of globe and atapa, aacieel and modem history, aatarai and moral philotopby, composition, book leeDUic. teadue. wriutttvacc, . . ' Ihe term of tuition ioroiay ackolar ia the lowest branches, will be two .dollar per "quarter, and will not exceed five dollar per quarter, in anvofthehicher. - , To those at a distance, who are detirout of leading their children to this healthy and beautiful Tillage tor iru traction, ttie principal offer I? receive into hi own ramuy, a aciect aumner, who will be educated and boarded, (including wastting and tneadiag) at the , rate of $160 per annum. . - . , . ' ' - ', - It it requested that thote who intend to tend their children to tnediy tcbool attached to tbe iottjtution, willgieeariynolMer" - - - - - - ; In offering thit temi - nary to public notice, fhe trustees entertain a nope, tuai we oeiKnciai pur Dote contowplated in itsettablishment, will not he defeated from the want of public patronage. For Ihe ability of their principal to fulfil the important task he hat undertaken, they refer to the tuinouied reconuueodauon t ana rm will empty to ushers or assistants, but such at shall be taost latUlactorily recommended and duly qualified To the inhabitantt el the village and u vjcua - ty, they offer a well regulated stbool, for theMa - tructioo of their youth, a thing much wanted and long destod t aod to ttrangert, Uie advaatt - cet of education in a place admirably adapted for the purpose,: by it nearness to, and daily commanicutino with ( New - York; and itt acknowledged superiority in point of health hud Maury... ' ."Kev. Staatt Van Switvoord,"! - Abraham .Cadmus, , John Vnn Rensteler, Jame Hornblower, ' F - iekiel Wade, Jonathan Toninkins. Trustees. Bcllevile, December, 1817. - .'' UCOMMCRDATIOir Of Mr. Slrjher, the Frincipi., by P. Wilton, L U' U. rioH!or oi iinsuBgei io voinmoia - i. . V . a College, '. a a i ' 11 Thit centleman it anAllumnutof Colombia College, aad received a eontiderable part of hit instruction from - me." I am therefore well acquainted with hi talents and have no hetitatioa ia declaring hiin fully capable of fulfilling' the lasa oe oaa uooeriaueri, wiui creaii w duuku and benefit to the community." (Signed) r. wiuso.n. jiin 9 lawtfd&r. - - , tiUU COHKSOF WRIttH 1' 4c HAWE13. A TftEA I'ISE on, That being Bora Again, - i A. without which no man can be saved ; cy Samuel Wrirht. D. D. t to which it added, the Cummuukanl't S piritual Companion, or an evan - elical preparation lor the Lord's supper, by tne levd. J bom as tlaweit. OUUcouiei ot this work io tht ete, or by the single one. bound, for tale by ' Circulating Library, 138 Fulton street Jan 15 Im .. M U SIC - ALL the Swigs, Duetts, at tung by Mr. Phi - lipps at tbe New - York Theatre, for tale at Wm. DUBOIS' Fiano Forte and Music Store. No. Bioadway. Behold in hit toll expresive face Tim love it warm awhile ' Tit but fnnry't iketcti , '; ;" ' . ' ' '" Is there a heart that nevt - r lov'd ' In vain ma v that bosom lott quite deplore . ' My early day what joyi wat thine Love'i young dream , TliitMNiiuig rtwe at early dawa ' Robin Adair - '. . x Beautiful Maid . 1 ' ; let :ame sound the trumpet ' Hadlaheart . i Kveleen'i Bower i Dear maid 1 love thee Ah sure a pain wat never teen Said a troile to a tear . .. v. . - . . Sigh not for love - , ,. ' Mi heart with love it beatinr " i The celebrated tereaade of" Lillacome down Bird Duett - to me" , l lora't wreatn. - " Witb a large attortment of new music. dee 24 . ,, ,) : ' X CUT MILLhAWS. Ate. ASM ALL invoice of X cat Mill and Pit SaWt, U, 8. and C. a. for talc by ANDEKoON, - 131 Water - ttreet. , : Who have in Store, Hand, ripping and dove tail Saws, bran and iron bat at : . - . - !. Catt Steel Chittel and. Couget - : .Mortice Cnisselt and Drawing Knivea - - Patent Carolina At Virginia Hoc, No. 12 34 Wrought nails, 4d, 6d, 8d, lOd, li, fc SOd Brass and copper wire, of all sites . . Kollrd and Sheet Brate, Brats Pant - n London Plot. No. 3 12. 4, 4 1 - 2. 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted fo the country Undo Engravers' Copper, in plates ofall suet. jan 12 ..: - - '.. i i ii : jn in'Mi'ri waus s 11 E subscribers keep constantly on hand so exteutivs usoruBeatoi tne loiiowing gooos, vu : Dutch and EngKih Gunny Bag; &c, ' Pope Headt - Crumb Brushes - ' Brtioint v '. - Duster, or Counter brushes Hearth Brushes, faa - Bellows, fancy and crrMno, ty und comuot) - Do for Blacktmitfis Hall and Entry Mate i lean ao ao ao. Cloth i do , do do W'eavertdo Wtute Wish do Shoe U Scrabbrng do Paint Brushes and raiit and 1 tint - - Wheel - Barrows r Fine Wire Sieves' Do Hair do ' Whips of every de - tcription ' Seine, tewing, wrap Sash I'oolt - ( lamps, 4.7, 8. row Furniture brusLat - . Horse do . s Bed Cords, Clothes Li net ' Sash Cords, Trace Rune ' ping, Daieing ana nan Twine - ' FithLine Shoe k dadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballon ces Wrout - ht and Cut .Nails and Brad Which they will tell wholesale or retail oa It beral term. 1 CEBRA & CUMING, . jan 24 " ' It Pearl - ttreet a IN CHANCERY. . IN punuanca uf aa order of thit honorahlocoart, bearine date the ninstoenlh dav of January imt, notice it hereby given to all the creditors of William Well, decerned, tocome m and prove their debt, before thetubtcriber, atone of the matters of thit court, at his eftce No. 3 Law Building, on or before the amth day of Febraa ry next. Dated Jan. 28th, 1018. . 1 ' ' . . JAMES A - UAMJLTON, feh2tf Ma'terio t :hanerr. A bAVI.SU OF 50 PER CENT - WM. W llaOa23Jcetreet3doonrom Naatau - stratt, begs leave t inform tbe pcoiie, mat ne intends tn future to do Dunnes (lor cath only) at the following very reduced prl cel. vit : . A geat lemaa's soperfioe bine or black coat $T1 00 , do other colon 23 00 do . blue turtout or frock 20 60 do other colort , 26 00 do Mtrteillee waistcoat 3 75 do Toilaort do 4 00 dir. Kersey mere or Cloth psntaloons 11 50 And lor I note who prefer finding their own clotn Gentieaaea'sck - M bodied Cue! k Trimminrt Ai 50 dodo : do Ladies do sartoot or frock - - 5 waistcoat 2 00 pantaloons - 2 75 HatnU 7 00 relisse ' 4 60 do Army aad Navy Uniform, Child rent Clothea. and every other article ia Uie Lute proportiona - b)y cheap. f .V M. All articles rut the most fashion abl itrte aod workouiuhipecjual to asy ia the city. JaX7 iwVrr7 FA TEST ELASTIC RAZOR STROPS, j GFORG R SASDERS, lately from Lpndoo;; oiru more addretter tha public, thank them (or past favors, and oace ttutre yeuturta lo ..arunmatul k'a ilnvi ana af lb most COBtbrt - eivms conlriviincet that aver blest the chin of aian. Hi UUI BlirDa 1ST IW - WVI man in itho vm of it, and whtn once poueated, of tht atcret and a bog of compotitjoo, ne may J with the met of eat ur, To tbave to titep perchance to dream whiltln the operation - uul who would bear the tweaki and acU af bar. her btue i who would grunt and sweat nnder a toathoaie bearu, or k dull ruor ate. wneu ne might bit quietus make wilha nmpie daunuer't strop f" Come then to hit mauuiactory at ipe corner of Rced - ttreet and Broadway, and there yu will And tha aubtcriber alwayt ready to receive ihe commands of hit customer? . . , WHEA TON'S ITCH OI.NTMENT - . ; THE ror.j and successful use of Hit ointment . it a sufficient recommendation, at it hat been found o be a pleasant, safe and certain remedy for that disagreeable disease in t'l itt tta - get. It it for tale w the city of New - iora, hy 3. A. It W. B. Pott, No. 41 .William - street I. T. Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lanu ; 1J. 11. Uchiefthnb Co. No. 193 Pearl - atreeti Lawrence AtKtete. No. 195 Pearl - itreet : Hull k Bowne, 14d Pearl - street ; R. & 1 Murray, 3IJ Ptarl - ttmet t J. M. Brailhurit, 314 Pearl - tUeet ; Joha Peafbrd, No. 4 Fletcher - street ; Duryee ii Poe. iu Pearl - ttreett - Jolin C. Morrimn, 188 GreeuHkb ttrect: John V, Fisher, 1U6 Broad - wav i Walter A: Seamau. corner of Cbamber - tt, and Broadway, and also in Chathuw - ttreet I and in short it may be procurtd at most oi tne urug store in imt Cliy Alto in i luiaui ipnia, oi a. Wilherell 1 Soot : Ceortre Harrell .North St Ro gers, and almost a4 the druggisti in the principal town to the united Slates. ,... lalKKWIiB. WIIEATON'3 JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above place. . janTJbin . THE LAST NOTICE, To those who are wine arreart of taxes, to tht corporation of Ihe city auif county of New . York : . . : i. .' .'. . (fir Tht time limited for the payment thereof expired on the 1st mat. ana i am now engagea in making a return nf ouch property ei remami deliooueiit, preparatory tome aavenitemeaitoo sale thereof for the oavment of taid Taxet, and such other inms at may be required to meet the expense of such tale, which will 'take place When completed. . . - ' I am directed to receive all arrears which may be oflered, prior to the completion of tlie above - aamed return and will attiod at dai ry from 10 to 2 o'clrck, until that period. T. W. GILBERT, Collector. Collector's OlEce, No. 2 City Hall, ) . . January 15, 1818. J Jaa 18 1m CORPORATION PROPERTY. mO be told at oublic auction on Friday tbe 1 20th February, 1813, atthe City Hall, 12 o'clock, The liikhly valuable FARM now occupied by .Mr. William A. tlardenbrook, about 6 mile from the citv.' containing toiellier neairy Oity a c ret of land. It will be told in lot from 5 to 10 acret each, situated on the 6th, 7th, 8th. Olh, d lOtb avenues ; on the latter stand tbe dwelling bouse and out hmldirra - s, bat a thort distance from the Hudson Hirer. - Thit property it worthy the attention of those who wish to possess handsome country teatt : a itt contiguity to the city, commanding views of ine iiautufl, reurcasnuaiiun. biiu - .uuito tuuuij of some ol tle, together with an ample tupply of wood, render it one of tlie most desira ble object oi purchase. . A man of the oreiniiei may h teen, and fur - flier particular known, at the Comptrollert Of - fire. City Hall. - ' Jtn 6 dtt , . TANNERY. FOR SALE. aO be told at public auction, n W ednetdny, . the I8tb dav of February next, ia the. area of ttut - Exthnnge Coffee house,, in Uie town of BOttoo, - vt u o clock at noon, Alt the real ettute btfenginc to the Hampshire Leather 'Manufactory, situate in the town ol Northampton, iu tne state of Massachusetts. The etlala will lie sold in four lott. vil I ' Lot No. 1, containing about 31 acaet of land, near (he centre of the town of Northampton, on whiih is erected all those extensive and valua ble building, lately occupied by Ihe corporation lor tanning ol leather, wiUi about jou vats, tome of which re K7 Ir6e IK - Pr' of them under cover, in which leather may be handled during Ihe winter t it it presumed there it not in the state to extensive and valuable an establishment for carrying on the tanning butinew'ai thit. A carti'tular descrintiuu of the buildiust and pri - viledget would take up loo much room for an advertisement. , Lot No. 2 containt about 3 arret, situate oa tbe north tide ot the county road, directly opposite to lot No. 1, on which ire two dwelling booses, with convenient out buildings, is on high ground, and conudid t very dciigtiuui titua tion. ' ' i Lot No. 3. containing about four acres of land. situate on the easterly side of Mill River, about . i e .i .. : I v .i.. - fon, with a valuable mill privilege and buildings thereon.' ... - - - ... ' Lot No. 4 contain! about one ncre of land, on which is erected a bark mill and bark sheds, si tuate near Edward't tavitn, about 6 mile! lrom Northampton, on the Albany road. Any perton having aa inclinatioa to purchase all or any part of the forerouig property, am in vited to examine it. ihe corporation Pledge themeelves to sell to the highest bidder, befog de termined to close their concerns. Any information respecting the estates may be obtained, on application to JOSIAH DWtUHT, Esquire, at Northampton, or coeiaaviaiv rnAtis, jan 14 . India ttreet, Boston. D LYNCH, Junr. having madearrangemeuts . with a reiDcctable houswin Madeira, to be ttpphod with a proortir - noftne wioetof tne fa nsiiesolbt. Antonio andUamade L - obos, (urn - vertallv acknowledged to pre duct tbe best Mi deira in tbe Island) hat opened a Wine atore, at No. 40 William - street, where he will receive order! for thit wine, from gentlemen wishing to lay ep a stock for their own use ; and (by the agreement with tbe home in Madeira) if Ihe wine, oa arrival, ne not approved &y v. 1. Jr. u it not to aa . a l a - I oe writi io uie panics onjeniut ' D. L. .Jr. has takes great paint to procure from various placet in the United Statet and the West Indies, tbe he si Madeira, that wat to be purchased, in the wood, and old bottled wine, o very superior quality, from private stocks, which be now oden lor sale, be will constantly keep on hand an assortment of the choicest wines and honor, (elected with csre by himself, tnd will sell none wnn n ne cannot WAitKAa I runt. at IMPORTED. Jan 19 Im 8 LA CK WELL'S JSLA.YD t'OR iALK I T it tituated about five rui'ei from the city, I and contain about 1 15 acrei of land of the bestqualitr. witna food dwelline bouse, barn. tvc. rottestma may otnad tne 1st m a v, or far iier, if required, Mbtt of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage, for a number of yeart. For further particulars, esquire on the premises, or oi - ADAM3 tt BLACKWELL, Jaatt ' 175 Pearl - street rt TO LEI . ; U...I, A lanre eoavetueot modern built bouse, coach bouse and improvementa, (with or without an ex tensive kitchen garden arid back lot) from the first of May next ; situated on the corner ol the Frst Avenue and Firtt - itraet, near thecorier of North and Allen streets, aad about one mile from the City HtlL The tituatioa ii elevated and healthy, aad ia every respect suitable for a gcairei lamiiy. ut uie premitet is a wen of mot excellent water. Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, rinxu no. t ront - ttreet BOOK - KSEPERS DIRECTORY. FUST published. The Trial Balance or Book U keeper's Directory; ibewing a complete (yttem of book - koeping, cortunencatl, carried on, and doted, and new books opened, pot) k clear and rx penmen tat plan. By Thomas H. GoJ dxrd, accountanL On a larrs sheet. Trice '60 cent. For sale Dy - - PW0R Ic DUNNING, ' - JtaJO XW . n JY0. HI Water - It. I ' I . I J .f. .N'a.W'X"'. - i - V I ,.6. :cm 'aKtW - W ' C 1 i tjtkiwri" - - " 1 F O R P li f. A D E L P H I A . The - POST CHAISE, wiUi every evsuiirnce for Pattotigenwcd their bkcgaget through in one dar) will leave Ue lrt Chant Office, 1 18 Broad - J .1 a"". . f r I a al.. - 3.,n. way, oppotiie ae suy iiotm ,ro v day excepted) at 7 o'clock In the morninz. by way of Newark, and arrive the tame Hay at Philadelphia. - The MAIL PILOT, in opposition to the MaU Coach.' with Hoerior ar.commodatioh for Pat - tenger and thefr btggage ill leave the 'tume plac every nay r,aumtay excepieo; ai nnii p o'clock P. 1VL will oroceed before theMail,aad not subject to the inconvenience of stopping at tbe aumerout rott Ufflcet on ine road, cut every accommodation provided for tbe traveller, aad arrive tome hours before tlie Mail at Philadel - tihin. i'art 7 dollari. ' . : . i (Tj Aiigoooi ana oaggage a. uie ruquu i a . a . ' ' . .1 r the owner. - . , . JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark, s ' JOHN GULICK& SONS,: Princeton.' STOCKTON tv HOWELL. Philadelphia. ff. B. Erareuts tent ta any part of tht Ihutti Slates, v L. BAKER Ic CO. Jtn 28 tf POST COAC H LINE toa PHILADELPHIA' BV WAT OF f OWLEI - HOOK - ! IMFORTABT TO tAWKUCfnt. ' No ror - aection with the pott chaise line. PARTNERblllP DISSOLVED, ANDOPPO . "SITION REVIVED. . t i. - ANEW Line of Pott Coaches with every convenience for passenger! and baggage, on Spring TH ROUGH IN ONE DAY, The Post Coach will tnrtfrom the Coach office, old No. 1 Coarthind - street, N. York, every morning, Sunday! excepted, at l - 2pnt6o'clock, by way of Newatk, New - Bruntwic.k, Princeton, Trenton and lirutol, mid arrive at Philadelphia tlie same evening. ' Tu Steam Root Lint INDUSTRY, will itart from New - York - every morning (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalanta - from tlie north tide of the Battery, lodge at Kingston, and arrive in Philadelphia next day to dine ' . Uuited States Mail Coach, with a guard, witb every convenience lur passengers and otggage, on ipring - The U. S. mail coach will atart from the coach office, old No. I Courtlandt - atreet, New York, every dty at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 8 nauenecrt admitted. For teats in the above named Linet, apply to THUS. vHl l'ii.L - U, at tne oia etianusneo Ccach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Ccurtlnmlt - ttieet, the second office from Broadway, New - York to ISAAC BROWN, No. I Washington - street; or to A. T. GOODRICH k CO. No - 124 Broadway, corner of Ce - d:rr - street. New - York ffrAII roods and baceaee at tbe risk of tbe owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS it CO. N. B Expresses tent to any part of tne Con tinent,by , TliOAlJU WJ41TF1ELD." jan Xt . - U.S. MAIL COACH FOR PHILADELPHIA, Willi AUUAKU. ftr7 The public are auured that thit fine is equal to any in the U. S. fur tlie convenience and ci - mtort oi ina traveller. Willi tn addition oi the guard, tlv pattenger may rest ttcure at to nit baggage and persont.1 saiery jut coach ne ver ocuig a n wmisi cnansmg ai uie post omcet, wilhout a person on the box. The way mail It put in separate bagt and changed in the Euro - iieanatyle. Tbe U S. Mail Coach will atart from the coach oflke. old No. I Courtlanil - tt.cet. New - York every day at z o'clock r. rn. and arrive ar rniiaaeipiiiaaeximnrmns at oo'cioca; ouivo pasaengeii admitted in 'hit coach . For eat apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, al the old Coach and Stage Office, old No 1, second oflke from Broadway in Courtlrmdt - street, or to A. T. GOODRICH A Co. No. 124 Broadtvay, corner of Cedar - street, New York. - N. a. All roods and baggage at tha risk of tne owner!. J. LYON ft SONS, Fowlci Hook. WILLIAM GULICK & CO. Kingston. ' CHESTER BAILEY, Ptiladelpl.ia. . . Expresses lent tu any part ot the Continent w jan 20 THOS. W.H IT FIELD. IfiUiUksTlOJ Utx HOUR STOMACH. S acknowledged by medical writer to be a comubiot ol stubborn kind, and al all timet Very difficult of cure. This is sufficiently illus trated iu the disappointment of those who unfor - nately suffer under it, a tliey, for the most part. tmd that alter bavins tried many things to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged to use (for pernapt uie lemaumer oi uie; rucn aruciet a canst belt hut palliate tbe disease. - Under such circanittancea, any medicine capable of rtmo - sine tli complaint, most turely he an article highly deserving the attention of all those who are afflicted with it t such a combination is to be met witb in l)r; MKAU'S AffTl DXS&P TIC er STOMACH PILLS the tucrets oM which baa nevL - r yet been equalled, for tbe cure of dyspepsia suits most complicated form, stkb at lost of appetite, nausea, heart burn, flatulency, knawhig pain in the stomach - pain in the side, great tottivenets, paleness tn toe countenance, laneuor. lownes. of spirits,' ptio in tlie besd, virtigo orgiddinen, and disturbed steep. wnoever appiiet tnese piium we anove aueae, accordiDk to the direction, will never be disap pointed, at they nave never been once known to fad in producing a radical aad permanent cure The useof a tingle box will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. They will m - st effectually remove all tourneti of the stomach, not merely Dy neutralising tne acid, but by cor reeling that morbid ttate of the secretions whirl nivet rite to it, and at the lame time will re tore to the debilitated organs ofdigestion, that forte and vigour woico it absolutely necessary to the well beiog of the animal economy. - To be bad at Brook k Carle's, Pearl - street, at J. C. Morrison'!, Green wich - .treet, and at Hull A Bowne't 146 Pearl - street, where drur - gittt and country dealers will be served on libe ral terms. Price one dollar per box. ' dec 24 6w" ' LEE'S ITCH OI.VT.VENT, VAARRANTED an infallible remedy at one v r application," may be used with perfect safety on iof - urtir a eck old, no cootain:ng a particle ol mercury ,or any danerooi ingredient whatever, anj not accompanied witb that offen sive smell which attends the application of other remediet. , The aboye mediciuea are prepared and told at LEE'S Medknae - Stora, No. 48 Maiden - Lane, and told by S. CARLE, cornet of Fulton and Water - ttrtets. Druggists and country store - keepers supplied on iiDerai terms. ...... Jan 29 MOSTUO.1t EM 'Jf POEMS. rTUHS day received bv T. tt J. SWORDS JL , 160 Pearl - ttreet, handsomely printed in twe volumes, 4mb. price two dollari, t new aad com4Fte edition of tbe works of James Montjo - merv. iiiTluiliiir avt.ral r - ntam - i a. . o - - . . . . ........ i a . Ul.a.. - cd locether with a sketch of bis lite. To which ddtsorc" occasioaiJ piecei by another pen. A 1 tiummru2,mmmmma atin, a aw c j, iq. A tliKtmiftg pwbhr know hew to dutugajs : t uuuKs uimi uioer. J?.TOL'rOR HORNr.ormerry . ' 'U of Ihe ei o( London, uM wwiuoer oi m lacHuy of phyne and sarrery there, deems it hit da. ty totepeti Mitttoniervatioaa ca " the abuse of MERJCURY. A itltnrhtcruninatB, and uaquali Ced use thereof, baa been produc - - tive of innnite mischiei Thoar saoat - are annuaJly rnercuriaJited Out of eiitt - ence. The dieeate we havt in view owes it fa - . Ud retultt chiefly to this tource. Wfhat tvpitj - Uiaf a young man, the bopet of hit couaUy, aad ' tht darling of bit jSarentt, should be taktc&ed a - ' - wty from all the prospects and enjoyments of lil t ' by the cmiaequewcei of one unfaarded moment, tnd by a disease not in itt own nature fatal, an J ?Uirii only proves o from neglect or improper lreaTnt.' 'A geetlema - , (late Dr. H't patient) bow perfectly hearry and Well, had beet ' under phyticiaB of gemnul practice, tix year, aad repeatedly talivatt n t when recommended U V' ii. V"J geoiieman oi tbsi cuyi nil pones were carious, and liii fksh droppTnj from tJaem bis friendt declared he could not poasibly.turvive ' two montht roager, Tboutandt eiperirnentaUy " ' know witb what ease and safety Dr. H.cradt Cdtes the aeverert casts, and con limit the cuuti. tution. The Doctor't plan, (advertising) i necessary to guard the public against the abuse af mercury, and other fatal delusions, held fbrth Persons, therefore - , having contracted a pri ' vate disorder, or suspecting latent poitoo, admooithed not to tamper with their conttita , tion,or conceal the disorder, tin patt recr - t. . ryt othenfaaviii the remains of . an. old case, ' . or other impurities of the blood, a well at oth . - er compbintt f a delicate nature jn eifier tetf. should remember posterity, ahd dojuttic lo their' cot - K - ieocej, br making appUcatioa to Dr. 11. at hi old and respectable ettab - hthnieDt. Net. 64 Water - tlreot, four houses m - csf f Old - tlip,' to obtain tliat prompt atiistance a - lone calculHttd to prevent disclosure. And here let me claim youtterious attention - Remembtr asuperficiaUureitnocureat all; tuleai the bs i.nes it radically done, you will certainly hate the disorder break out aairi with redoubled ma lii;nity, at tome future period ; perhaps (hen will ne iuu iuic lur lemetij. uup i jcu oiten meet in the ttrccts niiierable,' mutilated beings, without even a bit ol note on their face f TsJie waruuiit I beseech you. .. v . . M Dr. H't. character for skill and stubborn Tht. gri!y being universally known in this city, sWe 1U04, guanintee to patients that delicacy and te. crerj hitherto unknow n, and having confined Lit practice for years past, exclusively to the cure of - diseases of lite blood system, they may nfely tj - culate oo thft most decided advantagst ia con - ' lulling Dr. H. v . ,., , ; . .. Gleets eradicated in twe or three weekti Slrictorca removed without bcmgitl "v rajToth. 1 er inttrumcnt t sn1 all debilitietj Ukewiie, all old ulcerations, fistuia't aw. ' - ; " " A plurality of offices ire provided, ihd so tits. ! stcd that patients are not exposed to each other's observation Opto till half past 9 ia the evening. All persons concerned are invited to be free In calling, and tpeakine with Dr.H. whidl it tree ' of oott. And here the Doctor Cannot avouf tha ixpreiaioa of gratitude for innumerable recorw meadatlont, and for the decided preference fit is presumed with just cause) long given hiss by a judkioat public. - - N.B. All Itttert most bt postpaid. ; ' Dr. Buchanan. Aue.27 tv :. .1 XLllilEU VUALR&Rli JtOR iMp'vi'u DIR. K VANs' tuperief method af curing a ce - tain Diieate, it now mater ; sally arkiiewledged ia thit city ; hit mode o treatment It perfectly mild. safe, an.i j - cuiuoua. and oitcanarges. reasonable. Is every i. . stance he warnwir a ru.. Vand will return the pay if be idoet not perform sgrceabie , i to contract. , . s - " - ""j. unarrveti. I'here are many persons in thu citv i .L. 'I'taa. ri . ' I aa. 1 Mrr.i 1 euiity, laboring under various chroiiia diteatea, SW.II B uunu m.ritiaia ICert, BCrOfUia or kings Ivil, fistula, diseases of tbe uretbrt, bladder and kidniet, old complicated complaints - , oi a ceruiia huiiu mum buu ower otawnsw tioni, rlwyumHlum, Ac which they coniider incjN. raUe, they cao certainly t cwed (mgeaerall by applvingat Dr. EVANS'S M4kal Store, No, . 9. Peclr - tlip, having practised in extfhnva. butpitals in Earope It years, under some of tha - first burgeons aad rhysician in the world, and ' made thote obttioate di teasel hit Moifant atudy ' for 30 years. Oct 12 1 a - jtr WHEATOli dV VIS, Fancy Chair .Manuue - , turers. No. 153 Fulton - street, , opposite St. Fault Church: offer for tale, wholesale ami retail) a large and elegant at - - sonmeat uf. Uurld Maple, j plain paioted and ornament - - ' ed in gold kironse, Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Roc k ing, Sewing, and Converse - 1 tioa Chain, Sofas. Settees. ' l.ouugees. Music Stool, tc. V , . . . Ordert from any pan o' the c on tmeot executed with neatoe.s and dispatch. ' . Old Chain repaired, painted aad ornamented. net IS ' ' ' - ' 'Xj The tubtcriber haviag recently re ( from England with an important improvement ok " th artificial spring LEG, be takes this method of informing hit fritridi and the public, - that all ' thote who are so unfortunate as to be b want' tf a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap " piyu.j at ao. 77 Barciay - ttreet, New - York. ; Jan TS . WM. PURVIS. ORIENTAL POWDER, ' - For remr.ving luperfluoui Hairs. : V " J try uir .ALiVt. t - Cold Cream Alrnoad patte ; antique and Rat ( siaoiljpooiadtdegratse' for thickening tha biir;. tooth powders t opiate , for the teeth cttencet, lavender, orange flower,. . hungarie and roee waters; - - pomatum in pott At roll; . rreehtonouin beam ; rot ', - violet and plain hair pew - - ( derss Kistors ; rasorti pen and pocket knivet hair and mourning pins . j ladies work and dressing cases ; gentlemen1! tra - , veiling - cases ; for sale at the cnymical pcrfsmt aod fancy manufactory of . ' - - , r - 1. s.vii i a ua vim m ,;. , 136 Broadway, nearly oppotite City Hotel. . ' ' W ho bate alto on band, rote, jessamine, vio let. orange, vernacular, abysiaian, hooeT"" Naplet and lavender tonpt ; pateat PENLTRA - TINO HAIR BRUSHES. ; fancy article, c - Jan 27 - ' . - t NOTICE. rTtllEco - rtartnerthin heretofore existing 1 twees the tubtcrilien. under the firm Huekim tt .lWo, it this dty ditsolveiL by J tual cootent. The affairs of thecoocern wdl .ttlel by Thomas Buckley, 153 South - street - . New - York, lit mo. 10. 188. - THOMAS BUCK LIT, .: ' ' itOBT. ABBATT, jun. THOMAS BUCKLEY, htvtet taken hii JOHN IUWRENCE BUCKLEY, Uto eo - j part nenhip,. the Ccrmmimioi busir - tat will continued oa their mrrouct, ander . . rS THOMAS BUCKLEY SON. : . . I two 14 lm . . . ( NEW - YORK PRISTED A SI) PfBLISOKD' MICHAEL BVRXUAJit CO - . No. 42 PraK - rrsixrr. OS - ( 5 1 fiy aroed . Mm n "It r

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