Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 11, 1937 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1937
Page 10
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 11 I MISS BEYER WRITES ABOUT WAYS OF PREPARING MEAT To Fry or Not to Fry Homemaker's Problem Globe-Gazette Cboking Specialist Offers Suggestions for Proper Methods . of Preparing Meat Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spratt will be interested in Jeanette Beyer's Table Talk this week because it concerns the cooking of meat. Miss Beyer distinguishes between various types of cooking, such as ity- ing, panbroiling, broiling, and the like and tells how to perform each process correctly. The dish o£ the week chosen by Miss Beyer foi special mention is corned beef hash--presidential corned beef hash, in fact. When "Fry" Is Not to Fry. · Three letters, F-R-Y, form ah over-worked little word in th kitchen. Because there is so much confusion about it, the Nations Livestock and Meat board appointed a committee to define just what we do to thin cuts o meat such as steaks and chops Do we saute them, or broil them or fry them? Well it depends What we actually do, and thi right operation to do, may be tw different things. To Broil. According to one of Armour' recent bulletins, when a tende chop or steak comes your way such as a sirloin or a porterhouse the correct operation is to broil it which means, according to th definition given by the committee "To cook by radiant (direct) hea , from hot coals, a gas flame, or an electric element; to grill." So gril nnd broil mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably But if you haven't a broiler, anc you don't want your cook stove spattered with grease from putting your meat directly over the fire, the next best method o cooking thin tender cuts is pan- broiling (written as one word) Panbroiling, says the committee is: "To cook in a hot, uncovered frying-pan, pouring off fat as it accumulates in the pan." This pouring off fat as it accumulates, is probably the trick which most of us haven't learned, and probably is why a steak done in a fry-pan usually can't compete with one from a broiler. And How to .Fry. So panbroiling is one operation which belongs to a frying-pan, and then there is frying. But listen, there are two kinds: The committee's definition of fry is: '"To cook in fat; especially (1) to cook in a small amount of fat, also called saute; (2) to cook in a deep layer of fat; also called deep-fat frying. So frying means that the product must be cooked in fat. When meat is browned in .fat and the pan covered, then the process becomes braising, for with the covered pan, the meat-is soon surrounded by steam, and this is the method used for tough cuts, such as pot roasts. What' of- Saute? There are those culinary purists who say that the.word fry should never" be used except lor a deep- fat fry, and that this is.the .only correct kind of fry there is. They maintain that if we speak of cooking in a thin layer of fat we should say saute. . This is all right with me, except few people actually do it After all the majority finally determine what is correct, and il everyone says fried eggs, we'l! have to agree that the eggs are fried and not sauteed. Besides, Flush Kidneys of Acid and Poisons Gain in Health and Stop Getting Up Nights When kidneys are clogged they become weak--the bladder is irritated--often passage is scanty and smarts and burns--sleep is restless and nightly visits to the bathroom 1 are- frequent. The right safe harmless nnd inexpensive way to stop this (rouble and restore healthy action to kidneys and bladder is to gat from any druggist a 35-cent box of Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and take as directed--you won't be disappointed. But be sure and get GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules-the origin;)] and genuine--right from Haarlem in Holland---a grand kidney stimulant and diuretic. Remember also thnt other symptoms of kidney and bladder trouble are backache, leg cramps, puffy eyes, moist palms and nervousness, j saute, coming from a French word has the idea o£ jumping in it, or as "Webster defines it: "Fried lightly and quickly in a little hoi fat while being frequently turned over." Some modern cook books have easily solved the difficulty by just, saying "brown in hot fat." But I'm afraid frying has become a national habit and will go on meaning the process of cooking in a small amount of fat. When we mean deep-fry, we'll say so As for panbroil, that should keep its identity. Remember the difference is "pouring off fat as i accumulates in the pan." Send for Booklets. It you want to improve youi meat cookery, send me your name and address and I shall reques some of the latest directions anc recipes for you from the National Livestock and Meat board, our best authorities on meat in the country. If you're the lucky possessor of an oven broiler, this is the method for broiled steak. Broiled Steak. 1 porterhouse, club or sirloin steak. Salt and pepper.. Have porterhouse, club, or sirloin steak cut at least 1 inch thick. Thoroughly preheat broiler oven. Place steak on broiler rack far enough from source of heat so by the time it is browned on one side, it will be half done. If heat s turned to "high" it should be Dlaced so that top of meat is about 3 inches from the source of heat. Leave oven door, partly open. When nicely browned and-done on one side, season with salt and pepper, and turn. Allow to finish cooking on the second side, season t and serve immediately. A steak i inch thick requires approximately 12 to 15 minutes for broil- ng; a steak IVz inches thick requires approximately 20 to 25 minutes; and a steak 2 inches hick requires approximately 30 to 35 minutes. And of course . you know the mportant steak maxim; don't let the steak wait for the family; but make the family wait for the steak. If you follow the above directions, it will be worth waiting for! The Steak Menu. (Steak needs few accompaniments, but they should be the right ones.) Broiled Steak French Fried Potatoes Chopped Buttered Spinach or Buttered Cauliflower Sliced Tomato or Head Lettuce Salad Pickles Celery Fruit Cup or Fruit Ice Sponge Cake Coffee Broiled Ground Beef 2 pounds ground bce£ ·14 cup very fine cracker crumbs 1-cgg, slightly beaten 1 small onion, grated ; Vi teaspoon poultry seasoning 1 teaspoon salt, VB teaspoon pepper 6 slices of bacon. Have beef finely ground. Mix with very fine cracker crumbs and moisten with egg. Add seasoning and knead well. Shape into a thick steak on a fireproof platter. Broil as described above, turning when the top side becomes nicely browned. When nearly done, lay strips of bacon over the steak and return to the broiling oven long enough to finish cooking the steak and broil the bacon. Tomato halves sprinkled with grated cheese or buttered bread crumbs may be placed around the steak when it is turned. These will be heated through and slightly browned by the time the steak i done. The Menu Broiled Ground Beef, Garnished with Broiled Tomatoes Scalloped Potatoes Buttered Carrots Hot Rolls Grape Jelly Endive with French Dressing Lemon Meringue Pie Coffee Broiled Stuffed Frankfurters (boys will like this) 1 pound frankfurters Prepared mustard % pound American cheese % pound bacon Split the frankfurters lengthwise and spread 'the cut surface vith mustard. Place a strip , of cheese in (he slit and wrap the "rankfurter with a slice of un- -ooked · bacon Fasten with a ooth pick. Place on rack in pre- icated broiling oven so that the rankfurters are about 3 inches rom the flame or heating element. ·n frequently. Broil until the bacon is crisp 'and the cheese melted. Serve with hot German potato salad. Dulch Supper Broiled Stuffed Frankfurters Hot German Potato Salad . Finger Rolls Rye Bread Bill Pickles Sliced Tomatoes ; Celery Beverage Yeast Doughnuts Apples :' Coffee Broiled Ham and Bananas Have a slice of ham cut thick. Clip the fat around the edge several times .to prevent curling. Have broiling oven thoroughly preheated. Place the ham slice on a rack so that the top of the ham is about 3 inches from the flame or heating element. Broiluntil one side is nicely browned, then turn and let brown on the other. While the ham is in the broiler, place whole bananas, unpeeled in the oven. When the skin turns black, they are done. The flesh should still be firm. With too long baking they liquefy and are not so delicious. Five to 10 minutes is sufficient time. Peel the bananas and serve hot on the platter of ham, with dots of cranberry jelly as a garnish, Try this for Breakfast Sunday Morning Grapefruit Broiled Ham with Baked Bananas and Cranberry Jelly Hot Muffins Coffee Lamb Chop Grill 6 loin or rib chops 12 links sausage · 5 potatoes 2 tablespoons butter 3 tomatoes 2 tablespoons grated cheese 6 peach halves Whole cloves Salt and pepper. Have loin or rib chops cut thick, at least 1 inch. Thoroughly preheat broiling oven. Place chops on broiler rack far enough from source of heat that by the time they are nicely browned, they will be half done. Broil on one side, season wilh salt and pepper, and turn. Place on rack with chops, little link sausages, buttered potatoes which have been cooked in boiling salted water, tomato halves sprinkled with grated cheese, and peach halves which have been stuck.-with whole cloves. Broil until meats are. done and until the other foods are heated through and browned. Lamb chops cut 1 i inch thick require approximately 15 minutes for broiling. A Smart Supper Lamb Chop Grill . . Mint Sauce Hot Rolls Head Lettuce Salad Prune Whip . o r Prune Ice Cream · Coffee. Dish of the Week. : Quite apropos of our recent discussion, is the dish of this week, generously sent by Mrs. Lucy Jones of Route 4. She writes that recently when she was reading an article by a former housekeeper in the white house, she came across a wonderful recipe for corned beef hash, which she likes better than any she has ever tried. It seems that corned beef hash used to appear rather frequently among the presidential meals. For instance, after Mr. Taft had helped himself to an entire two pound steak at breakfast, the waller appeared with a covered platler. "He removed the lid with a flourish and disclosed poached eggs nestlihg cozily in corned-beef hash." During the Hoover administration, corned beef hash ap^ peared about once a month. According to Mrs. Jones' article, this is the way the hash was made, scaled down to a family of six: Presidential Corned-Beef Hash. Measure 2 cupfuls of minced corned beef which has been freed from fat and gristle. (I suppose this has been cooked, Mrs. Jones?) Mash 4 medium sized boiled potatoes and add generally '/'» cuptul of hot milk and 2 rounded tablespoonfuls of butter or other fat. Stir in 2 tablospoonfuls each of chopped celery, green pepper and mild white onion. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Add salt and pepper to taste. Bake 30 minutes in a greased pan until a rich golden brown. Will put the Grossest husband in a good humor! And now the bids are open for next week. Address your favorite recipes for "dish of the week" to Jeanette Beyer in care of this paper. Fined for False Check. WEBSTER CITY, (ff;--Judge O. J. Henderson fined Lloyd Barber, Liberty, Mo., trucker, $500 after he pleaded guilty to a false check charge. The court paroled Barber to Arch Foster, county parole officer. Your Federal Income Tax No. 10. Who Is the Head of a. Family. . A taxpayer, though single, who supports and maintains in one household one or more individuals who are closely connected with him by blood relationship, relationship by marriage, or by adoption and whose right to exercise family control and provide for these dependent individuals is based upon some moral or legal obligation, is the head of a family, and entitled to the same exemption allowed a married person?2,500. Also he may claim a $400 credit for each' dependent. For example, a widower who supports in one household an aged molHer and a daughter 17 years old is entitled to an exemption of $2,500 as the head of a family plus a credit ot $400 for each dependent, a total of $3,300. The $400 credit, however, does not apply to the wife or husband of a taxpayer, though orje may be totally dependent upon .the other. Factors Involved. Several factors are involved in determining whether a person who files a return as the head of a family is to be thus classified. The element of either legal or'finan- cial dependency must exist. A taxpayer who supports in his home minor children over whom he exercises family control is classified as the head of a family, even though the children mai have an income of their own sufficient for their maintenance. If he does not support them, by reason of their own income, but does exercise family control, he cannot be classified as the head of a family. ' If an individual supported is an adult and there rests upon the taxpayer a moral or legal obligation to provide a home and care for such individual, the exemption FREE for Gas Pain, Heartburn Dyspepsia, Acid Stomach Tr ?l Udtt, FREE, for Ran Dalns. heartburn, Reid dyspepola. nausea, atomach ulcer* and « j nlT. r ?' ""· to h *'P"'"IiUj-. More than 64,000 p«opl« haro written Kr.iteriil iBtiem pralalnff quick rellr.C they fiot taking Udfia ""' G " """""· lrl "' v*c*** -ry it yonrnelf. G«t UJil. FRFJE ,t Michael, Ford Tlopkln* a Slnres. fl Walgreen as the head of a family is allowed, provided the individual is financially dependent. If theindividual is not financially dependent, the exemption, even though the taxpayer maintains the common home and furnishes the chief support, does not apply. Only One Head. For income-tax purposes there only one head of a family and the exemption cannot be divided. Not infrequently claims for the 52,500 exemption are received from two or more members of a family. It should be remembered that a single person, whether or not the head of a family, is re.quired to file a return if his or her net income for 1D3G was $1,000 or more, regardless of whether the return is nontaxablo by reason of the ?2,500 exemption. Scarcity of Future British Mothers Is Legislators' Worry LONDON, (#)--Perplexed British legislators--bachelors all--besought the government Thursday to do something about the strange scarcity of girl babies In England. Bachelor Ronald Cartland, 30, conservative, put the question of 'the commomvealth's posterity up to the government Wednesday, urging it to "make recommendations thereto." He was particularly concerned that not enough girl babies were being born to take their places as future British mothers, thus accelerating the declining birth rate. Help Kidneys Clean Out Poisonous Acids Your Kidneys c o n t a i n fl m i l l i o n tiny tubes or filters which may bo cnttar.gcred by ncplcct nr drastic, irritating drugs. Bo careful. If f u n c t i o n a l Kidney nr Redder disorders make y o u . s u f f e r from Gelliti? Up Nights. Nervousness. Loss of Pep, Leg Pains. R h e u m a t i c Pains. Diz.zinr^, Circles Under Eyes. Neuralgia, Acidity. Burning, Snarling or I'chlng, don't t n k e chances. Get the doctor's guaranteed rre- scription Cystox, the moat modem advanced treatment for these troubles, $10,000.00 deposited with R a n k ot America, Los Anscies, California* guarantees that Cyst ex must bring now vitality m 48 hours and. make you feel years younger in one week: or money liack on return of empty package. Telephone your druggist (or Guaranteed Cyst ex (Siss-Tex) toda PROPOSES CIVIL SERVICE IN IQWA Bill Would Set Up County Examining Boards and Annual Exams. DES MOINES, ()--A bill to create a county civil service system for all Iowa counties was introduced in the Iowa house Thursday by two republican representatives and one democrat. The bill, sponsored by S .E. Prall of Indianola and Milton Strickler of Des Moines, republicans, and Joe Flynn of Decovah, democrat, would place all appointive county subordinates and em- ployes under civil service. Elective officials, their private secretaries, casual employes and common laborers would be Ihn only persons exempt from the civil service requirements. The bill provides for the ap- pointment of a civil service commission by the county board of supervisors, the commissioners to serve four year terms which would be staggered so that not more than one term would expire each year. The commission would be directed to hold competitive examinations on or about Jan. 1 each year and all appointing officers would be required to make their appointmenis from lists certified by the commission. Slater Girl, 5, Has Chance to Recover After Transfusions DES MOINES, (fl)--Physicians at Mercy hospital here said Billie Llewellyn, S year old Slater girl, has "a good chance to recover from idopathic purpurn hemovr- hagica, a rare blood disease, following three blood transfusions. The disease is characterized by hemorrhages, physicians said. 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