The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 4, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1818
Page 3
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ri'iiJ7' TAKE nyiivt . i That tickets in the Medical Science lot - - Urr. no. 4. Will ad - vance on Friday next to $15 until that time, they may bs had at $13 each. ' The first drawn rnmtwp m Moodav next will be entitled to $ 10,000 1 and on - a the Monday louow - ills' to 430.000, A few ticketi lor salt at the lucky lottery of - C,0f - '. JUDAH ft I.AZARU3,' ' ' .. . 74 MaiHaa - Lane A - u 1 a - Where hare beea told ia former lotteries sort - FrtSSM ' ' ' and approved promissory notes, will be received ' ' ia payment for tickets, . . correct check book it kept at the lock? L - - I ' tery Office, which may be examined a . all tiua Y - A freeofexpence. - ' " "Mlt If. AITES Prite Lift Medical 8cience Lot - 17" IT terv. No. 4. lo. 4. ; . v 92d day orawmgv f 19062 (first drawn) flOOO , 18898 200 4568 100 I 12517. 10J7O, Viru, ov 'Sold at WAlTE'S, feb 4 ' Tl 1 EDICALSCIUNCE UJ I I fciiY, No. ' IV I narinv 5 timet a week. r VI CORRECT LIST OF PRIZES, : , t - 22d drawing. 19,063, ftOOO i 18,893, $200; 4368. $100 , SS40, 12,617, 19,375, andSl.413, each $50. . 1st drawn number. '. Draws ae - am to - morrow. . lit drawn No. on Monday next will be enti tled to the capital prize of 10,000 dollars. Tkkett advance to $15 on Friday next, ' Tab 4 ' . ' Rlorl OF TICKETS. TICKETS in the Medical Science Lottery may be obtained at th low price of 13 dot - Ian until Friday morning, when they will be ad vaaced to 15 dollars. The first drawn number on Monday will be entitled to 10,000 DOLL A KB, ar . . - I I t i.n;iiil f sarta't o Of WniCO Ueuiun:rw aic mntMi w mYY'J Who has re cecity sold the following prises, vis 2o,263 looo dollars 4,464 looo dollars 4,847 looo dollars 5.101 looo dollars 17,6 looo dollars 17,196 5oo dollan the lollowing prises 4,464 looo dollars 6,46 . 5oo dollars And he has also paid !!,' Tooo dollars 4,847 looo dollars TO, 26 J looo dollars 17,00 aoo dollars The foi tuoate holder of 17,970, seeing a glittering advertisement about c old, applied for the (aid, sod was offered the gold at the moderate rate of 23 per cent per annum ; bit being rather unwilling to pay t' much for th" gold, whk h couhl be obtained at the biinkt without paying a premium, be concluded to get his priie paid by KOBER r WAI Junr. This golden buoiness teems to verify the old adnge, that " all it tot .gold which glitters jn it alio looks like paying prizes in the " Qual cotden (tyln.' feb 4 GCtt.MAN sTKEL, 11B1MSTONK Cc loi takes Steel ( , 12? boxes roll brimstono t. - ' . ' 1 case Le)(horn hatl 15 do tumblers T" ' 10 pickages psper " , ' v - J hues chollrts ' - 80 boxes snoold candles - 30 do soap, entitled to debenture For al by JAMES D WOLF, Jr. janlS 57 Fnint - atreet. - s IKON HOLLOW W All E. AN assortment of the above' article confuting el pots, kettles, bake pans, griddles, skillets, basons, s piders, tea kettles, fee. per ton or piece, spr sue bj . , , ' CEBRA fc COMING, Jen 30 - - ' 78 Pearl - i 4 - t. i LES. X tea caHoa kegs very old and V V dtlkale Muscatel and fafret Wines, Pat up eiprt - stlt - for family use, by the single kre. Apply to . C.GkS. Hi and will be sold HOWLAXD. Jan 53 77 Washington - street. COTTON. 40 bales prime Upland Cotton fortateby . . R. k C. W. DAVENPORT b CO. JanSS - - FLOUR at TOBACCO 150 bbU Rkhmoed City Flour. HataD's brand 50 do do Country do 9 hhds Prime Old Leaf Tolacco 30 do New do in store, and for sale by - TROKE3, DAVIDSON b CO. Jant7 - . 106 Front - street. 20, hhds asolasses. rood analitv. at Peck - .slip, for tale by. Jan 31 R. tc C W. DAVENPORT ti CO. SHAWLS. 4 trusses col'd and fringed Cloth bhawls handsomely astarwd, received per nuu wtni, CAMBRELENO b PEARSON, 7 South - street JanS9 CtHI.MA SILKS S cases green sinchewa; 1 r do black camblets . . - 1 do 6 - 4 white shawls ; 1 do black do " 1 do damask For sale by MARCH fc LOW, ' S - I0 Broadway. I . 'JP1 - 64 halM r'W Upland, for tale i oo oooui - streer, hy JaaC7 w a, GALLAGHER. S i!iT c - 7qr.cMks very choice Sherry Wine, 14 years old, and . v tee gall, kegs very old Muaratel aad Paforet "Hies, carticularlx rlrull r - ,:i. taut.. r - Vr - - i - - ,,Vu: i is 'uum M.NL - wvt Old Mndeira Igij iuv qaauiy, imponed 10 w ww tar IJ TROPES, DAVIDSON ft CO. 106 Front - streeL 633 t - NDlGO. SUGARS. Ac mtf Beoaret and Radnagore Sugars, " tter Very ramrior nu.lii. TT J SWthvth .1? - ...' ."!T. t' ,4 wi iriamrt - 17 cases Bengal Indigo - . mrec'dptttbtp India, tor sale by ... t. REvtSEN ft CO. . jy4iKEENS. - 6AWO ps. kwg yellow Nan - n t . a ...... sme oo. eanilteJ to dfhentsre For sale hn 1 ' - ,usl'r "SBORN, illi?. $8 South street. f i1JF?rj?rii - LEAU, Ac 0 hVt.1 tlU5BU clean Hemp awl Ken Lcky Tarns in Loti in ,i.r boxes8by lOGlaw tons Patent Oakum . SO bales India T7 - I k fcriS ,b - rttofahiPCllaBd - L30lw'1 TDCTFR riiTn l.?y Hides" frota schV TZ7lnK ll uover - ttreet cbr - i - "wt, from Porto Rico, for Js.f3 9 - W DAVENPORT A CO. . ftOEi tc - lCO o'uacet Oil of ftoteL IO 10 bales or 2,000 lbs. GoaU Wool or Ca - t bales Turkey Carpe t Rugt, and ; " ' A parcel ofNicarrgua Wood. ' Landing from schr V estal, from Emyna. . !bAMBRLENO ft PEARSON, jaolJ - ..t'. - v - v' 87 South - street. m DM. 20 hhds. Molasses Rum, first proof IX forsaleby ' OaCksoswoolley, Ian 12 75 Wall - st J I.1LOUR TS5T bhls Mi jo's Mills, landing 7 , froas schr. - , at reca - iup. tno hbls. Richmond Mills 334 do Petersburg!) (Stoket and Smith's brand) For sale or CR1SWOLDS & COATES, nl2 i ' 88 South - street. rflOBACCO. FlOL'K, tic 2 hhds. sup, JL Kicbmoou looacco 65 bbls Bne Richmond Flour 8 do fine Middlings . ... . 190 lbs. Flotant Indigo 100 French Demijohns 6 qr. casks old Sercial Madeira Wine 4 do old Malmsey . do do Forsaleby . ; W. 8c S. ClTAIO, Janl IO BEAQ.1L INUIGO. cases very prime, quality, entitled, to debenture, for sale at 75 all - street, by jan 10 - JAUaiU.H 1 WOULLKt, rpURI'KNTINE 330 bbls SoA Turjientite, JL Z7 at. i tr 1 2 do. Beeiwax Afloat and for sale by K. SC. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Jan 19 . . - .' ,. QtlllvuLtB, ic 11X,000 twentv - two tneb O Shingles, and 6,000 Horns ibr sale br ' rU ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Jan 19 ' 35 Peck - slip. M ADKIKA WINE. A quantity o L. P. Madeira Wine, for sale by of choice tt. k C. W. DAEVNPORT ft CO Jan 19 - :tLOUR( KILE. 10 bbls. Superfine Flour, . and 100 tierces of Prime New Rice, now landing from the Ceres, from Richmond, and 1 elegrapb, from Charleston, for sale by Jan 15 - 92ConVe - llouse - ilip' 1 LOOM RAISINS. 500 boxes Iresh Hloom U Rauins,jut received nd for sale by N. L. ft O. ORIS WOLD, . 86 South - street. jan 8 HIDES. FOUR hundred Mules landing this day from Perseverance, and will be told low from the unart. Apply to JUbEI'H OSBORN. Jan 9 Sft South - street. RISH MARKET lOB ACCO - &U of fine duality, landing from schooners Hero and sally Aun, Irom Ku hmond, Oir sale by Jan 16 9i C. H. slip. HULL H BOW N E bave just received by the Lorenio, from London, , Dixon's Antihilinus fills Hickman's Pills fertile Rravel,&c. , Ching's Worm Destroying Lozenges Roach's Emlirocation ' Thompson's Cheltenham Salts Hay ward's Tolu Lozenges Heo'ry's Calcin'd Magneoia, And a CMieral etsortment of British Talent Medicines of repute, not mentioned bove ; warranted genuine, andlbrsale at Janxilm 146 Pearl - street. .jlCAKAUOA WUQD JL1 18 toot Nicaragua . t LlUNUMVl IiE. Wood of very rood ' maiuy . , : 10 do Lignum vital Fortnleby . , .' , . TUCKER ft LAURIE3, . Jan 19 A 59 South - street - O RN 10,000 buhls V irginia corn, of pnme quality, deliverable s.onrtide n ves sel or vessels at Tap pa bannock. For sale by K. CRUMP, - ' Jan M 90 Pine - stroet. z OLAsbES Sj9 IiIkIs. Molasses, of urior i.vl quality, hinji at Dover - street wharf - for at. by R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT A CO. Jan tO FIG3 300 qr. boxes fresh Turkey pul'd Fi - t, just received, and for tale by JanCx PETER REMSF.N k CO. 741 HERRINGS. boxes lt sort. 1 'I Herring, now land 177 do xj do i nsi and for sale by U A :1 lilt LL L A ti rEAKSUN, Jao 2? ,v 67 South - atrett. LI.NENc, ftc.4 bales German Shirting and Sheeting Linens, for sale on reasonable ieeiut, ry u. u. s. IIOWLAAD, - Jan 27 . .77 Washington street. .1.1 USCOVAbO SUGAR. 161 hhds. Hava lvl nn Muscovado Susar. of superior auiilitvi landing from brig Boxer, from Havana, atJooet wnan (or saie oy uuuuHUt. ft M. jan Tt ' - 44 Soath - ttreet, W TPLAND COTTON. 15 balet prime Up u lanu tium, lanuinir arm tor tale by ' SAUL ALLEY, ... 98 Pineatreet IN STORE. 12 balet Sea Island Cotton, tor tale at above. Jan 23 0.h bumlred bbls. Bristol Spanish brown, 20 do V bite Lead, . With a general assortment of Paints, drvand KTouna, iot saie oy . L . ' KIrLEl ft WELD, 192 Front and corner of Falton - ttreeL Jan 23 - TVTOLA&SE, COFFEE, SUGAR, ftc iix io nnas. moiasses, - . A hhHa aiwtl - 5 bbU 6a5M .32 bag toffee 60 fcnanish Hidea Landing this day from brig Protection, from ou i nomas - , west sme uid - siip, tor saie Dy DIV1E BETH UNE ft CC O. Jan 23 791 HERRINGS. boxes lit sort) Herrinn ' of mmrinr ti - j - j j; " T - ." - r im uw u may . quality. For tale by . CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, Ja8 . 67 South street OL' Kl) HAD W FIFTY hhds. and boxes of very fine quality, for tale by ' - H " O. U. S. HOWLAND, Jan8 ft Washington street. 11 'loJlK - warranted, American Tallow - vF Mould Candles, cf different sites, from W inihip't factory, Charleston, Mass For tale oy tUfLEY A - WELD, 192 Front, comer of Fulton - street Jan 23 BOMBAZETTS Bombaietu ft COTTON. - balet 34 halet Sea Island Cotton, and 15 do. crime Unland da Undinv r, A fnr B "J AUL ALLEY, ' t Pine - street. s tori 40 balet Sea Island. Atmlv as above jan 24 PLANTER JF PA.IK A CUN3TANT tupply of ground plaster of iiri. JH oirrn. Inn ahw in. trim ivilhni mirtet Orders left with Walfr Nexsen. Ne. 174 F ront - street, comer of Burling - s ip, will be prompoy attended to JOtJN RYER3, : ' ot Harrison - street, North - River. Jan 19 tf . GLASSWARE - 15 hhds. Eng. Glassware, CnDmadnC of WilMX aiwt VnmhUrL for U by CHAS, C OGDEN ft A6R. OGDEN. Jan 22 Washutgton - st., 150, VPLAn rormv. bales tort, ud for in lotj to luit purchrs br ununruLUS ft CUAl ta, - CSSouOwt JaaXS ' ''' ' - fOR SjLEf '. v ; w" t Thaytrr het sailioe sloop - PARA JLJ - iGON, burthen 68 tons, built of tbo best materials au made onevoyage to tn Weal - In dies it one year old and can be tent to tea im mediately. For Urns and a view of her kivtn lory, apply to k . GRISWOLD3 ft COATES, Feb 3 ' 68 South - st For CHARLESTON, - .' The fast sailing schooner LOUISA, W Napier, maater, being nearly loaded, will sail the first wind for the remainder, or passage, apply on board, west ride Burling - slip, or to . S. ALLEY, Feb3 ' 93 Pine sL i , FOR NEW - ORLEANS, The brig MARY ANN. 175 tons a substantial fast sailing; vessel, one year old ; will sail on Sunday nexL r or freight or passage, apply to . - - , GOODHUE ft CO. ; Feb2 , 44Sou0st. For MATAXZAS, Cuba.) . The brig Caroline, ll. Munre, mat ter. will take what freight - may oiler thu week - For terms apply to - i ' . JAMES D VVOLF. Jun ' ' v - 37 Front - street, : For' FREIGHT or CAARTKfl, The brig SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur. then 156 tout, a ataunch (rood vessel. l . i a ' a I . i w a laicijr rrpairca. Appiy ai auovc. - Ito For C1MRLESTON, The elegant packet ship CORSAIR, Sailor., will sail on Wednesday next. Ifor height or passage, apply on board, at Go - verneur's wnari, or to , CLARK", MOORE ft Co.! Jan 31 4t 41 South - street, . . : For OFOR'IO. The tchr. BETSEY, capt. Tamer, burtlien 97 tons. substantial srtxkl vessel, only one year old, having a part other caigo engaged. - ror rreigia ot the remain der, which will be taken on very reasonable terms, apply to GOODHUE & CO. jan31 44 aoutli street. 'For RUrrRlhiV, ..The fast sailing - brig JULIANA, I). Augiir, master, 204 tons ; having two thirds of her freigt.t engaged,' will commence loading this day, and be dispatched immedi ately. For balance uVfreielit, or passage, ha ving good accommodations, apply to jan 30 lw - 54 South - street. For iae, Frticht or L'iarttr, The ship DRUM.MOND, R. Quarle, matter, 300 tons ; will carry upward ol JUUO bbls; is a cubttantinl vowel and well found. For terms, apply on board, at pier no. 17, or at 66 South - street, to Jan 37 WALSH & uALLAGHER. For Hole, Freight or Charter, Tlio substaulial, fast sailmg brig MA RY - ANN, capt. Lewis; is 1 year old ; carries about 1 600 bbls ; lies at pier no. 13, east river. Inquire of . GOODHUE ft Co. Jantl 44 South - street. W PrMirhl or Charter. .4i The ship PERSEVERANCE, bur - Xf&Vthi. 2C0 tons i complete readiness to receive a cargo ; lies east side Olu - sLp. JIL.SU, i The brig MUSCONGU8, capt Dock - alendoro, burthen 152 tons, well calculat ed lor carrying lumber and stock ; lies at Bur ling - tlip. Apply to - .i ' '.' - '' BARKER ft HOPKINS, No. 84 South - street. ' IFAo hate for tale, ' , . 20 tons clean SL Petersburg hemp 10,000 Calcutta Goal Skint, large tixe Calcutta Dttct . . , 2 bales Russia Calf Skint. 2500 gallons pure winter strained Sperm, oil COO gallons rack'd whale oil 170 boxes first quality Spermaceti candles An in voice of elegant French hall stovet 20 tens pig iron . Jan 21 lOt For LOADOJYDKRRY. The fine fast tailing ship FOSTER, N. Moran, master, having 7 - Slhs of her cargo ready to go on board, will be despatched without delay. For freight of 100 to 200 tierces seed, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 VV. ft S. CRAIG. MOLASSES ft CO FEE 90 hhds. Hav na Molasses new crop 24 hhds. do Coffee . ' Landing at Old - slip from Brig Caroline, and for tale by ' J AMES D'WOLF, Jr. feb2 - 57 Fron - ttreet. BAT At IA CA AGO A T AUCTlOJf. ON Tuesday, 10th February, 1818, at eleven o'clock, at the south tide of India Wharf, is d cioo, win oe soia ai puoitc auction The entire cargo of tlie brig New - Leader, cap lain souog, irom uaiavia, consisting ot 343 CANNISTERS SUGAR 2750 BAGS COFFEE. - , ; Conditions at the tale. T. K. JONES ft CO. Boston, 30th Jan. 1818. s Auctioneers feb26tt DRY GOOD3. AN mvoicto! English Dry Goods, consisting 14 trunks navy blue, and fancy prints and plates x irunKt oaioon ana nair coal dimity 2 trunks cambric sarsoett 2 cases 7 - 8 white and printed quilting ; 3 cases 7 - 8 striped; printed and white jeans 2 cases 6 - 4 and 8 - 4 damask table cloths . . 1 trunk imitation quiltingsFor - sale by G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, FtbS 77 VVuhington - tt. DRY GOODS. HENDERSON ft CAIRNS offer for sale, on accommodating terms, at 81 Pine - street 75 packages containint! 6 - 4 and 4 - 4 plain and ! 1 n a . i vnggen ooob mourn. 6 - 4 and 4 - 4 gold end jaconet do. fancy do Trimmings, Madras and Britannia Hdkri. ftc, feb 3 OT TON k FLOUR. 125 bales prime upland cotton, for tale in lots to suit pur chaser! . - 100 bbls S. F. Richmond fMavoMillj"i floor o . . r or saie uy GRIS WOLDS ft COATES, Feb 3 , . 68 South - tL GO. 4 8. HOWLAND, No. 77 Washingtoo - . street, offer for tale ... 1200 pieces blue - nankeens, entitled to deben ture . 4 balet fine German shirting and sheeting mem , . . .., - 23 bbds Boston Rum 200 qr. casks Samoa win 30 do superior sherry ; 1 10 cases medoc claret - $ pipes do very old 50 cases half pint tareblert' - 100 bbls groend camwood, warranted pure '400 detniiohni . 6000 lbs prime ivory 1 25 bbls pickled seal skint 5 do pasts slacking . 3 tons lignaravitae . . ' 15 tons fin Qoercitron bark 18 toat Swedes Iron 9 tone Englishlroa fob 3 : " A Ctrn - Fmn fronted. WANTED Immediately, n corn - fan; a m cond band one will answer. ' Apply to ' ' TUCKER A LAURIES, Jan2ft ", ' 29 South - street. COTTON YARN. The COMMISSION sale, most Not. of Cotton Yam. from No. 4 to 30. ' jaa 8 FOUR tbous&a4 Gunny Rs'gs, for sale bj - ; . . ' .CEBRA CUMINGV v 78 Peail - street. . Oi'ti. bales Hops, luit received lor sale XX by . WAJaUMEUNU ft r CARSON, ' feb! 67 South street. Dmsk.tabu: CLorii linens, &c J ut opened at No. 61 Maidto - lan 3 cases truh hnsos, ceurse to super fine 1 do loog lawn;, astorted u : '. 1 , do 5 - 4 stout Irish theetiog?, nMorttd ' ' 1 .1 do diaper and damask table linens, as . sorted, from 6 to 10 quarters wide ' i 1 do toper real double damask table cloths, t . part very large site, ' with ekgttnt. small and large napkin to match ' .. ' ' J cae notted couoterpanes - tngeUier with a general assortment of Dry Goods, lor piece aad retail sales, at very moderate prices. , . : . - A Uo for Salt by lite Package, - A few cases Irishlinens and long lawus, assorted Stout 5 - 4 Irish sheetings, Drogheads j Ulach 7 - 8 lirens glazed. White platillas' Jan 23 tf L c! SUYDAM. Hilf tt DUtK t0 tons St - Petertburijl clean Hemp . ; - . - b0 bolts first quality Rtisiia Duck v ' t For sale by J AMES D WOLF, Junr. jan 8 - 57 Front - street. RUSSIA GREY HARE SKI.3. p EORGE ASTOR offers for sale 10,000 Rut VJi sia Grey Hart Skins. Jan 31 lw 1 it la? I eniiia x atjeU rtriLLIAM CAMPBELL, VV street, has received 100 1WIST and FILLING. No. 197 Pearl 10O0 lb. of No. 12 and 13 Twist and Filling, from hiiactory at Pat icnun, wiiii n lis will sou on tair lermi. n. rega tar supply of yarn from No. 10 to IS will bo received weekly. Jan 111 tf al'LA N D COTTON 54 bales prime upland Cotton, just received per schooner La.ira, irom aavaonab, and lor sale nr OTISftSWAN, Jan 14 .' 157 Pearl - street ll EMP ft IRON St. Petersburg clean Hemp XX Russia, Old bal'l and bweditb'tron, lor ale in lots to suit purchasers ny CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, fib 2 67 South - street TCOR SALE, ten good Feather Beds, with X pillows, ftc. Inquire at No. S Grand feh2 lw street. MUUJSU HUUl., COTIO.V 1ARX,A T - 77A'A JV. be. . ' VITA N TED, a quanlily of merino wool ; alio. f.f . cotlon yarn, particularly low number Proposals will also be received for mnking of sat - linctts. The manufacturer to be sitplicd with Ihe materials and the business to bo rendered, probably, pcrmanenL . A contract is also wanted, lor Ihe running ol a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 spindles ; tbo cotton to bo supplied, and the. yarn to be received at a stipulated price. Apply at 148 Pearl - street, UpstAirs. ort2Jl'l! THE ALBINESS.. THE exhibition of this interesting female will, in future, be on every Monday and Friday during the week, at the City Hotel. Admission 50 cents : tickets to bo had at the bar. feh 2 101 For SALE or to I, K.I UK. , F' IV E Lots of Ground on street No. 1, of the Commis'iooers' Alan : which street No. 1, or First - street, of 60 feet in width, will be opened in Ihe spring, Irom the Bowery, jurt above North - street, to the public square, at the com mencement of the first avenue. ALSO TO LEASE. - A number of Lots of Ground of 26 1 - 2 by 100 feet, on the second aienue, which avenue is now opened from its commencement at North - street, to the New Alms Honse. Those lots being eligibly situated, and the nearest part embraced by the CommiKiotiers' Slao of the city, will make tbem desirable siraa - oos. Apply to auuusius niiiauvn Jan 30 lw No. 32 Front - street. 15 DOLLARS REWARD. S1 TOLEN last eveninir, from the entry of house No 40 Wan en - ttreet, one fine blue turtout coat, lined with black silk in the tildes and skirta, and a reldish brown silk in the sleeves. Also, two hats of mid I in r size, not half worn, one lined with white silk and dark morocco, hatters name Brcwktcr. The other had a wafer inside. The above reward will be paid for the re, co very of the whole ar 10 dollars for the coats. apply at above. . jan ia tt WANTED. A white girl about 16 years of age, to attend on. a lady and one child. One who can bring recommendation satisfactory at to ner disposition, neatness, ftc may hear of a good and permanent place, by applying immediately at No. 64 Greenwich - sU jan 2d To the Cititeruof J't0'York. F7ERAH HAWLEY Physician and Dentist, azj would Inform tne inbabitaats of New - York, that he has taken an office at No. 321 Pearl street, where he will extract, clean, Jilt, fit na' ki i win in uie rson apuroveo manner. lie will also prevent any irregularity of the secondary teeth, if anulication is made to him in eaon. He flatten himself, from the experience he has nan in nis pro lemon, mat be in all be able to give general satisfaction. Forcharocter the public are referred to Mr, Geo. P. Shipmsn, merchant, No. South - street, and uocter a. Ives, no. ' rean street. ' IFAom U awry ronctnx. OCT This certifies, that Dr. Zerab Hawley is a recutnr bred physician, and in rood ataodioe with bis brethren in this place ) that be bat paid particular attention to the art of Dentistry, bat studied the best European works on the subject, and his given very good satisfaction in this branch to nis customers, wno are persons oi ine nrst re. spectability in this city. We therefore, with en tire confidence, recommend Dr. I Jaw ley to the ciuKos oi iiew - tore, as a aennsu jneas Munson I Eli Ivet Nathan Smith I Jonathan Knirht. Profeuort of the Medical Institution of Vale Col College, New - Haven, Jan 22, 1818; f febS lw ?. . m.rY PUBLICATIONS. TUST published and for sale bv ELI A3 VA J LENTINE, 104 Broadway, (3d door below s;ioe - sireei.i . - . ' l ill l.l . t. . . I L. J iiuhk:,iiic. uw oi un Dineievnui wttuiui T, u Ecgland, by Wn. Godwin. - Joortjal of the procetdinel of the late embassy to vnina. - Chirac tert of Shakroetre't Plan, br n'a. tiasien. Binglty'i Useful Kaowtedge. ' ' The kniiht of St. Johns, bv Miss Porter. ' Letters front the Cape it Good Heme. In reply so inr, vvaraen, wito extracta irom Booaparte't . . . ... . .. . . j. great wora. " . . - . . . - Balance oi ivomioru t . 1 . Letters from the South. . Torether with a ctnend assortment of Books and stationary. .. .. Visiticx ana Address Cards earravad and print d. . - fob 3 lTaTNDEVILLE, a Tale of Ihe seventeenth IT X cvntary, in England, by Wm. Godwin, 2 vols, price 1 75, twtt received aad for tale by ; tubu9 a HAii.iAi, . ; Feb 3 . No. 230 Pearl sL r r? mr?flrmi TAaLLaZIana mLL3J LO PRIZE - LIST Medical Science Lottery No. 4 20th days irawmjr. - ' no. - XMU, fJUOi 140BI, JIUU. 2 1st day's drawing No. 657, JJ2000; 25.635, 4100 16,431, i50. : L - ... w AU sold at Aliens. The first drawn number to - morrow entitled to l000s the first oa Monday next 10,000 1 the first oa Monday week 30,000. . A fow warrant - ad nadrawn tickets for sale at 4LLX2PS truly Incky aOc, 122 Broadway. Feb 3 'tt - . ;. n - . - , TAKE NOTICE. t (T AI persons having demands ssumT, and those indebted to the estate of WiHiam Rnerers, deceased, are requested to call upon THOMAS MASTERS, Esquire, : 1 wall - street. - ua ted Jan. 19,181a.. - - - ' ; ; . . ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jan SI dim " s - NEW - YORK SLATECOMPANY. ; .The Stocliboldsrs are hereby requested to attend an. annual eieaion tor nine uirectors, to be held at the house of Joseph Baker, No. Wall - street, on Wcnday 9th February next 1 be poll will open at m and cioe ai I oxiocic , - . . ' JOHN M'COMB, Sec'ry. . JanS9 ' ; '" f - ' - .' ;, ' ,i . . NO'liCE. : - PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the subscriber i intend to apply to the legislature of the stated New - York, at their present session, for an net of incot pore t ion, incorporating them mm uieir nuociau oy ihe name and style oi tn ULSTER CLASi COMPANY," wilh aca pital of one hundred thousand dollars, for tlie pur. pose of manufacturing glass, in the town of Woodstock, Ulster county. ' ,. ,) ELDAD HOLMES, . i . O. B. ABEEL. . Jaredpeck!. . , . feb 2d1w7aw5w . , . 1 ' - : MECHANIC HALL. . , T KviAt VKfltO this Sfttl. MR. STANISLAS, ever wishful to gratify a liberal public, has devoted soma, time in bringing forward for thoie evenings, one of the greatest piertsofburoan invention ever presented hefore an enlieliteoed audience, called the Tem ple of Mors. This astonishing and incomprehensible piece of mechanism, at the command of the exhibitor opens its doors and displays in the back sround the butt of the illustrious Washington i the temple changes and ditcovcrt ihe Goddess of Liberty and Famo descending from the clouds with a wreath of laurels, and placing it on hit head, ditplnyi g the motto " Homage to the Immortal Washington, For further particulars see 'in oi ineaay. f eoz I w FOR SALE, lor a term ot yers, a healthy, active and very capable negro wench - will be disposed of cheap, as it is her own de sire Enquire at No. 23 North Moore - street. Feb 2 tf ytrt. . WAjYTFu Ij MRU. 5jSj An elderly Lady wishes to hire the 2d n.ioi ola House, south of Chamber - street She would have no objections a private fUmely, and take a Hou. - e from tlie 1st of May. A line directed to T. W. and left this otllce, will be attend, tl to. . . feb 3 lw : . Tit I.LT, A largo three itorv house, wall c alcula led lor a Imarding houic. or for two families, situated at the comer of Murray and Waahinston - slrtet. Apply to NATHANIEL ft HARVEY WEF.D, Corner of Broa'iway and Cortlandt street.' feb32w. FOR SALF.. The flame house and lot No 3 Alba ny - basin. Terms of payment will be made to suit purchasers, apply to - JAMES SMITH - feb 3 6t No. 6 Vesey - street. FIHU PROOF arORK. . - To lot, (hat four story ' brick fire proof No. 0 Govcrueur's Lane, near to South - Apply to - itoie, street, febStf . No. 9 Coenliet - slip. FOR SAL,k, - Bv FRANKLIN k MINTURN. u Thnrtifay the 5th inst. at (2 o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee House, that spacious two Storv House, No. 17 Hester - street, the property and residence of Benjamin Butler. The Lot is 116 l - t lce deep and Xi leet front and rear ; Mouse 25 by 46, finished ia the modern style! The x ard it laid out in natmsome style and replenish ed with tsrape - viiie, reacu and rear ireei. h o a at A COVmLQ ROOM TO LkT. A 'pleasant and .convenient Coon tin? Komnin store i. 2!J South - street, Irom 1st iviay next. Apply to . . TUCKER ft LAURIES. ico 3 rt tOR HALF, ' stlraii A new two story Brick House No. 243 Chamber - street, will be finished in the modern and best style on or before the Grst ol May next The lot is 25 feet front and rear, 75 feet nep, on a lease from Trinity Church for 4 1 years at $ 150 per annum, enquire at uuane - sireei. feb 3 lw TO LKT. From the first of May next, that ele - gaul three story house, No. 102 Greenwich - street, second west ol larlisle - street. The situation itconvenientand agreeable, and tbe two lower rlooms communicate oy ftluhosa ny foldios doors. The whole is calculated for the Residence of a genteel private family. - Ap ply to JA .tlES SCjO l I , febSSt No. 66 Washington - street. F tOR tALK. ai"i II By norma ft Glass, on Tuesday February 10th, at 12 o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee - Hotise, (if not previously disposed of at private tale) the following property belonging to the estate or Andrew ijarr, deceased. 'The 2 atory brick house and 8 yeara lease unexpired from the first of May next, of lot no. 66 Rutgers street, near Cherry - street The house it large and well built, and hat every convenience for the accommodation ol a genteel family. i ALSO, A 2 atory frame house and 4 years lease unexpired from the 1st of May next, of the lot on which "it stands, on l iUroy road, near Greenwich, adjoining tlie home occupied by Mr. Edward L. SchifTtlin. Vhe lot it 50 feet in front and rear and 100 deep For terms, enquire of JACOB DRAKE, 107 front - street, or . ANDW; S. GARJt, feb3 6t 50 Pine - street. TO QUARRYXE.Y. POUR" experienced Marble Quarry men are . wanted immediately. None need apply but those perfectly acquainted with the bust; nest i to such constant employ and liberal wa ges will be given. Apply to - fci&K LVUUUW, 84 Beaver - street - TO LET, A email 3 - ttory fire proof STORE, No. 27 Moore - street, next to the comer South - tt rotaestion given immediately.. Apply at a - bove. ". . , - , nov la Pftlltf BLACK BOY. . T7UFTEEN years tiraeof a stout healthy black JU boy for amU. He it 13 yean old. Apply at 255 Pearl - street. . JanSltf MINIATURE FAINTING. MADAME JACOT, lately arrived from Neu - rhatrL in Switzerlaad. KKttrtfullV tenders her services to the laiiies and gentlemen ol this city and neighbourhood. . She will, as may ne most convenient to those who may lavor her with their commands, take bkenesses in theirowo la - miltes, or at her rendrnce. No. 16 Sprace - street ; where specimcnt of ber style and execution may be teen. b2 lwt FIFTY DOLLARS REWAUO. rOST yesterday, at or near tlie Mechanic' J Rank, a Red Morocco POCKET BOOK. rnataiain CMO dollars ia bank notes, chiefly oi this city , also nine tickets in tbe Medicnl Science LoterV No. 4. via Not. 2,579, 2.S80. 4.013. 4014, 4,036, 4J037, 4,039, 20,832, 70,833, teTtrnl memoraadmas, ftc. Whoever will leave the said pocket book aod contents with T. B. JaatRt), rfo. 1 1 Cbatbam - ttrret, or with tbe subscriber, No. 39 Divisioo - itreet, than receive the above reward. . . - DANIEL MOORE. ' fToTK. If the finder will not return the money . tit enctosifig tbn tickets throogh the posl - odice, will b considered u an esse nli a I faror. Lottery 0ce keepert and othert will plea f stop the ticket if offered, for tt or esubuuUicfl. ' I fcb 3 3tf D. M. f :aimmm - :;'' PUBLIC SALES ' ; BY J. P. D1ETER1CJI ft CO. " ' Thlseveoiig, at 6 o'clot k precisely, at the cor ner of Duane - street tnd ChaUiam - ttreet, a very ' valuable collection of Books, Stationary and prints. " .. . ',..., . ' , ' Friday, at the awlion rorm, No. 7 Park, a valuable - collection cf seasonable drygoodt '. AT PRIVATE SALE, 6000 acres of land, in Wocd County. (Va.) witlu'n 10 miles of Marietta, and 5 miles from Uw Ohio River. 2U0 do in the town of Platttburgb, Clinton County; New York. , 400 do. in Pike County, Pennsylvania, and sn excellent improved farm of 200 acres, on the Cosluxton turnpike road. The two lait will be sxi hangrd for pro perty in ti:e city of New York, or for mercbaa dixe. 'Agplv at tlie suction room. .. . - . (fcJ".V1r. KEiNE, respectoily annonncet to Ihel.ndies and Gentlemen cf New York, that his GRAND CONCERT, will takt place, at the CITY HOTEL, (rather permit ting) on Tuetday, Feb 10. . ACT 1st. , Overture! ' Foil Orchestra Son - . "Cabin Boy" Mr. Kf ene. 1. 1 DM,11 V. ..a - ' tlmmm Song, (by desire) " Fly twite ye ' ' Zephyrs" Mrs. Moran ' ' . Doette, "If thou canst live on humble fare." Mr. Keene and Mrs. Moran Biibop Virtu A. Coni Concerto, Piano Forte, Mr. Moran P. Song," Henry's farewell" Mr, Keene .. .1 LA D..L. T...t Irish let" Mr Keene and Mrs. Moran ' Braham Air, with variations, flute, Mr. Kintela Weidner - ' - ACT fed ' "' ' Orerture, Full Orchestra Sonc," Though love it warm a while" . Mr. Keene . . " Braham Duette, 'rytolse" rlr. Keene andMh. ; Moran Monro Air, Piano Forte, Mr. Moran . . F. Hoflinan Soajr, 4 The rose bed Of 3ummer" , t Mrs. Moran - ' - Song, " The blooming Rose" Mr. Keene, Philips Song, u My Henry's gone" Mrt. . . . . ; . Moran ' ' Stevenson Sons, (by desire) " Home, Love and ,. Lileity" Mr. Keene Bishop Finale, ' ' Full Orchestra Leader, Mr. Centil l iana Forte, Mr; Moron Tickets to b had at Messrs. Weyman's No. . 38, and O. ft R. Waitc, Ne. 54 Maiden - Lane Mr.G.ydricb, No. 1211, and Mr. R. Waite, iua. 136 Broadway, at the Music Stores, of "Mr. ' Keene, No. 101 Greenwich - street, and of W. U. Creagh, Printer, No. 71 Maiden Lane. feh3 8t - ; ' ' , ' .. v RS, W. VVEs I , lulu ul the Opera House, London, hat the honor to inform the Laities and Gentlemen of this city, (hat her first I'UBLIC BALL, in this country, will tke place at the City - Hotel, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 4th Febiuary on which occasion she will introduce a variety of new and characteristic Dances, such as are now performed at the Op eras and respectable Drawing Rooms in Europe. In the crurscofthe evening, Uie following fancy Danes : ' . - . ' 1. Mintieta Trois, by Mrs. W. Wetland two of her pupil . 2. Ballet Ecossc, fa Scottish national dance) ' by six young Liidiet ' 3. An entirely new Cotillion by 8 young ladiei.' 4. Pas Seul - Ttmno Adagio changing to A lie , - gro, by Mrt. W. Writ. 5 Put de Cinque, by Mn. W. West and 4 ' young Lhdies. ' 6 Un Choix det Quadrilles, by 8 young ladies. ftr - Tickets $1 each, to be had of Mrs. VV. Witt. No. 6 lletler - itrect. and at the bar of the' City - Hotel. Jan 28 lw - . NOTICE. ' . fC3T.Thetttbscribrs havins entered Into part nership, the STOCK ft EXCHANGE Bl.'St - , VTl - J k . T l.. A L .. n U kWIMd iivretuiurv vvuuucwu iy u. 11. i'r.f iiiij, t will be continued under the firm of NEV INS ft TOWN3END. f RUSSELL H. NEVIN8, ; fehS - F.I.I11U TOWNSEND. ' NOTICE. 0" JThe partnership iieretofore existing between the subscribers under the firm of Read and - Pine, is dissolved by mutual consent. The settlement of the concerns of tbe firm it committed to Samuel Read, who continue the grocery business at the same place, rorper of Front and Fal - ton - strctU. New - York, Feb. 3d, 1818. SAMUEL READ, JA3. 1. PINE. . .; f.bSlwt fXy If Mr. Thomas l'yke, niaoivrf Loodon, is in this city, he is requested to can. I John B. Daih ft Son, No. 147 Broadway, wlrrfe be will be informed of something to his advantage or if absent, any information respecting torn communicated as above, willbolhankfullj received. Feb 3 lw - , A CARD. (& MRS. DELAC.E, Milliner from Pafit, . hat the honor of informing the Ladies of this ' city, that the hat just opened a small case, of the latest winter Hats received from Paris. . ; (. No. 0 Reed - street, 4 doort from Broadway, jan 30 lw , 1 - J I : WAIHIB0TO1V BKMEVOLKBT tOCIXTT, ELECTION. - frr Aa election of ohVert of Ihit society will take place at Harmony Hall, on Wedaesdny evening, the4thinttant, at five o'clock precisely. . Immediately alter the election THE REGULAR MEETING , of tbe society will be opened and the committee of arrangements for celebrating Ihe birth of our il - luitrious Washington, will make their report. . ANTU'Y WOODWARD, bee'ry. feb 2 St CO - PARTNERS - HI1. - ' frr - AUSTIN ft ANDREWS having taken Gad Taylor into partnership, the business will b '. transacted under tbo firm of Austin, Andrews ft ; Co. AUSTIN A ANDREWS, - GAD TAI LOU. fcb2 lw FOR ENGLAND, Dlllt - CT. rrP Letters for His Britannic Majesty's Pack - at PRINCESS ELIZABETH, (ibr Falmouth, . direct) will be received at the Post - Oflke till : WedotMlny afternoon, the 9tb day or r ebruary. - Jan 24 . i. vv. Muunr., ngeux. j . NOTICE. TT All persons having demands against th state of the late GUY R. CHAMPLIN, deceas - , d, will prerent their accounts, and tlxwe indsbt - 1 led will please make payment to rnlT fiilnr. X12..1 IV 1 bini) Jan 31 lw No. 83 South - street. . : COTILLION PAR its. " v - Th - mnnrs srive notice that the next cotitfion party will be on Thursday evewus; next, tbe 5lhFebrBry,;nttbe City Hotel. . . ! Jan 31 it ' NOTICE. . ft Tbe copartnership existing between William Host tad John E. Host, of the City of New York. Coecbmaker'i, ia this dty dissolved by mutual ennsent. Jan. 31, 1818. feb 2 lw WILLIAM ROSS. - rr I heassicneet of the estate of Mrt. Sid. ney Hewitt, (in order to give time for all ber c editors to come in and participate in the fundt provided for them.) do hereby extend the time of rendering their accounts to Mr. Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, unt l the 1st of March ensuing Feb 2 lm BUattK'S WAIER WHEEL. f"v - The nublic are restieclfully informed that the patent water w betl invented by tbe subscriber it now fixed, and is in action oa board tbe Steam Boat "York." the tott oat nereio'oie Deen . a tlower boat than the Jerui, working on the On Werindav last the two boatt . started side by side Irom Powle book (having tn committee of Directors oa board) ana cros - srd the Hudson together, when the l ork armed first ia the ijp onthit tide. This wheel.lifW ao back - water, and has been working K"' araonc tbe fc. , whica is treadled beneatb tne nrg,7dmaUiedbytbe perpend:ulsrreJdJes. . The wheel is left open for the impacts of the public wb art requested tocoosiu'er it as arst . irmoi imcni establnhicg a atw rnnciple, m th practical rwmtrvction of which (U JAer kc inrtmumi) improvements are cootemputtd. , C A. tttot fcbSlw Lw Euildictf ' 15 !S.i - .' I'

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