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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, February 4, 1818
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; ' rf " 1 1 '.V $1 '1 , M ! 2 .IV : I'' . " " : ... - M f.V , . ',; ux 1 i - I - V. 1 is4 - - r, .1 . i - I : - 1 V i f f .V.VXCKACIURE.,..' - " ; A Biemorial prer. ' J ft '.he. ?nte o( the United State, January 7, l'V" v.. To th bonorabl tft sete n; i.uu vf representatives of th United States, la congress a - ' eeniblsd, th petition ef the inhabitants of the - - ounty of Oneida, ia tUs iUU of Key - York, as - Weu tnnalacturert a outers, . , . - t TUepecUally tbewetb: ; . That th above county contains, a gratr BQ3V ter of manufacturing eatebluhinettt, of cotton and wooUm, than any county m th itata, ther being Inverted in aaij establiihmcots at least 600,000 dollar. . . , .. , '. . Tba.t, although the utmost efforts have been : made by toe proprietors to toitain those asta blishments, their efforts hava proved fruitless, and mora than three - fourths of Uia lactone . main necessarily closed, some of tha proprietors being wholly rained, and other struggling nndar IM greatest embarrassments. . ' lo thi alarming situation, w' beg leave to Snake a last appeal to tha congress of the Unitad - btate. " While w inaka this appeal, tna pre sent crisis, tha extensive ambarraawmant u most of tha great department of industry, at wall a tba peculiar difficulty m auoruing immediate relief to manufacturer, are fully taea and ' appreciated. Yt your petitioners cannot be - hare that the legislature of the union will re - lnaia an Indifferent spectator of the wide - tpread mm of their felloir - cititont, and look on, . and tee ' great branch of industry, of ibe utmost importance in every community, prMtrated under cir - ' cu instances fetal to all future attempt! at revival, without a further effort for relief. We would not magnify the tuliecL hich wa now present to congress, brvond it list merits, when we etate it to be one of the utnvtet importance ta the future intcreati and welfare of the United . ekre we proceea lartner, ana at the verr threshold, We ditclaioi all legulative patronage r favor to any particular dase or Munrh of m durtry at tne caponae of the other cUmc in th community. . We ask of congree the adoption of BO meainra, lof tba relief of Mnafactorer, which la not deemed conritent with enand aa - tionil policy, and the tat ioteret of the United btale at iarsre. But u a compliance with our prayer ta the dictate of widom, ana for the public rood; w our appueatajn bejnUifleut b the esampUi of all wie and patriotic ttate t no rovernotent of modern Cur pe it aofhort eightad, or regardl of it dutiea, a not to con - alaatly watch over, andyiekl a ateady and protecting rapport to the manufacturer of the ttate, wa bambly hope Una appeal in behalf of Amen , can manniacturei wtU not be made in vain. r Tbeclothinr for our citizen in peace, and oar army and eavy in war, are indispcntabie, and that the necaaeary aopply abouldbe independent or Kreifd naliou, are potitwot that will be controverted by none, Tha hut war atfoiUed aaoet lamen labia proof ; your aoldiara, expoeed to tha bclemenciee of a aortbeni climate ware at time : fonnd fighting in their rank almost naked. It Will not eecape obeerration, that national colli - un ana noeuuey are non lureiy w arne witn that nation from whom our aupplie are princi pally darived, and that the operation of war man Be nroaecntea on tne ocean ; nance, reru lar fopplie being cut off, tmaggling, violation ei law, witn au me concomiUnt evil eipenen - caam tne lain arar, are the certain comaqnen - cea. , . The aame disgraceful ecane are to be act ed over and over again, to the deep reproach of tne conn try. u tne prevent maanractorte are raSared to foil, the government will look in rain tor mean to avert those calamitiee. Surrounded with many embarranmenta, government, during the war, aaw fit to enfloorage manufacturing ettabMuoent ; and thoee who embarked their capital, it i humbly conceived, were warranted in the expectation of each continuing tupport of government a ahould protect I heir interact a - gaiaat that foreign rivalahip and hottility which m now operating to their ruin. They had a right, a they conceive, to expect !hif from what the government owed to ttaelf and to the independ ence and beet iatemta of the country, a well a from the example of other oation in Lke cir - - In reviewing (he dieetutlon o thit great qoet - tum, your petition en feel (haoualve juatified in aaying, that the queation ha not baan it all time &triy mat on iU true merit. We have been conatrained to witneat alarm aoanded, a though anew principle wa to be introduced, and the ; coon try now, for the firrt time, taaod (or the - mere oeoent or maauiactoriea, wtiat can be more untrue and unjust? We need not remind th honorable the conrree of the United State of what it known to all, that from the Bnteetab - . lUhment of the government, tpe - ial regard ba been had, in laying impost and taite, to the protection of domestic maaufactHret, by increatinj th duties on imported article coming in competition. ' Again, the tariff, in prolectinz manufac tares, ha bean represented as taxing the farmer and planter for th benefit of the manurictnrer : and hence, attempt have been made to excite popular prejudice asainst the latter. We need not dwell oa thit topic, in showing how unjurt to fauriduak and injurious to (he country the cnarre m. a it respects toe manufactariugdi - . tricla of the United 6 tales, tuers is no distinct ckus of mannfacturara, no tta ration of the ma nfaotomr and fanner t It, it th tanner himself who m the manufacturer t he Invest hi money . m maaafaoturittg stock. With the exception of a n w lactones, in or near tne great towns, by rar the greater part of mann factoring stock will ba lonad m u iiaaj ef the rarmcr. Between different district or ilntes. one ma - , noJacturing and the ether not, a different ques tion arise, wtucn resolve itself into a mere e - qnality or apportionment of iaxe on th differ ant part ef the Union; and here it will be seen, on a view of the whole system of impost and taxes, that no injustice ia done, a th mauufac taring district have, and still do, contribute .. their fall proportion to the public treasury. Oi the internal taxes, it will appear, that they have paid an amount greatly beyond th numerical standard or rut of apportionment prescribed bytn conttitatjoa. The tact is not hare men tionsd for th purpose o( complaint, but to show now fallacious it w to select the duty ooapartt - . eular article, to settle th question of equality in the general apportionment of taie. We might again coo&Jeatir appeal to the tariff of impoita. andaskif the duty it not greater on many other article than en Imported cloths (with tu ex ceptioe of Certain coarse and almost nselew cot ton of the East - India. ) Thi is believed to be the case with most of the specific duties, and emutentiy so in some mstance. ' Were th gov eromeoi in proceed much lartner than i now contetnplalad, and bestow premium for th en couragement ef particular branches of industry, example to justify the meuare wouU be found m the wisest end best administered governments. While the provitMa in the constitution, rentes - (ng any aWy an trprtx, favor the groat tuple productions of the south, it injurs th dome - tic manufacturer, and subvertiTe of the reaf principle adopted by irfdt bationt te nslrain Iht txfrt Ik ran tnaiemtl nfccumg in wuimifac - , rare. Bat aeitnar ef this provision do your pe - . titioner complajn. ' ' . Wa hope to nod excuse in tha importance of roe suDject, lor snmmttmg to iht coaideratKia , eTcongrea tha IbUotring principles of political ' eomotny, which ha v been adopted by the met enugnteoea government, ana are Jaemed uot al ' torsthcr inxpulicabU to the United KtmtM That th public rood require of roverament to rcrtraia, by duties, tb fanportatioa of articles ( wtrich may be nredisced at h - Mne, and to rnanu - factnr as mn a posrible of th raw material ef the rowntry, That 0 branches of indnttry pirticularljne - eeetary or useful to die independence of the eowrnirBity on;ht to be encouraged by govern ' Tbat the most djadraota - ott - comsnerc i oi i in ot or the in ry ha by a on lie ot . the far - th&t wkich excaanjea Ihe raw material for na - aunctnred goods. . . f - v - . t ; ? '" Tiit any nation wLo should open its porta to aj for n importations,', witl aut a reciprocal privilege, would toon be mined by th balance eftrad. ' ' ' - ' v' Th Dolicv of Great - Critain, ia uppart e which, no wart, however bloody, bo expanse, however enormous, T 100 V acrific, ought never to be lost tight of by the U. State. That cation xsamet to mns:ctsr sor a.i oa. tiomv but will receire the manufactaree ef none, So tenacious, so jealous k aba of the first dawning of maanfacture elsewhere, that the binds even the bands of her own colonist. Th Jea lousy of parliament wa excited, nearly a century ago, try tha petty hat manufactory of Massachusetts! and an act of parliament actually passed, in lb reign of George the second, prohibiting ihe e reel ion of furnace, in British Ame - nca, (or slitting irjej. The treat Chatham, the least bostil to Bri tih America of Dritish miuistert, in bis speech in the house of lords, on Ihe address to th throne in 1770, expressed his atmost alarm at the first efforts at manufacture in America. Mr. Brougham, adistinroithedmemberofthe British parliament, recently declared in hit place. that it wa well worth while, at the close of tha late war, to Incur - a lorn en the ex nort a Lion to the United State, in order to stifle in the era - die our rising manufacture. It bin vain for any man to shut hit eye against the active rival snip and perse verm r nostilitr of British mann (actor s and when the capital, th deep - rootod esiaoiisnment, the improved machinery, and lb kill of th British manufacturer, protected as no always is Dy tn government, are considered. it ought not to excite surprise that the American manuiacturer, witliout the. support of bis government, it found unequal to the contest. But jfclding to mannfactories reasonable support in their infancy, the government will, at no distant penou, find them lle to defend themselves gainst foreign competition and hostility, and at me same tune make ample return to the nation tor its protecting kindness. It wa th opinion of Mr. Hamilton, former secretary of the treasury of th United Stt te. a well u of sir James atewart, that no new ma nufactory can o tablished. in the present state of the world, without encouragement from go - It cost the English parliament a rtrumrle of 40 ! vtwmraciug m uie retgo oi bawara intra, to get the belter of the established manufactures oft lander. It is believed that much less n couragement from government would place (he manufacturer of th United 8tate on a secure foundation. While the writers of (hat nation are teen to hichly commend the principle of Ad am Smith, that industry ought to be left to pur sue it own course, without tb interference of th legislature, th government has. at all time. and uudr every vicissitude, turned a deaf ear to Ihe lemon, a thoneh it were intended for other nations, ana earned legislative regulations into every department ana avenue of industry. Tb Bntitb statute book rroatu under those renin tion. Th policy of ihe rovernment ha proved triumphant immeasurable wealth flowed in up on the nation, giving it a power and control ever oiner nation atver before attained, and to long enjoyed by any people to inconsiderabl in num. oers. But let no one marine that a rentral tvstem manuiacraret u now proposed te be introduced into the United State. . We would be nndar. stood a limiting our view to tb manufactories already established t to av (hose, which have hot already fallen, from the ruin which threaten them. ' - After all that the present manufactories ran supply, there will remain to foreign importation an amount, it is believed, equal, if not exceeding the mean of the country to pay (or. nai importation, let it be remembered, will be mostly from a country which shuts h er ports gainst the production of the United State. and keep them so, unlet the necessities of her manufactories, or hunger and (edition open them , and then the fatal suspension of ten prove, as tba experience of the ill - rated hipper ef bread stuffs, the present year, will attest, a mere denoy to ruin. Lord Sheffield, the year 1783, declared that, except in time war, mere never wa a market (or American wheat in Great Britain, exceeding three or lour years inmewnnie. ; There wa a time when the balance of trade, believed m both countries to be generally asrainst the United States, was, in some degree, satisfied counter balanced by a (avoralil trad with West Indies ; but a recent change of policy the Britiih councils ha cot off that resource, and th parent ttate prefer exposing hr colo nies to iiarving, ratnar tnan open her porta to amenrau commerce. ' It is obvious how mnch that government pre sumes on it advantages over us. oa the predi lection oi our citizen ar unum manuiacturaa, and th influence of toe liberal purchases in the south of the material for her cotton mfiniifar - turet. ... . . t We hope to be excated in repelling the nn warrantable imptitalioa bestowed on mannfac tories of woollen and cotton as being injurious to me neaiui ana moms oi tne community. On this point we may content ourselves with referring to the healthful site of our factories, the spacious work - rooms (req'Ured by tb neot machinery,) and appeal to every man who vuntea a lactory, tor tesumony agamtt. th imputation. What is th experience eo the ub - ject t Scotland manufactures not only what is required lor it ni habitants. Put about five mil lion of dollar annually in tb article of cotton atone, for ef portal ion, and yet, in both it phy sical and moral character that nation sustain a high elevation.. Wa look in vain for evidence that the arms of Scotchmen" have been withered their manufactories, nor do w recollect th field of battle in Europe where the arm of any nation war found stronger in conflict. To swell the tale of prejudice against manu factures, it b said that unreasonable price for goods were dsmwvled at th period of tb late war. . 1 o reason with sncn objections would be mere wast of time. We might ask what mcr - thint, mechanic or farmer, in any age or coon try, ever forbore to raw hi prices according to the demand in (he market I It enter into, first principles. Did the importer treble hit first coat Lis cloths, even on smuggled goods, and doe make the charge of extortion against saaau facturers ! The war unhinged every thing, and chawed th whol order of 'society and course bii - toe - s. It mieht have been expected, that the pre sent (alien condition of manufactures would have (ootbed prejudice and disarmed hostility With all their alledred war profit, there are now none so poor. . I it not seen, that the des truction of the present manufactories must In evitablv produce the same evil of extravagant paici in tne event of a rurure war, a were experienced in the last r Aa to the imnuied etlect of the tariff, in sn - hanei' r the price of imported goods, it is be lieved that goods were never o sow as under operaWou of the present duue sna, so as competition between domestic and fcr - . . . . . . . . i - i . sign goou nan coniriouiea ia wis, crcuit imtlv due tooir manufacturer. . . 1 1 . ... .... . - V . . iioDiecx u,inai me eniiresnausiry oi isc conntry may be most profitably exerted in cieartng and rullivatmg our extended vacant Unas. - But what does it avail the farmer. when neither in the nation from which he pur - cnusrs nw goons or elsewhere, can be find a marVt ft his abundant crop. Beside, the diversion of labor from asritcaltarelo sanfc - tures u scarcely perctpUWe. t it or six adalte ntb lb aid of children, win manage a cotton maeufacljry of two thousand sptndlea. fins p gtomv conftitioa oi (lie muaractar era, the miad. turnii - g to another quarter. Is cheered with the brightest roprc( to ntbers. in - U (be mor southern tae, it it believed, (hat the swimt waived, dnrirg tSs last year, from the export of t .vo or three article of f fricultural produce onJy, exceeds forty million of dollar. As preal is made to t!i equity, to the patnoi' ssm, cf toe touinera malemm ' hi aid and cooperation is invoked for the relief of the tnCeruig mimuractorer of the northern and middle states. In conclusion, yonr petitioner bambly pray, thtt provision may be mad try law, for making (he prevent duties on Imported woollens and cot - iooperuiMnf ; for prohibiting the uaponauoa of cotton good from beyond tb Cap of Goo Hope, for consamption er awe in the United States, (according to th example of several European rnveramentsl: for restralnisc auction ale of roods, and for the more xeneral intro duction and use of domestic rood in the army and navy of the United State. Oeleberi, 1817. . tfKtV - YORK EVENING POST. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARI 4. Manufacture. Odr readers will not fail, we hope, to peruse attentively the memorial to the teaaje of tb United States, contained ta the. petition of the inhabitant of Oneida county. W trust (hat congress will permit th subject to occupy' a principal thar of (heir attention (he present session, and (hat in furthering the views of th petitioners they will go to (he atmost verge, short of. burdening and oppressing other classes of the community. We look at the sub ject in a national point of view, and, with the de clarationt of British statesmen staring at in th face, w feel a strong disposition to go every length to meet themt consistent with sound po licy. . : ... , ' The tudden and violent storm of wind, accom panied alternately with hail, rain and snow, which set in yesterday forenoon from (he N. E did not abate in ill fury until nearly midnighf, when (he wind chopped round to N. W. and a bout half past 12 o'clock it cleared up, pleasant for winter weather. The wind blew almost a hurricane, and fears were entertained for the shipping in (he bay ; but w are happy to learn by the Bntwh schooner Sisters, which came up (hit morning from Sandy - Hobk, that they all rode out the gale. Our accounts from vessels dot on Ihe coast, we are fearful will be let fa vorable. The steam ferry - boat lerk, started from Powles - Hook yesterday morning at half past 10 o'clock, having on board thrs wsggoos, each with two horses, and about thirty pasten gen. t inding it impossible to reach Ibe steam boat dock at the foot of Courtland - street, the en deavored to run into Whitehall - slip, Ihe east side of th battery but meeting the strong bb tide from Ihe east river, and th wind continually increasing, she was driven out past Castle - Wil liam down through tb Barrows, where she met the flood (ids, and was enabled to make a harbour under fort Diamond, about half past four o'clock yesterday afternoon. Her th landed (h passenger and bones, and about two o'clock this 'morning, put bar machinery in motion and came up to town, uninjured. We ought not to omit to ttate, that during the most violent part of th gale, and while the tteam - boat was drifting between Bedlow't Island nl Robins' Ref, at the mercy of the teat, Mr. Vanderbill's packet ferry - boat Dread went off to her assistance, and succeeded, at great risk, ia taking from her 12 passengers, and landing them at White - Hall. Tttke Editor of the Av - Frtj Etenmg Pott, . fir Through tb medium of your paper, 1 beg leave to ta(e that it was the Steam Ferry - Boat " York,' which wa carried lo (he Nar rows, by the sudJen and violent storm of yester day t the Jeney perceiving th situation of th York, remained in port during the continuance of the gale. Tha morning, at 4 o'clock, the For arrived safe at the foot of Courtlandt - strect, her engine perfect order, and her water - wheel, with perpendicular p addict, a sound as when first fixed. . ' . I am informed by the Pilot that th ware beat knee - deep over th' vessel, that the alarm on board was very great, but that .although then were many wnggon on deck, and a host of pas - sengers, no accident occurred. . I am, Sir, your obed't servant, C. A. BUSBT, 8 Law - Buildings. Feb. 4, 1818. From Iht Albany Daily Adrtttistr of Monday. COUNCIL OF APPOINTMENT. Th house of assembly on Saturday made choice of the following genlJemen as.a council of appointment for ta ensuing year ! Peter IU Livingston, southern district - Jabes D. Hammond, asidJI do. Henry Yates, Jon. eastern , iin. - Henry Seymour, western do. In senate, on Saturday, the bill for the relief of Eunice Chapman was rerd a third time and passed. This bill is barely a modification of (he former one rejocted by the council of revision. In the house of assembly, on Saturday, the bill for repealing the duelling act was rejected, 66 to 44, without farther debate. The house then went into a committee of the from taking (he oath prescribed by tne duelling law, anu in milling mm o a seau Gen. Root supported the resolution at consi derable length, and was followed, on the other side by Mr. Williams, of Oneida. The reason ing of Ibis gentleman was clear, sonnd and uige - nioas, and in our opinion conclusive against the propriety of ibe resolution. Mr. Colden replied to Mr. Williams in favor of tha resolution, and occupied the fleer until tn hoorof adionrument. Th committee rot without taking the question. The following are the ttandyig committee of Of Claims Messrs. Rots, Dayton, and Swift Of Ways and Mean Messrs. Young, Hart, and Barnam.. Of Privilege and Elections Messrs. Frey, Baiet ana tismmona. - Of Etpiring Laws Messrs. Van Buret), Skinner, and Ditaas. Agriculture and Commerce - Messrs. Tibbitts, J. Prefvlerraot. and Bowne. Of Enrollment Mettrs. Frey. Loeasberrv. ana tiammona. On the Military Establishment Messrs. Yoeng, Swift and Cantinc. Banks and Currency Mestn. Van Vechten. Ogden, and Bate. Steam - Boat Hotel, Reading and News - Rnom, Norfolk, Jan. 27th, 1818. S Captain Johnson, of the cntter Flying Fish, who arrived in Hampton Roads oa funday eight from ot. Thomaa, mibrms, that just before he tailed, a rwilwnt arrived (her from th Main, bringing latelligesjcs) that aa engagement had r. cenlly "taVen placa btireen !be palnoti and RoyaUsts, on th plain of Valencia, la which the former had baan defeated This commum - caliua wai mad to Hi American consul, to presence of eapt J.: Tki pamrn of the commanding iBcer pipl. J. doe not recollectThe tains gentleman farther observed, that preparations wtre making for a battle, which it was expected would be fought in a few day at Torre - dos - Thi bailie, it - was generally believed, would decide the tate oi (bote belligerents m tjut motion of the country. J .. ' , .W.O.LYFORD. It it an ill wind that blows nobody good." Frma iht Demacrtlie Press Ftb. 3. ' Sloe Htre The price of a teat in the United Rtata Mail Coach, from Philadelphia tu New York, has tair been f 10. This season a line of opposition Stages were started The charge for a teat in those stages was fixed at 1 dolls. W now learn that the Pest Master General hat tent order to the United Slate' Agent for the Mail Stage to lower the fare in the U. States' Mail Coaches to 5 dolls, a seat from Philadelphia tn New - York. , . ! ' . . ' - Nnw - oELSaJrt. Jan. 8. Prire Current. Cotton lit quality 32 a 32 : - t cenft ; 2d do 28 a 30 ; tobacco, prime, 8 a 8 1 - 2 ; flour, fresh tup. $15 ) old do 8 a 8 ; wear 9 o 10 cents ; molasses, prime, 42 (o 45. Freights, cottoa to Liverpool, t a 1 1 - 2 cts. per lb dull i do to r ranee Z 1 - 2 a 3 1 - 4 do do t do states, i a i 1 - 4 (sugar do H 1 - 2 to 9 per hhd tobacco, as a bove if to 15 do. Excbanee, on England, par do France do t states 1 per ceat advance i trea sury notes, par. But little produce hatcome to market - holders are getting the above price readily ; but a depression in the price maybe daily expected in the article of cotton and tobacco but it it the opinion of merchant! (hat Hour and sugar will ex perience an advance. . This beimr the anniversary of th glorious vie lorr of New - Orleans, we in common with every friend lo Louisiana, hold it sacred to festivity. Another attempt al Robbery. The store of Messrs. Talcott and Bower, wa azain broken open on Tuesday night by a gang of villains. A prison who slept ia the store snapped a gun al them, which unfortunately misted (ire, and they all escaped, carrying with them only a small a - mnunt of eoods. whit h they had laid hold of be fore tbev were alarmed. Thit circumstance. combined with the bold attempt which wet made a lew nightt ago, to ron tne Louisiana oanx, leavet no room to doubt (hat our city it infested by an organised band of midnight robbers. ALEXANDRIA, Feb. 2. Price of produce still continues high. The waggon price on Saturday for flour wat $ 10 tut - i - . t . . i t i .Til ts neat it in uemaou ai ma ueignoonng muu. CHARLESTON, Jm. 26. On Friday last, came on Ihe trial of captain 1 hot. f anning, of toe Hup Telegrapn, lor inveig ling a nezro on board his ship.. We are happv to ttate, that the jury were so well convinced of tb innocence of th captain, iney gave tneir verdict of not guilty, without retiring from the box, to the great satisfaction of all hit friends, and th bar m general. , Report of actual tale for (he week past : Cotton Sea - Island, 55 a 56 cents per pound Abort staple, 33 a 34 cents Rice Prime, $5 87 1 - 2 a 6 Second Quality, 5 3 - 4 Flour Camden, (sup.) $t Philadelphia, 12 Dry Good A considerabl number of coun try dealers have been in town thro ugh (be week, and merchandise to a pretty large ameunt has changed hands. ' A large sale of India and German goods, at auction, averaged but a very moderate price. British cotton godds, of all importations, will scarcely bring the sterling cost ; those of recent importation, average from 25 to 50 per cent on the cost urocenet Sugars are rattier oeavy , molas ses has declined a little since our last ; coffee con tinue at prices of last week ; brandy it held by .oma above our ouctation. Cotton Some few sales of uplands Bars been made within a day or two, at 3.1 cents : but par censer are generally unwilling to go into (he market, under present prospects. - Our quota tion of sea islands are merely nominal. Rice Ha again advanced, and several hundred barrels have been disposed of at $5., ' Flour Also, has improved a little since our Corn la on (he decline a prime cargo was sold at $1 12 1 - 2 cvnts. Oats, by the cargo, have been sold at 50 ceuts. Tobacco I raid (o ba advancing - in North - Carolina ; if so, it will have its effect her. BOSTON, Feb. 1. The late severe weather caued much ice to be made in our harbour, but the main channel remains open. A gentleman from Chelsea, arrived in town yesterday, at 3 o'clock, P. M. reports a brig in distress, at anchor in Point Shirty Gut Channel her mamataat gone, foremast standing, no yards across, bowsprit standing, 8 or 10 persons on quarter deck. Signal, red square flag, with a blue square in the centre. Wind N. W. and 8. E. fair Np arrivalt - r Two brigs below, supposed to be the Francis, for Wilmington, and Hope, for Calcutta. Tbe brig Mary It Elita, capt Beadlt, from Salem, bound to Sumatra, took from the uninhabited bland of Trinidad, seventeen males and two females, (he passengers and part of the crew of (be French ship Jenne Sochie. capt Bra - man, from llavre - ile - Urace bound to Bourbon, which ship had taken Are at tea, inconsequence, at wat believed, of having vitro) on board, and on making Trinidad, they bad been obliged to run her on shore for the preservation of their live. Tbe thip't long boat with eight handt had been dispatched to the coast of Bratils for assistance, shortly alter they reached (be island, which was about a month previous to their being relieved by capt. Beadle , but when the M. tl E. left tbe island, nothing bad been heard of hrr. Captain Beadle took (hem all on board, and at much of (heir baggage a (he violence of the turf wonld permit to he brought off, and landed 'hem at the Cape of Good Hope, on the 10th of October fol lowing. The Mary St Elita tailed from (he Cane for Sumatra, on the 20th October. A correspondent informs us, that in one of the largest wooden churches in thifcity, a light was left burning until 2 o'clock on Monday morning last when - the neighbors, being alarmed, bad the rexton awakened, and compelled him to extin - gniih the light it well at to rake up all the coals which were left in the stove. Thit church being surrounded by wooden buildings, the great est damace might have resulted from this nerlect and sextons generally would do wU, during th inclement teaton, to ascertain that all wa safe before they lock the doors. A dvcrpic. By th British schooner .Sisters, we have re ceived Halifax paper to January 23. ' The schr." Critic, from Halifax for Boston, has put into Liverpool (N.J.) " A schr. from Halifax for Boston was spoken about (he 20th ult off th Seal Wand she bad pat away for Yarmouth, having some of her crew frost - bitten. . HALIFAX, Jan. 21. Arrived brig Alligator, Coulson, 1 1 day from Norfolk. ' . The inhabitants of Halifax, generally, have evinced their regret at the death of Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte Augusta, by appearing in mourning.. The Royal Standard t(Fort Guorge,and the Colour of the Vessel in the Harbour, were, on Sunday last, display, halfmast high. The public place of Worship were hunt with black, and diseoure'rs suited to the sad event addressed to the Congrega - i (,' I The city Inspector report the death f 58 per. sons, from tbe 21th to the 3 1st January, of tb .following diseases ':. t .I - - - Apoplexy f , fcatualty 1 1 child bed 2 f con sumption 1 ICOnvOlSlOB , uropsj t jwivihj m the neaa 3 lever, rypous i ; am r i .u - (Ummatioaof tb bowels 1 ; inflammation of tb chest 2 1 inflammation of (he fiver 1 ; measles 2 ; mortification 1 $ old age 3 , paley 2 ; peripneu - mooy 1 , pleurisy 1 : rheumatism 1 ; rupture 1 , scrofula or king's evil, 1 : small pox 1 , spasms 1 ; still bore 6 i suicide by lantUnma 1 1 tabes meteoterica 1 1 worms 1. 1 ' GEORGE CUMING, Ciry Intpector. MARRIED, Yesterday morning, at Castleton, (Staten Island) ' by the Rev. Dr Romeyn, Mr. Win. S. Root, (of the house of Priest & RooO to Miss Maria Metcalfe, eldest daughter of George Metcalfe, Esq: of the former place. " On Monday evening, by the Rev. Mr - 0P"ag, ift. William Waller, of Devonshire, Eng,a,B.d, to tne amiable miss 1 rmperance Kulen, oi "us city. . DIED, Yesterday morning, Mrs. Rebecca Williams, wife of Mr. Elii.halet Williams, in the 37th year of her age. The friends and acquaintance of Ibe la milt, are respectfully requested to attend her funeral to - morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock, trom Ho. 4U rme - slrert, without further invita tion. . r.i Yesterday afternoon, of a lingering nines, Miss jane Drainer, m in lvtn year orberag. i be relations and friends of the family, are requested to attend her funeral, to - morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the house other uncle, Garret U Abeel, no. 19 Park - place. At Norfolk, capt John 17. Fawn, of the late firm ofTheodonck Armistead & Co. - aad former ly the U. S. nary - agent for Norfolk. tr&MMi POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, . Ship Samuel, Leger, Newry J as. Flack Brig Eliza, Thnyer, Schr. Louisa, Napier, Perseverance, Cock, Savannah Charleston Saul Alley. Kingston, Jam S St J Hilyer ARRIVED THIS FOREMJOM British schooner Sitters, Allen, 8 days from Halifax, with fish to Rowland U Braine. Pas sengers. Messrs. Moffat, Jemmison, and Givans. Left schr. , Edward, and schr. Enterprise. Fraser, both for New - York, in 2 or 3 days. spox nouung. x Tbe shin William, from Hull, remained at aa cbor (hi morninx in the Bay near where she lay yesterday afternoon. uvni via, 4aa. so. aititsu, snuw scar Lelitia, Donaldson, 28 days from Demarara. - Th L. wat bound to Halifax, JV. 8. but retlinr snort or provisions, put in here, where he will dispose of bit cargo.. A brig had arrived at Demarara from NYork, with flour, and, after re maining 48 noun, sailed Z aayt be sore tbe L. as was supposed, for Grenada. The captain had been offered $12 per bbl. for bis flour, but refused to mil at that price. Put in below, wind - bound, schooner Logan, Holmes, and Betsey, Robinson, from Richmond. bound to NYork. In Hampton Roads, bound hence, British brig Thomas Durham, from Kingston, Jam. ' T Also, ship Edward Comtek from Boston. Nxw - oaLxan. Jan 8. Arrived, tbin Bar clay, Roberts, from Liverpool. ting i we brotnera, King, irom n lorn. The ship Marts ret Kelly, and brisr Alabama. Hamilton, both from Baltimore, were at (he Turn yesterday. RICHMOND, Jan. 29. Arrived, tcbr. Hen ry Denis on, Thompson, New - York. sioop Aipoa, jomn, new - iorx,. CasaitsToa, Jan. 26. Arrived brig Renown. Hallett. Boston 25 days. On the 12th intt. in let 33 25, long 75. Spoke ship Juliet, Ellis, of Baltimore, 9 day from Havana, bound to Rotterdam. Brig Got. Jones, George, Havana 7 days. Brisr Hariet (of Alexandria) RuseelL New - Orleans, 17 days, and 11 from the Balixe. n 1 .1 ' . . t. . 1 1 - t . I rassra in uie river, Keica sunn o teign, uroot. - ings, 22 days from this pott, and 60 sail of vessels, principally square rigged all bound up - Sailed in co with the brig Caspian, Wetherell, for Boston and brig John London, (of Wilmington) , ft Savannah. Spoke off tbe battle ground, brigs Olive, Lunt, from Havana and Alabama, from Baltimore, both bound up and requested to be reported. The day' capt R. s.iled (3th intt.) prime cotton wa offered at 32 cents. . ... Brig Mount Pleasant, Eddy, Havana 7 days. Sell Ocean, , NYork 7 days. Sch Independence. Ames, Providence, R 1 5 days. i Cleared, ship Camillua, Choate, St Salva dor ; brigs Henry - Clay, Thomas, Cowes and a market; William, Wilson, New - York. Went to sea yesterday, shin Risinir States, Swinburn, N York. HsVAii, Jan. 19. Arrived shin Sandabock. Knapp, Boston 26 daya. - Sailed American brig Abacllino, for Bay of Honduras. THEATRE. Second night of Mr. INCLEDON'S engagement ' isn tveanesaay evening, r eo. 4, Will be presented the comic opera of the CASTLE OF ANDALUSIA, ox tu aaasiTTi o the foeist. Don Caesar, Mr. Incledon To which will be added, the Allegorical Panto mimic Spectacle of CINDERELLA, on tbx littljt class lurrxiu . NOTICE. The copartnership heretofore existing oeiween inesnnscnoers unuer tne nrm of r. s J. 8 EX TON. is (his day dissolved. Februarv an n s tin a Ct r - i r r nviitn feb 4 at JQ3. pKaTO.s, Junr. FX' An adjourned meeting of th Protestant Lpiscopal Tract Soaety, will be held in th ves try room of Trinity Church on Thursday even ing next, at 1 o'clock. Tbe attendance of the member, and of all persons interested in tbe welfare of the institution, is respectfully solicited, MJJ Hlttni D 1 THOS. K. STANFORD, Sec. Pro Tern. Feb 4 t tjt A meeting, by adjournment of tbe trustees oi co'umnia College, will he held on Saturday next the 7th instant, at eleven o'clock, A. M. in ine couege. CLEMENT C. MOORE, Clerk, feb 4 31 - NOTICE. " Sj - The citizens are requested to be particular in causing th mow and ics on th side waltc and gutters to be cleared aff, and when it cannot be don without injury to the pavement, to be strewed with sand or ashes, m conformity to an ordinance of tbe corporation in such case made and provided As their safety and comfort materially depends upon their attention in this particular, it it presumed that the law on this sub ject will be strictly complied with. J0. M'COMB, Street Comoisiooer. Street Com. Office I - . . 3d Feb. 1818. f Feb4 - 0 Another rotdtn prite pes at Aiieri'o Ticket No. 6657 came up yesterday apprise of ajuu. i ne sononate Holder . presented (be ame this morning, and received from Messrs. Allen's, of whom he bought it the gold. ,The holder of the 1 10,000, which will be drawn next Monday, shall be paid with the same promptness. Ticket No. 3320, which drew the great pns of $100,000, wa paid at Allen's lucky office the day ailer it was drawn, beinr the highest pra ever drawn ia America. N. B. Ail tickets sold al Allen's hav their names printed on th back. Teh 4 ' 11 03" THE FORUM win be tpsaed en Frid,. evening next, Hi Cth mstant, at th Assesabi, room, City Hotel, nrben Use following cuesti. :I L. - A' t ma m .1.. u urn uuvuhcu, j rs earn mamaget eaeuu. ieenssio to commence at T o'clock prccist. A Ticket will admit a lady and gentleman. Tkkt fo be had at 9. Long worths and it the door at 25 cents each. Feb 4 at tot the rich prases come inio!J ttyU. ' &' Ticket No 19062 being the first - draw number this dav,1 and entitled to One Thou, sand Dollars, was sold by ROItERT WflTL Jun. 136 Broadway, who ha sold , more prize, and paid more prices in tbe present Lottcrt . V .A!.. f) w i. - i feb 4 , ' rQ W ATC11 - MAKR8. U doiea Wajfe JL Springs ,. nr vvvh , r .tut viwuii , . .' For sale at , H. VOSi ' "No.74WashugtoiMtreet feb4 Iw .' . OoDilLE li CO. Hq. 44 South - street, off, foi sale. 150 bales of Calcutta Piece Goods, consisting of ' . : ' ' '. ' - Baftas, chewdagariet, cottar, emerties ' , Gurrahs, blue gurrahs, - entitled to drawback Long Cloths, mamoody, mull mulls Saunas, sawns and seenuckers - Bandannoe and lungee audy silk hdkfs " 1 tehee and madras pattern hdkfs 10 pipes Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - Madeira wine '.' back 10 cask Turkey red wine 124 boxe (weet oil, 12 bottleseach 11 case Italian letter paper ' 250 bags corks, 7 cases fur hate - 45 ceroons Peruvian bank, 8 caikf senna 5 cates cum (ragaganth 1 ense Turkey opium - , - ' 60 bdxea Russia window glass : - . 15 bales Russia feathers, 15 do do down ' '' ' 280 bolls Russia duck, 1st and 2d quality . .. ' 40 pig t block tin ; copper bolts assorted Spelter, gunny bag 140 hnds. first quality Muscovsdo Sugar, esti - led to drawback. - feb 4 ' ENGLISH BACON, &c ENGLISH Bacon, Split Peas, Berkley, Double Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese, all of very superior quality, imported ia (he Asa Ma rts, from Liverpool. v Also, a reneral assortment of first auahtr Teas and Groceries,' t up sauces Ulives. Ancbovie Very old Jamaica Rum Superior 6th proof Irish Whiskey American rue nppie ineete English Porter, Ue mi Johns, and Bristol War, for stile cheap for cash by .. v E. BLACKFORD, - 157 GraenMcn - treet Q in Bro For Sale or to Rent, stir, . ' Two HOUSES and a STORE, situated Hi uivwumt i road - street, Newark, (If. J.I opposite Ihe pitcopal Cborch. Also, i for sale, (he HOUSE and LOT, 11 t olton - st feb 4 Iw TO LAT, The 3 story House, No. 44Nastau - st to let from 1st May next Apply to , GEO. DUMMER at CO. feb 4 tf 112 Broadway. TO LkXTor LkKASK, From the 1st May next, th Ihree'ttory brick bouse, No. 18 Courtlaodt - street. Apply at theoffice of N. LAWRfcftCF, feb 4 lw No. 172 Fulton - street, Q TO LET, . The handsome new bouse, with base ment story. No. 13 Murray - street at present oc - enpied by Mr. W. C. Rhmelaader. Apply to " fob 4 61 Wall - street ; SALE AT AUCTION BY UOFFMAJf and GLASS. ' - On Saturday, llhinst. ' The House and Lot No. 18 Wall - street 30 ieet front and 108 feet deep more or Vets, with a right or partition wtui witn tn necnaaics Bank, built by day work. Possessien of (he greater part of (he premise may be had immediately if required. Terms made easy and known at time of tale. - "Teh 4 3t Q offered VALUABLE PltoftklY. Th fottowinx very valuable property la for sale - 1 That substantial built and commodious 3 story . brick HOUSE aad LOT of GROUND. No. 5 Courtland - street calculated for a large and con - , venient (tore in front ; said kit befog 26 feet front ana rear oy liu feet aeep. ALSO, The 2twotorybrtck HOUSES and LOTS f GROUND next below adjoining, being No. 5 and 7, well known as tbe oldest establishment of ? , stage office and tavern in th city said lot be - , ing each front and rear zu let I in widtn oy 110 ieet deep. I or terms, anpiv on the premise, or to juui l. uicMASWi. . feb41w . BOOKa recently published aad for sale by K' ' W. B. GILLEY, Bookseller k Stationer, No. 92 Broadway. Journal of tbe proceedings of the late Embas - - sy to China, by Henry Ellis, q. $2 50 1 Letter from (be Cape of Good Hope, in reply to Mr. . Wardens, with extracts from Bonaparte's great work, 75 cts. Tbe Knight of St. John, a romance, by Mis Ann Maria Porter, author of Thaddeu of Warsaw, 1 75 1 Tb Balance of Comfort or tbe old Maid and married Wontaa, 1 75 1 letters from the South, by the author of Joh Bull aud Brother Jonathan, 2 50; Nan - . creed' Abridgement of Orpbila, on Poison. $3i Kemarxs on Antiquities, Arts ana Letien ot ita - !7 byJotcpn forsytn, esq. z au ; I ranee, Lady Morgan, 2 vols, ix mo. z oil; ao. translations, 1 vol. 8 vo. 2 50 ; Tbe Welsh Mountaineer, a NoveV by Mis Hatton, 2 50. - feb 4 Monthly Scientific Journal. JUST publubed, (he Monthly Scientitle Journal," containing disquisitions in natural 1 philosophy, chemistry, and the arts. Also, an extensive Mathematical Correspondence, price 25 rente, by W. Mariat A. M ' . and follow of th Nsw - York Philosophical Sod - , ' ety ; said by (he editor at his academy, between No. 1 MuJTjy - ftreet and Broadway, where rub - . scriben names wai b thankfully received. Feb 4 lw : CORPORATION PROPERTY. TO be sold at public section on Friday tbe 20th inst at Ihej City - Hall, at It o'clock 9 Lots of Ground o tb westerly tide of Cd - lect - st between Anthony and Leonard - st 12 Lot on, the eatterty tide of Collect - tt between Anthony and Leoaard - ts. 7 Lotsoa th easterly tide of Collect - tt between Leonard and Franklin - it. 1 Lot on the westerly tide of Leonard - st be tween Collect and Orange - tts. . ALSO, fi Cellars under Catharine market for 3 yean from 1st May next. The epper part of the Watchhoun in CI - dridge, late Tbird - it for 3 years from 1st May. The upper part of (he Walchbowtt ia Spring - t(. for 1 year from the 1st May. ine ferry at Manhattaaviiie rot l year. A nap of tbe Collect lot mar be sera aad Par ticulars knowa at the Comptroller' Office, City Hall. . feb4dtd TICKETS A D VAJfCIJfQ. ON Friday morning next Medical Science? Lottery Ticket will advance from (be pre sent price of 13 to 15 dollars. Tbe next aember . that Comes out of the wheel after Friday' draw - ine will be entitled to the atationarr prise or f 10,000 dollar. A very few tickets remain sm - told at - Lottery and Exchange Office, No. S4 Maidea - van. Where thebicbest prit vet drawn hat been. sold, vis 1 16897, 6000 doll, drawn on ThartriaT last besides many other valuable prises iathe same lottery. Middle District bank aote received at rar. or exchanged for specie, at a small premium. aV - Vvk 1 i leo it . . ... V " P .a - 'V 1 V. M

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