The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 29, 1934 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 29 1934 lUAOVii Vfi-i. JL vrAJvjuiJ-v*^*^*"*- *.« .... __ RECENT STUART CHASE BOOK RgVIEWED^T^EETING » · · · · * ' -- 1 1 , 1 1 - - · M.»----"-- -^^-^--1__ - --.-.- - - --^---- . ^ _ . , » j t_ .IKi^l 1 Klvol/^i C/« « ^* Department Hears Talk by. Yelland Necessity for Thinking Is Stressed in Discussion a t Y . W . C A . Poniting out the necessity for peo- ·pel to do some discriminating thinking along the lines accepted by everyone as matter of fact, Curtis -.TcUand reviewed Stuart Chase's new book, "The Economy of Abundance 1 ' at the meeting of tie literature department of the Woman's club Wednesday afternoon at the Y. W. C. A. "The person who knows he can do and will do is dangerous but the person who pays no attention to any new thought is more dangerous," Mr, Yelland said. "There are those ·who wave the constitution and the flag and claim to be first class American citizens, and they bore me. The' jconstitution of the United States is not immutable like the law of gravity. Anyone has the right to question its practicability. It was Wife Preservers Keep your knife blade at a slant while cutting linoleum or oilcloth. It will cut more easily and leave a. beveled edge on the oilcloth. not so much the constitution but the citizens themselves who made the United States great. Rugged Individualists. "The policy of 'rugged individualism' which is much like the European laissez-faire policy has offered the right to do anything which the people and the law' will permit and keep out of jail. " 'The Economy of Abundance' consolidates the aspects of industry, society, politics, science and invention. Mr. Chase' is a clever writer TWO SECONDS every morning (the cost...a penny or less) to be SURE of your Hair DANDERINE makes you sure of your hair; takes two seconds to put on your comb Less than a minute--less than a penny to be awe of your hair all day long! To know it's clean, and looks clean. To know it will stay as you arranged it. And to have a scalp free, at last, from dandruff. . That is what moistening your comb with a few drops of Danderine ·will'do. And what no amount of dry-combing will ever do Kearlj all iair*necds the help that Danderine 3^ns"' s «3A---dash-of Danderine jnormng and Jiigbt when you comb it, makes an amazing difference in lie way any hair looks all the time! When you've .washed your hair, a little Danderine will keep it from going helter-skelter.' When you pay a dollar for a wave 5 Danderine will help you keep it. and he has done a magnificent Job n his new book. He has been criticized for his Utopian ideas and for offering no plan of recovery, but I ike his book for both of these things. "Mr. Chase contrasts the economy of abundance with the economy of scarcity and points out that society should have raised its standard of iving by 10 per cent instead of two er cent with the coming of abund- ince. The economy of abundance is more dangerous than the economy of scarcity. It glc;-:fies and sancti- : ies anything that will make money --not what is serviceable, but what is vcndable. Co-Ordinate Sources. · "According to the author if the sources of food,- shelter, clothing, energy, education, recreation and transportation could be co-ordinated, we could furnish for everyone more than he could use and have leisure as well." Mr. Yelland presented a number of ideas which Mr. Chase gives in his book,' among them that labor is ceasing to be important and that the struggle will be not between capital and labor, but with the proletarian and the unemployed and capital; that machinery, equipment and distribution are more important than man power; that state lines will be lost and that the United States wil be regionalized; that abundance makes us interdependent; that the selling of stocks and bonds is a form of socialism since it makes the purchaser a party to a centralized property; that big industries are assuming the moral obligations of public utilities. In concluding his talk Mr. Yelland stressed the importance of Individ ual constructive thinking and com mended Mr. Chase's book. C ommittees Begin Work for Comedy [. N. T. and Tusalata Clubs to Give "The World's All Right/' The T. N. T. and Tusalata clubs met Wednesday to discuss plans for iie production of an amateur show, 'The World's All Right." Commit- .ees were chosen and they are now at work on the various phases of ;he production, a comedy of radio life, to be staged April 17 in the high school auditorium. Miss Esther Baker, who will act as general chairman of the committees, with the assistance of Miss Hertha Mae Jerman, the director, selected the committees. The cast committee includes Clarice Paul, Phyllis Propp, Lucille Byerly and Gladys Hetland; advertising and publicity committee, Hope Hawkins, Genevieve Merritt. Creta Mae Ong, Dorothy Price, Helen Meyer and Maxine Howard- Ticket committee comprises Lenore Gulbransen, Arloene Janssen, Margaret Hotchkin. Florence Ham- j street, La Donna Vandi Veer and | the costume and property committee, Cleon Kollman, Ora Hanson and Lucille Bailey. YOUR NEW SPRING PRINT PANELED EFFECT FROM NECK TO HEM PROVIDES SLIMLINES FOR FROCK; HIGH COLLAR ARRANGEMENT GOOD Vecrtau. 18 Cent I'alteni, 800 Filth Avenue. New rorfc «JH? -pj yiANA DAY ----^---- Social Calendar THURSDAY It isn't a sticky dressing, or an oily tonic, and it doesn't leave a telltale odor. Its fresh fragrance vanishes shortly after applying--but not that marvelous effect of freshness and cleanliness! TVith all the care a woman gives her hair, it's a pity to omit this last touch." that means so much. 1 It's no trouble. Yet you can hardly believe anything so mild and pleasant as Danderine could bring such a change in the condition aud appearance of your hair and scalp. Just try it. You can buy a bottle of Danderine at any drug store for thirty-five cents; larger sizes, 60c and $1.00. ' Parties, Hikes in A c t i v i t i e s of Girl Scouts Girl Scouts of troop 4 at Monro school entertained their mother Wednesday at their meeting at th i school. Greetings to the guests were ; given by Peggy Henoman. i Inez Mott and Jacqueline Hanson I gave a demonstration of first aid assisted by Helen Lloyd Jones of troop 5. Games were played and Scout songs sung. Eaater decorations were used. Springtime offers an opportunity for outdoor activities to the Girl Scouts and troop 5 at Wilson school went'hiking instead of holding its regular meeting. Supper was cooked and the girls worked on .their fire building tfests.V . " " ~: · '· A · "' " : ' · ' HOLSNE-NEFF NASHUA, March 29. -- Miss Gladys L. Neff of Webster City and Milo'H. Holsne of Williams were married at the Little Brown church by the Rev. William Kent. _.{·_ WADDINGHAM-ELDER GARNER, March 29.--Clerk . Court Elmer Raw issued a marriage license Wednesday to John W- Wad dingham of Meservey and Reta El der of Klemme. FLOWERS FOR EVERY NEED - AT JOHNSTON'S WHERE YOUR FRIENDS BUY FLOWERS Tusalata club-6:15 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Central Child Study circle-7:30 o'clock, Mrs. H. H. Boyce. 1306 Rhode Island avenue northwest, "Emotional Adjustment," Mrs. Vinnie Christiansen. FRIDAY Baptist Glldner division-2 o'clock, Mrs. John Dougal, 633 East State street. Daughters of Veterans-S o'clock, P. G. E. Easter program. Veterans' Daughters to Sponsor Program to Benefit G. A. R. Daughters of Union Veterans of .he Civil war will meet Friday eve- ng at the P. G. and E. auditorium or an Easter program for the ben- ;it of the Grand Army. There music, by members f the. Civic Music association,'the , ratinee Musical's and the Open Bi- j le church. The Y. W. C. A. will urnish tap dancing numbers and a ne act comcdj', "How I Earned My Dollar" will be presented by the members of the order. Refreshments will be served at the lose of the evening by a committee ncuding Mrs. Carl Borland, Mrs. M. C. Fessenden, Mrs. Lloyd Miller, Mrs. C. W. Corby, Mrs. Nelle Huntey, Mrs. William Wheeler, Mrs. George Scheef, Mrs. Mae Clute and are. G. R. Wincbell, Child SKoulcfNot Be Influenced to Follow Profession of Father Today's pattern is really a charming model. It expresses smart individuality in its jumper-like styling. The sleeves are finished with bias binds. The fetching little standing collar also cuts on the bias. Originally it was carried out in a pretty greyish-blue crepe silk print. The collar echoes lingerie note in fresh white mousseline. Of course prints in other colors would be adorable. Plain crepe silks, lightweight woolens, rayons, necktie silks, etc.. make up most attractively in this model. Style No. 590 is designed for sizes 14, 16, IS years, 36, 38 and 40 inches bust. Size 1G requires 4i yards of 39- inch material with % yards of 16- inch contrasting. The Essence of Fashion! The whole fashion story for spring is to be found in this new and exciting Spring Fashion Book. You certainly won't want to miss it. Contains new Hollywood photos and patterns that are styled perfectly and fit perfectly. Send for your copy today. Price of book 10 cents. Price of pattern 15 . cents in stamps or coin (coin is preferred). Wrap coin carefully. Do not send to Mason City, but address Globe-Gazette Pattern Department, 200 Fifth avenue, New York City. home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Finlayson, ,40 Crescent drive. * * * Lylc Smith will arrive Friday to spend his Easter vacation from Greeley where he teaches with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Smith, 819 East State street. LEGION AUXILIARY TO HEAR BROADCAST. The monthly department broadcast of the American Legion auxiliary will be held Friday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock from WOI at Ames. Mra. Bernard Dubbert will speak on "Community Service." JEFFERSON C. MEETS FOR LESSON. Mrs. J. W. MacMillan led the lesson on "Emotional Adjustments" at the meeting of the Jefferson Child Study circle Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. R. W. Lewis, 32 Kentucky avenue southeast. Plans were made for the visitation meeting to be held April 25. --«:·-- KANDALL-GRAVENKR OSAGE, March 28.--Mrs. M. E. Gravcner of Osage and F. L. Randall of Marshalltown were married at the home of Mrs. Gravener's daughter, Mrs. John Vance, Tuesday. The Rev. F. W. Miller of the Universal- ist church performed the ceremony. CHOICE ROSES Dozen $1.25 ·.;.. and , UP EASTER LILY PLANTS $1.00 and up Hydrangeas. Tulips . . . . . . Rose Bushes, $1.00 up Hyacinths Cinerarias $1.00up "Arrn« Sweet Peas, 25 for 49c $1 00 up Carnations, doz. $1.25 ' From Jonquils, dozen $1.25 . _ , tk/ Snapdragons, 50c me dozen $1.50up 50c Park" Cut Lilies... $3.00 up NOVELTY PLANTS Potted in Swans, Rabbits and Dogs 35c to 85c Simple blossoms, stately plants, exquisite in all their ravishing beauty, fragrance and freshness, are hints to the completeness of Johnston's Easter Floral Display. It's Easter time -- Every home will have its Lily, or other plant. The prices will delight you as much as the flowers will please. SPRING CORSAGES Of Sweet Peas, Roses and Gardenias 75candup I'HONK I2.S JOHNSTON'S WE TELEGRAPH FLOWERS 10 FIRST ST. N. W. Bits About 'Em Miss Angoline Manley. daughter i of Anthony Manley. 10'AZ Second : street southwest, will represent the ! International Relations club of the | College of St. Teresa, Winona, Minn., at the Mississippi valley regional conference of International Relations clubs at Grinnell college April 6 and 7. This is an annual conference sponsored by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. . . . · · ' * i * Clyde Smith has arrived from Evanstbh, 111:', to spend · his-vacation from Northwestern university with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Smith, 225 Pennsylvania avenue j southeast. * * fl Milton Marti has returned to Minneapolis to resume his work at the University of Minnesota after spending his spring vacation with his parents, Mr., and Mrs. J. J. Marti, 212 Kentucky avenue southeast. Ross Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Smith, 819 East State street, has arrived from Iowa City for a vacation visit with his parents. * * * , Earl Lane who attends Carleton j college at Northfield, Minn., arrived ! Thursday to spend his spring vaca- ' tion with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Lane, 400 Thirteenth street southeast. * * * Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Dunlavey and daughter. Mary, 522 Jefferson avenue northwest, have left for Chicago for an Easter visit with Mrs. Robert Lowery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dunlavey. s # * iMi-s. H. W. Luctt of DCS Moines will be a week-end guest at the Famous GOTHfllfl COLD STRIPE Stockings are 95' 'I 1 .'. ..'IV ABEL * SON INC By BROOKE PETERS CHURCH "And what are you going to be, when you grow up, Sam?" "A doctor, I guess." There was- no enthusiasm in the reply, but rather a resigned acceptance of a fact. Sam's father and grandfather were doctors, and from babyhood it had been assumed that of course the boy would follow in their steps. Many parents feel that a taste for a profession must necessarily be handed down from father to son, and pride themselves on an unbroken line of doctors, or lawyers, or clergymen or engineers, never stopping to remember that often one or more of the list have been, if not failures, at least not happy men. No one is surprised to hear that a poet's or musician's or artist's son is not a success in his father's work. Genius is not expected to be invariably hereditary in the male line. Neither c.rc talents or special aptitudes or tastes necessarily handed down from father to son. Many a good artist has been diverted into medicine, or gifted writer into engineer, by the influence, often not active, but made by quiet assumption, brought to bear on the plastic nature of a small boy. He is taught to regard his father's work as something very special, and the family tradition as a sacred heritage, and in the end his power of free choice is hampered, if not taken away entiraly. l Admiration for his father and respect for his profession are in themselves splendid influences in a boy's life. But from the outset it should be understood that the choice of his own life work depends on himself, and that there is not only no obligation but. not even any desire on the part of his parents that he should follow in hig father's- footsteps. CLIO CLUB TO MEET TUESDAY AT POOLS. Mrs. Hardy Poo! will be hostess to Clio club Tuesday evening at her home when the lesson will be led by Mrs. John Shipley. New officers of the club are Mrs.. L. A. Moore, president, Mrs. Shipley, vice president and Mrs. R. S. Stanbery. sec rotary-treasurer. G i r l s . . . BICYCLING IS THE THING THIS SPRING! AND WE'VE JUST THE WHEEL YOU WANT It's Great Fun and Good Sport To glide along in t!ie Spring-time on an easy running bike. A.nd the enjoyment is greater still when you're riding one of our splendid new wheels. We want you to come in and see for yourself what values we have . . . balloon tires, sturdy frame construction, chromium finish and many other features. Be healthy and alert this Spring--ride a bike: Everyone's Riding Boys and girls, young men and women, even adults are taking to this fascinating and healthful spirit. In anticipation of the return to popularity of bicycling, we have a complete stock of wheels in various sizes and prices. Prices Arc Reasonable CURR1E-VAN NESS CO. Smarter Styles, Better Quality for Less--Since 192!) tOUKTIBY AND SATIMACT1OM WITH BVBXY PURCHASED Save Your 2% By Buying This Week 600 "DeKaye" Coats for Easter to choose from ]f you are most particular about your Easter coat -- come h e r e tomorrow. We've carefully chosen the headline fashions for spring in every type of coat. Here are the best of the new tweeds in the newest color mixtures. Here are the smartest new dress coats, with clever fur treatments. And our prices are most moderate for "De Kaye" quality. Every size, every color, every style, every material. Where can you find, such large assortments as are shown here? SIZES FROM EASTER For Every Face Type For Every Age Your Easter hat deserves much consideration. It's the most important hat that you buy all year. See these smart creations 'tomorrow. All colors. All headsizes. TRICED FROM Match Your Suit or Coat With Smart Accessories, Such as We Offer in Purses, Gloves, Scarfs, Handkerchiefs, Hose, Blouses, Sweaters and Collar Sets, "SEE YOU TOMORROW" j

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