Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 28, 1931 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1931
Page 17
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE RECOVERY SLOW FOR MRS, DEAM Mental Weakness of Smith Explained in Letter From Brother. · HAMPTON, Feb. 28- W)--Mrs. *\P e r m ' Jr " is slowlv "covering at the Lutheran hospital here from wounds received Feb. 19 when she was shot at her home near Chapin by Joseph F. Smith, 21, who then committed suicide. Her-tongue was injured by one of the pellets and eating has been difficult. Two brothers and two sisters of Smith were here but failed to make arrangements for burial, according to Coroner W. R. Arthur. An, explanation of the act of Smith, ^who shot Mrs. Deam when the latter.refused to accede to his wisbes, is given in a letter written to Coroner Arthur by a brother, Arthur, who is in ministerial work at LOST POPULARITY The-letter stated: "Our family sincerely hopes that Mrs. Deam will have a rapid recov- i^ 8 ' would Jike to '-thank those who left words of sympathy in our sorrow. It was impossible to call on some .who had asked that we see them while .we were in Hampton because we had to race back to the bedside -of .our- mother and be of what comfort to her we could. -We fleld services for our brother at our mother's bedside, Saturday. "Our. - brother - never -recovered from an accident in which he was helpless. His bus crushed a man to death-while- he was driving from Detroit to Chicago about two years ago. We .feel that his act was tto result.of an acquired mental weakness There-has never before been a suicide in our family." State Preliminary Declam Contest Is Held at Thornton THORNTON, Feb. 28 --The state preliminary declamatory contest ?°tt.-TM?- ln the Beater Thursday night. Winners in the oratorical division were Marvin Winnie, Clear Lake first, and James Forsyth Thornton, second. Winners in the dramatic division were Clotilde "Phillippe, Clear Lake, first, and Grace Wh.tford, Swaledale, second Winners in the humorous division were Marjorie James, first, Thornton, and Dolores Anderson, Clear Lake, second. Schools represented were Clear Lake, Swaledale, Ven^ a r,^ d ^, 0mt ° n Jud S 63 wre Representative U. S. Stone of Oklahoma,, has found that house members and even bureau clerks In legislative departments are giving him the "cold shoulder" since his Introduction - of a bill barring relatives of congressmen and other high officials from the government payrolls. CEMENT PLANTS OF GOVERNMENT ARE RUN AT LOSS Coyle Claims Studies Show State Owned Plants Are Failures. By RADFORD E. MOBLEY Staff Correspodent. WASHINGTON, Feb. 28.--In a speech of considerable interest sere Representative William R. Coyle of Pennsylvania discussed before congress this week the history of operations in the two state-owned cement plants in the United States, presenting his findings as evidence against the argument for "government in business." The publicly owned cement plants at Rapid City s. Dak., and Chelsea, Mich were the objects of Coyle's investigation which, he said, he became interested in as a result of ajri- tation in several of the state legisla COAST BIDS EINSTEIN FAREWELL IOWA VETS ASK LOANS ON BONDS 400 Applications Handled by Bureau in First Two "For some time past I have been collecting data on this subject, and after a serious study of this material with the. assistance of several trained and responsible accountants I submit the results of that study which I believe to be a complete, impartial, and accurate one," Coyle said. Losses Put at $400,000. . ?· Dakota experirm.... » v City is not so unquestionably as the convict-manned Michigan. Certain of its sponsors and many of the citizens of the state still cling to it as of some value. In certain official quar- *-« "· is stated that the South FEBRUARY 28 ·§ 1931 FMETTE F8EES _ _ ._ -tats* --· ·"-ii^wa i.. jju.c5iacl *ml J. F. Overmyer, all of Algona. ·"-Cenneuy Heads Bankers Association in Kossuth ALGONA, Feb. 28.--The Bankers association of Kossuth county elected L. A. Kennedy of Bancroft president; Ed Rohm of St. Benedict vice president; William Boyken of Titonka, secretary, and W. Scott -Houma of Luverne, treasurer. Belmond Sends Carload of Supplies to Arkansas nfS?£EP.E; b - 28 -- A onload DES MOINBS, Feb. 28. UP)--More than 400 applications for veterans' loans were handled fay the local bureau in the first two hours of business this morning, and the line waiting numbered from. 125 to 250 at all times, officials said. . The facilities of the 578 American Legion posts in Iowa have been placed at the disposal of all service men whether or not they are members Maurice Cahill, commander of the Iowa division, announced today Application blanks will be sent to any service man upon request, SS1Q. but, unless the best auditing advice r.,°4? Procure is inaccurate, the · state upwards of presenting: the figures \ hloh Prove this serious loss a word '·- plant's history seems Davenport,Men Accused o; Selling Bonds Without License. Real Estate Transfers Poole, J. M. and Ida to H B This- custom of police combin°- toe country unavailinglv for crinT- Inals suggests that there must be Bomethmg the matter with the comb--Wichita Eagle ..WALK.. a little .further for the morning, noon, .and evening Meal . . Enjoy W~ GET IT AT Sanborn's Restaurant ; Every Day and .especially plan the · - SUNDAY MEALS ~ with- us at 211 South Federal · No;* 1 Location Carney, T. J. and Hazel H. to the Home Bldg. and Inv. Co. ?1 L 3 B 3 Parker's fifth addition, Mason City, Iowa, 2-26-31. Coleman, Claudine, to Melvin Bailey $1 L 274 Midland Hts addition, Mason City, Iowa, 2-27-31. Stanley Securities Corp. 'to E J Morris $1 E 21-94-21 except 5 A! 7~28-30. x Briggs, Frank E. and Ellen C to Edna Ma y S1 SE '' 4 2r Doderer, W. F. to Bella Doderer and Ruth ?! SEV1 21-95-20 and L Kaness/W. R. to Martin Honsey $1 L 537 First addition to Midland Hts, Mason City, Iowa, 2-26-31: Schiutz, Henry and Dena et al to - Jorgensen ?l NE% 24-94. , j - A - . Merrick, F. L. and Persia to Hang Midland Development Co. to W. R. Kaness $260 L 537 first addition 1t °, M oc! t ? ld Hts ' Mas °n City, Iowa, 1-17-28 (rerecorded to · correct description). · "Ridgeway,-Joy., Co. Treas. to S th S1 A^5f t ' -*. 1 . 0 - 1 ?. L "S Midland Hts Addition, Mason City, Iowa Cress, G. E., Sheriff, to F. c Bush and Grace, $273.23, L. 3 W c Betting's, replat L, 4, 5, 6, part 7 Bmsley. and Adams subd NWW SB }4 8-96-20. 2-25-31. H This experiment was made 65 years ago- November 28, 1866 Enclosed find my or fc r . , t a . mostiy . for otter pjriics wto Kc no , yet utiirtti tlut it b poisitlc for food of a good Anility to fee furnisbed it your fi gur « .Her-p^g former prices. J i ra snre. however, thit i fewexpcrimenti.resnllingjshvirably.smy first, wilt give people confidence ind insure yon a liberil pjironige from tKis locality. t . ----- - popular vote creating the amendment for the plant, a cement commission was appointed and alloted $25,000 to explore m; and investigate sites. "A bond issue of $1,000 000 for building and operating the was authorized, and this is^ut- was later increased to $2,000,000. Con,09, on was be un at Rapid City in jy^o, and the plant was in partial operation in 1924. In 1925 an additional $275,000 was appropriated to put the plant in operation. Methods Are Different. According to the profit and loss statement issued by the state cement commission for the period ending June 30, 1930, the plant has earned $668,684.40 since Jan 1 1925. Obviously the discrepancy between this claim of substantial profit and by figures deduced from the same official statement showing a loss of $411,977 must be accounted for by different methods of bookkeeping and by failure to make depreciation allowances and other charges approved by modern accounting practice and which are recognized as important factors in appraising-the success or failure of any carefully regulated industrial enterprise. "By some curious bookkeeping a profit of $90,560.07 was claimed for the first six months of 1930, when an actual loss of $1.879 is found when the accepted practices of industrial accountings are followed The financial record of the South Dakota plant stamps are questionable, at least, the business acumen and foresight of the commission !?L appomted to explore the possibilities who said, several years ago, 'that with the prospective demand and use of cement in South Dakota within the next five years we are of the opinion that a cement plant located at Rapid City would save the people of the state twice the cost of building the plant _ - · -- · --~^u» t, broker, EIC] C. E. Tuhne, a bond salesman in Bis employ, were released from the Fayette county jail late Friday after furnishing $2,500 bond to appear on a charge of selling bonds a license. ., .vere brot here Friday from Davenport by Sheriff A. A. Robertson. Boeder's license was revoked last fall by the securities department of the secretary of state, County Attorney M. M. Cooney said today. MAYWPlSUES AUTO THIEVES Forced to Give Up After 3 Mile Chase; Car Is Found Abandoned. CONFEREES GIVE Fail to Formulate Plan for New Meeting Time for Congress. WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. Congressional conferees today abandoned efforts to formulate a constitutional amendment fixing a new meeting time for congress. The senate and house spokesmen refused to yield their respective ositions and attempts to bring about an understanding- were formally called off. The house insisted upon its provision limiting the second session of congress. The senate conferees refused to approve any limitation and after another futile conference, Senator Norris, republican, Nebraska, announced "the constitutional amendment is dead." COUPLE QUIZZED IN OLD SLATING Man and Girl Held in Death of Two at Boscobel, Wisconsin. CHICAGO, Feb. 28. (^(-Maurice P. Tennant, 23, and Miss Celina Le Claire, 23, were held in Jail today as police tried to strengthen the web of circumstances which they said linked them with the slaying of two men on a farm near Boscobel Wis last Nov. 11. Tennant, said by police to have confessed to 200 robberies, was taken into custody late yesterday The Boscobel farm home 'of Stephen, Cornelius and Ellen Horrigon was raided about noon, by three men and a woman. Rumor was that the Horrigons were wealthy and that their riches were buried on the farm. It was supposed that the three men and the woman came to search for treasure. A gu n battle developed in which Patnck Gorman. 65, and his son, Paul of Huron, S. Dak., relatives of the Horrigons, were killed. Stephen and Cornelius were seriously wound- Chicago police said that Tennant made the trip in a stolen car--a cream colored automobile stolen Nov. 5 from Edward O'Connor in a holdup. The car ltg back r£ w . th bullets, was found abandoned here shortly after the Wisconsin shooting. Boscobel possemen were reported to have identified it as the automobile used by the three men and one woman in the double slaying Miss Le Claire, known to police as an acquaintance of Tennant was held on suspicion that she was the slayer's companion. Altho Tennant admitted, police said, that he had taken O'Connor's car and had driven to Milwaukee he professed ignorance of the Boscobel shooting or of the origin of bank money wrappers found in the abandoned automobile. FOUND STRANGLED Miss Lillian Anderson,. toe dancer found strangled to death in her apartment in Chicago, appparently had been dead several days u'hen the body was found. Police said robbery seemed to have been the motive, as Miss Anderson's empty purse was found in the bathtub. 260 GATHER AT GALT MEETING Wright County Odd Fellows/ and Rebekahs Present Council Program. GALT, Feb. 28.--More than 250 Odd Fellows and Rebekahs from all of the lodges in Wright county met in Gait 1 to hold a session of the Wright County Council Thursday, night. The meeting wag called to order by President J. A. Chandrer of Gait. Reports from the lodges showed increased attendance. The program was: Comic sketch by Melvin Furgsen and Professo'- Mininghaw of Gait; solo by Mrs. Adrian Felix, accompanied on tftfl violin by Mr. Felix of Gait; comedy let, "Ma's New Boarders," by Mrs. Harold Sweiger, Mrs. Dave Cuppet, Sirs. George Putman, Eldon Poizer, George Putman, Raymond Naber- jall, Percy Moore, Mrs. Elden Poizer and Mrs. Alberta Peeters, all ?f Dows; readings by Mrs. Hazel. Ballou of Clarion; songs by Marvyl and Mitchell Schroeder of Gait; reading, "The Engineer," by Mrs. Stamp of Eagle Grove; pantomine, 'An Old Time Party," by Belmond Rebekahs, and two voca! numbers y Miss Genevieve Lesher of Clarion. President Chandler presented Mr. Norris a 25 year Odd Fellow pin in ommemoration of his years of ervicc. The next meeting will be in Belmond March 27. into the reality of a $411,000 loss. ( Are Other Expenses. In addition to these losses-there are other items of expense to be considered which are not entered Into the official report of the commission, notably the salaries of state employes whose chief duty is concerned^ with the production of ce- TM°" l "'*' ~^~~ names are carried CYLINDER, Feb. 28.--A f t e r chasing auto-thieves for 3 miles Mayor Theodore Johnson, Cylinder, was forced to give up the pursuit of Miss Pearl Gunn's car which was stolen from in front of her home here Friday evening. Mayor Thompson happened to see the thieves make away with the car and 1m- rnediatley followed but could not keep up with them. The car was found Saturday morning abandoned near Emmetsburg. This is the fifth time this week that the stolen property from a robbery of this kind in this county has been found within 24 hours MINNESQlABARS TUT, PETRQLLE Boxers Must Await Outcom of Investigation of N. Y. Bout. MINNEAPOLIS, Feb as «PI-- The Minnesota Athletic commission today barred Billy Petrolle T ' lt ,. a ? dl . their man agers Iro m ai S»nH- Clp M° n in boxin S in this state pending the outcome of an """ " ' fight in -end ,» has been made by millions O f » other part ; es - «nee Iheq,- with the wutr .har today A P hos mor e cusfqrneri than any ofher grocer in fne world. The Great ATLANTIC PACIFIC feaCa "The fact that the sale of South ^- f h- Cet r Dt , I 3 Dot only carried .within the state but is pressed in adjoining states is an imposition involvmg: a phase of government encroachment which has dangerous ramifications and which has been violently condemned by sound econ- ° m ' StS - , . J eSire to intrude my- ^^^ Suspension of their licenses in Minnesota will automatically bar them in the 27 member states of the « ? ^ Boxing association of winch Minnesota is a member Dr Andrew Sivertsen, chairman of the Minnesota commission, said the order will bar Petrolle and Tut from fighting in this state until the fS round knockout of Tut last nisht it investigated by the New YorkT boxing commission, prevent Levitt and F{iegel from managing fighters, and S±L£?TM. elth " m «agingTr the cement business, which stands ^°nn a / n wlth ^ idle capacity of 1,000,000,000 barrels." A. Wilson were called to Syca-J gathering of .the veterans. American Embassy at Peiping Seeks Release of Two Missionaries WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. (JFt-- The American legation at Peiping ms again made representations to he Chinese government regarding be holding by bandits of the Rev Bert N. Nelson of Minneapolis and he Rev. K. N. Tvedt, a Norwegian The report to the state department oday said the missionaries have got word out that they fear for their ves if ransom is not paid. Hurley iis Petrolle's' manager. Maine Hunter Loses Deer NORWAY, Me., Feb. 28 (UP)-- "nt Lake shot a deer. The wound- buck dashed away, Clint in hot pursuit. Reaching a highway, the deer dropped dead. Before the hunter could get to the scene a motor truck came along. Three men leaped out, put the deer aboard the truck and sped away. He'll Help Cops No\v TURLOCK, Cal., Feb. 28 (UP)-Reuben Olson probably will give any nelp requested by the next law officer who appeals to him. Olson was fined $50 for refusing to help Policeman John Rutlridge arrest a burly ranch laborer inflamed with drink. REDUCTION SEEN IN STATE COSTS Turner Says Request for Cut in Appropriations Is Bearing Fruit. DES MOINBS, Feb. 28. UP)--Governor Turner, today said that his requests for reduction in departmental appropriations for the 1931 biennium were bearing fruit. The governor made his requests (several days ago at a conference with state officials and the legislative appropriations committee. The governor said some - departments have reported that curtailments have been below the askings The board of control and state board of education, however, have not had time to report any revised figures he added. During the legislative recess next week the governor said he hoped a good deal of constructive work would be done by departments and commissions in reducing their requests. The governor declared he was insistent that if the taxpayers get the relief hoped for in state, appropriations must be carried into all the taxing districts. He said that in almost every county there was considerable property assessed at more than its marketable value today and that he believed it entirely possible to make an arbitrary reduction in all taxing districts IMPROVEMENT IS SOUGHT IN TAXES Board to Have Opportunity to Demonstrate Plan for Assessment. IOWA CITY, Feb. 28.--First opportunity to demonstrate its worth as controller of Iowa's real estate ax assessment will come this year o the three man state board of as- essment and review. In the process of the biennial assessment, the board will attack the task of allevtatln" some of the evils which accumulated over 75 years of mal-assessment. Richard W. Nelson and Georgo W. Mitchell, co-authors of a study undertaken for - the University of Iowa bureau of business research have declared that the new system! established by the legislature in 1929, promises great gains. A definite administrative head has been created for the assessment plan after three-quarters of a century of decentralization and loose organization. The new board the university men believe, will ' take gveat strides towards correlation and integration of the system's numerous parts. 2,567 Horses Treated in Black Hawk County WATERLOO, Feb. 28. (INS)--A final cneck on the "hot" fly eradication work carried on in Black Hawk county this winter by the Black Hawk county Farm Bureau in co-operation with the Black Hawk Veterinary association shows that A567 horses were treated in eight or more townships according to Pau isarger, county agent. You Can Help Relieve Unemployment - f vou at nn you, at no *M r reme " lber when unemployment was labelled an incurable disease. Everyone suffered until it died out. vigcSius y trea ! tmen tT better - Unem P lo yment can be cured by treatment is to set money in motion and provide ·'""""iloyed. The opportunity to aid is offered to to your pocketboolc. One of the quickest ways to provide work and wa^p^ i« to Moore Moore, IMC. flQO C^TTmr» -m»n«-v»^»^. . -- · * SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. ' .,) 'Do You Want to 1 Make a F i r s t Mortgage Loan? This institution has assisted thousands of Mason Cityang in financing home ownership--Remodeling--of Building, with their first mortgage loan service on improved real estate. INVESTORS! Fnr a W1 f e an ,i sounl ] investment Joolc over our of mortgage securities for sulc. Gets Belated Privileges FONTENAY-LE-COMTE, France, i · « ^ up )--M- Jean Nauleon,' who is 93 and fought in the wars of the second empire,- has just re- received his combatant card from Jie government, giving him right to certain price reductions and privileges. Ho AVanfed to Bo Sure BERLIN, Feb. 28. (UP)--In or der to make sure of quitting thi world a man named Otto Hard irst took poison, then he turned on the gas jet, and finally sho nmself. . __---»- " Is Reported ASTORIA, Ore., Feb. 28. (UP)-A family breakfast egg was laic here by a pullet owned by Otto Lebeck. The egg measured 9/, inches by 7V4 inches. | cholcc quality nair fi. W. CLARK CO. We Loan Money On City Property Reasonable Terms INVESTMENTS High Grade For Sale We Sell Fire Insurance i'honf 404 204 M. «. A. Bldg MASON CITY LOAN , INVESTMENT CO. W. L. PATTON, 1'res. Ground Floor M. B. A. Bldg. (AFTER A GOOD DINNED A WONDERFUL WOMAN DESERVES OF HER OWN ~ UP AS SHP PI IF I POKjV GET PRETTY GUILD between stations with ELECTRIC FULL RANGE RADIO FREE TRIAL EASY TERMS LUMBER PEOPLES GAS ELECTRIC CO. . . _ f MASON CITY IOWA .

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