The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 4, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1818
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.C "iiv" . - . EVEMMGf BD I t I ' :'o St WEDNESDAY', FEBRUARY; fX$i t'k ! Na 42 PINfiiSTREET. rJxr 4HI 4 ji ' ' I - - - - - . ,. a a ... 1 . i . . " ' ' 1 ' 1 ' '! " ''' - " ' ' ' ' . . '..,''" ' " 7T, , 1 ! n. ... ' ""?' - - IL'IIMRFR ififi'? .vs.,.,. - '. , .......v. - .,.. trST HALE - 1T THE SHiB - TARD Of A SLOOP Pw building of th belt fF&mttorai abo 100 ton timber. JfSu oek, built pa Pn - Alb" tWU' A SLOOP of 60 U, aJcuWed for f ffVy lndt wher p bu,rthen' !lir draft tfwater it required. J AiS SCHOONER, of40toni, wUl drw but little water, with a , lee - - V - 2bomrd through - thr centre of her keel, JStJpectedta Very fart. : ' JlrT7,, . SHIP of360toos, calculated ' for Liverpool or London trader, (that .can be flniehea to un we purcnawr. ir r - hran. u i"" - wilUibiUiforhowboildiof. " . . far tide, Frtighl or Charier, k new Dilot boat built SCHOONER, Ktwat ISO Lout burthen, built in the bert ZOt oopper - faitened, in complete order to receive a cargo r7 respe" Aonh onboardtliurlio(r - ilip,orto . we ve Jan 19 86 South - it. for .We, Fretght at Charter, A new Dilot boat built schooner, 130 !toni burthen, built in the bet manner, ' ! . I I t . r waw Akttl i mod materials, copper imihiia. , nUint Tewel, and may be tent to lea witk inrail ' ewnie Apply on board at Burling a Up,or to Jan 19 C6 Soulh - t. For Freteld or Charter, The fut tailing fubslanlial echoonrr .BET3EV, capt. Turnr, one year ow, ' . - . .. i i t. t. nln wtik Uw - nooni omi fans, vovafe can be wen at Dover - , wharf. .fpplyto Jan22 GOODHUE & CO. , . 44Souli - t. , tVIi SALK, The new and fcut sailinrbri FAME, .buiL of the best leasoned timber, and fei.biully put togetner. uer nggmg uu ..r sr ef excellent quality. This veisel is well calculated tor a southern packet, having hand - some accommodations. For terms, and a view f her inventory, apply to p GRISWOLDS k COATES, ' jwt3 63Sonh - . Fun A.Lt.. kThe very fast ailing sloop PARAGON, burthen 66 tons built at Middluloww, Connecticut, of the best materials nai marr one toyage to the West Indiei, is one year oll and can be sent to sea immediately For term?, and a view of her inventory, apply to GRISWOLuS It COATESJ, l3" . 68 SonUl - st 'OENtiAL 1NIJ1GO 1 cases 1st quality, eu - . II titled to debenture, for eai ny JACMrJOM It VOiLLET, - . ?5 V all - street. Jaa 15 CALCUTTA GOODS. 0'E hundred bnles consistine oj Bftas, Luckipore, CbitUbully, Calhpatty aodPsrtka. . , - - - - Cosaatu, Chaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and Luckipore. ' .. . Sunnabs Jellalpore and Mow. Checks Gillnhf, Konrals, &c of sale by 1 CHS. L. OGDE.N and A BUM OGDEN, ian9 WaihinKtonsireei 10T1ON - 9 bales flist quality Upland Cot - W ton, lanmne, and Tor sale ny : ' aAULA93fPtne - itit " 32 balesSea - Iilaud Cotton. Apply as above. Ja 9 ' - :i - qk, yniAlTS BRANDY. iO Pipe Cetle Brandy, entitled to deben ture, for sale by CH AS.L. Ot3DF.N,and ABRM. OGDE.N, Wa,hington - treet. Jan 17 O" LUTOHACCO. JO hhds. old Richmond ntbkcco. will Iw landed tomorrow from th e.hnnner Hero, from Richmond. For sale h.I ... ROBERT GILLESPIE, Jan 15 , 113 Front - atreet. rtH. S the carcoofthe sliip Cririe. cap f 4aia Huwplirpvm fra CJrJitta. and now landing at the font of Liberty - street, consisting oi ' Ejast inoia sugar Cotton Ginfiert Block Tin Guaa Shellack - ' Gum Copal Goat tkine of a large aiw : ' Seine Twine and (ionny Bare Also for tale, India Mustek of almost every description. ' A ho, a mall quantity of Rattans, mad Odor of Rotes. For tnle ? ian7 ' ROBERT LENOX T) ICE Si TOBjACCO 130 tierces prune new .a. a urn 13 bhds Kentucky Tobacco, 8 iJirf Aid ami 53 do new virsinla do Now landing from different vessels, for sale by ian If " DIVi K RE THUNr. W CO. nOH VO 'O - 20hhdi.tobocc will be land' A ed tomorrow 'from the 'schooner Eliza, from Petersburg Fi r a le by ) ROBERT filLLESPIE, jan 16 - ' : 112 Front - etreet. OOTTOM New cron, prune. suitable for manatacturing, will be sold in parcels to ac commodate purchasers. ... Also, afc - w bales of old crop Laquira 148 ren - tiwi.n stairs. m rnWO cases chanseable Synch wa, for tale by MARCH & LOW,. Jan 21 210 Broadway XLOUR, COTTON, &c 850 "bbla Phil J ' delpliia. flour . Y 2 1 . balea - upland; cotton, new crop - 8 do - NewwOrteana - dd do 5 tone ligntunvitaf ' 15 thbt German steely 2 pipe ed port wine : 11 hhdi do do d.. . S hhda white do do 3 qucasVtdodo do 1 hhd Madeira wine 11 q. casks do tlo 37 boxes superior claret (1 dor. each) An invoice of lace veils, cotton lace, fcc. An invoice of Dutch tor for sale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, 112 Front street jan 7 "VIUSKEI S, I APES, aic iaJOO Masketa - .v a. eontien to Urtenlier ' IS boles well assorted Tapes, Ko 11 to 25 1 ceroons 1st qnality Flo'aut Indigo 4 boies Flciea Linnea S bbla. White Lead J.4. i ZtMMtRMAN. i, nr viip or Jaa 8 Im No. T2 W.hintoa - treet. STRAITS BKA.VDT, vT,wEJ,'TXfivetipesUetu! Brandy, for tale ABR. OGDEN, Jaa 9 - . .WMhinefoo - srreti. LOAF k LUMP SUGAR, tc. 1 S Hlids and 40 bblt 1st and 21 quality loaf M.d nzar . . 15 hhds and 60bUa 1st X: 3d quaL lamp sugar 20 bbls sugar house sugar 100 large pieces refined sugar, and a few hhdt garii3uie aaolas, for nue ry . JACKdON 4c WOOLLF.Y, Jaa 21 75WaSiL f ArLNK.OlU PAPER, Ale 130 qr. casks V V .and 200 bak do dry Malaga Wine 5 qr casks and zu ball do sweet do very eia 1S8 do C6lmenar d ' 309 half chests Sweet Oi 30 betties each KX) boxes . do do 12 bottles each . 60 bales Italia foolscap and letter Paper ' SO do Gatette do largo size , . 9 cases Fet Hats 15 cases Liquorice Paste 1 box Ostrich Feathers, 1 do Chip Hats 3 do Manna in flakes Marble Slabs, veined and statuary, assort - , ed sices, for pier tables, tec. A few boxes very superior Anchovies and - Olives 600 Marble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch 10 bbls Furs, consisting of WildCat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter Skins Gunny Ba?i, &c For sale by 1 , CHA3. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, jan 12 . Washington - street. KHOF.3 & BOOTS. JUST received 40 package among which are 3 catei Wellington Boota 2 2 4 4 4 2 do do do Ladiea do Mockasooi Cork Sole Shoea Ladi walking do - Meq'l coarte Boyi ' do Kid luitable for the southern or West India market do t do 100U SOrt An women1! Lrather Thn. toeMher with a eeneral assortment of Ladie. Muses and Children's morocco, DiacK and colored Roane.. are offered for sale on reas onable terms by TllO.WJ I T, i0. ztz rean - nreei. Likewise 10 botes first quality Cod Fih. Jan 15 1m nlll'Ulltlll k. L'lUfV 'Ik 1 in and canniitfn. 33 and S4 lb eacb, batitled to debentuie, for isle at 64 South - street, by " CAMHKt.Lt.rSli Kr t, A tlU., jan 5 ' H)BACCO - 8 hhds new crop 1 obacco, of racellent aualitv. Uridine from sclir. Rolla, from lti hraond, for sale by Jan 6 92 CotTtje House slip. i.i i . .. - LM.AXSElil , FLOUR, Kc. - W tierces 1 la - l? seed, landing from schooner Nancy, from Baltimore, fr sale by V. liK I I1U.NK K W. KU. II. Slip. Al - o landinp, 159 brs supf Flour, principally Gallesd's b'd 3 balrs Srine Twine Jan 16 t UsKK'l sand FOWUAG PIKCES, end - V 1 tied to dft - nttire. 13 cases Britivh Muskets with bayonets and scabbards complete. Carolina Ann, from Liverpool, for tale by jan U r RKaiahJi ti uu. so ooinn - . I ft KICK. Jf tierces' prime new rice, received per iliip Radius from Charleston, and for sale by V. KM HIMK fti cu. jan 10 ' 92 Coffee - Home slip. UM & CHOCOLATE SO bis. 1st, proof 1 lv New Rum 30 boxes Hi' BosMn Cliocola'e No 1 For sale by JACKSON k WOOLLF.Y, jan 13 75 Wall strecl. tobacco k f..our. 623 bbls. Richmond supf. Flour 37 bbils prime new crop Richmond, princi pally large and leufy, now landing from K'ir : ii mas, and in store, tor sae oy Jan 6 BOOUMAN ti JUHialw. R i It Y GOOD? 2 cases 6lieird' super blue AJUmd - MaewrhHrrs4 - : - - - 4 cates 9 - 8 cambricks , . , 2 do - - cotton hosiery ' ... 1 do . checked hdkfs. just landed from the Hercules, and (or sale by nUHU & SEW ALL, , 65 South - street Alio received by late arrivals, , . 8 cases fine blue and black London cloths 10 do japanned and plated hats 5 do men's super London do. Jan 21 4I4 H LVIl ti Wklllt: L.jiL). & 3 J qr casks old Sherry wine 29 casks white lead, dry For sals by J A M ES G. KING L CO." Jan 20 61 Pine - rt. Q UlCkblLVfcR. 20.0U0 lb. Quicksilver tor sale by . N. L.&G GRISWOLD. jan 21 ' - U6 South - street. COFFEE. - PWO Hundred and Seventy hags St. Domin 1 7 go Coffee, received per Spartan, for sale by LL KOY, BAVAKU & CO. Jan 6 m IfDIQO, JiUM. c. fl Cases first quality Bengal iudigo (entitled to aenenture; 20 hhds and 100 barrels Gnt proof new rum ' 30 pipes Gray's brandy, 1st St 4th proof 70 nags race ginger (entitled to debenture) 50 krgs ground do. first quality 80 boxes Hill's Boston chocolate, No. 1 2 50 do Wade's do do 150,000 Spaniih regars, in half and quart, boxes SU bales nrst quality fcl. Domingo tobacco 4 do Danifh lambs wool 150 kegs Philadelphia starch, fresh from the lartory 80 ca.ks English refined salt petre 10 boxes suarcandy For sale by ' JACKSON WOOLLF.Y, Jan 23 75 Wall - st. 1 A LEX iNDRIA FLOUR. - 450 barrels su - LX. Dertne rioar, landing from schr. Jersey from Alexandria, for sale by D. BETHUNE&CO. ' Jan 20 9t Coffee House Slip flil M P AG N E. A few cases still and spark V ling Champagne, ' in cases of one and two ooxen each, jui received and for sale by . HENDERSON it CAIRNS, 61 Pine - rt. . LY STORE, liondon Particular Jtfadeira Wine, in hhds. and quarter casks; Laoville and Rauian Claret, oi in vmta?e of 1812. Jan 27 STOCK OK HAKlnVAKK ,kc. RICHARDS & TAYLOR, in order to close their hardware concern, offer for sale the remainder of their Hardware. Fancy and Mib - ry goons, ai very reduced prices, lor cash jar approved paper And, to let or lease,, the lowr V"" or ineirstorr and Cenar ' Jan 27 Iw LfKOWrt SHIRTING A. A lew ca.. J - 4 U Brown bhirlirar, just received and for sale jue uuM.nishio.N coMfAt. 1n 13 . I4(j rearl - ftreet, rIGNUVIYI rj. - 3u tout on board the ship - oniur, lor sate ny Ja'i 26 TROKF9, D.lD?ON Co. I ' ALtfU 11 A GOODS ai6 baiescol'd 'a Cal cutta Goods, consisting of Bine Manroodief. Soofv Rnrals Red, blue and white Madras Pattern Hdkfs Bernagore and Berery Checks 25 bales Beerbnoio Garrahs all entitled to deneolare I or tale bv HURDfc SEWALL, Jaa 20 65 South - street. OUGAR 12 hlidt. handsome St. Croix Sugar, O for tale by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, Jan 22 75 Wall - street BR ANDY 40 pipes Grays Brandy, 1st and 4th proof, for sale by . . . . JACKSON S WOOLLEY, . JwtO . 75 WaU - street TO BR SOLD. THE followlvu valuable PHOPER - TF, BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF . THE LATE DR. THOMAS JONES. Toe Dwelling House and premises now in tbe possession of Mrs. Margaret Jbnea,! known as number 343 Broadway, being 3tl feet 8 incnei in width ia front, and 32 feet 8 inches in the rear, and 140 feet in depth ; together with the brick stable, and lot on which it stands, in the rear oi the dwelling house, being about 27 lett square and the undivided balf o' a lot fronting on Leonard, street, being 26. feet wide on Leonard - street, and 63 feet 10 inches ia depth ; which undivided lotis held in common between William Denning, Esq. and the owners of the property now offered for sale, and ia intended for a passage way to their stables and yards. Theabov: property it aitaated in the most eligible part of the city, and is, in every part, in tbe best repair and most complete order. tfJTl Three Lots of Ground,' situated at the Ill's si corner of Broadway and Warren - itreet - ; being known on the map of the lands belonging to Trinity Church as Not. 415,416 and 417, and contain, together, 75 feet in breadth on Broadway, and in the rear 87 feet 6 inches on Warren - street, and B9 feet 9 inches on the northerly side. These lots, with the builaines thereon, are now under lease to various tenants, for terms which will expire on the 1st May, 1D20, and at such rents as amount, in the whole, to $2425 annually, besides all taxes. 'These three lots will be sola in one parcel, and subject to the' unexpired leases. e A Dwelling House nod Lot ofGrojnd, known as No. 147 Water - street, between Piuu - street and the Fly Market, being 32 feet 10 inches in width ui front, and 21 feet 7 inches in tbe rear, and lOOl'ect 10 inches in length. This house and lot is uuder lease for a term ending 1st May, 1819, at the annual rent of 550 dollars and all uxes. . . A Dwelling House and Lot - of Ground, known as No. 145 Water street, adloirane the last above ; being IB feet 4 inches on Water - street, 17 feet in the rear, and 64 feet 4 inches in length. 1 his house and lot are under lease fr a term ending 1st May, IHI9, at the utinual rent of 250 dollars and all taxes. A LOT OF GROUND, fronting the Broadway just above Jones - street, and next but one adjoining the property of Mr. Martin Hoffman ; ami tbe lot fronting on Mercer - street, in the rear of the Broadway lot. These two Iota will lie sold, togethrr, and are zaicet o mcnes wide and 2U0 feet deep. A LOI' OF LAND, known as number 645 Bayard's farm, fronting on Rynders - atreet and running from that street to Orange street ; being in width on Hynders street 26 feet, and on Oral ge street 25 feet 6 in lies, and in leneth on the n rtTi erly side 145 fret 6 incites, and on the southerly ide i.i leei .nnenrs. .111 the above mentioned properly u held in fet simple, lhe following u htta under a lease from Co umbia College, 54 yean of ichieh lease vat uurjfjirtd un lit Septtnibtr last. , A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, known as No. SU7 Greenwich streeL now unur lease lor the annual rent W ZjO dollars and all taxo ; lease npfres 1st May, 1 8.' I. tfJTt, - A Dwelling Mouse and Lot of Ground. inu known as No. 215 Greenwich street, now under leaie lor the Yearly rent of 350 dollars and a't taxes ; kae expires 1st (May, 1421. A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground, at tbe comer of Greenwich street and Bar clay street, under for 450 dollars and taxes; lentoexpires istAiay. lull.' ffW Two Dwelling Honses and Lots ol luiii.! Ground, known as No. 69 and 71 Barclav street, now under lease for 600 dollars annually and all taxes; lease expires 1st May, 10il. - - 1 V. ... "U1 aM4 - VV1 eH votd ttettier. A Dwdline'IIotise and Lot of Ground. known as No. 67 Barclnv street, now un - tf dci tease lor ine annual rent oi w dollars and taxes ; lease expires May 1st, 1819 f,iL A Dwelling House and Lot of Ground. Uiwl known as No. 65 Barclay street, now un der tease for the yearly rent of 90 dollars and the taxes: lease expires may isu ioi. This leasehold property cannot convenientlv be described within the limits of an advertie - ment,but the size and extent of each lot may be partituinriy seen on a map thereof, at the ouice ol ,wr. ju.Tir.s, 44 rine street. The title to all (hi property is unquestionable. the greatest part of the property having been owned and now ssed br the late Dr. Jones and his representatives for more than 25 vears. now l an ; and lor sucn part as nas been purchased : . i . i . : J . , i i ii wiimn mm penoa ine suuscnuers noiu warraniv deeds from the grantors. 1 he house and premises first above described is offered at pnvate sale, and may be viewed af - ter the fourth day of January c next, any day be tween one and two o'clock in the afternoon. If not sold on or helore Uie twentieth day of Jaaua ry next, that property, together with all the rest ol the above mentioned prvjperty will be exposed io auie ny auciion, ai ine i online conee lloiise, by Messrs. HONES & TOWN, on Tuetdav. the tenth day of February next, at 10 o'clock in me forenoon oi that day. The terns of sale for the house and preroi tee No 343 Broadway, will be 10 per cent on the dav nf s:.le anil nne third nttlie resutua m the first of Mar nexi , at wh cli im.e a ftwS" will he executed and nnaecinn o - !veivth eaJlvl ... . maining two th.rU to be Paid in 2 annual Dav - pay menta, with interest, from, the first of May, secured by a bond and mortgage fin the preml - aes. Terms of tale for the reit of the properv ly will be 10 per cent on the day of sale, 1 - 3 of the residue on the delivery of the deeda. which wiljbenbuut 10 ilayg alter the sale, and the remaining two third in 2 qual annual payments, with intercut from the date of the deeds, secured by a bond and mortgige on the premises the purchasers are to receiv the rents of such part of thepropcrtyas are under lease from th; 1st of February next. For :11 other information and pa tii - ularly in relation to the title of idl the above property, apply to' D. S.'JOVES. esq! at hit office 44 Pine;t'reet, where the title deeds, and maps of the property mav bo seen. MARGARET JONES, ) MALTBY GELSTON,, Exec'ri.' MARY GELS i ON. S , . dec 30 eodtdt 1 . - . For Hale or to Let, The - House No. 23 Pine - ttreet En quire text door, - ,t No. 25. feh 2 Iw AiWISS KmigranL, farmer, with a a de Mid a numerous family would be thankful to find a situatiou on a farm, cither to. work it on shares or to be a journeyman thereon. He a!o onderstnads well tbe management of horses and might soil a livery stable : in fine, work of auy kind within his capacity he would most thankfully nodertake and earnestly solicits, to lie enabled to support his family during this inclement season. His wife also beg, employment in coare sewing. Apply to the Rev. Mr. Pemiewre, No 16 Celr - tret. Feb 2 3t JUST published, a new Map of the state of In diana, by the Hon. C. Harrison, to which is added, the Surveys of tbe Illinois territory, by Geo. Manifkld, price 2 dollars. For sale by PRIOR & DUNNING, No. Ill Water - street. A sew copief of Sheltno and Ren itt't large Map of the United States, mounted and varnished, or folded ia a case ; price 15 dollars, to be badasalKrre. Jaa 31 2i PI tNO FORTE OR BALE. . ANEW and fashionable instument, made by one of the best London rna.iofieturera, and in riunnLI, MI . i 1 1 i U - .. ... r., v.wi, Kill WTi WIU VIR - af, aa inr owner wisbrt to leave the city. Enquire at S2 Cedar - street, comer of Broadway. Jan31 ' . k. " a It of is at FQtt HALF. L.....1 . Thtt taw ttorr frame House and Lot of ground ly1. ft Brwotne street, tbe corner of I F.luabetb - ttreet, - wHli a etabl In th - rear. " A 1 - 90, a tnodent "three aton brick House. tnd Lot handsomely tituated witliirs the vi( - lage of Newtourch i the bouse, ja large and commodiouaf and well calaolated from its retired, healthy ami elevated situation (having a fine view of the river and Jtlie adjacent country) for a family' - who wljb to desiruble - a situation on the North) Rirer. Price low and possession.; given Uie tlrxt r May next. ; ALbO for Hale or to Lease, 5 avenue lota, situated on the First Avenue, between North and First - atteeta. ALSO totaae for number of years, 15 building lots fronting on the First Avenue and Firit - ttreeC For further particulars, apply to - I CORNS. DU BOIS, - lit V 36 FronttretC jan 20 MOtt HALE AT AUCTIVA, At the T. C. H. on the 1st day of March next, the r 4 KM belonging to (he estate ol tne late Dr. Isaac Ledyard, situated one mile south of the village1 of Newtown, Lone Island. The Williamiburrh turnpike runs Ihsough the Farm, on "one side of which is a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length. Tbe farm contains about . rt r L " I C ItT .: 1 1. iov acres, id oi wiuci: n une iiowiuui, wiui two tlcDle orchards, one old.the other just begin ning to beat well, and a eatable proportion of good salt meadow, lhe Mansion House is large and convenient, four rooms on each floor, with a good kitchen, and cellars ; attached ia a large barn, crib, hen hone, smoke hore, well, and a new Cistern, fc. 1 hecourtyardaiwgardencon tain a vanetv of fruit trees and shrubbery, a large asparagns bed, raspberries and currants - Also A FARM adjoining the above, contain' me about sixty acres : attached it which is ane oual proportion of Salt Meadow, and lot of young wood, tituated within leu than a mile of lhe larm, cofaiomg ten acres, with a farmhouse, barn(iwell, garden, tic. likewie - v - A Lot of Land, I vine at SnrinGeld, south of the (Tillage of Jamaica, containing between four and five acres, on which are about a doatn large fheMut trees, suitable for fencing. i uc uuv usn wi iDiau reauiuiijr u' nj i and mars of tbe tame exhibited some time previous t(L and at the - ale. and disposed of by the acre, with the buildings ibereoo, inclusively. U : l . . : I rinmuin pi w in urn ni'i.i. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - strjet jn8td:. - . ' . ... . Ir OR SALE OK '1 0 LEAMT., On tccommodatioer terms, a number ef water and builUjnjrloU. near aud adiomiiig the navy - ynru, at urooKiyn . r or particulars, en quire i f - j ........ . SAMUEL EVANS, - jan 22 If J ( i . BmbklyHr . KF..11 JT,1 .'ft: FUH WXV The etegnot - and convenient, rhree - sory bnca housaand lot No. 26 Bowery, togethec wnn a coacn nooae ana stanie rronnug on uxj nrd - streat, and - joining the rear jf the lfoe mentioned lol. " - jibr further isErticulart eouu - e, aiai wait, coraefoi vvHjiam - sirest. ; janw u .'..'.... a The homttfanR Jdt Nh. 123 Water - ttrVetv adjoiuing Metertv M. B.. Edgar.' l)Cplt a.tir slope. J eroureasy and title innrMHitauje. Ap e. j eraureasy and title iniirTHitinie. Ap to . .RAtXHAVILAND, - !. tn 29 Iwf Oatheyrfefpraat, , nty jan iSil Two a swo - j brick boft,4iaiibio. in the moderivfylNraij ntea in Tireenjfit - st. - - M,r.. - t9rf fn1r7rtrnUiereorr y4ington and ifammersW - ttreets. Inquire or. ;uititntiMiii Jan29 2w ' . 167 Pearl - street TO LET, From the 1st May. next, the three - story brick house No. 18 rest, with or without tbe stable in the rear Api y to J. A R. RENWICK", Feb 2 - 18CourtlMid - st. TOI.KT.. . JUS The 'tore and cellar No. 34 Frankfort, corner nf Rose - streeL Also lor sale a small ctock of groceries, standing casks, draws, Ac Posscssimi may be had Immediately Apply to lJan29lw ANDREW VAN TUYL. 'FQ LET OH LEASE, That very spacious and convenient thre stoi) brick house, situate, corner of Wfit and Courtland streets, 'adjoining the Steam - Boat Wharf. It is one of the most eligible situations for a respectable hotel in this city, and in point of prospect and neaim is naruiy excelled rvy any sitnauon. 'i o a gooo i. - aannne rent wiu oe moderate. For particulars apply to W. V4N HOOK, feb2tf No. 26 Wall street. fg . IV LET, tjjfi The store and cellar under the main Winkling of tbe house No. 223 Pearl - street, and a three story fife - proof store iq the rear, now occupied by the subscriber ; possesion to be gir on the Irt of May next. Also, his stable aiid . a. a .a al tV - II - a r - i tU - flCD - hoO c oruv7C! MiUBim vu uviusu ctu , iu urc .of ni forei(1 premises, possession of which can oamuiinareuiaiEiji Feb 2 tf JOHN I. GLOVER. GFOH SALf The fire - proof store. No. 5, in Gouver neur's - lane, the third from outb - streeL Tbe lot on which it stands it under an advantageous lease, 1 1 years of which are unexpired. It is three stories, with Bre - plaoes ; being in front on Gouvaroeur's lane 40 (set and in depth 25. An improved machine for pressing of goods for ex portatioo has been erected on tbe premises, and he re to lore profitably employed in pressing cotton, fur, ikini, hay, Ate. From the fitness of the building, and the convenience which it affords Tor working the machine, and its nearness to the river, it may be an object to purchase them to getner. ... . .. ALSO, . ta'iB .The lease (two years of which are im exiired) of tha three atory house No. 9J Front street, third from Gouverneur't lane. Besides large store and cellar in front,, it afiurda every convenience lor a large lamiiy. 'k . Also, FOlt SALE or TO LET, 4jiuj The house No. 26 ft'aU sJreet, opposite the Merchants' and next to the Phoenix Banks has been recently built of the best materials, and besides three rooms which have occasionally been occupied as insurance, broker's and attorney's offices, affords every accommodation for a private family. ' If not disposed of before the 10h February. the above will be offered for sale at auction, of which notice will be given by lileecker ti Bibby For particulars apply to , R. TIIURMAN, . Jan 31 tf f No. 26 Wall - st.' FOR SALE, Three year unexpired lease, front first May next, of that eligible situation no, 154 Greenwich, coner of Courtlaiid - street,' being well calculated for a respectable boarding house, and baa been occuuid as soch for setetal years ; a three story well flubbed bailding. Enquire the premises, or of JAMES HOPSON, feb2 1w " No. 24 Vaadewater - etrert. TO LET. Two adinininir rooma in Wall - ttrtt, convenient for rhcr. - Apply to ' ' FEIME, lY.MlDa febjtf.' 42 WalUtrtet That pleasantly situated place, on !thtri roaUfaadiDgto King'sbrulge, by way of liartasm Una, knewaaa Rote - Hill.. The avenue to Ma comb' bridge runs few rods in (he rear uf rt, rendenng tbe premises very desirable, ns trie House, ia consequence, shews two frwts. - The garden, and about two: acres - of - meadow, - .arW weiritocked withuruH and arirabbery, asparagus neus, currania, c j ne nooie smcoacn - nouse are ra rood condition, aad with, snail expense can be made a very genteel country retreat. I he terais wai he aaat easy. . . y : 4 . AUiO,; .... That very genteel two - story house, rizUa and twq lota of ground, situated ia Bank - st., Green wich; at preteut occupied by Georgt landsay. Esq. - Apply at 55 Broadway j or, to ... CHAKLrj OAKLKY, jaa. 15 Ini - 141 Front - street: rt A VALVAR Lt. FAlUt, 4in,ii Tobesoldorexchanted for property in NewVYork. ' 'l he subscriber being in a very low state of health, and having very little hopes of recovery, offers for sale bis ( at Barbadoes neck, county of Bergen, containing about one hundred and thirty five acres, of arable, meadow and wood - ianu. iuii luriq uer on me main roaa neiween New - York and Newark, about ball a mile'lhis side of Newark Bridge. It is in a very high ktate of cultivation; and is not surpassed bt any other in me viciauy omew - iora, as u valuable ana agreeable residence, either lor the rarmcr or pn - vate gentleman. The dwelling house, though small, ii neat and well finished, and the .fences. gates, barns, stables, and other out - houtet, are in excellent order and well planned. . In front of the house, bordering on the public road, is a handsome and well stocked garden, and on the premises it a yOung and ' thriving orchard, containing a choice selection of the best grafted fruit trees. - A more particular deicriptionof the pro perty is thought unnecessary, as tho disposed to purchase wiu view tne premises. J he title it in disputable. For particular!, apply to the tub - - acrtber, no. ion rean - ttreet, or to air. Andrew Smith, near the premises. - novI4tl KOUhlT BlUi)H.T. tore No. 29 South - street, which, wiH rave the expense ol IwTstrnr. uctct And immediate iiossrssinn 4iven, jhi house No. 9 Pearl - street,' fofetber Viih thi sla we andconcn Home in tne rear on nnc.zan. I'be preuiisflt are in complete repritf 'dndrftjivf' every coiiveuieM - e - iier - etsaiy for Mhesjbrtrnif dation olafamrly. . For.pbrlicuisrni'fiiftly'to - 'r' Oft 28; - br - WtANsSU. Mi.'Al..i'i i - i'v tortu fMf r. Tero S - storybribkhmtset s lota. tiTua - ted Nos. 37 4 39 Vey - reet. . ' Also, a hous4 ftod lot - ' Nor 11 BftwerV'Yiefcr Ckathaoi - iquare, 44 feel Imntby - 125 der." .'All Un ac4nvhuios rt - fms For - pwru&nlBr4 sip - , rryal N.. 333 GreHTiwichut; - jan 15 - tf: - I ' " s ' - - - .Qiietna IP', EQ: lsr.;;ljsr.thepre'ih)tc''a arjj a"goort .twjn story, frinjMious,'barn, and th?i out - byyld. ibrA i29 ac'ref of lirid 1n - i irboat'taiflur cul tivation 2ft acres of vrotiri land, of a. fine brif I tv - trrowtb for fenr'ihir and timber i and a lot of lacraartrneaao'. CTiiCiNpron'ety artwbj iy oi, piher. jmiir. be most ttotyifili; id'eri Una proper tyfMrWirJnrAgaMiejriaR irt tf,inaVfl.U - . M. DITM1S, 148 Pearl - st. ; or to JOHN & KOBT. TROUP, , ' ' ' ' on the premiset. jan 9 tf COUN1RY bEAT FORbALE, . Ai W'aUabonl Poiut, Long - bland, late the 1 - residence of capt. Lambert Schenck, deceased. Ou the premises is a large tpacioui dwelling - house aud out - buildings in proportion - - 24 acres of land in the highnt state of cultivation ; (10 or SO acres of wood - land if required by the purchaser) For particulars apply to Leonard Uleecker, 37 vvau - tl. J Martin Scbenk, jun'r. . Ntw - York 76 a'outh - street, ) , . ,, Martin Schenk, WallabonL , . . Jan 27 Im .. . . The house and lot of ground No. I8 Roe street the lot it 25 feet front and rear and 100 (set deep ; thohooseabrick front, sides and rear filled in with bnckv and built tn tbe mett ton - itantial mannar. For forthar particulars en qiiiroof . A. STEENBACK, Jan 20 2w m Wo. SS4 Broaiiway. fji tOH SALE, iiS.J The House and Lot No. 101 Liberty - it. leith 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth ot the lot 107 feet. Those who may wisK to purchaw pmpr - tv of this discrintion, can at any tistt view the premises, and terms of tale may be agreed on, by application to - ru i I at ii a.ix,t, ; dec 31 66 South - street, aT iOLEI. . - '.' - siliiiL From the first of May next, th spadoas three story brick boat No. low Grenwich - tt corner of Dey - strtst Enquir at 192 Waih - inglon - strtat v . . .Jan89 3W rod SALF. A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTIlY RESIDENCE. The subscriber offers for tale hi hots and a - boat 8 acres of Lam I in Flushing on Long If land. II milet from New - York. l he house m large and very convenient for a genteel family and cdn - mands an extensive and beautiful pronecL Tbe ft hi rarrinire hfiuu. unnrl bouse. DOUltrv hbOSe. 4zc. recently built. The buildings and fencet are in excellent repair, and la'ely painted. 1 ne eaiden it larre and well.storked with a variety of fruit, and th orchard with th best kiadt fl aptlea pears, Ac. Near the house are two wlr oi excellent water and a new cistern, all with good pump this place is very conveniently situated, there being conveyances bv good stages or packets to and from New York every day. except Sundays. For further particulars tad terms of tale apply ti " . . Jan 26 Im No. 123 Pearl street '" House, Stable, Oardenuke. at Greentrieh, - I TO LET Lnlil The subsenber willlet or lease, for a tena of rears, h'l hoe at Greenwictl. It it plea - antlv situated on the banks nf tbe Harlinn. and rakulaled to accomBfortale a large family. For terms, apply to D1VIE BETHUNE, Jaa 31 - in a'i sireei. TH HE LEF. . AndimnwdiaterrfMetsioneiven, thatspa - cinus three ttwi orwa noate, ?io. 3 urmty ttiwet, well calculator! lor a tioardins tvase. Aprlyt SAMUELS. GOODYEAR, Jan 27 lOt .120 Water steeet. FOR SALE, ThetwoiKnues, No. 43 ami 50 Proadway, to tw completely fini!sed and delivered on tbe I5lh April n - sxt. Apply to JOHN SEIDELL k CO. Jaa 29 ' tf No. 50 Broadway. Q ' STORE TI LET. Th Cre oraof store No. 2 GotrrnKi Lane, fnear Water streeO is to let from Ut May m at It hat four stone - , beside a larje cenar antl a very rommndicas garret. Being ditn. bed from other buildings, there is no risk liora fi - - . Poases'ioa ty peobaWv he harl, ff required, before the 1st May. Af p;y at 29 Sothitret, to fob 2 llJCavKK 4c LAUR1EJ. KICS'Aa Jamaica.' ori '1m2 Jalarnl, Cbihitvj tt theresirlAic'e bf Jfilin Ti Upf)le ortharfls; and a' .yarn! Wc - Jkrc'ai)inff one oft riHK flll.LllOTl 1U JD1MMW..I ,i - kw,,u the Counl oi Worry, Ireland io the year 1803, will.traBsnivrairs, t iUherry,.of Traleas hisdteisrl willa, particular advantage t boOl fealet.V - - 'ilOclobe 1815. 1 be above ft MsertUl at the request of Mf. IlillnnH lmlli .'. ' v . i 'Any cciimunicatkia" hit the subject will be - '., tfiankfiillv reeeit - ed - r - nd frttbsniitted h ' f ' . - Ijm m VJ'V .W. Kllflt hr a, i n ' - NtllCE. 07". The pacillclnsurance Cosnpany of Neyf - Ynrkt . have Uw Hay declared a Dvideadt twelve pel cent' on the capital Stock, at theif office. No. 49 Wall - street, on the 19th . tittlatkf ktf Arr'ar et fl.m 1 - iar.l ni f lifWr.lnrC. , 'N ' Jr.n6 lni - WALTER. ft. .JONES, Sec. NO I ICE? - - frr' The'tchall of himselfaod . hit associates, gives notice, that an application ? - j.' V i; Will be mnda to Ih. hnnorabla lh.. Ifliatur at J . v - ', . " rf S this stnle. at its nxl aeninn: Ihr - nh .Aft to incor - V V pwate a fffnfcwiib.Wcapitalatock oj iv llaa - . '?.ATfi died Tliousand Dollars, and with "leave to ia - 'i . S A crease it to One Million i - in ImMoraKd' MirRI ' east of uaekman - street; hv the Ity - uf - New - York, and to be called "The FrMiktia iljnkof the city ef New - York." .' .' ' Dated New - York, - 16th Dec. 1BI7. . By order of the - Assotiatef, .'''.. dec .10 tf " NO tit BROWN, ge c'rf. i KEW iiiHK maVHATfCL cvMr.itt. 'I he president arid directors'havefliH ifay ' - r'f rvl declared a dividend ol.five ncr cent on.tht arjl - w'.' - 'v I Ui stock of the company for the lhetjix tiOttjMf" ''jtKJ: payable to the stockholders,. or tUrirlrjarrrr - jj smlalives, on and nftcVlhe 'l2lh irist'anttfllr j office, No. 34 W,all - streeiVi - i:"',, ' - , I janS Im . .. .i CTG.HIPMAN, lec'ry. I AEVV.YOKK FIREMEN INSlKANCE ' 1 7iMii i it, v . (Kr - The Capital Jftotk'o'f the Cnirfantbavr ing by a new iubrni'tini heeh rriunt. ted tfyio . 'tV.vj full sum of Five hundred" thuutavd tJbttars hIiicw "W it amply secuicd, are imw rearty f if trmve ap - l, "i. plicatioM !r F ire and JWartne bisutibNtlir ' wV. Office No, 56 WaU - strret - ;ii !ltfmi - teVitti .7r .' the - patronage qf the fubUc in L - cUuli .'jtflfcJ; . irVV. saif i ii ii u r krni f' i if in w xiaa iiuirnfn.iMf iifc.'iaaairMr ' ' '' mutt bv pi ,rinrl ArTiiruLii I'lr.rtf Wih - nir.taCilfbtj.' pnirTnn tnfj lifirQrJ; Prelriaejil rtrfrT lfr torV." . ri'iuuTy na.i.. JrfnVlVtrr. - - " - V."W FlW - tfet? ,tfi"frivit . .. . r us I tfe Mtvinn MM t - ex' cent ttafhtrct; ht - en deVHrerl1 ndV dM:l 6f iSilnr' itprsno tu r&iniii. i i Jt'irfi rfm UOlf N - t)f 9f FYKR. Fcr. V - lf personr lavtilirrlr'mandt. eeairAr.d 6t lhe - rhfe' VhrtaVCobreV, dtrrHt', Oi . 1 ' 4 IV I - eatata atwjretitrested to WsboI thabhre. ArtcTA.It'iieN; stmt iniiebced to th aaistt m ieltd td wake puyroeht Vvtrd? Mbjussri' . ' i4 : - . ; vALltti AAtfJKTWW.T.r ' To' behold aricreVrW)'ewn - brT.iVr tkd a - liilrtiKJ'er X a i X T a. iwii w rW a li.isLl.hV' (irfofGp thi istotMny ttf xH, - Siwdnil,B wtflarp' tinilc ' 6uLi1aiiUlUiJU(if.lousAiiwerJbriJaih..(.ftirri " ' auveruT BfiTriUliiUMlnliiuii; auA ciaaai),irfWhHih" - jnnke i)V&fc llwtywtor' fe.tWrr; - ', tnuyj iRuarVd mine Jno - t whulnie.iKJi .uMliir. , ifcae' If nni'if.M ,1 ni - iu. . vale tale helore the ISth tof Ft brbnry next, it will then be told at auction on the I61I1 and fol - following day. Also, arnmalete set of carpett, elegant Inrnitures, household utensils am) various ellecis, particolnrly a choice collee lion ol noks ny c. u. r u 1 akl, to wrmrn appiy mr par ticulars, at his auction room, No,. 135 Water street, corner of Pine. . ' jan7 Im ' ' ' - f ,'JO Lt.T, . For one or more Tears atwo story brick Ik ue in Stuyvesant - itreel, nearly opposile St. M arks Charcb, eonlainiug tijjit roomi, a lura - kitchen, servants room, cflliir, pantries, hie. iri complete order for the reception of n genteel ri.nv ily with a garden and yard of abont 1w ' and .,' balf acres 01 land, containing a variety of the fl tiest fruit trees, asparagus and hot beds, Ire. ii, , together with a wood house, carriage, iiouse anct tables. Rent will be reasonable, and. pastes) - tion cat be hadlce. Grit .day of April. Apply! between (0 and 2 oVIm k, on th promises, lo - ' NICHOLAS WM. STUYf'ESANT.. , Jan24'3w ' , " , ' O' - : - ,..;,Af - A.AVs :( , - v kiiliiJ From the first of ,M ay next, a front county ing room oa the second fl W, toetu - r with.tb . upper lofts. Enquir No. .107 J'ejill. itrett,. J J'. , ' jan24 tf . ' ' ' ' j . : VaXaad Iwus in which b how lives in la - rvHit strtal 11 ava pretty comfortable boos fotv avstjiall mqderat family, having a aton kitchtxy and cellar, two rootna on. acb floor aad aA)d - chamber ia th garret, r Across the rear of in hetrao ther is a ploasant piata, built scarcely three years a go tit has a neat httle garden about CO (set deepi asd a small stable, leading to which I bar it a gaagway from tbe streat Apply to A..D, fuff, No.69 Washbiglow - strweC - - ,' . Fb,t . - JAMES TILLARY. - v. ...C I OR bALE, ' ' tan raorr.nrt nr trk citi or saw - xoxur.' Q. A BRICK 'HOUSE and Lot No. U fiowery S I ABLEi the rear together with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feat rear, and U5 feet on each.!" - ,. HOUSE et iJJ ir 37 Vesey - ttreet , and House and Lolrfo tsfVrsev - street. . A B'un QiyGE fori 12O0 doHan.; tlti ' and ' " do w for 450 do Oa'waaaeb property in the city of New - York. 'Cfo iXarett hat always been punctually paid. ' Fpt perticu! ara ianaiie at th office of '. dec 10 tf a..,. No. 27 Wall - street. . QHOLSE fe LOT FUH. aALrs. - Taw tale the bouse and U No. 20 John - tf For aeraat arrly lo THOMAS AJ'H, ' ' 33 John - tt. - Jaa,rair" - ' a . JOM.1 A J ULUIXVLSUALJC, , - TV fcotwe and grounds beloneing to the; estate of John tfbaw, situated on the eighth ave. nne. On tlta premiiet are an excellent doabl house, stable", Coach and ic. boose, with every1 thing else requisite for.tcch an establisbmenC - It i presnnmd any other deserition is unnecrtsa , ry, at those inclined t rent will view the place Alto, tbe large fire proof ttor ia tU rear of bouses 1 1 and 3 Perl - - trea - i wher there it, for sale tome old Madera Wine, by the Dmrjuho - For fuilher particulars, applj u J'nn 29 ; ' 11 Pearl street fV" . - FOH SA LF OH TO LEA a A, iS) Lots in the 5, 6, 8, and 10 Wards many ol which are oa regulated and paved streets. No Dioney will be required under tea years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. J Several two and three story hotrtes, on wbicb a trreat part of the money remain on mortgige. . LAND1.VG AT lOiD HtX)K. - - v An excellent stand for business, with ten acre f land, pleasantly tituated, with a wharf, ttotw ihiuw ami uam. v CO l Tt)N tnd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never i - ,ijng stream, upon akxh2t ndlls may be erecti - '., with a lumcieocj oi vatwfoveach. ' - A;fi - iy at No.,2 Greenwich - trt jaalStf - N1' w VI f 3.

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