The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 3, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1818
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PRIZE - LIST Medical Bdenca Lottery No. 4 20th day drawing. Wo. '25493, $i009; 14o8l, $100. 8 1st day's drawing No. '6657, $2000; i3fiZ5f $100; 10,43l, $50. All sold at Alleus. The firl drawn number to - morrow entitled to $1000; the first on Mouday next 10,000; the first on Monday werk 30,000. A few warrant - ed undrawn tickets lor tale at ALLEN'S truly lucky oiSce, 122 Broadway. Feb 3 BOOKMAN ft JOHNSTON No. 67 Soulb street, have for sale 95 hhds. ne James River Tobncco, ' 70 do old do' do 280 bbl. Riclimond superfine r lour i. - .ii n Fnil.idelDliia do do 800 kegs hi' hruond manufactured Tobaeco ol an qualities 70 boxes S muisb begars 305 qr. uuks Golinenar n ine 25 tons assorted English Iron, entitled to de - beoturc 150 bundles Hoop L Steel 50 do Crawley do 40 do Cast and Shear Steel 1400 qr. casks Londun Towerproof Gunpow der, r r and irr 380 do large graib, for Duck shooting, of su - nerior strength . 300 do " Butt's Cylinder Sporting Powder,' in canuisters 14 cases English Muskets and Bayonets 0 casks fresh London Mustard 179 pigs Block Tin 60 casks dry White Lead 20 kegs green Paint 140 nieces twitted Sacking! 24 pieces narrow sod 10 do wide Cotton . Bagging 13 pieces Hon Bagging 7 bates Strefcti Osnaburgbs 2 do Cod Lines 7 puns. Jam. Rum 6 casks Russia Tallow 1 lilid Pink Root 2 b:les bint and black West of England uroad;inths 8 cases Mull Jaconet and Fancy MnsJins 1 iruna ar Madras IlKis 1 do blue Bandanoes, 1 do Printed Shawls, 3 do Cotton Balls 5 do superfine Plate Calicoes 1. do Milwfts, 1 do Jondon made.'Slop t 1 do Sailors VVook - oCaps. jan 10 tf r EOKnE W. TALBOT, No. 65 Pine street, VJi bis lor salt, 18 hhds. St Croix Sugar 10 bugs superior Calcutta do 50 whole, i 15 hull u fiohea Tea, very superior 20 qr. ebests 0 t.heits Soui - hong Tea, Nancy's cargo 45 .do - Young Hvson do do do 24 do do do do Natchez's cargo, entitled to drawback; " 12 do do do do I'hojnix's cargo 3 qr. casks Sherry Wins z 17 burners Chunpigne, do entitled to drawback - 140 boxes Sweet Oil, m bottles 5U do oMv..ile Soap 16 casks Green Copperas 2 hale Yliraapore Carpets 4 CiSts Longys Ah4 biteroy Cvlcguc vV uter, Vlustard Seed InHia Twin una Marline. Jan 14 J H cBfiOilN, iH &.,a(i) - stit - ti, otft rs ft r tale the entire cargo of the ship Perse va - raace, Silver, master, from Batavia,vu: 450,000 lb. very handsome Coffee 14,000 lbs Sugar 400 Oi Hides t bagsCubnh IN STORE. 120 hales Calcutta Piece Goods, vis t Beer boom Gnrrahs. bahanaa - ore. bairerv and Calcut ta check, red, blue and vrbjtt Madrass pattern ajma naais. sooty rosaaif,iusj ant Dtooianoe nais. 1 yB,comt, ..was, bartas, jalalport and blot j , Castor oil. seaaa leaf, assurtadita. . Gum benjamin, copal, trajacantfa, salamo - disc, ate. arc 50 bags mustard seed . 40 kegs pickled salmon 35 kacsfrotmd rins - er 50 tvlTnysoa aad sioglo lea 28 bag Calcutta sugars 300 boxes No. 1 ft 2 Chocolate , 100 Volts Russia Dock , 60 tons Russia iron 500 Russia Seal Skins 1 cue croas bai'd Canton Hdkfs. 1 case black Cautsti crapes 3 rases colored do 200 piece blue Nankins 5000 f - iecei loiur yellow io iSbpii'y Madeira Vine 2000 Calcutta goat skins bb00 Madrass do &c. tc Jaa a OIL KO;E3, tc 100 ounces Oil of Roses, 10 bales or 2,000 lbs. Goats Wool or Ca me u nair 2 baits Turkey Carpet Rug, and A parcel of Nicaragua Wood' Landing from Khr Vestal, from Smyrna. Vorsahby CAMBRELENO t PTARSON, jan 12 67 kath street. L'Vl. tO khds. Molassts Rum, fir - it proof, jLstrsaMoy V JACKSON 1 WOOLLEY, Jaa 12 76 Wall - st. T.OUrV 100. bbls Mvo'i Mills, iaaditg M. Hull KWi" - rTCIHUli IN STORE 100 bbls. Richmond Mills B34 do Pcttrshargb (Stokes and SmiUi'a brand) UT KU1 BY GCJSWOLD9 b COATES, aal? - USottb - strcet. tk)bacco, flour, ftc 'Z bfids. uiD. ivicnm - iaa 1 oaacco 65 bbls fiat Richmond Floor do fine Middlmrs I90lbv Klotaat lotiigo 100 French Uemijohas ; 6 or. tass aid berdal Madeira Wine 4 to old M&lmsey do do . W.fc8.CRAlG. jan iv t BEMQ.1L LVDIOO. MiJ Cvatt sry peimt quality, tntiaed daWstarsk forrala at 75 Wail - lrtt, by jan W JACKSON WOOLLKT. to rp(JRrENI1Nfc - - 65 boss coll Tarpaatiae, v w. iar . f do. Beeswax Afinat and lot salt by s. C. W. DAVENPORT XT CO. JanlJ QHI.iGLEJ, J Shine' es, ai e. UHJJWO tnch aaa t.vuu nofsn or nit trt R.ftC. TV DAV:f1PTRT& tX) Jaa 19, 3iPH iip. AUMKA WLNfc - A mmnbty ot Choice I JL U. maaeira vvtde, surnle by ..R.4k C. W. DAF.VMPnrt r ja rrt Jaa 19 FLOMUA. KlUt) tebie. 8ttsa F'owv , . and 100 tkroM of trm. fcw Sice, bow coding from the rerts. Srota Richmond, aod 1 elS"pa, iron li1ttpvi, for sale by j , ilE BETH fJNE 1 CO. 15 92CnffM - n'Wso - Ui T5LOOM RAISWi - tOOfcoxes fresh Bloom - - Kaiaioa, kut rscr rvrd asm for w r hi ; c N.L. fcG.O'3Wo.D. " Ja8 ? 88 Eoath street. - - HIDES. OTTRhuadred Hid landing thit day I row - - rerveraact, and will be snld low from the srbhrf. Apply to Jon 9 JOSEPH OS HORN. JR'SH XARJCET TOB4CCO - t8 hhd.. Of ? - Btec I 1 I - I ?y Ann, frca Rirtmit, far tt - iy P. BETUTJVE ''O '"18 9C.H.sJii. r . - .SJ Jaa 14 J57 Pearl - street. GRACE CHURCH. TjEW No. 93, for sale. Eaauire at No. I Wafchingtoi. - street, Jan Z7 6t QHEARY WINE, etc. 7 qr. casks very choice kj snerry wine, 14 years 01a, ana R ton trull Irmmm wmrm nIH Mi...tAl d nrl PaawI Wines. particularlv calculated for family use, for Idle UJ UUittO.JUnuAV Jao 7 77 Washington - street TWIST and FILLING. TXTiLLIAM CAMPBELL. No. 197 Pearl VV street, has received 1000 lb. of No. 12 and 13 Twist and Killing, from bis factory at Pat terton, which be will sell on fair terms. A regu iar supply of yarn from No. 10 to 18 will be re ceived weekly. Jan zo u FT U LL ft BO WN E have just received by the AX Lorenzo, Irom London, Di ion's Antihiiions Pills Hickman's Pills for the gravel, ftc. Clung's Worm Destroying Lozenges Roach's Embrocation Thompson's Cheltenham Salts H ay ward's Tolu lozenges Hen'rr's Calcin'd Magnesia. And a general assortment of British rateni Medicines of repute, not mentioned above ; war ranted genuine, and for salt at Jan 241m 146 Pearl - street. XTlCAitAGUA WOOD t LIGNUM VlTJi 11 18 tottt Nicaragua Wood of very good quality 10 do Lignumvitie For sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, . Jaa 19 39 South - street - ORN 10,000 busheU Virginia corn. prime quality, deliverable alongside a ves sel or vessels at 1 appanannocst. t or sale by R. CRUMP, Jio 26 90 Pine - street. OLAssfES 29 titd. Molasses, of superior quality, i ice at uover street wnari I tale bv R. ft C. W.DAVENPORT 4c CO. Jan 26 boxes fresh Turkey pul'd Furs, 1, ana tor saie oy PLTfctl KKMSfcls . - CO. VA 1 HERRINGS. Itl boxes 1st sort.) Herrings, now land 177 do 2d do I ing and for sale by Jan 22 67 coo tb - tt reel LINKio, Ate. 4 bales bvrman Sliirting and Sheeting Linens, for sale 00 reasonable terms, by Jan 27 77 Washington - street A I USC'OVADO SUGAR 161 bhds. Uava Ivl na Muscovado Sugar, of superior quahtv, laadinc from brig Boxer, from Havana, at Jouti wnari lor sale by uUDUHUt tt tu. j an zi 44 aouu. - street. TTPLAND COTTON. 15 bale prime Up J una Lotton, lanuuie and lor ssle by SAUL ALLRY, 98 Pine - street, IV 6TORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for sale as above. jail !J O.NL hundred bbl. Urtstol iiauiJi Blown 20 do White Lead, Yi iih a eeneral assortmcot of Paints, drv and f rouna, tor saie ay 192 Front and corner of Fnltou - street Jan 23 ;IOLA6SLS, COFFEE. SUGAR, ic - tfX 15 hhds, molasses, 6 hhds &nd( o., 5 bhls So"' 32 bags Coffoe 60 Spanish Hides Landins this day from briar Protection, from cu 1 nomas , west side uid - siip. lor sate by Jan 23 791 HERRINGS. boxes 1st sort) Herrines of superior 177 do sci aoi quality. pm a1a h. CAMBRELENO & PEARSON, 67 South street. Jaa 28 QUERCITRON BARK. I7IFTY hhds. and boxes of very fiat quality, x - lor saw dj G. G. SrS. HOWL AND, Jan 28 T Washingtot street 50 iil.XES warranted American Tallow Mould Candles, of different sizes, from Wtnsbip's factory. Charleston, Mass. For sale by ' RIPLEY & WELD, ivz r root, corner 01 1 uiton - street Jaa f8 mOMBAZETTS fit COTTON 4 bales X Bombazett 34 bales Sea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do. - landing and for sale by . SAUL ALLEY, 98 fine - street. I Stosk 40 bales Sea Island. Apply as aoove. jan 24 . - . - PLASTER OF PARIS. A CONSTANT supply of ground plaster of varii, to uarreis. auuaDie Tna souuieni mnrket Orders led with Walter Nenen. No. 174 Front - street, corner of Burlinr - stio. will be promptly auenaen to iutut H11.KS, I oot of Usrrison - street, north - River, Janl9tf riLASSWARE 15 hhds. Ear. Glassware, VJ consistina of Wines and Ttmhlers. lor sale by CHAS. L. OGDEN at ABR. OGDEN, Jaa 22 Washiorton - st 15TJ UPLAXD COTTOf. bales vorr prims apland cottoa. in nort, sou tor sau in ton to suit purchasers, by 1 t irium a srn ma . nn " Jaa 23 68South - st ST. CROIX SUGAR 18 hhds. landing, and for salt at 55 Pmt - stieet, by Jaa 15 GEORGE W. TALBOT. STARCH. 'NE Hundred ami Sixtv. keei PhiluUlnriia Sun k, landing tram schr. Fur Trader, at Old - t iw salt oy JMS 75 Wail - street. ODOR UV ROSKS. AFEW pound boUItt of Odor of Roses, just received from Smyrna, and for sale by dee 22 RUM, tc 2 hhds. old Jamaica Rum t 10 ban SUI). Calcutta Susv. laiklino. fwim wf aaiciuie, ana tor sale oy U. W. TALBOT, J 0 55 Pitv.strwt. SHERRY WINE, tc - 8 pipes and SO qr. casks superior aherrv wine 8 qr. cakks do., very old 200 qr. tanks aahks wine 84 hhds. Boston rum for sale by G. G. &. .c Hnwi.tvn jaa 28 77 Washinirton - street. ' I J UM. IOU nbls. !st pi. St Ham r salt oy JAC1UON 4t WOOU.EY. .inn 17 75 Wall - street ITHNliLlSH Canaon aodMaskst Powder, lor m uit ny LEROY, ATARD ft CO. dec 9 !9ba1e.i COTTON. prima Upload cotton. laniXn from tcb. Soith - Carolioa for salt by S. ALLEY. dec 13 - t BLUF.GOOD9,ftc 17 bales company blue Xamoodies, fine uaal. 4 bales Company blue Baftas, do 1 V do India Calicoes, sud. anal and ww nat - iV Items, selected particularly foi this market, just ree'd per ship India, for sale by RFMSF.N ft CO, ;63onth - trret. jv3 CPL 4 X I C - IT Tv S 5 1 haw rri me ejiland V I'r - 'W. it rHvM iw arhoiiner Laara. from Savabnan, aad for sale 'v l I sVi FOR NEW - ORLEANS. : , The brig; MARY ANN, 175 tons, a iiobtt&ntial fast sailing vcs;el, one year old ; will sail on Sunday next. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE ft CO. Fab 2 44Soutli - sL For MATANZA&, (Cuot.) The brie - Caroline. G. Munro. mas ter. will taka what freight miv offer this week - For terms apply to JAMES D - WOLP. Jttn. 57 Front - street. . PDPinim r , a The brie SIDNEY CRISPIN, bur - then 156 tons, a staunch rood vessel. lately repaired. Apply as above. feb 2 For CHARLESTON, The elegant packet ship CORSAIR, Sutloc, will sail on VV tduesday next. Hor freight or passage,' apply on board, at Go veroaur's srharf, or to CLARK, MOORE & Co. Jan 31 4t 41 South - street. For O FOR 10, The schr. BETSEY, capt. Turner, burthen 97 tons, a substantial rood vessel, only one year old, having' a part of her cargo engaged. or freight . ot the remain der, which wilt be taken on very reasonable terms, apply to GOODHUE Sc CO. jn 31 44 South - street. For SAFA .vyVWW, Tbe regular packet brig ELIZA, .o sail ou Tuesday next. For freight or passage apply on board at Jones' wbarr, or to H. THOMAS, Jan 30 4t 2 Jones' lane For HUJTEHDAAL The fust sailing brig JULIANA, B. 1, Augur, master, 204 tons i haviiur two s of her freielit engaged, will commence loading this day, and be dispatched immedi ately. For balance of freight, or passage, ha ving good accommodations, apply to r FISHER, jan 30 lw 54 Soulh - sti - cet. For bale, FmgM or Charier, The ship DRU Vl.MON D, R. Quarles, master, MO tons ; will carry upward, ol miw bbls ; is a substantial vewel and well found. For terms, apply on board, at pier no. 17, or at Co south - street, to Jao 27 WALSH A GALLAGHER. tor Hale, r retgltt or Charier, Tilt substantial, fast sailing brig MA RY - ANN, capt. Lewis; is I year old ; si nes about 1600 bbls ; bea at pier no. 13, east nver. Inquire tf GOODHUE ft Co. Jan 27 44 South - street. For treight or Charter, Tbt ship PERSEVERANCE, bur then 260 tous, incomplett readiness to receive a cargo ; lies east side Old - sup. The brig MUSCONGUS, capt Dock - endorft burthen J 52 tons, well calculat ed lor carrying lumber and slock : lies at Bur - ling - slip. Apply to BARKER ft HOPKINS, No. 84 South - street , HTio have for tale, 20 tons clean St. Petersburg hemp 10,000 Calcutta Goat Skins, large size Calcutta Duck 2 bales Russia Calfskins. 2500 gallons pure winter strained Sperm, oil 800 gallons rack'd whale oil 170 boxes first quality Spermaceti candles An invoice of elegant French hall stoves 20 tens pig iron Jan 21 lOt For LOXDOXDERRY. The Hue fast sailing ship FOSTER, N. Moran, master, having 7 - 8tba of her cargo ready to go ou board, will be despatched without delay, r or freight of 100 to 200 tierce. seed, or passage, apply to the master on board at pier no. 1 a, or to Jan 20 W. ft S. CRAIG. OLASSES ft COFFEE 90 hhds. Havav na Molasses new crop Lahdine at Old - slip from Brier Caroline, and for sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. feb 2 57 Front - street. BATAUA CARGO ATAVCTIOJ. ON Tuesday, 10th February, 1818, at eleven o'clock, at tne south side of India Wharf, in U"ITO Will UC IUIU Bl )UUI1C BUCUOD The entire cargo of the brie - New - Leader, can. . v r . "... nun i nunc, irom oatavia, consisting 01 2750 BAGS COFFEE. Conditions at the sale. T. K. JONES tc CO. Boston. 30th Jan. 1818. - Auctioneers. feb2 6lt HEMP ft IRON - St. Petersburg clean Hemp Rassia, Old Sable and Swedish Iron, for ..I. : - - . - . l t feb 2 67 South - street. itwIADMRA WINE 9 pipes Old Madeira IvX Wine, of superior aualitv. imported in 10 1, lorsaie ry TROKES, DAVIDSON ft CO. feb 2 106 Front - street, IRON HOLLOW WARE. AN assortment of the above article consisting of pots, kettles, bake pans, griddles, skil lets, basons, spiders, tea kettles, ftc. per ton or piece, lor sale by CEBRA ft CUMING, Jan 30 76 Pearl - 4. 633 INDIGO, fcUGAKS, Ac. unsi vnilic, CUIU imuNUIilcaiKaii, the latter very superior quality, hard grained, wormy me attention oi retailers 17 cases Bengal Indigo 4200 Goat Skins, large sise and fine quality. jusi rec a per snip inaia, lor laie ny r. KE.nistA'i ez tU. jan 3 26 South - street. . A Corn - Fan ht anted. 11 AM LU immediately, a corn - fan; a se - TT cond band ont will answer. Apply to TUCKER it LAURIES, jan 20 29 South - street. .VI AN KEENS. 5,000 ps. long yellow Nau - keens 600 blue do. entitled to debentnre. For sale by JOSEPH OSBORN, jan 30 zu tout n - street, HEMP. SPIKES. LEA O. Ac. tT. PETERSBURGH clean Hemp and Ken - Mucky yarns in - L.ols to suit purchasers 100 casks spikes, assorted sizes from 4 to 10 in. do rolls Mieet Lad 50 boxes 8 by 10 Glass 5 tons Pstent Oakum 30 bales India Twine, No. A. With a general assortment of ship Caand - ry, for sale by Jao 30 lw TUCKER ft CARTER. iVfOLASSES, COFFEE, ftc 32 bhds and IVX 4 bbls. Molasses, brst quality 23 bags Green Coflee, 120 Drv Hides 7 bbls. Sugar Landing at Dover - street wharf. Irom schr. Linnet, from rorto tuco, lor sale by n. . c m. w. ua v .. run 1 ,J. . Jan Oft GER box ERMAN sTEEL, BRIMSTONE ftc 155 es Steel 12" bofinl brnrstone 1 cae LegiiOtu hats 15 do tu.iiuiors 10 psckage paper 3 OUCl CIHlllrtS SO boxes laoul. I candles SO do sosp, entitled to debenture For ed ry of in sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. jaa 13 57 FroavstreeL j k - J i TOBACCO ft FLOVtL hodi new Richmond tobacco 20 do old do do 1 13 do Petersburg do 3X bbls Philadelphia superfine flour Landing from brig Rising Sun, and schrs In dian Hunter, Sea Lion, and Brothers For sals by BOORMAN ft JOHNSTON. Also, in store 500 bbls superfine Richmond flour r 200 do Petersburg do. dec 27 flOT 1 ON 31 bales Upland Cotton, first qua! V - Hy, landing ..... w,,wa i suVtS I V ooLtn - sireot. ft UM. - 2U bhds. Boston Rum, justs. G. ft 9. HOWLAND, 77 Washinstoa - ittreet. Jan 27 ENGLISH IKON at Sl'IKLS. - 75 tons Iron, flat, round, and sqnare, assorted sizes 100 casks Spikes, from 4 to 6 inches. The former entitled to d raw back, for salt bv titnutKSU.i a u Alius s, Jan 27 81 Pine - strrct. 17 LOUR 100 bbls Richmond Flour, branded a.' ixaiiego 300 d approved country brands 200 do Petersburg do. frsaleat66 South - st. by. WALSH ft GALLAGHER. Jan 77 ljU.OUR, TOBACCO ft. FLAXSEED 860 JL bbls Fredericksburg flour 24 half tierces flaxseed 14 hhds prime leaf tobacco, received per tctJk, Wm. ft Henry and Virginia For sale by v tan 7 WAI,SH It UALJrr - tliHKK. HUVUL.fcS SC. - lUU,tUU ,y.i Shjgles, kj JI.OOO W. u. uairel Slaves, lof saleT.y R, ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Jan 6 VV INKS. 8 ten gallon kegs very old and delicate Muscatel and i'aforet Wines, put up expressly for family use, and will be sold oy we single keg. Apply to Jan 28 77 Washington street. plOTTON. 40 bales prime Upland Cottoa, vr lorsaie oy R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO Jan 28 I.VUSK. TABLE CLOTHS, LINENl, Ar tec. J ust oiiened at No. 61 Maid en - teat 3 cases Irish' linens, course to snperfiat 1 do long lawn , assorted 1 do 5 - 4 stout Irish shtetinn, assorted 1 do diaper and damask table I'meas, as sorted, from 5 to 10 quarters widt 1 do super real double damask table cloths, part very large size, with elegant small and large napkins to match 1 case notted counterpanes togcUicr with general assortment of Dry Goods for piece and retail tales, at Very moderate pricey. Alto for Sale by the Package, A few caes Irish linens and long lawns, assorted Stout 5 - 4 Irish sheetings, Drogheads Blach 7 - 8 lirens glazed. White platUIas Jsn23 tf L C. SUYITAM. 17 LOUR ft TOUACt O. 150 bbls Richmond 17 City Flour, Hax all's brand 50 do do Country do 9 hhds Prime did Leaf ToUcco SO do New do in Store, and for sale by TROK.ES, DAVIDSON ft CO. Jan 27 10C Front street. 20 MOLASHF.S. hhds molasses, good quality, at Peck. slip, tor sale by Jan 31 R. C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO, COTTON YARN. Tbe COMMISSION COMPANY, 148 Pearl - street, have now for ale, most Nos. of Cottoa Yarn, irom No. 4 to 30. jan 8 Shawls, handsomely assorttd. received per (1UU 1,1 M Id. - CAMBRELENG ft PEARSON, Jan 29 s7 South - street. CHINA SILKS t casts green siuchews j 1 do black camblets 1 do 6 - 4 white shawls $ 1 do black do 1 do damask For sale by MARCH ft LOW, Jan 29 - 210 Broadway. 11 EMP ft DUCK 60 tons St. Petersburg)! XX cl cienn nemo 80 bolts first Quality Russia Duck For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. jan B 57 r roni - street. COTTON. 54 bales Prime Upland, for sale at 66 South - street, by Jan 47 WALSH ft GALLAGHER. RUSSIA 1.KEY HARE SKINS. JEORGE ASTOR offers for sale 10,000 Rus - VJi sia Grey Hare Skins. Jan 31 lw IN CHANCERY. State of New - York. ss. JN pursuance of a decretal order of this honorable court, bearing date tbe 7tb day of July ast, will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coflee House, in tbt city of New - York, under the direction of the subscriber, as one or the masters of this court, on Thurtdav. the 8th dav of January next, at (trefcv o'clock at noon, " all that certain block, or piece of ground and soil underwater, to be made lead and ground, out of being between Washington - street and a certain new street of seventy feet in breadth, to be made fronting on the said north River, called West - street, and is bounded as follows : north - easterly ana easterly oy iineny - street t nortn - westeriy and westerly by West - street aforesaid ; southwesterly aod westerly by Cedar - street, aad south - easterly and easterly by Washington - street: containing in breadth on Wasluotrm - street and West - street one hundred and tea feet six inches, aad in leacth along Liberty - street one hundred and seveoty - seven feet, and along Cedar - etreet one hundred and seventy - two feet" ; together with the appurtenances, subject sever - tbeless to the rents, covenants, restrictions and agreements to which said premises are subject, in favor of tbe corporatioe Of the city of New - York, as imposed, reserved aad created by them. Dated Nov. 26th, 1817. JAMES A. HAMILTON. Master in Chancery. Note. The sale of the above property is post poned to Friday, the 30th instant, at eleven o'clock, A. M. at tlie same place. It will be sold n lots or parcels, and on liberal terms, which may be known by applying at the Masters office, No. 3 Law Buildings ; where a map of the pre mises may be seen. January 8th, 1818. JanSdts The above sale is further postponed to the ele venth day of February next at the same hour and piace. jan. Join iisih. JAMES A. HAMILTON, feb 2 dtds Master in Chancery. 0 - TAKE GOOD ADVICE I ! - C0 10,000 DOLLARS. ON Monday next the first drawn tickrt will receive the npitul prise of 10.000 DOLLARS. And on the euuing Monday the firt drawn ticket will be 1 ... ,L i w.nrmm n. - :ie ol 30,000 D'H.LaKS. 'VI while th 5 pi t - d pr thefloVii. ca me or 10,000 jols. may be draw a. Ne.c oi - . . .. - .I i :t present it self in any lottery (r the attainment of brtiuaiii tontine or so small a sum. A lew chances may yet m - obtained, if appli fur soon, at tbe old established Lth ky Lotte Uloce ot JL'UAU UAAIVUS, 74 Maiden - Lane. Where have been sold in former lotteries most the prises. rrizes in t woicr k.tteries, Ionian nana notrs, and approved prom iseory notes, sviii be received payaett - or ticket. A correct check hook is kept at the lacky bet - trr Othce, wuich may be examined at ah free of ex pence. fcb2 3t 34 mm " 3 NOTICE. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the subscribers intend to apiu v to the legislature of the state of New - York, at their present sessioa, for an act of incorporation, incorporating them and their associates by the name and style of the " ULSTER GLASS COMPANY," withaca - pital of oqe hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of manufacturing glass, in the town of Woodstock, Ulster county. ELD AD HOLMES. G. B ABEF.L, JARED PECK, feb 2d1wtaw5w MECHANIC HALL. RVEBf avKirins this wr.r.K. MR. S I ANlsLAS, ever wishful to gratify a liberal public, has devoted some time in bringing forward for those evenings, one of the areatest Diecesof human invention fvr nresented before an enlightened audience, called the Tern pie oi Aiars. 1 tut astonishing and incomprehensible piece of mechanism, at the command of the exhibitor opens its doors and displays in tut back around the bust of tbe illustrious Washington i the temple changes and discovers tbe Goddess of Liberty and Famt descending from the clouds with a wreath of laurels, ana placing it on bis head, displaying tbe rontto ' Homage to the Immortal Washington,' For further particulars see bills of the day. Feb 2 lw THE ALB1NESS. TMIE exhibition of this interesting female will, JL in future, be on every Monday and Friday during the week, at the City Hotel. Admission 50 cents ! tickets to be had at the bar. - feh 101 NURSE WANTED. A YOUNG woman to assist in taking care of xl children and to work at her needle None need apply unless they have lived in Oie above capacity and can bring a recommendation from their last place. Apply at No. 2 MarketAcld - street, north side of the Battery, and next door to Ao. I Uronuway. I so x Zl" FOR SALE, for a term of years, a healthy, active and very capable negro wench - will be dispoted of cheap, as it is her own de. sire Enquire at No. 23 North Moore - street. Feb 2 tf A6WISS Emigrant, farmer, with a wife and a numerous family, would be thankful to find a situation on a farm, either to work it on shares or to be a journeyman thereon. He also understands well the management of horses and might suit a livery stable : in fine, work of any kind within his capacity he would most thank - folly undertake and earnestly solicits, to be en - eiI"d h support bis family during this inclement ason. His wile also begs employment in coarse sewitff. Apply to the Rev. Mr. Penneveyre, N 16 Cedar - street. Feb 2 3t" WANTED. A white girl about 16 years of age, to attend on a lady and one child. One who can bring recommendation satisfactory as to her disposition, neatness, ftc. may hear of a good and permanent plat e, by applying immediately at No. 54 Greenwich - st. jan 4Q T BROWN, stone seal engraver and jewel ler. No. 166 Broadway. Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, ftc. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals cugraved with coats of arms, mottos, and fancy devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, ftc. bought in the rough or cut to any lorm Books of heraldry kept with upwards 60,000 names. Jaa 7 3m For SALE or to LEASE. T?IVE Lots .1 Ground on street No.l, of the J. isomniissioi.ets'.Maii ; which street no.l. or First - street, of 60 feet in width, will be open ed in the spring, irom the iiowe ry, jail abovs nortn - stret. - r, toihepuiinc square, at the com' mencement oi toe nrst avenue. ALSO TO LEASE. A number of Lots of Grouod of 26 1 - 2 by 500 feet, on the secoud at enue, which avenue is now opened from its commencement at NoruVstreet, to the New Alms House. Those lots being eligibly situated, and the nearest part embraced by the uoremiscioners plan of the city, will make them desirable situs lions. Apply to AUGUSTUS WYNKOOP, Jae 90 lw No. 32 Front - street TRIjYITY church lots for sale AT AUCTION. fR Wednesday, the4th of February, will be V sold at auction, by BLEECKER ft BIB - BY. at the Tontine Coffet House, at 12 o'clock. a number of valuable budding lots fronting on Hudson - street, spring - street, and a street lately laid out between Greenwich and Hudsoo - sts. be ing lots formerly parts of Brennan's Garden, and adjoining thereto. A plan of the lots may be seen at the othceerthe auctioneers, I . C. House Jan 28 6t IS DOLLARS REWARD. S1 TOLEN last evening, from the entry of house No - 40 Warren - street, one fine blue surtout Coat, lined with black silk in the sides and skirts, and a reddish brown silk in the sleeves. Also, two hateef mtdlin r size, not half worn, one lined with white silk and dark morocco, hatters name Brewster. The other bad a wafer inside The above reward will be paid fbr the re covery of the whole ar 10 dollars for the toats, sppiy as above. , jan 2U tf MERINO WOOL, COTTON i A UN, SAT -, ftc. TTANTED, a quautity of merino wool ; also. v y cottoa yam, particularly low nutaben. Proposals will also be received for making of cat. tinetls. The manufacturer to be supplied with the materials, aod tbe business to be rendered, probably, perm an tut. A contract is also wanted, for the running of a cotton mill, oT from 1 to 4000 spindles; the cotton to be supplied, and the yarn to bt received tt a stipulated, pnea. Apply at 148 Pearl - street, op stairs. oct 2.1 1 ftH Ti) QLARRVMF.N. TCOUR experienced Msrble Quarrymrn are JL wanted immediately. None need apply but those perfectly acquainted with the buh. nessj to such constant employ and liberal wages will be given. Apply to EZRA LUDI1W, 84 Beaver - street. i7 I TO LET. Siiy! , A small 3 - story fire proof S PORE, No. 27 Moore - street, next to the corner South - st, Possession given immediately. Apply as a bove. nov 1J PtH f M'NITURt. PAINTING. MADAME J ACOl', lately arrived from Ntu - rhatel. in Svitserland, refpectfully tendtrs her services to the ladies and gentlax - u of this city and ncignoournooa. soe win, as n.ay be most convtaicot to those who may favor her will. thvi command, take likenesses in llx - irown ta - uiiivs. or at t er residence. No. 16 SDioce - stet : wh .re specimeas of her stjle and exevutioti m 15 bsen. feb Iwt LAND OFFiCE IN UTHJA. rTMlE subscri!ier has opened an ofht e in Genes I see st. - eet, Utka, for recordi..g ud eti ihit - ins;ibr sale unsettled iHod and sm!rovd .Wm n the Uuitc I States enetilty, and ar;.cn. ri the western district cf tbe t - te of New - York, snd solicit, such person as ate dttirou of KlUt.g Ihci. lands tt fumuh him with imps, descriptions and te rate of salt. This tiwo hair.r uen for a lorg time a great thoroughfare for emigrant fit m l.urope and Ibe eastein staUs, t coneqoentrj an riupMe powtme h q rs antiHimeni, uiorauis; nciutirs iu vwu - en and settlers ol' land. All commur.iratioDS (pottagt paid) wiil be promptly atteinled to. As aa agent generally for the transaction of bu - sinew, on coaotission, aad collectioa aod trans - miisroa o' money, he fTers his . servicas to tot nubUc. Utica. January . 1818. a a a . a. w wn - vwy sr icnxaiawtsrcirr.T r, pytj tt?. ry A CARD. (T? MRS. DELAGE. Milliner from Pafui has the honor of informing the Ladies of ihia city, that she has just opened a small case of the latest winter Hats received from Paris. No. 60 Reed - street, 4 doors from Broadway, jan 30 lw NEW - YORK SLATECOMPAN Y. 07 The Stockholders are hereby rea'iestel to attend an annual election for nine directors, to be held at the lioue of Joseph Uukcr, No. 4 wan - street, on Monday Win February next The poll will open at 1 1 aud cloe at 1 o'clock. JOHN .MMJOMB, Sec'ry. Jan 29 - TAKE NO 1 ICE, 03" All persons having demnnds against, and those indebted to thfettate ol William Rogers, deceased, are requested to call epos THOMAS MASTERS, Enquire, No. 9 Wall - street. Dated Jan. 19, 1818. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jan 21 dim r OR ENGLAND, D1KLCT. IT Letters for His Britannic Majesty's Packet PRINCESS ELIZABETH, (for Falmouth, direct) will be received at the Post - Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 9th day of February. Jan 24 T. W. MOORE, Agent. NO'IICE. , Tjr AU persons having demands against the estate of tbe late GUY R. CHAMPLIN, deceased, will present their accounts, and those indebt - ed will please make payment to HENRY COIT, Executor, Jan 31 lw No. 83 South - street. COTILLION PARTIES. Or - The managers give notice that the next cotillion parly will he oo Thursday evening next, the 5th February,iatthe City Hotel. . Jan 31 5t NOTICE. 07 The copartnership existing betweea William Ross and John E. Ross, of the City of New - York. Coachinakt - r's, is this day dissolved bj mutual consent. Jon. 31, 1818. leb 2 lw , WILLIAM ROS9. (TT 1 he assignees of the estate of Mrs. Sid ney Hewitt, (in order to give time for all her ci editor to come in and participate in the funds provided for them,) do hereby extend the time of rendering their accounts to Mr. Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, until the 1st of March msuing Feb 2 lm WASHIKOToa BEPSVOLEH'r.BOCJBTY, .1 ELECTION. ft7 An election of offic ers of this society will l.tTnlo.. .1 ll...,n. H.ll .... .. ... . w., a. wail, vm mng. the 4th instant, at live o'clock precisely . - precisely. SQ : immediately alter the election THE REGULAR M EETING of (he society will be opened end the committee ( uyiuiiucv v tb ofouril - ir report. j ), Sec'ry. f i arrangements tor celebrating the birth lustrious Washington, win msue their ANTH'V WOODWARD, feb t 3t BUSBY'3 WATER WHEEL. 03 - The public are respectfully informed that' (he patent water wbeel invented by the subscriber is now fixed, and is in action oa board the Steam, . Uoat " York." 1 lie Yokk has heretofore beers a slower boat than the Jkrsci, working on the same ferrv. On Wednesday last the two boata started side by side from Powles Hook (having. the committee of Directors oo board) and crossed the Hudson together, when the York arrived first in the slip on this side. This wheel lilts no tiacK - water, ana nas Deenwormcg several days among the ice, which is trundled beneath tna ring, and mashed hy the perpendicular paddles. The wheel is left open for tbe inspection of the public, who are requested to consider it as ttjlrtt erpt, iment establishing a Dew principle, in (he practical construction of which Itie ill other net snrsnfioru) improvements are contemplated C. A. BUtUY, ftbflw 2 Law Buildings. CO - PARTNERfrHIP. AUSTIN ft ANDREWS having lakes, Gad Taylor into partnership, the business will be transacted under the firm of Austin, Andrews ft Co. AUSTIN ANDREWS. - GAD TAYLOR. feb2 1w . NOTICE. 07 A meeting is requested on Wednesday evening, the 4tb instant, at 7 o'clock, at Tammany - Halt, ol all persons having claims for money, deposited in the District Court, of the late District of New - York, and of the present south ern District of New - York, to consider measures proper to be adopted, for a reimbursement, daring the present sessioa of Congress. len z ztT ay I'he aunual meeting of the Protestant Episcopal Tract Society, will be held in the vestry - room of Trinity Church on Tuesday evening, 3d iost. at 7 o'clock. Tbe attendance of members, and of all persons friendly to tbe ob jects of the institution, is respectfully requested. W. CRLIUHTON, Feb 2 2t Recording Secretary. MRS. W. WEST, late of the Opera House, London, has the honor to inform the La thes aad Gentlemen of this city, thst ber first PUBLIC BALL, in this country, will take place at the City - HoteL on WEDNESDAY EVE NING, 4tb February on which occasion she will introduce a variety of new and characterist ic iMnces, such as are now performed at the Operas and respectable Drawing Boons in Europe. In the course of the evening, the following fancy Dances I 1. MinuetaTrois, by Mrs. W. West and two of her pupil. 2. Ballet Ecosse, fa Scottish aatiooal douce) by six young Ladies 3. An entirely new Cotillion tiy 8 young ladies. 4. Pas Seul Tempo Adagio changing to Alia - ' gro, by Mrs. W. West. 6 Pas de Cinque, by Mrs. W. West and 4 young Ladies. 6 Un Chon des Quadrilles, hy 8 young ladies. ffr Tickets! I escb. to be bsd of Mrs. W. West, No. 6 Hester - street, and at the bar of the City - Hotel. Jaa 28 lw A SAVING OF 60 PER CENT. WM. WILSON.26 John - street 3 doors from Nassau - street, begs leave to inform the public, that he intends in future to do business (lor cash wuly) at the following very reduced pri ces, vis : A gentleman's superfine bite or black coat $25 00 ao ouier colors 33 ou do blue surtout or frock 2 60 ; do i othtr colors 26 00 do Marseilles waistcoat 3 75 do Toilanet do 4 00 do KeMeymere or Cloth pantaloons 11 60 And for Uiosi lm prefer finding their own cloth Gentlemen's close bodied Coat k 1 hmmiiiga $1 SO do surtout or frock 7 75 do waistcoat 2 00 do pantaloons 2 75 Ladies Habits 7 00 do Peliwe 4 60 do great mats 6 00 Army and Navy Uniforms, Childrens Clothes, end every other article in the Line proportioua - Hj cttt - aji. .B. All articles cut in the most fashionable stvlf and workmanship equal to any hi the city. Jn ti lw A i4 e JJulritl Berk A etet, (i fcR WAI'i'E respntfulry Inform the pub - i;ic thattlie Mils of ibis bank will at all ini.vsuo r - dfiLed at their offices in MaiJen - i.ane, on as go. terms aa any other Country . B.uik IVo'e of tiis state; they are only at adis - .. nt ot one per cent. Jsa303t 1 "OR SALE ten good Feather Beds, with j pillows, ftc Inquire at No. B Grand - itreei. ten a iw IN CHiNCERY. N iururtnct of an itd. - r f Ibis honorable court, be.uir.g date the nineteenth day of January itwt, n.'tic ben by given to all the creditors of William We K d - eKd, to comt in and pre' - r their debts. Wore the subscriber, at enc of 1 masters of this court, at bis office No. 3,' buii.nncs on oi before tbt ninth day ol I sv next. 1 Dated Jsn. 28UH 1818. - ...... c...t..T,t - T 7

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