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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, February 3, 1818
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I n . ' u 't . '11 i i.v - f V ,1 TUESDAY, FEPBUAKY 3. jfrnetatfonrf. What k wonderful plac is thit AmUa - VUid? Equally productive of cot - too and lojic. I do not recollect that nt our editors, black, whiuand grey, without regard to politic, teemed to unite, by a timoltaneous impulse, to heartily and to ably in the defence ol any measure of the government, at of that of the biking forcible poctettioo of Ihtt Island. The right of the executive to take forcible possession of a foreign territory, being questioned again and again, at length, the National Intelligencer, after being that goaded, produced a law which wat patted in crt session in 1811, til ,yra ago, (which lecrecy, it i said, wat neces - w ih British rettior (cent of oar mmtjf . 0 - aw inuuiion, should anticlpat n,r.d take the iilaod themselves, ) vetting the president with the pow , ar ia question, upon, the happening of either of tirocootnpenciea. put thos who were inclined In tease and End fault objected, that it it held to U essential to a W, that promulgation ihall precede itt aoine into operation Bat the national latrlbgeocer preeently discovered, that toon af terthe secret law wat patted, itt subttaac wat Id fact, very consistently communicated, in the course of cojtreipoodence, by the aecretary of ' state, to Mr. Begot, the British minister. Thui the law wat promulgated. This ie certainly pleatant way of retting round the objection. IV win only express a bop that this method oj promulgating the lawt by omitting to publish them to tha citizens, and communicating Iheir sabstanc to thota from whom, alone they were meaat to be kept tecret, may not be adopted in ordiaary. The National Intelligencer, however, at length retort to the ground of expediency, or policy : Policy, tayt be, after all, mutt be the guide of our statesmen; taking care, that in persuing it, they nexlKtr violate tha mitten or common lav e nation, nor exceed thexf own ewtrt. Now I thould like to know what he atetJil by policy, thus qualified and restricted? . The Philadelphia True American, next vo - lantAers hit terrioea to refute another objection whin baa beea mad to the applicability of the law tp the caae. Hue law, it ia maintained, it contingent, and vetta tha praaident with power to take fordble potteeiion only in the vent of an attempt to occupy the territory by a foreign aetw which event it dented jto hare happened. Bat a the Tnu American tayt con fideutly he can readily thew it hat, we hope he will not delay to fumith at with rath a piece of satisfactory information and we hope bewil' take care, in bit alacrity to defend tha president, not to ran full bolt againtt him for ha hat certainly told at m a late mettagt that " thete etta - bUfhmentt (Amelia and Galvsiton,) are not, it it believed, eanctioned by any foreign poicer." Twa of our public paper, one at Baltimore and the other at Boston, treat very lightly all the conttitational abjection to the conduct of the executive i and wonder that any man should doubt tha right to take ponettion of a foreign territory that it Infested with piratet and murder - 1 en, Thit, they think, b the true footing on which to place the occupation of Amelia bland. - But what ha been our conduct toward these pirates? If we had seized them, tried and convicted them, and hong them ou a gibbet to bleach, we thould then hare acted consistently at least, with the declaration that they were malcjactor ; . but instead of that, we find a formal rammoat to the occupants to evacuate the place, and to go wherever it teemtth to them good. They ac cordlngly, after living oa term of civility for aom week with their invaders, are about to take their departure, and like the jewuh patri arch seek a new residence, without any attempt to arrest or molest them. Certainly a new method of dealing with piratet. Betide, I am yet to learn in what cod of the law of nation it to be found the right of one people to enter upon and take possession of the toil of another, without leave or request, under the pretext of pun iehing criminal ? Lastly come on of our "city paper," and with all customary gravity, maintains that the president's right to order an expedition against Amelia Island, cannot be decently disputed, because, H it certain, that he would hare an unquestionable right to break op a nest of piratet oa Statea Island. Admitting the learned editor premises, (which, however, we suspect vice - president Tompkins, if it respected the occupation of hit homestead, would be strongly inclined to den y) I confess 1 cannot readily see the legiti - tnary of hit conclusion. Let as try it in the form of a syllogism; thus : The president bat a right to take possession of territory within the United Slates; Amelia Iland is not within the United ""gfSJtherofoiry tji president bat a right to tag pofteioo oY .4melia bland. All which, ewwditor thinks at clear at preaching. That we tee that though great wit jump, they do not al way jump together. 7t Itinerant tliicf On the 25th of January, Jtfetsrt. Alien's received a letter from Boston, dated the 30th, which informed them that on that day there bad been stolen from a brokerS office, in that place, a quantity of Geneva bank note, amounting to upwards of J600, but with out identifying the bills. On Friday night the 30th, late ia the evening, after their offic wat shut a lad knocking was heard, and on opening the door, a well dressed, good looking, ttout young man walked in, who taid be had come to get tome country money changed, and produced a parctl of Geneva bills, for which be wanted U Slate' bank notee ; but being told that they had - none, and could only give him city bill, be went away, bat returned in a few minutes, saying he would take them. Mr. M. Allen, having counted the Genera bills an! found they a moulded to upwanlt of $606, then told him that be bad recollected since he en ol out, that be had rxeivrd a letter front Botton lately, which wat at a friend's tint by. advising him of the mm unuiarparcelof Geneva bank bills, and al though these might not be the tame, yet be thocU venture to detaiu them for tea minutes, until be could mad for the letter and compare them with those there mentioned. .Our gentleman instantly turned at pale a deaU; but drawing out a gold watch and catting Id eve oar - lettly upon it, taid he would jutt run o - er to the ity - hotel, and be back again in precisely 11 mi nutes, at the ame time opening the door he madeoff. It may be nnoeremary to add he ha, not been heard of since. On looking at the pv per that iacloted the money, it was found to be a Boston Gazette of the tOth. The public are cautioned to be on their guard againtt thit fiuhiouably dressed itioeraat thief. Theatrical. LaH evening Mr. locledon entered apon a renewed engagement for a few night at tha theatre, and wat warmly greeted from all part of tha bo use, who testified the pleasure they experienced at again hearing the note of hi fin toned voice. Hi song were all well received, particularly AnnaU Vm and Black Kfi buian, the latter of which wat cla morously encored. The ODera itself wu performed in a manner more inadequate than we have often witnessed. The utterance of most of the actor wat so indis tinct and to rapid, and to low, that little could be understood from beginning to end. We tion Jtfr. Williams, for hi own take, againtt at tempting to personate the coxcomb in to unoatu ral and disgusting a style a second time, coatmratcATiov. The Fine Arte Portrait of Mr. Wctt Sine the munificent appropriation by the corporation ol iris city, ol apartment in toe new - xorklu stitutioo, for the accommodation of the Academy of the Fine Art, (the first established in this country tot that purpose,) it promises an early accomplishment ol toe oDjecl ol tne institution l ee board of director, at we understand, at a late meeting, ordered a full length portrait bf oar distinguished countryman, Mr. West, to be painted by r 1 noma Lawrence, and placed in their gallery, for the double purpose of respect to the venerable head of the art in Europe, and a srhoolaor the young American artist hi I he gentleman selected to execute tnu picture it the successor of sir Joshua Reynolds, at portrait painter to the king, and tha acknowledged first artist in that department ia Lamp ; and a the turn of t,000 is apprapropriated for the paint ing, it ie presumed that hit best exertions will be useu in luinuuig ine iiDerni oojeci ot ine acaue - my, ia lurmihuur them with a portrait that will do him honor and confirm hi reputation in this co an try. w further andentand, that the with of the academy have lately beea communica ted to Mr. West, tarongh their president. Mr Trumbull, with a request to elr Thomas Lawrence that the picture may be executed with the f . L I 1 1 ' W lean poenoie uemy. Extract of a letter to the editor of the Daily A& - yertiser, dated ALBANY. Jan. Slit. 1818. Nothing of great interest baa yet been done by the legmtatare. At IS o'clock this day the council were to be chosen, via : Mr. Seymour, western district Tate, eastern do Hammond middle do Lirinnton. southern do At the caucus last eveninron the resolution offered that the house proceed immediately to the choke of a council of appointment, some debate took place. Mr. Otter and Mr. Oakley contendino.tiiat as there was no extreme ne cessity for the choice immediately, and that a it wa Ukintr the member by urprne. who had not been consulted on the measure t thought the gentlemen ought at least to give a day's notice 111 at they were not prepared, and moved that Monday 12 o'clock, be the time fixed. The motion wu lost, and on a second motion to mtke it 1 a'olock Uiitday being car ried the house balloted accordingly, and the gentlemen above were chosen. The hoae then resumed the subject on the repeal othe law to prevent duelling. The amendment offered by Mr. Duerwat read from the chair, and a motion maJa to rie and report. The boose then went into milt on the resolution offered by Mr. Roches ter to excuse Mr. Uox from taking the addition al oath and admitting him to hit teat in the bout. After tome time spent thereon, in which Mr. Root, Mr. William and Mr. Colden expatiated at great length, th committee rote and re port eu progrest. I enclose you the debate on the duelling law. From the Botton Daily A deer liter. We bare teen in the English Journals a varie ty of eccoeni of the wonderful performance of All M'Avoy, bat from a belief that they proceeded from tome deception, which the spectator have not yet been able to detect, we have not considered them deserving of much attention. Aa ingeoioo friend, a few days ago, showed ut an article in which be exposed with much humour, a probable mode of producing the decep - uua no uoa, uuwcTcr. wiujurawe ii, ijncciv - ing that the subject hardly deserved to much attention, and that after all, eye witnesses oo jbt to be the beet judge oi the affair The folfowinc letter ba been since banded to as, and itcootain a very clear and satisfactory statement of her wonderful performances. We publish it, premising that we place fullconfi - fidenceintbe credibility of the writer, but no feith in the pretension of the performer. Extract of a Utter from a lady in Lirtrpool to geruicman ut in it town, enure " Liverpool. Sent. 17. " I yesterday went to tee Mitt M' Avoy, a mott wonderful blind girl, of 17 year of age. Last June twelvemonth the wat attacked with water on tbe brain, together with a paralytic af fection on one tide, and complication of disorders, which have produced blindness. Dr. Keowick baa attended her from the commence otent of her illness. W hen we first went into tbe room it was crowded with spectator. Tbe Doctor went and braucfat her from her fatber't house. No friend crompanied her. She wa teated ia th middle of the room. I assisted Dr Ren wick to put time goia - Deaier snia, wnicn wa orsi wet, o - er tier eye, tie tnea placed oiacjt velvet, witn eold - beater' tkia patted on the inside ; this wat nlcewise wet and pressed down, so that ber eyelid were completely sealed down. She told the hour of the day by foaling upon th top af the waich - glata, even to a quarter of a minute. She k..l n - .i.. . i J a er . "u win waicoc riven so oer oy uinereni irenuemea ; tome put back and aom forward. She smiled at their attempts to deceive ber. but the instant her ftngart passed over the glass, the told the boot and taionle. She likewise told tbe colour of the waUh seals, and m general could discover whether they were stone or glass. She read perfectly correctly, though very slowly, in any book the company gave ber. A gentleman Pu' mto ner bands one with very small print. Dr. R. taid, you had better take the mimU lying glass." She moved it till the had got it to . U r a a . ... . uio rvcr reus, ana aept ruoDtng her fingers over the glass and read every word correctly bh bad many small bottles given ber filled with different coloured silks tbe told every colour. K looking glan wat placed upon ber lap. A gentleman behind her looked ever her shoulder. &e began to feel upon th glat. She (aid, "this man's bead is upside down, and he has spectacle! onw I suppose she felt th top oi the head first: certainly he bad spectacle on. She told the colour of the ladies1 ribbon, ihawlt, ac. tVc. ; and all this I aw. When she haJ don exhibiting, I assisted Dr. Renwick to take off he covering free ber eyes. The gold - beat - - r tnn wa quite dry, aad it wat not osible ie rai e th eyelids til it was taken off: even tbaa she was obliged to wash them before they tmMr..1 s ktl tAmfcrtaUe. It is thoQCbl (he tt enabled to do thete things from a higfa state of nervous sensibility. Tbe least hurry preveau ber doing tt. Several time while 1 wee with ber she said, " it is goot :" toe uea wauaa few minutes and the power retornedTefeai a church oonosite the boose she Uvea k. b has been known to tell the colour of the dretast the modus, had oa who stood in the chorea yard. their occupation, be by rubbing her beads ever tbe panes m tbe window. She tried the day I wat there, but she taid "I cannot foel any rhaic.' Her case k to be published, and I will send K you. She is a sweet, interesting looking girl, bat is fai extreme iu neaUn. Bbe never receives money from the spectator ; her circumstances are very comfortable ; and from my owa obser vation, I am tatufled she m no impostor. Mohtbiak, Jan. 24. Pttly SunnMing It has of late become tbe practice with some knavish boys to cheat coun trymen with brass counters in the shape of quarter Eagle i they go to the stranger and pretend they have just found them done up to papers, mark'd, tic. and, also pretend to be entirely ignorant ot tneir worth. . it uic countryman is deceived they make an offer to sell, and banrin it off for the most it will fetch - One man bought five at about 10. each, and has deired us to notice it, which we have done with the hope, that it may tend to pat a stop to the eviL Bewtre of Mai Dors. Two person have been bitten by two different mad dogs ia this eity, the past week. Te Steam - BoaU, &c. . Last week, in th merit, between Thursday and t riuay. in qaenceof an unusual rite of the water, the ice moved, and tore the (team - boat Lady Sber - brooks, .tfakham, and Caledonia, from their mooring, and carried them nearly a distance of JO acre. They are now on an island belonging to Nr. oouligny, about an acre beyond the ordinary water - mark. They are supposed to bav sustained little injury, and to be out of danger from the ice in the spring ; the chief trouble will be to get them launched or hauled into the water. 1 he Car of Commerce and the Swift sure are lying near each other, and were not ta ken far from their mooringt. The former it it said, bat some of her plank started, but the in' jury done ber is not ereat. The Swiftsure has oeea lets tortanate ; it is believed she rendered unfit for future service. Indeed it was not intended to ran her any longer, at the had be - vme iruj i we maciiinery only was oi any ra - tne, which w believe was taken oat of her in the autumn. We andentand that all the river craft, moored among the Boacherville island, are dispersed ia various directions ; some of them are carried a rood distance into th fieMt. Great damage has beea sustained on Mr. Grosbois' Island i between 20 and 30 head of Cattle, and nearly 50 sheep have beea drown ed, besides other losses that wdl be severely felt. The water was 5 feet deep in tha hou ses and barns. The Carding and Fulling Mill is in safety on Mr. Soulitmv's Island. The above are the outline of those disasters, given strictly tut they were communicated to us by a rentlemasxof veracity i but there may be aome trifling error, which the moat accurate observer might commit YORK, (Vmi Cas - ada,) Jan. 8. About a quarter past five o'clock m the eve ning of Wednesday the 81st ultimo, a luminous body was observed in the air, which exploded in front of the town, with two loud reports and. a strong blase of light The light and reports were so instantaneous, that although the noise was very generally heard, tew persons agree in tne description of its appearance and course. Havinir only heard the noise, we are not able to describe the meteor, u ii was one ( some supposing mat at was a mats of ignited matter thrown from the burn inr mountain at tbe head of the Lake. Exact ly at the same time of the year in 1795. a shock of an earthquake was felt here, when a L - j - ge portson of tne table ruck at the Fallacf NU. gar wa thrown dowat at thia timtv - 4owev. er, aa tar as we can learn, no tremor of tbe earth wat felt MILLEDGEV1LLE. Jan. CO. Latest from the armv Bv an intellie - eot ren - Ueman direct from the south, we lean that the detachment of militia under the command ol gn. Glascock, arrived at Camp Camming, (fiv mil thit tid th nearest settlement of Che - haws,) on the 1 1th iost and it was thought would proceea immediately to a puce opposite the first settlement, there to await the orders f general Gainet. An engineer bad been dispatched to lupennienu tne Duuuing ot a fort, it wu conjectured, at Blackshear's works, (5 mile in the rear of camp Camming,) or at the mott eligible situation near mere ou the r lint nver, to which place the army will be immediately marched wnen erected. Utn. Gaines was lull at Hart ford on Thursday last. Extract of a letter from a gentleman in the army io me eaiior, anted camp cumminr. Jan. 14 " We arrived here after a foUaruine - march of izuays irom naruora. iu ol which rained The a I r mm . . ..? 7 . whole of our march has beea through a ooor. flat, pine - woods glades, where I have seen eight bones frequently to a wa5gon, which they moved with difficulty. This detachment has bad constant, various and almost insurmountable difficulties to encounter. We have had many false alarm, but no fighting ; nor need there be any apprehension of an attack. A hostile party however is acouting in th neighborhood, consisting of about thirty men, and bav ruled the no use oi ainenaiy tnechaw chief." BOSTON. Jan. 31. No clearance t no arrival hare thi forenoon. Weather cold, aad the harbor fast closing with Fire I Thi moraine, between 1 and So'cllt. a fire broke out in tbe spacious building belonging to Phillip' Academy, in Andover. The fire had made so much progress before it wa discovered, that it was found impossible to extinguish ii, ami ine wnote DOiiuing wa consumed. Nearly, the whole of the academy librarv was prcerveu, oui some oi me meet valuable vo . . . . ... - . . - i lumes perished in tbe flame. Providentiallv. the wind wa moderate, and the ittrroandins uuusvs cjtapcu wiuioui injury. i Sunday, Feb. 1. Jfo mail errtW. - Th matt sever storm which we have experienced the preaent winter, hat probably prevented th southern man irom arriving this saorning. CHARLESTON, Jan. 24. Charles Gilfort, Esq. ba been appointed bv tbe proprietor, manager of the Savannah the - aire. It it not, however, yet computed. NtTenxs. Jan. 3. 1818. Mrs. Sally Rosa, consort of Eli K. Ross, was attacked when sitting at supper on Tuesday evening last, with difficulty of speaking the tongue became ungovernable, and several efforts had to be made for the expression of a word, which increased so rapid, that in a few minutes she became speechless shortly after fell into the appearance of one sleeping, and could not be roused by the effects of medicine nor persons, (in a few hours her right side became inactive until 12 o'clock on Friday, when loud moan ensued, which decreas ed with the animal nature, until tr.a when the expired. Sr. Loeis, Dec. SO. We have heard from Howard Countv that flour, corn and pork hu risen so much in price u to afford a handsome profit to tbe citizens of the lower counties and Illinois, who may embark tha; ray in the provision trade. ' 5,000 souls nay now be counted a the popu - MUOBUt lU49 WWaUCt4Si wvo - " . ahr.hfS A young mast, eoo - - j veers of an. was lately roing home about eleven rWk 1m th, mainc - . throucB a street rather nfMMHMtAd - and near Use tneaires os un bw mmA Iim h m aaisad tnddeolv by three strong men, who applied a handkerchief to hi avooth, covered bis eye, and carried hist, to spit f his efforts, to a coach which had stopped 4 a start distance. They ai ine ame m - deavored to tranquuiie him, and to set him a! earn as to his safety, by assuring him that it wat enl an arfvenrjsra de fomma which wa in que tion. After bavaig driven on two or uwxeuou.. ttheUset. tluT made him alisbt. and ht found himself, when the bandage was removed from bis eves, in a small apartment, neat and well furnished. Hit guide told him to be patient, and that his order should be attended to on his rinrin?abell. Thev made him a rood fire, am persuaded him to go to bed when be had somewhat recovered from his first alsrm. He remained a prisoner till tbe day after tbe next, well tmmA. wall rarmed. and bavinC books tuppll ed him to amute himself. No noise wa heard in the house, and th windows of the room, which were defended by ban, looked on an inner court ia which was some poultry ; un wa u could observe. The third day, about 4 o'clock in the evening, they begged him to pat into a drawing room in whicn a laay iuev aiu; waned for him. He followed his guide, but when ha wa in tha presence of the mysterious lady, she cried out M it it not he," and fainted When the returned to her tense, the mane apo logic to the prisoner for the mistake of ber people, and invited him with much poliieuesi to dine with her. lie accepted, and remarked a very handsome woman of 25 or 30 rears of 7eart, sparkling brunette, whose language, tone and manner announced a person of birth. Tbe servant who waited had no liveries. The dinner was silent the Iadr polite but serious. The young man at last begged the liberty of retiring, representing to her that hit absence would cause much uneasiness to his friends, and expose bim to the riek of lottos his employment The fair incognita tet bim at ease on thit head, and pro mised that if this misfortune happened, tne wouiu take meant to repair it. She even took meant with him to be informed of the event, at the time keeping; her own tecret : but she would not consent to let hun go away immediately. They parted, and be was told to hold himself in readiness to set out at 3 in the moraine;. At that hour he was blinded, at before, taken from the room and put into the coach, and after a journey about as long as the former, he was tet down a - bout break of day, at 6 in th morning ; two men on horseback escorted him about six hundred pa ces further, while th coach drove rapidly off. Hit ruides told him he wu in the plain of Bou logne, galloped away, leaving the young man to rub his eyes, and meditate at tenure oa nit tin gular adventure. DIED, Lett night, after a short illness, John Wilkes, Esq. Hit friends and acquaintance are invited to attend hi funeral to - morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock, from bit late residence No. 7 Beaver - st. This morning. Mrs. Rebecca Williams, wife Of Mr. Eliphalet Williams. irWIXQ POST MARINE LIST. NO ARRIVALS TUTS FORENOON. Tha ship William, from Hull, wa at aa:hor last tvtning in the bay near the tail of the west bank. The brig Amelia, for Charleston, went to tea on Saturday afternoon, with her pilot on board ; blowing fresh, war unable to discharge him. SAVANNAH, Jsa. Arrived, BrizAuril. Is. Hitch. New - York 10 days. Ship Albert Gallatin, Clark, N York 10 days. MjtJJIary Aaa, Canuaett, from Portland via Brig Favorite, Hart, Liverpool 55 day. tela Andes Bourne, fiOrleani SO day. Spoke in the river bound up, brig Caroline, Well, 8 day ia the river and 58 from Bordeaux. Alto in tbe river, bri Hope, from N York. Scbr Elizabeth, Crosby, NOrleani 18 days. Sloop Catbier, Hallock, NYork 9 dayt. The British tliip Nelly, from Liverpool, called off this bar for orders on Sunday, and being sent to Charleston, got on Martin's Industry and has bilged a sloop wns tent down to tare the materials. The Nelly has a cargo of salt and crate). Chablktok, Jan 34. Arrived sch Deliirht. Lark, New - Orleans 19 days, and 13 from the Balize. Sell. Catharine, Rich, Boston 27 dn vs. On Tuesday hut, off Cape Romain, spoke a ship from NVork bound to Wilmington, 12 days out. Sch. Financier, Crowell, New - York 10 day. Saw a sch of about 150 ton on the beach at Cape Hat t era t she appeared to be stripped. sen sally, t itner, Philadelphia 14 days. Sch George Washington, Shannon, Wilminp ton 2 days. The brig Janus, Smith, 8 days from NYork j schrs Herald, Gorbam, of New - Haven, from Turks bland ; New Packet, from Boston and three others, unknown, went up the river for Wilmington, on Sunday tut WILMINGTON, N. C. Jan. 84. Arrived, ship Colombia, Curtis, from New - York. Brig Two Brothers, Cove, in 18 hour from Charleston. Jan. 17th, spoke ship moraine: Star. 9 days from New - York, bound to Charleston; alto tchr. Deans, 16 dayt from New - Orleans bound to Savannah this tchr. wu off Georgetown Shoals. Brig Washington (of NewburyporO Jones, from Cape Henry, Hayti. Left at Cape Henry, uec. zt, 1B17, tne following vessels snip Ulio, Gardner, of Portland, for Europe; ship Medoro, Pickle, of Philadelphia, for St Jajro de Cuba, 53 day from Marseille ; brig Pedlar, Nash, of I Boston ; Dng ueorge oosan, , of Salem, Irom France, discharging; tchr. 8nccets, A - dams, of and for Ne wbiiryport, to tail ia 20 day ; tchr. Essex, Condry, of and for Newboryport ; schr. Margaret, Wilson, of and for Philadelphia, to tail 30th January; schr. Rampart, ol and for Philadelphia, to sail in ten days ; schr. Hlaung btar, Snow, or aad lor Baltimore, sailed I5lh December ; schr. Eunice, Robbins. of and for Baltimore ; schr. Rachel k Sally, Ervine, oi and for Philadelphia, to sail 36th December ; brig raicrmo, tvi - eigtitoa, oi umdon ; brig Toad r ish, Webster, of Bristol, (England) ; schr. Rebec - ca, Coxe, of and for St Thomas betide the above, there were a number of foreign vessel in port, name and masters unknown The Pertu - gute tchr. Mary Joseph, Fascomelos, from St Jagn, (Cap d Verd Islands) put into Cape Henry on the 10th Oct. last, in distress, with acarvo of 154 slaves; tbe supercargo and mate dead, & tne muter and several or the seamen sick th schr. and cargo wu immediately seised by the Haytian government, the slave tet at liberty, andhh schooner taken into government service the captain has since recovered, and is detained by government, but the probability wu he would soon be liberated. English brig Lord Cowper, from London, in comine; into the harbor of Cane I r r ... ... I nnry, run ess we reel, out woma oe got otfl wiuioui injury, uiriisneioop Plana, from Mar. gareta, bound to Cape Henry, wu totally lost on the niht of the 19th of December, on the rocks near Caracol part of the crew perished on the wreck ; the remainder rot rtfe on shore by means of a raft constructed of the spars of the sloop, snd arrived safe at Cape Henry. e n, f - ii - . w.u ;ur,ui ruiiaacipnia, run on snore on the Squire Handkerchief, on her pawage to Cape Henry, considerable damaire she arrived t Cape Henry, wu bawled up, and crew discharged. Jan. 5, in lat 26 50, lonj74 50, W. spoke sloop Mary, of and from New - London, bound for Mobile. Brie; Janus, Smith, from NVork. Brig ResoluUon, Gardner, fiom SurmaB. (in distress. ''t wy - t Brie; ElixabeUs, oeart, 8cb Jane. Simmons. fVom rWnc. i ..I. Tun Bolin. N. York t union, Denude , sloop Protect , JmiU, d NoaroLK, Jan ai. - nn" " WeodN York 63 hours. , . Anchored in Hampton Roads yesterday. hip Edward, Cornick, from Boston. THEATRE. ' Will be patented the comic opera of the CASTLE OF ANDALUSIA, oa th aDiTTi oi th "; DooCaisar Mr M,eaon To which will be added, the Allegorical Pantomimic Sp'. - cUrlp of C I N D Ell k L L A , OR tn LITTLX GLASS lUWIt. wlu. irE - t NF - MnMifnllv aonoancet ,.ZT.,t.l .ni fifltitiMiieB of New - York, that RRiNn rnNCKRT. will take place, at th CITY HOTEL, (weather permttung; on Tuesday, Feb 10. ACT 1st Full Orchestral Song, M Cabin Boy" Mr. Keene, Son - , (by desire) Fly strife y Reeve 0 " Mr, moran n.wiio ! iiitin rni live on humble Bishop fare," Mr. Keene and Mrt. Moran Virtue Conrerto. Pisno Forte. Mi . Momn P. A. Corn Song." Henry i fort well" Mr. Ktene Irish Duett, (by desire) Rest we..ry Travel - ler" Mr Keene and Mrt Mown Brahum Air, with variations. Flute, Mr. Kintela Weidner Overture. Full Orchettra Bone. " Thousrh love it warm a while" Mr. Keene Braham Duette. Tvrolete" Mr. Keene and Mrt. Moran Moore Air. Piano Forte, Mr. Moran F. Hoffman Bone. " Tbe rote bed of Summer" Mrt. Moran Steveaton Song, M The blooming Rote" Mr. Keene, Philips Song, M My Henry's gone" Mrt. Moran Stevenson Sons, fby desire) " Home, Love and Liberty" Mr. Keene Bishop Finale, Full Orchestra Leader, Mr. Gentil ?iana Forte, Mr. Moran Tickets to ba bad at Meitrt. Wey man's No. An I m - (1 I KF ' . .T r . . . r 1 , jo, ana if. c i. niie, e. .t inainen - iaue Mr.uoodncn. no. im. ana air. K. waite. tun. 13d. Broadway, at the Music Stores, of "Mr. Keene, No. 101 Greenwirh - ttretL and of W. 11. Creagh, Printer, No. 71 Maiden - Lane. fen 3 ut NOTICE. fttrTlie subscribers havuie: entered into part nership, tbe STOCK & EXCHANGE BUSI NESS heretofore conducted by R. H. NKVINS, will be continued under the firm of NEV1NS 1 TOWNSEND. RUSSELL II. NEVIN3, feb 3 ELIHU TOWNSEND. QLT tm aunoay evening, a sermon wa preached in St Geort - e's Church, by tlie Rev. Mr. Milnor, and g412 10, collected for t'The Society for the relief of poor widows with small children" i the receipt of which is prate - iniiy acanowieugea oy uietr i retsurer. r 1 1 . . aa .a an " feb 3 It NOTICE. fcjT The parlnershio heretofore exietine be tween the subscribers under the firm of Head and I wn, it dissolved by mutual consent The settlement of the concern of the firm i committ - H to Samuel Read, who continues the grocery hu - tmesi at the tame place, comer of Front and Ful - lon - itreet. XHew - xork, reb. 3d. 1818. SAMUEL KrIAU, JAS. 1. I INE. febSlwt (D3 If Mr. Thomas l'rke, mason, of Loudon. ia ia wis cuy, ne is reijuesieu io can on jonu B. Dash ti Sou, No. 147 Broadway, where he viil be informed of something to hit advantage or ii antent, any ukruiMKi respecting bim com - oiuniratedu above, will be thankfully received. r to a icv Joec the rich prix ie in our urual it vie. Ty Ticket No. 6657 c - un on to tha floatmf prize pi sjTsuw i ni nioraing, and utual) ut ALLEN'S truly lucky ol morning, and n sokl (ail truly lucky oAte, 122 .1.. 1".L r. A. ... .1 Broadway, to a merchant of this city. No. 2S1D J rimt tin .Mf Mvta. n.. .f eU1A i 1 It - r;..iu.j.iii.iu,jvuu,aiiuiniujOU7 .ir. uiwvti ii ccuiiiciin. I ue 101 IS aw old at ths lucky office to a merchant in Pearl - feet in front and rear and 100 deep For terms ucm. jjtcry uan ura winsr oi uus nonuiir mi. i tery produces to those who adventure at Alfen'a office some of the rich prire. In two days bar Iu.. . v : x . . i - - .t - . - uuuuucu ai meir oinca a greater amount in ;rii;e.., than hav been told at any other ornc n tint city during the whole drawing. 4dveu tarers who would take a chance for the nuul capital prire winch are to b drawn next Mon 1,. ..l it. r n , , 7 i day and th following Monday, are advised to pply at AUen's lucky office immediatelv. Pel. i ! yet undrawn are 30,000, t of 10,000, two of 3.OC0, 5 of 1,000, and many smaller prixes I I tie nrst drawn number to - morrow will h n. uuedtof 1000. Feh 3 FOR HALE, The very fast tailins iloon PARA. GO., burthen 66 tons, built of the b.t materials ; nu made one voram tn the W .(.!. diet ; it one year old and can be sent to sea immediately. For term and a view oi her inven - lory, appiy to GRIS WOLDS k COATES, Feb3 68 South - t Fur CUA RLF.STY1JV The fast tailing tchooner LOUISA, W Napier, master, beine nearl l.i.,l ill tail the firtt wind for the remainder. Z passage, H apply onboard, west J Burling - tUp, or to S. ALLEY. Feb 3 9n Pine - it. . DRY GOODi. yfN invoice ol English Dry Goods, contitfing 14 trunks navy blue, and fancy prints and plates x trunict Daloon and hair cord dimity - " camonc sartnet t cue 7 - 8 white and printed nuiltin - 3 cue 7 - 8 tbrined. nrinlnl nJ k:i. : T r - .. - o . , . - . . " . r i cases 6 - 4 and 8 - 4 damaak table cloths 1 troDkimitatienquiltings For tale by u. U. & 8. HOWLAND, mm ... . Feb 3 wasrungtoa - tt urV Goobs: TTENDF.RRnv xr riiDto'.r.i n . , va"wo oner tor tale, on 6 - 4 and 4 - 4 rolrf rH fftrrutal il AT - Trimmintrs. Madras an, I Hrii.:. I , - ' "uian.e:c. rhUM ' " w pur - 100 bbls 8. F. Riehnwut rw . - For talc by v - "j iu; nour - G RI3WOLDS k COATES, Feb 3 on foutht G.JESJiJ0' N0' 77 W"Wta. 1200 piece, blue nankeen. , w ture u:u:n - 4hS!T """'and.heetin. tj hhd, Boston R jfa SOOqr.caUsSamoswiBe 30 do superior sherry 10 case medoc claret sSMpe. dowyoid ."oPinttamhic,, 100 bbls groand camwood. rr. i j 400 demijohn ,T,WU? warriDfed ptre SOW lb prim ivory f bbl. pickled seal ikint 6 opute blacking tons ligmrmvita 15 Jon. fine QeercitronlMk 16 too. Swertes Iron ' 000 ' F1FTX DOLLARS REWARD LOST vetierday, at or near the Mechanic fiani, a Red Morocco POCKET Bon containing 1200 dollars ia bank note, chieflv J this city , alto nine ticket! in tbe Medical StImJ? Lotten No. 4, vis No. f,578, S.580. i ol? 4014, 4,036, 4,037, 439. 10,83 S0,? ffl memorandums, ic. W boevsr will leave the mill pocket book and contents with T. B. Z. No. 11 Chatham - street, or with the tubscrih? No. 39 LHviuoa - Mreet, ihall receive tbe aboVj reward. DANIEL MOORE. Noti. If the finder will not return tbe mu, his enclosing the ticket through the post - ofc;' will be considered a an ettontial favor LotuS Office keepers and other willpleae stop thi tk kett if offered lor rale or examination. 9 feb 3 3tt D. M vi TO Lf.T, - The store 96 Coffee - House - sIip, yv quire on the premises, of COX St MONTAUDEVEBT febj ' Cd, WANTED TO HI fit. - - " An elderly Lady wishes to hire the 2d t ufa House, south of Chsinber - etreeu. She iv iVi l. - ive no objections to join with . private 1ii.' ' , ;,n.i tike a House fromth Z rfM AJjM t .1,c,,, t0 T w dle.'" thit office, 'will be aur. - .a a to. feb 3 jw " TV LIlJ, ultil A forte three story boose, well celcV leu lur K uonruioft imiki v. w, r.u amilllt. leu lor a ooaraiDg hoskj tsa'ed at the corner of Mu lurray and WasluJoT tract. AnnJv to NATHANIEL HARVti WEED, Corner of Broadway and Cortlandt street feb3tw e" FOH SALE, " The frame house and lot No. 3 Alb. nybasin. Terms of payment will be nude to suit purchasers, apply to JAMES SMITH, No. 6 Vesey - atreet feb 3 6t FIRE PROUF STORK To let, that four story brick fire proof No. 8 Uoremeur's Lane, near to South. Apply to store, ttreet UAtlltll l STURM, febptf No. 9 Coentiet - sljp. VOK'SALK, Bv FRANKLIN tc MINTURN. On Thursday the 5tli inst at IX o'clock, at th. Tontiiie Cofl"?e House, that tpaciout two ttory House, No. 17 Hester - street, the property tnd residence nf Benjamin Butler. The Lot is llj 1 - 2 feet deep and 25 Icet front and rear ; Hem 25 by 4, Cnislicd in the modern style. Tb Yard it Inid out in handsome style and replenish. ed with grape - vine, PeacU and Pear Trees. feb 3 2t A COLWTLVG ROOM TO LETT nlsl A pleasant and convenient Countior Room in store No. 29 South - street, from I it Ma next Apply to TUCKER li LAL'KIES. let) 3 FOR SALE, siill A new two ttnry Brick House No. 343 Chamber - street, will be finished in the modem and best style on or before the first ol May next Tbe lot is ti feet front and rear, 75 feet dfp, aa a lease iruut i uxj vuuivn in . i j.;..,, avtu per annum. Enquire at 23 Duane - street. leD 3IW TO LET, From the first of May next that ele gant three story house, No. 102 Green wich - strett, second west of Carlisle - street Tin situation ii convenient and agreeable, and the. two lower Roomt cosunuuicate by Mating, oy folding doors. The whole is calculated for the Residence of a genteel private family. Ap. ply to eb 3 3t JAMts ecu I T, No. 68 Washington - street. tOR A ALE, Mil "J ii"" e. uuss, on s ucioay February 10th, at 12 o'clock, at the Tontine Coffee - llouse, (if not previously disposed of tt private sale) the following property belonging to the estate of Andrew Garr, deceased. . The 3 story brick house and 8 year lease unexpired from the first of May next of lot no. 66 Rutgem street, nearCherry - atreet Th house is Urge and well built, and tuts every convenience for th accommodation ol a tea. teel family. ALSO, A 8 atory frtme house and 4 year lease unexpired from the 1st of May next, of the loton which it stand, on Fitzroy road," . i . . . . near Greenwich . adioinine - the house nrrunied . ( . - 1 I L' I ri' I m . . . M mninrs ot lAi'ii i nniirv 167 Front - atreet or AXDWi S. GARR, 50 Pine - atreet. feb 3 6t 2 u the Ctliseniuf A'iw - V ork. ZERAH HAWLEY Phriidan and Dentist, would inform the inhabitant of New - Yortr. i'c uui uirg auuiiML - as iio. mi ic ', where lie will exlrart, clean, file, At ut Teeth in the mt m,nrnvrf nunnn. fl fiat he has taken an otfire at No. 3x1 Pearl - end will also prevent any irregularity of the secnodary teeth, if application it him in season. lie flatter himself, from id niuhnr. h K.. had in his profession, tliat be shall be able to give general satisfaction. For character Hie public are referred to Mr. Oeo. P. iliiuimn. merchant. No ftouthrwt. and Doctur A. Ivte, No. Pearl ttreet. OiT This certiUet, thai Dr. Zcrah Howley is a regular bred physician, aad in ood staadii idinc particularaltentiontothe art fit Dentistry, ....ii uu uruuiren in mis Diace ; thai ho i. siuatea ine best Riirnin wir. . k. and hu siren verv ronH .ti.fnri;n i..i. 0 ni "''"ne. who are pernoni of the firtt re - ' fPtabiJity in this city. Wetlierefore.Hithen - conB1e"ci recommend Dr. Hawiey to the Xmu Munso ' Tei'1' ' ' - : Nathan Smith Jonathan Knight. Professors of the Medical Institution of Yale Col - New - Haven, Jan 22, 1818 1 "" feb 3 lw FUBLlOAtloAs". I Hb 'Rlb lshed aDd for EUAS VA - m c km ttroaowav. ru on hirw T?) . vianden te. luianrik..i .l. i i. Eneland. b v VVm. r;nl.i. ' , to Chwa" rth P"60'"' 'the Ute embaiey,; v. tfi it6 of Ehak,Pe4r', PlJt by Wa. jn6T', Useful Knowledge. The Kiiieht of St Johna hv Mlu Prr Letter from the Cane nf flnnA sln . Mnv lv.i :.. T . trj Balance of Cnmrnr Letters frn.n the Smith T - .k J." r . . .ni. . - 1 "u,ener" onatent of BooM fobS 11 'V Tal of th seventeenth. " tnrv,in England, by Wa. Godwin, vois. pnee ji 75,justrtjcvdandfortalby. . lAHuaS ft H ANNA I, rrtJ K rv Puri st. - TEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. LV rwuig5 tis, , week. rnMi. . . ' i wn.a.t.. I tl5T OF PRIZES, 06J7 ( floatinp 2(kio . t - j nn. suit SQi . COO 50. ' 1st drawn no. to - marrow will be cnUded to dolls. 1st drawn n0.on Monday nrxt, entitled to a capital prize of lO.QQO doll, feb II Oi'S. - St bales Hops. ut r - crtved - f r "T CA.MBRrt JVO ft PEARSON 67 SoBth - itreeL r - isjMaj

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