The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 5, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, December 5, 1913
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES. VcL X1L No. 56. Gettysburg. Pa^ Friday, December 5ta, 1913. Price !*· ". ,: ,:, ·- ' HAVE YOU SEEN THE New Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? *£, ^ We are showing them in the Corner Window; the new feature about them is that the bosom is set underneath instead of on the top, thereby making a practicalle summer shirt minus tHe starch. The bosom is small and short and will not catch on top of the trousers. The newest sh?des of Pink and Brown, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached. The Price $1.00 and $1.50. ECKERPS STORE, TRY CONNIE MACK ON BOGUS COINS LOCAL AMATEURS BOY WHIRLED COLLEGE BASKET LETTERS FROM IN MACHINERY BALL SCHEDULE COUNTY TOWNS Alleged Gettysburg Coins, Valued ati Dust of the Earth Produced for. Young Son of Mr. Linebaugh, of Small Fortune, Offered to Connie Mack and Ben Shibe but they did not Bite. Benefit of ih? Fire Company Gave j Pleasant Evening and Good Re-j tuns. Strong Cast and Good Play.! Fountain Dale, Has Narrow Escape from Death when his Clothing is Caught by Engine. Many Games on Local Floor. Three Good Trips. Sheffer is Elected Next Year's Foot Bali Captain. Othet Athletics. The college basket ball schedule for governor j the coming season has been announced j Correspondents send in Many Items of Interesting News frou their Respective Towns. Peranls and Many Brief .(ems. FOUNTAIN DALE Fountain Dale--There will be divine 9999999999999999 WALTER'S THEATRE EDISOX -FLIC THE HONOR OF THE FORCE EDISOX A crooked cop who has joined the ^rasirr^ is caught Iv a clewr rnst. PATHE WEEKLY XO. 40 CURRENT EVENTS THE WAY OF LIFE SELJG A temperamental youn~ arris: forget* iiis obligations for eav uionev--leav- ing the country !«-=: lonely. MUSIC BY THE CO'LLEGE ORCHESTRA EACH EVEN'KG 7 TQ 9. COME AND HEAR THEM Admission 5 cents. Show starts 6:30. Brass slugs, covered with a solution j Gettysburg's amateur players were · Caught in the gearing of an engine of copper sulphate, glue and lard, [ at their best Thursday evening when'and thrown against the governor ias TOIUJ1IB s ^ wi £las ueei; a:ll! « uilce u , *«--«.!«,»--*«.« wm oe OITHW which gave them the appearance or; they presented "The Dust of the j A -here his clothing was torn from his 'and includes a number of good games j services in the M. E. church this Sun- gold coins unearthed after being Earth" before an appreciative audi-j body as he was whirled about, Law-| on the home floor as well as three ex- I day morning at 10 o'clock; Sunday bnned many years on a Gettysburg ence. The play and purpose deserved a jrence Unebaugn, the nine year old /tended trips which will aid in making School ac 'the Church of the Brethren places on the| at 9:30; preaching at St. Jacob's at are unusually 11-30 p. m. good for a verv strong aggregation, j James Cline and sister, Mabel, who es and detectives when they appeared|ed to between ?50 ar.d SGO. j timely arrival of an older sister and 'The schedule follows: ! nave been visiting their sister, Mrs. I in the Philadelphia Central Station! The play has to do with Ihe presence j brother who dragged him away from ' JAXUARY * Arch Xagle, at Hagerstown, returned j against George Matthews and Fred i in a household of an unwelcome niece j his perilous position. ! I Abraham alias Fratune. The Times i whose mother is dead and whose fath- They did not get to his side, r. before practically all his cloth- j 22-Albright torn in shreds, a severe gash j 29-Susquehanna his head and almost his entire' 30-State { S-B!oomsburg Normal at Gettysburg | home Sunday. : "- ! 16-W. Va. Wesleyan ac Gei'eysbarg j C. S. Martin and son, Joseph, of at Gettysburg j Ghanaian, were Sunday visitors at at Selinsgrove the home of Charles Martin. J had first been introduced to Connie ; his memory. After three acts of an- sions. The boy is in a serious condition! '\- covered with bruises and abra- { 3i-Juniata some unlocked for · Mack to whom they told a wonderful · happiness which finally terminated in i story of how Matthews unearthed a j her leaving the home of her aunt, the j chest containing (WOO five-dollar gold j unwelcome niece that this i should arise. 1 pieces en a Gettysburg farm. The fam- ' strange eld man is her father who j Mr. Linebaugh has a j oas baseball manager refused to be in- ! was supposed to have been killed | pin but his recovery is expected unless: g-Susquehanr.a at State College at Huntingdon FEBRUARY P H O T O P L A Y KALKM;iX ESAXAY TIIE LI A X D O r DE3 r iX Y K A I.EM An '-:-:c;nnu r^-iio.i-1 ,:ra:::a in nhich f-ilt; take* a. strange ti:rn at ti re- !e"t!i? un !:nfortu::at-f i:ja;i who i- auout in wreck ·'. Cniln. HRUXCHO ttlLLY'riCuXSCIEXCK ESSAXAY \VE?TEIiX _Broj;~h Billy, to 721 r.cvare with his rival in love, puts the Wane _^ of a shooting affair ci» h:s rr.rl. His rival is convicted- But Broncho B-ih's tro-jclec h ; r.; cr.d he does no"., nress his suit. With G. M. complications 9..i t . gt. Mary's j 12-Albright gasoline en-. i3-Leh!°-h .. ., §* ne and chopping mill and was doing 14-Harrisburg I terested and the men were then taken 1 years before in the mountains of j some chopping while 'the little son was i T.ML St. Marv's IX THS TOILS LUBIX A yoang mar:, un-.'.-itti.-.giy, aiiies hiniself with some land fakers. i~e 1,-ces ro a cocniry town and sells stock to many of the res-denis V. I:»n he laams the company is crooked, he faces the mssic and oavs bar*, every cent of m^iey sscured from "them. Coming- next Tuesday" December 9. "FATHER and SOX" Vftagrach in two reels. ztiujr slirts 5.CO Admission 5c to all. i shining five-dollar gold pieces--at j least they looked like ir. j The defendants cffc-red the v»-hole I bagful, which they sai-i wars worth · 533,000. for ?20,090. But they refused to produce the supposed treasure until the baseball magnate had given then the cash, said the detectives, and Mr. Shibe began co susoect thev were too !c=«, of the earth" in the eyes of i or death. i her aunt--was all that could have been ] Thrown from Scaffold derired, the roie reo s uirlr.g at one ) Jerome Border. y of a happy j received numerous cuts and bruises in g^iau'-n ci cna' a headlong planje cf fifteen feet from suffering en unjust -.vrsng-. sorrow j a scsffoid at the Alwine brickvards at the cars-free g girl, the i ever her plight, 2nd rhs attractive coyness of a maiden m lave. Emey Ziegler shov-ed his usual well » J -- zr j -- j eager. He refused to close the deal. ] developed talent as Wandering Tom. j and the peddlers of the unearthed for- ' ^he old gentleman who had lost his I tune took It to other cuarters. I memory: and Mrs. R. H. Bushman, as Both prisoners refused to talk. They the aunt constantly annoyed by the Berlin Junction. Mr. Border operated tha't draws the raw material from the quarry by means of a cable car. and it I. X. Warren made a business trip to Fairaeld last Monday. Mrs. Margaret Tresler, who has at Gettysburg \ Deen * J! .- *s very much better at this at Gettysburg j writing:. at Myerstown | Harvey Miller, wife and daughter, at South Bethlehem j Lottie, who ha%-e been visiting at the at Harrisburg j h °me of Mrs. H. L. Tresler for a few at Emmitsburg j da ~ s returned to their home in Chamat Gettysburg! bersburg. Monday. a"c Levdsburg I *- ^- Warren and wife. A. A. Tres- sburg Xormal at Bioomsburg j {er and wife w - F. Tresler, of Pen- rre at Wiikes-Barre j nersville. and John Tresler, of near MARCH Friends' Creek, were Sunday visitors at the home of C. F. Warren. Messrs. George Warren and son, Elmer. Robert Stultz and Charles Over- hoitzer. of The Tract, were visitors at T^vT - 'nour-ced that George Sheffer. whose ^ home of I. X. Warren last Satur- of .-ibbottSEOwn. . , . ,, ^. dav. . . . . work on tne varsitv v.-as one ot tne' ~ n ,,. _ j - , Rev. Wm. Barton, wife and redeeming zeatures or tne past too: ' ball season, had been elected as captain of next year's team. The announcement was greeted with enthusiasm. It was also told that the following had earned the right V and M. at Lancaster at York 7-F. and M. at Gettysburg This morning at chapel it \vas an- t ^ He . le °' W J° ^JT ****** ' A lormers brother. J. T. Barton, returned to their home in Chicago, last Monday. is supposed that when he dumped a car of shale his clothing was caught in some manner at the car and he was Jerry Miller made a business trip to it Li vv c«ri i -~ . . *, ,. ,.,,.. _ , ., . _ tmniitsburg on Mondav tne loot ball "G . Beegle. Scnaeiter. I Witherow, McCullough. Dreiblebiss. DiehL Kohler, Hoar. Mehaffie, Shecer, For Your Christmas jClothejL SELIG5£AX,'t2ie leading tailcr. wiil afford yots the most satisfaction. Our stock-of Winter fabrics-is e:-:csrtic-£i- ciiy Hne-iit chetists^ and -.vcrsteds' of rrssl Baking- patterns aiivi "weaves.- 1 were each held under 8800 bail on ! niece's presence m her home, was up j thrown headlong to the rock and dirt, '· Wei S le .- and Poffmberger. Of these.. I charges of attempting to obtain money i to her usual standard in amateur j 15 feet below. j all but lour had earned their "G' m : under false pretenses and carrying ^theatricals which_is saying a great} Upon examination a wound was dis- ' P revuus ^ seasons. Witherow. McCul- · concealed deadly weapons. 1 I deaL E. W. Stallsmith -was the colored I Abraham GarSnkle testified that! attendant of W-aiWteiihg Tom and he [twelve days ago he was · told that a · again showed his skill In handling such i man wished to sell 6600 gold pieces "he j a P aj "t- ijfiss Anna .3HcCa.ll. as thf { h-d found on his farm near Gettys- 1 daughter eager for a proposal, made ! barg. Several coins of dates prior to -her-first appearance,on a Gettysburg 11860 were shown Garfiskle, and after j stagre. I the verdigris was scratched off. .they f Richard ?-Iishler-was most -. acceot- COPYHJ! L he Quality Stop | WILL M SELIGMAN TKe Cash Taslor | able as the uncle aad Aibari McSherry When the. jeweler f otoid they with- * scored as his son. Charles Swisher was successful suitor-and Edgar Miller j stood, the acid test. ,he expressed a ess to proceed with the pur- : took the part of Eev_- Dr. Terapletor.. | chase. Abraham, he said, refused to I village parson. -Xo home talent show I o - h - covered over his left temple "chat re-; o ?- quired a number of stitches ta close.! besides numerous bad bruises about his. head, body and Hmb«. AftT re-1 FAIRPDELD Fairiieta--iirs. Alverta Bucher. of ceiving preliminary treatment, he Route 3. presented your correspondent was removed to his home "in Abbotts-' with a fine large strawberry 'which town, where he'is improving under the' she plucked from a vine in her -gar- nhvsician. care of Dr. T. C.-Miller, the family'den on Dec. 3d. " I William H. Singley killed a wild goose:last week ·_ which/~weighedT' six ·s. -J. O. Swarcz, of New Oxford, -pounds'-and measnred-'5~..feet. 2 inches Arm Painfully Scalded j turn the coins over until he was shown j would be complete without Miss Lily at preparing '. | the cash. Harry GarSnkle, the jewel- j Dougherty in one of her accustomed manner she met with a mishap that has caused from tip to tip of wings. her much suffering. She was assisting j Henry Peters has had his barn new- 'lilHli K O D A K S C ^ *! i; F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S j Ever5-thing needed by the Amateur Photographer f| ocr entire stock is of the stardapl = E a s t m a n M a k e | Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Care- | f ul attention to the development of films. 1 = ?«4ail and Phone Orders Given Careful Attention. ·= I H U B E R - ' S - D R U G S T O R E I f ers faro'ther. said that when he heard * roles and as Miss Arabella, "the vil- [ Abraham's demand, he called ap Can-i ja ? e newspaper", she completed a ; tain Cameron. While waiting for the j most excellent cast- detectives to arrive, the jeweler whiled j away the time by scratching the ver- · HAMPTON! digris on the coins. He found that the i Hampton--E. C. Myers and wife mould fell off very easily, and sus- j Snndayed at "the home of William pected that something was wrong. i ilyers. In the meantime, Abraham left, and I George Fissel killed a 7-months-oId the detectives, knowing he would j -°S on Saturday that weighed 232 again attempt to sell his wares to the ! pounds. jeweler, went to the vicinity of the i E. C. Hoffman slaughtered two hogs ^ ^_ ^^^^.last Tuesday. The to their surmise. Abraham thews appeared as the place, and were arrested. I Charles Spangier and daughter.. Matthews had an automatic revol- j Phoebe, spent Sunday a'u the home of i ver tied about his wrist with tele- j ^--" *-"· HoSJnan. | breakfast when in some iy weather-boarded and has also had overturned the coffee pot" a new roof placed thereon. and the boiling contents poured over} Mrs. James Hoffman, of Liberty- AJBBOTTSTOWN Abbotcstown-- Mrs, Sarah E. Sell, of East Berlin, purchased the vacant lot of Miss Belle Stanibaugh which lies between her,residence and -the pro- pertv,of Geo'rge E. Spangier for §300. Miss Alice Wolf, who is teaching at Oberlin, Dauphin county,- spent Thanksgiving and .several, days - the past .week^here-with'her'parentej'Mr. and Mrsrj.JL Wolf. - -~s~~~ of visitor -tbTonr -town"over,'Sundayl Joseph "-W.-"'March, of- Perkfomen SeminafyjIyisiteG his parents/Mf;:knd Mrs. A. 'J. March, this week. Charles Foglesong and wife, and Mrs. Ellen Hiltebridle. all of near Mayberry, Md., spent Saturday and Sunday with Benj. Reinecfcer and family, of near town. Mrs. John Coulson and daughter, j , · % -r. , - - I Sadie, and Mrs. Lory, of Hanover, and Innrmarv at Baltimore, is recov- . . . J ' ! . .j, * j --T i. v. were tne guests or H. F. Stambaugh-- her left arm. scalding it severely from' township, who underwent an operation the elbow to the hand. ' for appendicitis in the Church Home j Injured Laborer Recoverin Lewis Lochman. son of Mrs. Lewis' ering rapidly, and will be home soon. · an( j f am jj v g d - Lcchman. cf Afabottstown. who was, The school board organized by elect- badly hart by the caving in of the' ing H. L. Harbaugh, president: W. K. ground while working in a ditch at Fleck, secretary; John M. Musselman. the Paradise Protectory, and who sus-1 treasurer. f tained a broken arm and msny bruises | "Miss liattie McCIeary and Daniel P. j on the body, is doing very well The young men of our town are. or- garazing a" reading club. They have 30 members enrolled and ha\ e rented the third floor of the town hall for their latters home and hid in a stable. True! last Tuesday. The one tipped the and Mat- | scales at 40-i pounds and the other at e i ^^ pounds. his early recovery is looked for. THERE EVERY DAY and Poliey are having their houses painted. j John P. Snyder, of the United States iFish Commission, is spending some j time with his family in this place. j Frederck C~rtis has returned to his Pupils Perfect in Attendance during jdutes on the U. 3. S. Xorth Dakota the Third Month. j after spending some time with his i parents here. in!" j Mrs. Harry Criswell, j was the guest of he j Mrs. George W. Miller, j Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Myers, of j Bigmount. were the guests of their j son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. ! George Winand, this week. -I. K. HU1VER- Drug-ist. j phone wire. Abraham also carried a Emma Myers spent Saturday at j The following children, pupils j revolver. Both weapons were loaded, j Hanover. J Locus; Grove Primary. j -Jones Weaver and daughter. Han- j school every day of the month CHAUTAUQUA MEETING « ^ff; £ P ent last Tree :: at the home of i Xo-, ember twenty-fifth. Edward Goch- ] feasters did not know what kind of : William Weaver and wife. I enaur. Dyson Kennedy, Xoah Bolan, \ meat the}- were eating until they had w~ni- Deardorff, Yors:; Jonas Chron- ' Graceful Lines Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. These : the underlying feauires which radiaic visibly ail our cloths and characterize ihetn smart- J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. , · Miss Kate Molison and granddaurfi- ss Fannie fcnyder entertained tne j ters Migses Dorotbv and Mvma Luck _ ea ; 500 club at a "possum" feast on TUa- j enbaug!% Hanover." were the guests ne: nesday evening at her restaurant, me ! r - n ^ ^.^7. ^^ -ir j ir__ r- TTT Chantauqna Association Discusses its ,Financial Standing. i Ister and wife enjoyed a Thanksgiv- t i s week, of Mr. and Mrs. George W Miller. Oscar Kinneman. wife and family, The Gettysburg rectors met on Thursday evening to discass means of getting- rid of the ; ing dinner at the home of Mrs. Dear- \ Marv Mansbenrer. Svlvia Bolan. Mar-! Chautauqua di- - dorfr and her daughter, Mrs. Pady. jgaret Peters. " 1 ^, , , T , _ , ^ .. ^ T . , , , . . , .. . , Clyde Mansberger. Earl Gulden. Mary finisned their repast, out tney all pro- . D Guy Hoilinger wife and farailv .Miller. Jean Lower, Maybelle Asper. j nounced it simply great ciaire" Holiiner W ' Paul Trimmer was the gaest of X. H. Beck on Saturday evenirj Xellie Trimmer and 1 he following attended every day \ COUNTY SANITARIUM j Ciaire Holiinger, William Kinneman and wife. Hanover. Paul Alwine, York, were Thanksgiving visitors to our town. v...^^^ uu ..o wi g.^tm.g. im UA tne £i. isecK on oauaraay eveninsr. j during- the third month at Hunters-" ] for several years. Xo definite plan h er spent Thanksgiving at the home ! Margaret Brown. Myrna and "Donald i ' was adopted but it was decided to call ; o f Emma Myers. ] Raffensperger. Bernice Kemper. Ralph \ , , Peter J. Lous:, ot I5«ar Xew Oxiora. ! ^ ^ ivemper. Ralp' ! a meeting of the original guarantors j Edgar Trestle. Bragtown. George j ar.d Charles~MilIhime Robert Math-' has started cr. che work of plastering iior Tuesday evening, December 16,, Fissel and wife were recent visitors j ews. Ray Crisweli. Earl Smith and'the new sanitarium building when it is expected tnat some decision ] a t the home of Anna M. Leer. | Howeil Baker. i wil3 be reached. ] months and 5 days, died FANCY COWS For"Your Horses, Use . Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. Fresh Daily... CHOCOLATE COAPED DATES 20c lb. CREAM PILLED DATES 20c lb. G E T T Y S B U R G C A N D Y K I T C H E N ] Four Head of Cattle Sold i Hundred Dollars. ! for : COMPANY MET Six ' Biglervillc Home Defenders Met 1 Elected their Officers. rAA ' erected near iianterstown by the Goldsborough sisters, in memory of p Friday, of j - J George M. Forney, of Conowago j The Big-IerviHe Hose Company or- township, has sold to Frank Brace, of; eanized this week by electing W. E. XOTICt.: will make and sel! 500-the Goldsborough family. | gallons of cider at six cents a gallon j The building is of large dimensions.', and 'at Xaylor's Cider Press. Bendersville, | three stories in heighth and erected of; · | on next Tuesday. Parties desiring ] cement blocks manafactured on the | same cs.11 proprietor. Elk Horn Hotel. ! site of the building by H. W. Felty. of I BOARD ORGANIZED School Board Holds its Organization Meeting. i ! Columbia .Cross Roads, Bradford coun- ; ivapp president. Charles E. Miller vice j ty. the following registered dairy ' president. E. E. Raffensperger secre- j B ^ O E 1045 Memorial ! short-horn cattle: cow. ""Florence tary. H. C- Bucher assistant secreiaiy. f j Clay". 6'years old; heifer. "Spotted ;and E. Dale Heiges treasurer- Albert Beauty." 1 year old; heifer, "May Bat- I Washinger was chosen ciiSer director; tercup", 6 months old; heifer, un-iRoy Houck first assistant and Robert named. 6 months old. The aggregate ! Reary second assistant. ] price received for the stock was S^OO. BIG reduction in a fine line of la- horse, I dies' and girls' coats. oOc'e. aluminum BendersviJJe. Empty barrels furnished Xew Oxford. The building is being if desired.--advertisement 1 J fitted throughout with all modern con- sc hool board met on Thursday servces - : evening and organized, by electing: iveniences. and it is exnected that it\^ n Hamilton presidenland Charles 1 " - - fe. bpeese vice president, C- S. Speese be t-eadv for occunancv by the FOR SALE: a cheap. Apply B. mount.--advertisement good old F. Baker, Green- [sauce pans SOcts. Thomas ! * Biglerville.--advertisement Brothers. and I. L, Taylor were appointed as the supply committee and R. C. Miller s [ and Milton Remmel as the retair combers will meet at the Lodge room at | FOR SALE: twelve shares Gettys-j m ittee. the president ser%-ing with will be held in Walter's Theatre. Sun- 'middle of Januaiy. day. December 7th, at 3:00 p. m. Mem- ! 2:30 mer.t Committee.--advertise-. burg Furniture Company stock. Apply ] both committees. ! Times office.--advertisement 1 FAMILY leaving town: Mumpei | DOXT neglect to read Kirssin's ad- will sell all their household goods at vertisemenc on another page. It is an auction. Saturday afternoon.--adver- ' account of the largest Christmas sale tisement 1 · he has ever held---advertisement 1 HOUSEHOLD goods, better than the usual kind, will be sold at Chas. S. Mumper's auction, Center Square, Sat- urdav. Dec. l.--advertisement 1

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