The Evening Post from New York, New York on February 3, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1818
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YEMI JtttJJSi,' a v v TUESDAY, FEBRUARY' 3, 1818.' ', NO. 42 PINE - STREET. TO IS 1 HQ POST. ' .... . t m m T i r l V a til 1 1 . Oai I , 11 1 """"el r - I - I . ' f f MNE,OIL, PAPER, fcc 130 qr. casks T y ana zuu nun no ary I'iKiHga oiiic MUSIC, FOrt HALF.. aji a tic i wo awry rrame nouse ana uo ft . a. . m . , V ajSLK A I THE SUtf - tAnu w .mi' viwxrniHEK. trie - - . . A SLOOP, now building or the best rfR material., about 100 tons; timbers ofhve Y iMok. ct Md cedars ?ltT tf.?!? j - "whiU oak, built on purpose for the Alba - oy trade. SLQOp o5q tons, calculated for Sany trade where dispatch, burthen, and wllleaiv draft of water is required. A rriaVua SCHOONER, of 40 ton,, llfv will draw but litUe water, with a lee - T7Vboard through the centre of her keel, ."odTTexpected to sail very fast. spa ir . , 360 . calculated v for a Liverpool or I.ondon trader, (that Lh finished to auit the purchaser.) rPffsnar.. timber and prank. Also, timber id to bill for house building ' 6 tl . CHARLES BROWNNE. ror Hate, freight or Charier, a - oar nilnt boat built SCTiOONER. rt fji inn burthen, built in the best nVnue copper - fastened, in complete order to receive a cargo in: every respect a good vessel. Apply oa board at Burling - slip, or to . PVJ : Nil. fcG.GRlSWOLTV j019 ' 86 South - st. Forfait, Freight vr Charter, n.s nilnt boat built schooner. 120 Kiirilun. built in the best manner; of good materials, copper fastened ; a very fast sailing vessel, and may bo sentio sea with small axrjeoie Apply on Iward at Burling slip, or to T N.L.&G.GRISWOLD, jan 19 C6South - t. tar freight or Charter, Tii' r - t nailln? substantial schooner 'BP.Tsr.V. cant. Turner, one rear olJ, will stow about 800 bbls. is in complete order (or any voyage can be seen at Dover - st. wharf. Jpplyto GOODHUE ft CO. Jan 22 44 Soulh - st. - mil s. - iLE. Th new and fast sailiocbri" FAME, .buil of the l)CBt seasoned timber, and UuuluUy put together. Her rigging ind sails are of excellent quality. This vessel is well calculated for a southern packet, having hand - tome accommodations. For terms, and a view of her inventory, apply to CRISWOLDS ft COATES, jM 23 Git South - 't. tH ALr., . 64The very ftst sailing sloop PARAGON, VMhurthen 66 ton built at Middlvtown, (Jouuecucut, of the best materials ; has made one voyage to the West Indies, is on year old and can be sent to sea immediately For term?, and a view of her inventory, apply to GRISWOLDS 1 COATES, Jan 23 6B South - st. BEN UAL IMHliO - ".cases 1st quality, entitled todelienture, fur sale by JACWiON & WOOLLEY. Jan 15 75 Aall - street. CALCU I TAtiOoDS. ONE hundred bale confining of Bnftas, Lut kipore, Chittanully, Callipatty andPutka. ; Coss.ihi, Chaudpore, Comocolly, Johanna and Luckipore. ' Si.nnhf - Jc1lalpore and Mow. Checkt - Gillttht, KoniftK fccfor aaleby CHS. L. OGDIlN andr ABKM 0ilJKiN, in9 Wafluntctuu street 4 lOfs'OAi baleBis4iuililjr cpMuovoc iy ton, Undine;, and for sale by SAUL ALLEY. 90 Pine - ttrcet. IN S TORE, 32 ha!es Sevlsland Cotton. Apply aa above. Jan i " 1 '. i . ... . . . AT R ATI'S BRANDY. iJ Piiea CetU Brandy, entitled to debenture, for sale by . ' CHAS.L. OGDEN.and ABRM. OGDEN, jan 17 - Vahins;ton - treet. OLDTOIIAWMi. 0 hhds. old Richmond tobacco, will be landed tomorrow from the schooner Hem, from Richmond For ale by . UOIIERT GILLESPIE, i.n IS 112 Front - atreet I.OR SALt, Uie turnoof the Mnp Cnrie. cap tain Humphreys, from C lcutt. and now landing at Ihr foot of Liberty - street, consisting ol East India Sugar i Cotl - m ' Ginger : Block Tin Gum Shellack Gum C'pal Gat Skins of a large size Seine Twine and flunny Bga Also fr aale, India Mutiin of almost every description Also, a roall quantity of Rattans, and CMor M Roaea Koraale I y r ;an 1 . . . ROBERT LENOX. HiCE M TOBACCO 150 Ueroea prime new 13 hhds Kentucky Tobacco, t6 I hds old and 53 no new Virginia do jioW Undine from different vee', for aale by ian I I )l V I KBF.rHliVEA. - ro. . I - rOBC O - 2UhhL.'oboce ., will bel nd - A. ed tomorrow from the chooner tAUt, from Petersburg F r s le by ROBERT ILI.ESPIE, jin 16 112 Front - atreet. tUl'IOiV New crop, prin.e, smlalile wr rtaniilactanue. will lie low in parcels io ae rnmrnrul.ta imrr hnflprt. Also, a few bale of old crop Enquire 148 Pearl - street, up slnir. !t rriWO cases cbangeaMe Syiichewa, for sale JL by Mtlltli K li'jvv, Jan 21 " ' !I0 Itrnadway. ."LOUR, tJOTTON, &c 250 bbla Phila - X delpliia flour , 21 bulea upland cotton, new crop 8 do New - OrleatM do do 5 tons lignumvitas 15 tubs tJerman steel v 2 pipe red port wine 11 Mid do do .; 5 lilida white do do 3 q . C dodo do 1 hhd Madeira wine ll.qr. Ciska do ,!o 37 boxea Hupcrior claret (1 doz. each) An invoice uf Uv - e veil, cotton lace. 8tC. An iurjice of Dutch toys for ante by R0BEUT filLLESPlE, jan 7 1 12 Front atreet M U?K.KIa, t AfKr. 4;t. oUUU Mulcts IS boar well assorted Tapes. No 1 1 to 25 . 7 rMnnl lf nnalitv Plntanf Intin , 4 boxea Flaxen Lmrtt - n 2 bbla. White Lead, for sale by J.C. ZIMMKkMAN, Jaa 8 Ira No. 72 Washintoa - street. nTRAlTS BKA.VDY. rpWENTY bve f.ipe Cette Brandy, for aale JL by ' CM AS L. OtiUtN, and - A BR. OGDK.v, Ja9 ' VVastiington - alrort. LOAF & LUMPSUGAfL tic. 1 Hhds f.nd 40 bbls 1st ami 21 .lality loaf ja. w. nitpr , 15 hhds and CO bbla 1st ft 3dqu l. lompsnar 20 hbu ur.r route sncar 100 lar;e f - icro rellnfd 'uar, and a few hhUi 0rhous tDolanes (or sain l JACKSON 4c V0Ot.LF.Y, Jaa 21 75 Wall - st 5 qr casks and zu half do sweet do very old 158 do Colmenar do - 300 half chests Sweet Od, 30 bettiei each 100 boxes do da 12 bottles each 60 bale Italian foolscap and letter Paper 50 do Gaaette do large sue 9 cases Fe t Hats 15 casea Liquorice Paste I box O - trich Feathers, 1 do Chip Ilatf 3 do Manna in Hiikes Mar Me Stabs, veined and statuary, assorted sizes, lor pier tables. Sec A few boxea very superior Anchovies and Olive 500 Marble Mortars, from 10 to 24 inch IQ bbls Furs, consisting of Willi Cat, Raccoon, Fox, Muskrat, and Otter Skin Gunny Bags, Aic For aale by CH AS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN, jan It Washington - treet. SHOES & BOOTS. 1 UST received 40 package amonr which are I 3 case Wellington Boot 2 do Lndie do 2 do Morkasons 4 do Cork Sole Shoe 4 do Ladies walking do 4 do Men's'coarse 2 do Roys do 1000 do Kid suitable for the southern or West India market 5500 do women's Leather Those, together with a seneral assortment of Ladiex. Misses and ttiiltlren's morocco, DiatK and colored Roane, are ofl'ered for snle on reasonable term iy THO.S. WITT, ilO. l ItrtlJ - SIOTCl. Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fib. Jnn 15 1m SUUltHJ. i ivrtiiivs l, hi uuac hnd cannisters. 33 nnd 24 His each, entitled to debentme. lor sale at 64 South - street, by CAMBRKLLNG ft.ftARSO, ian 5 'IM)B.ACl O 2 hurts neV crop loliucco, o( i excellent Quality, landine from si'hr. Rolla, from Richmond, for sale by It. Dr. in u.i r. v w. Jan 6 92 Coffee Houe slip, ."LAXSEEIi, FLOUR, kc. - W tierce Flax - ' seed. Inndins from s hooner Nancy, from Balluuore, for sale by D. BETHUNb ft CO. 92 C. li. slip. Al - o landing. 159 Ms upf Flour, principally Gallep' b'd 3 bales i iite Twine Jan 16 , I l'?KK I 6 and FOiVU.NU 1'IKCES, enti - .VI tied lo di'bfnhire. 13 cases British Muskets, with bayonet and scabbards complete. .1 ilnHo t'liurlino I'mpi. J nut receired tier Carolina Ann, Irom Liverpool, for sale by Jim r RKMSK.V i CO. l' ;ouln - st 150 RICE. tierces prime new rice, received per hip Radius from Charleston, ami for sale by U. BKTMUSr. K tU. ian 10 92 f'onVe - lloiie slip. UM & CIKXJOLATE 50 bis. 1st. proof I V. N - w Rum 30 boxes Hiirt Uoston Chocola - e Xo. 1 For sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, jan I? 75 wail street. RICHMOND TOBACCO Fl.OUlt. fi - 28 bh! Ki. hmond supf. Fl - ur 37 hh:s prime new rrnn Richmond, priori pl!y large and Italy, now landing from achr 1 h mas, and iu store, lor sale by Jan6 " BOOKMAN & JOHNSTON. Dili GOODS 2 cases Ahepjrd's super blue and Mark cloths 4 rases 9 - 8 cambricks 2 do cotton hosiery 1 do checked hdkls.j'ust landed from the Hercules, aud for sale by , 1IURD ft SF.WALL, 65 Aouth - strect. Also received by late arrivals, A raes fine blue and black London cloth 10 do japanned and plated hat 5 do men super Loudoo do. Jan 23 200 qr cat - A".' ft H HlTh. Lt.AU. casks old A'herry wine 29 casks white lead, dry For sale by J AM ES G. KING ft CO. Jan 20 61 fmc - st. UlCKSlLVLR. 20.UUO lb. Quicksilver lor sale by IS.L,. U UIII&VTUL.U, jan 21 i 86 South - street. COFFfcfc. 1 WO Hundred and Seventy bags St. Domin - co Coffee, received mr br. Spartan, for le by LK ROY, BAVARI) k CO. Jan 0 7tSlttGO, HUM, le. Cases first quality Bengal indigo (entitled to debeuture) 20 hhds and 100 barrels first proof new rum 30 pipes Gray's brandy, 1st ft 4th proof 70 bags rare ginger (entitled to debenture) 50 kegs ground do. fir?t quality 80 boxes Hill's Boston chocolate, No. 1 ft 2 50 do Waite's do do 150,000 Spanish tegarv, in half and quart, boxes 20 bales first quality St. Domingo tobacco 4 do DanUh lambs' wool 150 kegs Philadelphia starch, fresh from the faclary 80 casks English refined salt petre 10 boxes suar randy For sale by JACKSON WOOL LEY, Jan 23 75 Wall - at. LEX ANURIA FLOUR. - 450 barrels su - iV perfine Kloar, landing from chr. Jtrsey from Alexandna, for sale by D. BETHUNE&CO. Jan 20 9f Coffee Honse Hip. if1 1 U M P A G N t. A few cacs n 01 and spark V ling Champagne, in case of one and two dozen each, ju - l received and for sale by HENDERSON CA1RNS,U1 Pine - st. l - on'Ion Particular Madeira Wine, in hhds. and quarter casks: Lcovilleand Rauzan Claret, of the nutate of 1812. Jan 27 Sl Ot. K OK H AHD WAKK. fee. RICHARDS ft TAYLOR, in order to close thtir hardware concern, offcr for aale the reaiainder of their Hardware, Fancy and .Military ods, at v ry radured prices, for cash or approveri piper And, inlet or .ease, tlie lower Lpart m lhe,r More nml Cellar J .in 1 w IJUOiNA MIIRil.Nt'O. - ' lew J - J U Brown Shirtines, just received and for aale bythe COMMISSION COMPANY, ian 13 14fl I'eirl - stree. T IGNU MVl I JL 30 Unis on board the ship M - A nrsair, for sale hv Jn - 6 TROKI'S. D AVmON k Co I AH X t I A li(ioUS. - Ji oaSioi'U Cal - . rulta Goods, consitting of Flue Mamoodiea, Sooty Roiu ils Red, blue and white MHrns Pattern Ildkfs Rernaxore and Beerv Checks 25 bae Beerhootu Ourrahs all entitled to debenture or sale by liURDft SEW ALU . Jan 20 65 south street. VUtiAR 12 hhds handnoine St. Croix Migar, j lor sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY. 75 Wall street. Jen 22 BRANDY 40 pii Gray Braudy, 1st aud 4th proof, for snle by JACKSON & WOOLLEY, . Jan CO 75 Wall - street.' ALL the Song. Dnetts, as sung by Mr. Fhi - lipps at the New - York 1 heaire, for tale at W m. DUBOIS' Piano Forte and Music Store, No. 126 lisoadway. Behold in his sof t expressive face Tho' love i warm awhile 'Ti but fancy' (ketch Is there a heart that never lov'd In vain mav that bosom lost quite deplore My early day what joj wa thine Love's young dream This blooming rose at early dawn Robin Adair ' Bebutiful Maid Let ame cound the trumpet Had I a heart Kvtleen's Bower 1 ear maid I love thee Ah sure a pain was nearer teen Said a smile to ti tear ; Sigh not for love ' My heart with love i beating The celebrated serenade of4 Lillacome down Bird Duett - to me" Flora' wreath. With a large assortment of new music. d r 24 X CU P .MILL SAW ss, ftt. A SMALL invoice of X cut Mill and Pit Saws, G. S. and C. S. for sale hv ANDERsON & SHEARER, 131 Water - atreet. Who have in Store, Hand, ripping and dove tail Saw, brass and iron back Cast Stet - I Chisscl and Gouge Mortice Chissel nnd Drawing Knives Patent Carolina ft Virginia Hoes, No. 12 3 4 Wrought nails, 4d, 6d, 8d, lOd, 12, ft 20d Brass. and copper wire, of all size Rolled and Sheet Bra, Brass Pans London Pins, Nos. 3 1 - 2, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 Hardware and Japanned Ware, assorted fo the country trade Enprravers Copper, in plates of all sizes, jan 12 DOMESTIC ft Ol HER WARES. rI,IlK suh - riherskeep constantly on hand an 1. extensive assortment of the following goods, viz : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, ftc. Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellow, fancy and common Do lor Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and I uba Whcf.l - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baiting and ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe k Sadler Thread Dearborn' ilallan - ces Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fancy aud common Head do do do Clulh do do dii Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ft Scrubhifig do Paint Brushes and Sash Cools Clamps, 4, 7, fl row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothe Mnes Sash Cords, Trace Rone Wroiijrht and Cut Mails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on K - lirral temi. CERRA X CUMING, i?m '24 76 Pearl - strett. 7vl TO LET, 4r.i5! A larce convenient modern built house, coachhouse and improvements, (with or without an exte. sive kitchen garden and back lot; from the firm of Maf next ; situated on the corner ol the t'rst Avenue and First - street, near the cor iter of North and Alln streets, and about one mile from the t it v Hall. The situation is elevated and healthy, and in every respect suitable lor a genteel family. On the premises i a well ol most excellent water. Apply to CORNELIUS DUBOIS, . Feb2tf No. Front - street. VALUABLE fKOtEKTY IN BKOAlivvAY eFOK S.1LE, To - morrow, the 3d Feb. at 12 Vclock. at the Tontine Coffee House, by D. DUNHAM, that valuible property in Broadway, known as .o. tiu and o, directly opposite we property of R. lenox, esq. On ti.e premises are two very convenient brick house in good repair, and very desirable for small families. In the rear, frontini: on New - street, are two frame honse, No. 23 nnd 25, producing an annual rent of $225 I he situation of tlii valuable property is too we I known to tr - quire a further description.' The dimensions are 34 feet 7 inches in front on Broadway. 23 feet 9 inches in the rear on N'ew - lreet, and 136 feet det p Further particular may be known at the am lion (tore Term at the sale. Feb. 2 It The fire - proof store, No. 5, in Gouver - neur's - lane, the third from South - street. The lot on whirh it stand is under an advantageous lease, 11 years of which are unexpired. It is three stories, with fire - places ; being io front on Gouverneur's lane 40 feet and in depth 25. An improved mac hine for pressing of goods for exportation has been erected on the premise and heretofore profitably employed in pressiug cotton, furs, skins, hay, ftc. From the fitness ol the building, and the convenience which it aflbrtU tor working the machine,' and it nearness to the river, it may be an object to purchase them together. rr71, wfSO, Until The lease (two years of which are unexpired) of the three story house No. 93 Front - stroet, third from Gouverneur's lane. Beside a larp store and cellar in front, it affords every convenience for a large tamily. ftfil .iUo, FOR SA L K or TO LE T, a. - .ill The house No. 2C H'aU ttreet, opposite the Merchants' and next to the Phoenix Banks - It has been recently built of the best materials, and besides three rooms which have occasionally be n occupied as insurance, broker's and attorney's offir - es, afford every accosnmodaliou for a private family. If not disposed of before the 10th February, the above will be offered for sale at auction, of which notice will be given by Bleecker & Bibby. For particular apply to . R. THURMAN, Jan 31 tf " No. 26 Wall st. For iaeor fo I. ft, The House No. 23 Pine - strret En cjui'e n - xt door, M No. 2". leb 2 lw tOJi S.4Lr., t' i nree year unexpired nae, iron nrgi . .. . r . m .iay next, of that eligible situation No. 14 Greenwich, ro - ner of Courtland - strpet. bein( well calculated for a respectable boarding house, and ha been occupied as such lor several yeat t i a three story well Cuishcd building. Enquire at the premises, or ol JAMES HOPSON, febStw No. 24 Vnnilewter - street. JOLKJ, Two adioiniiier room in Wall - stre t. Convenient for offices. Apply to PRIME, WARD ft ANI)3, feb 2 tf 42 Wall - afreet. ANDKV1LLE, a Ikleoi ihe . - t iv l century, in England, by William venleeiilh am Godwin iust imMUhed and forale hv ir,on.ii, Jan 31 N - . 23 Wall. BuVK A t.FKH'S IHUF.CIVHY 1" UST published, fhe fritd Balance or Book t keeper's Directory; shewin; tYWiplele ytem of boiik keeping, commenced, nrriedjoo, and closed, and uew hooks opened, Uon a clear and experiineuml plan. By 'I homo II. Gcl - dard, acrmintant. Oa a large sheet. Price 50 cents. For sale cv rKIOR. ft DUNNING, Jan 30 2w Ko. Ill Water - it. of psMind Ho. 73 Broome atreet, the corner of r.lizubetli - street, with a stable in th - rear. "ALSO, aimodern three atoev brick House and Lot bajidsomely situated within the vil lage ot newDurgh the house ta large ana commodious and well calculated from ita retired, healthy and elevated situation (having; a fine view of ihe river and the adf acent country) for a family who wish so desirable a situation on the North River. Price low and possession gren tn tint ot May next. ALSO tor Sale or to Lease, 5 avenue lots, situated on the First Avenue, between North and First .streets. ALSO to Least for a number of years, 15 building lots fronting on the First Avenue ana. First - atreet,' For furthei particular, apply to CORNS. DU BOIS, jan 20 Ira , ' 36 Front - street. FOK SALE AT AUCTION, kinla At tbeT. C. H. on the 1st day of March next, the FARM belonging to the estate of I be latr Dr. Isaac Ledyard. situated one mile south of the village of Newtown, Long Island. The Williamsburgo turnpike run through the Farm, on one side ot which is a new excellent stone, wall, half a mile m length The farm contain about 150 acre, 16 ol which is a fine Wood Lot, with two apple orchards, one old, the other hist bt tin - nine: to bear well, and a suitable proimrtion of good salt meadow. 1 he Mansion ilnuse is large and convenient, lour rooms on each Door, with a go. d kitchen and cellars j attached I a lare barn, criii, hen honse, smoke house, well, and a new cistern, Vc. The court yard and garden con tain a variety of fruit tree and shrubbery, a large aiparogu fieri, raspberrie and currants. Alsor A ARM adiomin; the above, rontain - ine about sixty acres : attached to which is ane - qual proportion of Salt Meadow, and 1 lot of young wood, situated withiq less than a mile of iu i.iuu, ,oniaiiiHig len acres, wiui a tarra - house, barn, well, garden, ftc. Likewise A Lot of Land, Ivine at Snrinlield, south ol (lie tillnge of Jamaica, containing between four and live ncres, on which are ahoot a doren large beiuut trees, suitable for fencing. The above lands wi I he all regularly surveyed, and map of Ihe tame exhibited some time previous to; and at the (ale, and disposed of by the acre, with the baihlincs (hereon, inclusively. Possession given on bt first oi April. For further particulars, apply at 49 Dey - itr art. lanOlds' TO LEI. From 1st February until May next, a par lour and two bed - rooms in the upper part of No. 151 Chamber - street, with kitchen, ic. ftc Enquire on Ihe premises. Jan 27 Iw rOH HALE Oi LEASE, . It in the 5. 6, R. and 10 Wards ; many in which are on regulated and peved streets. No uiooey will lie required vnder urn years, il (old, interest excepted. . v iiuust.s. ... Several two and three storv house, on which a great part cl the money remain on mortgage. EA MJ1.U AT KED HOOK. An excellent stnnd for business, with ten arres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store - iMiuse and bnm. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near Acw - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon, which 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. Apply at No. x ureenwich - strert. jan Litf ' liEAL Ei'fA'JE A Oi SALE. The.eteaut. wLconvetiient three - story In it n house and lot No. 26 Bowery, together with a coach bouse and stable frontini; on Ba - arJ - street, and joining the rear of the before mentioned Mt. ror further particular enquire at 31 Wall, corner or William - street. Jan 2$ ' ,' ' Q . , tX)K HALE, TV house and lot No. 123 Wafer - street, adjoining Messrs. M. B. Edgar ft Co' auction store. Terms easy and title indisputable. Apply to ISRAEL HAVILAND, Jan 29 I wt On the premises. TO LET. nil Two new two story brick house, finished in Ihe modern style, situated in Greenwich - st. a little abov Spring - street market. Also, a two story brick front house, corner ol Washington and liammersley street. Inquire of JOHN 1IAGGERTY, Jan292w 167 Pearl - street. UTOKE TO LET. The fire proof store No. 2 Gonvemeur' Lane, fnear Water street) i to let from 1st May next. It has four stories, betide a large cellar and a very commodious garret. Being detached from other buildings, there is no risk Irom fire. Possession may probably he had, if requited, be fore 0 11 May. App y at 29 South street, to leh 2 I LK KKtt. I.Al - 'Mir.S. 7.JD For tale, to lease, or to let, Ihe HOUSE and s TORE no. 213 Pearl street, occupied by the subscriber. The houe is in complrte order for the accommodation of a genteel iamily ; and the store one of Ihe best stands in the city for the dry goods or hardware business. Jau30 lw JOHN AIJAMS. FOR AALE, Th len a which has Ifi vear ta run of - misj - j 7 - the Hone and lots at present occupied by the Rev. Doctor Mason. The Houe contains 15 rooms with fire places, and trc - o without, besides store - room, wine - room, vanltt, smoke houe ind other accommodations. Enquire at No. 41 War ren - treet. Jan 17eodtFeh I O LET. From the 1st May next, the three - story brick hoti'e No. 18 Conrtland - street, with or without th stable in the rear Ap'y to J. tc R. REN WICK', Feb 2 18Coortlnnd - r. TO LKT. sOiilThe sbre and cellar No. 34 Frankfoit, rnnier of Rose - street. Also for sale a (mail - toc.kof groceries, standing casks, draws, 4c Possession may be had immediately Apply to Jan?9lw ANDREW VAN TUYL. .JTt The sul - criber will lease or sell the lot lliAUjand heue in which he bow live in Lauren s - strvetU is a pretty comfortable house for a .mull moderate familv, havine a stone kitchen and rellar, two room oa each floor and a bedchamber in the garret. Arros the rear of the house there is pleasant piara,' built scarcely three year ago It ha a neat little garden about 00 tuet deep, and a small stable, leading to which ther is a gangway from the street Apply to A D. Dnff, No. 69 Washington - street. FebStf J AMF.S TILLARY. tO LET OH LEASE, - w - . . . a ik - .. . . i nil .rra iim iiniii miiu mi irmrui iui rm stivy brirk hcuse, si'ua e comer of West and Courtb.nd 1reets, fidoinin the Steam - Boat Wharf. It is one of them l eligi'de situation tr a respectable hotel in Ihis city, and in point of f.ropect and health is hardly vxcelW by any iiKti.m Tn a fiwvl t aannt the rent will be mo derate. Forpaitn.ilarrp!v. r W. V AN HOOK. feh 2 tf AO. - tJ all atreet. in r.r.T. . r'itl The tire and cellar under the main huil iuijof the house No. 2.3 Peart - atreet, ud a three tory fire - prorf store in the rear, now occup:l by the siiDscnoer ; possesion u. ur - fn - en on the M of May next. A'sn, ms siame sum coach - hii'sr, (oated nn Gold - street, in the rear of his 6eaid premise, possession of whirh can be had immediately. Feb 8 tf JOIISLGLOYER. For bale, Leate, or Let. That pleasantly situated place, on the road leading to KuigVbridge, by way of Harlasm lane, known as Rose - Hill. The avenue to Ma - comb'j bridge run a few rod in the rear uf it, rendering the premise very desirable, - a the house, in consequence, shew two frents. The garden, and about two acre of meadow, are well stocked with fruit and shrubbery, asparagus beds, currants, ftc. The house and coach - bouse are in good condition, and with small expense can be made a very genteel country retreat. 1 he term will be made easy. ALSO, That very genteel two - story house, stable and two lots of ground, situated in Bank - sC, Green wich at present occupied by George Lindsay, Esq. Apply at 55 Broadway ; or, to CHARLES OAKLEY, jan 15 1m 141 Front - street. A rsiLUAliLE FAHJU, To be told or exchanged for property in New - York. The subscriber being in a very low state of health, and having very little hopes of rer every, offers for sale his (arm at Barbadoes neck, county of Bergen, containing about one hundred and thirty bve acre ol arable, meadow nnd woodland. This farm lies on the main road iietween New - York and Newark, about hall a mile this side of Newark Bring e. It n in a very high it ate of cultivation, and is not surpassed by any other io the vicinity ol'Atw - Ynrk, as a valuable and agreeable residence, either for the farmer or private gentleman. The dwelling house, though small, is neat and well finished, nnd the fences. gates, barns, stables and other out - houses, are in excellent order and well planned. In Ironl ol the house, bordering on the public roar), is a handsome and well slocked garden, and on Ihe premise is a young and thriving orchard, containing a choice selection of the bent graitcd fruit tree. A more particular de.tcriiitiouofthe properly is thought unnecessary, a tho'e disposed to purchase will view the premise. I he title is indisputable. For particulars, apply to the subscriber, No. 188 Pearl - street, or to Mr. Andrew Smith, near the premises. ItovMtf ROB Ell I STUaKT. niiimci. UmiE Morage may be had on the first floer of the store No. 29 South - street, which will save the expense of hoisting. die 6 JO LEI, And immediate possession (riven, thf house No. 9 Pearl - street, together with the sta hie and Coach Home in the rear on Krnlge - st. The premises are in complete repair and hnvv every convenience necessary lor the' accouimo dalion of a family. For particular apply lo OCt 2H li. IIKAIIIMI. , Jf" REAL Eal A l E FOR SALE. . j i(222Two 2 - torv brick house and lot, situ, ted Nos. 37 lc 39 Vesey - strect. Also, a house and lot No. 1 1 Bowery, near Chatham - square. 44 feet Iront by 125 deep. All on accommiHlating terms. For particulars np ply at No. 332Greenwich - st. jnn l.y tt VoWfTUk SEAT EOM SALE. AT Jamaica, on Long Itdum). Queen County, late the reside ce of John Troup, Esq di ceased. On the premises are a pool two story frame house, barn, .nd othei out - build - ings; 23 acres of land in a jmod Mme for ci 1 - livutioft i 28 acres of woodland, of a fine thrif ty (rrowth for fearing and timber i and a lot of 7 acre salt meadow.. On tin, property are two appie orchards, and a variety of other fruit tree. Jamaica beiny one of the moist flourish ing villaioroea lla kiml, jiwiers. Uii proper ty desirable for a gentleman retiring from on sines. For part iculars apply to '' M. UH Mis, 148 rvarl - Rt. t or to . JOUN ft ROUT TROUP, jan 9 tf on the premise. dg COUNTRY SEAT FOR fcALK, ITsIlljJt Wallabout Point, Long - Island, late the residence of capt. Lambert Schcnck, deceased. On the premise ia a large spacious dwelling honse and out - building in proportion - 24 acre of land in the highest state of cultivation (10 or 20 acres ol wood - land if required by the purchaser) For particulars apply to , Leonard Bleecker, 37 Wall - st. J Martin Schenk, juil'r. New - York 7o South - street, ) Martin Schenk, Wallabout. Jan 27 1m jrj" tUH SALE, Lfiafi The house and lot of ground No. 18 Rose street i the lot is 25 feet front and rear and 100 feet deep ; Ihe house a bnrk frout, side and rear tilled in with brick, and built in the most sun stantial manner. For further particulars en. quire of A. &TEENBACK, Jan 28 2w No. 334 Hroadway. arOrc SALE, The House and Lot No. 101 Liberty's!. Depth 34 feet, breadth 25. Depth ol the lot 107 feet. Those who may wish to purchase proper ty cl this disruption, can at any time view the premises, and terms of sale may be agreea on, by application to POTT M'KINNE, dec 31 68 South - street. el lot's ' tc LOT,Ao. 219 tearL . For sale, that v iluuMe house and lot No. 419 Pearl - street, occupied by the ul rilier. I he house was built by the lute John ejus, r.sq. being a first rate built hou - .e, and mof the best situations for the dry goodor hardware business. For further particulars enquire of HEN R Y LO I T, on the premise. Jan 9 St TO LET, iinii From the lint nT Mav next, the fnaciou - VuAJb . . - - - - j . . ihr.s inrv bnrk hrais No. IGfi GreenWich - sl. corner of Dey - streeL Enquire at 152 Wash - , An A ington - streel jansw ow EOH SALE, A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE. The subscriber offers ior ale hi house and a - bout H acre of Luntl in Flushing on Ijong I "land, 11 mile from New - York. The house is l'ge and very convenient for a genleel family and command an extensive and lieautiful pro'iiect. The wonH houe. Doultrv house. ftc. recently built. Tlie building and fence are io excellent repair, and iMehr pointed. The a,flii is lane and well storked with a variety ol fruit, and the orchard with the bet kind of apple pears, AC. oearme mswire iwo wens oi excellent water and a new vis tern, nil with good pump ihi pl - ce is very conveniently tit - uated, there neing conveyance - , uj gii autEc or packets to and from New York every day, except Sunday. For further particular and terms ol sale apply M JOHN ASriNWALL, Jan 28 1m No. 123 Pearl street. Hmae, Stable, Garden,tKe. at Ortetuttek, tfTrt TO LET folin The ubsr.riber will let or lease, for a let hi of vears, h's house at Greenwich. It is plea - santlv situated on the - hanks of the Hudson, and calculated lo accommodate n large fomily. For terms, apply to D1VIE BETHUNE, Jaa 3." W AVa - l "trret. Tti UK I.Kl. A ml immetiute rnw,ion i ven. that SDa - "?U1UI - - " - - ' . - " : r Cloy three tory on a nouse, no. a ijis - ny street, well calcuimei ior a noamin. noose. AMly to SAMUELS.titHMIiLAK, Jan 27 lOt 120 Water - teeet fTX FOR SALE, The two hows, No 43 aud 30 P.madway, to im rompietrty fini4ad and delivered on the 15th Aprii next. Aoplv to JOHN SLIPELL ft CO. Jaa 20 tf No. 50 Broadway. fCT - "If PA I RICK DILLON, who left Tra" lee, in the County ol Keiry, Ireland, in the year IU03, Will transmit Mr. Yitzherry, uf Trak - e hi aildre, it will be a particular advantage to both partie." Tialee, October, 1815. I he abuse i inserted at the request or Mr. Dillon's Ifitiid. Anv comniunicalion on the (ubiert will Le thankfully received nnd transmitted by fler. it, ur.Aj'. - v. vv. rcuor.r.a aiu. NOlKJE. ftt - The Pacific Insurance Company of New - Yora have this tiav declared a Dividend ol twelve percent on the capital Slock, payahk at their office, No. 49 Wall - street, on the 19tu instant. By order of the Board of Directors. jn.i im - it. li. jww, cee. . NO I ICE. Vf 1 he bulifcriber, in! of himself and his asociate, gives notice, tbitt at plication win oe maue io ine notiorauie ine legiMuiureoi this state, at its next sen - ion, lor ha Act to incor' porate a Hunk with a capital stor k of Five Hun dred Thousand Dollars, and with leave to increase il to One Million ; to be located north east of Beekman - strret, in the city of New York, and to be cillcd M The Fraubtin Bauk of the city of New. York." Dated Ncw - York, ICth Dec. 1S717. By order of the Associates, dec SOU MMH I'.RD WN, Ptc'ry. AAJf - 1 OiiA LSLKAJ LE CU.Vr.i.vY. . 'I he presideut and director have this day declared a dividend of five per cent ou the capi tal stock ol the company ir r Ihe last six Dionlhs, payable to the storkholdets, or their hgal reprc - - sentatives, on and aftep the 12th initant, at tho otTire, No. 34 Wall - steet. jan5 1m C G.MI?P"TAN, see'ry. NEV - YOKk HKEAI r..S LNsl it AiSl E COMPANY. frT - The Capital Stoi k of the Company hn ing by a now subscription hern r invt b d h the lull sum of Eire hundred thousand Lvttart Lich is timi'lv ecu red, are now reuilv to rtceive ap - plicatioua lor Eire i.i.d Marine li sori ace at li.t ii UlTiceNo. 6 W hll - street. 1 lie Oflice olicil the ptitronuge of the public in the t onliilenrr that adec,untr protection will be ullcideil to the tssur - ed and all loes be promptly adjusted. By or der ,01 the hoard ol Lhrectcr. Jan 6 lm M'NEAL, Pec'rv. I iMECIJAMCb' UA.SK. , AV - iw rl l... C l... 1 L. I. . k ... . . r, . n, .4 i i lie wtm. iiuniri - .we iiiiiii iucii n Divide nd of lour and and a hall per cent will Lu paiu on toe nrsi nny oi rrnruary neii. ; By order of tlie Prusident and I irrtor, ; Jan 21 lm AV FISH, .Cashier. r.fle Fire itiaijr nf nr - let. . NOTICE. is here! y givenlbata dividend for the last six mon'hs of f. ur and a h,.lfir cent, Stock, of tbi Compaiiy haa been declared, and will be paid lo the Storkhol . derson tfw 15th in. ' ' '' Jan 6 lm JOHN I. MEYER; Pet. NO i ICE. OCT All person having demand egaimt the eslulc of the late Their a Coojier, dcciand.' are requested lo present the same. And all per ' sons indebted to the said estate ere lequc - sud to make payment to the subscriber. ALICE ANN SWA RfWOUT," Jan 10 Im A - ii mralrix. ;rs' Uinta To be sold and possession given beforoi the M of May next, il ri.ittd, u modern built substantial line k house, three stories hiuh, (with severul accommodations .ibdcuiiveiiii nctt vhich lunke it an agreeable dwelling for a gt uteri tamily situated in the most wholesome part ol tide Ciiand Jiuvipg u jJMailV'LtXci lleiit water within the lot ; tiii - 'propeity a' lee' simpleknd ' free Ironj ull incumbiance. li not si Id at pri vale sale before the 45th of Ft'brunry next, it will then be sold at auction on the 16th and lol - following day. Also, a rouinlete set of carets, elegant lurnitures, household uti nsiis aim vnou i.cts, particularly a choice collection of hooks, by C. G. FONTAINE, towh m apply for par - liculars, at hi auction room, No, 135 V atef street, comer of Pine. jan 7 Im to LtT, F nr'fina imim l n r. linn .tiirv hrirlff houne in Sluv vesant - strvel, nrMly . opposite St. Mark Church, conlainfng iPht mi ms,'a I ia Litcbi - n. serviinlji roiio.. c ellhv. nunftik. an' ot . niinH. lc npilut 1... I ha , uiJi. ..l u ..ul lum. w. . ... .a . . . . . . . ' . 1 1. v J" uf,, v. m .nii,i iaiH - iiy - with a garden and yard of about Iw . and il. I i . . : ... . . lliin ni;rv ui iuiiu, oiiiiiiuiof; it thi'ij n iiie 11 - nest fiuil trees, arparngu mid hot beds, fcc. bigelhei with a wood house, carriage home and stable. Rent will he reasonable, and potstt - sion csm be had tiie first day of April Apply teiween tu and zotiock, on the .n n.ies, to NICHOLAS WM. 81UYVESANT. Jan 24 3w ' - a iO LET, From the first of May next, a front count' in room on the second (! t, b giihcrwiih tlie upper lolls. Enquire No. 167 Peuil stiett. jan 24 tf toil SALE OK lOi.t.ArE, fin ftrri.nimivlaf in hirmi. B minihrr of - siiui a . , Kur and buildiug lots, nrai - and adjoining th , navy - yard, at Brooklyn. ' For particulars, en - quira of bAJILEE EVAJNS, jan 22 tf Hronklyn. EOR SALE, RXAi.rRorK.aTf ti thk city or new - Toar eA BRICK IIOUtE and Lot Nu. 11 Bowery STABLEin the rear - together wiib the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and lift leel ou each tide. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vesey - t reel ; and House and Lot No 39 Veev - treet. - - A BOND ami MOR I GAGE lor 1?"0 dollars. do and do for 7j0 , do do and do for 4j0 " ' do On valuable properly ia the city of New York The in erest has always been punctually paid.'. For particulars inuuiie at the office nf STEPHEN V. LAMOINE, - deelOtf No 27 Wsll - strcet. tlOLsE ft LOi ton SAI.i Ainli! For tale the house and lot No. 20 J. ha.. Foi term apply to THOM AS ASILJ Jan 21 Iw 33 John sL 1.1 IN S J I k lIIH Aa unexpired lease of 4 year from the1 li ui .viay next, oi ine nouse ami in . - to. ioi , Broadway. cornr of Reed strret,pposite VX ash - ingtonHall. The lower part is ditided into twis - . stxes, c niph telj fitted with shelves, .c. null arc eligible silo itions for businets of any kind. Kor terms apply at the Cllertoi'a oflire, No. 2, on th bas - ment floor of the City Ha l, letweeu Iho - hour of 10 and 2, until tlie 2d day of Fehnwry next. Jan 27 6t IO l.KI A I b I.OO.tLMShA LE, The house and grounds belong ing to tho estate of J"hn fchaw, situated on theeutiith ave - i.ue. On ihe premise nre an exrtlltn: double nouse, stable, coach and ire house, with every thing cle requisite lor such an establishment, tc. is pieti:rnd any o?Vr ileseiiption is unnecessa - rv, as those inclined to rent will view the plare. - Also, the laiye fiie proof store in the rear of. bouses 1 1 and !3 1 eari - sutet ; wUre there is for sale oin old Madera W ine, by the Demijohn. Eorfurtla;rp.r,kula,plv,!0M giMw Jan 29 11 Pearl - streef. . IO LEI, ' From the Jirtt of Moy r . The 3 storv house No. 24 Park Place, - . to he let lor rourer irom ine in nay eexu - - The bouse is ia good order. Tlie present occa lnt will dispose ol the lurbitura oi a pailoar and . bed room, which is new and fashicnafle, anjlol the best kind, at a reatonable price, aid on aa" accommodating credit. For futther particular enquire oo im prtwi - J an 30 "

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