The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 29, 1934 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 29, 1934
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 29 1934 U.S. NEEDS 228 MILLIONS MORE (Conttraed From Pan 1) storing 29,000 World war veterans to the rolls at 75 per cent of their former compensation without review of their cases to determine if the disabilities were of service origin. Observers found much to talk about on the possible political repercussions of the vote. They were trying to decide whether the 29 democrats in the senate and 210 in the house who voted against the president had more to gain by supporting the more liberal veterans' provisions than to lose by going against the president at a time when confidence in him was the chief battle cry of the administration. Talk for Elections. Much will be heard on both sides in the coming congressional primaries and elections. A roar of laughter broke out both from the floor and the galleries when Senator Robinson, Indiana republican, said that BO far as he was concerned that waa "not a scintilla of evidence of politics in this." When quiet was restored he explained that he didn't care whether veterans were republicans or democrats, that he was "simply fighting for them all." There was complete silence when Carter Glass, the Virginia democrat who has opposed the money policies of the president, took the floor. Correct In Veto. He declared the president was correct in vetoing the bill; and that lie had never wavered from the principles he thought right in his dealings with the veterans question. Then, his voice trembling, Glass said he had two boys "over there." He added: 'Td disinherit them if they, ever accepted a dollar from the government although they were in the front line trenches." In a few words, the bill that is now law, the president's veto notwithstanding, provides for permanent restoration to the compensation rolls, at 75 per cent of .their pre-«conomy act benefits, of 29,000 World war veterans whose disabilities were presumed to have · had sen-ice origin, but who were taken from the rolls after March 20, 1933 because they could not prove that On Pension Rolls. It also restores thousands of Spanish-American war veterans and their widows and, orphans to the pension rolls at three-quarters of their old rates. These also had been stricken .from the lists because of lack of proof of service-connected for their injuries and illness. · The president had issued new regulations placing both classes back on the -rolls pending review of their cases, but holding to his 'former views that only those who were injured or contracted disease as a re- lt- of actual -war service should be_ . ulations, .however, .are now super- «ed«My the law. Boll Call on Motion. The roll call on the motion to .Override the veto follows: Republicans voting to override: - Austin, Barbour, Borah, Capper, Carey, Couzens, Cutting, Davis, Dickinson, Fess, Frazier, Gibson, Goldsborough, Hale, Hastings, Hatfield. Johnson, Kean, Keyes, LaFollette, McNary, Norbeck, Norris, Nye, Patterson, Reed, Robinson (Ind.), Bchall, Steiwer, Townsend, Vandenberg, Walcott and White -Total 33. Democrats: Adams, As h u r s t , Bachman,- Bone, Bulow, Caraway, Clark, Copeland, Costigan, Dill, Duffy, George, Hatch, Hayden, lonergan, Long, McAdoo, McCarran, McGill, McKellar, Neely, Overton, Reynolds, Russell, Smith, Thomas (Okla.), Thomas (Utah), Walsh and Wheeler -- Total 29. Farmer-labor: Shipstead-- Total 1. Grand total for overriding 63. To sustain the president: Democrats: Bailey, Bankhead, Hartley, Black, Brown, Bulkley, Byrd, Byrnes, ConnaHy, Coolidge, Dieterich, Fletcher, Glass, Gore, Harrison, King, Logan, Murphy, O'Mahoney, Pope, Robinson (Ark.), Sheppard, Stephens, Thompson, · Tydings, Van. Nuys and Wagner -Total 27. Grand total to sustain 27. . 400 IOWA VETERANS DES MOINES, March 29. Can- Senate and house action at Washington in overriding the president's Veterans veto will result in 400 Iowa veterans being returned to the compensation rolls, R. J. Laird, Btate adjutant general of the American Legion, estimated today. Such claims as service connected cases had been disallowed by a board of review. Now they will receive 75-per cent of their former compensation, which previously ranged from $10 to $75 a month. Of the 400 refused, 266 were sases of nervous disorders, 100 were tubercular, and 34 were general "medical claims- 800 Fishermen Lose Lives When Typhoon Hits Chinese Coast SHANGHAI, March 29. CiP--A typhoon which struck off the coast of Kwangtung, southernmost seacoast province of China, brought death to 800 fishermen. Three hundred fishing junks sank after a terrific pounding from the elements, said Chinese reports from the south. A number of survivors were reported to have been saved by a Chinese customs cruiser. The latest report said the typhoon struck in the vicinity of Waiyang Monday night and caught the fishing fleet by surprise. IN DAY'S NEWS Search for 20 year old Eunice Pollock (above), missing University of Wisconsin co-ed who had been temporarily expelled Jrom her. sorority house, extended to New York City. (Associated Press photo.) 7 Year Old Boy Is Turning to Stone; Death Grows Near WTLKES-BARRE, Pa., March 29. (S?)--Seven year old Benjamin Hendrick of Larksville is dying, physicians say, of a malady which closely resembles petrification. The boy is suffering from a rare disease known to the medical, profession as "myositis ossilican pro- gressiva," and doctors say he has only a slight chance of recovery. Calcium is deposited in the tissues. The disease first affects the voluntary muscles of the body, causing extreme stiffness of the arms, legs and back. Physicians say death is inevitable when it reaches the Involuntary muscles of the body. Lowell L. Forbes to Address Packing House Employes Thursday Lowell L. Forbes, Mason City attorney, is to address the packing house employes at a meeting in the Eagle's hall Thursday .evening:, it was announced by the committee in charge. COAL OPERATORS MEET DEMANDS Agree to Seven Day Week, $5 Basic Daily Wage to Avoid Strike. WASHINGTON, March 29. W)-A subcommittee of northern Appalachian soft coal operators, seeking to avert a 350,000 man strike, has agreed to the demands of the United Mine Workers for a seven hour day and an increase of the basic daily wage to $5. If this action, taken yesterday. Is ratified by the;general wage conference, it means the end of the eight hour day in mines producing more than 70 per cent of the nation's soft coal. Present Final Draft. Whether; the remainder of the industry will follow suit is expected to be decided by the current conference on proposed revision of the bituminous coal code. An effort will be made to place before the general conference today the final draft of the new wage schedule proposed by the subcommittee. A maze of rates and classifications had to ' be revised first, however. Refuse to Concur. Two groups of operators in the Appalachian region refused to concur in the subcommittee's action. One, the smokeless Appalachian group of southern West Virginia, has been negotiating separately with the union. The other, the Fairmont group, split with the main body over elimination of the 24 cent wage differential it had enjoyed over the Pittsburgh district. Other activities along: the Washington labor front included: Continued efforts by Joseph B. Eastman, · federal co-ordinator of transportation, to settle the rail wage question; The renewing of an attack by industry before the senate labor committee against Wagner labor board bill; Unqualified support by the American Federation of Labor of the Wagner-Lewis unemployment insurance bill. Visitors From Garrison. ROCKFORD--Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Gulick had as their guests, the latter's mother, Mrs. B. F. Guinifich and daughter, Cheerie and sor; Louis Roe and wife of Garrison. More than a dozer colleges and universities entered-the 1934 Texas intercollegiate drpiiatic tournament. 60th Anniversary of Wedding Observed by Mr. and Mrs. Erickson BRITT, March 29.--Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Erickson celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary at their home. They are the parents of four children, Mrs. Emily Lee of Britt, Oscar Erickson of Britt, Mrs. W. D. Richardson of Hughes, Ark., and Mrs. C. A. -Duddleson, Seyppel, Ark. They have three grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Mr. Erickson will be 92 in August. U.S. ASKED TO CLARIFY CALL Aviation Company Officials Seek More Light on Farley Order. WASHINGTON, March 29. (/P)~Some aviation concerns sought today to have the administration clarify its call for new airmail bids. Out of four airline officials who commented in the capital, three said they would ask for more light on Postmaster General Farley's order. Farley had said that former carriers of the airmail must reorganize before trying for the job again. The fourth, John B. Kohler, president of Kohler Aviation corporation, which previously held a mail contract, indicated he wouldn't bother since his company could not operate any of the 15 routes to be created. All his planes are Amphibians. The other three, Thomas Doe, president of Eastern Air Transport, Inc.; Croil Hunter, vice president and general manager of Northwest Airways, Inc., and Alfred Frank, president of the National Parks Airways, Inc., said they had been left in uncertainty as to what they had to do under the re-bidding call. They said that whether there would be any reorganizing at all would have to be decided by stockholders or boards of directors after clarification of the government's stipulations. --^_--^ The postoffice department was busy drafting advertisements for bids, which were to be dispatched either today or tomorrow. Bids must be made within 15 days and flying operations must start within 30 days after contracts are let. They will be for three months but may be extended. THINKS WAGNER BILL UNLAWFUL U. S. Chamber Head Fears Effect of Labor Board Act on Industry. WASHINGTON, 'March 29. CW-Calling the Wagner labor board bill "probably unconstitutional." Henry I. Harriman, president of the United States chamber of commerce, today attacked it as likely to have a "disastrous effect upon the economic life of the country." "I fear it will undo much of the good which the recovery act has brought about," said Harriman at a hearing upon the measure before the'senate labor committee. Harrimau was one of a number of industrialists who appeared in the committee room, armed with statements in opposition to the bill which would make the national labor board a permanent institution and outlaw company unions. Harriman added that if Hugh S. Johnson feels that the present NRA "enforcement machinery is adequate," he himself believed industry would support "reasonable amendments" proposed by him. "Thus far," he added, "General Johnson has not made such a request, and I think it would be unfortunate to set up competitive enforcement machinery." CRESCO WINS IN COUNTY CONTEST Lime Springs Spelling Team Ranks Second; Chester Takes Third. LIME SPRINGS, March 29.--The Cresco spelling team won first in the Howard county contest held Wednesday night. Lime Springs was second, Chester third and Elma, fourth. Cresco, received the traveling trophy. Cresco has won the contest twice and Elma once. Each spelling team is composed of five students. Judges were from Lime Springs. Trampled by Bull. F AIRFIELD, March 29. UP)--A. S. Heaton, 63, farmer and dairy-' man, was dead today of injuries suffered when he was trampled by a bull at the Howard Parker farm west of here. "On the level, do I get · '-^dB^-~^^f "'"T^'T^*^"''-:----A"'' T '' 30/o more If I buy now?" 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