The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 4, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1913
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

ri«_; Christmas Candies 1 TOUXG woman of many resources and fair culinary skill found herself facing the problem of Christmas gift 'giving ·w:*b a very depleted pocketbook._ She to^the conclusion that tm- s««s ::·-«.- save each of»ner friends a box o f * " !!!.-!}:«- u uvuid be impossible for her to Stie made some pret- s. coverts them vrilh water r or cr:J;e paper and decorating appropriately. Tbea she gata- | t-svl »!--r supplies to^-tiier aad got :-| ready lor wort;. Sbe put off the mak- · " ' -e eu!;'J~ as loag as she could a onJw i!iat ber sweetmeats might b» , fn-ib wben presented- She and blancbed re:.«iy tor u-e aiid ber simple coloring ready for use in advance . \V!stn she boKsn nsaking ber candies P!:C* !:ad a clear rire in tbe kitchen m-. enameled saucepans, a smooth, ! saus.-epaji. sbaliow tics In which jo |ioi:r s^cb candies as caramels, taffy, t-re.: Ssr^e Sat stoneware piauera. citau s:::coth weenies spoons. 1 Sale Starts this SATURDAY, I DECEMBER 6th and Continues Until Christmas Must be Sold in 20 Days Oiir'hew arid "up-to-date stock of Clothing, Shoes and Furnishing Goods etc., to be sacrificed and thrown to the mercy of 'die people and MUST BE SOLD IX 20 DAYS- SPECIAL EXTRA CORDUROY PANTS . $1.98 2.39 ice Savl] at this Christmas Sale Fine ribbed English cord lined pants y worth S'3.00. elean-un sale nrice : i ' s% S3.50 men's cord the hest English linen 2i corduroy pan'es, clean-ap sale price i - - ' TM Men's and Youth's pants, college made with * belt straps, sijie buckleSy welt seams and * cuff bottom. S5.50 kind for ! . - - . . - . ' 1 3= * S3.50 kind-f or 2.49 11.98 OUR. POLICY: j Has been a trade builder for us--there- ' fore, it is a big factor which must be- given 1 due credit. Briefly summarized in a few | sentences, we reiterate the principal feat- I ures: " | 1. Selling the best possible merchandise at the least possible proffe-margin. 2. Satisfaction to the customer at any cost. J 3. Prompt refunding of money on any I transaction not satisfactory 'co the par- chaser. . i "We aim to make this the most warm hearted. JsomeJike shopping store. Every " visit or admits that it is true " ' ~ 4 j We Have Frepar- I ed This Greatest ! Christmas Sale 1 For You We want your dollars to do do-obi:: duty rlarht at a tirce when you have the most buying to do. This sale will certainly help you. Come, if only to look. We arc- sure, after ^comparison. you_will buy Lers. Sale Starts this SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6th and Continues Until Christmas GLOVES Men's and Boy's lined gloves Men's genuine Sl.OO Mocha Gioves with fleece lining GSc Indian gloves, these are heavy fleeced Hr.ed at . I I $ " '" KNEE PANTS Boy's jined corduroy knee gaats worth 50c for 39c S1.25 "kind for" "' ~ ·?-^ l r ' ~ - . " . ' S9c 75c kind for , "~"~ ' ' . -59c Boy's wool knee pants, value 50c for 39c §125 kmd f6r -- ' '" ' ' ^ ' ' 89c The entire stock of Lewis E.;Kirssin» ( 31 Baltimore St., Gettysburg's' Greatest Outfitter of High-grade Clothing for Men, Boys and Childern, will T oe sold. ' Clothing MEN'S PANTS I I Sl-oO value for §2.00 value for S2.50 value for S3.oG-val-.2e for S5.00 value for 9Sc §1.19 S1.49 S2.39 $3.29 Better grade gloves from OUC lO SHOES Men's and Ladies" shoes, value 51.t §2.00 kind, sale price S2LoO and 83.00, Icind, sale price .75p .Men's Rubbers, sale price -§1.00- Glen's Rnfabers, saleTxriee * T5c Ladies' Rubbers, sale price 50c Children's Rubbers, sale price " Crawford Shoes at Reduced Price. SHOES sale price 9Sc '$1.19 e sor. a wire candy dipper, one or two pal- ettelfcnives. a strcuu pair of. shears, a small Cat paint bni-h, a little olive oil and a- ~uo tliemioaietec. If yon 75c 39c HATS CAPS T^ y. Knox and Dunlap and Stetson shaped Hats worth up to S3-00 for S1--19 Men's S1.50 and 82.00 hats for 9Sc Men and Boy's 25c caps for 19c 50c and 75e caps for 39c \ ^ ·*= t * i i BOOTS BOOTS Men's Felt Boots 8*2.50 value, for First quality snag proof, rolled edge felt boots worth S-3.00 for g-. Boy's felt boots §2.00 kind for 2t. Men's gam boots first quality snag proof g. worth S3.75 for 5£ Boy's gum boots S2.50 kind S1.9S $2.49 Si .49 S2.9S S1-9S I\Ien's youth's Suits Overcoats worth',$lO:Op now - $ ilen's double and single breamed ?uits of Imported Worsteds and Fan- : UNDERWEAR- Men's heav\- fieece lined Underwear. -50c kind 37'/it- Men's all wool Underwear Sl.2-5 kind, S9c e , c -.. :f.! to bcovr iusc wbac she cnnde and how «-l.y i " . - .. - . 5! sbe made it note t!ic toiiowms recipes taken' from her notebook; ' 1 , Xat Candy---Two capfals sngar, ohe^ cupfni water. Boil nn$51 thick. Flavor to t^sre. stir ta one cap hickory aut meats ant! pour into a large Sat disn. Waea nearly cold cnt in squares. Lemon Candy.--Two eapfuis grano- S-i iated sa^ar, one cupfsl boiliDg water. Ml three E:iWespoonfu!s Tinesar. butter SHIRTS 3ien's Fancy Dress Shirrs, ·worth -50c. sale 75c- kind, sale ."8c 45c SUSPENDERS Men's susaenders 20c values for ' cy Mixtures In newest design?. lault- j : , Ien s :35c su ^ penders for lessly tailored and finished \vitb all Boy's iOc suspenders for --the-eare of §20.00 Suits. p. C positivelv worth 816.50 ^ £ * You are at liberty to choose a-Suit or Overcoat -worth §16.50. SIS and 820 - from a lot of fine made and elegantly Pnlshed. such as the most casteful dresser would desire. Kersey. Melton and Cravenette Coats In Black. Blue and Grey Worsted and Cas-si- meres. single and double "breasted 1 23- - Men's and Youth's suits, positively vrorth S7.00 or your monej refunded, sale Men's Fine suits, well tailored. Worsted, and Casshneres in all colors.positively worth S12. Big line of susoenders from lie I9c Tc 7c lo 50c ©I sfze of a waiaut- Let boll until it banl- gj! ens ins mediately when dropped in cold ph water. I'all until white- Pour tbe ® i lenjuti exeaee oc while boiling. 21 Cbwoi.Ue Caramels.--Half a, pound -^1 of caoiH!:ite. f:a!f a capful of milk, two X-j ctspfuis of iijrst brown sugar, one'cup- ^ I fui or n;o!ases and a piece of butter as · J big as a,;2:sH ::;.:Itv Co«s for twenty i' njinBti=. stirrlcs constantly. Tour Into X J a pan and cut into sfjnnres- PU Caramel Tsvffy.--Two teacnpfals oC ® j white su.£:nr. two tablespoonfuls oC j^| sirup, three ounces of butter, "ae can or" conden.sed mi'.!i, essence of vaniHa- Pnt butter, sugar and'sirnp into a pan. NECKTIES iOc Ties - lac Ties for 2-5c Ties for 9c 19c MEN'S HOSE l-5c Fancy Hose at IOc Hose Men's 20c -woolen hose, sale Men's 25e silk hose, sale Sc 6c lie 15c e w* 5 OVERALLS Men's T5c Overalls, sale 45c I BOY'S SUITS ^_ S3.00 Boy's Suits and Oversoats for 5S S5.00 Boy's Suits and Overcoats for · S7.00 and S.OO Norfolk suits | I SI .69 2.89 4.95 SWEATERS 5*5 j^ Boy's Cos* Sweaters worth 7oc sale price i \ Men's and Boy's Wooi Sweaters, in all colors, S1.50 kind, sale price m £- Men's heavy Oxford grey Wool Coat Sweaters $2.00 kind, sale price \ X · Men's §2.50 and S3.00 all Wool Sweaters, going at Men's $4.00 and ?5.00 Sweaters going at 33c 98c $1.29 1.98 EXTRA Overcoats way down in price. Men's and Youth's Overcoats, that really sold for $7.59. this sale §10.00 Overcoats, now 815 Overcoats, now 3.75 5.75 7.98 RAINCOATS Men's §5.00 raincoats, sale Men's §10.00 raincoats, sale Men's $15.00 raincoats, sale 9.45 GLOVES Men's Canvas Gloves worth IOc, sale price _ 3c COLLARS Men's reversable collars Glen's loc linen collars Men's 25c rubber collars -2c 9c 15c S "^-c" a ~-i" "* * ¥ tlrriB:: occasionally tiH melted. Then Everv article in our store vrill be placed on sale: every article will be marked in plain figures. Every B statement herein made guaranteed or your mone^ -back for the asking. .Dou v t overlook this Big Sale L. 31 Baltimore St. Gettysburg, Pa. HANDKERCHIEFS 5c Red and "vvhi'ce handkerchiefs at 2c loc Men's white linen handkerchiefs 3 for 25c . DRESS SUIT CASES 81.50 suit cases, sale 9oc §3.60 suit cases, sale $1.95 $7.00 genuine leather cases, sale S4.I5 SPECIAL NOTICE. Ask for onr cash register checks given with evory purchase. By-redeeming ihsse you can get a nice Xmas gift. Useful articles. pour in mUk accJ vnaiiia and boli for twenty snir.Ktes. stlrrlnjj a!l tbe time. Mint.'!.-- riare in n snncepaa two cup- fiils of i^nnsisatwl sujsir, one half cup- fa! of S-ster, o:je-fourth teaspoonful of crt-nia of tartar anS one-half iea- spooufui of j;=7ceriEL Boil to a soft b.-sli tinga. ti.-e:s remove from the fire and f.avor wltii peppermint. Pour out on a p!::«;er. nnfi stir with a spoon untJH ;: hs=ir-.« to stiffen, then take up into the Jusnil-. and ksead until soft and "rt-::i:r, Mo:d into balls and roll n pov.-(jer»-1 s-Msnr. PUice on oiled psptr to coos. W:jiter?reen mints are n:;!de l»y r.dc:nq; a few drops of tbe oil «f winter^rct-a instead of tbe pepper- mi^t :inc a little red frnit coloring. These !:iJTits can he dipped J2tO ciiofoiate if 'Iked- / ft a "-i" © "7^ a IS 9 ROAST DUCK DINNER. :n Tanle Soap c;ear. SjuiTea Ohves. Ksc»,s Oysiers CD-^imbera. Koast l-, Ora-nse Saaca. Cranberry Jelly. Mashed Potatoes' Sweet Potatoes. Bc:!ed White Onions. V.asnea Turnips. Celery Salad. Hot Salted AUnonfls. Mince PJ#!se Cream. Frnlt Coffee. **K f- F " Frequently the Way. $ j ' "It -leemS to me that he made ft '«»L- yery sound argument," "Yes, and did i; j you notice he made very little noise S' about it?" _ . . ^«»X»^^^ '·SFAFLRI

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