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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, February 2, 1818
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n v" ( J : f - t i ; I. H f ,1 tfU i 1 r . ' LEG13LATUUE O NWrvohKi Madv of AurmbLtJa 28. - Mr CoJden oa Tnorsdaj morning iathctoase r iamUf t tkis stale. nresealed m petition from the ecinrabW leiusuUbaa ly patriot Cot. Ma - ma n luni, pnjm( ioa buuwikv n wmwu rlaimt for revolutionary services, and moved that it be referred to a select committee, and supported hi Motion by many puruneutand feeling remtro Mr. Boot obiected to referring to a select com - . - wattes, and moved that the petition be referred to loe cosBOMttee of clatna. - A abort bat quite animated debate arose upon uts snouon, in wtucb Messrs. fioot, isuer, Lama. Shame and UiIm arm en cared. - It was urged in furor of referring the petition ta a select committee, taat the vetseraDie mw aw - . Splendid services of the petitioner, entitled knroti - tioa to the neenliar attention of the Home. That - ' the subject was of sack a natare that it wosdd re - r're aiaborioat and patient investigation ; d t the Handing committee of claim woaii hare ao much basinets to attend to, tnat a ou:o in convenient lor we gentlemen cooipoauig " H due eomideratioo. ' ' ' i - Mr. WilliaoN admitted at a general rule, that all claims ought to be referred to the Handing : committee. But he considered U is claim aa (tend ing upon special grounds, and would call tor ex - traordiaarr and annate attention, which it would not be hi the power of the committee of claims to ere it. The petitioner here is of no ordinary - character, and presents a claim for services of no - ordinary stamp. He is one of the patriots and heroes of the rerolut'k u, very few of whom now remain on tbe face of the earth. Such a character should be treated with peculiar indulgence by this hoase, and ks memory cherished by all posterity. He hoped the petition would be referred to a spe '" rial committee. Tbe extraordinary merits of the petitioner were . conceded b v the"rpntlrman who advocated the reference to the standing committee, but it was urged that as tbe subject of claims wonld be under their cognisance, it was proper that they should all berefem - d to them, that uniform principles miiit govern the bouse :' That If the bouse departed from ' their rules in one instance it might be drawn in 1 precedent and would be attended with tniscbicvous consequences. . The petition of H. ItD. Cotheal, and sundry o - - inert, oT the chy of New York, praying for sundry . a mend meats to the law concern in r the inspection - of dowesue distilled spirits. Referred to tbe mem - , bers attending from the city ;of New York. The petiiious of sundry aliens in the ciiy of New Turk, praying to be enabled to purchase and bold teal estate Referred , Tbe petition of the trustees of the Presbyterian Church, in Cedar street, in the city of New York, praving tor an alteration in the law enabling them so baki real estate. Referred to Messrs. Edwards, Morris and Osbora, . ' . 1 - . The petition of Ana Waroer.of the otyofNew York, widow, praying the Legislature to grant to .her all the right and title to the estate of her de - ' ceased husband. Referred to Messrs. Meigs, Wheeler and Rochester. Mr. Dwer, from the committee appointed to draft . rules and orders for the government oi toe nouae, mnorted the foUowinr additions tothe former rules. ' " AH persons ooncerned or interested in private diiis, or uectea oj me consequencn iumvi, . be required either to attend personally before the ' select committee to consent thereto, or give certi - Bcatei sf their consent to be proved by one or more Witnesses before the committee, and in all cases - - .h.ll Km annomted bv any private ' bill, the committee shall require aa acceptance of ' a a r .A - ta Ks tbe trust under tne nanus os " , v either acknowledged or proved before them m manner above mentioned. No private bill shall be brought into the house but upon a petition signed by the parties, who are suitors therefor, first presented, truly staling the case at their peril, k setting forth the suggestions and reasons for the bill. No bill for dividing, altering or erecting any county or town within this state, or for granting an . Incorporation, or for amending, altering or explainer anv act rranlintT an incorporation, or tor making, constructing, or improving any way or bridge, or for making, cleansing or improving any port or harbor, or for making any river navigable, !L r nMiM. .hrrinr or knorovmc any naviga ble canal by aa ineorporation,orby individuals, or for erecting oaro, or ou. " . "T, ; - 1 wJ trrer. take, arssream ov - - " - e - : way, or for any work prpod tobecarried oo bv imMcWoYtrnrlOH lucb Deiiuoa has beeu refer red to a select committee, and they have examined the matter thereof and reported the same to the nosne. Select committees noon private bills shall not only report a state of facts li their opinions there - on, but also that the allegations of the bill have oecn examined tnat the parties concerned in in terest nave given tneir consent to we sausiaeuoa of the committee; and that the orders of tbe bouse in relation to private bills were duly observed in passing the said bill through the committee. Select committees upon bills for dividing any county within this state, or to erect any new county out of parts of counties, or for granting an incor - . poratkinIor for altering an act granting an incor - ' poratiou shall set forth ui their reports wnelher the advertisements required in and by the act entitled " an act relative to incorporations and the division , of counties," passed March X, lliltf, were duly made and published. , Select committees upon bills for erecting or dividing any town within this state, shall set forth ia their reports whether the notice required in ii by the 15th section of the act entitled " an act relative to the duties and privileges of towns," pass - od March 19th, 1813, were given, affixed, and read, in manner and form therein prescribed." The first part of the report of the committee, a - dopting tbe former rules, was agreed to, and the remainder committed to a committee of the whole house, and ordered to be printed. (The standing committers were then appointed as stated yesterdav. except in a part of ourimpres - skm, the name of Mr. Vaite,ofthe committee on courts of justice, was by accident, omitted J Mr. Oakley gave notice that he would on some future day a"k leave to bring in a bill to amend the act entitled " an act to amend (he act entitled an act for giviog relief in cases of insolvency j On motion of Mr. Oakley, Resolved, That a standing committee of three members be appointed, to be culled " the committee on engrossed bills whose duty it shall be to carefully examine all bills passed by this bouse , L see that the same are correctly engrossed, k report tbe same to the house, before they are signed by tbe Speaker. - ..... In offering this resolution, Mr. 0. disclaimed any idea of re floe ting the least censure upon the clerk ' of tbe house. On the contrary, he entertained the highest opinion of his industry and accuracy. His duties are arduous, and such a committee, Mr. O. considered would lighten them. - The resolution was passed, k Messrs. Kirklaod, Barstow k Throop appointed a committee agrcc - ably to the resolution. On motion of Mr. Rochester, Resolved, That a committee of tbe members be appointed to enquire into tbe expediency of re pea l - ig or modifying the art entitled " an art to suppress duelUng,,ppassed Nov. ft, 1816, and that they have leave to report by bill or otherwue. Ordered, that Messrs Rochester, Root and Liv - inrmlnn. ttf the tai.1 committee. Blr. Edwards rave notice that on some future day, be would ask leave to bring in a bill recommending a convention of the people of this state for tbe purpose of consiuenng such parts oi ine constitution as relate to the appointment of officers. The house resolved itself into a committee of the whole, Mr. Hacklejr in the chair, ou the Speech of His Excellency the Governor. After some time spent thereon, the committee rose and reported that the select committees be appoiotcd on tbe various subjects recommended in the speech of bis Excelle.M - y the Governor. (The committees were appointed yesterday, k will be given to - morrow. Resolved. That so much of the said speech as relates to crimluol jurisprudence, be referred to the committee on courts of justice. Resolved, That so much of the said speech as relates to finance, and the court of exchequer, be referred to the committee of wavs and means. - Resolved. That so much of said speech a re lates to the purchase of notes by' some practitioners of the la w, to obtain exorbitant premiums, and tne cost of prosecutions, be referred to the snittee of srievances. Resolved, That so much of the said speech as relates to the col lr res, academies and common achools, be referred to the committee appointed Don those subjects. Messrs. Coldea, Hackley. and OaklV were appointed a committee to draft and report a respect - fui answer to the speech of his Excellency tbe Governor. The messages the Governor, and the accompanying documents relative to the case of Kesler, who staisda convicted for murder, was referred to tne committee oa courts of j he CTinmrtiee oa courts of rustier. AVtHioa was Dreaeated from John Aathnn and Samuel L. Mitdiill, on behalf of the Lyceum, the committee on colleges, tc. Aajournca. . i f . : . January SStl The tbQowing: pearal cotruittaes were n - ootmced by the speaker. - Of Comaasrce and sgricnltora Massrs. Law - raoca, llaxlun, Trippa, Bouck, and Barkar. Of muusaaurso Messrs. Randall, Brayloo, Tucker, Wsita and Babcock. - Op the navigation of tha Hudson nrer Mess. Bay, Turner, Mrong, Alulliner sod Johnson. On turnpike roads Messrs. Sutton, Matlison, M'Lean, Jackson and Miller. - On canalsMessrs. Williams Tabor, Mac Gamji, Sargent and Monroe. : On the oil;as of physicians and surgeons, and medical practice Messrs. Davis, Meigs, Graaoly, Barstow ana bargenu On the militia Messrs. Root, MorruyWaite, Kirkbtnd sad HowelL Oa tba state prisons Messrs. Ulshoefier, Fer ric, WondruB, Wells and Van Cleef. On imprison maul br debt Messrs. Oakley, M'CalL Van Fossen, Jackson and Van Antwerp. On the suDDort of tha Door Masses. Roches ter, Corson, Crolias, Woodruff and Crittenden. Ou Indian affairs Messrs. Wsbb, Heming. Roxencranlz, Ferris and Phelps. On tha currency of tha state Messrs. risr - son, Hunter. Harper. Tyler and Kuaam A message was received from his excellency the governor, relative to the prisoners in the jail ofthe city of New - York for debt, and referred to tha committee upon that subject, and ordered to be printed. Tbe pttiUoo of A rchibald M. Lucas, of Uroofc lyn, in the county of Kings, ad alien, praying to bo allowed to pure hate ami bold real estate - Referred to tbe committee of which Mr. Uuer is chairman. A representation from tbe mayor, and sundry inhabitants of the city of New - York, concerning Lhana BaliicK, convicted of murder. Heierred to the committee on courts of justice, The petition of Sundry tnhabitanU of New Utretch, King's county, for the purposes therein mentioned. Referred to Messrs. Van Cleef, Du er and Sharp. - Tbe petition of Minnas willet, of the city of Sew - York, praying a grant of 2000 acres of land lor revolutionary services. Referred to tbe committee of claims. - Mr. Ubboeffer gave notice that be should on some future day ask leave to bring in a bill en titled " An act concerning deeds " In puramnce of previous notice, Mr. Oakley asked for and obtained leave to bring in a bill entitled An act entitled an act to amend an act entitled an act for giving relief in cases of insolvency. Tbe bill was read twice, and com mitted to a committee of the whole, and ordered to be printed. ' Mr. Rochester, from the committee appointed yesterdav to take into consideration the expe diency of repealing and modifying the duelling la w, so called, presented a report, and concluded by ashihg leave to bring hi a bill for the purpose of repealing the act aforesaid. Mr. Colden said, that although he was unac quainted with tbe manner of legislative proceed ings, yet it struck him that this course could not be correct A resolution has been laid on the table, e leasing Mr. Dox from taking the oath, and if he rightly understood the business, the question should first be decided upon that resolution. Mr. D. has taken the necessary qualifi cations excepting the oath complained of. That oath Mr. C considered constitutional ; and u it is so, then Mr. Dox is authorised to take bis teat. The county of Seneca, be said, had a right to be represented t and it was highly improper to be thus taking up the time ofthe house and keeping Mr. Dox from his place. - Mr. C. then said ha should propose that the bouse ex cuse Mr. D. from taking the oath, and admit him to take bit seat. JASSACHU8ETTS LF.fllSi TUB E - nctV January. an act to tax tbe Branch ofthe United States Bank in Boston, was read a second time. Mr. Thatcher, of Boston, said be thought it perfectly reasooablt if ths legislature see fit to tax their own banks, that every other bank in operation within tbe commonwealth should be equally taxed. Bat he doubted whether it was competent for us to tax the Branch of' the Bank ofthe United States, or the stockholders of that Bank ; and whether we hare the power to en force that tax. It was upon this ground alone that he was opposed to this bill, and not from any doubts of the equity of the tax. It is not lor ns to decide whether congress was authorized by the constitution or the U. 0. to establish the bank. . The bank is established, not by this legislature, but by a higher power, and that power can ren der this bill ineffectual if we pass it "Mr. T. thought it would be impossible to collect the tax if imposed, because the cashier would not be o - bliged to disclose who are stockholders. Mr. T. concluded by observing that he was not a stock holder, or in any way interested m that bank. His feelings were entirely in favor of taxing it. if it could be done. But he suggested these doubts in order to prevent what he thought would be au unnecessary collision with the general government Mr. Lawrence was very mncb surprised that the gentleman from Boston should doubt the power of this legislature to tax this bank, when She assessors of the town of Boston tax it every year. Mr. Lawrence made various other observations on the propriety and expediency of taxing the bank. Mr. Thatcher replied in a few words. Mr. Adams of Portlaud, said he should vote against the bill. He thought the Bank ought not to be taxed in the same ratio as the state Banks because they have been obliged to pay large bonus to the (jeneral government. which operates as a tax. Another reason he said why lie should vote sgaint the bill, was that be thought it would be null as there is no special Capital appropriated to this branch of the Bank. Mr. A. concluded by moving an indefinite postponement. Mr. Hale oi castinr, uiotiiriit were could be no question of the expediency of taxing the liana, it it can oe uouc wiiuuui encroaenmg lpon the power or the beneral iovernment Out as tli ere were doubts upon the constitu tionality ofthe bilL he wished to have the sub ject referred to the next General Court, in or der that the opinion ot tbe Attorney and Soli citor Generals may be obtained upon this ques tion ; be bad mtcoaed to mate a motion to that effect, if he had not been anticipated by the motion for indefinite postponement Mr. Adams witMrew his motion, and on motion of Mr. Hale the farther consideration of this sub ject was referred to tbe next General Court CONGRESS. IN SENATE Jan. 29. The resolution oflcred yesterday by Mr. Asbmun was taken up, and agreed to as fol lows : Resolved. That the committee on the post office and post roads be instructed to enquire . . " ! - I - into the expediency oi providing or uic secu - rity of passenger in stage coaches. In which ti.e mad of the United States may te trans - port - d, against danger arising from gross neg ligence of proprietors and drivers. The &enate then proceeded, as in commit tee of the whole, to the consideration of the bill to provide tor tha surviving officers, soldiers, kc. of the revolution. Mr. King took a comprehensive view of the principal features ofthe but stated his ob jections to tbe prons on it proposed fur sea men, mil it is, Sic. and concluded by movi - ig, that the bill be recommitted, and the commit tee instructed to amend the same, so as to con i"iii uurr life to the survivinr officers of the revolution. fine its protitione to a grant of half pay for 'ary army oq the continental .estahliahjQcnt, twhd temd for three years,' or until tbe end of. the war including those who were enuueu, un der any resolve of oongrest. to nan pj life the half pay so to be nhted, to be ascertained by the rank according lo which the accounts orthe respective officer were lv settled. Mr. Barbour followed, and, after arguing at some length to shew tbe impossibility of pro - i ii 1. - 1 1 - .1 :tl .mI k im. viaing I or ail inwuueu. in uic uiu w. practicability of discriminating between the different classes providing for, moved an rnue finite postponement of the bill. Mr. Smith entered into a delenc of tbe mili tia, seamen, &c whose merits he considered at least fMiual to those of the resrular army, and advnratd tha indefinite DOStnonement Mr. noM.hnron'fc declared himself opposed (o the indefinite postponement, and in favor of the motion of Mr. King, witnsome mouincauons , to give time for which, he wished the postponement of ths bill to Jtfooday next, and that it be made the order for that day. Mr. Momll was opposed to the indefinite post nooement. and in favor of Dassins the bilL Mr. Macon was opposed to the bill, and stated a . . tra t al .. SV (us reasons at lengtn, tie consuiereu ine wucr - ingsof the rejular army as no greater than those of the peonlt at lanre, and that it would be un just to tax one dan to bestow on another. Tbe calamities of the times were common u au ; and each did as much as bis opportunity allowed, whether he was at home or in the field. Mr. Otis advocated the bill, and opposed the indefinite postponement; and whenbeconclu ed, at nearly 4 o'clock, Tha senate adjourned. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Fridav. Jan. 30. ' The speaker laid before the house a letter of the secretary of the navy, transmuting, in ooeui - ence to a resolution of the house, copies of proceedings of certain naval courss martial, by which capt Oliver II. Perry, and captain John Heath, ofthe marines, were tried. The message yesterday received, from the president ofthe United States, by Mr. J.J. Monroe, was read as follows : To the home of representatives ofthe United Slates. In compliance with a resolution of the boose of representatives, of the S2d ol Uecemoer last, requesting tuiormatioo relative to the imprisonment and detention in confinement, of Richard W. Meade, a citicen of the U. Slates I now transmit to the house a report from the secretary of state, containing the information requested. J AultiS AlUiVAUI.. Washington, Jan. S9, 1818. Department of state. The secretary of state, to whom was referred the resolution ofthe houe of representatives of the 23d of December last, requesting the presi dent to cause to be laid before tha bouse, any in formation be nuy be able to communicate, relative to the Imprisonment and detention in confinement of Richard W. Meade, a citizen of the United Mates, bas the honor ef submitting to the president the accompanying papers, received at the department on that subject i with a letter addressed to the minister of Spain, residing here, since the resolution ofthe bouse, and the answer received from him. JOHI QU1NCT ADAMS. MR. ADAMS TO MR. OJV1S. Don Luis de Onis, envoy extraord nary, and mi nister plenipotentiary, Irom Spain. Department of state, Washing - ton, 28th Dec 1817. $ SIR I am directed by the president of the United States, to invite your immediate attention, and to urge that of your government, to the case of Richard W. Meade, a citizen of the Uni ted States, who has been confined since the 3d of May, 1818, in the prison Santa cataiima, at ia - dis. ' It has been reDealedlv rweswUed to r government by the minister of the U. S. at Madrid, that the imprisonment of this person, was ilrr a sentence of tribunal at Cadis, condemning him to pay a second time, a sum of money, which, by virtue of a prior decree of the same tribunal, he had already paid into the royal treasury. This fact has never been denied or contested by your government It has been proved to them bv the attestations and certificates of their own officers. It was to have been presumed that, upon the first moment that such a fact was emphatically presented to your government, an order woult! instantly have issued from it tor the discharge of Mr Meade from his irnprisoment The Presidence regrets that after so many and such urgent representations in his behalf by the minister of the United States at Madrid, it should yet be necessary to address this call upon tbe most common principal of justice to you. I am instructed by him to sav, that in renewing this demand for Mr. Meade s immediate liberation, he confidently expects it will not be in vain. I nrav vou. sir. to accent the assurance of my very distinguished consideration. JOil.1 VI AUA.ilS. MR. OMS TO MR. A D 4 MS. tsanslatiojs The chevalier Don Luis de Onis, to tbe Secretary of State. SIR I received your note dated the 26th of this month, in which, by order of the ('resident, you communicate to me what appears to have taken place in Spain, in the case of a law - suit against Richard W. Meade, a citixen of these stales in order that I should make the necessary representations on this subject to the King my roaster, and solicit his release from confinement. In compliance with tbe wishes of the Presi dent, and yours, sir, I shall, with great plea sure, make this request in favor of Mr Meade, although I am not informed of the details of the suit instituted against him, nor of those which liave produced his confinement Confiding in the just intentions of the King, and his high consideration for the U. States I must hope that his Majesty will attend efficaciously to this request, and use bis suthority in having justice promptly done to Mr. Meade, that thelaws may be observed with the strict est impartiality, and no motive or pretext left to doubt ofthe immaculate (acendrada) purity which has ever been acknowledged as tbe par ticular attribute ofthe Spanish Magistracy. I renew my respects to you, sir, and pray God to preserve you many years. ufis ur. u.mj, Washington City, December 29, 1817'. On motion of Mr. Smith, of Md Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to cause to be laid before the House such information, as he may passes s, and which may be communicated w'iUtout in jur)' to the public interest) relative to the claims of tbe merchants of the United States, tor tneir property, seized and confiscated under the authority of ih e King of Naples. JfErP.ruiK ErLJtUiQ POST. MONDAY, FEBRUARY S. Extract of a letter from WaslaDgloo, dated January 29. " Tha bill which some time since passed the bouse of representatives, making provuka for indigent esldiers and officers of the revolutionary war, bas this day been under debate in Use se nate. Mr. King, of New - York, has just deliver ed an able and impressive speech. When he remarked on that part of the bill requiring proof of indigmct from the officers, he was very great Raisin; bis voice, and with a countenance glowing with aounatiom, be spoke of tha preud feel - icg of an officer of tbe rtrolalioa depreseil wiib 1 Mvtrtvthb emotions, if relieved by biewmtry, a an ad of its justice ; his gratitude, if relieved as an act of Its generosity; but his humility and depression, if bestowed upon hiatal aim, tutdhe be compelled to record bis potvty, in order to receive it 1 He looks, (said Mr. King,) to bis osuntry for generosity be can get alms from the villas police. His speech was a proud display of talent, com binsd with the purest eloquence and senatorial dignity. Mr. Barbour, of rirginia,' followed Mr. King, and opposed the whole bill, with force and eloquence. Judge Smith, of Carolina, is now speaking. . When I witness such a display of talents on the floor ofUgislation, I sometimes wish Ihtpf - ple tfttme littriett could be present and partici pate in the satisfaction, while they would con trast tha total unfitness, an jsjm ttufanccs. Of their own representatives n Fin! Daring the severe snow - storm of Sa turday night, a fire broke out in a beuse belong ing to Messrs. O. & R. Waite, situate near the new alms - house, known by the name of Bellevut Coffee - House, which was entirely consumed. From the .circumstance of the boose not being occupied, there is every reason to believe it was set on fire by an incendiary villain. From the Album Doilv Adrtrtittr of Friday. literary Munilictnct. We a few days since re ceived from a highly respectable correspondent, a number ol questions relative to tne amount oi monies which have been paid by this state, and the amount appropriated and yet to be raised, for the support of colleges and other seminaries of learning, and literary institutions. In reply to these questions, Mr. M'lntyre. tbe tomptroucr, nas o - bligingiy I untuned us wit n tne louowuig siaiemroi. We doubt whether anv other slate in the union has been as liberal as this, in tbe endowment of literary institutions. 1. What amount of monies have been paid from the state treasurv or state funds for the support of Colleges, and other seminaries of learning, exclu sive of common schools t Aimer. There has been paid out of the treasury to Union College jzaou And lands have been granted to that College, worth probably 40,000 Jt550 To Hamilton College, bonds and mort gages were issued to the amount ot To Columbia College, lands were gran 60,000 5,000 ted, worth ncrliaDS To this College has also been granted the botanic Garden in the city ot l. York, on condition that they remove the Collere to it. kc. cost 74VK8 73 To the College of Physicians and Sur geons in the western District, Donas and mortgages have been transferred to the amount of 10,000 204,643 75 Z. What is the amount authorised neretoloreand actually raised or to be hereafter raised by tone - ries. for the same purposes ? Jbuycer. There bas been already rais ed by Lottery, and paid to Union Lol - fere, to the amount of 580,000 And there is still to be raised 2X4,000 ratooo - There is to be raised for Hamilton Collere 56.800 For the College of Physicians and Surgeons in tbe city of New - York 42 XX) For the support of the Chemical and . . - . i o . i i - r I . I 4 Anatomical crnuoi iu r mi iiciu nw demy, as originally appropriated, but now it is presumed for the College of Physicians ft Surgeons, in the Western District 4.000 There la k ..i ! tam the Htoturica Society in the city of IS ew - York 12,000 ' 1130.400 Besides the above, there is a oermaoent annual appropriation or fJtV, payable out at the treasury to the Collere of Phvsicians and Sum - ons in Uhe city of New - York. ine academics have been principally endowed by individual benefactions, and by grants from the regents of the university. It is proper to observe that the above appropriations are independent of those made to the re gents of the university, which amount in stock, bonds and mortgages, ax. to about JbO.UOU. , 3. What was the amount raised or paid for the Botanic uaraen r Aiwtr. The amount raised and paid lor the botanic Uaraen was flights 75 4. What was the amount which the Banks were to pay ou the renewal of their charters ? Aiuwer. Some of the Banks obtained their char ters originally on coudition of their paying certain sums into me treasury tor tne Benem ot tne com mon school fund. It is believed that none have paid any money for the renewal of their charters o. What monies have been granted to the Literary and Philosophical Societies in New - York i Annter. None, except the X 12,000 mentioned above to be raised by Lotteries for tbe Historical society. 6. How much is the common school fund f Ameer. Tha fund amounts to about 1,000,000 Exclusive of about 80,000 acres land re maining unsold, worth . . 160,000 ' g 1,100,000 From the Washington Ciiy Gatttte of Jan. 29, We are informed that the mail which was no ticed in our paper of yesterday, as being lost near Cincinnati, Ufiio, was found tbe neat morn ing, and no part of it was injured in the least de gree, tve take pleasure m giving publicity to this fact From tin Albany Daily A deer titer of Jan. 20. Eunice Chapman A we predicted at the close of the last session of the legislature, the council of revision yesterday returned to tbe se nate the bdl entitled " An act for tbe relief ol Eunice Chapman, and for other purposes," with their objections. Werhope this subject is now put to re;t, and that the members will no longer be harassed by the pressing importunities of this fair and fascinating petitioner. 1 he following are the objections of the honor - abb) council to the bill aforesaid : 1. Because by tbe first section of the bill, the marriage contract between the said Eunice Chapman, and her husband James Chapman, is not only declared to be dissolved, but it is declared that nothing in the act contained shall be construed to give tbe said James Chapman a right to marry, daring the life time of the raid Eunice. The ground of this declaration, accord ing to the recital of the bill, is, that the said James Chapman hath deserted his wife, and joined the society called Shakers. The council do not b7 this objection, mean to maintain, that if a husband or wife deserts the other, and becomes a member of any religious sect which considers, and practically declares, matrimonial connections to be sinful, unlawful and void, it would not be competent to render such an act a sufficient cause for divorce s their objection to this section u, that the said James Chapman is by force ofthe act itself, and without the bene fit of a judicial examination and trial, either as to bis conduct or as to tbe practices of the Shakers, disqualified hereafter from exercising the natural right of contracting marriage, when under no existing marriage contract Z. Because by tbe second section of the bilL the chancellor is not only authorised to dissolve tbe marriage contract whenever any married person, being an inhabitant of this state, shall have joined the society of shakers, and remained with them for the term of three years: but it b also declared, that it shall not be lawful for the person so joining the shakers, after such dissolution of the marriage contract, to marry during the lifetime of the foraaer hnaband or wife ; tbe mere fact of joining the society of shakers, is thus made, not only cause of divorce,, but it is pttaiibad bj dw&bUity to Barry, without any previous judicial enquiry of decision respct to the acts er practices of thai raligwus sect, or any adjudication upon them a being inconsistent .iik tb tva mwtoM and an torment of that re ligious profession or worship, tscuredby the constitution. . . WisniHBTOX. Jan. 31. The tbllowins? intelligence, decisive ofthe fate cf the unfortunate Mina, is translated from Mr;. - .n CirtiM. received in this ci'T. From the Gaxelle Extramrdinmry of Mexico, of ffotembcr 1. 1817. Most Excellent Sir, It ia with the greatest pleasure I communicate to your Excellency that I have taken orisouer the traitor Mina, to gether with twenty - five of hisprincipal parti - 9 ... . . - v. 1 - t r zana, at tne post OI nenauiui, ajncrii"i5 w the plantation of FUehiquera, where he was ..Lr.nd with u men. Half of them were killed, as well a the rinsrleaner Moreno, whose head I caused to be brought to this place, where I have just arrived. I wiU send it tn Remral Don Pasdual Linan as soon as noasiblev and I now anticipate this informa tion to your Excellency, on account of its importance. God preserve your Excellency ma ny years. FRANCISCO ORRANTIA. His Excellency the Vice Boy Don Jusn Buiz de Apo laca. From Vera Cruz. November 7. 1817. Besides the capture of Mina, and the destruction of all his band, I have to communi cate to you another important event ; namely, that the ringleader Bergara bas just delivered himself up, with all his men, to the royal troops at f uente del Key, by availing himself j ot tne inuuiio puoiisiieu on mc occasion oi uic Queen having been , happily delivered of a . . . B l.i. - .V. . ' . i Princess. - Anecdote of General Jaektoruhi the battle of Pohopekn, an infant was found pressed to the bosom of its lifeless mother. This circumstance being made known to ren. Jackson, be became interested for tbe child, directed it to be brought to him, and sought to prevail on some of the Indian women to take care of it Tbey signified their unwUlingnete to do so, and that insomuch as all its relations bad fallen in battle, they would prefer killing it. The general after this disclosure determined that he would not entrust it with them, but become himself the protector aud guardian ol the child. Bestowing on the infant the name of Lincoir, he adopted it into his family, and has ever since manifested the liveliest seal towards it prompted by benevolence, and because its fate bore strong resemblance lo his own, who in early hie, and from tbe rava ges of war, was left in the world forlorn and wretched, without friends or near relations. FROM OVR CORRESPOXDEJfT. Botlon Erthange Coffee Bouit, Readtntk Afwi Room. Jan. 31. S No arrivals here this forenoon ; weather cold, and the harbor fast closing with ice. I have received ths following from my atten tive correspondent at Newport : "HEW ruu i , Jan. TJ. " From South - America. Arrived at this port this forenoon, the Viper. Peler A bom, of Provi dence, master, from Buenos Ayree, from whence she sailed on tha 6th December. No material occurrence in the affairs of the country had. ta ken place since the last accounts. Things re mained in tMfu eue. gome little skirmishing frequently took place on the frontiers, between the patriots and royalists, in which tne former were generally represented to be victorious. " I enclose you a hit of vessels left u the time the Viper tailed. M Left at Buenos Awes. Dec. 6. shio Globe. Harrison, of Baltimore, loading for N York ; brig Henry, MeLdron, of Hartford, to sail ia 8 or 8 weeks ; ship Orris, Pease, of N York, uncertain ; schr fatnot, Thompson, of Baltimore, do. ; ship Augustus, uaser, do. do.: ship Augustus, Oliver, of Ituadelphia. do. : shin Bordeaux. Chase. oi mora - , condemned; ship George - Washington, Yeardley, of Ihiladelphia, uncertain: schr. Ellen - Tooker, Pond, of N York, do.; brig Char lotte, Bartlett, of NTork, just arrived ; ship Manhattan, of Baltimore, do. ; schr. Jtfanlius, Young, of Baltimore, tailed from Monte Video 2 or 3 weeks previous ; schr. Highflyer, Coleman, do. ; the bris Hesper. Mason, of N York, was a - bout to sad from Monte Video i ship Diomcde, rage, of Salem, sailed for Bahia two weeks pre vious. Markets at Buenos Avres. verv dull. M The ships Packet from Boston, and Ider. from Gibraltar, arrived at Valparaiso about tbe zai iret. i ne ship Lion, Townsend, of Providence, arrived on the 20th. in 104 davs cassa?, The ship Bengal, of Philadelphia, arrived 2id vet. " John Hall. Esn. merchant of Boston, died at Buenos Ayres Nov. 30. - " Spoke, lat 37, loo. 73, schr. Cyrus, Russell, t rom my Holmes Hole correspondent HOLMES' HOLE, Jan. tf Arrived, schr. Risinc States. Yeati.l0dars from NYork for Lubec. tilth sloop Huron, Lamphier. 11 davs from Boston for NYork. Schooner Eunice, Bobbins. 19 dart from Care nenry, tizju. r ... . ' bng Exchange, Jenkins. 24 dan from St rierres, Martiniqueof and for Boston. 29th Sailed this mornmr. schr Rising Slates. I eats, I rom. i tore lor Lubec ; industry, Ham - moo, do. York. Arrived, ship Anne, Lincoln, 18 days frem Ha vana, lor tioclon. Brig Triton, Brown, for Salem, 80 days from Gottenburgh. Jan. 3, lat. 41, 56, long. 58, 50, spoke sbip Susan, of NYork. Left no American vessels at Gottenburgh. Schr Gov. Brooks, Lord, 23 days from St. Jago de Cuba, for Boston. Brig George, r arson!, of Boston. 39 davs from Cayenne. Schr Sarah - Ann, Lombard, 13 days from Sa vannah, for Boston. Jan. 25, off Loog - ltlaod. spoke ship Pekin, for Boston, 130 days from Tranquebar. Ship Pactolus, Oxoard, 107 days from Batavia. Yours, lie. J. HOOPER, Jun. We learn from a gentleman passenger In the brig - Randolph, 30 days from Martinique, which is ashore in Princess Bay, that her car go consisting of sugar and molasses, will be saved, and the brig in all probability will be got off without much injury. The brig and cargo is consigned to Robert Gillespie and Ez ra Weston & Son, of Duxbury, (Mass.) She is commanded by IL Arnold, her late captain (Hunley) having died on the passage of a fe. ver, which he was seized with 10 days after be sailed from Martinique. Spoke about 20th Jan. in about lat 56, long 74, sbip Fairfield, of Alexandria, from Hamburgh bound to New - York, then out 60 days. Left sch. Margaret, Patton, for Wilmington s Mary - Jane, Davis, for Boston ; Charles k John, Trotway, for do. Passengers, capt J. Smith, of Duxbury, and Mr. John Williams, of Wilmington, (N.C.) MAKrUED, On the 25th Jaaaarv. at Danbarv. Con. Mr. iwwu uiic. vi uiu 01 vnuvra m rr niie. New - York, to Miss Mary M. Wildman, of the former place. D A n tAL.:, - r .1 a 4 - 1 - 1.1 - 11 - - . DIED, Last eveninr Mr. John HertelL ased 80. H died as he lived a christian in peace with God sou mae. ine ineads ot toe deceased and of uitoBTooau Hertetl, ud ton in - law Henry TT is Lavrryt together with the Cofffjegation of Unj. ted Ciiistiaa Friends are invited to attend his (serai tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock precise', ly from SI Oliver - st r N. B All the officers con. ceded with the Custom - Houie are invited to EVEJfUfO POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, - NO ARRIVALS THIS FORENOOJf. . ARRIVED LAST EVENING. Brig Harmony, Forbes, 14 days from St Ma. : ry's, with timber, to James Forbes. Met, go. ing into St. Mary's, sen. Col. Lowry, 14 hours from Savannah. The sbip Conv Rodgtrs was to sail for N York in 10 days. Sloop Boston, Wood, 21 hours from N. Bed. ford, with fish, oil and candles, to Fish and. GririhelL and the master. Sloop Susan, Ward, 8 hours from N. Haven, with gin, flaxseed and beef, to Fitch Goodwin & Co. Mulibrd ti Leffing - well, and others. THEATRE; The public is respectfully informed, tkjftf,.' Incledon is engaged for a fow mghts previous to hii departure for Charleston. On MONDAY EVENING, Feb. o Will be presented, (for the lsTtime in thi, rj, - tre) the opera of THE LORD OF THE MANOR. Rashley, Mr. IncUdoa To which will be added, tie melodrama of LOWI.VA OF TOBOLSKOIj Or, THE FATAL SNOfV - STORM. ' NOTICE. . fj - The copartnership existing betweea W8 - liam Ross and John E. Ross, ofthe City of New - York, Coarbmaker's, is this day dissolved by mutual consent Jan. 31, 1818. feb 2 lw WILLIAM ROSS. fj The assignees of tbe e&tate of Mrs Sidney Hewitt, (in order to give time for all her creditors to come in and participate in the funds provided for tliem.) do hereby extend the time of rendering their accounts to Mr. Blake, at No 3 Law Buildings, until the 1st of March ensuing Feb 2 Ion WASBISCTOir BBUKVOLKHTllOCIKTT, ELECTION. fjr An election of officers of this society wiU take place at Harmony Hall, on Wednesday trs - ning, the 4th instant at five o'clock precisely. Immediately after the election THE REGULAR MEETING of the society will be opened and the committee of arrangements for celebrating the birth of our illustrious Washington, will make their report AN TH'Y WOODWARD, Sec'ry. fob 2 3t BUSBY'S WATER WHEEL. 07" The public are respectfully informed that the patent water wheel invented by the subscriber is now fixed, and ii in action on board the gleam Boat M York." Tbe York has beretofote been a slower boat than the Jkrsxv, working oa the same ferry. On Wednesday last the two boats started side by side from l'owles Hook (having the committee of Directors on board) and crossed the Hudson together, when the Yotk arrived first in the slip on ibis side. This wheel lifts ao back - water, and has been working several days among the ice, which is trundled beneath tbe ring, aod mashed by the perpendicular peddjf. The wheel is left opea for tbe intpectica of the public, who are requested to consider it al ifint erpeiiment establishing n tew principle, ia tbe practical construction of which (Jt cJl other new inrentiont) iaiprorerasuU are cotrtessplated. C. A. BUSBY, feb21w 2 Law Buildings. CO - PARTW ERSHlPT - (ftT AUSTIN & ANDREWS having fakea Gad Taylor into partnership, the business will be transacted under the firm of Austin, Andrews Co. AUSTIN it ANDREWS, GAD TAYLOR. v feb 2 lw - . NOTICE. 07" A meeting is requested on Wedneatar eveuing, the 4th instant, at 7 o'clock, at Tammany - Hall, of all persons having claims for money, deposited in the District Coert, ofthu late District of New - York, and of tbe present south ern District of New - York, to consider meatares proper lo be adopted, for a reimbursement, du ring tne present session ot congress. eo z eiT rr - The annual meetinz cf the 1'ro tost sal Episcopal Tract Society, will be held in tha vestry - room of Trinity Church on Tuesday evening, 3d iost at 7 o'clock. The attendance of, members, and of all persons frieodlr to the eb ' jects ofthe mstitutjM, is respectfully requested. W. CRE1GHTON, ; Feb 2 2f Recording Secretary. fcT - Ticket No. 25.493 came ud the tint drawn number this morning, and entitled to a prise of 5000 Dollars, in tbe Medical Science! Lottery No. 4. The fortunate ticket was sold a few days since at ALLEN S' Truly Lucky Of fice, No. 122 Broadway, to a merchant in Pearl - street It it not necessary to mention that the gold is ready, as it is well knowa that all prises soia at uie Lucay uoce wiu be paid on pretest - - ment, as was the great prise of 100,000, and wueie man prooaouiiy, ine iu,uuu dollar pnss which is to be drawn next Monday, and the rrand capital prize of 30,000 dollars, which will be drawn next Monday week, will also be told and paid. fcbt NOTICE. PUBLIC notice is hereby given, that the subscribers intend to apply to the letritlature of tbe state of New - York, at their present session, for an act of incorporation, incorporating them ' and their associates by tbe name and sty le of the) " ULSTER GLASS COMPANY," withaca - pital of one hundred thousand dollars, for the purpose of manufacturing glass, in the town of Wood stock, Ulster county. LLfJAL HULMbtf, , ; O. B. ABEEL, ' JARED PECK, feb 2d1wtaw5w MECHANIC HALL. It 1R. STANISLAS, ever wishful to rratifv a lVX liberal public, bas devoted some time h ' brinsine forward for those eveoines. one of tbe greatest pieces of human invention ever presented before an enlightened audience, called the Tent - r pie of Mars. This astonishing and incomprehensible piece of mechanism, at the command ofthe exhibitor opens its doors and displays in the back ground the bust ofthe illustrious Washington v the temple changes and discovers the Goddess of Liberty and Fame descending from tbe cloads with a wreath of laurels, and placing it oa bar bead, displaying the motto " Homage to the Immortal Washington,' For further particulars sea bills of tbe day. Feb lw THE AI.RlVt'sa THE exhibition of this interesting female will, in future, be on every Monday and Friday aunng me wee a, at me siiy notei. Admission 50 cents : tickets to ba bad at the bar. feb 2 10t FOR NEW - ORLEANS, The brig MART ANN, 175 tons, tubstantial fast sailing vessel, one year old ; wiU sail on Sunday next For freight or passage, apply to ; n . UUUUUliL S IAS. - Feb 2 44 South - st For MATANZAS, (Cuba.) Tbe brig Caroline, G. Munro, matter, will take what freight nuy offer this week - For terms apply to JAMES DWOLF. Jun. 57 Front - street For FREIGTTT or CAARTER, The brig SIDNEY UKisn - i ""rr ilthen lSfi tons, a ataunch Ctod vessel. lately repaired. Apply as above. feb t M 0 LASSES & COFFEE - W bhds. Hava na Molasses new crop . - 24 bbds. do cocee Landing at Old - slip from Bng Caroline, V M for sale by JAMES D'wuLr, feb 2 57 Front - street, v

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