The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 13, 1944 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1944
Page 20
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MAOON Thursday, J»\L IS, 1914 CITf GLOBE-GAZETTE ASKS FOR MORE W1LLKIE PINS SoutK Pacific Soldier's Request Is Puzzler Moatrlalr. N. J., OJPJ--The parents of Marine Pvt Edward Myer- MB. Mf¥f. r 500 more Willkie button* to tend their son in the South : Pacific, said Wednesday they were "going crazy" trying te find out what be did with them.- · · · "He can't be wearing jthem," Joseph J. Meyerson, the father said, "and I'm sure he wouldn't specify Willkie buttons to use as tiddleywinks or poker chips. We're going crazy." : The lieyerson's filled their son's first order for 500 of the 1940 t End Tlun. "OKLAHOMA Kn»"V "*HI DCTIL WITH HITLER" I FMPAT - 8ATPKPAY HUMPHKEY BOGAKT IRENE MANNING "BIG SHOT" J*-Hft ROY ROGERS "MAN PROM . ' · . ' MUSIC MOUNTAIN" ·Kinr 'of the MoanUesV PALACE t END FRIDAY OUK MAVT v f . CMEMY AGENTS! "Glrl'-From Monterey" Armlda - Edgar Kennedy · Bargain Prices '· ''· Mat. 21c - Eve.'3«c - Plos v Tax Start Sat. "AERIAL GUNNER". · Chester Morris "THE HEATS ON" Victor Moore f Xivfer Cncat and Band Willkie campaign buttons last November and later Me'yerson explained in a letter why he. wanted them. But the censor delated : the explanation. In another letter, Pyt/.Meyer- so'n, unaware of the censor's action, said: - . - t . 'We are having quiti a tune with them (the buttons.) ^''suppose you have my letter"' explaining why I wanted them, arid'riow you are glad the suspense is broken." Then he asked for Sfl^rnbre. The father, who said the first plea brought "all kinds, of buttons, Landon, Al Smith, Roosevelt--even Taft," last week", received a letter from Navy Secretary Frank Knox explaining that the secretary had no way vt knowing what had been deleted by .the censor. . . ."···· .;»- WIL|, HOLD CONTEST Cresco .-- The : pri-liminary "declamatory contest, of Cresco high school will be held Friday and the district contest on Friday; Jan. 28. ICECREAM SPECIALS Friday - Saturday Hand Packed, Quarts I . . . Hand Packed, Pint* Machine Packed, Quarts Machine Packed, Pints 49c 24c 34c 15c SEE THESE BIG HITS FOR LOW PRICES Home Cooked Luncheons Every Noon V Except Sunday FREDA'S Ice Cream Shop 217 No. Federal / STATE THUS S. - FRI. James Jane Ket -f ij n 'til ELLLSON" WTA1T TATLOK ·'·'*' 6 DANCE These Strenuous Days Demaryp Enlivening Entertainment Dance and Stay -Tonne EARL HUNTS"FRI. DON STRICKLAND SAT. and SUN; - "'· · RIDE THE- BCS : j* LATE 'BUS ArrW DANCE EVERY WED. - FKL - SAT.-- SUN, Scandinavian 'Accordion; Band FrL--Don Erickson Sat. 4 Sun. A - REAL - FUN - SHOW NOW PLAYING! A · Sort - c«re - for - Uir - Blin ITS - JUST - TOO - GOOD - TO - MISS! 20,000 Swine Are Unsold RECEIPTS BIG DESPITE PLEA Packers Have Half of Total on Direct^BiUing CUeaco, (/P--Despite earlier, warnings to .curtail/ shipments receipts of 'hogs totaled 22,000 bead Thursday,- and-about 20,000 · were expected to go unsold overnight. v ed steers and. yearlings were 25 ents , lower 'in uneven trade. Lambs were active-.'arid 30 cents p/ . . . . - · . ' ' i ' .'" '---'·'-' ·; ,r Packers ^had 'half .of .the total arrivals of hogs on direct-billings, and, with 2 or 3' days slaughter equirement on hand were uh- ble to handle the 11,000. salable' plus the 17,000 head of farmer iwned hogs, held over from Wednesday and another, large:' hold- iver was in view. '(Weight from. !00 to 300 pounds brought the top rf $13.75, but buyers were active :h the lighter weights which howed gams of 25 cents,' good and choice 170-190 pounders bringing $12.25 to $13, with some choice 195..pound weights ,up : to 113.25. Sows and heavy v/eights made gains of 10 cents. '.' J \ (·WFA)--Salable -hogs 11,000; ;otal 22,000; slow/steady on 200- OO^lbs.iat $13.75 the top; weights under 200 Ibs. fairly active on order buyer account and strong to mostly 25c higher; weights over 300:'lbs. and sows, steady to lOc ligher; good and choice 170-190 Ibs. $12.2a-§13; choice 1 195 Ibs. to SI3.25 on shipper account; 150-170 Ibs. S11.50-12.50J-310-340 Ib. heavies 512.60-913; .good and choice 300-550' Ib. sows. ?11.85-12.15; estimated 20,000 unsold: . j Salable cattle 5,000; salable calves 800; fed steerfe and yearlings steady to 2DC lower; very uneven; in general good and mere choice kind showed most decline; strictly choice kind absent; bulk $13-15.50; best yearlings S16;Iew loads choice weighty steers held around 516.50; only strictly finished choice : to prime steers steady to weak; .all other 25c or more lower; heifers - steady Thursday; bulk '$11.50-14.50; .best §15.50; cows steady to weak; bulls slow steady; vealers firm at 515 down; practical top weighty sausage bulls $11.50; outstanding o f f e r i n g s $11.65, light offerings $8-S.50; cutter cows $7.50 down; most beef cows $8-10.50 with strictly 'good offerings to $12.50 however; stock cattle slow. · · · · ' . . - ' ; Salable sheep 8,000;. total 10,)00; lambs active,, strong to. lOc higher; bulk good and choice/fed., wobled \yestern lambs $15.50^,; 15.60 to packers arid shippers, few ( ! strictly- good and^' choice Jambs' iield slightly higher;, native lambs $15.50 down; deck medium to good wooled Jambs $14.50; sheep strong, load good and choice, mostly good, grade-fed western ewes $8, cull, ewes down to $6. , -^ ; Midwest Uvestock Trend Good Butchers 1*0-150 Ibs. ISO-ISO Ibs. 160-170 Ibs. 170-180 Ibs UO-200 UK. 200-220 lb£. . 220-240 Ibs. 2+0-2*0 Ib*. (THURSDAY'S PRICES) Albert Lea Minn. Stead; ... *9.80 .f, JIO.T'J Austin, Minn. Study * 9.t» S10.W 3SO-330 Ibs. 330-360 Ib _s Good Packing Sows 270-300 Ibs. . 300-330 .IBs 333-360 Ib*. 350-403 IDS. S13.40 S13.40 »!3.40 113.40 S13.40 S12.7S .S1I\50 SU.50 SI 1.50 Sll.0 Sfl.M S11.20 ·S11.10 $12.20 $13.40 513.10 S13.40 S13.40 M3.40. *12,»0 S12.00 $11.70 S11.70 SI I.JO S11.70 Sll-.W Waterloo Stud: $11.50 $12.00 $12.70 *3.*5 113.45 SI 3.45 S13.45 513.45 S13.00 SI 2.SO S11.73 S11.7 S11.7 S11.63 SllJS til A: Steady ·ll.OO 111.40 IfltW J13.15 J114S 113.45 113.15 M2.JO 113.70 511.M JH.60 (It.60 .$11.40 911.30 UNDERTONE OF WHEAT WEAK Prices Slump to More Than a Cent ·\ Chieaco, «P}---Wheat developed a distinctly weak undertbne.Thurs- da'y, : slumping more than a cent to the lowest levels since ceilings were placed over the grain Liquidation was - scattered and not pressing,. but the' lacked buying orders and declining tendencies persisted throughout the session. Other grams were down with the bread cereal, rye dropping about 2 cents at times. At the close wheat was 1 tp.1% lower, May 51.71,'oats were off % to %, May 78%, rye was down 1% to 1%, May $ $1.31, and barley was % to % lower, May $1.21%. __ CHICAGO CASH GKAIN (Tbarsd.y 3Iirket) Chicaro. (PJ--Cash wheat, none. Corn. No. 4 yellow 31.11'.'.; No. 5 ycllo-.i S10 Oats, No. 2 mixed'83'Ac. Barley, malting lJ34jl.44',i nominal; feed $'1.18Q!1.221b nominal. Soybeans. No. 1 yellow 51.90. . - Field seed per CWT: Timothy $5.75® 6 nominal: red top $14@15 nominal: red clover $31.50 nominal;.sweet clover §10.50 Mason City Grain MASON CITY^For Thursday. f a . 2 white oa:s . . :.' .70c 'o. 2 shelled com' (15^i% . moisture) t. . S1-02 Vo. 2 ear corn (15^2% moisture) .98c Vp. 2 "soybeans .51.80 Barley . . . . . : . . . . 75c-Sl 140-150 S 8.90 150-1SJ S 950 160-170 SIO^O- 170-1BU S11-9Q 180-200 S12.90 200-220 S 13.40 220-240 313.411 240-270 $13.40 270-300 I3.40 Local Livestock BOGS V J1ASON CITY--For Thursday Steady. . . Good light Limits Good light lights . . . ; . . . Good light lighU Good light lights ·.*. Good light lights : 3ood light tights 5ood med. wt. butchers Good' med -.wt_ butchers Good med.- wt. butchers : Good med. wt. butchers .. 300-330 S13.0U Good med. wt. butchers .. 330-360 S12.75 Good packing sows ....... 270-300 S11.70 Good sows 300-330 $11.70 Good sows 330-360 $11.70 Good'sows ... 360-400 SI1.70 Good sows .'.... 400-450 S11.60 Gocd'sows '.. 450-500511^0 Dne'to excesslre mn «l hgc, please. · call the pUnt be(»re deUverlox maj h« f5 . JACOB E. DECKEK * SONS. ' CATTLE .-. SIASON CtTY--For Thursday Choice steers-ana hellers ..l $14.03-15.00 Good steers and heifeis ... SI2.50-13.50 Med. - steers and heifers ...-StO.OOrll.50 Com. steers and. heifers ... ' ' ' " Cows; dry" fed Conu'cows ; Butcher bulls Bologna bulls Bologna bulls, light Cutters -^ Canhers. beavy ...-. ..i. Canners. light s 4.00- 5.00 Fancy select' calves WHEAT-May u!y ..... ept . ATS- Tay uly ept. .» YE-May ..... uly .ARLEY-May .· ulv ept ...... . QKBlati«QS lornished by W«lf Bran.. Int.,, :»* Fifth Street Soatkivesl Eloreetiides . ..... ......... 3600 'GREEN BEEF HIDES Bull hides ............. '..'... ..... ... 8c From 15 Ibs. up ............. ....... lie Torn 15 )bs. doxvn ................ I2c ·Cured hides Ic a Ib. higher. Also Ic a b." hichcr" for green hides lo wholesale dealers in: wholesale quantities. - . S. 8.0 J. S'XSV- 9.00 . S 730- 8.00 . $ 9.00-10.00 .. 53.00- 9.00 . S 7.00- 8.00 . » 6.00- 7.00 $ 5.00- 6.00 . _ _ - 312.00-13.00 Calves, gd. to choice. 130-190 SI1.00-12.0O Calves, fair to good : .: 130-190 S 9.00-10.00 Calves, common to {air S 730- 8.50 Calves, cull . $ 4.00 d'w ' SHECP MASON CITY--For Thursday Genuine sp. lambs.,.go. to en. S12.75-13.75 Gen. sp. Umbs. oned. to good-Sll.75-1X50 Fed ewes, good to choice Common ' S 5.00- 5.50 S 1.00-2.00 Claim F.R. Drafted Legislcitive Plan With 4th^enn in Muid : Washiiiglon, harp claims that President 1 Roosevelt drafted his new legislative program with .a 4th term- in mind were raised in republican ranks Wednesday amid signs of mounting political acrimony in congressional debate From House Republican Leader Martin of Massachusetts came' the assertion that "never for a moment" did the chief executive's annual state of the union outline "forget that there is an election : ahead." · . The democratic leader, Representative McCormack of Massachusetts, however, hailed it as "a fighting message -from a Eghtin; president." LOGAN WILL SPEAK x Allison--A joint meeting of-thc_ American Legion arid Auxiliary will be held at the hall here Jan 19, starting with a pot luck suppei at 7:30 p. m. A' business ^meeting will be followed by a 'dacce. Dis trict and departmental officer will be present. Principal speake will be Charles R. Logan, depart ment commander. FAVORED STOCK ISSUES GAIN Market Leaders Are '· Generally Apathetic New York, (JP--Assorted stoct favontes managed to edge" into higher brackets Thursday although market leaders 'generally operated somewhat apathetically at moderately lower levels The lo ing ranks became well populated after a slightly uneven opening Declines, running to a point' or more at the worst; were i educed in many cases near the close Blocks of 10^000 to 15,000 shares of - United Gas Improvement, off Ya at 2%, helped volume which otherwise was rather slack. Transfers' approximated 700,000 shares. Delaware and Hudson was one of the few stocks to touch a new 1943-44 peak."- Intermittent support xyas accorded Deere, International Nickel,'_ Santa Fe, Nickel Plate Preferred, North American and OwnsrlUinois. Steels, Rails Utilities, Motors, Coppers anc Rubbers -followed a sum grove Soft spots included -Allied Chemical, Dow Chemical,\Texas Co., arid Johns-Manville. Bonds-were relatively steady. Produce · · (Merchant Quotations) (Cashi Quotations by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY--For ^Thursday Eggs, current receipts- , .28c Springs, heavy breeds 24c Leghorn springs, 2 Ibs. over 21c Heavy hens 21c Hens, under 4 Ibs 18c CHICAGO GEA1N CI.OSE - Thiirs4ay. Market) High :· l.73i'. 1.70 -Low 1-70=1 1.68ft 1.67=1 1.673.'i 1.31*1 1.3114 1.3 J;i ' 1.19H Hides .Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (Thursday Market) Cb!cji», ( J 5j-_(W. F. A.)--Potatoes, arrivals 66; on u. S. shipments 912; supplies light: for good qual- ty stock demand seed.' market firm; or fair quality stock demand slow, mar:et dull; Idaho Russet Burbanks U. s.- v'o. 1. S3.40; Colorado Red McClures U. S. No. 1. 13.42; Wyoming Bliss Triumphs !. S. No. 1. S3.«: Minnesota and North ahota Bliss -Triumphs Commercials I2.85Q2.90: Cobblers Commercials -S2 50- ilichigan Russet Rurals U. S. No. 1. S2 60- norida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No I S2.50B2.70 per SO Ib. sack, »2.B3 per bushel basket Stacrrille-- Mr. and Mrs. Ott mer Weber and lamilyx m*ed their household goods'to Greene Sunday, where Mrs. Weber and children will live with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Sylvester, forithe duration. Mr. Weber will be inducted into service. 2ocks, hea^'y .. 17c Cocks, Leghorns...... loc All-No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Eggs, at;retail Butter,"Iowa State Brand. Butter, Corn Country Butter, Brookfield ... . Butter, Decker's lowana 36c 49c -48c .49c -40c ·OA90 AMP R6bM ·v GCNI AHERN · u , XT. S.ARMV PEAR, sosBoy \ws-s4aws I iauswA AST' ID SIKCJANALIZED.. AVEBS rr WOOE) HELf?. S£E*B. LIKE- I-HAUE'TVO-SlDGS..TWE S4RgE KEEPS ^ YOUR. SOM' RS.BUT THE F.R. OFFERS HIGHWAY PLAN Would Use Facilities^ . Manpower After Wat* Washington, (/P)--P r e s i d e n t Ropsey el t submitted to congress Wednesday^ a proposal for .development of a national'highway system of 'approximately 34,000 miles to provide a network of modem roads "essential to the future economic welfare'and defense of the nation." It was estimated the program would'cost $750,000,000 annually, "over a reasonable period of' years ** , /"The chief executive transmitted to thtf legislators a-report by a national inter-regional highway committee \\hich he appointed in April; 1941, v to look into the need for ^a limited system of national highways and the possibility of using manpower,arid industrial capacity which"will be available at the end of the war "The report recommends," he in,formed congress, "the designation and improvement to high standards of a national system of rural and urban highways totaling approximately 34,000 miles and in-^ ter-connecting ihe principal geoi graphic regions of the country." Mr» Roosevelt did not say bow much of the 34,000 miles represented new construction and how much represented improvement of existing roads He did assert that the system follows, in general, the routes of exisfcng federal-aid highways. Nor did the president say whether both federal and state governments would be expected; to'share the cost^of-.the highway-system. But he said the exepnditures would be divided about equally between urban and rural roads /· The chief executive said early action by congress in. authorizing joint designation by the f eueral and state governments of .a national system of inter-regipnal highways was:desirable so as to facilitate acquisition of :land,' the drafting of detailed plans, and other preliminary work. Charge Rock Crusher Mtoufkcturers With CRYPIOQTJOTE--A cryptefrxm quotation Y H O B R I O .B'TF.F s j j p I A Y T O T U S i s v Z L M L S E L V t p N L S r V 'O" U -- A T F O U S.,* Yesterdays CrjpttHiuotc: THE jOLD ORDEK TOELI«NG^PUACE TO 'NEW--TiaiNYSON · .CHANGETH, \ CHICAGO POtLTKY (Thor^diy Market) hirac*. \f^--Pouitrj'. live, firm cars, 20 trucics; market unchanged. CHICAGO 'N ' -' (Tbnrstar Market) Chicago. .«*i--Butter, firm; receipts 452,780: market unchanged. -- · E £?£. receipts 11,538; top grades unsettled: · current receipts. · firm"; market unchanged. · . . ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS (Tbarsfer Market) Cbicat'. (.5V-(W. F. A.)--Officially estimated salable livestock receipts for Friday: 000. Hogs 7,000; cattle l'.EOO; sheep 5,- FlyingrFortress Goes Upside Down to. Allow \ Crew to Use 'Chutes Baton Rouse, La., (iPy--T wo men were killed in the crash o£ a flying fortress .whose pilot and co-pilot flew, the damaged ship ; upside to' allow most o f ' t h e crew to parachute to safety. Harding field authorities said GET AN ALMANAC AND GET A GOOD ONE . Uncle Sam's Ahnariac. '44 is made mostly from "go vein merit material and its conterits can be depended upon.' It tells about 'the sun. moon, stars and the weather. It lists the governors of the states, the presidents, and gives the name and address of every member of congress. Here is an almanac that gives the right answers. Your copy is being held for you. Send for it today. Only 15 cents ..including postage. --Use^ This Coupon-The Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau. Frederic 3. Haskiri, Director, Washington, U. C. ' I inclose herewith 15 cents in coin (carefully wrapped in paper) for a copy of Uncle Sam's Almanac, 1944. ·' the ship had its entire tail assembly torn away in a collision with anojher. plane. .The second ship, landed safely. _ v ·- ' : , The officers said the crippled ship fleiy in the upside-down position for several minutes before coming to earth in a crash landing in a.muddy cotton patch near the field; · - . - ' : -".'· A. The dead were identified-'.by Harding field authorities as Sgt. J. V; .Ranz, tail gunner.; son of D: C. Ranz a (6846 Morril'ave.)" Lincoln, Nebr... and Sgt. T. .T. Thornton, son of. Mrs. Ann Thornton Troy, N. Y.' - " , _ v , ; N House Conjmittee Puts Finishing Touches on Mustering Out Pay- , Washington, W.·--"The' house military ; committee Wednesday put the finishing touches onlegis-. ation .to give men v and women lonorably discharged from the armed forces a maximum of S300 in mustering-but pay. : . Only a "few technical. changes remained to be made in a bill approved .by the committee late- Tuesday before clearance for house action Thursday - or .Friday. Finishing a task it started more than a. month ago, the committee voted to make the ?300 payable to anyone hot over . the.' rank, of captain who is honorably discharged after.rhaving served more than 60 days. Those with'less than 60 days service ." would receive $100, payable in one Jum,upon discharge." ,Veterans eligible-^or the full 'amount -would receive $100' upon dischafge.'SlOO. 30 days later, and S100 60 days after discharge; ' ·;'··.";.' '...-: '; The amounts .would be payable regardless of whether the veteran served abroad or in this couttry. Excluded, in addition - ,'to': - those with 3 hase pay of; more than 2,400 (captains)v would-be students, persons -w_ho were discharged at their own request to accept jobs, arid persons not discharged honorably. - Giil3, Killed by , Taxi From Which She Had Just Alighted . * - "^ - . - . : Perry, (JF)-- Nancy. Lee' Stevens, 3, was killed Tuesday night'when struck by a taxi 1 from which she had just alighted at 1 her grandfather's, home. ' - , ' Coroner L. H. Deford said the girl, ^daughter bf Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stevens-of Des Moines, ran fa front of the'taxi while baggage-was being unloaded and was .hit as it started away. . . He said the driver. A. Miller^ told^him he'did nofsee the girl. She and her grandfather, O - W Stevens, had just "arrived at the house in Uie .cab .and the girl began- playing while the baggage was .being rembveo'. Her skull was fractured. , Suppressing^ompetitiwi ' '··· . · " v ' .·'. .'.. \ · ' ' : · : '. Washington, (/PH-Seven manufacturers. and upwards of 300 distributors of rock- crushing and other heavy construction, ma-. chinery were prohibited by the federal trade .commission "from maintaining or continuing" \yhat the commission described- as -a conspiracy that has suppressed competition., . .;""· Those .against whom the "order was directed included the/ Rock Crusher Manufacturers associa-;. tiorJTbf Cedar" Rapids, iIowaV r arid the Associated Equipment Distributors of "Washington, D..C. · The FTC said members of the Rock Crushers Manufacturing as^ : sociatipn included the Iowa Man r .-" ufacturing Co., Universal Crusher -Co., and Universal ^Engineering Co., all of Cedar Rapids. At Cedar Rapids, A. V/. ; Daniels, whom the FTC named as secretary of the 'Rock Crusher Manufacturers association, said Tuesday night that the association ceased to exist several years ago. He said- the .group was a carryi over from NRA days and' that it had been formed to set up standards and improve practices. The FTC, in its order,' contended the respondents hafl. made agreements which "resulted . in increased prices to-;. buyers ''of. rock-crushing 'machinery." .SU Ansear--Robert .Rose], son: of Mr. and Mrs. Wiimer Rosel, .-is spending a 15 day leave at the home of his parents. He has finished his boot training at^ Farragut, Idaho, and will return to that place to report at the end of his leave. . · · ' " ' ; · Name Street or Rural Route Madonna Kuiiz, Osage, Named to Ndrse Corps Washington. (/P)--Appointment of 11 Iowa women as second lieutenants in the army nurse corps was announced Wednesday by the war department They, included Madonna Kurtz, Osage. New York Publishers OpposeRan; for U. S, Owned Paper Stockpile New York. (XPj--The-Publishers association of New York City opposes the %v'ar production board's plan for a government- owned stockpile' of newsprint paper on the grounds that it is impracticable and that "it would be unwise thus to open trie door for the substitution of judgment of government officials for that of newspaper "publishers." PLAN !· NEW PLANTS The U. S. army publication. Stars and Stripes, now prints the j state largest number of pages of. any 1 " '" %,' newspaper in England. 1 (Mail to Washinifoti. D. Cilv ' " | Jersey City. X. Tj. U.I · f Dry Ginger Ale, Inc., U.R\--Canada LEGAL NOTICES; NOTICE or IBE ATPOISTMEST, or ADHINISTKATKIX STATE or JOWA. Orro Gordo Coun'.y. fs. No. SOSO. - ,'· '-., - V -. . " Noticcils hereby gi\-en. that the under- : signed has been duly-: appointed ind irDaiified as Administratrix of' the L estate cf Guadalupe C.- Garcia, Jeceascd, late of Cerro' GorSo County. All. persons Indebted, to "said 'estate, are 'requested .to make iTrimedialCilpayzaeDt; and those-hav- inff claims afalnst-the same wlllppre-. sent them, -duly-.- muthenticated.- .to the undersigned ~ for allowance, and - file in' the of (icei-of -the'Clerl; of tne District Court. * ' .. -'. ' , L - .MATILDA-GARCIA: Administratrix. BERNARD R. DUNN, Attorney Dated Jan'uar}- 5th. 1944. S. H. JIacPEAK. Cerfc. District Court By MABGABET RILEY. Deputy. ·NOTICE* OF THE APPOINTMENT Or - EXECITIBIX STATE OF IOWA. CERRO . GOHDO COUNTY, ss. No. C06C. . . i ' Notice is hereby given, that the uruier- stgned hss been, duly appointed and] qualified as Executrix of the .estate of W. H. . Dodd, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. ATA persons . indebted to said estate are requested to. 'retake Im- ] mediate . payment; and those having claims against: the same will - present | them, duly authenticated. :to the undersigned for allowance; and flic' In the cf- lice of the Clerk of the District Court. AtJCE SI.- DODD. Executrix. L. R. BOOMHOVTER, Atorncy. Dated January llth. -1944. . S.-H. MacPEAK. Cterk District Court. By MARGARET {ULEY, Deputy. NOTICE oK THE C ) plans construction of 10 netv plants in this country as soon as 'equipment and materials are available, according to R. W. Moore, .or ,. STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ??. No. *OW. · · . : Notice 1« beVeby (S\-en, that the undersigned has been .duly appointed and qualified as Executrix of. the estate of Martin Johnscn; Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. AH persons indebted to said estate are requested -to make immediate ^payment: and those havint claims against the same will present them. duty authenticated, to the imderslfmefl for allowance, snd tile In the office o* the Clerk of tXe District Court. BELLE A. CARROLL, Executrix BERNARD II. M3NM. Attome- Dated Janu»rr 1*4. DISPERSION SALE OF at the Fred Eilers farm in the east* part of town ' , in" Rockwell, on ' · ' '* Jan. 2O SALE TO START PKOMFTLY AT 1 O'CLOCK F. M. 26 -- HEAD OF HOLSTE1NS -- 26 1--PUREBRED HOLSTEIN COW. Registered. Nine yean old, : e»ming fresh. 1--PUREBRED HOLSTEIN HEIFER. Calf by side. 11--HOLSTEIN COWS. rWilkinr. 6--HOLSTEIN HEIFERS. One year old. ·--HOLSTEIN HEIFERS. Fall Olives. , T--PUREBRED HOLSTEIN BULL. One year old. ; FOUR STEERS \ ONE HEIFER 2 White Face Steers Z Roan Steers, wt. about «5* Ibs. .1 Whit* Shorthorn Heifer, wt. aboat 65« Ibs. .' -FARM MACHINERY, ETC. ' V I MeCoradek-Dcerinc Power Binder, l«-ft, practically new; 1 Steel Ler«r One, fow section; 1 two single raH Milking Machine, MeCoraiek-Deerinc, »-lb. Paib; 1 set of Back-pad Harness; 1 CmW-*»cker, IS-fl, almost new; 1 Bean Binder, 3-a, with take-off; 2 Pr»idtr Howes, SxU ft. SOT'S BICTCLE, WITH NEW BALLOON TIRES TERMS: Cash, or Make Arrangements wtth Clerk Before Date · of Sale. No Property lo Be Removed Until Settled for. FRED EILERS On Bkyte*, A«et -- U-Med of Xaooa City, Clerk \K I

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