Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 28, 1934 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 28, 1934
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MARCH 28 ·§ 1934 c a ·7 Mason City'i Calendar IS THERE OVERPRODUCTION OF 93 SCORE BUTTER? March 28--Two one act plays, "Birthday of the Infanta" and "El - Cristo," to be given at the high . school auditorium at 8:15 p. m. ' April 1--Easter Sunday. April 8--Senegalese drum and bugle corps cake-walk under sponsorship of Legion auxiliary. April 3, 4, 5, 6 -- Globe-Gazette cooking school, building show, high school. April 4, 5, 6 and 7--Boys' annual hobby show at Y. M. C. A.., sponsored by Kiwanis club and boys' department of the Y. M. C. A. April 7--Monthly meeting of UCT and auxiliary at the P- G. and E. auditorium including 6:30 o'clock . supper. Here in Mason City Walking line Shampoo. Ph. 3125J. Fresh, home-grown Easter lilies , and all other seasonable items at Kemble's. Phone 55. r will not be responsible lor any - debts contracted by Carl Minch on 'land after this date. Signed: Hazel ·Jlinch. Good Friday services will be held at the St. James Lutheran church, 502 Sixth street southeast, in German at 11 o'clock in the morning and in English at 7:45 o'clock in the evening. The choir will sing "Rock of ·Ages" and Margaret Stephan and 'Anzonetta Tobsing, a duet, "He Took My Place." The theme for the sermon will be "Behold, See My Sorrow and Affliction." Beginning early Sunday Larson's Stand on the North Shore will serve a regular chicken dinner at 40c. Make reservations for opening. /Ph. 25F2, Clear Lake. I win not be responsible for the tondition of your hands, walls, ·woodwork, temper or pocketbooks if. you do your spring housecleaning ·with anything but Speedex. Don McPeak, Mason City Hardware .Co. Birth certificates have been filed for Cynthia Alice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Edward C. Martin, 1631 Quincy avenue, born March 2; Jerry Joseph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vern M. Van Note, 516 Connecticut avenue southeast, born March 2; Charles William, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson L. Abel, 801 Adams .avenue northwest, borri March 8, and Bernard Michael,' son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Ryan Dunn, 416 Massachusetts avenue southeast, bom March 14. In loving r e m e m b r a n c e of Canitola Beldtog, wife and mother, -^SSTpaSsed-sSTMarch 28, 1933, and awaits us,-"over there." B. C. Beld- tag, Lynn W. Belding, Lester C. Belding. Book Accounts Made Before April 1 Not Under Iowa Sales Tax ·' Book accounts contracted previous to April 1 are not taxable under the sale tax law, according to a communication received at the of fices of the Retail Merchants asso elation, from John W. Foster o, the state board of assessment am review. This means, according to Mr. Fos let's .explanation that all bona fid sales of refrigerators or other arti cles before April 1 are not subjec to the tax although the purchas price is not fully paid until afte April 1. RECORDER RECEIVES TROUT FISHING GUIDE A guide giving detailed informa tion concerning trout fishing i Iowa streams has been received a the office of Mrs. Nelle Huntley Bounty recorder. The season begin April 1 and the. guide contains in formation on streams which ar fcpen in all parts of the state. Trou fishers niay see this guide by call ing at the recorder's office. ADAMS DRUG CO. .WATCH OUB SEVEN WINDOW THURSDAY'S SPECIALS Bayer Aspirin, 12's, 12c; 24's, 22c 100's, 59c; Luden's Cough Drops, 5 B. S. S., 9Sc; Foley's Kidney Pill 49c; Danderine, 29c, 49c, 79( Moone's Emerald Oil, 69c; Bronchu line'Emulsion, 99c; Nature's Rem edy, 19c, 39c, 79c; Turns, lOc; Cut cura, 25c, 50c; Soap, 25c; Resino *9c, 89c; Olive Tablets, loc, 30c, 60c Vick's VapoRub, 23c; Nose Drop S9c; Cough Drops, lOc; Buckley Mixture, 39c, 69c; Gly-Cas, 79( jj; 0( j egs --America's Luxury Nap kin, 15c; New Wondersoft Kotex 15c. - THAT'S HUERY OF MEMBERSHIP OF STATE BRANDS" Quarterly Meeting to Be Held at Plant Here Thursday. The question of whether there is any overproduction of high quality utter will be among the topics to e taken up at the quarterly meet- ng of the Iowa State Brand Cream- ries, Inc., to be held at the plant n the southwest section of the city hursday. "Opinion is divided on whether it :ould be necessary to back up on reduction," said R. O. Storvick, ,ant manager, who is making plans or the meeting. There has been less than 1 per cent .^crease in the production of butter ie past year and any cut of 15 er cent seems drastic to the pro- ucers of 93 and 92 score butter uch as manufactured by the 52 reameries associated with the Iowa :ate Brands organization, Mr. :orvick pointed out. Anderson to Speak. Among the speakers at the meet- ig will be, Joe Anderson, Thompon, president of the Iowa Associa- on of Local Creameries and mem- ir of the state board of education. The quarterly meeting will prob- bly be attended by ZOO or more reamery operators and dairymen. is the policy of the organization o keep in close touch not only with leir creamery members, but with ie individual producers on the the- ry that greater interest in the par- nt organization will stimulate ac- uaintance with the problems of the spective local creameries and ulti- ately make for the production of a etter product. As usual at the March meetings he necessity of maintaining qual- y more than ever through the arm summer months will be ressed by speakers. Producers will e urged to make frequent deliv- ries. Advocate Cooling Tanks. The Iowa State Brands is in the idst of a drive to place 500 wood- n cooling tanks on the dairy farms f North Iowa. These tanks, being ade by the Mason City Millwork ompany, facilitate the task of Doling the cream or milk. The fact, however, that the last ght creameries to qualify for the owa Trade mark with a 93 score utter and other requirements were lembers of the Iowa State Brands rganization is pointed to by offi- ers of the association as undisputa- le evidence of their place in the utter field. A change, in the by-laws of the ompany is expected to be made at :his meeting, giving the creamery members who have not yet come un- er the Iowa Trade mark represen- ation on the board of directors. The annual meeting and election of di- ectors takes place at the June meting. Six are Added. Six new plants added to the asso- :iation since the last quarterly meeting will be given a formal welcome at the Thursday session. These are at Leland, Rake, Roland, Story City, Rolfe and Spencer. A. W. Rudnick, Iowa State col- .ege, is expected'to be in attendance at the meeting to speak on the as sistance patrons can give toward the building of a bigger and better or ;anization. TO APPEAR AT ALLIANCE CHURCH lounty Given Quota of 15 c or CM. T. C. 3eing Filled Rapidly, Says William Dorr, Chairman. The quota of Cerro Gordo county is year in the Citizens Military raining camps is only 15 men, ac- rding to W. E. Dorr, who is, again Twelve members of the group pictured above will be in the Alliance Gospel Tabernacle Easter Sunday. They will sing at the morning services and will have complete charge of the; evening service at 8 o'clock. This group constitutes the Missionary league of the St. Paul Bible Training school. On their Mason City Visit lost year they drew the largest crowd ever assembled in the Alliance church. Two Mason City students are in the Missionary league: Miss Tillle Wagner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wagnur, Fourteenth street northeast, and Miss Evelyn Emmert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Emmert, east ol town. The trumpet trio will furnish special music and the entire group will take port in presenting brief glimpses into rnls- slonarv activities in foreign lands. The Kev. George D. Strohra, formerly missionary to China and later to the Philippine islands, directs the devotional and inspirational parts of the service. STRAWS rnstllled \VtdnCKlsy night and ThnndnT. probably some rala chans- luc to «now: sllntitlj- wanner In extreme xrathrait Wednesday night, roach colder Thursday and la north portion Wednesday night with moderate cold TOve In north portion Thursday. KY. STOKER NUT COAL, ton FOR SPRING FIRES W.G BLOCK CO. PHONE 563 $6.50 260 MEN NEEDED FOR COUNTY PWA Increase Shown in Work o Re-Employment, Says Hans Pfund. A. M. Schanke, chairman of th Cerro Gordo county national re employment committee; Wednesda stated he had received informatio that in this'county, the PWA, stat and county financed projects eithe approved or under contract will re quire the services of 2GO men .fo 1,960 hours. Hans C. Pfund, director of- th national re-employment service Des Homes, announced that durin the week ending March 24, the re employment service 1 in Iowa place 1,470 persons in gainful employ ment. Of this total, 720 person were given work on .public work jobs, and 690 persons were place with private .employers. This con stitutes an increase in placements of 25 per cent over the previou week. The increase for the week, i Mr. Pfund, is partly-due to the sea sonal demand, but has also resulte through the fact that employers ar becoming acquainted with the re employment offices and are find ing that, the re-employment servic is a "no charge" organization main tamed by the-United States employ . ment service and that there is n J incentive on the part of re-employ ment offices to refer any but tl very best qualified applicants t the employer from the many regi {rations of highly qualified and ex perienced persons on file. Mr. Pfund also states that number of towns and cities are ge ting their remodeling and repai ing-programs under way for the an nual spring "clean-up" and that r employment offices are requested furnish large numbers of expe ienced workmen for such job Farmers are calling on re-emplo ··ncnt offices for skilled farm labc as well. Showing Which Way the Wind Blows By E. A. N. Disappointment still rankles mong grade teachers over the mall attendance for their lecture ' Dorothy Fuldheim. If attendance . what they are looking for we sug- est they sponsor an appearance of ila Cram Cook. We can't imagine 'ila contributing to the sum of _aowledge. in the community, but eople would flock in to see and ear her. Human beings are that way. One prominent member of the Woman's club voted against going to the junior women's department production of "TJncle Tom's Stabbin'" on the grounds that she didn't think burlesque shows were quite proper. The preponderance of men in the front rows bears out the fact that others may have had the same idea about the junior women's show--and it such an innocent little parody. ·LAY PUT TO 1EAL TEST. The cast of the Woman's club lay, "Ten Minutes by the Clock," -as put to a real test Tuesday eve- jng when they had to swing an au- ; ience from a mood of hilarity over o one of amusing fairy-tale fan- asy. They did it beautifully. How little Eva managed her slow, heart-rending rise into heaven in the good old days is still a mystery to the producers of "Uncle Tom's Stabbin'." They tried everything from an elaborate harness to a baloon ascension and finally settled on an old fashioned swing as the only device. 14 COUNTIES IN LOCAL DISTRICT Mason City Focal Point for North Iowa Section, Says Greene. Mason City will be the center of operations for 14 counties in the division of the state into seven districts for the operation of the Iowa Farm Debt Advisory council, according to information received Wednesday from Merritt Greene, assistant chairman. Counties in the Mason City district are: Kossuth, Humboldt, Webster Winnebago, Hancock, Wright, Hamilton, Worth, Cerro Gordo, Franklin Hardin, Mitchell, Floyd and Butler Committees now are organized in every county, Merritt said, and series of group meetings at which the duties of committemen ani policies of the federal land bank anc other lending agenies were ex plained has just been completed. Merritt explained that it is the policy of the state committee to re quest each individual to contact the county committeemen of the count} where the land is located. Count committeemen, he said, will receiv applications fom either debtor or creditor for the purpose of assisting and making settlement. HONESTY AND THE FARMER Whatever the reason or whatever conclusions may be drawn from it, less'than 1 per cent of the farmers of Cerro Gordo county attempted to t away with more than they were entitled to in 'the corn-hog signup, as far as it is possible to ascertain from official checks. Those who grabbed up their papers and went back home to figure again when they saw committees closely scrutinizing their estimates are included in the less than 1 per cent. . That there existed a temptation to manufacture evidence on the number of hogs sold in previous years in order to boost one's allotment is evident. A restraining, influence, however, is the fact that each fann- er's allotment is to be published. · MOVIE OPERATORS WERE NOT THERE The erstwhile purported instructions of" the First National bank robbers to the pair taking movies in the streets shortly before the big siege to "get that camera out of there, we'll do all the shooting around here now," has since been shown to have been a myth. Investigations by the police department -have shown the movie equipment was not on the corner -when the bandits first sounded' their war whoops, although it was there five minutes before. Also, all possible theories the movie operators hat any connection with the robbers have been exploded, according to Chief E. J. Patton. Age, apparently cannot wither, nor custom stale the infinite variety of stories about the bank holdup. The latest one concerns a man who rushed excitedly from office to office on the sixth floor of the bank building, looking for a gun. If lie had one, he said, ho thought he could get the fellow hiding behind the rock in the pork. Duck--Mister Buchanan. ONION SERVICES THURSDAY NIGHT Under Sponsorship of Ma son City Ministerial Association. The annual unioa Communion ser /ice under the sponsorship of th Mason City Ministerial associatioi will be held at the First Pjresbyter an church Thursday evening at 7:3 o'clock, with the Rev. George K; Da vies presiding. The service will open with a pre ude, the Doxology, followed by th Lord's Prayer, singing of a hym and a responsive reading in charg of the Rev. H. C. Brunemeier of th Grace Evangelical church. Th Scripture lesson will be presented b the Rev. William H. Spence of th First Methodist churqh. . ' the Rev. A. W. .Caul of the Bap tist church will present the Sacra mental meditation. Mr.. Davis an the Rev. George H.'Kohler of th Zion. Methodist church will adinin ister the Sacraments. Bonfire Is Put Out. GOODELL -- The local f ireme were called to put out a bonfire £ the Harm Rust home. The fire beyond control and spread rapidl serve as is service. . , county chairman for "This small quota is being filled ipidly and boys contemplating fil- g applications should do so imme- ately," said Mr. Dorr, who may e seen at 103 First street south- Cerro Gordo county's allotment of en will go to Fort Des Moines for aining. Young men from 17 to 24 ears of age are eligible for attendance at these camps. The object of ie camp, according to Mr. Dorr, is i bring together young men of high ype from all sections of the coun- ry on a common basis of equality .nd under the most favorable con- tions of outdoor life, to stimulate nd promote citizenship, patriotism id Americanism and through exert physical direction, athletic caching and military training to enefit the young men, individually. The government provides without ost to the young men attending .ese camps uniforms, food, lodging id medical care while at camp, ach candidate pays his own ex- enses to camp. Upon his arrival at he camp he receives at the rate f 5 cents a mile for the distance raveled. This same rate of pay will e given the candidates for the re- urn trip. Announces Exams for Jobs With Museum Open competitive examinations rere announced Tuesday by the Jnited States civil service commis- ion for the positions of junior scien- .fic aid (textile arts) in the Na- ional museum in the Smithsonian nstitute, Washington, D. C., and as- ociate warehouse examiner and as- istant warehouse examiner in the ureau of agricultural economics for he department of agriculture. Full information concerning these xaminations can be obtained from Charles E. Price, secretary of the ivil service board of examiners, at tie local postoffice. Accompanying the announcement ,,as a warning to anyone consider- ng taking the tests pointing out the advisability of making full investi- "tion of the prospect of examinations for and appointments to the lassfied civil service before sign- ng a contract for instruction by a ivil service coaching school. At the Hospitals Mrs. John Orpen, Kensett, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Tuesday for a major operation. Mrs. Theodore Potiriades, 112 North Federal avenue, was admitted to the Park hospital Tuesday or treatment. Richard Dean Ivey, 116 Washington avenue southwest, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Tuesday for a major operation. Mrs A. W. Otto, 514 Washington avenue' northwest, was dismissed from the Park hospital Tuesday fol- owing a minor operation. Shirley Shoemaker, Thornton, was admitted to the Mercy hospital Tuesday for treatment. Edward A. Koida, 111 Fourteenth street nortX.vest, was dismissed from the Park hospital Tuesday following a major operation. Ray Edgar, Rock Falls, was dismissed from the Park hospital Tuesday following a major opsration. Leslie Thayer, Jr., Clear Lake, was dismissed from the Park hospital Tuesday following treatment. Mrs. George Ballantyne and infant daughter, Clear Lake, were dismissed from the Park hospital Tuesday. OR, H. W, MORGAN ADDRESSES LIONS ON NEW DISEASE Chicago's Experience With Amoebic Dysentery Presented. An account of Chicago's experience with amoebic dysentery was contained in the talk on pathology given by Dr. Harold W. Morgan at the Lions club luncheon Wednesday noon. Because this disease had never before occurred in epidemic form in any hut tropical climates, he suggested, the h e a l t h authorities should not be too much condemned for their failure to deal more sternly with it from the beginning. The first case was noted in June and a month later in a talk in Indiana a. Chicago health authority referred to some five cases traceable to two downtown hotels. Hotel Patrons Contacted. Examination revealed a number of workers about the hotels who either had the disease or were capable of transmitting it and communication was established with all who had been patrons of the two houses with a view, to determining whether they had revealed any symptoms. Out of the thousands thus contacted by telegram, telephone and mail, 39 reported such symptoms and were counseled to submit at once to medical treatment. In all about 800 cases in 200 communities have been traced to Chicago. Dr. Morgan divided and defined medicine's three main branches, anatomy, physiology and pathology Then he subdivided his field, pathology, into its various branches. Dread Diseases Curbed. The absolute preventives of diphtheria, smallpox and typhoid fevers which have been brought about through vaccines and serums were referred to by the speaker as examples of the progress made pathology in its relatively brief history. That cancer is by no means a hopeless disease was stressed by the doctor. Brought to the attention of medical science in its early stages, before pain figures in it cancer can be cured or arrested in a high percentage of cases, he insisted. "One of the greatest obstacles in our fight with cancer, he added "arises from the tendency in individuals to forego examination ou' of fear that their ailment may turn out to be cancer." Frank Gaylord Death Noted. The club adopted a resolution o: sympathy to members of the Frank C. Gaylord family, drawn by a com raittee consisting of W. A. Westfall H. L. Knesel, J. W. Irons and John C. Shipley. Preparations for a party on th night of April 11, honoring Viucen Hascall of Omaha, vice presiden international of Lions clubs, are progressing satisfactorily, Presiden W. L. Nichols reported. Improving at Hospital. SEXTON--Fred Plum, who wa taken to the Kossuth hospital abou two weeks ago, is improving. Seventeen conventions of as man national organizations of the Lu theran church are scheduled be tween June and November. Converted Atheist Evangelist Ralph Underwood, internationally known converted atheist, will speak evenings, 7:30 o'clock, Wednesday, March 28, to Sunday, April 1, .inclusive, at the Church of the Open Bible, 215 North Federal Ave. Hear this man expose the method hy which modernism and atheism, with their devastating results, are permeating the schools and churches of today. REV. HAROU9 ADAMS, Pastor THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 303 2nd S. W. Mason City, la. WHEN SOCB BADIO WON'T GO PHONE SEVEN- Little Rad'o Laboratory 23 1st ST. S; E. 1 T 20 NEW PATTERNS IN BLUE and GREY Just in time for Easter, we have received the most thrilling new blue and grey shoes that will complete your Easter ensemble! Pumps, straps and ties, low or high heels, ant! of course all sizes. Sec These Beautiful Shoes Before. You Buy. $2-99 $3.45 $3.95 MAIL £tatnim£ 4m f SIZES ORDERS 5JCUUUU£, ,JWV* AAAA-C FILLED ZlhtCHfERFgl SEKVICC STOKC 3-10 Motor Repairing By Men with Years of Experience New and Used Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ELECTRIC CO. 306 Second St. S. W. Exhibitors for Building Show Named Event Will Open on Wednesday, April 4. Exhibitors at the second annual uilding and Home Furnishings how will include the Cerro Gordo aytag company, Kemble's green- ouse, the Peterson Roofing and upply company and the Northwest ;ates Portland Cement company, ie show, which will open Wednes- a'y, April 4, at 1 p. m. at the high chool gymnasium, is free to the ublic and valuable gifts Trill be warded each day. The show will nd Friday evening, April 6, 'at 10 m. The booth of the Cerro Gordo Jaytag company will feature Gru- ow Electric refrigerators and May- ag washers and ironers. Kembies rill show a landscape layout, flow- rs, shrubs, garden ornaments, per- enials, seeds and fertilizers. The Northwest States Portland ement company will have a dis- lay of the raw materials in their arious stages which go into the manufacturer of cement. Peterson looting ana Supply company will how a new asbestos product, finer finished and highly polished, ,'hich is known as Newmarble. It omes in designs and colors and is sed for store fronts, bathrooms, obbies of public buildings. They mil also show asbestos and asphalt Singles, built up roofs and rubber tile. Bill Bartmess Gets Position as Adjuster With Trust Company Bill Bartmess, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Bartmess, Kirk apartments, started work as an adjuster for the Commercial Investment Trust corporation at Des Moines Tuesday morning. Mr. Barbness, while in Mason City, was active in Boy Scout activities and the last four months has been assisting his father in the management of the Kirk apartments. Salvation Army Plans Good Friday Services A special Good Friday service will he conducted at the local Salvation Army hall Friday evening at 8 o'clock. There will be special music and speaking. Easter Sunday events include a 5 a. m. sunrise service; 11, holiness meeting; 2:30, Sunday school; 2, Bible study class; 6:30, Young People's meeting, and 8, Easter program by the Sunday school. Mrs. Lee and Ensign Anna Patmor are the officers in charge. JUDGES CHOSEN FOR CAKEWALK Comment Citizens Headed by Mayor Laird to Decide Winners. The list of judges for the grand irize championship cakewalk to be leld at the armory April 3 under he sponsorship of the Legion aux- liary was announced Wednesday. The judges will be headed by Mayor J. T. Laird and will include Col. Hanford MacNider, past na- ional commander of the American jegion; B. A. Webster, past state .ommander of the American Legon; Jay E. Decker, president of Jacob E. Decker and Sons; W. G. C. 3agley, president of First National ank; H. Bruce, manager of Standard Oil company; C. O. Wilkinson, president of Northwest Savings iank. and C. F. Weaver, manager of Northwestern Bell Telephone company. W. Earl Hall, past state commander of the American. Legion, will act as master of ceremonies. The program will be staged with electrical effects under the supervision of William Smith, electrician. Mrs. W. C. Austin of Nevada City, Cal., says she has a clock which has been running continuously -'-1859- since F.G. Murphy, M.D. Glasses, Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat. All diseases caused by Incorrect food balance. Nutrition laboratory. Office over Michael Drug Store C A S H FOR YOUR OLD CAB NO WAITING--NO DELAY Lapiner Motor Co. C O A L KENTUCKY NUT $7.00 P er I ton Suitable for stove or furnace. Do not be misled by cheaper prices. Consolidated Coal Co. Phone 1176 toaettkz ORIGINAL PENNSYLVANIA OIL, VALVOLINE xfjin · Explains fullythem«nrclou» Willard Treatment which has brought amazing relief to thousands everywhere. . Willard's a designed for relief of Stomach or Duodenal Ulcen,Faor Diffttion, Acid Dyt- ptptia. Gaf*ine*t,Souror Up*etStomach,Blaatinf, Heartburn, Conttipation, Sleep- letme**, Bad Breath,Poor Appetite, Headache*, due to Excel* Acid, Ask about Willard's 15-Day Trial Offer. Casey Drug Co. 335 S. FEDERAL PHONE 291 i Why we recommend Vdlvoline Motor Oil! B ecause it is the original Pennsylvania Oil . . . Because it gives double-film ' protection. Because it lasts longer, costs you less to use, per mile, per month, per year! JOE DANIELS MASTER, SERVICE STATION Don't Cttss Fone Us -- 688 Corner first Street S. W. and Avenue GOODYEAR WAREHOUSE Don't Cuss Fone Us -- 1486 Corner 2nd St. K. E. and Del. Are. S, of Sew Postolflce Tremendous Reduction in BUS RATES MASON CITY to ONE WAY St. Paul $ 2.35 Des Moines $ 2.20 Kansas City S 5.25 Ames S 2.00 Cedar Rapids S 2.80 Waterloo S 1.70 Los Angeles S25.20 New York $15.50 Bns Farts to other Points Are Proportionately nfl Low. ' Phone 97 for Information Jefferson Transportation Company BUS Depot at 16 First Street S. W. Mason City, Iowa For Interior Walls and Woodwork Nothing Surpasses ENTERPRISE Fast Drying WAL-GLOSS Wherever a gloss finish is desired in the painting of interior woodwork, walls and ceilings, Wai-Gloss is ideal! Its enamellike finish gives a beautiful effect, and it forms a durable, hard coating impervious to moisture and dirt, easily kept spotlessly clean with only a damp cloth. YOU'LL BE AMAZED HOW LITTLE IT COSTS Extra Special ENTERPRISE FLOOR M *9 { WAX, Ib. T E I RENT OUR FLOOR SANDER Low Cost BOOMHOWER HARDWARE US N. Federal Ave. Phone 142 \

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