The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 4, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1913
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

I * THE-GETTYSBURG Published Dailv Kxcirt Sunday ai Times and News Publishing Company ASK PRESIDE?*! FOB HELP n uffraglrts Want Sp-.-tial Message *-a- 1 vcring Votes Fsr Werner. ·VTr-:;::irtl:i, Dec. ·;.--Ad'T^'- '-£ . - ra: '.VM- S i READING A MESSAGE. 1 LINENS AND' CRETONNES, j i They Make D.irable and Attractive Fa- j EESONAtfOTES VVi!=on Attracts Crov.ds When -ecolvtioii caUins i:; '.:* iT^-Jea Kews TeSHsg of Use and about Ts*i» Visiikg Hzre sad Elsewhere. BELL , Dr. Cuact-enios Dsc!s--c3 He Wss Office 7:^ Northwest corner of Centre ScL^rs?. Getty si- sir jr. Penr.s^ ^ : Hy:snct : c __ , ----- .__ ------ --- · -- -- - - --- ~- ~ -- z_r_^i -- _~ -- zz -- -- ---- " J - '* - ... , , -- . -- --- ' -- ' -- - - -- -^ ;:««"·!;· a'tsri- | ;Ho! ~oi ·:2-:itiee urglnsr «:se ^ o:»an suf- 'a^rt^'^-C'Wto. c o s - f - , p ,. of j? t * » - s . j..!L.-d w sisUo »!«.-cabiiei. The j - f ADV£R7»Si."S B j T -;H m?*. - Qf.ackn.-El/GS. A. M., M. D.. o. Xe-/i Yorl., v,-ho suni::sartzed !»·=. !:e ivori.' ^7r-.d« O^ c-Pt"»,e- word e.f,'h insertion. Two cents a v/ord i* gaarinteea ,«,.ni,:i:oB M iho I's^an ^-1- ai.^tlc:! j l^paS"^^- Sesolutkms of reject, poetry and mcacnams one cent. ^ , y 5^,^ a H ««asl KO^S ol j r^e-r word. i ~" '-^"- prati'ie ~'~" ~~T.lii Cu ·-- t -- | TO OUR HEADERS f-"- W «i.i"! ! vT' - - - -!--..- , 2r«yrf . ££?. "f 1 ?* -1 p f I £ p § 3 C M I £-·*-· ~~- - - -*=· ·/- ~ " -SX^^-'"' ill jlr^iLrlUHil i!t£f^ i v^T; ^ T ' "S^^'v^lfi^: I leasrhs to Tvaicli scrleace has proHcrc-~ j * sol in i'.s gropsn^s for a s'jrn of tlK ! subconscious iiie uia* usualiy is jre } -. sur.:ed to wake only alter death. | vr:is; :u tii-.i «.!£, 'rise serrate ( il:-=s Lo'Alc; Little, of 5:i tHs «-a-e *iven» Covered" \rttli | s *rase, we'H to the Chaniyersburjj 5!:e ^.itvriat a!;i! t'aws'stitehed «S«-'tti-|i[y, 3 ;^i this isorainsj to undergo an 10 f--r.u ara-.v«-rs,,--.vii!:a » Sarge ^a£ i O j, t j^,i Oll . t.-.Len iip:srj. COTSTS-.I ai«d, Te ^. TS ^;] tols p_ O r_h attended the the Cumberland County __ nstiiute at Carlisle on -^·,-^lsr-t--"u-.:-,'k-i si:aj- be usc-a oil the .Wednesday. ;:.-.:v.wrs if u:or. coiiver.-eai. Tills liiay j Miss Carrie Rose, of Baltimore, is I . - ajM-U :: :i tri:5^"t box. I\iblKiEg at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Au er!i'i.:ry =tr»lbo:snl coHar bor ! Keuben Rupp on North Washington tbiag of reall street , linen. It: ^-. le y ^y £ ^ y_ w ju mee t a c the arristie {j,, n . e cf ^j,^. ste%-enson on Chambers- Jburg street this evening; at 7 o'clock. ; Jl«. Lucy Hcsensteel, of Barlow, is (spending several days with ilrs. Y.'-l- hiaui Alw:ne, on Swimvehr avenue antl !-»vith other friends. i Xorrnan 3!:S!er, 01 Saluntcu, and i V/altcr Suiley. of La.idisviJle, kave ;retur.-»ed home after spending a short lr"n:e \vhh.Edniand Staley and family j ilisses Liilian and Es'celia 3Ienges, : of Xev.- Oxford, spent several days re! csuily with ilsss Edna Staley, of Big- iervliie. !i^ n ?ll-|| ~^*1JJ8 i f-wiaty if it i^ coverctl wiUi ii: !! : en ^-o !!: .,s a delfebrfcUy i* t^I: ALOYSIUS C. HEMLER ! T:I!?.::ET cs.S£XTrr. K5TW BAQLS HGTEL- SOOEI* tniJi bttii ES suits H£.SC McCoBoni?, Prop's. Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent Store. vTiiile they last: Very special lot . of'Ladies": CjoHars.. ' " Oae of -::s most trouolesome pa j :'smil!es of railrcr i men. , for » B«nv eo-ba. The card- tan-t be taken oil the S ::-J. :-.'.-A t«:t~.e will not be- required i Moanip;ca=2nt Township School Director Taken by Death. A5ov?Iu? C. Kemler, a oromineac c:t:ze7i of Manntpleasant tov.Tiship, [ j BTCF^HCBuiJSlOOMPAJ^T.:;!'-.I i 1 ·· " .' -. - ' 'I Highest t?§r^, |^?f?*-- r ^ for ^-' .! - /,,' ' T ·_;· -- ) _£AS3f- BEODTJCS-- ' '! Ujsder Titcca OSce/ -Gettysburg. ' CHAS. S. jlUiS --Fire Proof ! . Warehosse tor £ et ti» srlass iron uie J2.r. A new : , canUwfrt! iliey sriasi; eacii^one be neac- ! o f ^j-, e same to-.vnship. and is survived Eloasebiild Goods scorea any lsnc-th of is v.-iie, wnose masaen name \vas cob Henuer. anc : EdnaM., Car- _ . Schrader, Annie J.. Curvin F-, b'rotier, Frank Gettysbtir.g SouTesSrs -·.,.- , ; sureft, he salu. iSafi those paueats -T,-^C V; ' ' i -' - ·- -'" vli l, ' - J . -i-fopn-I themselves -inable ^o'-return. tc TSraien-'asIe^n in t*ag", sies :inU :: inono are worked-- X- Honiier. end the following asters: "f L f! Vfsll k \\ W.H. |f Others l! Ladies LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. -|| Chi!drensShoeswere5Gctsand$i.OO. Now IS cts ; !l and .48. Remembrances. JT-gj. of "Sacred: Heart chbr'ch. Cone- Jiere is in r .«-£f;o", a member of the Gettysburg. ° n ^ SiIV ^ S 3o:-5.eaavii!e ar.d'Sacred Heart Benevery pop - ~,^,; Associatiojis. He served-as school make accepta- · ,. · _ - - - - - ' . aSes. ' ' l- lreccolr Of3o.=. Pleasantjiw-msIiir.-^Loc · sq»:::rw: oa ---:£! soiG aad"sSr^beaas |-t the time of his death. - t '_ _ and red atj i- uneral. Saturday, December 6, he '-!*"r-^!-iio::i. f-f the S°!d accl silver Ihigh -etjoierc znass in Conev/ag-o Chap^1 at 9 a. m.. byltev. Germaiius ETohi. i T.'e «o not thereby regenerate ths j chas- a finger tins so tliat tbey can be silver i Inremient in Chapel cemetery.'"^'' THERE ETERY ^ »--vJ*Ax Q^??' ^1- ; ; T»perc2«or.t of ordinary ~edie:r:s i' , i cf T-C f" ^:Teet .s 'jLt-riy Impossiiils the girl .and declares aiJncGlty in fle"riasj fcvpst-sa^on has con :on of rtse ofr.eers in at lares - rescue -bar, . j- tr.o araes. SUICIDE j \ } ilaBelle Hereter. Lovelle TV eikert. Lil- I j:5a- Weikert, Allan Trestle and Fred j Carrens. Charity K. Kaoase. teacher, j The follo%ving attended Quarry {Schcci every day during zhe month andrng Dec. 1. Margaret Tvliller. Ber'tha Hsr.key T Vt'aker Stultz. Charles Car- oaugh. UoTrard Carbaugh. llervin Ilar.Key. Clara J. Spangler^ teacher. -h j v ' f T p r r - c n nr ex:'!,;i'Jon. a 15 '" i ~? ~ t r! r ' " rently ;:rLuer^-3n 3T · _'-~!z''^'.. --r. ~~ .-T? -""vcr ?Ticr do"'*ir it'"c ! :,'.· a S T C . i f " r f^roc ihat ro!.l tbcm Zr r:jr".:i r.nth Wl-a^ That force T^ai TTe wowl 1 l:kv tu a-id n f^^v si'e. If yon i ave ^T5y JX hanJs of a P.ta: Estate AcentF. v. n-- matte- wl";iier -arse -r --mail -r v . e r Or '.i -;. n-."~ to ".'-;;· :r:y T.- rni^ u ^nr list o: ITwii E^iatx: v.o'ikllise to soli an-i j!aoe, in v.ill be =h-.«l f« liandsr- ^.-nc f-r v . r c 1 -tv.te-!. M"I! 0:1 or s'idr-^ss 4rca: .r^."f--^r. !%-ev.- Jersey P-osecutor Is Arrested. 'HP sur-i £':=:"- : s on Court «--c-.s-2 SJ2ps In Scran-] I , i " tc-n ard S5:c-:lc · t | Scrrrr--.". Ta . Pr . 4.--Pc^' he' I rs,l d:- j :J a t; : :,-,:;a;,'i fleatr.- the last; ~s:j;t of a nervr.cs; Troxeli and S r Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. V/ : t : i K: 3 Vote. j.e , J T X --- FLOUR q-s;- 1 .: 5 ?. G5SS.S:-: c:ty r-i:l?, j .V'rrm. az SC50?C.5;| -vdv: Xo. - rcc. I BA TA CT ', ^T i \J O I ,-i.s . Just 2 Blind. · "Ton pay your employes pretty good v/ages.'" "Yes; bat I have a system of fiaes that brings most of It back." LOST: between Weaver's Store and Trimmers 5 and 10 cent store, on east side of street, or on road between Goldeaviiie and Gettysburg-, a lady's geld Tratch with gold pitcher fob attached. Suitable reward if returned co Times Office.--advertisement DO\ i forget the sale at H. L. Brearc's farm in Cashtown, March 7th, 1914. Clarence Bream; Arbin Carbaugh. James Andrew.--advertisement ,·* THIS STOVE HAS BECOME FAMOUS small consumption of coa:. la r-dc;t",oa ic ta's, v.hich Is the es- ~~ ~""" i 1 " * " * -* er, it h especi i !y noted for ;ts \V - f[»Q:!!HY ! f-s centers or as fi!Hr:s for petals. In ,_«._·.. i j:;c latter case a fore. ont!inii:~ is often j V/J51 Be-] peeis- For lise table pnoded doilies . Tuesc'sy. = covered tritb s!ass beads .-«re preferred hou?e to all other tl;;ds by who like Xc. 2 white, 4-3c ; ; -i ; c : ary i-Ar. | :;s irust stead/: per bushel, 7 j ^1 ex f;: .ire steady: hers. "4^ Ie-i to la'iich j io combine beauty Tritli utility. .e~t Tuesday.: The fore^n^cr ring is supposed to be baa; ings %vi!3" excessively orientaK and tiie more isisge ' !be rias the more one's R.iski resem- r.ot io at-1 !ies--it is presumed--ifce hand of n The ·war ttractve appearance. · ^ · · ta.-cc T'*^ssure jr» s. exol^incrits fun R \V111 o-.ving it ana merit at our in huikl- k"r Co. s · * ! pan~ s:'t» th« r ^ s for the y ; «ror.ri "iar:.ct. ·o Oil Corpora:: j-. j c4-s, ST X' -V.| : Terns. 7e-C! labo-- g.-nt, in } Of course n gennins penrl large ,. r , · eno'^h to fonn tlie center of snch a *"(-·"--' rincr 'srould be \vorth a mnharajail's ,-^.Vl ransom. Inn no ptignin nttaclies itself to the imitation penr! tbe#e days, and ear pearls are really color and Inster. rin^ of sffinI dia- makcs a beantifc! ! U. fc. :*. M r l j ( u . . , ' c l ' ' i ^ hir.iw J M .' 0«t^^(*v^!XS«^-iW^CS»«*««« C«WX Not Many of i hat Kind, The truly patient man is ie F^ost Fatsl Explosion. | i as }; S the j r ouns raraer about his baby .e niott :aai explosion ever kno^xi j _, OR SALE: family r.iare v»-ith colt j --and then stays and listens to tea 1 * " · * * " - av?.lancae of , ALL outstanding tax assessed--In ( j Cumherh-iK 1 . township r-nrst be paid on I was at r ., v , Vf - unes j r . iS54. Three iliou- j o, before- I)?cambor IT,, 1013. II. P. sau d T-OOO'.C w. re killed. |by her si Beard, Collector--advertisement 1 ' _ _ . . . _ 'Pa., United phone.-adverhsement The Clerks Love an Erly \ J 3 5- a. a- ry

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