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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, January 31, 1818
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v. - V fir 1 t 'I' j JfE.Or.T0kK EFEXIXO POST. 8ATUEPAT, JANUARY 31. : - Cirrntfii?ejr - - We Jbara J Oat finished - raaJiag a report of thejcommilUe oo tb ppot - meotof a uperinteodnt of chimney sweeps. ml declare onr approbatica of it. , It proposal " ', tb placing oar chimney sweeps nndcr' proper regulations, which It prescribe j and, perhaps, though xra arorry to say it, tiiU is ailar all, , the most that caa be dona for the unfortunate class of bit who are doomed to aara their , broad by thii painful aad filth employment At any rata, it b unrmecOonably better to adopt . - - . a i' - .r.t w once measure 10 meliorate war onuiun : than to delay doing to humane to act in the ex pectation of finding a substituta in machinery, " which aler all may aever be made to answer. . . XV hope therefore the report will ba adopted, at least, with aa amendment, making the regisler - ' tag a&Jweepiog etery chimney compulsory; aad not merely 'tubjtctinj the delinquent to a fine, whoa, perhaps, the destruction of a whole ' Bcigtborhood may be the consequence of bis ne - ;; f1igco, ,. . . 0 yfoj ahonld bakeries fca exempted ? , ; " ' frit tha Bottom Daiy Adctrtiter, an. 27. V X V 'rklay last.Mr. Topliffloaned us London .pr received by the Ann - Maria, from Liver - .. - ; pool, and forwarded by his correspondent at N. r1 Jfork, - ..Teilerday.we received by mail, our owafEes, broaghtby the tamo vessel.' Thus a . delay of throe day hat occurred, either - from a - defect of tha post - office arrangements, , or from ' , tb miscondact of the officers of government The New - York popart complain that thecus - V tom - boata officers there, require that the thipS .' . letter - bag should bo delivered at the inspector's , X. otfice, for examination, before they are delivered y toe captain at too poet - omca.n . - - 7 The editor of the Daily Advertiser I rigbt.U (i Euch,,cf Jate, become the practice of the eejtom - boaa officers, and the effect it precisely .', what we predicted, a few dayt since, it woald be. Nor do w know any way io which relief from 'Oat Vexation proceeding can be obtained. 11e ffieer are clothed, with power ram too ge - - aers government, and the accommodation of the pohtte is oat of the question. . However, to guard agaiast tfaeea at much at possible, ' we shall take it as a great favor, if malUn Of Vessels, coming .from Europe, will have the goodness to take the packages of new - paper directed to this office, tuvto their "own charge, and keep them until ' called lor by the person. employed to collect our : taariaa ew. - rrTT? rr;."V" ''," - j ' p - .y j i A long - boat full of men, wa Men in with In Savannah river, on the 20th inst. who Iilformed , ihatthey belonged to the ship Nelly, from Li - 1 verpooi, which was lost the day previous on Martin' Industry. When they left her, she bad tlx feet water m her bold. ; Grtat despatch. The post coach line from Philadelphia, arrived at Fowles - Hook yesterday afternoon at 20 m!n utos past 3 o'clock ; perform jjUi a . - iin up on (he road la changing horses, and stop ping Cor refreshment,) in 1 1 hour and 9Q mi - , - uuies. a raie pi aejpatca equal to express rid ':,...'' In jpviny' place to the (blowing communka , lion,' I shall only say, I mean not to be nnder - : Stood as thereby acceding to the opinion auia - tained by my correspondent, I do Dot, however, at this time, perceive the use of entering at large into the merits of (hit often litigated subject. j,i - 'r ; COMMUNICATION. Since grand juries have assumed qpoa them - xalvet the burden of representing what the; deem the wishes of the community, and, in the , axercue os uteir vqu$lumabl power anu im - Ttnoui auty, cave urooeoaed to recommend t the lr'islaUra alteratioos in the laws, those who oweni iroaa them, Si tbink Uieir inquests uotrue rKBeutatiooi at Lhs rsnersi sninioo. as wella . bad in thr tendency, matt avail tacmselve of me ata or toe press to give their distent equal puuiiuiT. ioa granu jury lor uiitcity bare .: sueij puousnea ineir inquest, inJormtngUie pub - ' - Lc of the effect of the lata law respecting impri - tonmeat for debt under $25, and state, that previous to it enactment the number of imnri - ; eoaed dtbtor supported by charity was 10Q.1 - every mooth i that the number at present aver - , ages 498 : and that therefore in their opinion as ' well as m that of the sheriff; aa exteasioa of the ' extmption from imprisoament would bo benefl - tlal. To the simplicity of every naderstandinr . their report amount to this, that by exempting a cenaia ecus oi usdiots irom imprisonment, the Aamber of imprisoned debtors U diminished, and .. thtrtfort the etemption should be extended still luruior ana toe creditor burdened with the sup . port of those who are imuriionti al hia nit For this information, and the cone ut ioa to logic - c ally drawn from it, I confoss I feel little grati. tuue, and I presume the legislature will not owe , them much mora. , To make their representations oo this subject of any weight, they ought to .. have them, that since the pasrage of "that law, . (mail debt are paid with the earn punctuality a before, and that the class of people to whom that law applies are aot encouraged in their i dle - , remand improvidence Ay a regulation which - tlisarau idleness aad improvidence of their chief and most salutary terror. 1 As Uxs subject is in teresting, and as much evil exists under the prt tent regulations, 1 will ak room for a few ra - Biarkaoanv ' The prnt state of small debt ia this city It rrniy vexaiioas aad oppressive; cj. f rating witu .the moat iiijariom tBequality. - The laws operate auu;einer against tboM who have property, and weretor are Tyranoicai. IVhen a mercoaot owes his sailor, or a mechanic bis workman $10, . the latter compel payment in the moU sneedr . and summary manner. Camge the case, and' upwe us jauoror bis security, or the workman, to owe the merchant or mechanic the same aom, they set him at defiance. They caa with little difficulty swear, that they ore not worth the amount requisite to make it lawful to imprison,, and have aot any property, (ooexempt from execotioa,) on which process ran be levied. These are frequent cases, and will Cod testima. ay in the experience of all clastrt of mea who are obliged to hare small debts. It is ia vain to toy, that credit should not be given for small am; for this, in mmt cases where the credit is - given, is impossible to be avoHed, and, ir it wve not. It woald operate wholly Rjaiart the poor. Nor doe this state of Diicr benefit the toot. r They ran in debt with 'racreasiut; eagcrne - , and snake every eflort to force a credit in til Ui?ir denJiugr. Finding that the law will not compel ' them to pay, they coo firm their conscience to it and bujrh at the imbecility of justice. In".e of oemir artran to uusr ana irujrsiity, io ortr - to pay their debt aad avrid a jil, they indut e U'.ents mad rice to Oie grenle exoefa, and in 7 lb MQttrined fratiflmtioo of hruti - b appetites low aU respect for the law, as well as ail tease of thtirdotyle their neighbor. - . . " j The only bear fit which, it ittrpcel to bt le - 1 rhrsd from the txamptioa law is, that lha poor are prevented from running ta oeou y? nw w tbaconteqneaca' . They are obliged, ia every caa of necessity, wtsjra iney canaos sewm - ' - dit, to tell or pawa their miserable farnitara, aad ia these bargains find the bittern of death to the mercy of the law. Icsteadefa public sale, nrvUr u cTacntion. where there it alwty tome competition la buyer, they are forced to drive a fetcrat bmis with wrttcbe who would aot craple to buy their heart's blood coald the pur, chase be made profitable. Sutfumitarcofsome sort the most have, and they therefore again mxmri thenualves until they procure another monthiil tar the laws of avarice or oppratsian. I cannot now meatioo the defect in the collection ofdebU under tb system of justice Courts, owing to the Just ices themaelves, nor the endless vexation of frivolous suits which are brought ia the name and with the content of the poor, who know that they can suffer nothing from being cast. I hope that wnat nat been said wui awa ken the attention of thinking men to an evil as intolerable a the Egyptian plague of the vermin. AU I wish ie to call the public attention to it, aad to prevent the pernicious eSact of that cruel mercy and unsound charity which will content to no measure of seventy even when warranted by toe most imperative necessity. NEW - YORK STATE LEGISLATURE. ' - JIOUSE OF ASSEMBLY Jan. 27. , Oo motion of Mr. Uuer. ' ' Resolvad, That the Rev. Dr, Bradford, the Rev. Mr. - Chester. Rev Mr. Clara, KeW Mr. Cummine. Rev. Mr. Stansburv. Hv. Mr. Gor man. Rev. Mr. M'Dooald. and Rev Mr. Myer, be, and they are hereby appointed Chaplain to this boose during the present session of the Legislature ; that they he requested to mako Vucb arrangements among tliemselve that one of them attend this house every day, to open the business thereof with prayer ; and that the clerk deliver earn of uiem a copy oi this resolution. - ' Mcstrt. Duer, William and Oakley, were appointed a committee to dralt roles and reula tions for tlie eovernment ol the house. On motion of Mr. Ouer, the house resolved to meet at II o'clock, A. M. ' . ,ATr; - .:';.'Xr...vUV ::. - ;v' - r FROM OUR CORRESPOND EXT. ' ' Albany Daily Advertiser ofDce, ) , ' , Thursday, Jao. 89. $ . We stated yesterday, erroneously, that thi speech of hi excellency the governor was ordered io the house to lie oo the table. The speech was rtft - rred to a committee of ti.e house, and a mctsasr frm hisexcelleney in the case of Ketler a prisoner in Schoharie, under sentence of death, was ordered as aforesaid. Messrs. Ross. Van Vechlen and Hammond, of the Senate, were retediT appointed a commit tee to draft an answer tc the speech of hi exccl - , icucyuM xuvemur. A messaao was received from bit excellency the governor with sundry documents relative to the Uve convict for murder, new ander sentence of death ia the county of Oneida. The message and document were referred to Messrs. Van Vechtea. J. I. Prendrrrast and Bicknell, and or dered to be printed and the Senate adjourned We find it will be tmposnbie lor us to prepare a full report of each day's proceedings of the legis lature, in teajna for the following morning. The proceediae of yesterday nave therefore necessa rily been deterred mi tomorrow. Tn following gentlemen were appointed yesterday, to compose the several ilonaing committees1 Committee of Claims Moots. Williams, Oak ley, Sharpe, M'Lean, and Bates or rnvueces and Elections Messrs. fcer - geant, Kirkland, Greenly, Morris, and Hart. Of Grievances Messrs. tdwards,.. 1 urney, Bouck, Howell and Hoyt. OfCourU of Juitico Mersrs.Duer,M Smith, Van Antwerp and Throop. Of Way and Means Messrs. Coiuen tsar - 1 STi ! P7.r.n mmi nnafhnrirh Of Expiring Law Messrs. ITackley. Jack son. Iraacs, Patterson and Moore. , Of Colleges, Acadeinie and Common Schools - Messrs. Rochester, Havens, Fosdick, Re Qua ana welt. . . t - .. . , ,Tli$ Dnrlling Act. A Mr. Dnx, member a - lert from the county of Seneca, decline taking the additiooal oath prescribed by the act entitled H Aa act to suppress duelling, patted November 6, 1816," from conscientious scrapie; and Mr. Rochester yesterday introduced a resolution ex cusing him from taking the said oath, which was ordered to ue on the table. This resolution will probably riv rise to tome debate in tb.' houo to - day. I be Alitor or tb Duly Advertiser baa been politely favored with a seat ia the two house of the legislature, as reporter during the present tesston. I be public may therefore expect a faithful report of the proceedings of both houses, given as fully as our limit will admit. y . F urn IhtXatianal Intdligtnter, Jan. 29. . , - Albion K. Parris, a Representative in Congress from Massachusetts, ha been appointed, by the President and Senate! to the District Judge of iho United SUtea for the District of I Maine, vice jiide Bewail, reigned. , A, letter received by a gentleman in this city from a friend at Rlakelv, in Alabama, under date of Dee. 9, give a flattering account of: the ettlement and improvement or that cun try. The writer, is confident that Blakely will posses greater advantage for basinets than Mobile i a confidence which is very much at war with the view we have heard expressed on that subject. The writer i a merchant. who has sold witbm twoUavsdry roods to the amount of 400 dolUr. This is certainly driving a brisk, trade. M The crop of cotton, say the writer, " is very fine this season, price 26 to 28 cents. Notwithstanding the number of vessels and great quantity of goods that have arrived here, we think there w ill not be a sufficient quantity to last until another sea son, the population up the river being beyond all calculation, and the HunUville and Ten - nesiee merchant depending on u fur moat of their supplies.", C0SGRES3. IX SEXA Tt - Janunry 23. . Mr, Ahmua submitted the following rei6lu Uoo for consideration : Resolved, that the committee on ihe judiciary be iatructed to enquire into the expediency ol providiog for the security of pas?engers ia stage ooaches, in which lb mail of the United State may be transported agaimt dangers ariiing from grot negligence ol prooneior and drivers. The motion mvla yeftcrday by Mr. Otis, for ad enquiry Into the expediency of an examination and allowance of moneys paid by the stale of Mass acbnsetts, for the services and supplies of the militia of that state, employed during the late war, was postponed to r rular. The bill providing for surviving revolutionary officers, soldiers, Lc was postponed to to - mor row, at were also several other subject. The senate then resumed the consideration of vocative bnsincrs, which occupied it until the adjournment. HOUSE OF REPRF.SEXTATlt ES. Wednesday, January 88. Mr. Nelson made an unfavorable report on the petition of Daniel Coit t which aa read and ordered to lie on the tale. - Onmatondf Mr. Poindexter, It was ' Rewlvetl, That the committee of Commerce and ManuOctures be and they are hereby in - stnu - .ted to enquire into the expediency of e - tabliih:;ig a ptKtof entry and delivery at the town of Shieldsborougli, "on tiie Bay of St. Lou - i, in the state of Mississipi. On motion of Mr.Stom, it was . Resolved, That the Secretary of the War Department be requested to communicate to thi House a eUtenient of the eaics ia which couasul ba been employed to auis tlie Judge Advocate of the Army cf tlie United State imce th first by of Augurt, 1312 T the name paid to tliem respectively, aad the fund out of which tne same nave nee paia ana uiv u - pence of th e several oourU - martial which have been held since that tune for the trial CI ora eer of the Amy. f ' The remainder of the day was taken up on the bill " respecting fugitives from justice, and persons escaping from the service of their masters. - . ' ' . The following it the circular alluded to in Mr. secretary Crawford's report. "... . v CIRCULAR. : Treasury Department, May 7, 1817. - SIR A general impression appear to prevail ia aU the commercial cities, thatfraudi upon the revenue are committed to considerable extent, by mvoicuur merchandise paring aa ad valorem duty, which costs lets than tweuty - Bve cents the yard, with those which exceed that price, so as to produce aa average value above tweotynve cents the rod, and thereby Introduce coarse and cheap fabric without paying th duty coo - templated by lb taruX k According ta tn tame impression, frauds of a more glaring nature are frequently committed npoa the revenue, especially in importation npoa consignment, by the introduction ot articles not described ui the mvoi ces, which, from the imperfect manner in which the inspection of the package are made, escape with impunity. ' It is possibl that thi impression may not be correct to the extent that it has been made, . but it is believed that a due regard to public opinion upon this subject, requires that a more ngwi inspec tion than lias heretofore been made should now be attempted, with a view tc detect the fraud which are supposed to be practised. - It is therefore proposed, 1st, that a certain proportion of the packages which ; contain goods subject toad valorem duties, shall be se lected from each invoice by' the collector, which shall be strictly inspected,, with a view to detect frauds which may be attempted by pulling in the same invoice goods of greater and' less price than twenty - Ova ceots a yard 2d. That a certain proportion of packages paying speewe duties be designated in like man uer by the collector, which shall be thoroughly examined, for the purpose of detecting any at tempt which may be made to smuggle articles not described in the invoice. ' . .3d. That th proportion of oackasre to be de - ?igua(ed by tlie collector, oa importation upon consignment, ba double the number when the person who enters them is the owner and im porter.'. .' ' r 4th. That mall case of consignment the park - age designated shall be lodged in the ' public warehouse until the inspection be made. 5th. That every importation shall be deemed to b upon consignment, unless the person who makes Ihe entry shall expretsly neeativ the fact io oath of entry. Io order that the inspection directed for detecting frauds of the first kind may be skilfully executed, tne inspector, whose habit and infor mation qualify him for th discharge of that da ty, and in whose judgment and fidelity you have most implicit confidence, should ba exclusively empioyea lor mat purpose. As it is an object of importance that th reve nue system should be rendered at perfect as possible, and that every attempt to evade the oro - vuious of the existing laws should be known, you are requested to communicate to thi depart ment every circumstance ofthat nature, accom panied by suggestions of the provisions necessary to repress the evil. 1 am, very respectfully, sir, lour obedient servant, (Signed) WM. H. CRAWFORD. Latest News frcra South America, copied from the " Jamaica Courant" of the 24th ult. ro - calMd Wj. M Diitiiti W IVuiu. Bnt KINGSTON, r Jam.) Dec 24. We have received Curacoa Gazettes to the 13th inst. from which we have cooled torn arti - cles, principally regarding the oppressions, ear ned on aoum America. ) - . CURACOA. Nov. 29 There have been three arrivals this week from Puerto CabellO, but w have learnt no intcUi gene by them relative to the contending parties on the Main, that can be depended on. It is stated that gen. Morillo left Valencia on Ihe 10th inst. for Calaboxo, where he will establish his head quarters. The Independents are said to be in possession of San Fernando de A pur, but no general action had been fburht according to tho last account received in Puerto Cabello ; tne oeuigerenu saust however be approximating very fast, and we anticipate that a dreadful con flict is oh Urn eve of taking place, which will proooDiy urcide the rate of Venezuela "acoo - summation devoutly to be wished." The Independent chief general Manuel Piar, was publicly executed ia Cuayana, on the IGth of October, pursuant to sentence passed upon him by a supreme court martial, of which Ad miral Brioo was president, for the crime of insubordination, desertion and high treason. He was accused by his own troops, and the cri minal confessed his eoilt. A private letter from St. Thomas, dated Nov. 28, says, 44 It has been supposed by some people, that gen. Zartta would embrace the advantages held oat m the Iudulto to the disaffocted. and join me royai standard ; for this puriOe gen Humiu taieiy sum a muiioa to Him, Dy mean of a priest named Sutil, accompanied by a young . . 1 1 . ... son oi .araza, on Whom Monllo had previously conferrad the rank of emigo, offering through the medium of the priest, to make Zaraxa a brigadier if he would go over with his troops to the standard oi tne King. To which proposal Zara - sa made the fbllowiog reply : "Not until I behold my wife and unfortunate children, cruollr murdered by the legions of gen. Monllo,' restored to life again, shall I desist from the noble undertaker and rloriout strife in which I am now engaged, againH the tyrants of toeir country, and th auamns of their innocent posterity." Having said these words, he handed a t word to his ton, who (corning the rank which was given him, merely for the sake of necessity or convenience, grasped th weapon, ""with which," hi father said, "you must defend the rights of your country, and avenge th death of your mother and brethren." j Utc. 13. wa are nappy lo learn by the last account from St. Euitatius, that the commerce of that colony it ia a nourishing ttate. Twenty - four American, and many vessels belonriae to other nations, were lying ie the Roadstead. An Independent bng had tafcen oo board 4000 barrels of floor and a large quantity of provision. A letter from Guayan of a recent date, lay. " Since tha capture of the vast province of u nay an a, ana since the disturbances were queued, which were resuscitated by gen. fiar, the .furors of peace has made its bright appearance on that large and fertile Continent ; the wise measures subsequently taken to set in motion all the engine of public felicity, which are particularly agriculture and commerce, promi the happiest result ; and we will soon bar to glory ia th possession of a country dirtingnisbed by nature, where justice may establish it empire, peace it reign, and order its dominion. "The governor has invited and offered to protect aU industrious farmers, who muy wish to set themselves up in the fruitful fields of the wealthy Omooko ; whatever be the establishments form ed by them, shall be protected by wise laws of safety ami preservaima, on which they may be justly expected to build their hopes. "Mule, cattle, uorces, bide cotton, and other produce, are lb ohjscts which actually offer themselves to commeru lor its i peculations on the Oronoke. The cocoa and indigo tree of tha Province ofl V annas, will in a short urn increase their branches, . sdtracting thereby the attention of merctiant.. A number of Spaniards, of those Tory ooe who formerly warred against as, lire peaceably iuuv;in - uius r - . - in,, enarif aa olUcer fax Morillo1 army, was v BAMf - i - - . I but who went over to th repuoucans - , n m, Catalin of much activity, and a brother toDon1 Juan, iJcayrancisco and Don Jo Antonio Was, nf hirfa - renotation in Caracas ; the latter a military character. . There are svral other Spanish officer, Catalaman and Arago - diao, ia servica of the Indepeots, who until now have conducted themselves with, much honor, xt .m la rraal venule smooi US. - Km Fernando da A pure has been taken h rm. Paei about the Utter end of October, previous to his having been joined by the divisions wlrich left ! Guayana some time seo. Thirty six Spanish officers, among them two Viscamos, are said to have gone over to that reneral, to which even must he ascribed the fJlintr back of the Royalists, some towards CaLiboso, and others towards Valencia, and the evacuation by ihem of the Province of Varinat. and a ETfclt part 01 tne Interior of Caracas. It is auo said that cren Morillo bad net passed beyond San Juan de los Morrus. where be has fixed bis head quarters i but as the SpahLjh government is so frugal of jts newspapers, and is careiui ocsjuc w mi - ceal it political tate from us,, we must con tent outselve with private, since we are oe nrived of nublic news. ' "A rsrnson of 1800 men and the qur.drn have remained to Protect Guayana. The li berating army is already on its march to res. cue the Drivince of Caracas, it it composed in all of 12,000 warrfoM. I am still in hopes of seeing the Republican flag wave in all Venezuela before the end of the year." , Extract of a letter from the master of tlie tchr. - Shepherdess, to hi owner in Warren, K. I. dated Havana, January 3. " ' " " The fifth day after I left Warren, I fell in with the wreck of the M ah it e, of New - York, Grifliiig, master, from Charleston, fur New - bern, (N. C. which was upset the preceding night, and her deck ript up. ' I took off the rrew, consisting of the owner, captain, mate, and, two men saved some beef and bread.and part of the sails and rigging ; but the sea being rough, my small boat was soon stove and rendered useless, and I thought it not prodent to attempt to fret out the long boat The sloop litd on' board a' few crates of crockery and glassware, and a few barrels of beef and bread. Off the Hole in the Wall, I was board ed by a pirate under Mexican colours, who took from me two thirds of a barrel of 'pork, all the tpere rigging, small stores, some carpen ters tools, bed, grindstone, . &C &c. There are many in this port who have been boarded by him, and treated in a similar manner. Said privateer is a schooner of about forty tons, and manned with those who have called them selves Americans - ,' From th$ Dmotratit Prut of Jan. 29. On Monday last a petition was presented to the senate of Pennsylvania from " William Cob - bett, an Englishman, resident in tlie state of New - York, but now in Pennsylvania,", praying th common wealth to remit him the amount oi a forfeited recognisance ; payment of which be be lieves to hare been illegally exacted by the late chief justice M'Kean. Mr. Cobbett is at liar - risburg. ' ' . K CHARLESTON, Jan. Si. Mr. Henry Cook, of Sot - Harbour, ( New - York,) a seaman on board the schr Maria, capt. Latham, felt overboard from the fore - yard ofthat vessel, on Aunday the 1 tin inst. and was lost. BRATTLEBORO', (Vt.) Jan. 87. . Emigrotion. in good tye Yesterday the in habitant of this village wera not a little amused by the appearance of a vehicle, which strikingly reminded them of what the scripture tell us of Noab's ark. it was drawn by eight ttout oxen. accompanied uy a none and sieie h, probably in tended as a tender, and several cows, calves, &c. which were doublles very serviceable appendage t as w noticed, in its passage, many smuing inn face couacica at ine window while - the " gently ascending smoke1 form the " projecting chimney's top," denoted a cheerful paternal hearth beneath. At this " way - worn" habitation mad no tarry in this place, we did not learn u whence it came," or " whither it was going,' but suppose it i destined to the u land of promise. . - . Nomrotx. Jan. 26 Arrived, Spanish polacre brig La Cruz de Maria, G. Bunker, prue - master loaded with salt, prue to the tender of the Independent privateer El Patriot, com. Taylor, captured on tlie 50th of November, oil the port of Pal mas, south end of tlie Grand Canary Island, being bound to tlie Coast or Africa on a nsh ing torage. La Crux de Maria was going to Amelia Island, but being informed by a brig from Baltimore tor New Orleans, which, she spoke, that it was in possession of the Americans, nut into this port The polacre had or iginally 48 men, 45 of whom were landed on the Grand Canary, and 3 (Spaniards) brought in her. Sloop Win tt Mary, Nye, N Iledford 3 days. In Hamptou Koads oo Saturday, a brig from Bristol, (t.n.) bound to Richmond. The llerm. brig Emerald - Rhodes, of and from Providence, K. L bound to Richmond, which ran ashore on Craney - Island, on Friday, was gotten on, without injury, being assisted by sen. 1 eacber, walker, ot Washington, . C. She is now at anchor below Fort Norfolk GEORGETOWN, (3. C.) Jan. SL Late and important. Very little dependence need be placed oo our late quotations of Cotton aad Rice. By a very late arrival it i officially known that th former of these article told at Liverpool on the 22J of Nov. at 84 cent per lb, aad the lnller at 44 to 47s. per cwt Since this news, cotton wbicli cost 34 cent in Charleston ha been told on a long credit in New - York at 31. A very intelligent factor in Charleston, believes cotton will come down to 23 ceats in that market. A letter from Savannah, dated 20th inst. says " Our harbour is crowded with shipping, and considerable Cotton in market j but sales are heavy, and the prices declining the ship pers begin to be alarmed." MAKRILU, On Tuesday eveoine 27th instant, at Cold Spring, Long island. Mr. Henry Scudder, ol Cow Harbour, to the amiable' Miss Eliza Hewlett. daughter of Divine Hewlett, of tlie former place. Dlr.D, Last evening, Mr. David Rots, bookbinder, a native of 6'cotland. His friends and acquaintance. and I?o thofe of John tibon, are respectfully in .'ited to aiteod tia lunerai, from the corner ol Rosevelt and Cberry - slreets, to - morrow aiter noon, at 4 o'clock precisely. ' X esterday aiternoon, or a lingering ulness, Mr. Edward C. Marsh. His friends and acquaint ance, and those of Mrs. JeremUh, are requested to attend his funeral, from his late residence, Jia. 10 A an - street, oo Sunday aiternoon, at 4 o'clock. Yesterday morning, Mrs. Sarah Mill, wife of ir. eainuei nut, mine ooiuyearoi uer aca. The friends and acquaintance oi Iter husband arc respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon, from her late residence, coroer Grand and Fnnylh f formerly Second) street, at four o'clock. .. .. Yesterday morning, Mr. David Craton, in the 46th year of bi age. His friends and acquaint ance are retpecunlly requested to attend hi fe - aeral, from bis late resilience, No. 6 Antboey - street. tomorrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock. Suddenlv. last eveoinr. ia th 45th rear f Kr age, Mrs. Sarah Smith, widow of tha tat Timothy Tred well Smith. Th rehtirti andfriendj' of thi dcasd, and thelnenJs of Robert MJ RastelL are invited to auena uer i oat further infilation, to - morrow aiternoon, ai half past 4 o'clock. rrocetsion o'clock, precise!, from the house of R. JO. Rus - At Lebanon Spriogs, oa th 86th instant, after a thort illness, Mr. John L. Tryon, eldest son of the late judge Tryon, oltne wrnier put.. , n.. c,ik. ih 9ii h inst. at the steam - boat hotel in Norfolk, Dr. Edward Woodward, laU . rik. f,:miM TTniltid State, in the 2alh hi. are. "fJr. W. was a native of Dela ware county, Pennsylvania, of very respectable connexions. . He returned to the United States in tha frurato Constellation, since which be has been rapidly draining. Hi - complaint was a dropsy, under which ba lingered for a considera' ble time.' ' . V . . i "prices STOCKS. '. - - v - coaaccTKn ai " JrMn.Yark Stock and Exchange Hoard. it 3 - 4 Merchants ' s v . Manhattan .,;' ; Mechanics f ' - Union - . ISO irj 3 4i 119 ' 99 14 City .' America 111 1 - 4 99 3 - 4 106 3 - 4 LPhenix V ' ".Eacle - v Globe I Wttshingtpq 130 112 hi 12 1 21 135 117 110 I 151 104 1 62 19 1 5v 44 American New - York Ocean firemen Unih - d i'henix t, National Ii7 1 - 2 . h' 63 20 ' 7 alet 1C9 . , - nejv per share per share 108 1 - a Pacific 109 I tt 109 3 - 4 100 3 i Six per Cent. City Loan N. Y. State Sixe Iv..; Sevens 104 100 I S bione ' NATION ALr STOCKS United Slates Bank .. .. .,; .. ., U! Six per cut. old and deferred , par and nit . do . . Louuiaua a i do , - iWar Loan! Seven per cent. Three per cent. v' Yazoo ' ""' im none - " 105 3 i - 109 3 4 110 71 12 none : ;. ' 86 3 4 bpecie Dollars I)otihlo6na i 3 1 - 3 a 4prem S15 3 - 4 a la 7 . u j. oooouoooo J ' X C II A N G E Bills on London. 60 day - 102 1 - 2 ; British Governmeot France - fr. 5,35 a ' ' Amsterdam '; 103 5.37 I 39 rtuU EVEXIXQ POST M.1RIXE LIST. V. . CLEARED, Ship Amity, Stanton, . '" " ' " Liverpool . I Wright & boa Alpbion, Goodrich. Turk's Island Hyer & Bremner Brig Frances, Grave Europe " - Cunningham k Baylies Schr Major Croghan, Wootten Norfolk Cain. Rogers, Ketcham, Wilmington, NC Palestine, Bcnington, Frederickburg Sloop Susani Noble, ' . Washing' pn, N C XO ARRIVALS THIS FOREXOOX. . BELOW, Ship William, 68 dayt from Hull, to Burrill KCaiioone. . Briir Harmony, 18 day from St Mans. A brig 18 days from Martinique, supposed to be the Randolph. , A schooner from North Carolina, and 2 other schooners. Boston, Jan 28. Arrived below, brig New Leader, Young, 1U7 dayt from Batavia. Left, Oct 12, ship llelvetiuaj Galrgar, (former capt. dead) for Philadelphia t ship Ami ica, Cherub, from a York, sr. Oct. 1, and was waitirur car go i Natcbes, of and for do do do i Willium, Baker, for Newport, loading Rosseau, do do ; American Hero, Lombard, arrived from Sama - rsng, partly loaded, to sail in 20 divs for Ant werp. The ship Iris, Woodbury, and brig1 Hindoo, Whitney, tailed trom Manilla on the 8th. Brig Ariadne, Copeland, sailed eastward, Oct 1, for a cargo i brig Jane, Boardman, do do do i Otlielk). Gladdou, for Samarang, Oct 1. Ift at Samarang, ship Patterson, of Providence, loading i Sophia, Fell, to load in all Oct Ship Bingham, Wilson, Philadelphia, (ailed Sept 28. . Ships Two Brothers, and Po tomac, sailed for Holland about Sent 15 1 Pic tolus. Oxnard. do. Sailed in co ship Genre. Dixey, for Gibraltar.. , Nov 22, offtl.eCapeof Good Hope, spoke the ship Ganges again, and parted co.on the 24th, in latSi 41, long 18, c Jan iiatai, long or, spoxe cnr. sea Serpent, 10 days from N York for Martinico. Price at Batavia. Oct t2 Cpffo, 14 50 a 15, per picol. on board; sugar, 8,50x9,50; produce very scare and high, the demand for it daily increasing from recent arrivals. Go vernment tale of coffee In Sept. brought 14 a 110. . - CniaLESTov. Jan. 33 Arrived brie; Gen. Ripley, Drew; Boston U days. On Tuesday last, spoke sell Elixa & Nancy, Hall, 5 dayt from" NYork for Savannah. Sch Favorite, Farrin, Savannah 1 day.' Fast ed at anchor m Cocaspur Roads, brig Favorite, of Boston, 51 days from Liverpool. Saw two ships and a brig standing in for Tybee. Off St. Helena, spoke brig Decatur, of Providence, (K. I.) from Newbern bound to &aannab. Sch. Tckeli, Doane, Savannah 2 days. A long - boat, full of men, came into Savannah ri ver on Tuesday, anu hailed a ship, in passing, bound to Liverpool ; requesting them to report, on their arrival, that the thin TYclly. from Liverpool, was lost tne day previous, on Martin's Industry when they left her she bail 6 feet water in her hole, Capt Doane could learn no further particular. . i sloop superb, ttaborn. lombahee 1 day. A lues r rieeed vessel, of aboat 50 tons burthen, is ashore on Otter tilaod.' Captain Otbora was ojr? board ber on tveunesday evening ; she is completely stripped of sails and rigging: In the hold were a great r.nmber of book in the Spanish Ian - , guage t there were a number of negroes from the neighboring plantations on beard of ber, hut no white person. She is ao doubt the vessel seen some time since oo the coast, by captain Rogers of the steam bat ; and oast have been either a Spanish prise or patuot privateer. Eb was pro ha 01 y run oo shore designedly i and it it ukelv oer crew are now in wis uiy - - , Cleared, ship Caledonia, iNoyes, laverpool. , Two schooners to the north of the . Bar last evening." "" - ; - - The Mexican privateer' schooner Liberty, capt, Larmett, 17 days from Femandiua. an chored below on Wednesday evening., ' he ra porunuiMms. " - Rtcaxeso, Jan.' 25. Arrived brig Tour r r. . , Brig Richmond, Turner, New - York. i SavaxiAB, Jru 21Atrivey'slobpBetev. tl II. Tl 1 . 7. ijuniij, rroviuence. v, - .' , t - V Cleared, slup Kensington, Silhman, Liver - pooli .Shamrock, M'Kown, do. British nrhr IA. 11T..I.. I I . 1 - THEilTllE.: The putlie is repeciully informed, that Mr incledrm it engaged inra few ni - hts previous - a r r - t i . ' On MOSDAY EVENING, Feb. Will be prestuted, (for the 1st tone ia this theatre) tha opera of i - THE LORD OF THE XAXORi Rasldey, - ... Mr. I acted x . To which will be - added, the mrlo - dnvsa olV .'. LOWIHA OF TOBOLSKOIj Or, THE FATAL SXOrsTORM. ICOTICE. SPA persons having demand against tha estate of m.w .v. unu iiis, oeceas ed, will pri nt ineir accounts, anu mote mdebt - cd will pie max payment to iIpn'hv miT r..i - Jan 31 lw I ' Wo. 3 South - rtraet :. - . . cu'tlllion pari 1. . fVJr. The manager give notice that the aexl '. itHlionparty will be on Thursday neainr next, '. COtl the 6th February.'.althe City Hotel. - Jan 31 5t Irfurmation to Marinert. rrj - NOTICE The annual sermon to sea - fa rins: men, will be preached by the Ry. a. Maclay, to - morrow morning, in th Mulberry - (, 1 Eanlkt Meeting - House. Service to be?'u ore. ciscly at half past 10 o'clock. Jan 31 U ' For CHARLESTON, Tlie elegant packet ship CORSAIR Sutton, will sail on Wednesday nexL! for freight or pajssge, apply on boatd, at Co.. vernsur's whart or to :.,.' . i . . CLARK, MOORE it Co. ; i ' . Jan314t - 41 Booth - street. ' For VfORJO, T Thesrhr. BETSEY, capt. Turner burthen 97 tons, a substantial nod vessel, only one year old, having a part of ber I cargo engaged. For freight of tha remain der, which will be taken on very reasonable term, apply to GOODHUR & CO. , jan 3 1 - 44 South.trcet. . , ' V IN fc. 5000 lbs. India twine, 2 and 3 A. thread. 3000 do. tint quality London seine do, quantities to suit purchaser lor sale by i CEBUA & CUMING, . ' .Jan 31 DltC6t I . 79 Pearl - ttreet. ' RU6MA GREY HARE SKINS. GEORGE ASTORoffen for tale 10,000 Rut - in Grey Haw Skin. - Jan 31 lw yf .VUL ASSES, tu 9 hhJj molls - ?, goed quality, at Peck - slip, for tale y Jan 31 R. C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. FxJH SALE, The fire - proof store, No. 5, in Gouver ' neurVlaue, the third from South - street. Th lot on which it stand is under an advantageous lease, 1 1 years of which are unexpired. It ia . three stories, with fire - places ; being in front on Uouverneur't lane 40 feet and io depth 25. : Aa improved machine for pressing of good for ex. porlatioa has been erected oa the premise, tnt ' heretofore profitably employed in preaauig cotton, ' fun, skins, hay, Sec. From the fitnen of to, building, and the convenience which it anord for working the machine, and its nearness to the river, it may be an object to purchase them together. - ' fir' ' ALSO, ftiiiil . The lease (two years of which are unexpired) of the three story bouse No. 93 Front street, third from Gnuverncur'i lane. Beside . a large store and cellar iu front, it affords every convenience for a large lamily. eAUo, FOR SALE or TO LET, , . The house No.' 20 WaU tUeel, opposite the .Merchants' and next to the Fhooix Banks - It has been recently built of the bett materials, ' and beside three room which have occasionally been occupied as insurance, broker's and attorney's offices, afford every accommodation for a . private family . '.,;. If not disposed of before the ' 10th' February, the above will be offered for tale, at auction, f ; which notice will be given by Bleecker'& Bitby For particular apply to R , JanSl tf . No. 26WalUC - .:' BLACK BOY. w FIFTEEN years tim of a stout healthy black boy for sale. He is 13 year old. Apply at 255 Pearl - street .V - - Jee3tlf .y " s w i ii b " r" - ' I TT ANTED to purchase, a no mber of3waa suitable to put on a tarns. Wanted to take to winter, a number of boms. on a farm, distance aot exceeding 14 mile from . thi city, where there wilt be Ihe bett attendance, . and they shall be kept in as good order at when taken, at 5 5U per month (acciornTt excepieo.i Apply at No. 612 Peail - itreet. before 10 o'clock in the morning, and after 3 in the afternoon. janaiat" PI ANO FORTE FOR BALE. ANEW and fashionable instrument, made by one of the best London manufacturers, tad in complete order, will be told cheap, as the owner wishes to leave th city. Enquire at 32 Cedar - street,' corner of Broadway. Jn3I , , . BOOK - KEEPING. ' GENTLEMEN wishing to acqnire a complet and critical knowledge of Book - Keeping, : by double entry, are respectfully informed that BENNETT'S fifth and last pobhc court of Lee - , ures on that all important art will commence oa next Monday evening, the ma last, at bis ren - dence 40 Fulton - street ; where tbey are requested to call, prevloo to the evetims of commencement, and enter their names. Of the 100 genu men who have, witliin the last four months, bees instructed by him in the tcience of Book - Keeping, 31 are merchants in business ia thi city. 29 are. practical book - keeper in active employ, who only wanted what they have been pleased i denominate " th pofuA," and the remainine 40' he both made and polished by mean of inttilal - , ital and nrthtm ica process. . To bit subscribers, individually and collectively, be return his most grateful acknowledgement for their very liberal nalronage ; and be cherishet the hopa that the satisfaction he has given them will insure to bias V a continuation of their rood will and recommend riation. Terms of the public coarse 15 dollar., . Terms for comnle tint: the art by nn rate instruc tion, which will be continued, ?W. Jan 31 It" i. BfcftNfc IT, Accooniaai. - FUST published, a new Map of the tate ofl - t diana, by the Hon. C. Harrison, to wruca w - added, the Survey of the Illinois Territory, by Gen. Mansfield, price 2 dollar. For sale by ritliilt K wi;.iii.'v, . No. Ill Water - street I A few cories of Phelton and Remitt' mrg Man of the United States, mounted and varnish ed, or folded ia a case ; price 13 dollars, to be bad as above. Jan 31 zw MAVDEV1LLK. a tale of tlie eventeenth centorv. ia Enxland. by Wm. Godwin, author of Political Juttc, Sew Man of Feeling, ic. fcr, 2 voir, price $1 75. thi davpublihea and for sale by . . W..B. GlLLF.Y, Jan 31 , vz uroaowaj. MANDEVILLE, a Tale, by William Godwin, 2 vols, price 1 75, for tale by ' A. T. GOODRICH & CO. ' Jan 31 ' 14 Broadway MANDEVILLE, a Tale of the eventeoth ceaturv. m Fjisland. br William Godwin, just puhlLbed, and fbrrate by I JanSl A'iio. 23 WU - tt LIST. DAY.FOU 5000 DOLLARS. OiLY 13 dollars frr this rkb prise, which . will he drawn oa Monday arorning. Th1 o - are the following vahiahle prixt in the wlieel oi the Medicnl fsiaence Lotteryr ali of which must 1 be drawn ia lew oa, fix. j ' ! - prixe of 2 do of - t,w 2 do ofT10,0(K) I do'of1 2.0W, . ., "do 'or 5.0(10 J 5 do or ' 1,000 J I a." , - 6 - riOO; S f 200. ' ; And a number of 100, 60, etc , , i Ticket! and Shares, fjr sale at, ... truly Lucky Office. No. 12 Broadway, oppo site me vny siuiei. - . - "Whete was sold a few dayt ince, o. 3s - i.irhHrvw th bichest prise ever drawn w . America, vis. One IIwtKired ITionianit Do .ari, and was itamcuia'cty PiH tneowsers. Jaa3U i: 5 1

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