The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 13, 1944 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1944
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

FortComes Home But in a Mess · GLAOWIN BILL * - ' A V. S. FerlreM Base in En*^ luri, (ffW-From the-2l year old _ gunner on a flying fortress that reached England battered into a "mess ot holes' and ribbons" 'came a ; combatant's , gripping account v Thursday of Tuesday's aerial battle · over Germany./ , : He. is Set. 'Everett E. Hudson^ I St.,pt West Point, Miss.,' a-meiQ- ' ber ol the crew, of the fortress ' "Frenesi" piloted by U. William .-: F. Gely of Houston, Texas. . "Every thine was all ri«ht until we hit the tarret," he said. "We were leading, the secsud «le- Kent of the foroaUen and had ·lade a second run on the tarc«l-- The messersehmitl p l a n t - ai Brunswick--so we could smash it · "Then I-saw "15 or 20 twin-en- .gined ships circling around back r-6f us. They sort of got abreast and ' then came in letting go with their Brockets. . r ' . ':. ' , ^ ; y"--''!They were bursting all'around lr,us like light bulbs blowing up ant li we could see fragments flying al ..,,."! heard- "the .tail gunner: saj JMie'd gotten one just after the cam |Vlera man took "him some 'more am ', munition.* * ' . - · . ' · ; ,i '.'The sky oust filled up with FW B.^liWs from jnit pf nowhere. ·(: : - "My interphone went dead then and I tapped- the 'other waistgun i ner to call them ou( as r'pointei to them. , ' . "They queved ap on as, a who] mess of them, and- I saw our right wing man go down U smok A DELICIOUS TREAT POULTRY OR MEAT and when I W*ke« ·»t;tbe »tber »ist window our left wing nan .-as gone, ta*. · 'I tried to let the other waist unner know that we were coin- letely open from the rear (be- ause of the loss of the other ,2 lanes) but he just didn't under- land my gestures,-'everything was wpping so fast. · "Then the tail gunner called out lat 3 Focke-Wulfs were coming n on our tail. A 20-millimeter helThit our right .horizontal sta- ih'zer. Then some more hit the ight wing and made a. patch work ut of it. * . ·'.; ,"I knew by this time, too, that flak had knocked 'out our No. 2 engine. ' · - . - . ' . "We went into a terrific dive ben. It seemed we' were going to .crash for van. We went M fast was; being thrown all over the snip. Half the time'I was on. my head or hitting the top of the ship organ. 1 . ' "It'wns like a cyclone inside the ship. God sure was with me". ! I tried 3 times to make the door, but every time the ship took an evasive action and threw me someplace else. · . .. "I finally got to the-^vaist window and was going to jump, when I noticed my chute had ripped open. . ·' · ' ' . . ' · " ' ; ·'' I was bruised all' over. am my left shoulder felt as'if'it were gone. Then the plane levelled of a little.. I. took off my chute arid went forward to the' pilot's com partment. The radio room-was;a mess--every loose thing.smashed and thrown all over the place. "I. told the pilot I didn't hav my chute and he said; that's all right--papa's gblng .to take yon home.' and he did, too. He's the best pilot in the world. ^ "1 gave myself |pme morphine Gee, how that dislocated shoulde hurt. We didn't have any seriou attacks after we levelled off. "But the fort was full of-holes all over. Most of the tail.was gone.-The wing tip was shot of and a motor out. I can't ,figur out yet how it could fly. We coul hear it cracking in the radio sec tion and \ye thought it was i to split in" two. "I didn't see-how Lt. Cely coul handle that big ship the way h did. Boy, what a job that guy an Churchill (Co-PLtot Jabez Chur chill of Santa Rosa, Cal.) mus have done to bring it ho'me/' "ChurchiU and I put our head together to figure out the bes bearing," said Cely rounding -o: the story. "The interphone was- out an we couldn't talk to the navigato We tried to picture the map an set our course. We thought om time that vre were over the chan nel but it was the Znider' Zef. Bo e only bad to alter our course They .flew 400 miles back to a jerfect landing at the first base ley could find. * "Churchill and I brought it ack but .don't ask me how," Cely oncluded. "I don't believe it my- clf." . But they're eager to get going gain--as soon as thev can .put: heir hands'on a "Frenesi Second." [raveling Civilians jiven Hints That May Assist in War Effort Civilians who must travel dur- ng 1944 were given 5 helpful lints Thursday by Joseph R.'Gilam, Mason City, public relations jommittee c h a,i r m a n pi the American Hotel' Association and proprietor of the Eadmar hotel: 'No matter when v i c t o r y comes" stated'Mr. Gillam, "it" is ogical to assume that travel and, o a great extent, hotel facilities n this country will continue to 3e x taxed to the utmost for at .east one or 2 year's after the axis powers have been crushed. ' "To help essential travelers solve their transportation problems, I suggest they 'travel on less crowded trains, at less crowded hours, arid on less crowded days;' have hotel reservations confirmed : in advance^ cancel your reservations the minute your -plans : i are changed; double-up with' friends on Pullman and hotel accommodations; and travel light,' with minimum luggage; " ' - PLEADS GUILTY TO MURDER Confesses Hiding and 'Assaulting Dairyman Fort Dodge, (if)--WUliam Jarrett, 53, laborer who has confessed the slaying in- ambush of Everett Warden, 49 year old Gowrie, Iowa, dairyman, pleaded guilty to first degree murder ahii waived preliminary' hearing before .Paul E. McCarville, justice of the.peace here Thursday; Jarrett, who was · not admitted to bail, reiterated the desire, be has expressed since soon after his arrest Wednesday moraine, to "set it over with quick." " Jarrett has confessed lie concealed himself ,in Warden's garage 4 miles southwest of Gowrie Tues- day night and clubbed the dairyman with a 35 pound plow hitch when the latter returned from his milk route in · Gowrie. Warden lied in a local hospital a few hours later without regaining consciousness. Mrs. Warden, who was also at-. ' -.eked by the killer, escaped his clutches with a scalp wound, from which she is recovering, and fled to the home of a neighbor. County Attorney Thomas M. Healy said that Jarrett will be arraigned before District . Judge Dwigh't G. G. Rider of Fort^Dodge at 11 a. m. Friday at which time he will have another opportunity to plead guilty or innocent. If be persists in his pies of tuilty, Healy added, the court will then set a tiatf for hearing evidence to determine the degree and to impose sentence. The formal charge against Jarrett states he "did 1 deliberately, willfully a n d premeditatedly" murder Everett Warden. Sheriff Joe L. McMnlion. who arrested Jarrett in an empty Gow- ·ie store building in .which the Defendant had lived'for several months, said that Jarrett told him he had intended to kill both Wardens and then himself. Committee on Fuel, Water Conservation Will Be FormeoVHere A meeting will be held at the Cerro Gordo hotel Friday noon to set up a committee in Mason City for the conservation of coal, oil, gas, electricity, water, communications and transportation, it was announced Thursday by Mayor Carl Grupp. ·' , A representative of the Des Moines office of defense transportation and from the war production board will be here for the meeting, the mayor announced. Egypt is.the world's fifth largest cotton producer. -r Asks Return of Friendly Tavern Permit Mrs. Genevieve Hill, owner o£ the Friendly tavern at Central Heights, has.apepaled to the district court-here for action to restore the roadhouse license of the tavern. Her suit- is against the Mason township trustees, S. A. Mathre, Axel-Anderson and R.'A Shaffer, who revoked the license Dec; 30 following the death of James C. Tenney in a fight at the Friendly tavern Christmas Eve. ., Mrs. Hill states in her petition that the charge "that she operated said Friendly Tavern in a disorderly manner is false and untrue" and asks the court to establish that the revocation of the roadhouse license wa's without legal, or sufficient cause and that Thursday, Jau. 13, 1944 17 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE the tavern operation was not conducted in a disorderly manner. The trustees took the revocation action on the advice and at the request of the county attorney and the grand jury which brought in a joint indictment for manslaughter against John and Joe Frank who were involved in the fight with Tenney. ' . The 2 brothers are still in th« county jail awaiting arraignment on the charge. Their attorney, L. R. Boomhower, also represented Mrs. Hill in the suit she has filed. SALADDRE§SING Forest City Soldier Rates Tank Mechanic Forest' City--Pvt. : : Donald D. Narveson, son. of Mr. and Mrs. | Andrew Narveson, was among a class of skilled tank mechanics trained 'to keep: the General Shermans, General. Grants, and their little brothers, the light tanks, roaring into combat who w«re graduated from the armored school tank department at Fort Knox, Ky. · Chapin --Mr. and Mrs. Ross Stilson, G. -W. VanNcst -and Mrs. Bes- ; sic Moore and daughter; Peggy, i were at Apple River, 111., to attend i the funeral of a cousin. They re- ! turned home Monday, f An average rainfall of over one ; inch a day is recorded on the; western slope of Cameroon moun- , tain in 1 Africa. FOOD VALUES I Peanut Butter Taste Rite/ Lb. J q r . . . ' . 29C 11 KARO SYRUP Golden, · »" P/2-lb.'Jor.. 14c ; FLOUR ^ v / Ocicdenr, 25-lb. Sack 2 Points Mleblgui ' Navy Beans . . 3 Ibs. 25c Guest Small Whole Green Beans . Guest Fancy Cat Wax Beans . ·No. 2 Can No Points 17c No.3- Can '·· No Point* 17e Diamond Budded Walnut lb.43c BIe»ch and Disinfectant « 19c Bottle Owatoniu Whole Kernel Corn ... Festal Fancy Whole Tomatoes . . 13 Points No. 303 "yC f Cans June Peas 18 Points ^ 14e ISToints; No.2 |C- Can I 3 C SANTA CLARA PRUNES «r ,,, CALUMET BAKING POWDER, Pound Can | OXYDOL, Rich, Thick Suds, ' I Large' Package 21C ~ Sunkist -'" ORANGES .U»S«r JAM Juiey, Dozen . 47^ Texas Sweet. POTATOES Idaho Russets, 100 Ibs. Earh/ Chios, -Red Triumphs - or Round Whites. 100 .bs $2.78 IOC HEAD LETTUCE, Head . . . . . . . ; . . California « AJ. CARROTS, Bunch. . IVC CAULIFLOWER, Head lOc Canadian RUTABAGAS, lb.. Folger's COFFEE MEAT SELECTIONS PACKED WITH NUTRITION PORK ROASTS... Ib. 28c Fresh - Tonnjr - Tender I PORK CHOPS Ib. 34c I Always a Family Favorite CmCKENS- Fresh Dressed --- Choice Poultry '·-- All Sizes SWIFT'S PREMIUM LAMB Stew ,,.;. ..-...:·. Ib. 17c ShU. Roosts...... Ib. 32c Rib Chops. . . . . . Ib. 33c : It's Always in Season QUALITY VEAL Roasts Ib. 28c Chops :. Ib. 32c Stew Ib. 18c Tender and Etaonmical It's New-- It's Different Swift's Bland Lard 1 Lb. 2 Paints 18c 3 Lbs. 6 Points 5Jc Sliced Pork Mver, lb 17c Park Cutlets, ft. 32c Spare Ribs, Ib. 21 c BrookfieM' Links, lb.. La Sabrosa Chili, lb.. . 39c 29c Prem BNan- tchwetger, Ib... 34c Pork Tenders, lb.... 42c Fresh Side Pork, Ib 26c GromMi Beef Hambtirfer, lb. 26c Albweet Margarine 2* Lb. POUND FEDERAL SWEET CIDER PHONE 542 FRUIT MARKETS HOP HERE AND S A V E 2 2 Z N FEDERAL ON THE SQUARE 12-14 1st N. W. Free Parking 612 So. Fed. AMERICAN CHEESE 2 Pound Oftdi Box OTMV FRBHBUnER-45c[GOOO°Tucr^r27' SALAD BOWL SALAD DRESSING PINT JAR CARNATION CAN MILK IC.H. PURE 27' | CANE SUGAR CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP 3 CANS OCC 4Pts.EachAO Iodized or Plain 2--26-oz. Tubes I LeGRANDE MORTON'S SALT 15 C I DILL PICKLES SJ517' THE NEW SIANULATEI SO/U * .TM5'/ 3 "»« 20 C Large ^^C Pkg. .. at J WHITE NAPHTHA S O A » p 3Sr. 14 C 5 Large .r I Bars. 29 C 2 " 19 C 6REAT NORTHERN BEANS CHOICE NEW CROP RICE CHILI S A U C E I C H I L I S A U C E -H. J. Leinz 16 oz. ^QC I H. J. Heinz 12 '/ 2 -oz ^ * Delicious Jar JT | Delicious . . Jar O l SUN-MAID SEEDLESS RAISINS (4pointl) "-M5 1 SUN-MAID ZANTE CURRANTS (SFnints ^12' HERSHETS COCOA I B L A C K T E A Note the 1 Lb. 1 AC | Tender-Leaf i^-Ib. *r. Price !.. Can IhrORYFlWES I Brand . . . . . . Pkg. 23 C fc IVORY LargT W -" c " S N O W pk{f ** AMAZIHC, ·-"'Sl/DS* 23 ( Large Pkg. . 23 ( SCHILLING'S Delicious Coffee Percolator or *\ Lb. ff% Drip Grind I* Jar OY NORTHERN TOILET TISSUE SPECIAL M Rolls n PRICE . *l \l BAKEWELL MOUSSES As good as C Lb. +f 9 the BEST Jug z in amis Turtle Brand Radishes Large Bunch Lettuce Iceberg. · A^« Lorge, 5 DPI. Slie jrV FRESH «*r« COCOANUTS, eo. 6C LEAF ~ *g- LETTUCE, Ib.... QC CELERY 1"9«t CABBAGE, Ib... 1*V U. S. No. 1 Grade Potatoes IDAHO RUSSETS Bog $3.79 Peek 69c EARLY CHIOS Bog $3.19 Peek S3c COBBLERS Bog $2.79 Peek 4?c L Fresh, Green Broccoli Bunch 25c Sweet. Juicy Tangaiines Dozen 25C Grapefruit 96 Site Sror 20C Sunkist Large 220s, Dozen . . . . 59c CELERY «» M CABBAGE, Ib... 14C CAULIFLOWER, Pound Large AVOCADOS, each 15c Minute-Man Hoodie Soup 3^:25° FINEST IN FRESH MEATS WHITE ROCK Roasting Chickens, Ik. 55c wieners Skinless, Pound . 29C Short Ribs 17c Leon Beef, Pound Rib or Loin End Pork Roasts lb 25c Grade A Chuck Beef Roasts , b 26c Lean, Mealy · · Spare Ribs , b 19c Broken Sliced -- 1 Point Breakfast Bacon lb 21c freskSMePwk Ib 25c Longhom Cheese GrMadteef All Meat 2Sc FARM NEEDS AH White 50-lbs.. EA. BLOCK SALT 43° Plymouth 100-lb. Bajr STOCK SALT 69 Pilot OYSTER M4b.Bair SHELLS 7r FLOUR 6 0 L D MEDAL KITCHEN-TESTED 25 U. ^^*P * * * SOU). In....

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