The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 31, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1818
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; - - - wrJ'lr - rn. - - rv T n'n - TVn,r kt"t'' U F(UQ:Ji . ; ; ; SATURDAY JANUARY, 31, 1818. 4 'ft; ; . NUMBER 4879 ":;.N0. 42 PINE - STREET. '"V ' SAL AT THK SHIF - .X.Uiu u. A SLOOP, now buildiiiz of the.1 iC&fflaterblJ, about ) tons; itnbri of lire vtXt am! cedar; bottoui plank jty"wbite oakbuiU oa purpose tor the Alba - aytraJiv. "nop f50 calcolatedfor I any trade where dispatch, burthen, and Triagua SCHOONER, onions, .u7n but little water, with a Ue - Mv. i ii,H the centra of bar keels SKI - ?? 5,TOSi: - calculate " .! auTt t., suit th purchaser.) yemm . - timber . - . - lunniv uuj twe , awed tobm.lorbobdJ'g - Rn . - . nnvB tl 1 tw - f tmilt SCHOONER. V . . . h... haVli in the bait i - ' y.anow : . 7 . r? copper - hrtantds ia coPWeorder to ,tivV a eartfH - in erery rl - . - t a good veatel. Ap?Iy board W.QLto; : ,. - 14 ' , .88. South - it.' O II " - rmi ' - - a . wl new pikCboat built scbucner, ISO Xl tKu - i burthen, built in the be maauer, Jmalerialt, WW fattened ; very fast niliag rt - se. and am be teat to ea with small rmsplj oo lKrJ at Burtiug .lip, or Us t - in . &3 SoUth - sL fir trtigM or Charter, as . . ... - 1 - I 1 ahiMH.P r1(.tw:pv mr Tiintsr. nnarearoliL wui tw about COO bbb. ii m complete order foranr royae can be mpd at Pover - t. wharf. 3 to GOODHUE ft CO. ; CVi ' . i' Thenwaiiaiaiauingun5rfin 2lbai of the eone timber, and i ..tianiir not tosetlier. Hn njrs" " are of celleM quaUty. Thii vernl n well inlculaied tor a wuthero packet, bavin - hand - tome accommoditiooj. For terms, and a view ,.f btr inventory, apply to 'rMAWa ..! , UR1SW0LDS ft COATES, . . ja0 23 63 So'ith - t. L The Tory faet la'dinj iloop PARAGOlf, .burthMi fia tca. built at Middletown, :,wiM. - iicnL of the best material: hai made oe Topee to the Wett Indiei, k one year aid and can be sent to tea immediately For term, ' and a ie w of her in ventoey, apply to GRISW0LU3 tc COATE3, Jan S3 . ' ' ' 68 Booth - it. BENGAL. liNUIUO 1 caeea lit qaabty, en - jan 15 ' ' 7& Wail - ttreet.' ' , : . ; CALOU 1TA GOQU5. . . ONE hundred hmlea coaitg ot .'' Baftaa, Luvklpore, Chittabulb, Calh patty and Potka. . , - CoMa&a, Cbaudpore,ComocoHy, Johanna and Ickipore. - i , , 8wahi JcUalpore and Mow. . ' ' . Checlu Oillahi. Romabj, Aclor ale by CHS. L. OGDi:N and ABRM OGDEN, iaia . VVahinctoa - itreet. 10T1ON - " Ule nut Quality Upland Ooc - O too landiar, and for "le by UADU ALL.KY, SaPine - itreet. Jw in STORE, ' 21 bale Sea - Uand Cotton. Apply at abot e. " Jaa 9 . iypL STRAITS BRANDS. Ay Pi pee Cette Brandy, entitled to debea - tore, lor lale by CHA9.r;.OGDEN.nd ADRM. OGDEN. Waihinjtnn - ftreet. . Jan 17 OLD TOBACCO. 30 hhde. old Richmond tobacco, will be landed tomorrow from theicbooner If era, from Richmond. . For tale by ,.. - ROBERT GILLESPIE, jan 15 . . ' i - 112 Fronttreet ,1UK. SALE, the carcoof the efaip Cririe, cap - 1 tain MamDhreT. from Calcutta, and now biding at the foot of Li berty - i treat, connatingof Lart India sagar m ' Cottoa.' - - Ginger t BlockTin . Gam Shellack; . Gum Copal Goat SkiM of a large aiaa Seine Twine and Ganay Base AIo for aale, ltdia. Mustim of a) meet erary deecriptioa. Alto, a tmall quantity of Rattan, and OdorofRotei. Koraxle I t jan 1 ROBERT LENOX. JICE b TOBACCO. 160 tierces prime new 13 hbdt Kentucky Tobacco, tt hhdt old and &3 &n new Virginia do , Koe; Isndioe from dinint veewte, for salt by jaa It DfVIK BETHUNEft CO. TOB CC0. 20 lihd.tobocoo, will be Untied tomorrow from the schooner Eliza, from Peter tburp For ale by KOBF.RT (ilLLESPTE, jan 16 112 Front - etreet. piurtOM New crop, prime, MiUble lor nranoiaciortn;, wiu b soM to parcels to ac - commodato pnrcuaers. Alto, a few bale of old crop, Enquire 148 TWO cues chanseaMe 8rnclMW, for safe by MARCH ft LOW. 1 mm - . - ziv Btvmdwar, ptOUR, COTTOX, fcfe - ttO bbla Fhila - delphin (lour 21 balee npUnd eottrm, new crop . do New - Orleana do da . - '.,.' a too lignumritm . . : W tubs German ateel ' ' PjPf red pott wine II hlidi do do do 5 hUds whittdo do ' 3 qp.caikidodo do " J lilid Aladeirawme ' tl qr.caakado do 3r boxes superior claret (1 do, each) . ilZOK' cotton Uee, Lc An mroxe of Dutch toya - fcr sale by ROBEUT GILLESPIE, M , 13 boaei well aatorted Tapea. Kail toS5 I l'J lHtj IToiael mdiro t bbii. White Lead, ftwtale by '"J C ZIMMkJUf ATf, Jaa 8 1d No. 7 XV tmtL WEXTI fire pipe Cette Brandy, rer sale t . CHA3. L. OGUJuN.and J9 ABK. OGDEN, f t a W e . 1 2 UMt ,dJ hblt lit and 2J qonllty to unf - - . . u uou tnrv hoQM fnax ' , . JACKSON a Wrtnr.r rr - ' " . 1 1 M Hi 4ff 2li i WLE,01L, PATER, tc 130 qr. ca.k and 200 hall do dry Malaga Wink 5 qr catkt and SO half do tweet do very old tWJ do Colmenar do i 300 half chetU Styet Oil, 90 hetties each . 100 boxes do . do IS botUeseach ' M bain Italia foolscap and letter fopet 40 do Gaxette do large aiaa 9catesFetMatS: ' ,15 cae Liquorice Past - . 1 box Ottricb Feathers, I do Chip Hat ' 3 do Maona in flakes Mart Ic Slab, reined and itatatrf, aort - ad siset, for pier table, ftc. s A tew baaet ery Mrpertqr Aocbavie and ; 600 Marble Mortar, from 10 to lflach . lUbbUFar,eoiuirigof : t Wild Cat, Raecmm, Fox, Metktai, and i Otter Skin , ' Ganny gar, lie For sale by . ' - CHAS. L.OGUE5,aad - . ABR. OGDEN, jan IS 1 Wathiton - ttJweC SHOES U BOOTS. JUST received 40 packages among which are 3 catet Wellington Boots ' . S do do do Ladies do 4 4 4 2 100i Mock a ton Cork Sola Shoes , Ladies walking do Men' coaiM . , Boy do Kid snitabia for the toathern or West da do do do . India market . '. S500 do women' Leather . Thoe, together with m general assortment of lin lev, Mittes ana cniKiree't morocco, Diatx and colored Roane, are offered tVrr sale oti raaa - ooable terms by T1IOS WITT, " No. tit Peari - rtreeL . Likewise 10 boxes first quality Cod Fun. JanlSlm ' . . IOUCrrUlXU ft KAMr'Ok' TKAs, u boat O and caanittrr. 33 and S4 lb nach, entitled to debeutttte, for tale t 64 soulh - itreet, by t CAM8RELENG S,f EARSON, jan 6 ' ' t - : - 1 TOBACCO ia hbdt new crop Tobacco, of excellent quality, landing from tear, ftolla, from Kichmoad, for sale by ' i. L'ETHUNE ft CO. - Jan 6 . 9t CoAVe Home slip. .FLAXSEED, KLOUK, fcc. - 0 tierce Flax - r seed, laodins from schooner Nancy, from Baltimore, for tale by D. BETH USE ft CO. 03 C. Ut slip. Also landing, . 150 bit rapf. Flour, principally Call r.U b'd 3 bale Seine Twine. Jaa 16 tf OSKEI S and FOvVUAG PIECES, enti - Yl tied to debentare - 13 cues Britith Musket, with bayonets and (cabbards complete. - 5 dodo Fowhnc Piece. Jatt fee ei red per Cardina Ann, from IrerpooL for tale by jaa 9 P REMSKJtatCO.W30Bth.iit. KA RICE. kJJ tierce prima nw rica, received, per hip Radius from Charleston, and for tale by II. Bf.THUBK C lU. jan 10 9t CoJea - Iloute slip. nUH CHOCOLATE 50 bl. lit. proof A MewjKum 80 boxes tliWt Boston Chocola'e No. 1 ' For sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, jan 13 . 75 Wall ttreeL RICHMOND TUBACCO at FlOUK. r 9H bbla. Richmond aupf. Flour - 37 hbrt prime new crop Richmond, princi pally large and temfy, - now landing from achr 1'h'mat, aad in (tore, for ale by jan BOORMAN ft JOHNSTON. - DR V GX)DS t caes AbaparUitMiper bias nndldackcloOi 4 caet9 - 8caabrick' ' 5 do cotton hotiery 1 do checked hUkfr. jott landed from the Hercules, and for sale by HURD ft SEW ALL, . 65 tiouth - stracL Alto receiretl by mto antral, 8 cam fine bine and black London cloths 10 do japanned and plated hat 8 do men' super London do. Jn S3 : Of fh fTLYE ft IVUITK LtJiU. M vr 3 qr catksold Sherry win ' 29 cask white lead, dry For sale by JAMES G. KING ft CO. Janzn 61 Pme - rt. Ihoufuthti (atanar Rmbt fena nm i Kv a? CEBRA CUMING. Jaa S3 76 Pearl - itretL - COFFEE. TWO Knndred aad Seventy bags 8t Oomin - CO Coffee, received oer rhr. Snartnn. lor sale by LE ROT, BAYARD CO. Ja . . 7iAtJlOO, HUJt, Ac. - Case fint quality Bengal indigo (entitled to debenture) SO hhdi and 100 barrel fint proof new rum 30 pipe Gray1 brandy, Id ft 4th proof . 70 bag race ginger fentitled to debenture) 50 kep ground do. first quality 80 boxes Mill's Boston chocolate, No. 1 &S 50 do Waits do do 150,000 Spanish segara, m half aad qmuri. boxe . 80 baia fint quality 8U Doniingo tobacco 4 do IHnish lambt wool . ISO kagi rtuUdelpiiia rtarch, frash from th factory CO cask English refined tait ptr 10 boxes ugar candy For tal by J ACKSON Ic WOOLLEY, Jan S3 75 WaU tL ALEX ANURIA FLOUR. 450 barrel u parfiaa Flowr, landing from schr. Jersey Irani Alexandria, for aale by Jan tO 9t Cofloe - Hoe Slip 1 H AM PAO Si fcV - A lew cue ttili and park - Vy ling Champagne, hi cue of on aad two doaea each, lost raceired and for ml by HENDERSON k CAIRNS, 81 Piaa - et. IC6T0RK. Londoa Particnlar AfnJeira Wine, la hhda. and qoartarcaakai LeotUl aad Rauiaa Claret, efthe TjnUffaef t81t. Jan 27 altCK OF HARDWARE, he RICHARDS ft TAILOR, ia order to dose their hard war concern, oftVr for ale t! remainder of their Hardware, Fancy aad Military goods, at very rednced price, for cash or approved paper And, to let or tea, th lower part eftlKHrtUnrr and CeBar. ' Jaat7tw BROWd SHIRTINGS A. w, .ir a - 4 Brown BhirtMin, j received and for aale oythn , COM.V11SSION COM PANT. ., fan 13 148 I'nri - straet. EkiNUMVIiiESO ton onboard the ship CenaJr,foralby Jjw S6 ' TROKFi, DVmWN O. f tALCUI'TA GOODS. c5 baletcoi1 Cai - V.' CH wood, OODMst catta Qoodt, conaistiair of Bin Maaaaootea, Soot a Maaaooote. Booty Hansel Red. bio and whit Madras Patten Ddkb Beraaror nad Beeerv Cbtck w a wa S5 bale IWrboosa - Gwrraht Q entitled to deheatnra For sale by - . ... - HURD ft 8KWALL, Jan 20 65 Hoth - street. QUGAR 12 hbd. handsome St Croix Sugar, kj tor caie oy JACKSON ft WOOLLET, 7$ Wn - stret ! Jan St BRANDT 40 ripe Grays Brandy. 1st aad 4th proof, for le by - - JACAON ft WOOLLET, JaatO 7j Wail - itreeL - MUSIC; ALL the Song. DaetU, atsuDRbyMr. Phi - trpn at the New - Vork Theatre, for tat at Vf m. DUBOIS' PianoForte aad Mado Store, No. ISA iHoadway. - . ' . . Behold uhioiXexpmivMca - Tho' loraia warm awhile., i . Xu but fancy' Sketch . . - . " It ther a heart that nevtr Jov'd la vain mar that bneem tott quite deplora ' My early day what joj s was thina Love's young dream ' " ' This blooming rote at early dawn Robio Adair 1 ' Beaatiut Maid . Let tame oand the trnaipet . Had la heart - . " Lvtbea't Bo wer . - t Dear maid I love the Y , , " .. Ah ut a pain wa never seen Baidatmil to a tear Slgbnotfor tore My heart with lor it betting ..'' - The celebrated serenade of" Lillacome down ( Bint Daett f me" Flora' wreath, i With large assortment of new mtic iteeS4 X CUT MILL SAWS, fcc. . A SMALL invoice of X cut Mill aad Pit Saws, G. 8. aad C. 8. for tale by . ANDERSON & SHEARER, 131 Water - ttreet. . . ' Who have ia Store, Hand, ripping and dote tail Saw, bras and iron back ' . Cast Stael ChiteN and Gouge ..;.. ' Mortice Chi well and Drawing Kaiv . Patent Carolina ft VirgiiJ llott. No. 12 34 Wrought wail, 4d, 6t, 8d. lOd, 12, ft 20d r Brau and copper wire, of all tiset . ' Rolled and Snret Bran, Bra Pan ' ' Ixmdoo Pins Not 3 l - S, 4, 4 1 - 2, 5 ' Hard war and Japanned Ware, assorted to th country trad Engravers' Copper, in plates of all sizes. jn 13 DOMESTIC t OTHER WARES. - . THE tabscribort keep constantly oo. band ati cxteaaivc atsortment of th following goods, Dutch and Enelith . Gunby Bag, tc. , Pnrs Head - Crumb Bruthrt Bellow, fancy and common . Do for Blacksmiths . Hall anrl Entry MaU Pails and Tubs - Wheel - Barrow ' Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do . Whips of every description . Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleiug and ball Twine , Fith Lines Shoe it Sadler Thread - Dearborn's B al lance . Broom Dutler, or Counter Brashes . Hearth Brush, fan. y andcommoo - Head do do do Cloth do do do Wearer do White Wash do Shoe ft Scrubbing do Paint Brushes end Satb Toot . Chunp, 4, 73 row Faruituie Cruttie . Hone do Bed Cord, CloUie Unei Sash Cords, Trace Rope Wrought and Cut Nails aad Bradt Whkh they will sell wholefale or retail on Ii - bend terms. . CEBRA A CUMING, ' 84 " 78 Pearl - ttrcet. C" 0TTON. - 64 bale Prime Upland, for tale at 66 Soath - treet, by ; JaS7 . WALSH k GALLAGHER. , l FOR THE 'LADIES. THE RESTORATIVE POWDER FOR J THE TEETH ANU GUMS Thia x - cellent preparation comlbrrt and ireoztben th Kums, precerve the xnainsl from UtCKT. ani clcante and whiten the teeth, absorbing all that acrnmoniou ilime and fculaeti, whirlviu - fered to accumulate, never fails to injure, and fi nally ruin triem. THE DAMASK LIP SALVE. , Is recommended, (particalarly to the Ladies) a aa elegant and pleasant preparation for chapped and sore lip, and every Jilemiih and inconvenience occasioned by colds, fevers, &c. speedily reitorinir a beautiiul roiy color, and delicate oiinris lo tne up THE GENUINE PERSIAN LOTION, ' So celebrated among the fashionable through - oatEarone. is an in valuable cotroetic and Itr fectly innocent aad safe, free from corrosive and repeiwni mineral, oasis oi oiner niunovj and of unparalleled efScavv in preventing and re moving blemishes ia the fac and (kin of every tuna, particularly irecxiei, pimiiie, Kuns, tetter, ring worm, tun burn, tc. renderwc the kin delicately toft and clear t improving the completion and restoring the bloom of youth. Hamilton's Essence and extract of Muitard, for Rheumatism, Lumbago, Palsy, &c. Hamiltoo'a celebrated Elixer, for coughs, cow i, arthma and Couumptioo. Hamilton' Worm destroy ing Lorenge Hahn't Aiti - Bihout Pill ' Hamiltmi' Grand Kestorative. Ibrnervoas dis ease, ate. being pecuharry adapted to I entitle compuutu. Sold at LEE'S Medidne - itore, No. 46 Maiden lane. ' Drufgitl and country store keepers supplied on liberal terms. Certified cases of cure may be teen at the place or sale. jan V ewi MiIICk. (7 - The creditor of Chy ton Ic Ftnthaw are requeued 10 present tneir arcminu 10 ine iuncn ber. recularlv proved, on or before the 10th Feb. next All account that are not presented by . 1 . ' i 1 1 , 1 ' 1 . 1 c . r .1 : iruu USBS win am eaciwea me nem ui 01 a oivi - dead. ALEXR. BREMNER, Aniguee, Jan St eodtriO 131 Frout - ttreet. 1T10R SALE, a black WOMAN, S3 year of - ft age, a good cook and bouie - servant ; bai uvea to the present ftunily upwarai 01 b years. Enquire at this office, or 13 V aadamtreeL Jin87 3tawtf H I'llll Kll Ii tlltS The lea which hat 16 yer .to ran of in noi'e sura 101a ai Dreseni occnpiea nj iik - Rev. Doctor Mason. Ine Hou contains 15 mvmm with Am nlrS - mil lita wlflinuf. lmmultm stove - roonswineHroom, vaults, Intone booe nod o'ner accommodation, enquire ai i ar rentreet. Jan 17eddtFeb A VERT DESIRABLE COUNTRY .RESIDENCE., Th tahecriber offer for sale his house and a boat 8 acre of Land in Flushiigon Longhland, II mile from New - York. The houe 1 large and very coavernVot for a genteW family and com - tends an extensive and beautiful prospect. The stable, carriage hoiae, wood house, poultry house, ftc. receotly auilt. The baiMing and fence are in excellent repair, aad lately pointed. The gaidea it (arc and well stocked with a variety of fruit, and the orchard with the best kind of apple prai,Ac. Near tliebou are two wrlli oi' excellent water and a new cittern, all with goad pump this pUcc it very .conveniently it - uated, inrreneins coorrjanceK. nt gou sikkcs or Packet to and from New - York every day, except Sndyi. For further particulars and tersBt w (aj appiy to . - . JOHN ASPINWALL, Jaa S6 Ira No. I Petri street. For sale the ho us and tot No. SO John - tt - For terms apply to THOMAS ASH, jauZ? iw Mjonnsu QFO SALE, Aa unexpired lee of 4 yeais from the 11 Mav next, of the nous and lot No. 287 Broadway, corner of Reed treet,oppoite Wasb - incto HaU. The lower part it divided into two ttore, completely fitted with thelves, ftc. and are eligible situation for entities of any kind. - Fer trnni apply at the. Coiiector's.alTice, 2, the baaxment lour of the City HaO. hetww.a the houri of 10 aqd 2, a&iil the 2d day of F. - bmary The two (torv frame House and Lot of ground Jfo. 73 Broome etreet, the comer of Eltaabetli - ttreet, with a atable in tlte rear. - ALSO, a modern three atory brick House and tot handsomely situated within the vil - Isgetf Newbargb the house ia large and oomtaodiou and well calculated from its re - tiredi healthv and elevated situation fliavinir a fine view of the river and the adjacent country) for a family who with so desirable a situation on th North River. Price low and possession gr ew the first of May next. ALSO for Sale or to Lease. 5 avenue lots. attoated on the First Avenue, between North and Firt - treet. 4 ALSO to Leaie for a number of rear. 15 boildjng lots fronting on the First Avenue and rmwtreet. trot further particular, apply to CORNS. DU BOIS, jaa SO lm : 36 Front - street. atXJH SALE AT AUVT.O.V, At the T. C. H. on the lit day of March . . S1 ft l . I 1 1 : ,1.. 1 1 . . - .tl.. late Dr. Isaac Ledyard, situated one mile south of Hi village of Newtown, Long Island. The Williamtburgh turnpike run through the Farm, oa eaa ndeof which it a new excellent atone wall, half a Inile in length The farm contain about 150 acre, 15 01 which i a fine Wood Lot, with two apple orchards, one old. the other just bcein - ning to bear well, and a suitable proportion Mi goon salt meadow. Ine ManiiuaHouteii large and convenient, four rooms on each Boor, with a go Bifcnea and cellan s attached, m a large bam, crib, ben bouse, smoke house, well, and a ew cistern, ic. - The court vard and garden con - taia a variety of truit tree and shrubbery, a large aiparagu id, ratpliemet and currant. - Also A r A KM adioinine the nbovc. contain - iliac about sixtr acret 1 attached to wiiicb It ane - qudl proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot of yung wood, tittinted aitliin lets than a mile of 11m iuiui, tum Mining ten acret, wiui a laiui - house, t arn, well, garden, ftc, Likewise A Lot of Land, lying at Sprinfield, outh of the villnge of Jamaica, containing be - tvcee for and five ncres. cn which are about a dozen lurge chetnut trees, suitable fo - fencing. - ine above lands wi I be all rerniarty surveyed, and map of the same exhibited tome time pre' viout to, and at tlie tale, and disposed of by tlie acre, with the builJingi the re 00, inclusively. ' roswsaion given ouiiieprtt 0' apni. - For further particular, apply at 49 Dey - itrect jan 8 tilt Wifi The Store No. 134 Front - street, an ex cellent stand for a Grocer. For farther particu lars inquire of t RIPLKY ft W.M.D, nov 1 1 m real street. TO LET, From lt February until May next, par lour and two bed - roooii in the upper part of No. 151 Chiimber - itreel, with kitchen, Ac. ftc Enquire on th prrmite. J an 27 Iw !7. OX TUESDAY, The 3d dav ot February n xt. at twelve o'clock, will be told at piilflir sm tion. nt the Tontine CoKee House, by - ROBERT M'.MEN.NO - MY, tlie two story. tirick tront house, bakery, table and lot of ground. No YSA Iteeri - ttreet, the t .ft. ft ft.. I .. U..A . . . ril,l. ..) ItlftllilJ uvwc iiuiun iiwimw ,ilCCft - J' .UDIVIIIM feet front and rear, and 75 .ft. deep, nod I rent ed thit year for $400 and taxet. 4'tTmi, which will be liberal, will be mnde known at the time of tale, or by the auctioneer, 00 application. rule lnriitputftine. JnnTi id r"X 'iO ill A J BjMO.VlA QiMLIC, The house and cronndi belonging, to tlie c.uiuj W Jutw ouaw, situated on the eighth ave aue.' On the premise are an excellent double honie.'ftable, coach and ice house, with every thineelte rwiuiaite for uch aa etabh'iiment. Ii is presumed any other description' is unnecesta - rv. a tbose inclined to rent will view the place - Also, th large fire proof ttore in the rear of bouse 1 1 and 13 f enrl - itreet ; where there is lor tale tome old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. For further particulars, apply to M. 6IIAW, 29 11 renrl - ttrecf. JJOt. tic LOT. A. 219 fcari. For aale. that viluahle house and lot No. 21 J Peail - slreet, occupied by the subscriber. The bouse was built oy the late John ejus, ctq. being a first rate bultl hou - e, and one of tlie best ituatiiKu for thedrjeoodor hardware butinett. ror further particular! enquire 01 HBNRY LO i'T, oa the premises. Jan 29 61 . TO LET, : From the first of May next, the spacious three itory brick house No. 166 Grcenwich - sL coruer of I)ey - ttrct Enquire at 182 Washington - street Jan 29 3w TV BE LKi, And immediate possession given, thai tpa - ciout Uirce itory bni k house, Ao. ay urieny - street, well calculated for a hoardinx house. Aprlyto &AHUbb!.uuut;i(.Arft, Jan S7 lOt 120 Water - steeet. RJLrtL. LST.i TV tOK SAL Li. jJlTh elegant and convenient three - story br.cH house and lot No. 26 Bowery, together with a coach boose aud lUbl fronting on Bat ard - street, and joining th rtar of. the before mrntioned lot. For further particulars enquire at 31 W all, corner of W illiam - itreet. JanS9 tf fOK SALt: Th two houses, No. 48 and 50 Broadway, to tie completely finished and delivered on the 15th April next. Apply to JOHN SLIDELL ft CO. Jan 29 tf No. 60 Broadway. For lale by HICKS, UWHttNtt U CO. at the Tontine CoAe House, oa Saturday H, next, at IS o'clock. ' 'llW The eleeant S - tory brick HOUSE and leaM, second door from Broom - street, in Broadway, sccopied by Mr. George Lncey, at the moderat ground rent of $75 per annum 1 about 15 veart unexpired : the buildings to b valuad at the end of the term, or th leas renewed for SI veart hmrers it rents for 4400 for noum s the walk and street has recently been pared. r or wnus, aiwi r 10. jan 14 If 91 Cofl - hoose - slip, i rVfi SAI B Ii 4 f The bouse od lot No. 123 Wat er - treet, arlji.iuint Met r. M. B. EXgar. ft Co't auction stote. Terms easy and title jndisputible. Ap ply to liRAt L.UAVII.A.M7, Jan XWIWT vu m pTmiftftft. QTO I.KT, Two new twa rtory brick hoe 1, finished in the moderattvle, situated in ureeowich - st. a little aoov Sprtng - treet markirt. Also, a two Story brtca ironi noute, eomeroi Wathinzton and ilsmnierley - tre - t. Inquire of . . . . JOHN II tGGERTi, Jan29 3w lt7 rean - str t. TO LET, 1 T TV. W . i - .ll. - Vn. X tnkk L coruer ot lvoe - tri. - .110 air mm ... . r , n stock of grecerie, stiading casks, draw, c. Poewion may b bsd Immediately eppiy w - - . mr mx t Iff ITS KW Jan 29 lw. A.XUE'.r Vi iuiw. ffiMiM rnnd IM AV 118 Pvrt - drtH. I ! ;1 - TSiU .ii.itfed Store smd Dwal - mrfioose will he sold at aactioa at the Toctie Coffee He, oa Wefttv (tomowi tn store is a w occupied hv Messr. Arthsir TPa ft Co. TU loose is a rocrrniext rtsuleo - e r a family, aad m - v btcceverted into upper store d oiices at im II expence. I or P?rUc ap - ply to to. auctioo. - s .tKy. Jail irr - f - Aactiwer.'' ot of For Safe. Leait. or LH.. KJa2 That pleasantly situated place, on th nad ieaumrto Kiriir't - bridge, by way ol tlariaem - lane. known as Rose - Hill.' Th avenue to Ma comb' bridge runt a few rodt in the rear of it, reudenng the premises vary desirnbl, as tlie hoot, in consequence, thaw two frenU. The garden, and about two acret of meadow, arc well stocked with fruit and shrubbery, apart ut beds, currantt, . . The houie and coacb - botue are in good condition, and with tmall expense can be mad a very genteel country retreat. 1 n tormt will made easy. I ALSO, That very genteel two - storv house. ttaMeand two lot of ground, tiluated in Pauk - st.f Green wich at present occupied by George Liudsay. Esq. Apply at 55 Broadway 1 or, to , ' CHARLES OAKLEY, . jan 15 1m 141 Froiil - .lrrrt. .' To be told or exchanged for rronertv in New - York. . - ,.,.(. - 1'he subscriber beiiig in a very low ttnte of healtlu aud havinc verv little hone of recovery. ofl'ers for tale hi farm at Barbaduea neck, county of Bergen, containing about one hundred and thirty five acre of atahJe. meadow and wood land. Thit farm lie on the aiaio road between New - York and Newark, about half a wile thi tide of Newark Bridge. It 1 in a very highttate of cultivation, and ia notturpaised byany ether in the vkinity of New - York, a a valuable and axreeable residence, either for tlie farmer or pri vate eenllemau. .1 he dwellins house, thouch tmallT it neat and well finished, and the fences. gat, barus, stables, and other out - houtes, are iu excellent order and. well planned., la front of the house;, bordering on the public road, is a handsome and well stocked garden, and sa tlie premiwt it a young and thriving orchard, containing a choice selection of the brii graited Ihiit trees. A more particular description of the pro perty is thought uuneccstnry, as those disposed to Iturcnaie wiu view we prentites. , 1 ne tine is indisputable. ' For particulars, apply to the sub scriber, No. 188 Pearl - street, or to Air. Andrew Smith, near the pretuiMi. nov 14 tf , ROBERT STUART. &TORAGK. Storage may be had on th first floor of the store No. S3 Sou ih - tt reel, which will tave the expense of boHing. . dec Zo 'JV J.tu'f, And immediate posesiiin given, tlie houte No.O rearl - itrevt, toeetlier with the ta Me and Coach House in tlie rear on Brutre - tt. I'he preinitet are in comiileto repair and have every convenience necessary lor the accontmo datton ola family. For particular apply to ; oriVH - Ij. tiKAUirrt. BH LKASJLJJ for SI year. House and Lot No. 83 front - street, near Old slip. - ' flout and lyOtNo. 63 UooteveU - ttreet, and if new building should b erected en th lots, they will b valued and paid for at the expiration of the lease, or a new leas given. 1 Also, teveral lots in the Sixth, Eighth and Tenth Wards For particular enquire at No. 30 Chatham ttret. Jan 19 Sw ft Kt AL La I A I E. Oti SALE. Two 2 - ttorv brick house aud lot, litua ted Not. 37 A 39 Vmey - Mreet. Abo, a bouse and lot No. II Bowery, near Chathamquare, 44 wet front by 125 deep. 4 II on accommodating term, r or particular apply U No. 332 Greenwich - st. jan IS If AT Jamaica, on Long; Island, QQeen Cottntv. late the reaideuce of John Troup, P.q dticeaicd. On lh premises' are' a good two story frame house, barn, and other out - buitii intri 23 acres of land in agootlatoie fbrcul trvation 1 - 23 acres of wood laml, of a fine thrif ty jrrowth for feiKingrand timber j aiida lot ofj r arm as It meadow, tm t ut nronertv are la tnnle orchards, and a variety of otiier fni trees. - Jamaica beinr one of the most flourith ing village on the Island, render this proper ty deirbie lor a gentleman retiring irora nu itiess. For particular apply to ' M. 1MTMIS, 148 l'. arl - st ; or to JOHN ft ROBT. TROUP, jan 9 If . on the premises 'JO LtLT, From the first of Mav next a front count in room oa the second floor, together with the mm. mm ai a Am as . . upper Kill. . uquire no. 10. 1 tan airect. jan x 11 ' COUiMi KY faEATFOKSALr - f iifl Al Wallabont Point, Long - lrland, late the rsMinc of cap V Lambert Schcnck, deceased On th premis i a large tpnciou dwelling' house iuil out - buildinen in proiiorlitm 14 acres. of rand in the highest state of cultivation j (10 or 20 acres ol wood - land il required py in pur chaser) For particulars apply to Leonard UleecKer.37 wall - st. i Martin Scbeok, jan'r. New - Tork 76 iiuth - elreet, ) - ' Martin Scbeok, Wallabout. - . Jan 27 lm e t - tVH 81 LK, ti. - i Th bouse and lot of sround No. 18 Rose - st iert ; th kit is 25 feet fitmt and rear and 100 foet do : the house a brick front, aide and rear Djled ia with bnc - , and bum ut ine mon sure stantial manner. For further particulars en quire of A. oTEENBACK, Jan 86 Sw No. 334 Br uway rfH rA LUAliLii. fHOrURt 1. ili'.S The ot No. 139 Flvmarkct, running through to Pletcher - atreet, with the buildings thereon, consisting ot, on nynarxei a esiory brick House, built and finished in tlie best manner. 45 teet deen 1 on rieicner - cireeT, ubataniihl 3 tory brick fire proof lore. The abot e can command a very heavy reni. Also, the lot 141 Fly - market running through to Fletcher - street with the buildings thereon. consisting of two frame house front and rear sniiivi okenneveelktitrtuililinr lot. At Tire rent for 700 and tax or X700 and taxea wul command much more Also, th Hoase and Lot of Ground S7o Wa ter - street an excellent stand. 12 or 13 feet front and rear, and 70 feet deep. Also to M, the boo No. 49 U Deny - sir v, lUitabl for a iU - bouse. Apply la ANTHONY TRAPrAN, Jaa261w 139 Fly - market. OFOK SALE, Tl House and Lot N. 101 DeuUt 34 feet, breadth 25.' Depth olth lot 1U. feet. These who may wish to percbaar PPf' - fy at thidiscriptiaa, caa at any tun view u premiseK ad terai of Je may ta agreed oa, by application to . - M,KINKRt - dee 31 ' 66 South - street. tVRSALE OKTOLMSK, l,iaiiiea.6.8.and 10 Wr.Ut many whtca af ea 1 ;i"i iw ir . i.w ft . . ... 1 . 1 j money will 0 reqtureo ooer wm yeaii, u swru. uUxt excepted. o . nill'SLD. Fvveral two an J Uirte story houses, cn v.hich a rreat t - rt of V y rrsitnm oa wrturrs re, LA DUG AT RED HOOK, - Aa eaceHf - nts'and for bustnees with tea acre land, pietetoUy ituted, with a whan, More houte and barn. CO P TON nd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Havea, with 40 acre of land, and a eve Uumr. ttrtam. apoa wbica 31 railit nny De erected, wun amccisncy nt water rot evo. : Apply tt r : No. ? (JrrcBwivh strrtt .t .1 . . . - x . - - , . - . - ', ' - " - et ItT "IfPAl RICK DILI.HN. wholeii Tra - lee, m tlie County ot Kerry, Ireland, in th yet IU03, will trantmit Mrt. t iuherty, of 1'rake, hit addrets, it will be a particular advantage la both partie." Tralee, October, 1815. The el .T it inserted t the t quest of Jrtf Dillou'a (riend. - , . v , j Any coomiunicbtion on tlie tuhject will be. thankfully received aud trauitiiittts by - lc 16 BENJ'N. W. ROGKKS k CO. NO'llCE. fjrjr" Thr undersigned gbe notice, that they intwid to apply to lueLeiOslatur ol thivstatc, - at their next session, lor aii aVt, lo incorporate themselves and their attuciateiinto a company, in the ciy of New - York under 11 style of I lie IMnrtt) Kiver Steam - lioat company,': ith a canitnl of six dimdrrd thousand dollais. for the purpose of navigating with Steam Boat the waters of the North lUter. . Dateii the 22it day of December, 1817. . tunsni; n i - trii.Dii', . .. ROBERT L. LI VliNGySlON, CHAS. AUG. DALE, ' 1 - D. LYNCH, Jubt. T dec 22 . 'v.. - - - j. t - , U:Mmm NOI1CK. - .? - ..i C0 The Pacific luturtDceCompaay fW - York have this day declnred a Dividend of lweive percent, on ti Capital clocks payable at their office, No. 49 Wall - ttreet, on the 19th lottant. oy order 01 the Hoard of Directors." jano im WAiir.K rv. JUXLeL eec 1 , . ftunu. ' - " 1 fXy The Subscriber, in bchafl eC hknsejf ana , bit associate, give notice, .that n atftcnt'ioa ,' will be mad to the honorable the lejiatoreol tbii stale, at it next testis, for aa AI to incor - porat a flanewitli a capital stork ef Fh - a HirtW dretl Thousand Dollars, and7 with leave lo in - . crease it to One Million ; , to be norrjl east of Beekman - rtrcet, in the' cfty of New - York, and lob called "Th FrankUa Banket - - the city of NaW - York."' ; Z . ti ' iJatod New - York 16iUIJec, 161". .i ,i"f By order of th Associates, ,vs decSO tf ' NOAH Bl(OWN, Mrf.' ; KKW - X OhK IXSLHAXLK COJUJV The president and director have this day declared a dividend ef fir per - cent oa thelrtpWi " In stock of the company for the Jatl six monUiSf payable to th stockholders, or tkir legal repr , tentative, on and after the' 12th lnstanf, at the ' oflice, No. 34 Wall - trct; .c . tcitm' 'jmix jan5 lm C. G. 5IIH'MAN, sec'ty ,' NATIONAL lNSURANCKiltOMl'ANi',T The President and Dn ector of the Nationt al Insurance Company, have this day declared; . a diriaend of firteen per cent oft their capital lock, for their last six roontha. payable to Ibaf stock holders, or - their letral rent VentaUm on and after T hursday the 15th nyL , , ,.' jan 5 tPcbl . JOHN J. JONES. Stcfy ' 'y new - york f1remkn insurance v ' company.... , , fKr The Capital Stock of the Company h. v i . ' ing 6y a new subscription been reioitHHd to the" ' ' Ibll sum of fin hundrtd (lioutond Dollar which - ie mply secured, are new ready to nceive' hp - g'iralkiu for 'sre and Afehne lusuranc at their ' iBceNo. 56 Wall - ttreet. , The Offic .solicit the patronugeof the public la the contklente tict . dequaut pruieciton will ie niiorneaio lire assured and all kisses its promptly . adjusU - d. . By or - , , ;, derof the hoard of Directors, ' ; ; ' Jan 6 1m WM. M'NEAU Pec'ry. f - MLl'IUiNICo' bA.Sk. '. f fJT The Btochlioldcrs are informed thAt 'a teofF.bTuTryTei By oriJer of ui President and Directors, .. Jan 21 lm . ' W FISH, Cashier. - f. .'oW - W C'eminnjf tf Aticirk. NOTICE it hereby giten that a dividend for,. , the last six ntonilts of four and a half per , cent, cn the capital Stock, of thit Company ha been deriired, and will he paid to Ui btockhol. den on th 16thint. i . '''.., Jan 5 1m JOHN I). MEYER. Fee. '. , :. NOiiCE. r. . All persons having dem.tndi fgninst Hie eitat of the late Thomas Cooper, deceased.,' hr reuus ted to present tin taaie, Ainlall nei - : 001 indebted lo th aid est at are requeittd to - . make payment to the t'lbvcriher. ' " . Allj Afll BVVAIVi tUU I, Jan 10 Im Administratrix. ' L": il - Tor Sal at Auction. - - ' - On Saturday the th T. C. I?.!?; o'clock, will be sold by Bleecker Jt Bitby, th - thi - ee - Wory brick nous and lot of ground No. 35 Pearl - street Th honra aontaini 14 rootr.s. basidaa kitrhan and nantries III lot 30 fet frobt'' on Pearl street and upward of 30 feet 00 Bridget street t about 77 feet dep oa oh side and 81 feet on the other Trmt at alo The prctihes ' may be viewed any tim jireviom to lb tale. - Jaa 28 6t . ' OA Hull K. . - To be sold and possession given befom '. tlx lit of Mayaextif required, a modern built' substantial brick house, Uiree stories hinh, (witli several accommodatioia and conveuienre which ' make it an agreeable dwelling for a grnleel ta' roily) ituatd in the mot wholesome oart of tlur - city, and having - a puoip 01 excellent water withia the lot 1 the property a Ace simple, and , " free from all iRcumbrnnte. If not sold at pri vatesale tie fore the 161b of Fehrsary next, it will then be sold at auctioa on the Kith and fni - following day. Abo, acomplct set of carpets, . . eleiant turnilures, household utensils aad vaiioui - efiect, particularly n choice colkectio of books ' by C. G. FONTAINE, to whom apply t par - tic alar, at Lis auctioa room. No. 135 Water. ttreet, corner of Pine. , a - ' - '.'' - Jan 7 I in . . ' . - j For one or more veer a tw llorv hrsrtl Imhu in Stuy vesant - ttrret, nearly oppotile St. VUrkifhuK - H. rrMvftnuvf u - hi rooms, a large . kilchea, rvat mom, aellur, panUiet, he. ws complete order forth reciiioeofgeoteel family - with a garden and yard of about Iw aa.1 tlfacreoUnd, containing a variety of the 8 - eest frit tree, ati"ui nd hot heds, ce. Uc together with a wood house, carriage house and i.htMi. Kent will he reasonable, and rxusvt - f sie caa be had th first day of April. - Apply btwo 10 aud 2 o'clock, 00 tlie premise, to. . .: ftitnuLAjmi. oiunwuw. , Jaa 24 3w , - QTV LET, For a term of year, the house and lot . m . . ft. .ft Nr. A crnsnwij. ai presrai isrcvuica or vm MiN Kinsev, as a boardiuz Louse. For parti - cuireiqireof ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON. Clermont, ja3tFl - ,c . - . y ; t" - O - FOR SALE OK TO LE.M&, w ' Ob atxemmoiraivng terms, a number, f . water aud buiMing lots, near and adjoining the navy - yanJ, at Brooklyn. ' For parucolars, a - .' qiiureof ''' - ' V - V ' . - . ' .SAJII. - L1 LVA13, . jan 22 tf ' : " - Braoklyn. . - roll sAUl, ,. . - ; rial raoraRTi ia th citt or xw - iok. ' A , BIUCK HOLfeE and Let No. 11 Ii Bowery STABLE in the rear - togetb - with th LOT, 44 feel front, 42 tttt rear, and : 125 fost on each ide. - IiOUSE ani LOT No. 37 Vetey - ttreet i and Hoase and Lot No 3ST Vcwr - etreet. . " ; A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollar. - .da , and . 0 - for - de and. do - - V'V' O varaable property u th cHy of iNW - T cnt, The in eret has aJwoytleea puncUal y p.udrf - Ferrsrticu: - inriitealti.cceof - ; V STEPHEN P. I.AV1 dectotf, - No. rr . S , 1 . - "I v . J - ' ?' . . . ; if 1 - VA ; 1 . J 1 1 ; ft . ' I ' 1 V ' f iu i t ; . 1 i i . i i . !

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