The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 4, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1913
Page 3
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ease S034- c j_ e ,. s _ j n --his instance the three JS .jged v.sih pretty effect, A THREE TIER SKIRT FOR THE LITTLE MISS The charm of the evening and (Jane-1 a-noer satin finished v/iih the bow. 5 ~£ gov.sis this season lies cMefiy i n j v.hieh is so necessary a. detail of moss their simplicity and CimSaess. Much! ^OCKS. of the grace at the aew dances Is due! lc *"«1«i-es 3"£ yards of 25 inch ma- to the frocks that drcpe the figure of'- :^J. TM .f^Sf V^j 3 , ^ ress _£ /^ 3 J; the £ancer so effectively with eacht^,~.j °~,~~* *"" " S - * - i ""^"· ! °- *a " c * r movement- f " " ~ "~ """" ~ " i. . . _ . » _ Crepe de Chine is oae- of tbe great- · t;--- est favorites, as for many seasoris past. S.-ik mu!! in a. soft shade of pink: Is for the clinging Qualities it possesses, the 'abric. riulshed with insets of lace. Combined viich fr!I!? of net or ?ace the; This 1«ti!e dress may be made la sie effect is doubly enhanced. Parchrrenz. S v.ith 2%i jards of C5 inch aiu!l or white crc-pe eJe Chine fashions the scv.-n' silk. iHustrated. the frills being- o: net «·» the! Xo. S055--sfzes 3-i to -2. s^mt v.-nue. An e^Tei_t."e contract isj Xo. S04--sizes 'J to li. given th-_- Ire=s by the jr:rI!e of pa!e Each pattern 15 cents. z "*"o olt2j~ Cither pattern :n^£irate»3 --*1 |l out this coupon «^.i! enclcre 1^ ccsts In *| Ftarr-ps o- coin. Be ?are to sia'e number it »-^ . - - - r . f , 1 . ii OL jjiifcCem £*fi_i sine, tn^jjs* rzns over r»** i| idlest part of the bast. -U'dress I'attera 5 DppartiEent. care oi this pa^cr. rv*-^ Size Now for the first time you can have beautiful coiored reproductions of Violet Oakley's Paintings The 15 famous mural paintings in the Pennsylvania State Capitol at Harrisburg-, which heretofore have been obtainable only in the form of expensive carbon photographs, are now to be reproduced in full color by the very latest improved methods of color photography and color printing, and included as Supplements to the SUNDAY PUBLIC LEDGER The first of these Supplements, with the SUNDAY, DECEMJ containing 6 pictures, will be included issue of 14 LITTLE WAIFS EN-JOY JEWELED TRiFLES. THE YOLETIDE SEASON 1 To thousands of children in our ; i here Are Inexpensive Ones Thst Make the Ycungsr Set Happy. | A char-rains 5TM ft for a pretty rfrl is j one of the saia!! watches vnrn on :| bnjceleti=. Some of these are v-rv :u- : ritles-are denied the Joys attending tfie t tractive, aatl tbe one tlhitraies! here | Christmas festivities that riiose -aho : ha: the addtticaal merit of bela^ odd ! bare pleasant homes aud pareats i n l a n d convenient, for IE is set Into a comfortable circumstances enjor. BQC! sqnare tuount that £ts neativ ys tbt bracelet. There sre maar iaespensive triSes in the way of jewelry that aiav be given ro one's friends as vrell :i^ reia lives at tnis season. Trinkets of this The remaining- 9 pictures of the series \vill be a part of the seven successive Sunday issues. As these issues of the Sunday PUBLIC LEDGER will be in great demand, you can make sure oi obtaining a copy only by placing your order with your news agent in advance. Or eight weeks, by mail,- postpaid, forty cents, with the order. Address PUBLIC LEDGER, Independence Square, Philadelphia, Pa. because the home sarrounOLmss are lacking oac mn«t nee jump to tbe conclusion that the children of tbe unfortunates and the T .vaifs vvho are parenr- iess or Lave been driven from hoine by drunken and inhuman parents di aot| sort are 2 ivr;tvs valued bv the vonnaer have their Santa Ciaus and tbe other J set _ xoveiries are what appeal" most pleasures that make Christmas tbe joy ' io %£e taste. und deiisht of childhood t!ie world| Buying a last rainnte jewel rift: Perhaps yon knoiv jast vrhatfche -want? and the choosing: is easy. And perhaps yon don't- If so and the jrift is over. If one were inclined to believe that. home circle is! Christmas outside the devoid of all that brio: happiness to the chi!J ae sliouiJ visit one of the institutions where tbe s pleasure and ; f or December's child, why not select children of the poor and homeless- are ', provided with tae comforts of Hfe by the city and the contribatioas of the char: table- In these homes are housed hundreds and hundreds of children, few of them over ten years of nje. Here one w!H ; see durin? the Christmas ^ayeties ai scene of happiness that win make him { wish himself a child once nsain es3; eater Into the spirit of the occasion J with the same joyousness and entaa- j siasm as do those he is watching- It f is possible that he ral^ht even realize j that the presence of so many children i enjoying Christinas together under one i roof is a thousand times to be pre-i f erred to the si?ht of oce lonely child! o* the rich playin? alone with its toys, ·with no one but the nnrse to look on. · RECIPES FOR CHRISTMAS. DAIkY TWO CENTS SUNDAY FIFE CENTS First Thing in the Morning Since 1836 Agent for Gettysburg, Pa. P. W. STALLSMITH Salmon Salad.--Garnish salrn- on with cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika. Add a few ^- drops of chiii vinegar and slices of hard boiled egg. Cover with this sauce: Yc!ks of three eggs. juice cf a iemcn, sa!t a"d red pepper, a pinch of grated nutmeg, three tabJespconfuIs cf butter and half a capful of -water. Stir over ihe fire until thick. Kontreaux Sandwiches.--Soil four eggs for s quarter of an hour, then pound them with two tablespoonfuls of butter, ^ one tablespoonfus of finely chop- « ped parsley and sufficient an- w chovy essence to make all s good v- pink color. \VJsen we!! poancied ^ add a little psprika ar.d spread . | the mixture on slices of butter- y cd bread. Serve garnished with | parsiey. ^ Fig Mincemeat Pies.--Weigh « half a pound of flour, sift it. rub 5 in three tablespoonfwls of but- | ter or lard, add one teaspoonful ^ of baking powder and a pinch of J: salt, then gradually add just £ enough cold water to form a % stiff paste. Roll out or.ce. Line | small mold.s with the pastry and fill with mincemeat, adding a few chopped figs. Sake in a hot oven for fifteen minutes. DRACELET WATCH a turqnoise? Tbe turquoise is the stone for December, and it stastis for prosperity. Aii told. r!!CMi£h. the diamond and the peari are ibe most desired stones The pearl stouid have an article a:i to itself. thoiisU. saninieo up brie-Sy. its characteristics are whueuess. softness Of textnre and purity of Icster. As for the diamond, it must bave what bas been caUeu ii'jnsd lasciooscess--must be of the first water. la fact, the term "water" as applied to diamonds--"first water." etc.--is cot a caption* term, but is direc-ily applicable to the characteristics of the stone. Tliis liquid appearance is the first ati::^ fji:a!ity which denotes tbe CBRISTfflASTIDE ( Medical Advertising ! Gettysburg Druggist a cLarkness ;er than the ol^zr.^s s:oc hath s. ch:Ih-ess :~ than the heart ot June; Cbrlsnxias nath a beautv Loveter than the world can show. --Christina liossettL j Deserves Praise i H. C. Landan. druggist, deserves. praise from Gettysburg TieoDle for j ; introdneir.g- here "the simale beck-i | thorn bark and glycerine* mixture, j l-niown as Adier-i-ka. This simple 1 I German remedy first became famous j I TTEAP on ir.ore -- oo5: The wind is chill ^*- But, let it whistl ve*n keep our C . -- Walter Scot: le as it j LE DOSii, relieves sonr stomach, sas j on the^stonjach and con^ripation IX- 31; ST-A-XTLY. It's quick action is a big surprise to people. PUBLIC SALE OUR TWENTY-SIXTH Christmas Anniversary Finds us with a better assortment for the gift buyers than we have ever had the opportunity to offer before. Once 1 Of ix-rsor.a! j-erperty of Harrv L. lilisler. Deceased "OIXG out, j- e crystal spheres! bless our hunjan ears. And y i»--o^T- r t0 IODch ° ur scn ' ies s °- 1 On TfaursJaj, December II. l-.-i.", '· Ana le. ..our silver cainie move in melo- I . . . , _ , i . - . j - , dious tiir:e. j -*ft:s a "c r^.uence ileadc"- rJ'.na d let the bass of heaven's deep organ-' Q nart ''' t S ^ ni3:e iro:» Gettysburg ip. ;!. °'°- r - jXawnt;yto^»n road. The foilowins to v.C-, a!- 'ith yo^r ninefold aanuosy laa consort To the anseiic sysiohoiiy. --John TT is tie Christmas time. And up and down '*-«-' up stcs : aa earth la gjorious gr-e* and soleina mirth The sisiaing assess cllnib. --D. ii. Unlock Craik. Aatiqne hi^h pos: bead _ stead and 5prir3g~, 2 bureaus. 2ii yanis carpet, ext^asii^.n taols. 2 kitchen 07;n. beards. cxk ar.d isxtnie? :·.: a- j new, cooking r.tensels. folding :H-i aii-2 heaven and S spring gc^l ss i.sw. table an: loHnsv. ja:itiq::e c!x~k.woo'? Stove, 2 ke^-T.'r:e"ar, |5au=ajre grinder aud staffer, whctlbarror v - j crain rra-jle. !ann mower."cs j forkp.}:oes T raki~=, I i-5l-anes. 2 5an-r~. c f r i . 'csrponur of pawe-i w tbing-. i ae artiSfcfal one lacks it- Xote here Uiat tbe chief difficulty in b,-J u-oen cXd gems and iml- J Sasg witfc many a change j Christmas carols until morn. --Henry W. I.o tars.-n. not bclw-een poor ones and iiai- j msE 5^which they ^ tations j -*- Went before lliem t: saw 5ni the east it came and Stood over ·where the young Child tras. joorr. .-i.t-jK-r. .-. or^hcis «;r curs'. 175' j rhickejis many of than pnlkts of iff · stock, one horse wairon as:d n anv a^:; I - ... j t^aie to 5egin at i o'clock P. 3f. j Joi'j! M. Bloclier 1 Aroinistraior. £C\ rERRT Christmas:" hear them say I "" As the east is growing lighter. I FOR SALE: beagle hoar.ds. Three ; _ __ _ j f u ' 5 bre3 beagle puppies three months ' .Thoughtful Youth. ' May the joy of Christmas day = . °^, al?o beagle hour.d. well broken and , Strange reason for attempting sal-, Ma^e your whole year gladder, brighter. | fine hunter. Indian Runner duck=-' cide was put forward by Emilej -Margaret Deland. j sev en full bred white and fawn India"n ' Schultz, a handsome young man at' " A GATST at Christmas did we weave Runner ducks. Good lavers. Trt-n-*- o?-r»^vA XT«i ^T»» T'Vift 'hrtllrr -»vmrnl tiA ftvrfei-·***** *».«-- *Vi ! _ _ _ _ _ "" Among the many articles that are ways useful and acceptable are--Table 1.. Silver, Solid and Plated Ware: Cut Glass, Serviceable pieces for daily use; Toilet Sets, Comprising Brushes, Combs, Mirrors, Etc. Chime Clocks in Mahogany Cases. WATCHES of every size and description, open face thin models and the old reliable hunting-case kind. All the prominent well advertised makes. A Special Line of Ladies' Elgin and Waltham Watches in 20 year guaranteed cases tor only $12.00. A Solid Silver Handled UMBRELLA makes a useful and lasting gift. We are anxious to have you see selections in Silks and less expensive our beautiful materials. Versailles, France, not long since. Ke said he was so distressed on seeing that he caused jealousy between twa sisters that he endeavored to commit suicide by drowning, in order to turn their dissensions iato a common griet The hoHy round the Christmas hearth. A.nnlv to -Alfred Tennyson. I D -, J - Rfele - Basement of First National ! Bank.--advertisement 1 the song of great Joy that the an- j ------· *^* gels began; j SlnS ^L El0iy t0 G ° d acd ° J eood Wi " t0 i There is no duty we so much un- niEui* ' --John G. "Wnittler. Daify i bought. There is no duty we so derrate as the duty of bein R. L. Stevenson. happy. -- C. A. JEWELER NEWSPAPER!

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