The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 30, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1818
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dun Vtcket, ol a i" ' f N yfc fining ri0TV E8vf.: of Brfton, from lr, .... " - - '. . rwinn. tur Kiver raie - ru'i' rhew had failed for Balavia - Spokc, Jan "I'rS Randolph, from Martinique lor New - VSllip Glenthorn, Stillman, tf) day. from Liver - , , - .i. .it rrutct. hardware tc. to nyer, P00'' W?lro'F ?Thmopon,G. DummerfcCo Bremer k Co. . inom - . . PagsenSer, WiS'JV :".d one in .he steerage. Spoke Sjday. i" S', - - f Caiiso, from lonU.O.UMmw - Cape Lanso, ior r S iTcomp ny for BaUinrc Ix ships H.. - IZr AHenTll5da from New York, to fail the SV S November ; Ro,ah, Mm, "day, I " j - . - in ,hpn to and : ship Llixaoem, vedSpK '.n.lwirh Islands, arrived Sept lnini i.u.. - - 11th ''"AVT " i". r. Salem : ship irumiiim . ... i it Dip unm.,iiu.. . - - - . fd - hlst lrom Hone, i"t arrived from riuiao - . , - .rrceoe and ; Sydney, . Elisabeth, of Boston ; feuuo k, of of do. ; Cantou - Piukct, of do. ; and 11, ui .. . h n Ontario. Hush, from of Baltimore rw New York for Canton, had pas - IIC DSHf " i "VZirZ ' ?.. r s.,.,l Ortober 17, in the I hi r."J7"kirC.. Wn.Klb.irv. of Boston K for ' Manhla jsan.e time", spoke brig Hindu, Whitney, out 9 days lrom Manilla. Nov. ii in the Strait, of Sunda, spoke ship Mare. - ret Bonners, HOday. from Philadelphia for Bam - Ha ; samediy.spoke ship Hercules, hint;, of baton 66 days from Ilio Janeiro, for Batavia. Jan. 19, in lat. 55, 26, Ion?. 70, spoke ship Bngaud, Hit days from Calcutta lor Boston. An English frigate was laying at Macoa, when (be Boxer sailed. . . . , . The .hin America. Ciurch, has arrived at Ba tavia, from iNew xoru.. a, from New York. . , ... rig Helen, Frost, 43 days front Gibral ar, ith eaud fruit, lo J. Agar, owner, Hh - oncr: irarf , F. Thompson, W. Apiew, H. W ilson, I - . f i . A,, kin Chauncev. and the ioe tn.n Mr. I . Vnn. Mrs Chauncev. and captain. Left, Dec. 16, brig Rambler, Crafts, for New Orleans, unrer. ; sclir. etor. Lel'rt, lor Tariff, in A ! : hiiir Mcrcntor, Parsons; Imm Hew Orieans, nearly discharged ; bug Adamant, Covell, just ar. in 32davs from Boston ; bng n.,i &. Nimcv. Hones, from do. lu o days J brig Ueeatur, Andrews, W days from e Or. ; hin An?nsta. I'earson, l hostou, jii't ur inlMdavsfrom Canton ; - hr. Thoma - l i nnnt, Barclay,' just ar. from LW on ; ship Neptune, m rortmiouth, N. 11 lor St. L'bcs, au - .e day. On Suudar, off Cape May, pKe t - ir. w', i dav from Boston, lor Noifolk next day, schr True American, 40 hours f;om tw orn lor. Philnrtolntila The brig Helen, from Lib' Jt - r, left at that rmrt Iw thrV h'lT - . MjUlllCtun. Fi'tt - rock, and Spark, to sail in a. ioi t tiwe for I'm t Malion. Tue friaate t inted State Lad tailed a dav or two before. the Spanish Court went U to mojru'i fr for tlif rnncess CnarloCte, which vax worn a tonnigni. Arrived at Gibraltar, Dec. 5. ship AiignMiu, Fearsou, 154 days from Caufon, rith teas. ura - , cassia be. ; 7th"scl.r. Paramo. i, Anntin, 40 days l'roin Boston ; brig Adomaut, W - ' days fitin do ; KHh, brig Orient and Nancv, 34 - lays fu m do. Ar.fromlfttolth Nov. rh.p An'r, ltividso:i, (Ho'itester; brig Siro, Lok,cr, k'liil.oh Inhia J - Prictt Current. Dec. 10. Flour, f M, sell.iifi in email naieels : cod - fish, 4,6 ; roft'tv 17 a 14, mu h wanted ; rice7r1 a 7,6, scarce ; U.bacco, Virginia, 19; Kentucky, VIA, 13,0. Brig Factor, Corrnn, 47 davs from Havre, with piaster and dry goods, to A. Cranston 4i Co. and tli? captain, owners, Richards, Tavlor k Wilder, Lc Kov, Bayntd k. Co. aid others. ' Left, Dec. 13, l'ip Family, llobiiison, for N. Orleans, in l. days ; klnp Gen. II million, aud brie Eagle, for . York, inaliout 10 days; brig ShiiRepare, Browsj, for Safinnah,in 15 days. Ship Sachem, Davis, arri - edat Havre in "iSdays from . York wan qnar - autiiH'd 3 days, and sailed for Antwerp same day iih the Factor. Two briirs from Bostoa had just arrived, from a quarantine f 10 d:tyv Sjwkc, fee. 1.1, Ut. AO, 42, lone. 3, .'!', ship t'nion, Fisher, inua w - Orleans, for Havre. 14th, in the channel, off Start Point, ship Vcmu, Scovell, 23 days i join jtew - iork, lor l.niulnu. Jan. lat. 41, IV, long a, U, linir 1 win. 61 tlavs lrom Plynmuth fr - Vork. Jsn "Uli, hit. 41, M, Innif.bO,), spoke brig ncMrull, ntone, liluvs fnim Boton, lor Antwerp. 2jth, Ut. 40, 19, Ions. "0, IJ, ship Hil liam, of .Newport. 65 davs from Hull for N. Vork rassengers, I.t Jos. Ramage, V. S. navv, bearer oi nispatcnes lor government, MVsrs. M. J. Jan iand, W. 1. tiailUrd, A. Taveau, Kichd. Smith L V. Calarael, L. Pirivnlet, T. Coung, J. B. Mac quart, I. Koulet, and C. Ptrohl. Brig Caroline, Monroe, 19 davs fr6m Havana. witb uiohisses and cofee, to older. Lilt, , Lester,' of iV London; schr. Felit, Sage ; ship Ann, Lincoln, for CoMon, next day ; ship Fair - Trader, of do. loading ; and scvend others. P.issengci , Mr. John B. Tulbott, and Mnbod Hftworc, the latter of uhnm ajtakca lTthe wteck of the sloop Maliile, Crirtinir, toije - ther with the enpt. and crew of said vepel, alier Miii; out 'J days from Charleston, for ebern. C. by the schr. Shephenless, from Warren, R J and all arrived into the llnvaii.t. Schr Andien Jarkon, Taylor, 3D d. from Fav - ihwith wine, salt and fruit, In Cheriot, Wilkes 'ii Co. and Smith i Habbell. Left no Am. vessels. The Br. schr Waliham, Hotiaii, from Canada, ar. at I aval "th Dec. haviui; ot jiart of her sail wat mh i..r i numad vith liec. bpoke Ja.i 16, ship 1 ckin, Dexter, ISOd . fr. Calcutta, i: 1 Jld.ivs fr we Bar, boitud to Bos'ou, a number of the crew confined with the unrvv .im.l.l I,,,,, u,;,i, Uhles.aml put 3 men on boanl sent home by the Jwmu,. , assrncrs, Capt. M. Ward, late of brie "' "wm, ruuui'iiinru at ay alas unsea r - rt - awam, of .anlnrket. ctiAuutsroN, Jan 82 Arrived, ship Caroline, Strrill, New Orleans. 17 days, - and 10 V . oa. e uen Tnere, ichri. lWicht, :"d Ury Anu' "ill. fro,,, this port ; and about 2h) tat' waitine for fr iht. vAa ; ii,. river, bound up, 59 sail of vess. - N - a - nons then,, brig Catharine, Welman, of this port, 40 davi more, hrrrt in e. . ". .u - .... . " ret, ofand lrom do. ; aod bnS Ftlicians, FraSk - Sh p William Savcrr. Barden. 10 Har. rhilad.ptua, bound to Savannnh. nut i.:. Pit short handed. 4days since, cltth Fryii,K Vaa, sWkeslp Jason, ol N York, 14 days (tow pit short handed hrr K.": day '.u'o" - . "ouiki to savannah. onmn ong Prince Regent, Ritchie, 25 days 77 SbUr? briff Wnern Fok Hamburg, ..Brig Venus, Mono, (of Providence. R. I hn - .rT V " ir lorida ;) naj to throw over - Provii,n Mrldi wo'8"": when a New rroMJcnce wrt ckercame to her auiUance. G:. ""ecnr - atf Uoss, 1 day from tv "U. SWp Budget, Cillett. New - York 10 days. THEATRE. Ta , .. . ' . lr., ' "Pully informed, that Mr. K,lrv r v nartestoB. Wri iP" Ma1, EVENING, Feb. 2, J preUd, (for tlie 1st time in this thea - Tirv ,Jr0 the opera of Radilev L0UD Vir TUt: MXOR. To wi ir - u i, , . . ,r - ucledoo tTil 1JcJ' ""'o - drama of O, V,.?.,VA OF TOBOLPKOU KrltWKjX "J"cianai.d SurReon; JjJ ' Nr 50 1W street. K?!. " ,lrawn number re,t.rH . ' to lo i : " , v - ' T" - .. ?" irh ws syM at Al.l.l vti t. ;narr ptise o( five h mdrcd dot - n. . ' uly Lui ky Orlire, open ... :.i J iay, where the gold has alre..l rk r. "r oneqiiaitcr. Tl. hr.U., r.kl "rrls aM7'Ve, b' Jao 30 A - CARD. . (T7 MRS. DF.LAGE, Milliner from Paris, has the honor of informing the Ladies of tbn city, that she has just opened a small case of the latest winter iiau receiveu rrom rans. No CO Reeil - street, 4 doors from Broadway jan 30 lw NOTICE. rrj3 All persons having demands against the estate of the late GUY R. CHA.VIFLIN, deceas ed, will proieot their accounts, and tliore indebt cd will pleaie make payment to HENRY COIT, Jan SO lw . No. 83 South - ftreet For SAYA W.iH, The regular packet bri; ELIZA, sail on Tuesday next. For freight or passage apply on board at Jones' wharf, or lo II. THOMAS, Jan 50 4t 2 Jones' lane For ROTTEHD.iM, The fast sailing briir JULIANA, B Augur, master, 204 tons ; having two thirds of her freight engaged, will commence loading this day, and be dispatched immedi atcly. For balance of freight, or passage, ha ving good accommodations, applv to ... E. FISHER, Jan 30 lw 54 Souih - sti eet. IKON HOLLOW WARE. 4 N assortment of the above article consisting 1M. ol pots, kettles, bake pans, griddles, skil lets, basons, spiders, tea kettles, Lc. per too or piece, for sale by CEBRA & COMING, Jan 30 76 Paarl - ft IRON. TALLOW. &c. F 1JFTY tons dueriffs new sahlt: Iron, Russia Yellow Uandle Tallow Duck, Hhileund brown Sheeting, for sale by HOY T fe TOM, Jan 30 eod 1w 46 South - drtet NANKEENb. 5,000 ps. long yeliovNaa keens 600 blue do. entitled to debenture. For sale by JOSEHI OSBORN, Jan 30 2ft South - street, HEMP, M IKES, LEAD, c. QT. PE'l EKfiiURGH clean Htnup and Ken IO tucky yam in Loft to suit purchitsers 100 casks "pikes, assorted sizes from 4 to 10 in til) rolls Shret Lead 50 boxes 8 by 10 Glass 5 tout Patent Oakum 3J ba!es India Twine, No. A. With a general assortment of ship Chand lery, ior idle ny Jan 30 lw TUCKER & CARTER rat t .iLUAULF. PHuFFMY. UV - .j! That valuable stand tlie corner of John oi vv illiniu - itreet, at present occupied by Messrs. Hart ti Kdin, will be sold by hlceckrr. Bihby Ol' Lo. at the 1. U. 11. on BatuMay, 3lst mst. at 12 o'clock. Terms at time of tale. frt - For see am tior.cers adver - tioeuientia .Mtroantile Adierliter. Jan 30 Uomt, Stable, Garden, Vc. nt Uruwnch, TO I.F.T The subscriber will let or learc, for a e.oj of tears, his house ai Greenwich. It is i.lta - antlv situated oa the banks i l the lluilsnj, and CH.tulnt'd to accominconte a liirge riir.ny. ror :ernn, apply to D1V IE BETHL'NE, jaojil as v a - i street. TO LET, From thtjxrtt of ,iay rrxl. The a story houe iV. 24 Park Place, to ie let forfour years lrom the 1st May next. The house is in rood order. The piesent kcii - pant will dispose of the furniture of a parlour and bed room, which in tv - w and fashu natile, and ol the best kiud. at a reasonable price,, and on aa Accommodating credit. or lurlner pamcuiars enquire on tbe premises j an mi HOUSE and LOTS. HARNED. BARKER ti CO. will sell at tlie Tontine Cone House, on Saturday, 31st inst. at 12 o'clock, the three story brick house .o. 63 Wm. corner m clar - sirert, loeeuier wim the lot on Tvl'ic.h it stands and the adioinine va cant lot on William street. The bouse is within 1 - 2 minutes walk ol the banks. Cedar will soon lie opened to Pearl street. Fordimensiousoftt lots see advertisement by P. Li. llildreth, in L. rMi and Columbian. Jan 3U It" Property in Pearl ttrtet. For sale, to lease, or to let, tbe HOUSK and oTORE no. 213 Pearl - street, occupied by .t i Ti l. r. . uie suoscnucr. 1 U6 nousc is la cnmpic ie OTuei for the accommodation of a genteel lamdy ; a the store one of the best stands in the city for the drv goods or Hardware DusmeM. Jan 30 lw JOHN ADAMS tor SALE ortoLKAbE. l7, 1 VE Lots of Ground on street No. 1, of the 1? CommisstoDers Map ; which street No. 1 or First - street, of 60 feet in width, will be open cd in the spring, lrom the Bowery, just abov i.rtn strr - et, to tne public square, at the com menccmeni ol tne nrst avenue. ALSO TO LEASE, A number of Lots of Ground of 26 1 - 2 by 100 leet, on trie second avenue, wiiicn avenue is now opened lrom its commencement at Worth - street, l , tne new Aims Mouse. Those lots being eligibly situated, and the nearest part embraced ny the Couimisrioners plan of the city, will make them desirable situa tions. Apply to AUGUSTUS WYNKOOP, Jan 30 lw No. 3i Front - street Middle Dittrict Bank .Vbtei, ti k R. WA1TL respectfully inform the pub IT. lie that the bills of this bank will at all times be redeemed at their offices in Maiden Lone, on as good tej - ps as any other Country bank Aoiesoi inisiwne; toey are only at a dis count of one per cent. J an 30 3t BOOK KEEPER'S WKECiXJtiY. f UST published. The TriM Balance or Book 9 keeper's Directory; shewing a complete .ay.tem of book - keeiimg, commenced, earned on. and dosed, and uew books opened, upon a clear and experimental plan. By 1 nomas II. Uod - dard, accountant. On a large sheet. Price 50 ceuts. For sale oy PRIOR & DUNNING, Jan 30 2 No. Ill Water - st. TMWSK TABLE CLOTHS, UNE.V, MJ kc. Just opened at No 61 Maiden - lane 3 cases IrUh linens, course to superfine 1 do loug lawns, assorted 1 do 5 - 4 stout Irish sheetings, assorted 1 do diaper and damak table linens, as sorted, from 5 to 10 quarters wide 1 do , super real double damask tablecloth, part very Urge site, with elegant small aod large napkin to match 1 case Dotted counterpanes, together with general assortment of Pry Goods, for piece and retail sales, at very moderate prices. A In for Sale by the Package, A lew cases Irish linens and loug lawns, assorted Stout 5 - 4 Irish Meetings, Drogheads blarh 7 - 8 litens glazed. White platillas Jan 23 if . L IcC. UYfUM. UPLAND COTTON 54 bales i.nme upland Cotton, rust received tier schooner Laara. lrom Savannah, aod for sale by OTIS K SWv, Jan 14 157 Pearl street. SHAWLS. 4 trusses col'd and fringed Clnth Shawl, handsomely assorted, received oei Ann Marin. . CAMBRELENG k PEARSON, Jan 29 67 S - mth - ftreet. CHINA SILKS 2 cates green sincbews ; 1 do black camLlcts 1 do 6 - 4 while shawls ; 1 do black do 1 do dama k For sale by MARCH Si LOW, Jan 29 210 Broadway. TTEMP fc DUCK 60 tons St. Petersbnrsh rlc3B HeioD 80 bolts first oualitv Russia Duck For sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. jao 8 ' 57 Front - street. by L tout the and lar long lo jFur Philadelphia mid St. Saltuivr, ' Tbe elegant and fast suilinj copper bottomed brig JUNIUS, 150 tons per register, Geo. Danton, master, will take freight ou very reasonable terms for Philadelphia, if applied for immediately, as she will be dispatched positively on the 2d February Aud any one who wishes to make shipments to St. Salvador, the freight will be taken in her, and carried to Philadelphia free of expense, and the sane freight paid on such goods, as those shipped from Philadelphia, as the brig is obliged to proceed round to complete her cargo For further particulars apply to the master ou board, at Pier No. 2 East river, or to WM. & CIL4S. PORTER, 52South - t. Who have for sale 20 quarter casks very superior old L. P. Madeira Wine, of Messrs. Phelps, Page & Go's brand. Jan29 3t For Sale, Frtieltt or Charter, i The ship DRUlMO. D, R. Qoarlcs master, 300 tons; will carry upwar&of 3000 bbls ; it a substantial vessel and well found. For terms, apply on board, at pier no. 17, or at 66 south - street, to Jao 27 WALSH & GALLAGHER. For Sate, Freight or CUurler, V T - L ...V.. t 4. .. ! 1 f 4 J Je Buusiauurti, Iroi 1.111 uig ui ig .,1. - 1 - .RY - ANN, capt. Lewis; is 1 year old carries about 1600 bbls ; lies at pier no. 13, cast river. Iuqmre ol GOODHUE k Co. Jan 27 4 - 1 Soulh ftreet. FHt.lGtFI for UFLHtOOL. About 500 bbls are. wanted to fill up the ship DRAPER, Adams, master he lies at the east side Fly - Market wharf, and will tail on buiiuay next, r or freight or pas sage, 'ip)ly on board, or to Jan 27 R. W. ROGERS & CO. For CH.iHJ,FSW.V, The staunch fast sailing schr. LOU - MA, W. Napitr. master , will s; il on tin i - Miay, han.j! the most of her ckrtro on board. For the reniainder, or passage, apply on board, west side Uui ling - slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, jan 27 S8 Pine - street. For HA UiF, ti... . t.: u & ivir'nirr ilMll lis lanv Buiiiiii; biiiij , . - f lL ikt t wt. AljijjiL.Mosti Millard, master) having two thirds ol her cargo engaged and will sail by the 10th February. For freight or parage. having excellent accommodations, apply to the captain on board, at liiHon street - wharf. or to FREDERICK JENKINS Si SON. jan 24 lw No 19 Uurling - slip. ForCHAtil.LSTOJf, S. C. Tlie fine fast sailing brig ATLANTIC, Gen. liuiley, master, has ihe principal part ol her freight eng?;ed, will meet with im mediate dispatch For freight or passagp, having good accommodation;, apply ou board, cast aide Fly market wharf, or to HlIiKY COWING, Jan 23 6t 191 Front, comer of Fultou - t. For Freight or Charier, The shit. PERSEVERANCE, bur then 2C0 tons, inc - oniplfte readiness to receive a cargo; lies east side Old - Uip. . ALSO, Tlie brig MUSCONGUS, capt Dock - endorlf, burthen 1 '52 Ions, well i atcttUt - ii lor carrving lumber aud slock lies at Bur - ling - slip. Apply o BARKER & HOI KINS, No.84K'utittrcct. Who hace for tale, 20 tons clean St. Petersburg hemp 10,000 Calcutta Goat SU'ik, iar&caixe Cacutta thick 2 bales Russiii Calfskins. 2500 gallon pure wi.,'riiMir.ed Snertn. oil 800 gallons rackM whale o.l 170 boxes firsl quality ;:p ruacti cimVos An invoice ol eUgant French lialltov.s 20 tens pig iron 1hi lit lOt For LOMfjfO!.hui. JsUi The fine 1 t - t ruhuz rhi.i FOS'i Er JUONss - Moran, roa Ur, havm . 7 ? !u if lier caijfo ready to crs on btiard, will ht dir etched without delay. For (r ig t .00 to 2iiJ tieire seed, or pasxige, afply to the master on boat at pier no. 13, or to Jan 20 W. S. CRAIG For JV. h - OR LEA As, farcsuhrti.'.d;i) The fine coppered and copper - iasfened On? V..HARLE6, capt. Wib.T.v, row loadir and will sail on 5undav next. For freight or pa sage, baring excellent arrommodations, apply to tne captain on board, or to i M'CREA 4 iLIDELL, Jan 20 No. 41 So'ith - st, GLASSES, COFFEE, fcc 33 hhds aud C1M. 4 bbls. Molasses, first Quality UOE, 1TICCU VUUCC, l'.!) Dry Hides 1 k ,5 7 bbls. Sugar Landing al Dover - street wharf, from schr. Linnet, from Porto Rico, fot sale oy K.KG. W.,UAVENPORTCO. JoS3 1 EKMAN STEEL, URLMSTONE tc 155 VJI boxes Steel 129 boxes roli brimstone 1 case Leghorn hats 15 do tumblers 10 packages paper 3 bases cbollets SO boxes mould candles SO do soap, entitled to debenture For sale by JAMES D'VVOLF, Jr. jan 13 57 Front - street. TOARD A gentleman and his wife, and MJ three or four gentlemen, can be accotn modated with board, by applying at SO Vesey street ttn 2b lw II ULL at BOtv .Nr. nave just received by tbe M.JL Lorrnio, lrom London, Dixon's Antiliilious Pills Hickman's Pills for the gravel, kc. Chine's Worm Destroying Lozenges Roaii's Embrocation Thompson's Cheltenham Salts Tlayward'sTolu Lozenges lien'rv's Calciu'd Masne'ia, And a general assortment of British Patent Medicines of repute, not mentioned above ; war ranted genuine, una ior sate at Jan Z4 lra 140 reart street Eni!. luswure. conisiirir of Wines and ruml is, hr sale CHAS. L. OuDEN ti Ariel. OGUE.. Jan tt wasimtetoo - st GRACE CHURCH. TDFW No. 98, for sale. Lnqutre at No. 70 Washington - street. Jan i7 6t TEJf t 'OLLA RS KEWARO. OTOLEN last evnit s, fnrn the hfllofthesub - crii'er's house, No. 17 Hester street, a blue .'sssimere Cloak, lined iisiue tne collar with liuht blue velvet; also, a Hit, of Brewster's make, stamped nn the lining Bjtlir & Nevini - Pawnhrokers are requested to stop Uie above ar ticli - s if n,r - red for sale About three weeks since, a h!uc cassimere sur - and hat ol toe same staiup, v. ere stolen from same hall. BENJAMIN BLTLEK, Jans9 2t 37 Wall - street. TWIST aod TILLING. WiLLIAM CAMPBELL, No. 197 Pearl - slieeUiarCc - ived HfJO lb. of No. 12 13 Twist and Filliog, from his lactory at Patterson, which he will sell on iair terms. A regu supply of yarn from No. 10 to 13 will be received weekly. Jan28tf LOST, supposed to Ke stolen, a very fin aiul valuable GOLD CHAIN, about fonr yard - if the same iho.dd . be offered lor sale, either while or in pieces, information is requested be given at this office, and a reward of twenty dollars h offered to b paid upon the convirtioo ofUwtbief. JanSSSt ., t - be ter, and day Formal by HICKS, LAWRENCE & CO. at the Tontine Coffee House, on Saturday jfT'l next, at 12 o'clock. - lj) Tbe elegant 2 - story brick HOUSE and lease, second door from Broom - street, in liroad - way, occupied by Mr. George Lacey, at the moderate ground rent of $75 per annum ; about 15 years unexpired ; the buildiotrs to be valued at the end of the term, or the lease renewed for 21 years longt - r; it rents for $100 per annum ; the walk aud street has recently been paved. For terms, apply to C. C. TUNIS, jan 14 tf 01 CriTee - house - slip. tVU SALE, The houe and lot No. 123 Water - street, adjoiuitii; Messrs. M. U. Edtrar ti Go's auction slope. Terms easy ami title indisputable. Ap ply to ISRAEL HAYILAND, Jan29lwt On the premises. 1X LET, Two new two story brick houses, finished lu tue modern style, situated in urecuwicii - st a little above Spring - street market. Also, a 'two storv brick front house, corner ol Washington and liammersley streets. Inquire or JOHN HAbUKK I X, Jan 29 2w 17 Pearl - street. I O LET. JSh The shire and cellar No. 34 Frankfoi t. coruer of Rosa - street. Also for sale a small stock of sroceries. standing casks, draws, ic - PossCsmou may be had immediately Apply to Jan 29 lw ANDREW VAN TUYLE. TO LET. From the first of May next, the rpaciou; three story brick house No. 166 lreenwich - st, corner of Dey - street. Enquire at 152 Wah - in'ton - strcet Jau29 3w jrtJJI HOUSE 6i LOT FOR SALE. iT For sale the Iwute and lot No. 20 Jolm - st Koi terms apply to Jan 21 lw THOMAS ASH, 33 John - st. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. The elent.t and convenient three - story hnuk house and lot No. 26 Bowery, together with a coachhouse and stable fronting ou Bay ard - st'recl, aud joining the rear of the before mentioned lot. For further particulars enquire atjl Wall, coruer of William - street. Jan 29 If . FOR SALE, The two hotiFcs, No. 48 and 50 Broadway, to lie completely finished and delivered ou tlie ljln April next. Apply to - JOHN SEIDELL fc CO. Jan 29 tf No. 50 Broadway. X 7 O EE i' A TRLOUJii t.VU OA LE, ktkM The house and grounds belondine to tlie esiatc of John Shaw, situaUd on theeiuhth avenue. On tlie premises are an excellent double house, stable, coach and ice house, with every thing else requisite for such an establishment. I: is presumed any other description is tinnec.cssa - rv, as those inclined to rent will view Ihe place. Also, the lanre fire tiroof store in the rear of houses 1 1 and 13 Peml - slreet ; where there is fot sale some old iadera Vvine, by the Demijohn. For further particulars, apply to ANN M. SHAW, Jan vu 11 t p;rl - lreet. JIOLSr tc LOT,jo. iii j Pearl. For s Me, that.v iluahle house and lot No. VI ; Pearl - street, occupied by tbe subscriber. I lit lioue whs built by inc late John LI I is, Lsq. ht iiu a first rate built lioa - .n, and one of the best (ituution for Ihertrygotu'or hardware business. For lurther p - .irt,ici!ars enquire of HENRY LO i'T, on the premises. Jan 29 5t; M O.VT O.V E R X 'S POEM S. T MHSdi.y received by T. k J. SWORDS. VjJ Pearl - street, handsomely printed in two volumes. 24mo. price two dollars, a new and 'titmyt w tdition of the works of Jsmc s Montgo - uierv. including several poems, now first publish ed ; together with a sketch of his life. To which sre aiHH some ot rasisnal pieces hy oiiOtUr pen. j aii tj IN CHANCERY. Statf. of A'eW'York. t. IV pmsuance of nn crder of this honorable couit, w'ii he ynld at public auction at the Ton tine CoTij Houpc, in ihe city of New - York, un der the dirtclin of th sul scriher, on tlie 2th day of November int. at ELEVEN O'CLOCK in the forenoon All that certain lot, piece or psr' - ei 01 ground situate lyirs and beine in Uie fourth wan! of the city of !Vtf York, coininen cina 40 feet from the Muthwest confer of new - market - slip (Idie Catlierine - s'reet') and Cherrv street, anil ri.uning weitcrly alnns Cherry - street 40 leet, to jcround now or late tho property ot John ltrlm;in ; thence southerly uloiar said ground I J0 fret lo Wa'f r - strcet : thence east erly a! ing Water - sirr - i t 40 feet, to ground now or late c - t Melius ftioore, then nortmirly a ng (aid Riound 120 feet, to the of begin uing. Also, all that certain other hn, piece or parctl of t round, si'.uite, lying und being in the fourth ward of tlie city of New - York, directly in the rear cf the above descrihtd rie:e or par ed of ground, and commencing 40 feet .'rona thr snuthwest corner 'fnew - market - slip. and Water street, and running westerly along Water - stitet 40 feet, to ground of John G. Coster ; thence southerly along said ground 160 feet t3 South - street, theuce easterly along South - street, 40 feet to ground now or late of Bo'tus Moore, thence northerly along said ground 160 feet, to the place oi beginning. Together with the hereditaments and appurtenances to the, and every part and parcel thereof belonging or in anywise appertaining. Dated Nov. 4th, 1817. TIIO.YIAS UUL1U.V, Master in Chancery. The above will be sold in scperate lots. The terms of sale will be liberal and may be known by enquiring nt tne Master, io. 41 t ine - strcet. where a map 01 the premises can be seen. . . . ... iiov 4 lawiiathdis The sale of the above property is postponed to Uie 28th day of January next, at the same hour and place. Ualed Nov. 27th, 1U 17. THO.V.A BOL i O.TI, Master in Chancery. nov27 lawUan20dts The ahove sale is further postponed to the 13th uuy ui renruary next, ui tue same uour auo r L' 1 . . . . 1 . 1 place. Jan. sii, lb m. iHu.yiAi iiwt.iuA, Jan 29 tds Master in Chancery. iw chan(;euy. State of Ncw - York, ss IX pursuance of an order of this honorable court., will be sold at public auction at the Ton tine Untiee Mouse, in the citvni :ew - vorst, un der Ihe direction of the subscriber, on the twenty seventh dy of November iustant, at ELEVEN OX LOCK m the forenoon, nil that ceilain lot, c or parcel of ground, situate, lying and De - ing in u.e mm ward oithecityoi tew - iorg. fronting on l.aight st. (HUDSON SQUARE,) hounded nortJierfy in the rear by Vetry - strettl easterly by the house and lot now (or lute) occu pied by Mrs. Mm my, westerly by a house and 01 me 01 1 .eon am i.itpenaru, occeasea ; con - aining in breadth, in frvnt, and rear 31 feet 6 Inches, and in depth on evh side 175 feet. Said rcnuscs being b Id ur.uer and by virtue of a certain dejiise from the iretnraud iriba tit ais of the city of New - 1 ork in communion of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the state of New - York, for the term of ninety - nine years from the tih day of Mirch, IW5 ; suhjert to the yearly rent 01 $15, and to the provisot, covenants and agreements cortained in said lease; : togoiher witthe hereditaments and appurtenances to Uie same betonging or m any me ap erlaininjj oalcd iov. 4, lul7. THOMAS BOLTON, Mater in Chancery. The terms of sale, which wid he Jilrol, may known hv enauirinc at tlie tCce of the mas io. 41 Pine street. nv 4 oawtlVthaidts The sale of the above propertv is pottixmed tn Ihe2ilih day of Janmtry next, at f lie same hour place. Dated Nov. ifiih, 101 j. THOMAS BOI.TO, Mafter in Cbancry. nov 27 IswUJOdtds 1 lie ahove sale is further postponed to lh 13th of February next, at the same hour ai,d place. Jan.SSy ISIS. . . TUOMAS BOLTON, Jan 29 itds Muter in Chancery. of on but ges 17 T the ton ?t FREXCH GOODS. OSTRICH Feathers, Plain tafita ribbons Fringed do do Plain and fringed sattio , . do - Figured garniture do iattin hat linings, Linnen cambric Cheuelle cords and cords aud tassels Plain black and fimcy velvet ribbons A rtifirial flowers. Fancv bonnets Fancy diadems, Ladies head ornaments, kc. S'Mi lace veils. Merino ridicules Kid gloves, Tapes, Beads, Sic. &c Forsyte by RICHARDS, TAibUR ti li.un.M - . Jan 27 lw 145 Pcirl - st HIUS. W. WEST, late ol the Opera House, 1VL lndon, has the honor to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of this city, that her first PUBLIC BALL, in this country, will takeplate at the Citv - Hotel. on WEDNESDAY EVE NING, 4th Ftbiuary on which occasion she will introduce a variety of uew and characteristic Ounces, such as are now performed at the Op eras and respectable Drawing Kooms in r - urope. In Ihe course of the evening, the following fancy Dances : 1. MinuetaTrois, by Mrs. W. West and two ol her pupil. 2. Ballet Lcosse, (a Scottish national dance) ny six young Ladies 3. An entirely new Cotillion by 8 young ladies. 4. Pas Seul Tempo Adagio changing to Alle gro, by Mrs. W. W est. 5 Pas de Cinque, by Mrs. W. West and 4 young Ladies. 6 Un Choix d - s Quadiilies, by 8 young ladies. Tickf ts$l each, to be bad of Mrs. W. West, No. 0 Hester - ttreet, and at the bar of the Lily - Hotel. JanZll lw MINOR THEA iRE. Corner of Btoadway and Warren - sireet. . J R. W. BLANCHARD, thankful for the iVl encouragement heretofore received, will this week cxhiiit to the public of this metropolis, his astonishing talents in Legerdemain The performance will also ba attended with sui prising (eats of Mr. Tamaqtmha, the American Indian juggler,whote powers and execution oa the slack wire lar surpass any ether w ho has attempted Ihe same. Ihe pelotuiaix e will commence with ivlr. lancliurd'sexeciiti;.2 traki, wturu by novelty will please a discerning audience, pi as ter James Belmont is also tnctiged, who is un oi.nlitedl v considered one of the first in his pro lersion. ilis eround and lolly tuniniine win please and aiiiuce the public. For particulars see the Lill ol the day. The w hole to conclude with the comic scene ol the Dwar; Dance.' The theatre has been neatly titled up (or the convenience oftcmpwiy. Per formance to beein at half part 7 o'clock Admit tance, front scats 50 cents; buck scats 25 ; Chil dren hull price. Tickets to be had ut the 1 hea tre. A select Band of Music is engaged to enli ven and eihinrafe the whole. Janvo Iwt BOOIS AND HOES iVIADK AND WAR RANTED AT RKLiUCED PRICF.3. r JONES. Boot and Stu Maker, No. 35 Nas J.V. sau - street, bavins completed hi arrange ments; for the prrmpt accommodation of his lnndt and th - public, solicits a continuance of their patronage, which ly Ids exertions he hopes l ) merit J no XI iw Juvenile tiookt, lJusecti.d Mapi, tic. fty H E subscriber has still on hand, n general JL and pleasin" auortnient of books for youth, dissected prints, maps, and cards of amusement, for sale, wholesale or retail, at his store, No. 2 William - street. Purchasers of r&rlicnlar book?, Sic. will do well to apply early, as the numbers of some arc low. Jan26 2w - THOMAS DARTON. A SAVING OF 50 PER CENT. f 7" M. WILSON, 2G John - street 3doors from VV Nassau - street. Legs leave to inform the M,l,K k. i..l.ul. in fiit.M tn At tiil.ifflMa u J I V. , inn, in; 1U115II.J. .1. uuib v V. v. u . I. u (for cash only) at the following very reduced pn - (ipi v ces, VIS . ... ... . A gentleman's superboe blue or black coat 00 do omer colors xj wui do ... blue surtout or frock 28 JO do other colors 2f! (Hi do Marseilles waistcoat 3 75 do Toilanet do 4 00 x do Kerseymere or Cloth pantaloons 11 50 And lor tnosi - wno iweier nodins Uieir own rioiii uentiemen'sciose Dodied ioai ic inmm'.nzs 7 50 ao surtoui or irocK " 10 do waislcoat 2 00 do pantaloons 2 75 Ladies Habits 7 Ou do Prlitse 4 50 do great coats 6 00 rmy and Navy Umforms, Childrens Cothes, and every other article in ihe Line proporti .na hlv ch - ap. N. B. All articles cut in the most fashionable s'yle and workmanship equal to any in the city jan 77 iw TRLY11Y CHURCH LOT FOR SALE ATAUCriO.W ON Vednsday, the 4th r.f February, will be r soiu at auruon, vy ui.r.r.v. 1vr.11. a. 01 a - BY, at the Tontine Coffee Howe, at 12 o'clock, 1 t 1 1 1 i... r : ...I i uuniotr 01 vaiuaoiv ouiiuuiif iuu iiuimr'n (mi Mumtrn - streei, rprmg - jtreet, anu a street isteiy I I held at the office of the Company, No. 55 Wall - street, on Monday, the second day of February next. The poll to open at 12 and close at 2 .,. r s Ittl 1 s seen at the office of tho auclioneerv, T. C. House. I Jan 23 6t 15 DOLUR REWARD. S1 TOLKN last evening, from the entry of li'tiiae No - 40 Warren - street, one hne blue surtout coat, lined with black silk in the sides and skirts, and a reddish brown silk in the sleeves. Also, two hatslof midlin e size, not half worn, one lined with white silk and dark morocco, hatters name Brewster. The other had 1 w.ifer inside The above reward Will be paid for the re ... , , . ,. , , 1 . , 1 covcry of the whole er 10 dollars for the coats, apply as above. jan 23 tf LEVS ITCH OI.VTMF.jrT, f ARRANTED ao infallible remedy atone TF application, may be used with perfect safety on infants a week ohl, not conuiiimg an article oi mercury, or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not aXmtanied with offen - ..t.oirnoll aihir h altvnil. th annlu - alinn nl nlhivr remedies. The above medicines are prepared and sold al LEE'S Medicui? Store, No. 46 Maiden - Lane, and sold by S. CARLE, cornoi of Fulton and Watetretts. Certified cates of cure may be seen at place sale. Druggists and country store - keepers topi - hod liberal terms. J an zv TO qi'AF.RYMEJf. FOUR experienced Marble Qtiarrvnvn arc wanted immediately. None need apply those pcrfclly acmiainted with the bum ncssi losiicn constant cnipiov aou " will be given. Apply to 34 Heaver - street. .rt TO Lf.T, STCly A small 3 - story fire proof STORF, Ko Aloore - strett, next to ihe comer Sottth - st. Possession given immediaiely Apply as a - bove. nov 12 PtHtf MERJjYO WOOL, COTf O.V YARN, SAT TLYE I TS, tie. ITT" ANTED, a quantity of merino wool ; also, T C0..0' yam, particularly low numbers. Pioposals wi'l aim be received for making of sat - tincil. Themanufictuitr to be supplied wi'.h mMcrais, and tbe ba;ess to be rendered, pnhattv, permsneot. A contract is al?o warble 1, for th running of a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 spindles ; Uie cot to be supplied, and the yarn to be received a t'.'pnlatcd price. Apply at 143 rerl - street, upstairs. octXir&U iuu out itwaen ureenwicn arm nnuson - sis. oc - in? lots formerly parts of Brenuan's Garden, and ailjoininf thereto. A plan of the lots may be - - - - I T ' in by . PUBLIC SALES. BY HONES ft TOWN. Saturday, 31st of Jauoary, at 12 o'clock at the 1 online i.onee Mouse. SHERIFFS SALE. ' BY virtne of a writ ten facias to me direct - '. ed and thlivcuj, 1 will to scle nt tba Tonine CoBo rlrone, on Saturday, tbe 3lsr day of January next, at 12 o lock at noon, all i Vt.t, title and ir.Vrest of John Kane, ol, in and to all that certain LOT, picceorparcelolLAND urilh 1 Kff l.iiililirt'. a tKvsn asuu.lJ ! find bein? in the second ward, in tbe city of Nc w - York. ijowiadie occupation of the said John Kane, bounded as follows, vis. in front ou Pearl - street twenty fire ftet, on the northeasterly side by the huuie or lot now or lately owned by Isaac Burr, and now occupied by Stephen Grrnam, two hundred feet, on the southwesterly side by the house and lot of ground now occupied by James Amory two hundred (eel, andoa tlie rear by Cliff street twenty - five lef t, be Uie same mora or less ; together with all and singular the) appurtenances thereunto Itelongini or in anywise appertaining. Dated, New - York, December 19. 11117. JAMES L. BELI. Sheriff, dec 19 tds The above premises consist of a 3 - story brick dwelling house, with a brick back building adjoining and commuoirating therewith, 2 fe 1 - 2 stories high, and built in tlie modern style the whole extending ninety - three feet from front to rear, and containing 6 rooms with fire places, 3 other rooms without, and garret rooms for servants, a large store with a spacious cellar underneath, both completely shelved, and well adapted for an extensive dry good business.. Ihe kitchen is spacious and near it is ao excellent wine and cider vanlt, with a very convenient cool larder ; both buildings tmve slated roofs in excellent condition. In the yard is a well of fine water, and also a very capacious stone cistern, witb other conveniences too numerous for an advertisement. In the rear of this lot and fronting on CliiT - st. is a new 3 story brick store, built as a dwelling: 1. , 1. L - A. - 1 t 1 A 1. - C ; . noure, wnii uinii ceiaiigi anu ir,mi.u uiciiios - i neys ; can be finished at a small expense, suitable for a genteel fomily As the street has lately been widened, the situation has become a very pleas - ml and a ve iv eligible one. The lots are sufliciently deep to be divided into two s 'oarate tenements. N. B. The premises may be viewed every day from 12 till 2 o'clock P. M. 1: is believed a large proportion of tlie money may renmin on mortgage a number of years. New - Yoik, Jau. 17, 1813. tFb 1 ' BY P. L. MILL8 ft CO. Saturday, 31st, At 12 o'clock, at the Tontine CoTee House, the lubstantml three story brick stores and lots No. Hi and 82 1 - 2 Peail - street, now occupied by Messrs. J110. M'Crarkan and Curtis I: King. This prcperty has lately been put in thorough repair, and is perfectly fitted for dry good or hardware business. A large pioportion of the purchase niav remain on roorlghe. THi. FORUM rrp Will be opened on Friday avening next. 30th instant, at the Atsembly Room, City Hotel, when the following question will be discnssed, "Ought Ihe Untied Statu to ruognitttht Indf pendente if South America ?" The discussion will commence at 7 traces precitely. A Ticket will admit a lady ana gentleman. The surplus proceeds of that evening are appropriated to the "JYeuhYork Female A ttut ante Society." Tickets to be had at D. Longworta's, rur, and at the door, at 25 cento each. Jan 28 3t ; NOTICE. 07 The public are hereby cautioned Dot to . . - .... " "J '""'yt "u " "" HUS IIBI Bill UUK Si CI UllliaVUUt UMt jii'ijJ - ii :ji,.J ."ZT. t . "vc . ,u "TV " , i. nwu ., w j "me to any person dui myseit witnoui my wnv - tenoraer. new - iorK, Jan. xtn, joia. GARRET VAN NOSTRA ND. Jan 27 1wj nT A stated mcctinir of the Trustees of Columbia College1 will be held on Monday next, the 2d of February, at 10 o'clock, A. if. in the College. CLEMENT. C. MOORE, Clerk. jan 29 3t NOTICE. r, n. q ... - .. - :n 1.. Lliurch) and a collection made for tbe benefit of ;he society for the relief of poor widows with mnall children. Service will commence at seven, o'clock. Jan29 2tt NEW - VORK SLATE COM PAN Y. . Vrf The Stockholders are hereby requested to attend an annual election for nine director?, to be held at the house of Joseph Baker, No. 4 Wall - street, on' Mouday 9th February next j i,0 poll will open at 1 1 and close at 1 o'clock. Jau 29 flf ORFIWIIH kfiCV ('(IMPANY t... ,..i i..,; r. n;,.,.. HK. Ss m tti uossusar ivi iivii ivi ayii - v. vr s w sss w o'clock. By oidtr of the President, klCHARD DUNN. Jun. Sec'nr. Jan 21 tFeb 2 EACLK MA!Cl.tTCRI!0 COMPAHV. fcV Tne stockholders of tlie Eagle Mnfac - tur ing Company are requested to meet at the Dank GoOee tlo - ise, coruer of Pine and William - strei.ts, on Thursaay, the 29th Jan. inst. at set en o'cl jck P. M. on busiuess of great importance to the concern. Jan 22129 ft7 - The creditors of Mrs. SYDN'E V HEW - I T 1' are requested to send in their accounts, re gularly proi'td, al or before 1st day of February hi. oi ur h.. 'ii . rm ikai. iu 1 . vunnu, i,w. in T. uviiuiiiim iw, ,he purpo,e 0 having them setlied agreeably to arrangement. All peisons neglecting to or educe their claims at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that day. will be excluded from a participation of the fund which - is to he applied for tlie ettlement of her debts. New - iork, January lyih, 18. a. iiMmui, uiDOC,r A..inees - JOSHUA SECOR, i AM,6ee - jan 19 12t t it it Kn rif fr"7 All prsons having demands against, and V . . . r 1 1. . 1 1, a n. If .'tar ... those, indebted to the estate ot William Rogers, Ldreased. tire reout'ed to call upon THOM AS l k. 'l V H S. t mure. 0. wiihwi. va - ted Jan. 19, 1818. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jan 21 dim l l I K ASbEiVil - LY. ri The Managers give notice that the next Asitmbly will take place 00 Thursday, the 19th pst. rOR ENGLAND, DIRECT. j7 Letters lor His Britannic Majesty's Packet PRINCESS ELIZABETH, (foe Falmouth, Jirecl) wdl be received at tbe Post - Otfii e till 'iVedne. - day aReruoon, the 9 th dav of February. Jan 24 T. W. MOORE, Agent. Yf ANTED. A white girl about 16 years T of are, to attend on a lady and one child. One who can bring recommendation satisfactory as to her disposition, neatnt ss, ice. may - hear of a good ami permanent place, by applying immediately at No. 54 breenwtcu - et. jan 26 ' - - IHE ALBINESS., plIE pntdic is respectfully informed that the JL exhibition of ti t celebrated female will shortly close, th present being THE LAST WEEK which she will appear daily. Tickets to be had at ttc bar of 'die City Hotel. Jan 9 2t M' FMOIRS ii REMAINS of the late Revd. Charles B ick, containing copiotu extract from his diary and inters ting better! to hr fneude, interspersed wilh various obtervatious explanatory and Ulciirative of his cbaractir and worita, J.n Jitylrs D. D. 1 vol. prica $ t 25 Jest received and for tale by W. B. GlLLl.Y, ' Jaa29 W Broadway. -

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