Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 28, 1931 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 28, 1931
Page 6
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FEBRUARY 28 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Interesting Program to Be Presented Russian Singers Will Be Last in Children's Series. An interesting program has been prepared by the Russian singers who will be heard by Mason City school children at the final concert of the season sponsored by the Grade-Teachers association March E in Ihe high school auditorium. Their singing of "The Volga Boatman"-is especially effective. It is one of the best known folk songa in the world, fjther Russian folk songs to be sung aro "Moscow Street Song," "Vanka Tanka" and "Song of the Russian Soldiers." Tha last two are comic songs and so is "Uliana." They are amusing even tho Ihe words are not understood. They will also give symphonic arrangements of Russian church music including "To Thee We Sing" by Rachmaninoff, "Lord Have Mercy' by Lvovsky, "The Last Supper" by Lvov and "Tantum Ergo" by Gluck In the last group will be "Notre Dame" by Tschaikowsky, "A Czecho-Slovakiau Dance Song' and "Morning Song of the Rooster,' arranged by Kibalchich. Particular altention was given to the range and quality of each voice and to the solo ability of each sing er chosen and as a result the Rus sian singers are an unusual organi zation resembling · an orchestra Their combined colorful tones pro duce Interesting choral effects will each voice having a part in the in terpretation of each number. Child Shoulcfisbt Be . Punished for Things Not Really His Paul By ALICE JUDSON PEALE. A ·! year old boy was given for hi birthday a fine set of paints, bu no paper to go with them. An hour later his mother cane in to his room to find walls, furnitur and bedspread vividly decorate with "designs." His best new suit had also re ceived attention. As a punishmen he was thoroly scolded and hi paints taken away. A kittle girl of 6 received per mission to play in the wash basi with her celluloid ducks and fishes When, some 20 minutes later, he mother discovered her dripping we from chin to knee, she punished he for her carelessness. Both children were punished fo something which was certainly no their fault. One cannot expect a year -old to restrain his desire t x^caint simply Uecause he has no pa yJneV'pD ·Vyhiob tn dp it. The imporl ·^ance of adult possessions Is not hfil so real to him as his desire" to us a beautiful new toy. If we let a chil play with water we must expect he to get wet unless we give her a rub her apron. Unless mothers exercise forcsigh and planfulnesa, children will al ways get into mischief. It Is th parent's responsibility, not th child's, to see that his interests d not get him into trouble. Children need such things as clay paints, crayons, hammer and wal er to carry out their play ideas. ] the use of these materials spread destruction and makes extra wor IN ELOPEMENT WASHINGTON'S younger set is recounting details o£ the elopement of Geraldine CToy Free, 20 above, daughter of Representative Arthur M. Free of California, anc Thomas P. Littlepage, Jr., 23, son of a well known Washington law yer and clubman. Both are students at the George Washington tmiver sity, she in the law school and he in the arts college. The ceremony wai performed at Towaon, Md. MAKE THIS MODEL AT HOME GLOBE-GAZETTE 15 GENT PRACTICAL PATTERN Vuttern 3117 By ANNE ADAMS An attractive house dress is sim- )ly made of a colorful cotton print. :t fastens at the left front and opens out iu coat fashion to facilitate washing and ironing. The home sewer will find ready made binding, which is used to finish all the raw edges, an effective and easy method. Among the fabrics that will stand many tubbings and much hard wear, are gingham, percale, cotton broadcloth, rayon and madras. Choose a vivid print on either light or dark pound, and bind it in the outstanding color of the printed design. Pattern 2117 may be obtained only in sizes 16, IS, 20, 34, 36, 38 and 40. Size 16 requires 2% yards of 36 inch material. No dressmaking experience is necessary to make this model with, our pattern. Yardage for every size, and simple, exact instructions ara given. Send 15 cents in coins or stamps (coins preferred), for each pattern. Write plainly your name, address and style number. Be sure to state size wanted. The new spring and summer fashion book is now ready. It features an excellent assortment of afternoon, sports and house dresses, lingerie, pajamas and kiddies' clothes. Price of book, 15 cents. Book with pattern, 25 cents. Address all mail and orders to Globe-Gazette Pattern Department, 243 West Seventeenth street. New York City. for mother, it is not the children's fault. Linoleum on the playroom floor, oilcloth on the table, rubber or oilcloth aprons, proper materials to work with--these plus a certain amount of training in the use of tools and materials would obviate many o£ the little daily tragedies which make life so hard for a child. 2117 EMPLOYES PLAN TO LEASE PLANT Old World to Run in Spite of Purchase by Rival Syndicate. NEW YORK, Feb. 28. M--Forer employes of the New York World, purchased yesterday by the Scripps-Howard interests and con- solidaled with the New York Telc- jram, plan to lease or purchase the jlant and equipment of the World ind publish their own newspaper, their spokesman said today. Their plans were announced by Gustavo A. Rogers, their counsel, who said a business corporation named "Joseph Pulitzer's Employes corporation" was incorporated yesterday at Albany. NEXT WEEK'S SOCIAL CALENDAR MONDAY T. A. E. club- Mrs. Chester O'Neil, 1305 Adams avenue northwest, "Ramsey McDonald," Mrs. E. J. Sullivan, election of officers. Monday Bridge cluli--- 2 o'clock, Mrs. F. A. Kehm, 402 Second street southwest. Midland clul)-- 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. George Brett, 420 North Federal avenue, Mrs. J. C. Sherwin, leader. Monday clul)--· 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. George M. Crabb, 4 Hampshire court, Mrs. G. S. C. Andrick, current events; Mrs. Charles Patton, Atlantic Monthly article. Chautaiiqim clul-- 2:30 o'clock, Mrs. H. Phillips, 325 Second street northeast, topics, Mrs. Wayne McGowan and group 2, "Westward March of American ·'Settlement," Mrs. C. F. Bull. Occident club- Mrs. F. C. White, 401 Delewaro avenue northeast, luncheon, Mrs W. P. Butler, Mrs. C. J. DeLacy, Mrs. A. B. DeVoe, Mrs. F. B. Hathaway, assisting. Twentieth Century dull-Y. W. C. A., Mrs. W. J. Holahan, hostess, election of officers. Child Study club-Mrs. W.- J. Barbour, 933 Van Buren avenuo northwest, "Rus sian Music," Mrs. W. C. Evans "Parliamentary Law," Mrs. A. M. Saug. H. K. O. clul)^- Mrs. Roy Tofflemier, 1211 Quiney WHY ii.OD AlONC re II you live long enough, the slow and roundabout way to success is all very well. But life gets on, and why not find out the shorter cut to success? In this newspaper every day appeal- opportunities for short-cuts to success. Men and women both need not hobble along in work they do not like, but may get aboard the 1931, high-speed vehicle of success. Reacl tho business opportunity advertisements, real estate offers, etc. TURN TO THE CLASSIFIED COLUMNS OF avenue northwest, Mrs. Starr Parker, lesson. Miiriu Mitchell club- Mrs. J. B. E. Markley, 121 Conn e c t i c u t a v e n u e southeast, "Franklin," Mrs. A. T. Parker. R. B. Bridge club-6:30 o'clock, Home Tea room, Mrs. Lloyd Barrett, hostess. Eighty-Five club-6:30 o'clock, church, dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Valentine, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Johnston, Dr. and Mrs. Harold Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. H. Joseph in charge, golt and swimming at Y. M. C. A. Auxiliary to United Light and Pow- er--· 8 o'clock, P. G. £ E. Drama Shop Players--, 8 o'clock, Drama Shop. TUESDAY Wa-tan-yc-- 12:15 o'clock, Hotel Hanford. Woodbine clul)-- 1 o'clock, Home Tea room, Mrs. O, W. Ong, hostess. Owoso clubr-- 1:15 o'clock, Mrs. Otto Engcbrct- son, 220 Thirteenth street northeast. Forest Park Bridge club-2:15 o'clock, Mrs. ,lra. Stinson, 88 Linden drive. D. A. K. board-2:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Woman's Club board-2:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Matinee Musicnlc-- ' Y. W. C. A. with Mrs. Don Wells, hostess. Current 'events, Mrs. Ray Prusia. "Cuba, Cervantes, Pastor," Mrs. Enoch Norem, Mrs. Bertha Patchen.' Clio club-Mrs. F. C. Lovell, 212 Second street southeast. Ugo Igo club-Mrs. A. B, Cook, 110 Pennsylvania avenue southeast. Chicago, Northwestern Women's club- Mrs. J. P, Borup, 228 Second street northwesl. Y. W- A.-7:30 o'clock, Mrs. E. C. Sullivan, '1307 Pennsylvania avenue soulh- east, Mrs. John Brown, assisting. K:ist. Side Ladies' aid-7:30 o'clock, church parlors, election of officers. Uirfty Chapter 58, O. E. S.-7:30 o'clock, Masonic temple. 'WEDNESDAY Current Events-12 o'clock, Y. W. C. A., Mrs. Remington. Shamrock clul)-- 1 o'clock, Mrs. Perry Fisher, 204 Twelfth street northwest. Our Saviour's Lutheran Ladies aid-2 o'clock, church, Mrs. H. O. Rholl, hostess. Olivet Missionary society-2 o'clock, Mrs. Olaf Ulen, 38 Twenty-fourth street southwest V. E. O. ON-Mrs. Irene Webster, 87 River heights. P. K. O. OZ-Mrs. R. W. Barclay, 322 Madison avenue northeast. B. and O. circle-Mrs. H. Guldbransen, 1-11 Fourteenth street northwest, Mrs. W, P. Gump, assisting hostess. Ladies Auxiliary to B. of K. T.-2:30 o'clock. Alpliti Delphlnns-- 2:30 o'clock, Y. W. C. A., "Shakespeare's Contemporaries and Followers. Beaumont and Flelcher, Mrs. W. H. Beese. Yomen-- 7:30 o'clock. Eagles hall. THURSDAY SOROSIS chili-Y. W. C. A., Mrs. Slauarl G r u n i - mon. Mrs. .T. J. Hawthorne, Mrs. Frank Norris, hostesses, election o' officers. Womon'H Labor bureau-2:30 o'clock, Labor hnll. Inmutmicl IJorcas society-2:30 o'clock, church, Mrs. B. T. ttrholm, Mrs. H. Hcrfindahl, Mrs. Carrie Erickson, hostesses. Immanuel Martha society-Postponed. Trl-Deek Bridge club-2 o'clock, Mrs. Norbert Kroll, 811 Monroe avenue northwest. R. N. ,A.-2 o'clock, Mrs. C. A. Budworth, 517 Fourth street southwest, Mrs. H. F. Cassiday, Mrs. Bert Winter, Mrs. Lillian Barney, hostesses. Ceo Den Bridge club-2 o'clock, Mrs. Ed Schlick, 610 Connecticut avenue southeast. OHVct Ladier, iild-- ,, 2:30 o'clock, church, Mrs. Alta Lantz, Mrs. Esther Leewright, hostesses. St. James Lutheran Ladies aid-Church, Mrs. Henry Lunsman, Mrs. Max Mueller, hostesses. East State Street- club-Mrs. William Findlay, 8313 East State'street, Mrs. Lars Gulbranson, Mrs. Ed Veir, Mrs. Sam Veir, Mrs. I. T. Babcock, assisting hostesses; "British Isles," Mrs. W. H. Hathorn, "England and Ireland " Mrs. W. G. Schrader. Athenian clul)--· Mrs. D. W. Daly, 430 First street northest, current events, group 4, lesson, Miss Margaret Kelly, election of officers. New Idea club-2 o'clock, Mrs. Roy Armentrout, 1224 Washington avenue north- wesl. Thursday Bridge club-Mrs. T. A. Burke, 328 Pennsylvania avenue southeast. Get Together club-2:30 o'clock, Mrs. E. E. Hersey, 1809 Carolina avenue northeast. First Methodist Women's Foreign missionary society-2:30 o'clock, church. Baptist Missionary society-Church, Mrs. Minnie Trevitt, leader, Mrs. J. T. Laird, hostess. Novel (·luh-- Mrs. Burton Bagley, 610 North · Federal avenue, Mrs. Floyd Osmundson, "Angel Pavement." Portland W. C. T. IT.-Mrs. E. M. Norris. Young Peoples' Union-7:30 o'clock, Baptist church, musical. Madison I'. T. A.-7:30 o'clock, school, play bv mother.-,. · l * . J Beryl Grove, Wnodinun circle 7:30 o'clock. Y. W. C. A. Mystic Workers-8 o'clock, Labor hall. WIFE PICTURED AS NEAR SAINT Defense Describes Character of Woman in Bridge Slaying. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 28. /l')-Mrs. Myrtle A. Bennett, on trial foi the slaying of her husband following a.bridge game quarrel, was pictured today by defense charactei witnesses as a woman who struggled up from poverty in rural Ar- itansas to become firsl Ihe sole sup port of her widowed mother, then a loving wife of John Gilbert Ben nett, prosperous perfume salesman It was indicated that Mrs. Ben nelt would not go on the stani until next week. C. A. Pennock of New York sales manager of the perfume com pany for which Bennett worked described the married life of the Bennetts as "very affectionate." Pennock identified the pistol will which Bennett was slain. He saic Bennett had displayed it to bin saying he always carried it on busi ness trips. The defense contention is that Bennett Was shot accident ally when his wife was bringing th pistol to him as he was packing fo a business trip to St. Joseph, Mo after they quarreled over a bridg game. FRIDAY Baby clinic--. 1 o'clock, Y. W. C. A. Presbyterian Ladies' aid-2:30 o'clock, church, Mrs. George Smith, Mrs. Margaret Fisher, Mrs. A. Faleo, Mrs. Lewis Wilson. Roosevelt-Jiickson Child Study ," circle-2:30 o'clock, Roosevelt school, "As Adolescents See It," Mrs. H. Knudson. Council members as guests. Congregational Woman's union-Mrs. Granl McGowan, group 4. G. F. S. candidates-4:15 o'clock, Parish hall. Good Cheer lodge-7:30 o'clock. Eagles hall, benefit card party. Qui'on Rcbckah lodge-7:30 o'clock, I. O. O. F. hall, ini- lialion and draping of charter. SATURDAY M. R. A. Junior lodge-2:30 o'clock, Eagles' hall. NOORDM ANN-JOHNS NASHUA, Feb. 28.--Marriages nt the Little Brown church performed by the Rev. William Kent include that of Martha Johns and Herman Noordmann, Ackley. Sehool to Get Flug COLUMBIA, Mo., Feb. 28. (UP1 --The University nC Missouri school of journalism is to receive the national flag of 'Venezuela as a R i f t f r o m j o u r n a l i s t i c organizations there, according lo an announcement. The flag will be flown on appropriate occasions. NYE GOMMITTE ACCUSES LUCAS Claims G. 0. P. Director Is Violator of Corrupt Practices Act. WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. (.¥-- The campaign funds committee reported to the senate today that Robert H. Lucas, executive director of the republican national commit- lee, is chargeable with violation of the corrupt practices act in connection with the "circulation of scurrilous literature in Nebraska and other stales" in the 1R30 campaign. Condemning incidents in Lhe Nebraska senatorial race an a part of a conspiracy to defeat Senator Norris, the report said Lucas had failed to report to the on the dale prescribed by law Ihe personal expenditure of more than 54,000 for campaign literalure. Chairman Nye submitted the report, which concluded in respect to this "that Mr. Lucas attempted to conceal the transaction, designedly failed to report as required by the federal corrupt practices act, and is chargeable wilh a willful violation under section 314." This section prescribes a fine of not more than 510,000 and imprisonment for not more than two years. The report also assailed the unsuccessful attempt to file George W. Norris, Broken Bov.- grocer, 'in the primary against Senator George W. Norris to "confuse" the voters. It declared further that Samuel R. McKelvic, member of the farm board and former Nebraska governor, and Charles A. McCloud, republican national commitlecman for Nebraska, had violated the Nebraska eleclion laws b'y "concealing" conlributions to the campaign of Willes M. Stcbbins, former state treasurer, who opposed Norris iu the primary. Atlantic Man Killed When Freight Train and His Car Collide ATLANTIC, Feb. 28. CD--Scott S. Miller, 48, Atlantic, was instantly k i l l e d today when his car was struck by a Rock Island freight train at a crossing on the Elkhorn road west of town. Coronet- BurbeUe Roland said an inquest would be held next Tues day. Miller had been a resident of At lantic for many years and was cm ployed as (.raveling- representative of the Excelsior Stove and Furnace company. Clear Lake Globe^Ga^ette HKLKN HKNUIJICKS News Editor Ucsldem'0 Phone 810W OFIHCH No. 230 T.EE DEWIGGINS Circulation and Advertising Kcsldcnco Phone 67 ROGERS AT PARK Cr.KAIC T.AKE, Feb. 28.--Will Hogers, actor, humorist and philosopher of fume, will open A two tiny iHigiigcnitMii »t thi) Purk theater Sunday afternoon in t h u title rolo of "IJiflitrilnV adapted from the. stage piny by tho same mime. Ho enacts the rolo of _Bill Jones," the. affable old tippler and liar who "drovo n HWitrnt nf lines across the plains in tho dead of winter and never lost n bee." A Kcoro of colorful divorces add to tho picture. West Union Man Dies of Accident Injuries IOWA CITY. Feb. 28. f/V)--Injur ies received Wednesday wlien hi. car collided with an electric ligh pole last night proved fatal lo VVyalt R a t h b u n , 31, West Union garage mechanic. The accident occurred on the highway between West Union and Fay- cttc. Rathbun was h u r t internally and wns removed to an Iowa City hospital where an operation was performed. CLEAR LAKE CALENDAR Crowds Throng Streets and Stores for Dollar Day Specials. CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 28.--About 300 persons crowded the streets of Clear Lake Friday nt the first community sales day which was featured by a community auction, free movie and play at night. The community sale which was staged in front of the Clear Lake Implement store brot a sum of $500. All types of merchandise, hardware, stock and farm Implements were auctioned by Miller and Sheimo. A lunch at noon was served to about 200 persons. The local stores were crowded all day and the Park theater which showed "The Payoff," without charge to visitors,' thru the courtesy of the merchants, was filled to capacity t h r u o u t the afternoon. The feature of the minstrel show which was presented in the evening was the local gags and musical numbers. Solo parts were taken by J. C. Mawhinncy, O. .1. King, Wayne Wolford and R. E. McFarlanc. The setting was in a barber shop of which Ed R. Boyle was the proprietor. Verne Jensen gave a Negro clog- dance and Ihe Negro quartet sang a group of selections. Those who participated in the quartet were Mr. King, . Mr. Wolford, Mr. Jensen and Mr. McFarlnne. Other comedians in the , minstrel were Bob Bless, Clark 'Branson, Fordo Lcc and Floyd Nesbtt. The drama, "The Valiant," was presented by members of the Lake Farm Bureau. This play won the county contest and was one of the winning dramas at Ames in (.he state contest. Former Residents of Garner Wed in Los Angeles, Cal. GARNER, Feb. 28--Miss Mabel Smith ant! Bert Matthews, former residents here, were married by the Rev. William Marshardt in the John Knox Presbyterian parsonage, Los Angelea, Cal. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Smith of Klemme. She was graduated from the Garnet high school and later taught school near Buffalo Center. They will make their home in Los Angeles. Elizabeth Griffith Injured When Hit by Car on Federal Elizabeth G r i f f i t h . 8, daughter of K i r b y Griffith, 217 Twentieth street southeast, received a broken right leg when she was .struck by a. truck driven by Louis Paulson, living south of Mason City, about 10:45 o'clock Saturday forenoon, according- to police records. The accident occurred at Sixteenth street and South Federal avenue. She WHO taken to Park hospital where tho broken leg was set. A bump on her head was not considered .serious by physicians. Moiulny--Wa-tan-ye club member: meet at the Lions cafe at 6:30. Progress club members at th home of Mrs. L. C. Rinard, Norll Fifth street. Library Reading club meels will Mrs. Mary Bowman at the library club rooms. Tuesday---P. B. O. meets at th home of Mrs. A. B. Phillips, Soutl Fourth street, for election of of ficers. Civic league luncheon at the Cath olic church basement, followed b election of officers, and progran Lakeside Parent-Teachers asso ciation meets at the Kimba school al 8 o'clock. Wednesday---Women's Home Mis sionary society meets at th Methodist church. One Act plays presented schools in the triangle at the hig school a u d i t o r i u m . Thursday--Twentieth Century clu meets at the home of Mrs. W. B Milne. Sorosis club meets at the horn or Mrs. D. H. Culver, Sout Fourth street. Crescent club luncheon al Ih home of Mrs. R. R. Rogers, Nort Second street. Clear Lake Briefs CRESCENT CLUB PLANS DINNER . E. 0. Chapter Will Elect and Install Officers Tuesday Evening. CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 28.--Most of he study clubs have omitted social vents from their calendar during larch, having completed the round f winter luncheons and waiting ntil Inter in the year for their pring activities. The Civic league will feature its nal session of the year Tuesday vilh a luncheon to be held at the iatholic church. The election of of- icers and a program has been ar- anged following the dinner. About 00 persons are expected for this affair. Will Discuss Einstein. The Crescent club members will -c guests of Mrs. R. R. Rogers at uncheon Thursday. Assisting hostesses are Mrs. A. B. Phillips, Mrs. 13. .,. VVurtzer, Mrs. W. D. Bigg, Mrs. iV. H. Rosemoncl and Mrs. E. W. Winnie. Mrs. L. S. Sullivan will present a mper on Einstein and his theory. Sorosis and Twentieth century clubs vill meet with Mrs. D. H. Culver ' and Mrs. W. B. Milne. "The New Russia" is the topic which will be presented from various angles by Mrs. R. H. Rinard, Mrs. F. P. Walker and Mrs^ T. E. Sondrol before the Twentieth Century 'club. Officers to Bo Named. Chapter EA of the P. E. O., will gather at the home oC Mrs. A. B. Phillips Tuesday evening for election and installation of officers of the delegates. A study of t h e ' s u - preme and stale by-laws will also be made. Mrs. C. E. Geiat will re- cie\v a play by Barrie for the members of the Progress club Monday at the home of Mrs. L. C. Rinard. Mrs. W. H. Orr will have charge of the public affairs. Mrs. E. K. Greene will lead the lesson for Ihe Library reading club Monday. She will report on "The Ten Greatest Women." Mrs. Mary Bowman is hostess to the group at the library assembly rooms Monday afternoon. New officers of the Wa- Tan-Ye club will take office Monday night at the regular business meeting at the Lions cafe. The Lakeside P. T. A., will meet Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock at the Kimbnll school, Marlya Lambert and Stella Becker serving- Furrow and ifra. JottS charge of the pro^ran-... Petition for Divorce · Filed by Mrs. Vedder A p e t i t i o n for divorce has been filed in the office of the dork by Cccile V e d d c r against Oreo Vcddcr. alleging thai Ihey wr.i-e married nt Sanln Fe. Mexico, Dec. J 2 , 1027, and that t h e defendant descried 11 days Inlcr. The p l a i n t i f f ns]a S7S t e m p o r a r y a l i m o n y and 5If a month pcrniiinciil alimony. Lost--Cameo pin. I'ltone 497-J. IVlrs. Grace Flslt hits returned from a vtsit at the home of her lister, Mrs. Erasing Cornell. Highmore, S, Dak. For Kent--Small mod. f u r n . apt. Perry Bailey. Ph. 433W. Mr. mid Mrs. ). A. King moved back lo their s u m m e r home, "Just A Mere Cottage," South Second alrecl, Saturday. They have had in a p a r t m e n t al the Chris Axelson home, South Fourth street. Found--Police p u p . Phono -M7. Word li.-ts Iit-cn received from Lillian Tiodnefiekl that she is quite ill at the Swedish hospital, Minneapolis. Miss Hodncfield is enrolled in nurses' t r a i n i n g at Hint place. Demonstration of Portable Milling Co. C. W. Sorenson farm, Mar. 3. Don Phillips drove to Iowa C i t y Friday and brot his brother, Allan Phillips, Carolyn Sondrol and Bill Bartmess, Mnson City, back to spend the week-end with their parents. Miss JCvnticlIc Patterson arrived Friday afternoon to spend the weekend at the home of her p.irents, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Patterson. She is a student of Iowa State Teachers' college, Cedar Falln. The. Misses Dolores Amlernon nnd Clotilde Phillippc spoke their dc clamatory selections before the assembly of the Lincoln j u n i o r high school, Mason City, Friday afternoon. Mrs. Wllliiini H. Ito.scmond entertained the members of the Saratoga Auction Whist club Friday afternoon. Guests were Mrs. A. I. Sondrol, Mrs. C. E. Gelst* and Mrs. B. H. Matthews. Mrs. Knlpli Ciillaniit) left Friday for Norfolk. Ncbr., where she wii v i s i t her mother. The, Re.v. A. IM. Hurstm! l « f t Friday for Madison. Wis. M.'ss I.cnra Ilnye.s, HhcllHlmrg, is spending the week-end with M M i l d r e d Thompson. Miss Hayes wa. c a former Clear Lake Icachcr. BUFFALO CENTER DRUBS LAKERS Lions Basketeers Complete Cage Schedule With Three Victories. CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 28.--Tlu3 Clear Lake Lions lost the last game of the season to Buffalo Center Friday night 12 to 11, leaving tolnl of three games won in the season, lust three regulars were In the local ineup during the last half, J. Jenson being taken oul on fouls, Vernon ineligible, and Hnnno, ill. Clear Lake led al the close of the irsl quarter, 5 to 4. Al half limo he opponents had scored 6 more to the Lions' 2. The locals played a good game the last half holding Buffalo Center to 2 free throws. Biggs starred for the locals an-J T, Jensen was individual poinl winner. Gamn sumtiKU'ies: BUI-'FALO C.--12 Ki P u t t e r H o n 1 Kick on St:ili: M o t l o MONTTiOMKHY. A l i i . , Feb. 28 ( U P ) -· A l a b a m a ' s d e p a r t m e n t of archives and history'l Illtc Uir s t a t e motto. "Here we rcKl," anc vol.ed lo .submit "We Diirn Maintain Our HighlM." as a substitute lo the next Hussion of the lcgi.tlR.lurc. V. Kievvict DeVrles ;» Kiou'icl fl Tot:ils CLEAR LAKE ,1. .lon.son n FG Gurloc.k . , Anderson ·, Luir.Ic ____ 1'rihhRnow · ... i .. . ... o T T . . . . O t. .· :. .-.-, ... 0 . . :.v ,,:.-... 0 FT 0 I I 0 0 FT O I 0 1 1 0 I'K n PF ·. 0 I. I) Totals ........ ,-..-.. .4 Mrs. Manage Dress Shop CLEAR LAKE, Feb. 28.-- Mr*. Agnes O'Neill plans lo leave the f i r s t of the week for Moline, 111., where she has accepted the position of manager of a. Betty Jane shop. She has had experience as re'ady- to-wear saleswoman in several Mason City stores before her work here in the Family store. Her son. Don, pins to leave at Lhe same timo fnr Omaha, where he will enter the Bicklo Advertising school. w**r~ NOW Sun. Continuous Shoiis S i i i r l s I p. iu. "'."ir 7 in |». in. ·** PARK Theatre Clear Lake SATURDAY "Border Legion" Sundiiy -- Mondiiy Gold Medal Show wir.r, io;i-;ns "UGHTNI.V" I . A U K K I , -- I I A H U Y ' A n o t h e r Fine'

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