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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Friday, January 30, 1818
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NFM r FOOT. FRIDAY, JANUARY 30,1818. NUMBER 1378 NO. 42 PINE - STREET. TOE YORK. EVENING - . j i.i.u Rn.lnl Koanish BrOWD, CNL nunareu u. - ir. - r - 1 30 (la White Lead, . , With a general atsortment or Faint, dry and ground, for tale by RpLEY & WFXD. i ,92 Front and comer of Fnlton - ttreet. 23 M "ijLA&SKS. COFFEE, eUUAiv, 15 hhdt. Molasses, 6 hhds and s ar 5 bbls S "B ' lArr.,SS brig Paction from 60 Spanish liide iMfl gittttRY WIN F, 8u:.V qr.cak, very choice fea WnWiftJl?Kiftl - - raforet r?T ?7 Washington - ttreeL TZTl, . mm hiKiicLo ireinia com. of J mime quality, deliverable alongside a ves - e, f yeel. at Tappahannock. For j ty flu 20 90 Pine - sreet. JIB , Tl OL.tasEs 2 hlJt. Alola.itt, of sute nor Jkn'?6 ill iu GS - 200 or. boxet fresh Turkey ui' a : .1 - nrt IV. r sli bv I'd Fis, !.:. Pf.TF.R. REMSEN tisi rnirrui nil. " - y CO. tfUI " . .. . . , 741 HERRINGS. bnxet lt tort, ) Itarnnr.BOW land - ,7J A .l ti I iik and for sale by , rf VII linn 2? B7 South - street. il.NLNo. Aic. - 4 bales Ucruian cumin li Sheeting Linen., for tale on reason able nVms bv G. G. & S. HOWLAND, ln 97 77 Washington street. il7l U3COVADO SUUAK. - IOl mint. Hava - ..e nf norinroualitv. hndine irom brig Boxer, from Havana, at Joists wharf - tr,r sale by GOODHUE A. j" i 44 South street. ivTl'.. I' U '. - 20 h,,d, ulou llu,n Ju" lK J . ceived and lor sale by rt,. . G. G. te S. HOWLAND. jan 07 77 Washington - street. E' NGLIatl IKON H S PIKES. - 7o tenia Iron, flat, round, and square, atwrtpd izei 100 cnkt Ppike. irom 4 to 6 inches. Tlte former entitled todratv buck, for sale bv HDNDERfcON to CAIRNS, Jan 27 l Fiue street. fl.OUR. 100 bbls Kichuiuml Hour, branded Gailfgo 300 do approved country brands i!00 do Petersburg do. fr.rsale at CO Pmitli - st. by WALSH & GALLAGHER. J in 27 UIS . Tlie two story frame House and Lot of ground No. 73 Broome street, the corner of Elizabeth - street, with a ataDle in tile rear. ALSO, a modern three story brick lloune and Lot handsomely situated within the village of Xeu burgh the bouse is Urge and commodious and well calculated from its retired, healtbv and elevated situation (having a fine view of the river and the accent country) f r a family who wish so desirable a Mutation on the North Uiver. Trice low and possession gien the first of May next. ALSO for Sale or to Lease, 5 avenue lots, altuated on the First Avenue, between North unit First - streets. ALSO to Lease for a number of years, 15 building lots fronting on the First Avenue and Tirst - street. For further particulars, apply to COKNS. 1)U BOIS, jan 20 lm 36 Front - slrect. tOH. SALK .i f JUCTIU.V, At the T. C. II. ontlia 1st day of Marrl, next, the FARM belooginc to the estate ol tin - late Dr. Isaac ledyard, situated one mil south oflhevillnse of Newtown, Long I'lunil. 1'be Vt'iliiauiibureh turniiike runs through the Farm, on one sideol u liich is a new excellent stone wall, half a mile in length The fxrin contain about 150 acres. 15 of which is a fine Wood Lot, witii two apple orchards, one old, tlic other just begin nine to bear well, and a suitable proimrtion ol good salt meadow. The Mamion House is large and convenient, four rooms on each floor, with a fOi - a kitchen and cellar ; attached is a large am, crib, hen house, smoke house, well, and a new cistern, Ac. The court vard and earden con tain a variety of fruit trw - s and shrubbery, a large af pnragus pen, ratpnerrtet and currant. Also A r ARM adjoining the above, contain ing about sixty acres ; attHrhed to which i nne qua! proportion of Salt Meadow, and a lot ol young wood, situated within lets than a mile of the farm, containing ten acres, with a farm - houe, barn. well. Karden. K.c. Likewise A Lot of Land, lying at SprinfieM, south of the village of Jamaica, containing be tween four and five acre, on which are about a down large chef nut tires, suitable for fencing. The alKrt - e land wi I he all regularly surveyed, and map of the same exhibited some nine previous tu, and at the sale, and disposed of by the iii me uuiuiiiigs inereon, inclusively. . Fonetsion given on iht hrt oi April. r or lurthcr particulars, apply at 49 Dey - street jan 8 tds iiili The Store No. 134 Front - street, an ex cellent smna lorabrorer. r or lurther narticu lars inquire of RIPLEY A: WELD, noyll 192 Front street. Sail The lot No. 31? Water - street. 24 feet iu inches iront and rear, and 75 feet deep. On aid lot is two wnnrfi - n hml.llno - . ALSO, Tlie two story frame hone and lot of f vrana - sireei, next io me corner ol "rcnard - ttreet. For particulars, inquiri at 2 Rooievelt - strett. jn 24 Iw ton HjII.k iih 7ri ltlin fh K ft 1 - - .I ,A It - ' I - . unregulated andpeved streets. ,n money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. c HOUSES. tveral twoand thrfe story houses, on which a great part of the money rmuj r,n mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOKf b r? n "ff leitstaiid for business, witn ten acres COT! ON tod WOOLEN MANUFACTORY. t :1'c" - a'ren, who 4U acres of land, and a Zr J!,lhn?tnhm Pn hich 20 mills may be erected, with a sufficiency of water for each. , App v t so. o Greenwich street. . Jn 13 tl v? ClIllM'iircriTrniicitr ViiiJ - vt uailabout Poiut, Lmg - Ulaud, late the JT1 f Pt - Lamlw Schenclr, decea.e.l. " lha premies is a large ious dwelling - oooe and out - builditigs in proihirtion 24 acre UnJ in the highest tate of cultivation j ( 10 or 20 acres of wood - land if required by the pur - chaser) For particular npy t 1 - eooarJ bleecker, 37 Wall - it. ) Martin Scbenk. jun'r. S New - York "6 iouth - treet, S Vrtin Frhctik, Wallabout. J vi 57 in TO LET. f mm 1., I"V . i . i ..: v j mini .iay next, a par - li ,V neo - moiu m ttw upper part of No, M Clnibeetret, with kitchiti, Ac. fcc iiu - e on Lie prttnifrs. Jm 7 l For Sale, Lenie, or Lei. That pleasantly situated place, on the road leading to King'i - bridge, by way of 1 larlaem - lane, known as Rose - Hill. The avenue to Macomb's bridge runs a few rod in the rear of it, rendering the premises very desirable, as the house, in consequence, shews two frents. The garden, and about two acres of meadow, are well stocked with Irutt ana shrubbery, asparagus beds, currauts, tic. The hou.e and coach - house are in good condition, and ' with small expense can be made a very genteel country retreat. The terms wOi be made easy. ALSO, Tht rery rcnteel two - story house, stable and two lots of ground, situated in 6ank - st., Greenwich; at present occupied by George Lind?ay, Eq. Apply at 65 Kroauway ; or, to CHARLES OAKLEY, jan 15 1m 141 Front - street. To be sold or exchanged for property in New - York. The subscriber beire in a rery low state of health, mid having very little hopes of recovery, offer lor sale his I arm at Uarhadoes neck, county of Bergen, containing about one hundred and thirty bve acre oi araiile. meadow and wood land. This farm lies on ttie main road between New - York and IN ew aril, about hall a mile this tide of Newark Bridge. It is in a very highttate of cultivation, and is not suriaed by any other in the vicinity ofNtw - York, as a valuable and agn - eable residence, either (or the farmer or private gentleman. The dwelling houe, though mall, i neat nnd well finished, and the fences, xatrt. hams, stables, and other out - houses, are in excellent order and well planned, in front ol the house, bordering on the public road, is a handsome and well stocked garden, and on the premies is a young and thriving orchard, con taining a cnoice selection oi the ww grauea irun trees. A more particular description ol tne pro perty i thought unnecessary, nt thoe disposed to purchase will view tlie premises. I lie line is in imputable. For particulars, apply to the sub - rriber, No. 108 Pearl - street, or to Air. Andrew c Smith, near the premise. nov 14 tf ROBERT STUART. STORAGE. Storage may be had on the first floor of tlie itore No. 20 touth - street, which will save the rxnene of hoiMing. dec 20 TO t.t.T. And immediate possession given, the house No. 9 Pearl - street, together with the sta hie and Coach House in the rear on Bridge - t. I'he premises are in complete repair and have every convrnieiue nei e?arr i"r iur nn.uiriuu Nation oia family. For paiticulars npply to oct 2R L. BRADIi - H. for 21 rears. House and lot No. 88 Front - trect, neir Old slip. House and Lot No. 53 Iloosevclt - sirecr, ar.H if near buililincs should be erected on the lots. Ihcy will be valued and paid for at the expira tion ol the lease, - or a new Jeae given. Also,' several lots in the Sixth, Eighth nnd Tenth Wards For particulars enquire at No. 30 Chatham - street. Jan 1! 2w O. REAL Eal Air. I OR S ALL. , Two 2 - story brick houses aud kits, situated Nos. 37 A 39 Vy - street. Also, a house and lot No. 11 Bowery, near Chatham - square. 44 feet front by 125 deep. All on accommodating term. For particulars ly at No. 332 Greenwich - st. jan 15 tf :fn!l, on' Lone Island, Queens County, late the residence of John Troup, Esq. deceased. On the premises are a good two tory. frame house, barn, and other out - build ititrs'i 28 acres of land in "a cood state for col tivation i 28 acres of wood land, of a fine thrif ty growth for fencing' and timber ; and a lot of 7 acres salt meadow. On tins property are tw o apple orchards, and a variety of other fruit trees. Jamaica being one of tlie most flourishing villages on the Island, renders this proper ty desirable for a gentleman retiring from bu - siness. ror particular appiy to M. DITMIS, 148 IVarl - st. : or to JOHN fc ROBT. TROUP, jan 9 tf on the premises, VALVABLK PiiOi'KHTY .V JiRO.ID HAY FOU SAIsH. On Tuesday the 3d Feb. at 12 o'clock, at the l ootme Coffee Mouse, by D. DUN Ha.'i, that valuable property in Broadway, known as Nos CO and C2, directly opposite the property of R. Lenox, esq. On the premi - es are two very convenient unck houses in good re - pair, and very desirable for small families. In the rear, fronting on New - street, are two Iramr houses, Nos. 23and25,proucingan annual rent or 225. 1 he situation of this valuable property is too well known to require a further descrip tion. The dimensions are 31 feet 7 inches in front on Broadway, 23 feet 9 inches in the rear on New - street, and 136 feet deep. Further particulars may be known at the auction store Terms at the sale. Jan 24 lw 7X) LET, From the first of May next, a front count list ruom on the second floor, tt irether with the upper Lnq'jire No. 1C7 Pea.l strett. jan 24 tf 0. JUe.oO.ii, The 3d day ol February nt - xt. at twelve 'clink, will be sold at public auction, at the Ton tine Coffee House, by ROBERT M'MENNO - MY, the two story brick front house, bakery, stable and lot of ground. No 134 Reed - street, the fourth house below Hudson - stmt. The lot is 25 feet front and rear, and 75 It. deep, and is rent ed this year for JMl3 and taxes. Terms, which will be liberal, will he made known at the time of sale, or bv the auctioneer, on application. I ille indisputable. Jan Z tns inii The house and lot of ground No. 18 Rose street ; the lot is 25 feet frout and rear and 100 feet deep ; the house a brick front, sides and rear tilled in with brick, and built in the most sub. stantial manner. For further particulars enquire of A. STEENBACK, Jan 26 2w No. 334 Broadway. iffTi VALUABLE FtiOt'EIU Y. SiSE The lot N - . 139 Fly - market, running through to Fletcher - street, with the building thereon, consisting of, on Fly - maiket a 3 story brick House, built and finished in the best manner, 4.5 feet deep ton Fletcher - slrrct, a substantial 3 story bri k fire proof store. The abo e can command a very heavy rent. Also, the lot 141 Hv - market. running through to Fletcher - street, with the buildings thereon. consisting of two frame houses front and rear ; would make an eicelli - nt building kit. At pre sent rents for $700 and taxes will command much more. Also, the House and Lot of Ground 270 Va - ter - street, an. excellent stand, 12 or 13 fett front and rear, and 70 feci deep. " Also to let, the house No. 42 Libcrtr - street, suitable for a store - house. Apply to ANTHONY TRAPPAN. JanTOlw 139 FIv - markeL "ifl The House and Lot No. 101 Liherty - st. a . Depth 34 feet, breadth 25. I sepih nt the lot 107 feel. Thse who m:ty wish to purchast property of this discriptiun, can at aay time view the premises, and terms of sale may be agreed on, by application t..s dec 31 : ' " 0 South - street. ftr "If PATRICK DILLON, who left Tra lee, in the County of Kerry, Ireland, in the year 1803, will transmit Mrs. itzherry, of Tralee, his address, it will be a particular advantage to ootn parties." i raiee wcioner, iuii. The above is inserted at tlie request of Mr. Dillon's Iriends. Any communication on the subject will be thankfully received and transmitted by (tec lb - tS.lJ'. W. IIUUI.KS KLU. '. NO 1 ICE. fj The ondersignert give notice, that they intend to apply to the Legislature of this State, at their next session, for an act to incorporate themselves and their associates iuto a company, in IIih city of New York, under tlie itvle on 4 I'he North River Steam - Boat Company," with a capital of six hundred thousand dollars, for the purpoM of navigating with Steam Boats the waters of the North River. Dated lie 22d day of December, 1817. EDWARD P. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, CHA!. AUG. DALE, D. LYNCH, Junr. dec 22 - - d6w NOTICE. 0 The Pacific Insurance Company of New - York have this day declared a Dividend ol twelve er cent, on the capital Stock, payable nt their office, No. 49 Wall - street, on the 19th instant. By order of the Hoard of Directors. ' Jan 5 1m WALTER R. JONES, Sec. NO I ICE. JE" The Subscriber, in beliall of himself and his associate, gives notice, that an replication will be made to the honorable the legi. - htureof this state, at its next session, lor an Act to incorporate a JJuiiiwilh a capital stork of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, and v illi leave to increase it to One Million ; to be located north east of Beekmaii - rtrrct, in the city of New - York, and to be called " The Franklin Baud, of the city of New - Yoik." Dated New - York, IfithDec. 1017. By order of the Asroi tales, dec30ti; NOAH BROWN, SecYy. The prrtident and directors havethi day declared a dividend of five per cent on the capi tal stock of the rompany for the last six months, payable to the stockholders, or tlinr legal retire tentative, on and alter the 12th instant, at the office, No. 34 Wnll - ptrret. jan5 1m C. G. .SHIFMAN, scr'ry. NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY. The President and Directors of the Nation al Insurance Company, have this day declared a diyidend of fifteen per cent on the r capital stock, for their last iix months, payable to the stock holders, or their representatives, on and alter I hursdav the 1 jth inst. jan 5 tFebl ,lt)il J. JONES, Secr'j - NEW - YORK MREME l.N&LRANCL COMPANY. 0y - The Capital Hot k r( the Ompany hnr - ing ny a new subscription been reti l.itHl to the lull sum ol 'i'rr hvnrirtd thovimid DoVnrt liich is amply secured, aie now reai'y lo M. - f - ive applications for V'trt:iid Marine i!Siiriire at their Office No. 56 Wall - street. The Office, solicits the patronage of the public in the confidence that adequate protection w ill be nfl'oided to the assur ed and all losses be promptly Hdjuilud. By or - oer m uie noura oi uirrcior. Jan 6 1m WAL M'NF.AI, Ser.'rv. MECHAMCb' BANK. ft7" Tlie Stockholders are informed .that Dividend of four and and a half r ceut. will be paid on tne nrst nay oi t ettruury next. By order of the Presicb - nt and I )irclors, Jan XI 1m W. FISH, Cashier. Eagle 'ne Lvinnuiw' " jtW'inrk. NOTICE Is hereby given tnat a dividend for the last six months of fnur and a hulf per cent, on the capital Stock, ol this Company has oeen neciaren, anil wi;i be paid lo Uie Stockhol derson the 15thiust. Jan 5 lm JOHN I). MEYER, Fee. NO I ICE. OCT' All Persons having demands r.gainst the estate of tne late Thomas Cooper, deceased, are requested to present th same. And all per sons indebted to the said estate ere requested to make payment to tle sulsrriler. ALICE ANN EW'ARTWOUT, Jnn 10 I in Administratrix. f'siWAHLE HOUSE For Sale at Auction. On Saturday the Slat inst. at the T. C. II. 12 o'clock, will be sold by P.leerkcr& Bibby, the three - story brick hou - e anil lot of ground No. Jo 1 eari - sircct I he house contains 14 rooms besides kitchen and pantries the lot 30 feet front on Pearl - street and upwards of 30 feet on Bride - street ; about feet deep on one feet on the other Terms at sale The prrruisi may lie viewed any time previous to the tale. Jan 26 5t .i nous. To be sold and possession eiven before Uie Isl oi .May next, if requited, a modern built substantial brick house, three storn - s high, (with several accommodations and convenience s which make it an agreeable dwelling for a centre! In Diily) situated in the most wholesome part of this city, and having n pump ot exiellrnt water within the let ; the propeity a lee simple, and free irom an incumbrance, it not told at pn vate sale before the 15th of February next, it will then be sold nt auction on the 16th and fol following day. AIo, a complete set of carpets, elegant furniture, house hold utensils and various enects, particularly a ihoice collection of hooks, I t I L. VI' . l V I - - l l n v. vi. j - w.s iwwiM'm appiy lor iwr licuiars, at his million room, No, 135 Water street, corner of Pine, j.n 7 lin JO J.t.T. For one or more years a two story brick House in Muy venuiit - strct t, nearly opposite at. Marks Church, containing eii;ht roomr, a lare kiti hen, servants room, cellar, pantries, tic. in complete order fori he reception of a genleel family with a garden and yard of slxiut tw and half acres ot land, containing a variety of the finest fruit trees, asparagus nnd hot beds, Sic. .V'c. together with a wood house, carnage house nod stnhles. Rent will he reasonable, and poses - sion can he had tne firt day of April. Apply between Hi and 1 o clock, on the premises, tu NICHOLAS WM. STL'YVESANT. Jan 24 3w TO LET. For a term of year, the houre and lot No. a - Brnadwav, at pres. ut occupied by the uliss Kinsi - y's, as a boarding house, lor parti culars enquire of ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON, Clermont, jan 3 tr'l FOR hAI.E OR TO LEASE. ini2 On accfimmodaliui terms, a number cf water aud building lots, near and adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyu. For particulars, en quire of SAMUEL EVANS, jaa 22 tf Brooklyn. ruit CALL, ufal morr.RTT is'thx citv of kkw - iork. A BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Bowf - ry S TABLE in the rear toiicth - er i'h Ihe LOT, 44 let t trout, 42 feet rear, and lij leet on each side. HOUSE ami LO V No. 37 Veey - t'.reet ; and House and Lot No 3l Vescv - sln et. A BOND and MORTGAGE lor 1200 dollar, do and do for 750 do do aud do fr 40 do On valuable property in the city of New - York. The imprest has always Wn pHmtualiy paid. For particulars inquire at the office of STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, declOtf o. 27 Wall - street. WOOLLEY, 75 Wnll - street. Jn 17 VJHINGLES fcc 100,000 22 inch Shingles. O 1 1,000 W. O. Barrel Stoves, for sale by R It f JU nilirKDODT I. f'o Jan 6 REPORT 0 the Secretary of the Trttuvry Cent ided. The best examioalhm which circumstances have permitted, has resulted in the conviction that the following list ol articles, now paying ad valorem duties, may be subjected to specific du ties, viz : Anvils, 2 cent per lb. ' . Aits, broad 30 cents ech, narrow 25, hatchets 15, adzes 25. ' - . Augurs, not exceeding half an inch 1 1 - 2 cents, above that sire and oot exceeding one inch 2, above an inch and not txceeding 1 1 - 2 inches 2 1 - 2, above that sue 3... Clmsels, not exceeding naif an inch, 1, above that size and not exceeding 1 iach, 1 1 - 2, above in inch and not exceeding 1 1 - 2 inches, 2, above that size, 2 12. , Hammer, blacksmith's, 21 - 2 cents per lb. claw - hammers (carpenters) beaeli. i Hoes, broad, 1 2 cents farh, narrow 10. Knives, currier's, 40, cutting, 25, drawing 25 Scythes, 25. '. Reaping hooks or sickles, 5. Rakes, 10. ; ' .Saws, cross cut, 100, whipsaw, 100, handsaw, 25, teunorsaw, 20. Spades, 15. Andirons, cast iron, 1 rent per lb. wrought iron, ou per pair, brass, or ol brass ana any other metal, 200. Fenders, iron, 100 each, of brass, or steel, or parts of either, 200. Shovels and tongs, iron, 30 per pair, steel, or brass, or parts of either, 75. Muskets, 150 per stand. Rifles, 250 each. Fowling and hunting pieces, single barrel, 400, Jnuble barrel, o(HJ. Canon, cast iron, 2 per lb. brass, 5. Frying pans, 25 each. Gridirons and griddles. 20. - Vessels, caft iron, not otherwise specified, 2 I - 2 per lb. Vessels, of copper, 10, of pewler, including Ji - hes, plates, basons, tankards, spoons, and other Utensils, not specified, 3. Tin, in sheets or plates, 4. Bandana, Hag, nnd other silk kerrf.iels, from India, not exceeding 36 iu hes square, 15, above that size, SO, Cards, for carding, 0 each, I 'otlon bagging, 6. Drugs, aloes, 2 per pound, nremonrnrum, (gum) 4, araUc, (gum) 2, assaiariida, (gum) 5, sengal, (gum) J, giuaeum (gum) 2. Drugs, cream tartar, 1, jalap, 3, ipecacuanha 10. Glove? cr mils, long silk, 100 per doz. short, I'O, children's, 40, long cotton, 70, short, 50. children'?, !i0. Hats, woolen or, men or women', 20 each, children's, 12, beaver, man or women ', 100, children, 50. Hams, nnd other bacon, 3 per pound. Honey, 6 per gallon. Hair powder, 6 per pound. Horns, ox, 75 pr 100. . Horn lips, 50 ditto. Horsehair, 2 per pound Leather, toal, H dressed, 10 Lard, 2 Lemons, 25 per 1C0 . Limes, 10. Liquorice, 2 per pound - , Mahogauy, 1 per c. loot Madder 1 per pound Mustard (except seed) 10 Nankeens, lndi;t short piece, not exTf ding seven yards and eighteen indies in breadth, 25 per piece ; ludia, long, not exceeding ten yards, and 25 inches in breadth, 40 ; pieces, exceeding these dimensions, the duty to be in proportion to the foregoing rates. Oil, olive, in bottle, 40 per gallon j caster 20 ; liusccd 20 Olives, 50 Capers, 50 Oranges, 50 per 100 Opium, 25 per ound Pickles, 10 per groce Pine apples, 2 each Pipes sinoaking, 10 per groce I'ruisian blue, 10 per pound Preserves, comfits, aud tweet meats, in sugar orbraudy, 10 Quick silver, 5 per pound Rice, 60 per 100 Rhubarb, 4 per pound Saltpetre, refined, 2: crude 1 Slates 1 each ; saddle trees 25 : snake root 2 fflion 2 ; senna 2 ; sasaparclla 2 Storkinc.'' silk, or where silk Is the principal material, whole, 240 per dozen ; half ditto 150; nuarter ditto75 ; cotton, wool, or flax, whole I JO ; ha!f, IX) ; quarter, 35 ; children's the duty upon the quarter respectively. Vitriol. 4 per pound Umbrella or parasol, covered with silk, ICO each ; cotton, 60 ; sticks and frames, JO Wool blankets, 20 per yard; carpets, inferior to Brussels, 25 ; Brussels, and others, superior, 35 ; flannels, or cotton mixtures, 12. At present Bohea tea pays a duty of 12 cents a pound, while all other black teas pays 25 cents. The great difference in the duty paid by these kinds of teas, and the difficulty in disiin - guibiug but ween them, have, it i believed, led to the commission of frauds upon the revenue, by importing under the name of Bohea, every ircie of black lea. A the whole of these teas, in common with Bohea, have grown into gcueral use among the poorer classes of Ihe community, the propriety of considering them all to be of the same class for the purpose of duties, and of laying upon them, eighteen rents a pound, instead of the duties now imposed, is respectfully suggasted. By the present tariff, Madeira, Burgundy, Champaign, Rhenish, and Tokay w ines, pay 100 cents a gallon, and Sherry and AX Lucar, 60 All other wine when imported in bottles or cases, pay 70 cents a g - .illon. This last duty principally afl'ects the claret wines of France, which, at the principal port of shijv ment, do not generally cost 10 emu a gallon. A small portion, however, of these wines, sell a high in, as Madeira wine in the United Mates. The small quantity of this quality of wine produced in France, and the great demand for it, produced by thenecessary supdIv for the tables of the neb in that ami the neigtibot ing countries, will never admit of anv conmaiTaDie imporiauon ui u muonc w mtcd states, lo aeeernuiie inc ui u(i claret, with a view to ihisi inconside able por tion of it. does, not appear to be judicious Considering the cheapness of Uie co - nmoti clarets, and Uie sjluty e.Tect produced by them, compared with mot Oiher wines, the expediency of reducing the duty o a more reasonable proportion to the cost of the" snicle, .. rpsnectfnllvMir. - esterl A d ity of30cenU a gallon upon all claret imported in boUiM, or of li cents w uen im:it ted in any other manner, would be higher Uian thed ity now imposed upon Madeira w'nul ia proportion lo their respective cost. Smuggling, by the introduction of articles clandestine and without entry, is principally confined lo the eastern section of tlie sea const ; to points of the coast bordering on east and west rionua, io the coast west oi urn nioutn oi uie Mississippi river, and to the inland frontier. The vigilance of the custom houses with Uie aid of revenue cutters and of some additional provisions which have been suggested ty experience, will be sufficient to repress practices of this kind, which are necessarily resorted to, only by r - uii. iu uieraiecircuuisiances, ana consequently, are carried on upon a coutracted scuta, com - pareu wnn tne great muss tr lnqior'ation into the country. Tne multiplication of small pot1' of entry in the Cliesnpeake Bay has Probably, and oertainly according lo public opinion, given rise to more smuggling than any advantage lairly resulting to the inhabitants ol those poits trout their establishment, will compensate. As a measure well calculated to aid in tepressing this kind of smuggling, it is proposeil to nuthonze the commanders of the revenue cutters to require the production of the mam tests of the cargo oi all vessels hoarded by them, when an officer of the customs is not present, and that they may be empowered to perform all acts which an inspector or other revenue officer would he permitted to pt - riorm. in relation to the manifests to produced. It it also respectfully suggested, that provision be made for requiring of all pilots licensed under the state laws, to report under the sanction vt an oath, every vessel piloted by them into any port or placs, to the collector of the port to which they belong, as well as to the rniieelor of it ems trict into which the vessel is piloted within after such vessel is conducted to its place of des tinution. On failure to ronmlv with this urovi noil, lo be fined dollars or imprisoned months, aim upon second conviction ol the same oflence, to be rendered incapable ol exercingthe (unctions of pilot, in addition to the penalties prescribed for the first offence ; or the pilots might be tworn not to pilot any vesstl arriving Irom any fomign port, into any other Jian a port oi entry, and bonus migni i required io tnat t i feet. The difficulties which have been experienced fn the execution of the commercial convention betwf en this country and Great Britain, lesull ing Irom the entire independence of this class ol men, ol tlie laws ol the Union regulating lor eign commerce , and which have produced serious reclamations on the part of the British go vernment, may suggest the propriety of extend ing the authority ol the federal government over them, still further than the safety of tlie revenue may require, More effectually to guard against smuggling upon our inland frontier, it is necessary that pro visions of the following nature be adopted 1. That all boats, skilfe, and other craft of every size aud description, be compelled to enter and clear in all the waters bordcr'ng upon the Rrilidi possessions, and that for every violation of Ihis provision, and for unloading without su li entry, the boat, skin, or era II, with tackle, rigging, and cargo to be forfeited. 2. That every wagon, sleigh, or nny oilier vehicle, in which gooods are found subject to duty which have not keen entered, shall, with the team by which they are respectively drawn, together with the goods, be forleited, and the party shall, moreaver, forfeit and pay double the value of siM - h goods. 3. 1 hat it rhall be lawful for any person im porting foreign merchandise by land from the British dominions in America, to enter such goods at the office of the nearest deputy collector, to the road by which they are imported, and in all cases where goods to imported, shall be found not being entered after having aiMd by such of fice, they shall be liable to seizure and coudem nation, as being illegally imported. Upon thewho!e of our inland frontier, border' in upon thf Brilith iwsessinns, an impression generally prevails, that iiijuslice it suffered by the inhabitants, from being subjected to a hiirhe rate of duty upon all merchandise ioiportod from these possessions, than is paid by that portion of their fallow citizens who receive their supply ol foreign merchandise from (he AtinnUn urU - 1 his impression has enlisted tho feeling and sympathies of the people, in favor ol the illicit introduction of foreign merchandise, by which Ihe revenue is greatly dclraudcd, In proportion lo the imiwrlatioui made from the British pot - sessions. I ho lost ol the revenue, however, is but a secondary object in the consideration of this subject. The influence whic h the rootiou ation of this ttate of public feeling, must neces sarily have in corrupting our citizens, and pro ducing an habitual disrespect for the laws, de mandj the peculiar attention of the legislature If the inequality in the contributions paid by the consumers of merchandise imported Irom Cana da, can be destroyed, there is just reason to be lieve, that public opinion will, upoa that fron tier be enlisted on the side of the laws, and that smuggling will be considered as disgraceful there as on the Allautic coast, It is, therefore, resctful1y submitted whether it is not expedient to provide t hat in all ears of imiiortatjons into thn United States, irom Quebec, Montreal, or any other commercial town in the British territories, the duties shall be estimated upon the cost of the articles at the place of original purchase, under tlie following regulations, vit : 1. The merchant from wliom the goods are bought in the British dominions shall, before the mayor of the city, or a Judje of a court of record, and in the pretence of the purchaser and importer into the United Mates, produce a cn,y of the original invoice aud swear that it contain an accurate statement of the price given Ibr the goods described in tlicir then ttate of manufac ture. 2. The Importer into the United State shall produce the copy of the original invoice so veri fied, also a copy of Uie invoices of Uie goods pur chased by him, accurately exhibiting the cur rent value of the said articles at the place of mrrhase, and which has been paid, and shall upon oath declare, to the correctors of the lat er, aud that tne lormer was vcn&ed in bis pre - seuce. The adopt'on of regulations of this kind it it believed, will effectually guard the revenue a - gaiut bauds and evasions arising fioin attempts to enter merchandise below its real cost, and may have the happiest effect in discountenancing smuggling of the most flagrant character, and in restoring public opinion upon this impor tant subject lo a sound and healthful state. The district of Chamnlain exteuds Irom me shores of Lake Champlain lo the river St. Lawrence. The waters f illing into the former, are separated from those falling into the latter, by a mountainous range which, in great measure insulates the one from the other. , It it therefore deemed expedient to form a - nother collection district of that part or the Champlain district which lies west of that range, incleding Uie northern part of the district of which Odeusburg is Uie port ol eutry. From information obtained from the gentle men who traversed the lake during the summer AitJ autumn of 1816, a tar at Lake Superior, for the puniore of determining the bonndarir ot the United State, according lo the provisions of 'he treaty of Ghent, H is believed that the puV lic interest requires, that a collection district should be formed, comprehending the shores and waters ot that pkrt of Lake Superior lyi'.g wilb - iu the United Slates, and Uie western shore of I.aktHuTw; the port of entry of the district to he the fal'.s of SU Mary, on the water Mtnou t. teat ion between thoee laket - A aot her collection district also appears to be necessary in the western et'muitf of the ttate of Louisiana Tb - t sec ion of ll - roi otry bat lately been tl sr ene of Uie tnott active ttnacslmg, 't - peciallylo Afrisn slaves from Gatyestowa. Al - though the suppression of that establishment mar for tome lime clieck the smuggling practices nhicfi have been carried on in that quarter, yet there i just ground to apprehend, that thty will be resumed from other points of Uie tame coast, unlets suitable measures of prevention are adorn - . ed. . . The act of 1799, in the 6ftth section. Gxes the tare which shall be allewed upon packages, cask ing specific duties. The enumeration, however, it, by practice, found to be imperfect. The defects have been supplied by regulation, which is . win, .m.u, uui ulC OI,ICV iO, - . probably not tmilorm in all the parts. The state ment a. hereto annexed, presents a list oi the principn.1 items embraced by those regulations. The act of the 27Ui March, 1804, wmch im poses specinc ounes upon a great variety ei article! which belbre paid ad valorem duties, has made no provision for ascertaining the tare of such articles, when imported in packages, caiks, Ac. Statement B. contains an enumeration of" those articles, with the tare allowed by regula tion. The propriety of establishing those rates hy law, is retpectiully suggested. Under the i.avigation act, vessels rznpinyen in the coasting trade are subject to a duty ol fifty cents, unless the rflicert and three - lourtht oi me crewt are American citizens, j nit uuit it to be paid upon every voyage by registered vessels, and ouce a year by licensed vet els. Tho proof it to he made by the collector, to whom the duty it pavahle. This proof it much more easily made nt the port to which the vessel belong, than at the port to which it it bound It teems, therefore, to beexcdient that the proof oi citizenship snouin ne teuiieieo to ine coikrior of the port from whence Uie vessel tails. The certificate ol the collector should be considered a satislactory evidence by the collector ol the port to which the vessel it bound, unlet where the contrary should be made to apjienr. Every change, in the officers or crew, should be certified by Uie collector of the port where tuch change it made. It it only by recording inch, changes, as they occur, and certifying the character of the crew at often as they happen, that it it possible for a licensed vessel to exempt lttell' from the pay ment ol fiity centi per ton. The act of 1793, lor rcgittering and Keen, bing vessels, It considered defective, by reason of not defining, with sufficient accuracy, the condition upon which the bonds shall be forfeited. It is understood that the courts have declared them void. , ' The bond for delivering - the register of a vessel, told to foreigners, does not fix the time within which the register shall be surrendered, and is, therefore, generally nugatory. There is no remedy against the discharge of American seamen in foreign ports, where the vessel is sold If the bond should embrace Uiis ob ject, and should be forfeited in six months tf - , t . - . , i . i ? i i. ter i nc ttie oi tne vessel, u me register tiiuuiu not be delivered within that time, where the sale was made in Europe, and twelve, in countries beyond the Cape of Cood Hope, the ob ject contemplated by requiring the bond,' might be secured, ine parly might be per - milled to send the sailors home at his own expense, and avoid the penalty of the bond, to far as Uiat condition was concerned. The forfeiture of four hundi ed dollars, for departing from a port to which a vtssel lias cleared, and in which it has arrived, without entering, it believed to be inadequate to the object. . , I he act of congress, intended to secure to the United States a priority over individual creditors, iu the recovery of debts, in all cases of the insolvency of its debtors, has been found to be inadequate te the object for which it was enacted. 1'hit hat arisen, io some degree, from tha provisions of some of the state laws, by which" liens are tbtained, by taking out attachments, which are levied upon theprojierty of their debtors, when upon the brink of insolvency, or immediately after tuch insolvency is known. At no doubt it entertaiucd of the justice and propriety ol securing this legal priority, in all cases counei led with the revenue, or with the tenure hy which offices are held under Ihe Uni ted Stater, the expediemy. of revising the at t M.l.l.n I. tl.! - in mvln fr, rlnlr if '..1. fectual, is respectfully suggested. It may be proper, in closing this report, to bring into view subjects, which, though lint strictly embraced by the resolution, may he con - , sidered as fairly iwideutsl to it. Among there may be mentioned the inconvenience and loss to which Uie treasury is subjected, by sofleriug, in particular states, landed property to be set or to the United Slfites, upon apprniiements, in discharge of debts, ari - ing from custom - house bonds. The property is always appraised fur more mail it will tell ; it has, therefore, been generally retained, with a view to realize the sum at which it has been received. In the mean time, for lh want of proper agents, or indeed agents of any kind, it remains uot only unproductive, but ge nerally becomes lest valuable. This principle seems to have been adopted from a respec t to Ihe state laws. Its inequality is, however, a suf ficient argument against itt continuation, independent of the lots which the treasury suffers from it. In some of Uie states, where Uie United States are subjected lo this inconvenience, the states have taken better care ol their own interests, by exc epting them from the - operation, of it. If the law, in this regard, is not changed, t will be necessary to authorize the appointment of agents in those ttalet, to take charge of the real property of which the United Slates are already, or may hereafter, become the owners or else it will be necessary to make sale of them. with as little delay as possible, without regard to the loss which may lie incurred. If it is judged expedient to legilafe upon the subject, it inay be proper to authorise the tale ol those lands by the marshal, with the owers io make lilies to the purchaser. Under the existing laws the practice is, for the secretary of Uie tre&rurv to execute the titles. Sliould the principal provisions wlucli are re - , commended be adopted, the iuifioriance bl pub lic warehouses will be greatly increase.!. The appropriabon which was niaua lor mat. object, in Uie year 181U, was applied, by tbe l .i.rrfarr of the treasury, to the purchase of custom - houses and warehouses, in Boston, New - York and I'hUadclphia. Measures bay been taken, d Jimg Uie last year, to build, or to pro - ure, suitable establishments lor uie tame pur - .. i. - a : . r. , t.. . note, in naitimore ami ut unaritstou. oate - ment C, which it annexed, showt tha application of Uie turn appropriated, uid an estimate of the sum necessary for the accomplishment of the ob ject for which it was made. It may be proper to observe, that a considerable expenditure will be necessary ia Philadelphia before Uie object of tha appropriation can be cffecteiL Statement I). howt Uie application of the ap propriation of $50,000, for purchasing, or erecting, for tbe use of Uie United Statet, suitable building! for custom houset and public ware houses, in tuch principal district, in each state, where the secretary of the treasury shall derm it necessary, for the safety and Convenient collection of the revenue. Uuder ihit apptopriation, custom - hcuiset anil public ware - honsnt have been purchased at Portsmouth, in New - Hampshire, and in New. Haven, in Connecticut. l.ot hare Tteen par - chased io Providence, in Rhode - Island, and ia Norfolk, in Virginia. Id the former, a contrtct will shortly be made for the1 erection of tha ' building. Tke price of tuitanle lott in Norfolk: and in ha - annab, and the high price demanded, for the ere' lion of huililiugt, in those placet, will not authorize the to enter uuto uy eozartmentt for the erection of tiec.essJi s tuild - lings, until it it atcertaiaed whether an additional lappropnalion wiUbe - made for that object.' It

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