The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 4, 1913 · Page 1
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, December 4, 1913
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TIMES. VcL XIL No. 53. Cc^rsburg, Pa., Thursday. Di'ci-b.r 'ih. 1913. Price Cemta. HAVE YOU SEEN THE y I ; New Short Stiff Bosom Shirts? 1 ' . : . . . - - - - .. - © We are showiop them in the Corner Window: 9 9 the new feature about them is that the bosom is g set underneath instead of on the top, thereby making a practicalle summer shirt minus the starch. The bosom is small and short and will not catch on top of the trousers. The newest s!i?des of Pink and Brov.'n, also the staple colors. The cuffs attached or detached. The Price $1.00 and $1.50- INDUE DIPHTHERIA PAYTEA8HERS iOH PRAISE FOR FOR INSTITUTE! MRS BTWRECK THE BOY SCOUTS LETTERS FROM COUNTY TOWNS Three NEW Cases Reported and : Evsry Teacher in the County Gets j Western Maryland Has a Smash-up Army Officer Praises Khaki Clad Correspondents send in Many Items I Meade and High School Buildings, Fifteen Dollars for Attending the I in which a Carload of Automobiles! are Closed for Fumigation. State' Anti-Toxin Furnished. Quarantine.; Sessions. Perfect Record Every Bay. Attendance! and a Carload of Pianos Figure.j Eleven Cars Derailed. Youths for their Valuable Services ! here at the Time of the Anniver-; sary. j. of Interesting News from their Respective Towns. Personals and Many Brief .(ems. i Three new cases of dinhtherl were * ; reported last night, and this morn- i ing a special meeting of the school · Adams countv school teachers v.iH ! One of l - !e v -~orst freight wrecks j Of the hundreds of indorsements of ] board was held at \vhk-h reive §3240 for Lc-ing in attendant the flftv-ninth annual ,, .,, that has occurred in this section f o r j j h e Bov Scouts and te in some years took place Tuesday after-· Gettysburg, which i ECKERT'S STORE, i r WALTER'S THEATRE LITTLESTOWN ROUTE 2 Lsttlestown Route 2--Charles Newman and wife spent Sunday with th» family of Henry Buddy, near town- Luther Hess made a business trip to York in Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Messinger and county and each will receive S13 from lh - road beti -"'^ Considerable distance. ture of Dr. Richard S!ee, a first iieu- family, of Hanover, spent Saturday wa? torn up and thrown into chaos tenant in the medical reserve corns of a»:d confusion. Xor.e of the trainmen jhe United Sta'ces army, was hurt- it was tie- -.his town last month. For the first time 1 K0 °" on the Western Maryland Rail-! s i. lce last July, none is I cided to close the Mt-ade and High ;;,, a f,- ieiit many years everv teacher ; roat5 near Monotaey Bridge, which is ! O f note than that which ,. · close to Rockv thesr work at have appeared more worthy appears in the ; Street buildings a.iti! Monday, provid- ; n ev erv district was yresent at everv · '-"' G£C ' to Rocky Ridge and Detoar. · current issue of The American Journal I ing for thorough fumigation in the session. There are- 2-«; teachers in the E' evcn loaded cars were derailed a n d o f Clinical Medicine, over the signa- i meantime. i Mrs. William McCk--n. of Srra'cton ' istreet, is one-of those contracting: the · disease. Mrs. McCiean has one child i To-night her school board. ] The school code stipulates that the, teachers are to receive s:; a day for. their attendance. The school code also i provides that any teacher absenting himself or herself from the institute shali forfeit from his or her comoen- The Home Talent DUST OF THE for the Benefit Product!" n EARTH of the Gettysburg Fire Company. P H O T A V^r^-'e ]L L, A I fnen ! in the Grammar SchooS. and another '· in Miss Major's room, both in the ' Building-, while a third child is ! Ir. Miss Sachs* room in the High ; Street building. I John Miller, young son of Mr. ar.d ! Mrs. Cleveland Miller, of SoutK XVt^h j ing'con street, is ill with diphtheria. : Ke was a pupil in the school of Miss Sachs. A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kc-rri- |gan. living on Wail Street, is also ill. '. This child did nor attend school. The | last case is particularly distressing as ;h a teachers when they jboth parents are in delicate health and warrants for November, beer, under the watchful care of · While the cause of the wreck is not known some give the opinion that ; the fast speed of the train is respon- ! sib!e for the derailment and from the of the cars ··. could be seen them for their oreser.ce. j lhat lhe lra n he ° Leen movir 'g al a County Superintendent H. Milton ! '"""·' ^^ rate - t o u r of the tars were Rcth has certified to the secretary o f i thr0 "" ^'«""d in.c a circle and sev- the school board £n each district ; n jeraS were hur-ed for 40 or 50 feet the county the attendance- record of; a " A ' a " frolil he *^k5. which is very L-;:h This testimonial, entirely ansolieit- and Sunday with the latter's father, Upton Harner. Mervin Wintrode and wife spent ed or. the part of the scouts, is ail the Thanksgiving Day in York attending more st-iking because Dr. Slee admits \ "he Teachers' Institute, that un'cil his experience at Getty s- J Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eckenrode and burg he had considered the Boy Scout J Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rang and family movement "as perhaps a desirable spent last Sunday with James Spald- tbing from a boy's point of view. | ing and family. bat in reality pot a very practical : Ray Reaver began work in the Litone." - tlestown Silk Mill on Tuesday morn- Dr. Siee was chief sanitary ofncerjing. of the third division of the encamp- j Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Smith, of the teachers, together with copies of [""usual m a derailment of this kind. jvi enl . a - L Gettysburg, and had an ex: , Woodsboro, spent Thanksgiving day -.he teacher's state:::ent thereof, ir. or- j Telegraph wires along the tracks were ce j! enc oatsortunity to see the work of ; with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. der that, the school offcials may pay j -' :r -O'-"-:e i iown and the \vreckage for th£ QQQ Jcouts here. Ke writes of his Charles Newman, and family. receive their t some distance about the place was complete. Of -he cars derailed, one was an au- VlTAfSKAI'H KALFi.M DISOX irsuticn will be taken to 1 « ~ : prevent any rurtner screaa c-r tne con- PICK WICK PAPERS Vita^rafrh Cofne-'y i ta ^ cn - T - e h ^-s=s have ail been qua.-- -part as follows: conversion to the scout cause as fol- \ Mr. and Mrs. Howard Stuller, of lows: t Littlestown, and Anna and Joseph Article XXI of the school code pro: UL - ne ^^ ceraiied. one was an au- ; -Locking back over the work, it j Staub. of Bonneauville. spent Sunday vidir.g for the payment of the teachers j Ec ~oli5s car and another a piano car. wou i,j have been almost impossible V.o J with Charles Eckenrode and family, for their attendance a: Cre institute, j Fortunately neither was much da.m2.g- j, ave carried out successfully many of ' : Mrs. James Spalding and Mrs. do so. is in j ea a:.i oer.z'tv cf failure a I',"-kv.i«.-k (j'«-^ Dickens proixi an-i c:«-ates- much ! -ntined and Slate h^s attending- several districts., In | compensation prov -had been out of school since last i contracts, three dollars % JOliX IJf'.X H:errimi-nr. i farn-snec! to ail the anlicted ones. Ti IE BA C Y Ef.E 5 K A N T Vita^raph ' A thorough f un-.-g^.-io!: of lhe f.vo The SJai.y tli*# · \«-rj{iiin^ !-t:t t.ilk. jschcc-1 buiiair.g-s is r.o-.v in ^rr.c?iS. BUGG'S l'i:EfJCAM ENT Ka".c-ni Cc:ii«ly j The fact that or.i-- one of the .j:-h- Bo^pf.roSin Crf-unan } iia- i : :- ^oat and has IA harp his f.'Ot kept ei»-vated. · _heria iratEenis h^d been lii= val-t is i:o!'Jii.L.'U r.f-Ai.i:e i;t sI'.-'-ps. Remembering an fciisa^ement !, " " " v.i;:i a. iriri. he i:-= R r TM's foot ur and v.hca he := son-- a b::rj:tar t-iic'.-rs. ( \\"nli KITH K ( » L A N D CHI' DUEX OF T H H TENEMENTS.-- -- Kaieia ! Friday on account of no'i. feeling we!!, j =ach day's accnal'a'.-tendan.ce upon the j ll-io. th'j ^" f'"K c::;;,:r-u of *cw Yurk"= tenements are ent'--rta:ne!. j The Kerrigan child had not been en- : sessor.s of the annual teachers" insa-1 * r SL\X*Kf:'S 1OM";1"K Edisr n| roiled at any of the schools in town. ! mte. K\s ! :i:i:s!r d vll'^x- -·-.---:;-- -utjecs a little i.onne to a terrible c-xjienence- [ The school board, at its specially; Section 2109--Payment shall Show starts 6. JO Admission 5c to all. | called meeting this morning, de ^ _ __ _-- ^ j to issue a request to all the familie | of town, having pupils at either of itwo school bsildinirs affected to » ' ^ no it is not supposed tnat ins au- , he j eta ;j 3 ^i-hout the aid of these '· Charles Eckenrode spent last Wednes| tomobiles and piar.os were damaged bovs They wsre use f a i ; n every capac- . day with the family of Augustus Eckof school ito a serious extent. The piar.o car \\as ;,,; oae co -, !} possibly think" of--as enrode. of McSherrystown. orderlies in hospitals, messengers in · Sei-tion 210S--A!i ^c- directors in this commonwealth are j '"cssv/ise over the road bed. authorized and required in the d-strict funds. \.o ^fte teachers em- nloved in rhe ntsblic behcoh cf the · r - rra co ta - h ^'- P'? e The en- did not leave -.he tracks. Two coal pay. ircra ;^"- c " ili --^ I - »«* = -"= .**·-*·=· ±»~ ·-"-' connection with the various offices, or; " ! cars v -' ere ditched. Coi-s containing- to .^^ - t - re am bulances .thus releasing' ' -h^ I ?srra cotta. hay. pipe and merchan- ^.cdiea; cfr.cers for more important du- ; Ccst n to the i ti: - J ' " " "" * school ss fortunate and ha--the M-Iler ! condensation Drovided for in their I *' nS: EXPENSIVE HOGS ft-era thrown Into a hsap. Some of tie - in the various first-aid stations.. ars ware so fc^cly destroyed that in CORnec tion with the Red Cross work ] throughout the outskirts of the camp i The wrecking crews made good time .,,,,? At , T h «,,,-rmTn,-rno- battlefield: Man over Sixty Dollars to Raise Two Hogs- per d^y for j ~ e " have been Burned up. in getting: the tracks cleared and and on the surrounc ; n g Joseoh Oaster, of Edgegrove, b«»«rhr two shoacs. Dec. 2, 1912, XSi-IS^Q^iSbiSS'SX^biSXSXrlSl-ISXW For Your Clothes eonunnn- j equal to that which he would have re- | train met with a similar accident, al- i al; SUCH irj 5 Q_ i though not qnite so serious, at about I with, particular dread in thi: s ity. Unusual care should be observed j i-eived for attendance SSLfCMAKr the lead:*- tailor.-r.TiI | in th f hoines Isl v/hich the cases are lo- j tute. this sum to be deducted from his J the same ? oint last 3"' thev acted as fiagnien by day and by - vvh Jch weighed 41 pounds each- He j reaay for traffic. There was ver%- little n;g . hc on the dangerous cros sings of paid §6 for the pair. Thev were b e ] delay. Passengers were transferred the raH road; as guides and messen- 1 slaughtered on Tuesday-- just one the day he started to feed the aggregate weight -was or a gain of 756 pounds- attain this weight, Sir. Oaster fed them 90 gallons of milk, 2,325 pounds of corn and oats chop, 3(H4 bushels of shelled corn, aad 4 packs of Condition -powder/ at a .total | cost of §62.83. Adding -the price paid CONYENTION aiiora stock ·?*'.-.- \ r.f u'^r.ter fabrics is exception- no in cheviots SHT w^r^tetls of aid v.-enres. cated t ths um thorough there. may be | salary for r.ext month - following the j a r e of the institute| The young son of Mr. and Mrs. C- ) _ j B. Hoffman, of East Middle street, i j oaken ill some days ago. is recovering | First District Sunday School Conven- j fa ^ ^ Corkers, when kffl- · .- ·· /"· i i ! . . . . - _ r* r j : -- -·* ANNIVERSARY 'ROMANCE Quality WILL M. SELIGMAN The Cash Tailor i nicely ar.d Mrs. Hcfrman is also getting along well. The house is still un- tine. Met ai Gettysburg Celebration; Y\~ed NEW THEORY tion in Gettysburg- Friday. ed. rained $68:83. The convention of the t irst District Reduction in Fatal Accidents Hunters" License. CAN" you "cell the best milk from the costs as much per GETTYSBURG "COINS" 7 ''Bag of Iron .Slugs Doctored for S20,- ! 000 Swindle in Philadelphia. j A romance, dating back to ; I cant celebration of the fiftieth i versary of the Battle of Getty j was culminated in Reading whe: i jel J. "\Veiler. sixty-nine years Civii War veteran, of .,,,_: an - 1 ' "When all the reports are in I do r.ot think that you will find that more than six or seven persons were killed and over ilfty injured in hunting acci- ]-dents in Pennsylvania this year", said Dr. Joseph Kaibfus. the secretary of 'of the Adams County Sabbath School Duc t o , Association will be held in Christ Lu- , _ ? itheran church, Friday. December 5th. |nex,, be*..- One · -, . .,, , , ,, -, j souart as the other. Imenor milk is Sessions will be held aitemoon and i _t, _ , _ ..,,, . , , . , \ like some numan beings -wno trv to evening, at 2 ana *:30 o clock. At the , , ^ . , , , afternoon sessions, besides the business to be transacted, there will be get through on their looks alone: appearances are poor things to judge by--either in men or milk. The fact and several snort reports or the big State i i. i - " *. TT--II- -- -f ! c at milk is white (looks dean) convention hela a t v\ illiamsport a lew . . . . . , , , · -n- r tnat von can t see tnrougn it. makes it; and an address ov u. D. . ,-. , ,-.- , . I nard lor vou to detect conditions that ·n ^c K K O D A K S F I L M S C A R D S P A P E R S Everything needed by the Amateur Photographer onr entire stock is of ti-e suirdars E a s t m a n M a k e Direct from the factory. ALWAYS FRESH. Careful attention to the development of nlras. Mail and Phone Orders Given Carefrtl Attentioc. H U B E R ' S D R U G S T O R E -T. II. HUDER. Dni-!iist. mnuKmnuiHi jniun ! Charged -srith attempting to ob| tain 320,000 for a bag- of iron slugs. ^ \ treated to resemble corroded ried the v,-oman e met on the bat- ! tlefield. Caroline E. Gantzhorn. sixty j peop i e i r :;; er j afi d 149 injured. I be jlr. TV e-.ier is ; ,- nat t ns (i ecr ease in accidents is . , , - - . Reel, or Philadelphia, one ot tne State : ne dose watch on minting. - *. , ^ _ T _ . ; department superintendents. Mr. Real ; old. gold « ' ears Oiu - ° i w.delv Known = 1 coins. George Matthews, of Getfs-1 = i b"J-g and Frederick Abraham were ar- j ^erS ^ ! rested in Philadelphia Wednesday' ri = ! night at the home of A. Garfir.kle. a j memoer. Hazseton. as secretarv of the ! st ye ar there %vere thirty-four believe due I0 lhe fac - lha - the hunters' license ^ County Sabbath School Associa- j j a -_ pre v - ep . te d persons not qualified ' j jeweler, is-hom i'c is alleged they had ' i planned to swindle. j COMING i Detectives -who were hidden irj the | I house claim that loaded revolvers! Happenings Scheduled In as a prominent G. A. II- ;0 handle n rearms from going hunting. I A trood many of the accidents re;ported in previous years were due to also hold a conference School work which will be all Sunday School people. The evening session will also . dressed by Mr. Reel, with special ] . hornfv vou u thev existed m a . - . . - ~ _ - , , . , . c j glass ot -water. Ii vou doubt cms. dis- on Sunday j ^ - . ' T, i i- T * i solve a little earth in a snooniul of helplul to j . . . , ~ .,, t water and stir it into a glass or milk; i , , . . ^ b , . ,, - j do the same thing with a glass or , water: set the two glasses on a "table music and solos. An interesting and helpful program is promised, and a full actendance is desired from all the Gettysburj \ mere hovs being given guns. The law. . . ! . -.. . " t - iSunaav Schools in tne town. i piaces a limit on tne age one can ivjnt. j : I think that this provision undoubted- | J were found in the pockets of the pris- 1 | oners. Representing that they had c:Is- i j covered §33.000 worth of coins hidden ' i ' e£: E j near Gettysburg during the Civii War i for Coming Weeks. : --"'The Dust of the Earth". Walter's Theatre. = |the men had arranged"to dispofe of it| Dee - -4--Sophomore-*reshman debate. · to the jeweler after showing rim i Si " a Cna P eJ '. son:s genuine gold pieces as samples.! Dec ' 6 -- Concerc - w eatherwax Broth' the detectiv = -sav I ers Q : - a rtet. Braa Chanel. ] " · Dec. 12--BaTMaar. St. James Lutheran ! ] church. , SALE REPORT | Dec. 19--College closes for Christmas i i recess. |3Ir. Zepp's Sale well Attended. Gocd ; Lines Graceful Beautiful Proportions Exquisite Coloring and New Weaves. ich rac:s:- vLsSMv ihron^is ali our Prices Reported. Eniory Zepp's sale in Cumberland TRAIN DELAYED or. Tuesday amounted to ]-SI 120.65. The best cow brought SSI. i i The attendance v.-as good. Thompson 1 1 was the auctioneer and C. C. Bream ' .,, I Rear End Collision at Waibrook Dc- lajs Morning Train West. These, the nr.dcrlyin^ ieatwres "-tl) clothf ami characterize them s:::art. I the clerk. J. D. LIPPY, Tailor. PROPERTIES SOLD A rear end fre:srbt collision on the | Western Maryland at Waibrook this j "Jiorning- delayed for several hours No. ; i3 due here at 10:2S and a special i train from York was run throi-srh j to Kighneld. Xo one was hurt, in t'ne I :v saved many lives, hut I think that I there is still room for hur.ters to take i csre. Too manv are prone to shoot when they see brush moving or when : they merely hear a rustling. i "I do no* think that there was so msch wilful disregard of game laws this year. Jr. some recert years, last year, for instance, there were some seventy does kiHed. This year I do not think that there will be anything like that n^any and those we have found have bee", scattered, i-ast year a number of does were shot in the South Mour.tair. region. This year the number is much smaller." Dr. Kalbf-js pay^ that there are weii · authenticated Jnstarsces where a hunt: WILL SELL RELICS 3!illcr Relics will not be Sold at Pub- } lie Sale. For Your Horses, Use Dr. Hudson's Liquid Conditioner The Results will please you. Properties in the Upper End of j accident at WaForook. the County Change Har.ds. j writh other glasses filled with clean milk and clean water and see in which the dirt is noticed and in which it la | overlooked- Pare food laws have j brought about some distasteful facts · ibou'c things we've been eating and drinking, but they corrected many of · the evils, and miik needs talking about 1 more than anything else you buy for food. Laws governing milkmen are j ~ i j ! good thinsrs, but thev are hard to en- Datxlene'G - ', i rorce. l our oest nrotection is not tne ! The fine collection o: relics which was owned bv Harrv Mil- j! . . , , .. , TT ' - n ' ,, i 'a"' r - bv~ tne business sense 01 the men ler. who aiea at Meace s Heaaauarters ' . , . , . . , . - , , , . - T ' 4." 11- i who suDDlv vou with milk. As soon as last week, will not oe sola at public i , " - - . - ... . . , , - - , - - ·,- j vou kno^w tnat vour milk is nean be- rn. T}-»£» -aHrriiriScrr^arr^T- _lrttir* _Vj^ - - {·-ause the milk company that supplies sale by the administrator. Blocher Mr Blocher -John make an i it has found that clean cows, and clean dairies, and clean bo'ctles. and clean workmen are the most profitable ,TM 1 things for the business, you are ab- the Cumberland Valley that a mar. shot a buck a'-.d killed a doe which was :;e^:de him with a ?ing'e byllet, effort to dispose of the relics to some Grand Army post. The collection consists of ten guns, a number of shells, j \ . and a large varietv of other things, , . . . , . , , _ , . u .1 ~ i A i soiuteiv sate in asmg sacn mii.. This un o n t n e battlenela. . - , , * * , . . , _ j way is tne only way. ar.c it is Onr i way. If you can think of a possible ) Improvement we woald thank you to or use milk Our way. you · are inviting sickness, and besides, you D.. I arer.'t getting your money's worth- In-'The more milk a company handles, BROTHERHOOD MEETING er I-.?..-killed two deer at or,e shot and j) r j e jf crs Jo Address Meeting of j suggest it- If you drink that he does not doubt the story from Presbvterian Brotherhood. jthat isn't cared for in The Rer.oxo Record says: Rev. E. T. JefFers. D. D.. LL. president of the York CoFiegiate "Dr. Jo- stitute. will address the Men's Brother- [ the ir»ore certain you may_be that it is BIG reduction in a fine line of la- i.. seph Kalbfus. the veteran garie offi- hood of the Presbyterian church at j clean. One man with ten cows, supply- ciai. says that ir. counties where deer 7:^.0 this evening, his subject being | ing twenty families, car.'t possibly de. __ _ - - _ . . , . ,, , ja;e unkr.ov.-r. in recent vea,-s. the clos- "The Practical Work of Brother-i liver milk as clean as a | Thomas Brothers, of Bigiervme,, dies - and gir!s - coats . 50cu aluminum j;^ v - M b c a ffood thi^e ' i have sold their property on West York ^^ pans 30ct5 . Thomas Brotherf?. ·!erd3Se.--advertisement I i street to John Roth. Mr. Roth sold his I gj^.i i property in Butler township this week j big company but he does hoods". All men are invited and urged ; supplying nearly a thousand fami!- J r;ot favor shutting off of counties like to attend and to bring their friends I ies. The washing of bottles ar.d cans ! Frar.k'in. for instance, because a few with them. Light refreshments will i aione. if done as we do it, would take ito E. W. Rebert. of Xew Durham, Xew i Jersev. I people want to stop deer hunting." be served. OLDFASHLQND MOLASSES TAFFY Almond Taffy. 40 cents it)., Butternut Taffy. 50 cents Ib., Peanut Taffy. 20 Peanut Brittle, 10 cents Ib. Ico Cream Taffies, 10 cents Ib.--Fresh B. P. 0. E. 1045 Memorial services ients In., Daily at. GETTYSBURG CANDY KITCHEN th. at 3:00 p. m. Members will meet at the Lodge .room at 2:30 p. m. Committee.--advertisement 1 HOUSEHOLD goods, better than j And the Chambersburg Public Opin- j the usual kind, wil! be sold at Chas. S. HOP. makes this comment j Mumper's auction. Center Square, Sat- ''Wonder where the good Doc learn-, burg Furniture Company stock. Apply ! cans and bottles clean. We never bot- ali of his time and use up all his profits, and no one with only hand brush- FOR SALE: twelve shares Getty s- i es and soap and water can get milk urciay. Dec. 6.--advertisement DOX'T neglect to read Kirssin's ad- vertisemen't on another page. It is an account of the largest Christinas sale ed that only a few people here want Times office.- the cieer slaughter to cease?'' FOR SALE: .a good old horse, cheap. Apply B. F. Baker, Green- -advertisement FAMILY leaving "town: Mumper will sell all their household goods at auction. Saturday afternoon.--adver- tle any milk on the s'treets. All our bottles are sterilized and -washed with a steam washer. This absolutely relieves any chance of contagion. Gettysburg Ice and Storage he has ever held.--advertisement 1 mount.--advertisement 1 iiscmcnt mcnt Co.--advertise- 1

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