The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 13, 1944 · Page 11
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1944
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

O Intent But to Please in Recipe Collection of Week Thursday, Jan. 13, 1944 11 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, Mid Safety VorkGiven 4ew Impetus Nearly a t h i r d of all child !*ths ^n the United States last ir were the result oj accidents, lared'L. R. SUvernale of the lucational division of the Nanal Safety council. He arrived in Mason Cily Wed- esday'to s t a r t an intensified hild safety program here and |iroughout the state following 'erences with H. C. Brown, ident.of the Iowa State Safety .ctl. · [Child neclect by the parents, thinc which causes ju- dellnqueDcy, is also the of the increased accidents children, Mr. SUvernale The taking of jobs by l» a" particularly serious in sode communities, he iy.n other communities' there has also been' an increase in juvenile delinquency and accidents because youth organizations have jecome less effective'through the a'ck of leaders, he added. Because child injuries is harm- [ul to the war effort by destroying the morale of the parents and draining the time of already overburdened physicians, the National Safety council has expanded its child safety program, he explained. · ·- · ' He met Wednesday with Miss Hazel V. Thomas, county superr intent of schools, and Thursday with R. B. Irons, Mason City superintendent, to assist them in bettering the local programs. First Assignment in Army Is to Home Town Bend Ore., W ) -- J. O.' Lammi, ranger for the Deschutes national forest, sold his home here, sent his wife to live with her parents and left for the army. His first assignment:. Back to. Bend to an engineers ' replacement Iowa Soldier Returns With Army Discharge Fertile--Pvt. Arlo D. o Hovland has arrived in Fertile from a general hospital at Springfield, Mo., Where he received his medical discharge. He served with the army overseas for 18 months. He was in battle in New Guinea and later was stricken with malaria. He spent 9 months in a hospital in Australia. Pvt Hovland was inducted into the army at Detroit, Mich., in April, 1941. He is the youngest son of Martin Hovland of Forest City, formerly of Fertile. Kanawha--The students of the local high school are working'hard to sell enough defense stamps and bonds to buy a jeep. They have sold more than $900 worth to date, which is approximately $250 short of the price of the jeep. New York delegates were not authorized by their state convention to sign the Declaration of In- MISCELLANY OF FOODS SUGGESTED IN COLUMN You're sure to find something you like in this miscellany of recipes which Mrs. Reeves, Globe-Gazette food columnist has collected. Puddings, uncooked fudge, tomato and apple chutney, carrot-apple casserole, tamale pie, baked sweet potatoes, gelatine cheese salad, mincemeat pumpkin pie, vegetable corned beef salad, ham and cheese salad, scalloped ham and corn, peanut butter, French toast sandwiches, toasted corn beef sandwiches one of these will be to your taste. and a full meal salad. Surely SPRING PRINTS BLOOM EARLY UNDER YOUR WINTER COAT! 8 95 Print combination* . . . crepe. or jertty prints ... pole* dots --·I so irresiftibM 3 SOUTH FEDERAL SPEAKING by LUCV OODS REEWES historic signing on July 4, 1776. For Now --For Spring! SmarHy tailored' suits In scarlet, lilac, aqua, gold, pecan brown, green. We have talked so much of ade-* quate diets, meatless dishes,^ etc.,' etc. How about recipes and nothing else today. Hope you like the ones chosen. These all come specially recommended. Leah's Date Puddinr Beat 4 egg whites, add 1 cup sugar, 2 cups dates cut in pieces, 1 cup walnut meats, chopped, 3 tablespoons cracker, crumbs in which is mixed 1 teaspoon baking powder. Bake in a moderate oven 40 minutes. Serve with hard sauce. Hazel Hintz Date Pudding 20 graham crackers rolled 1 tablespoon flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 cup sugar, scant J/'z cup melted butter ,2 package dates, cut up -,\ cup milk 3 eggs, beaten Mix dry ingredients. Mix and add liquids. Stir dates 'in last. Bake in moderate oven. After pudding is baked, cover with the following: 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, % package ,dates. Cook until like jam, pour over pudding and sprinkle chopped nutmeats on top May be served with whipped cream. (Take your "choice. They are both dandy cooks!) If the youngsters are back at school it won't be long now until they will be looking for that "iox from home." Have you this recipe? Can you get chocolate? Uncooked Fudge 2 eggs 3 cups powdered sugar 1 cup chopped nuts 1 8-ounce bar chocolate % cup butter 1 teaspoon vanilla Beat eggs then alternately beat in sugar, nuts and vanilla.. Into this beat the chocolate and butter which have been melted in a double boiler. Spread on a well- buttered platter and leave about 8 hours in the refrigerator. (Oh dear, I didn't notice that "8-hour" business! Can you keep it?) This makes a soft fudge. Long Beach Cooking School Here is a very good winter relish. Does your supply need a boost? Tomato and Apple Chutney 2 quarts canned tomatoes 2 quarts tart apples, pared and chopped 2 cups brown sugar 2 cups vinegar 1 pound raisins, chopped 1 large onion, chopped 6 lemons, finely sliced 2 tablespoons salt 14 teaspoon ginger Cook tomatoes, apples and sugar until apples are soft. Add vinegar, let boil and remove from fire. Stir in other ingredients. Boil 5 minutes. Let stand over night. Pour into sterilized jars and seal. Quick Fruit Puddin? Fill a greased baking'dish 2/3 full of canned or stewed fruit. Squeeze a little lemon juice over the fruit and sprinkle with nutmeg. Pour the following batter over. Pudding Batter 1 cup flour l a. cup sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder !a teaspoon salt '/a cup milk 1 egg, well beaten 2 tablespoons melted shortening Mix dry ingredients, add liquids. Bake 20 minutes in a moderate oven, 375 degrees. Serve hot with cream or lemon sauce. Carrot-Apple Casserole ' Put a layer of raw sliced apples in a buttered casserole, sprinkle with bits of butter and sugar, add 3 tablespoons flour Salt and pepper l'/z cups milk Cover bottom of greased casserole with potatoes, then a layer of ham, then corn, season with salt, pepper and a little of the onion. Dot with butter and flour. Repeat until all is used then pour in milk. Bake about 1 hour in 400 degree oven. Peanut Butter French-Tout Sandwiches Spread slices of bread with peanut butter ?nd top with other slices of bread. Remove crusts, cut in two, dip in egg-milk mixture and fry in a liberal amount of hot fat. Drain on paper towel and serve hot with syrup or jelly. Toasted Corn Beef Sandwiches Spread slices of bread with butter and prepared mustard. Place slices of corned beef between slices of bread and toast. Serve hot. Heated ketchup or chili sauce is nice to serve with them. Part of Christmas Has Arrived for Veteran of 50 Bombing Missions Chicago, (#)--It was Christmas in January, for Sgt: Frank Roche veteran of 50 bombing raids from Norjh Africa, who arrived · homi New Cream Deodorant , ' Safely helps Stop Perspiration 1. Docs not rot dresses or men's shim. Does not irrimc skin. 2. No waiting to drj". Can be used right after shaving. 3- Prevents under.zrm odor; Helps stop perspiration safely 4« A pure, white, antiseptic, itunleu vanish ing cretm. S. Awarded Approval Seal of American Institute of Laundering-- harmless to fabric. Use _Arml regularly. A In I(V and J« jars a layer o£ cooked sliced carrots, sprinkle with salt and butter. Repeat as desired. Cover and bake about 45 at 350 degrees. Uncover after 30 minutes and put.a layer of butter crumbs-on to and bake until crisp and brown. Here is a recipe for the very best dish of this kind that has so far been given: Tamale Fie (It's Good) 1 pound dice lean pork 1 pound diced veal shoulder 1/3 cup diced celery 1 tablespoon salt 3 slicep bacon J /i cup diced onion IVi cups corn meal 1 .cup cooked tomatoes 1 cup cooked corn 2 eggs 1 teaspoon chili powder Salt and pepper Simmer veal, pork, celery and salt in water to cover until meat is tender, about 2 hours. Brown diced bacon, add onion and cook for a few minutes. .To 1 quart of hot meat broth add the corn meal, moistened with cold water, stir well and allow to cook until thick. Add meat, onions, tomatoes, corn, beaten egg and seasonings. Pour into a large casserole and bake 1 hour at 350 degrees.. Serve hot. (Vary seasonings to suit taste). Baked Sweet Potatoes. 4 medium sized sweet potatoes V cup butter Vi cup sugar Vt to % cup milk : % teaspoon salt : '· -^ Nutmeats, chopped j Boil sweet potatoes until tender. Peel and mash thoroughly. Add butter and sugar. Beat well and add milk to make a creamy consistency. Add salt and pour into a well greased pan. Sprinkle with the nutmeats. Brown quickly at 400 degrees and serve hot. Gelatin Cheese Salad '·'2 cup grated cheese · 2 cups hot milk j 1 tablespoon gelatin 1 teaspoon vinegar !·· teaspoon jalt 1 teaspoon dry mustard 1 egg, well beaten Paprika Melt cheese 'in hot milk. Stir together vinegar, gelatin, salt and mustard. Dissolve in a little of the hot liquid, stir into cheese mixture. Add egg and cook until thickened. (I£ mixture curdles beat with egg beater.) Pour into mold and chill. Serve on lettuce, sprinkle with paprika and garnish "with sliced stuffed olives. Have you ever tried this combination? It's fine. Mincemeat .Pumpkin Fie 1% cup mincemeat Vi teaspoon cinnamon % teaspoon each cloves, nutmeg and salt ?,i cup sugar 1 cup cooked or canned pumpkin 2 eggs, beaten Combine mincemeat and seasonings. Mix sugar with pumpkin and combine the 2 mixtures. Add eggs. Pour into pastry shell and bake at 425 degrees lor 20 minutes. Reduce to moderate, 375 degrees and bake 35 minutes. · The following salads are hearty ones using leftover meat. Vegetable Corned Beef Salad 2 cups .cooked corn beef or 1 12-ounce can I'.i cups grated carrot' 2 cups shredded cabbage ',4 cup sweet pickle Vi cup French dressing 1/3 cup mayonnaise Cube meat, add vegetables. French dressing and 3 tablespoons mayonnaise. Mix and serve on lettuce. Garnish with remaining mayonnaise. Ham and Cheese Salad 1 cup cooked ham v 1 cup cheese I small head cabbage 1 large sweet onion 1 dill pickle French dressing Cut ham and cheese in t h i n strips. Shred cabbage. Slice pickle and onion thin. Combine and chill Toss lightly with dressing. Garnish with ripe olives. A Fall Meal Salad 1% cups diced cooked pork 1 cup diced celery 1 cup diced carrots Canned asparagus tips Pickle rings French dressing Combine -meat, celery, carrots and dressing. Serve salad on lettuce. Garnish with the asparagus lips and pickle rings. Scalloped Ham and Corn l',4 cups chopped ham 3 cups diced potatoes 1 can corn 1 onion, minced "2 tablespoons butter for the first time since he enteret the army 19 months ago. The Christmas tree lights shoni through the front windows at hi. home--but his Christmas present, were not there. They were sent to 'him abroac last October and haven't caugh up with him yet. The first cross-continental fligh was made in 1911 by Calbraith P Rogers, who flew from New Yor to Pasadena, Cal., in 59 days. SERVICE CLUBS NAME OFFICERS Ballots Sent by Mail to Members of Groups Iowa Falls--The annual meet- ng ol the Iowa Falls Chamber o£ Commerce will be a dinner mect- ng in the senior high school au- litorium Feb. 7, Richard LaForge, (resident, announced. Ballots have been mailed to al members and must be returnee the office of the secretary by Fan. 22. Four new members wil e named for the board of directors; 10 new members to the Merchants Bureau. Nominees for board of director. :nclude Paul Barker, S. R. Bruce w. E. Burton, L. C. Jorgensen forace Knittel, Homer Lewis, E. H. Sproat, and C. H. Warnock. '· Nominees for the Merchants Bureau include W. K. Armentrout, Argyle Borland, Eugene Brown. E. D. Emal, 3. C. Hoff, Bert Houg, V.. L. Klove, Mrs. Ethel Dickson JLe- vloind, K. G. Tansdorfer, C. W, Peterson, H. K. Pergakis, Mrs. Almira Phillips, L. H. Sours, iVernn Sprout, David Steel, A. J. Strutz, ~ W.. Tdplett, B. E. Waggoner, U. T. Walsh, and Russell Worth. Wind Driven Blaze Destroys' Warehouse Cambridge, Mass., (IP)--A wind- driven fire wrecked the Bay State Smelting company war production plant warehouse, leveled an adjoining building in the Boston and Maine railroad yards and damaged a third, smaller structure, Thursday with aggregate loss estimated by fire department officials at $100,000. An investigation was begun by Fire Chief Herman Guthcim. This HomeMixed Cough Relief Is Hard To Beat Very Easy to Make. No Cooking. Saves Big Money. No matter what you've been using tor coughs due to colds, you'lt be the first to admit that this surprising rellet mixed In your own kitchen, can't be surpassed, for real results. Make a. syrup by stirring 2 cups of granulated sugar and one cup of water a few moments, until dissolved. No cootdng is needed--a child could do it. Or you can use corn syrup or liquid honey. Instead ot sugar syrup. Then put 2H ounces of Pinex (obtained from any druggist) into a pint bottle, and add your syrup. This gives you a full pint of really amazing cough relief--about four times aa much for your money. Tastes fine- children love it--and it never spoils. Tou can feel thla home mixture taking right hold of a couch. It loosens the phlegm, soothes the irritated membranes, and helps dear thn air passages. Eases aoranesa and aucult breathing-, and let's you sleep. Once tried, you'll swear by it. Pinex is a special compound of proven ingredients, in concentrated form, a most reliable soothing agent for throat and bronchial membranes. Just try it, and if not satisfied, your money will be refunded. SEARS PRESENTS THE Just Follow These 3 Easy Steps: 1 Cat. t h e . paper, to proper. length with ordinary pair of scissors. n Roll op the cut length ** and dip in plain, cool ·water. O Apply wet paper to ** wall, smooth out with cloth or sponge. SIMPLIFIES HOME DECORATING No Special .Tools! No Pasting! No Trimming! BOX SIDEWALIV AND BOBDEK Simple detailed instructions with every box. Now, you can have beautifully papered walls and you need not be a professional to hang the wallpaper! Sears amazing new Ready-Pasted Wallpaper simplifies homo decorating! No special tools are needed'.. . no trimming ... no paste or bucket . . . no fuss or muss. It comes to you all ready to apply. Just cut it ... wet it ... hang it! Stop in soon, see how easily and economically you can re-do a room yourself! WALLPAPER DEPARTMENT SECOND FLOOR Get Free Sample! Try It Yourself! Choice of lovely, style-tested Color-Perfect patterns; washable, snnfast. Only three boxes for average 10x12x8 ft. room. WE ALSO CARRY CEDAR CLOSET WALLPAPER PER ROLL $1.98 PHONE 803 23-25-27 E. STATE

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