Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 17, 1936 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 17, 1936
Page 16
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SIXTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 17 M 1936 RETAIL DEMAND FOR MEAT SLUGGISH LIVESTOCK MART DULL AT CHICAGO .- High Steady to 10 Lower as Top Declines 5 Cents *'· to $10.80. ; CHICAGO, UP--The dull livestock . trade Tuesday accompanied by slight price concessions was a re' flection of the sluggish demand for meat in retail channels. Packers -reported accumulations were moving slowly. Prospects of increased '''nog marketings later on in the year -tempered sentiment of buyers who would compete for supplies more actively if there was no indication that the pork volume will increase. Hogs ruled steady to 10 cents lower, the top price declining 5 cents to $10.80. The trade had only 13,000 compared with 15,000 a year ago, but. this was more than was .- received at any other major corn belt market. Establishment of the cattle mar. ket was slow and the trade had a :· weak undertone although a few early sales were steady. The replace- ·· ment market was -steady but cows /were dull, bulls weak, and vealers " 25 cents or more off. Cattle re.. ceipts are running the poorest in quality for this season in many years, attributed partly to the recent cold weather. Last week's average cost of slaughter steers, despite poor quality, scored a slight advance to $8.73. Indications on early rounds were that fully steady prices would b paid for slaughter lambs. Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest market* Tuesday: \VATEHLOO--Houa unchanged. OTTUMU'A--5c higher; 140 to 150 Ibs. fe.75ffH.OS; ISO (o !!« Ibs. SS.UitfS.Xi: 160 to 180 Ibs. St.tnt9.n-, 180 to 220 Ibs. S9.70 it'10.03; 200 to 200 Ibs. S9.65I9.9G; 250 to 270 Ibs. $».«m,a.75; 270 to 290 Ibs. 58.35S' 9.65; 290 to 325 Ibs. 59.1SW9.45; 325 to 300 Ibs. 59.05®9.35; 300 to 400 Ibs. J8.85e8.15; packers 275 to 300 Ibs. J8.558.85; 300 to 120 Ibs. ss.35®8.65; 425 to 450 Ibs. SS.158JJ 8.45. AUSTI.V--Market steady; gooil to choice 180 to-250 Ibs. S8."56i'10.05; 250 to 280 Ibs. S9.40I 9.75; 290 to 350 Ibs. $9.15@'9.45; packing sows, good, 270 to 550 Ibs. S8.20) S.90. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. U. S. department of DBS S10INES. agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Tuesday were 13.900 compared with 3,900 a week ago and 15.900 a year ago. Generally fully steady, numerous deals 5c higher; undertone strong; loading Indicated little changed. ' Quotations follow: Light lights, 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice, S9.10@9.65; lie rclghts 160 to ISO Ibs. 59.OOlgilO.15: 180 200 Ibs. S9.S5f5ilO.35; medium weights 200 220 IbS. S9.85®10.35; 220 to 250 IbS. S9.80 10.33; heavy weights 2JO to 290 Ibs. $9.49 10.15; 290 to 350 Ibs. S9.15fs9.SO; packin sows 275 to 350 Ibs., good. 58.65^9.15; 3 to 425 IDs. SS.50SS9; 425 to 550 Ibs. S8.25 WHEAT FIRMER IN LATE TRADE Market Develops Strengt After Early Setbacks; Corn Steady. CHICAGO, ff--Firmness cfeve oped in wheat values Tuesday fo lowing early setbacks. A steadier tone late in the day a Winnipeg had more or less bullis effect. Some trade observers regard ed the foreign political situation a yet potentially full of dynamite. Wheat closed uneven, % lower t % higher compared with Monday finish, May 38%, July 89y s -/i, corn % off to 14 up, May 60^-%, oats a % decline to % advance, and prov sions unchanged to a rise of 1 cents. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Tuesday HOGS : Steady. Good light lights 140-160 SS.SO- 9.10 Good lights 160-180 S9.45- 0, Good light butchers ... 1S'J-200 S9.75-10.05 Good light butchers 200-220 S9.75-1'J 05 . Good med. wt. butchers 220-200 S9.75-10 01 Good med. Wt, butchers 250-270 59.50- 9.80 jood med. Wt, butchers 270-290 59.40- 9.70 Good heavy butchers .. 290-325 59.20- 9.50 Good heavy butchers .. 325-350 59.10- g.tfo Good heavy butchers .. 320-400 S3,85- 9.15 Gcod packing sows 275-350 58.60- 8.90 · Good heavy sows 350-425 58.40- 8.70 - Good big hy. sows .. 425-550 S8.25- S.55 Good big ny. sews 550 and up 58.05- 8.30 (The above Is a 10:3J truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference In price Is for short and long haul hogs.) CAXTU5. Steers, -good to choice ...... 57.75-8.75 Steers, medium to good £ 6.00- 7.50 Steers, fair to medium . 5 450- B.OO Heifers, good to choice ...... £ 5.50- 6.50 Heifers, medium to good 5 4.75- 5.50 Heifers, common to medium .. S 4.00- 4.75 Cows, good to choice ,,...,.,,,. $ 4.25- 5.00 Cows, fair to good -- S 3-75- 4.25 Cows, cutters 53.25-3.75 Cows, canners ..--. .. $3.00-3.25 Bulls, heavy __ 51.50-5.50 Bum, light ,, S 3.75- 4.SO Calvefl, gd. and choice 130-190 S 6.50- ;.oo Calves, med. to £ood 130-190 'S 5.00- 6.00 Calves, infer, to com. 130-190 S 5.00 down LAMBS. Lambs,^ood to choice .. 70-90 $ 7.50- S.50 I^ambs, medium to good ., S li.oo- 7.01) Lambs, fair to medium ....... S d.50- 6,50 Common to fair S 4.50 down yearlings, good to choice 70-90 S 7.00- 9.00 .Yeai-Iings, med. to good 70-90 S 5.00* 7.00 .Yearlings, fair to medium S 1-00- 5.00 Culla ···· % . $ 4-00 3own Native ewea, good to choice ... 3 2.75- 4.00 Cull ewes 51.50-2.50 Bucks $1.00-2.50 Wethers, 2 years old ~ 5 6.00- 7.00 WeUurs, poor to best 5 *-00- 7.00 Buck lambs 51 less. No dork on lamos. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. to lOc higher mostly steady to 5c high than Monday's average; top $10.35: desi able 170 to 250 Ibs. 510.15@10.30; few 2 to 300 ibs. 59.801^10.15; better grade !· to 160 Ibs. 510^)10.25; sows 1525c hlghe SS.75Sj9.15; few 59.25. CATTLE 3,500; calves 800; killing clOSSi of cattle opening slow, mostly steady; som bids lower on beef steers and cows; stock ers and feeders steady; short load choic medium weight steers held'above 510; bu steers of quality to sell 57.25@S.70; choii 767 Ib. New Mexico heifers 58.25; butche cows 54.75^5.75; low cutters and cutter S3.25PJ4.50; bulk vealcrs 5S down; lev lected'kinds SS.SOfftD; choice 751 Ib. stock ers SS.10; load 1087 Ib. feeders 58. SHEEi* 8.000; very little done; scatterc opening sales and bids slaughter larab around steady; sheep firm; clipped lamb 57.85; best wooled lambs held around 510.25 of agri O.MAHA LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market) OMAHA, ij'l--U, S. department culture-- JIOGS 7.500; rather slow early, later trad active, steady to lOc higher than Monday better grades 170 to 2JO Ib. butchers £10.10$ 10:25; top 510.25 freely to shippers; big packers 510.10 down; desirable 240 to 300 Ibs S9.85ft'10.15; 300 to 350 Ibs. 59.70@10; dlum to good 170 to 250 Ibs. S9.GQ£rlo: better L60 to 170 Ibs. 59.90gilO.20; 125 to 160 Ibs. 59.S5@10.10: sows strong to mostly lOc high- S9ST9.10; light weights 59.15; stags SSS strong weight stock pics up to 59: average cost Monday S9.S5, weight 251. CATTLE 8,000; calves 300: killing classes pening fully steady with action improved ver Monday; stockers and feeders in light upply, steady to strong; bulk fed steers nd yearlings 57(5'9, weighty steers 1399 Ibs. JO; heifers S6.25@7.75, few head 58; bulk eef cows 54.50*15.50; cutter grades S3.25(£ 4.25; bulls Si.T.V.y/G.SO, later price paid freely on -weighty kinds; practical top vealers S7, few $7.50; stockers and feeders ?6.50@8.25; choice 707 Ib. weights 58.50 and 569 Ibs. 58.75. SHEEP 5,500; salable supply: 21 loads wooled lambs, 2 loads ewes; indications steady on ambs; weak on'ewes; fed wooled lambs S9.50fiilo, some held higher; best fed held above 58; shearing lambs up to 59.50.' LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, (.^i--Official estimated receipts Wednesday: Cattle 8,000; hogs 12,000; sheep 7,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, (JP)--U. S- department of agriculture-- HOGS 13.000; including, -1,500 direct; steady to lOc lower than Monday's average; top 510.60; HO to 230 Ibs. S10.50@10.75; few 230 to 260 Ibs. $10.35^10.60; and scattering 260 to 300 Ibs. SlO.lOlO.-tQ but trade not fully established on weights above 230 IbS.; sows up to 59.60; bulk S9.25®9.50. ·CATTLE 7,000; calves 2,500; very little done; undertone weak on practically all classes; few early sales steady; steers selling at 56.75@8, with better grades at S9®10 and heifers from 58.40 down, mostly S7.50 down; common and medium grade heifers getting fairly good action scarce; replacement market steady: cows very duil; bulls weak and vealers 25c or more lower on big packer account; mostly 58 down. - SHEEP 9,000; market not well established up to mid-morning; indications fully steady- on desirable lambs scaling downward from around 95 Ibs.; much of supply held higher but major packers not particularly active; early shipper bids choice medium weight lambs §10.25 refused; very desirable fresh shorn fed westerns sold S8.25@S.35; prac- ~tica.lly no sheep or yearlings offered. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO, V.-P!--U. S. department of culture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- Lights-35 3M 9.85 42 164 29 322 9.90 26 172 46 2S4 10.20 61 189 65 252 , 10.50 22 193 Mediums-- Light Lights-67 23g 10.50 16 143 JH 222- 10.65 15 152 61 210 10.75 12 158 5 200 10.80 CATTLE. Heifers-Steers-- 10 30 1239 1424 1184 866 1012 760 ST3 820 10.65 81 10.50 28 9.75 31 6.60 21 S.25 27 7.90 7.45 7.00 Cows- 4, 2 3 842 780 741 1172 1210 940 1020 828 SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. (Taesday Market) SIOUX CITY, (.Tl--U. S. flepartment of agriculture-- · CATTIJB 3,500; beef steers and yearlings · moderately active, strong to shade higher; · light yearlings in broad demand; better fed ' heifers strong; other she stock weak; stockers · and feeders about steady; car choice 1050 Ib. yearlings 59.75; good 1370 Ib. bullocks S9; . liberal snare 57®8.25; load choice 840 Ib. , heifers $8.25; short feds 57 down; bulk beef cows 54.25@5.25; cutter grades S3.23@4; small lots common and medium stockers £7 down. HOGS 6,500: strong to mostly lOc higher to aJI interests; top 530.25: early bulk 180 to 250 Ib. weights S9.50®10; sows mostly , 59; feeder pigs 59®9.50. . SHEEP, 2,500; 650 held over from Mon, day; no early action; undertone about steady; best few western lambs held around · 510.15; asking 56 or above for best ewes; ' other classes scarce. Lambs- 230 465 550 472 260 85 81 90 95 2 SHEEP. Clipped Lambs-10.40 110 10.35 250 10.25 Ewe; 10.00. 2 9.85 4 9.73 6 3 10.65 10.70 10.75 10.80 10.50 10.65 10.75 S.50 8.00 7.8i 7.25 6.50 130 110 92 90 8.35 8.00 5.50 5.50 5.00 3:50 Hides Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc, 308 Fifth Street Southwest IIORSEHIDSS Horsenides -.33.00 'GREEN BEEF HIDES Up to 25 Ibs __« 25 to 45 16s -- 5= More than eo Ibs. .,._. Ac Bull hides -. 3c ·Cured Wdes half cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to whole* sale dealers In wholesale lots.) SOUTH ST. PACt LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL. tiD--U. S. department of agriculture-PATTT.T: 2,500; moderately active, s'aush- ter steers opening fully steady: several sales S6.75@8: some held higher; she stock fully T steady; medium to good fed heifers S6@7.25; medium to good cows 55.25^6: common lightweights down to S2-50; low cutter and cutter grades 53.50@4.25 largely; sausage bulls fully steady; heavyweights around $5.50; beef bulls 55.75 or more; common light kinds down to S5 or less; calves 2,200: ^vealers mosUy 50e lower for two days: bulk --56.50^7; selects held around £7.50: common !~to medium S5@6. - HOGS 5,800; fairly active, about steady - with Monday's late trade; better 160 to 220 .-Ibs, J10®10.30; top $10.30: 220 to 250 Ibs. ·59.75(510.10; 250 to 320 Ibs. .59.40S9.S5; - heavieer weights down to 59-25 and below; -340 to 160 Ibs. unevenly $9.75@10.30; sows -S8.85®9; pigs scarce; average cost Monday -S9.80; weight 241 Ibs. - SHEEP 3,000; fresh supply smsll; few loads fed ewes held from Monday on sale; early undertone mostly steady all classes; built fat lambs Monday S10: two loads $10.10; good to choice ewes S5Ji:5.75. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Tuesday Market) KANSAS CITY, I/TJ--U. S. department 01 agriculture-HOGS 2.000; no directs; uneven, steady WOOt MAKKET. (Tuesday Market) EXDSTON, jpi--U. S. department of agriculture-- Manufacturers showed a wiilingncss to look at the few new wools that have arrived in this market, but that was the, extent of their interest. Asking prices oa the new wools were mostly near the low side of ranges of selling prices op similar old wools in the past few weeks. When old wools were needed and were available prices fully up to recent nominal quotations were paid. One such sale recently comprised a. fair weight of fine Ohio Delaine and strictly combing 64s and finer Ohio fleece wools at around 36 cents in the grease. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. (31--Cash wheat. No. 3 tough J1.01; sample grade northern 79c. Corn, No. 5 mixed 55@56%c: No. 4 yello 57Sj)5S%c; No. 5 yellow 54f ( '56»jc; No. white 59®60c; No. 5 white 54%S'58c; sam Pl9 grade 445J 53 r ;ic. Oats, No. 2 white 30!i©30%c: No. 3 whi 26@29c: No. 4 white 24%®25c; sample grai Rye, No. 2, 62c. Soybeans, No. 2 yellow SOc; No. 3 yello 78%c: No. 4 yellow 75%c; sample yellow 73 Barley, actual sales 5C@86c; feed 30(241 malting 44L/.S6c. Timothy seed 52.80 cwt. Clover seed S12.oofi!20.70 cwt. Lard tierces 510.60; loose S9.97; belli S14.77. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Tuesdaj No. 3 yellow corn 47 No .4 yellow corn 44 Ear corn 40 White oats, No. 3 21' Feeding barley 25-35: No. 2 yellow soybeans 60c TUESDAV WHEAT-Mat 'uly Sept. ,...., CORN-lay uly opt IATS-- lay uly ivii--' 'ay uly AELEY-- ay ARD_ ar. .y uly pt ELLIES-ar. ay H i f h 90 GO-; 60-"-, 60=, 26", 27 " CLOSE. CHICAGO, Low .9S- 1 ;; ClOSi .as-. .S9'.» .10.65 .10.65 .10.42 .26-, .26-, .267i 10.07 10.57 10.32 .10 10.55 10.65 10.65 10.42 14.80 14.52 OMAHA GRAI.V. (Tuesday Market) OMAHA. f.Tj--Wheat, No. :2 hard 9757.9SC' o. 3 hard 95'i«7964c: No. 4 hard 93@94c: 5 hard 91$ji92c; sample northern spring c. Corn, No. 3 white 6ic: No. 5 white 55c; mple white SOc: No. 4 yellow 55®59c; No. yeUow Sl'aSSVjC: sample yellow 48^ @ : ^c; sample mixed 50',4c. Oats, No. 3 white 26c; No. ·! white 'Ac. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke ana Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. Hid and asked Tuesday: ent St El 6 pet pfd (?25 par) 11 ent St El 7 pet p£d ($25 par) 13 ent St P L 7 pet pfd 15 Champlin Ref la 7 pet prd .. 75 reamery Package com 2fi Tearst Cons A 23'i eo A Hormel A pfd 98 eo A Hormel B pfd 96 'co A'Hormel com 18 nterstate Power 6 pet pfd .. 2S nterstate Power 7 pet pfd .... 29 owa Electric Co 6% pet pfd 53 owa Electric Co 7 pet pfd .. 54 a Elec Lt Pow 6 pet pfd .. 72 a Elec Lt Pow ey. pet pfd 74 a Elec Lt Poiv 7 pet pfd . 75 a Power Light 6 pet pfd 99',i a Power Light 7 pet pfd 102% ~ Public Serv 6 pet pfd .... 89 Public Serv 6% pet pfd .. 90 a Public Serv 7 pet pfd 95 a South Util 6 pet pfd 63yi a South util 6% pet pfd .... 64 a South Util 7 pet pfd ........ 69 Tinnesota P L 6 pet pfd .. 82 ilinnesota P L 7 pet pfd ., 92 Northern St Power "6 pet pfti 7S "orthern St Power 7 pet pfd 83 ' W Bsll Tel 6% pet pfd .. 116% ' W St Portland Cement 23 ! .ath Packing 6 pet pfd 98 iath Packing 7 pet pfd 100 ioux City G Elec 7 pet pfd S9V- United Lt Rys 6 pet pfd .. 71 United Lt Rys 6.36 pet pfd 71% Jnited Lt Rys 7 pet pfd ... 77% Western Grocer pfd ,,.,, 82 Vcstern Grocer com 7 r i 13 15 IS I 27 235 100 98 2« 28 31 76 T7 101 104% 91 92 97 65 V, 94 80 S3 119 25 100 102 91K 73 731 SO 86 -MINXEAPOUS FLODB. (Tuesday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, --Flour lOc lower; carload lots family patents $6.95@7.15 a barrel in 98 Ib. cotton sacks. Shipments 22.971. Pure bran J15.75S16- Standard middlings S15,7i»?i 16. I.VVESTME.VT TRUSTS By Tlie Associated 1'res*. Bid and asked Tuesday: Corp Tr Sh Corp Tr Sh AA Mod ... Corp Tr Sh Accum Ser Corp Tr Accum Ser Mod , Dividend Sh Maryland Fund , Nationwide sec ..., Nationwide Sec Vtc Nor -Amer Tr Sh ... Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 ... Quarterly Inc Sh . . . . , , selected Am Sh Inc Super Corp Am Tr A ... U S El L I' A U S El L t P B U S El i ft P Vtc ,,..«, 3.22 1.65 1S.S6 4.30 1.74 2. .). r , 3.32 1.54 1.50 3.6S 1S.37:, 2.S6 1.08 1,7" 20.35 4.40 l.SS i.r.y 1.71 2.96 LU ^edar Rapids Fireman Takes His Own Life CEDAR RAPIDS, (/P) E. I, Thompson, 50, member of the city fire department since 1912, committed suicide Monday evening at his home by hanging himself. Coroner B. L. Knight said Thompson had been despondent over financial matters and ill health. Tax Collections on Iowa Incomes Gain DES MOINES, UP)--Charles D. Huston, collector of internal revenue, estimated federal income tax collections in Iowa this year will exceed those of last year to 30 per cent, and about 20 per cent more persons will file returns. 2 Get Minor Burns in Streetcar Blaze WATERLOO, M--Two of the 30 passengers riding on a streetcar which caught fire here because of a short circuit in the operator's control box suffered minor burns in the ensuing scramble to escape the car. Stock List NISW I'OKK STOCKS. NEW YORK. (A\ Air Reduction 182'/2 Al Cbran Dye 190 Amn can 123 Amn Sm Eef 86 S ,/Vmn Susar 54% A T T 1 6 9 Amn Tob B Amn Wat wto Anaconda, Atchlson Auburn Aviat Corp B O Barnsdall Bend Avlat B'eth Steel Bordens Borg Warn Can, Dry Can Pac Case C N W C G W C M S P P C R I P Chrysler Col G Si E Com Solv ComwJth Sou Con Gas Cons Oil Confl Can Contl Oil Del Corn Prod Curt Wright Deere pfd Du Pont Gen EJec Gen Foods Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear 111 Cent Int Har Int Nick Can 1 T i T Johns Man Kennecott Krcsge 91(4 23 35% 755i 50 H 24 % 57)1 2816 81 14 14 13% 133 !i 1% 96;i 18 Ti 21 'A 14% S2?l 34 S 73 »1 S% 29 145 16-1 114 39 22% Lib 0 F LOCW3 McKess Roll Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Murray Corp Nash Null Els Nail Cash Keg Natl Oalry Natl Dist Natl Pow 4 Lt N Y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm J C Penney' Penn B B Phillips; Pet B C A Ren Steel Bey Tob B Sears Boe Shell union Soc Vac So Pac Stan Brands S 0 Cal S O Ind S ON J Stew Warn Stone Web Studebaker Swift Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Holl Bear Un Carb Un Pac Unit Air Unit Corp Unit Drug U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S Steel Warner PIx 61 ·19 11! 1951 40 20% m 34% 27 24V 32 lit 361 39* 72V 34 43? 13 24 "J 52 % 62} 18'. 33 f 16' 44 37 i 60? 21 16 13V 23! 69 ·'s 84 133 28'J ~'-i 14; 9SV 26 66! 12 West El Mfg 115 Wooln-ortc 49 Wrigley 76 CHICAGO STOCKS. (Tuesday Plnul Quotations) Cities Service 5Vi Northwest BUnc Heilmann Br Co 12% Katz Drug 32T4 7 10 Su-iten Llbby McNeil Natl Leather Natl standard 40 Quaker Oats Swift Co Swift Intl Utility i Ind Zenith 133V 23 32 « Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAfllSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Bidg. .Telephone No. 7 DOW JONES AVERAGES lulls. Bulb Uflls. 'lose 156.34 17.92 32.54 'otal Sales 2,440.000 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 10 Marshall Fields 16"s ord Corp 6^4 Walgreen Co 32% .lamazoo Stov 68% XKW VOItK CUJtB m Gas Elec 39 H Hud B M S 26 H m Cyanamid B 35vi Humble Oil Co m Su Pow Co 2 ft rk Natl Gas A 6i soc G El A an Ind Alk 42 Lockheed Niag Hud Pow Niles-Bem-Pond Pennroad Corp 4% S 0 Ky Co 19}i Un Gas Co 8?i Un Li £ Pow Co 6% Util P Li Co 2% 10 Isler Elec 3% 1 Bd Share 22« ··ord Mo of Can 25% ord Mo ot Eng 834 NEW TOEK STOCKS laska Juueau 14% Hupp Motors legheny 3 J /i Un For Pow 8 7 /s m Cry Sug Co 22 »i m C Fy Co 36 =i m Pow t Li 12 30 33 -li 21% 91'A 6'A Intl Carriers Jewel Tea Co Kelvlnator Co Lambert Co 8% 70 2311 -23S Roll'g Mills m Metal Co m Ra S Co Tob Co rmour Co .1 Ret el Hemingway aldwin Loco riggs Mfg Co endlx udd Mfg Co urr Add yers A M Co alit Packing aterpillar Trac 68% erro de Pasco 51 hes Ohio 56% M S P p pld 4 % oca Cola Co 91 om Credit 50% om Solvents 21"-; ont Motor 3Vi r of Wheat urt-Wri Co A 1st Corp Seag ouglas Airc astman aton Mfg Co :lec Auto Lite Ilec Pow Li Me P. R Co Pire'ne TI p.u SOS Foster-Wheeler 33 n i 'reeport Tex 32% jen Am Trans 31idden Co iobel Gold Dust ;t North'o Ore Graham Paige Gt Nor pfd Houston Oil Hudson Motor Liquid Carb Cp 39 15 Vi oii 17 28 \i 23% 34 36 ·19 28% 71V- 162 34 '.i 40-!, 15% 56 M 46?7 19 S 3T« 37- Lorillard Mack Truck 33 Vi Mathieson Alk 33 l McK Rob Ptd 43?i McLellan stores 13% Mex Seab'd Oil 41 Vi Minn, Molinc 1m II M K T Sli Mo Pac 3V1 Motor products 36 No Amer No Amor. A vt Otis Steel Co Owen III Glass 157 Packard Motor IIS Park Utah Cop 4% Penick Ford 65"'s Plymouth ' Proc Gam Pub Ser of N J Pullman Pure Oil Co Purity Bakery H K 0 Eem Rand Reo Motors Simmons Co So Calif Edison Sperry Corp St G E Telautograph Tide Wa As Oil U S Ind Alch U S Smelter utll P LI A. Vanaaium Un Gas Imp Warren Bros Western Myld Western Union Worth'n Pump 27% 9»; 19% 46V1 42% 44'A 24 15 8'A 217s 7 27% 25}i 21Vi SS 8 1 ,* 1S',1 517-s 87V4 6% 24 16?, 7% 11% Yellow Truck 17% Youngs S T SSVfe 32 17% Lam son Brothers Market Letter MARKET REVIEW Tieat--Wheat prices were a little easier Tuesday morning as there -was nui much trength In the foreign matters. Prices how- ver did not go far in either direction and eld close to Monday night's closing quota- ions. There was no moisture of consequence n the southwest and the forecast is for air and warmer for Kansas with a little loudiness in Missouri and Nebraska. Crotn- called attention to reports of chinch ugs and hession fly In Indiana. Illinois," rkansas and Oklahoma where in spite of he very severe winter the hession fly has uffered but little mortality. The Winnipeg narket held rather steady. A little export tidiness was reported over night, about half niilion bushels. Continued dry weather in he southwest imparts a certain undertone firmness to the wheat market but the rice trend of Liverpool appears to be the omtnatlng factor. Oirn--Although the oats market was sub- ected to moderate selling pressure Tues- largely from local traders who are ather bearishly inclined because of the ood sizetf long open interest In the May uture. corn prices held well, some com- ilssion house support being imparted to iay corn around the 60% cents level. Miscellaneous POTATO MAKKKT. (Tuesday Market) CHICAGO. U-t--U. S. department of agri- ulture-- Potatoes 96; on track 23$; total U. S. hipments 991; seed stock about steady, Oe- atid slow; table stock best Russets slightly ronger, demand moderate, other stock firm demand light; supplies moderate; sacked er cwt. Idaho Russets U. S. No. 1, $1.80® 95; U. S. No. 2, Sl-55@1.65; Wisconsin ound Whites U. S, No. 1, Sl-15®1.25; ichigan Rus£et Rumls U. S, No. 1, .51,25; orth Dakota Cobblers U. S. No. 1, S1.45H fit): Early Ohio* U. S. No. 1. Sl.. r »0; bliss Thimphu U. S. No. 1. $1.40; Minnesota Bliss rmnjphs U, S, No. i and partly cnnk-d .30: Colorado McChncs U. S. No, 1. $l.""i HO; Russet BurbankR U. S, No. 1. Si.70; ebraska Bliss u. S. No. i and partly graded INDUSTRIALS IN LEAD IN STOCKS Upward Swing Carries Man) Issues 1 to 3 or More Points Higher. NEW YORK. «P) -- Industria stocks led the market on an up ward swing Tuesday that carriec many issues 1 to 3 or more point higher. A better outlook abroad, com bined with encouraging domesti news, served to attract buyers to the equities division. The only fly in the bullish ointment, from a commission standpoint, was tha the rally was exceptionally quiet. Despite a bit of profit taking here and there, outstanding gainer: near the start of the final hour in eluded U. S. Steel, National Steel Case, American Smelting, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Chrysler Auburn, General Motors, Columbiai Carbon, Consolidated Gas, and North American. Foreign currencies were a trifle easier in terms of the dollar. Bonds improved. Wall street believed its earlie forecasts that war in Europe wouli be avoided, at least for the moment were being confirmed. It was real ized, however, that there is stil plenty of explosive material in the Ehineland. Curb Market NEW YORK. (.«--Utilities and scattera. specialties pushed forward for gains of frac tlons to 2 points or so in the curb marke Tuesday. Gainers in the power group were Electri Bond and Share, commonwealth Edison duke Power, Niagara Hudson, and Unitec Light and Power "A." Up fractions to around 2 points also were Atlantic and Pacific, American Cyanamlc 'B." Cord. Mead Johnson. Montgomer Ward "A," Reliable Stores, Shcrwln Williams and New Jersey Zinc. Aluminum company of America was up around 5 around mid-morning. Bond Market NEW YORK, (.-I 1 )--Railroad Hens jumped ractions to more than a point in the bond tarket Tuesday. U. S. governments and jreigns were steady. .Demand for the rails, which was aimed rlnclpally at issues In the medium and iw priced areas, was stimulated to some xtent by higher prices for carrier equities i the stock market. Baltimore Ohio 4%s, St. Paul 5s, Erie 5, Illinois Central 4?ls, St. Louis San Franisco 4%s and Southern. Railway 4s were imong ioans up fractions to a point or so. U. S. governments were bid up. for advances of 1-32 to arouna 5-32 s shortly be- ors noon. In the corporate sector American For- gn Power got up more than a point at ne time. A small upturn in French 7s was matched ' a slight recession in German 5%s. Produce MASON CECY--For Tuesday Cash Quotations by El 6. Morse Iggs, current receipts lie prings, heavy breeds I6c eghorn springs I3c tags, heavy breeds ,...14c leavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16o jnder 4 Ibs- ...isc Cocks lOc "urkeys, No. 1 20c Geese lOc ks 12c Merchants Quotations !ggs, in trade 16-17c ;s, cash 14-16C Sutter, Iowa State Brand ,...3Sc Sutter, Com Country 37c Butter. Kenyon's 37c Sutler, Very Best 38c Sutter, Brookfield 37c Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained y calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE (Tuesday Markcl) CHICAGO, U')--Poultry--Live, 18 trucks, inn; hens 5 Ibs. and less 24c, more than Ibs. 22c; Leghorn hens 21c; Plymouth aad hito Eock springs 26o, colored 2ic; Hy- moutn and White Rock fryers 26c. colored 4c; Plymouth and White Rock broilers 25c, olored 24c; roosters 16}$c; turkeys 18© 3c; heavy white ducks 24c, small 21c, eavy colored 23c. small 20c; geese 13c; ipons 7 Ibs. up 26c, less than 7 Ibs. 25c. Dressed turkeys steady; prices unchanged, Butter 11,696. firm; creamery specials 93 score) 32Vi@32 : !ic; extras (92) 31=ic; xtn firsts (90-91) 31«@3H4c; firsts (889) 30'A@31c; standards (90 centralized arlots) 31?ic. Eggs 21,976, steady; prices unchanged. XE4V YORK PRODUCE. (Tuesday Market) NEW YORK, U')--Eggs 36,854, irregular; mixed colors, firsts 19'.i@19%.c: seconds average checks I7^c; refrigerators irsts 20^c; other mixed colors unchanged. Butter 16,132, about steady; prices unchanged; extra (92 score) 32^4c. Cheese 390,813, firm and unchanged. Live poultry steady to firm. By freight: owls 23®25c; other prices unchanged. PRODUCE FtTL'RES. (Tuesday Market) C H I C A G O . (iT--Butter futures closed: torape standards March 31^c. Egg futures: Refrigerator standards. Oc- ober 21;jc. Potato futures: Idaho russets SI.85. 50th Anniversary Observed. GOL.DFIBLD--Mr. and Mrs. Anrew McCutcheon, pioneer Wright ounty residents, observed their olden wedding anniversary at their arm home three miles north of jroldfield on Sunday. A family diner was given at their home with heir seven children present. Had Leading Role. ARMSTRONG--Mr. and Mrs. P. -I. Atwod, Mr. and Mrs. Harold At- ·ood and Mrs.- Harry Kirk attended ie opera, "Martha," presented by le music department of Iowa State eachers college at Cedar Falls. Norma Atwood had a leading olc. They returned home Sunday CHAPTER 43 Why did Mr. Marsh make tha suggestion, Thora wondered with sigh of relief when Selwyn suggest ed that Ted, and not she, tike som coffee to Alec Babbas. She watche him toss his letters aside and picl up his pipe. "Miss Dahl ... "Yes, sir?" "Why . . ." He was holding a lighted match over the pipe bowl sucking the flame deliberately into the tobacco. "Do you know what a shiner is?" "Shiner?" she echoed vaguely "No, sir. I don't think I do." "Babbas 'has one. It's caused b; me hard object coming into con act with one's eye . . . causes dis coloration, slight swelling. In somi ircles, it is spoken of as a 'black eye.'" "Oh." "I'm no particular connoisseur .. of shiners . . ." Marsh was puffing deliberately . . . "but I'd be almos willing to wager . . . that the doo: iat hit Babbas had . . . knuckles.' He favored Thora with a sharp lance from under his drawn brows She looked back at him, complete y at a loss for words. "Your door, wasn't it?" Marsh took his pipe from his lips. Hi: mouth widened in a knowing grin. "Yes, sir," Thora replied unflinch ingly. 'I figured toat out," Marsh chuckled. "And he thought he was jetting by with it! Well . . . ie Urn. I wouldn't say anything abou t. He won't . I'll bet you a month's salary on that.' "Im ever so sorry," Thora murmured. There was something very Ike a twinkle in her own eyes. Mr Harsh understood! He was not gong to find fault with her. "Well, I am too ... that I didn't see it. I guess fellows like thai ick up some queer ideas of soda usages. It won't hurt him to find out that American girls are different. Feel better, now?" "Oh, yes . . . very much!" "Sit down a minute, if you're not busy. I don't get a chance to ight with you any more. Things going along to suit you, for the most part?" "ies, sir. Of course." "That's good." He was staring it her contemplatively, and Thora ound herself losing her recovered omposure. She had nothing to fear now from hat unhappy experience in her oom the evening before, but Mr. rlarsh evidently had something else n his mind. Could .it be Sherman ·ordon? Had he come back to Fair i.cres to report the progress to his uit? She could not discuss that rith Mr. Marsh. He might have an dea . . . after what Mr. Gordon ad said . . . that he should aid the ounger man's cause in some way. she could not endure that. For ome reason, it still rankled . . . he thought of the two men sitting ere together, discussing her fu- ure, her happiness. Thora glanced about her a trifle esperately in an attempt to find omething to say, to guide the con- ersation into more impersonal lannels. The library table furnished the needed inspiration. It was the first time she ever ad seen it in perfect order. There was an unwritten law at air Acres that the big table nev- was to be touched when the alance of the room had its daily usting. Its top was always a liter of books and papers, more or ess sprinkled over with pipe ash. But, today, all the accumulated isorder had disappeared. Only a ew books remained, piled neatly. Vnd the small typewriter, locked vithin its case. It looked very trange and unnatural. For some eason, Selwyn Marsh did, too. "How is the book coming along, dr. Marsh?" Thora asked, "Washed up." "Then you mean it is finished?" "Yes. Chucked it in the inciner- tor." ·'Oh! But why? And after all the ·ork you did on it . . ." "It was no good," the author ex- lained gloomily, his eyes fixed on the immaculate table top. "I got way to a fair start, and then . . . lings seemed to happen." "That is too bad." "I guess it's no loss to posterity, ve been slipping . . . haven't been ble to get my mind on things, some- ow. The place has been so damna- ly upset. Everything has changed. have the feeling . . . that it never ill be the same." Something in Marsh's tone caused hora to look at him closely. It ·as not only the disconsolate note n his voice . . . it was somehow re- ected in his appearance. He looked affled; his old air of arrogance eemed to have vanished. If any- ne ever had told Thora Dahl that ie would feel sorry for Selwyn larsh, she would have dismissed the lea as ridiculous. But she did . . . Perhaps he was worrying uncon- ciously over Wilma. How could he elp feeling uncertain about her fu- ure, even though he would ,try to onceal it? After all, he was her ather and . . . Oh ... It came to Thora like a flash, /hat Gordon had said about Mrs. ;eele's secret. If that were true, 'i. Marsh had good reason to feel tat life never would be quite the ame at Fair Acres, once its new istress was installed. Being a oman. Thora could vision what ould happen. Perhaps Mr. Marsh as experiencing a premonition. He ave a little sigh, as he looked up say: "I wanted to speak about some- ing, Miss Dahl. Mrs. Steele called e on the phone last night . . ." Thora's lips tightened. For come ason. she expected that. That Oman had hovered over her like a oud from the day she had en- red the Marsh home. It seamed as ough she always would. "Yes?' 1 was her polite response. ''She was all in a dither," Selwya explained. "You know, she's giving a small dinner tomorrow night for wilma and Alec. It seems they can't be properly engaged, otherwise. Well, her maid was unkind enough to sprain an ankle, or something. Dorothy is very much upset and asked me if I thought that you . .." "Yes?" "Why, she asked me if I thought you'd be kind enough to give her a helping hand under the circumstances . . . you know." "I will be very glad to help her, if she needs me," Thora answered quietly. "I told her that I didn't know . ; . that she'd have to ask you." Selwyn wheeled around in his chair. The old belligerence flared in his sharp eyes; the old harshness was in his voice. "Now, get this, Miss Dahl. I'm not going to have you waiting on anybody's table. That isn't your job. I told Dorothy if you were will- ing to supervise things for her, just to relieve her, it was all right with me." "That is quite all right . . . with me, too." "Well . . . just aa long as you understand that you don't have to do it. You're doing her a favor. And if you change your mind, it makes no difference. I want you to suit yourself." "Shall I get in touch with Mrs. Steele?" "No. Let her get in touch with you. She will." "Very well. Was there anything else?" "I guess not. When you get around to feeding his nibs upstairs, don't forget I said to have Ted take it up. Or Katie . . . if he isn't handy." Marsh chuckled. "Rather a tough break that Babbas had to spci! his lace just before the big show. One of you girls may have to lend him a powder puff. I hope tc Godfrey that he can't wear that spyglass now." Thora beat a dignifed retreat from the library before this topic might be discussed further. (TO BE CONTINUED I CLOSING OUT PUBLIC SALE As I am quitting /arming, I will sell the following at Public Sale, 2 miles south and li/ 2 miles east of Rockwell; 6 miles west and 3 miles north of Dougherty; 5 miles north and Z miles east of Sheffield, on FRIDAY, MARCH 20 COMMENCING AT 12:30 P. M. 7 Head of Horses; 5 Head of Cattle 19 Head of Feeder Pigs Complete Line of Farm Machinery. TERMS: Cash, or as arranged with the Clerk before sale. No property to be removed until settled for. J. D. CAMPBELL Om Bayless, Auctioneer Sheffield Savings Bank, Clerk AUCTION SALE! Thursday, March 19, at 11:00 A. M. Sharp Lund Sales Stables ON NO 18--EAST SIDE of MASON CITY GOOD HEATED PAVILION 75 -- HEAD OF HORSES -- 75 Consisting of good work horses and farm mares. Grays, bays and roans for some good 3 and 3 year old colts. There will be a buyer here for killer horses Thursday. Will have buyers this week from Wisconsin and the east. We can sell any kind of a horse you bring in. Don't be afraid to bring your aged horses as we have buyers here for all classes of horses. , 125 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 125 Consisting of STOCKERS, STEERS, HEDJERS, SPRINGER AND SOME BREEDING BULLS 35 HEAD OF GOOD FAT HEIFERS 50 -- H E A D OF SHEEP -- 5 0 ~~ 35 Head of young breeding ewes to lamb in April 75 -- F E E D I N G PIGS --75 " Good consignment of Farm Machinery Almost New McCormick-Deering Cream Separator. Lunch on the grounds. These sales will be held every Thursday. Bring anything you have to sell. Get Your Horses in Early--Sale Will Start at 11:00 Sharp We invite You to Attend -- Terms, Cosh STABLE 3758 -- PHONES -- RESIDENCE 3836 Ora Bayless, 4127 ~ AUCTIONEERS -- Jack Dorsey, Plymouth LIVESTOCK SALE SALES PAVILION -- HIGHWAYS 18 AND 69 BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 12:00 P. M. Thursday, March 19 35 -- HEAD OF HORSES -- 35 20 head of these horses are consigned by C. E. Proctor of Garner and the balance will consist of good ivork horses and colts. Bring in your killer horses, there will be a buyer here for them. 200 -- HEAD OF CATTLE -- 200 ~ Consisting of 20 Hereford steers, wt. 600 Ibs.; 20 Shorthorn steers, wt. 600 Ibs.; 40 head of Shorthorn and Whitcfaced steer and heifer calves; a few good young white-faced springer cows; some breeding bulls. The balance will consist of butcher stock, stocker and feeder cattle of all ages, breeds and weights, and 1 car of fat cattle. BRED SOWS AND FEEDING PIGS 25 head of bred son's, some feeder pigs. We can sell all of the bred sows and feeding pigs that you can bring in, at prices that are sure to please you. SHEEP AND LAMBS Can always sell some good bred ewes and feeding lambs. Last week we sold 51 head of horses, 326 head of cattle. SO bred sows and feeding pigs. The demand was very good. Could have easily sold more. 1 Ford truck, model T, priced to sell. CAFE IN CONNECTION WITH SALES PAVILION SALE EVERY THURSDAY BEN REE5ISTMA, Auctioneer KB C. BUNTF.NB.VCH, Owner Garner, Iowa, Phone 37, or Klemme, Phone 73 ·'·] m m I I '' 1

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