The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 3, 1913 · Page 6
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1913
Page 6
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Cbristrnas LINENS AND CRETONNES. They Make Durable'ancJ Attractive Favors For the Y«i!etSde Season. Cretonne or Hnen owy be uiade up Sato aany attractive gifts. Boxes covered '.virh it are not only handsome but useful Christmas tokens. Ordinary pasteboard boses may be covered v.-ith the material and lined -smh a piaiu fabric to match the color in the pattern of the cretoaixe, or the Doses ma}' be cut uj and" put together ajrain to fona any odd or pretty shapes which the maker ; i=ay devise. The miniature cabiuet illustrated Here -was i^ide in that way. The separate case were covered viru the material aad thea stirched tojjeih- are the opportunities for culinary triumphs afforded by the Christmas Uiauer For a tvees. before the · feast ir is i iiUeiv the u««sevrtf«?s kstciiea vriil es.- \ 5ui!e hints of the jna:i§£ that are to I attest her sk:l! on the memorable iay. | piecvs IB this I For tbe Christmas feasr there iuay be the material 1 a!l sons or dainties, but thai royal bird," er to form drawer*. v.-nsSe a large ^ - the turkey ."is the piece de resistance., box v.-as taken - apart, covered and ! A typical Christinas d:aner ccasisis { or" a souj--say cream ct celery--with 1 oysters. ru:!St turkey. OKIOLJS. potatoes, i cranberries, a 5ettme salad, plaai pad- j ding, waters, cheese. Qiiace pie. iee I creasn. rsin! cake, candy, nuts, raisins a ad coffee To prepare ovster cocStaiSs. make. *^~. ~._ ...---- - ~- *auce by stirriag together a tablespoon-! beauty if it is covered with linen. IE 1 fni of tocsato ketchup. one-heSi table- i then becomes a deht^ua^y arnstic horseradb-h. one-1 IIedical Advertising , thea joined to Hiake the cauii-et. \ ed?es were !iEi*hei vrith a s ' braid. Crystal bum-as in*wat. o j tiny brass bawlles. may be csfid on the drawers if mere convenient. This may be iisetl as a trinket DOS. An orKnary cardboard collar bos may be turned ioto :i thing of rea! Tuesday, - ,-· Wednesday Breathe ilyoiaei--It Meditates iiiej;-; Ate You Breathe and IK- {j^S stantiy Believes. \^f^ Why continue to suffer from ca- i XX tarrk, stopped ap bsad,^ Jeusky voice and other iroables-of The' breathing organs \vhen People's Drag- Store v.sii sell you Hj-omei v.-ith a guitrcr.iee to _,.^_ --efund the pprchase price :I it -s not. £Sf satisfactory; H^:"-/ -·'; / "-'- \l~3tt Hyoiaei is a plessar.i, Jam-Jess e-t antiseptic medication which '·-"- breathe e. fev/ times -Jailv throiigii £ j^v i p«rJ-»tr small - inhaler. IE efTecsiveiy and ^r j A"-S aroEjptly relieves s.l\ catarrhs.! dis- Ss? j__--_ charges" sniEes, foul breath. v*atery j;-,,- t eyes and the formation of crisis m | %^T { oailirday the nose, or money taek. Sunday Monday ·y f % T Tnursaay 8 : 15 ; 22 j 29 9 l 16 23 . 30 : 10; 17;24, r -3rl _0^i;4%I t j- _v.u.. 3, 4 ^ 18 ,25 5 12 ' 19 28 ~- ! 6 13 20 27 1*2*2 ' tiztr iiv^«i.j v« tiiu-ii^-jt ^i«AV2^» A comislete Hyeniei ont^., ^eonsisthig: of inhaler and a bottle of Hyoire:. -costs Si.OO. and extra bottles, if afterwards needed, are only 50 cents. ^ Always use Hvomei for bronchitis, cold in the head." husky voice, croup of infants and any inflammatory disease of the breathing organs. '·$ ®S A FEW DEFT TOUCHES THE AUTUMN DISTINGUISH SUIT Dark blue serge is spoonful or grated I calf tab'.espoonfisl or \Vori-esiersbire I ! sauce, a of taJwsco sauce, a tea · i spoouru! 01 !e!i:«j:s jissce aad salt to I taste i^er in the :ce t:ntil chiUed } through, lato cl:5:!ed s.u-a'! glasses put. 1 gve lutie oysters and pour in this 1 sauce; then put the ;;Sass ia the center i of a plate of cwcktnl ice- 1 Scald the turkey instead of dry picfe-; [ ins i*. C!e:sa and \ the fow! nicely.: ! Select a turkey of about fifteen or-sis-' ; ! teen pound-? it takes from three to, j four hours :o roar one of this size. 1 A verv rich turkey requires to be · oETset «"it«i an acid jam or jelly, and ' cranberries supply about the clteapest ! and a:ot sadsfyip.s reSfeh of !'?!« sort ! Put the follow!n;; insrotlie:'.:- ":ro a j Jarito disii and nils t!.e::i tl:oros:^!ii7 · tc=Vt!u»r for the plum puddins- O.:e | pound of t-eded raisins and the -:-.:.:e I aciount each ot currants an«! i flour: one-fourth pound of citr"".. o-.n.-fourth pound of preserved veneer. : Get t y s b u i every TJI a t P t-n ro a t Myers 5 Jewels ~3 Stoie. pmg| ixis, n bos: for a man's collars. The cart!- t~)a«l "flaps" must be taken o!T tae :;,i. and these vrl'.l DOE be requirfJ a-jin. Xovc the l-os KseSi niusc be Pomfert St.,CarIis ! ,e W®. l ' Japanese-Toweling For Christmas Gift: 1 so busy do your m "~-.~--. C~»? O^ -- *^ · ; · ^ttT* · . 3-^ ' ' Shopping now. -..~.AT...- ton. collar It vita lur anc sa»i o,^ · TM ~~--^ tw . plece ftunaaaon . ho-srever. the ' ^o tuaie sections, and ir.av be roaae ' _ - I -virv- o-- v.ithout the srnartly scapea s-^sie" button is sufficient · *'«-- =5:3 »s "i-s* s s « s-s^;: materials, as in this ia- Qls! J es _l^J;^:5 S "V.^ ^? "T^art collar anci a drop-shoulder | Xol 8002-41^ 22 to sT reteeirr this design from sever.iy and . Each pattern lo ccute.- aid in oriaging out the new lines re- | B To obrsjn '·-irher pattern, rdusirateii nil ont this coupon and"enclose 15 cents sn stainps or coin. Be s'-re to siate ""n^bsr o* pattern ana size, nifii^^nns' over the ,. fuUest part of the bust. Address Paitem -I i Department, care of this paper. ^o. -'. Size ·f-- i bro^vn sugar and one vx-inesl-i-^r""'. of embroidered Ia ribU-a -.verk and the 13- brandj-- Cook until done ' cer ades lined v.-ith saieeu. VThen yor. If rou care to maLe your ov.-n suisce- t a ve covered and I.ned each piece ot meat here is a jood rec!;^: ! cardbonrd they nro^r each one be neai- Xwo pounds of cooked ie-a fieer !? srizched together to form liie bc^x L two po;:iK!.s or beef ss:et el!o; , TJe box can be e-ished oiT round "-i^ ed^es with a uarrov,- s ; !k cord. 1 Many men apjireciate the sift of r ill · Ktt!e pocket pIiicutLijn. and deiightf"; · V- 'one* may be made of heart shaped I nieces of caruboanLs ;:e- about 2-i b;- .3 f inches; TBe-p:sc4-- : !''-3': sho : u!d be ci'f- - ered -crlth si^ria. a: "i which, little pan- S attractive Christmas things ir:ay be n;^de from Japanese tov.-eH:ijr r a aovei material, which costs alwat 75 cents to $1J25 for a piece of tc-^ yards. Tb".s EJSTOV.-. coarse, v.-bitecot ton crapj- scods is printed nr intervals h tbe nvo toned designs, sli S^lrBv s^-i sW?r ^·f'i -TV -tf, ~r^ljSCssr r'-?Ki=v~fe: e / !\A - ereu -.vitu »i''«ij. ". · « ...-«.-----.-w^-- A" -~^. snjffaj-bij^'S/ l I s!es aasi a n:otro are vrcrkei;. ..; 4.i ^-4^1^-S f C-i " ; t /l^ir 5 ^,^-!^ ; FOR Mi LADY'S PURSE. The fla p . Special Prices on practically || rith tbe two toned designs, sliowlns 8^- | . . ·{ - j "\/" ft-5 ?*^3S? ' f ^ew s ^atS j SS 1 every thing in the store until Amas. sg _i. ---jj--^^,-it, .- - ^-»- ^ . ^ -/ ^I ^0 eaves, tlyins birOs, shassy chrysaa |^: jc^ We wish to call particular atten- ?"i ^ . T - I - 11 "».»l :^. I^CD to our bi^ reduction on all ·» b lea iaias and HANDKERCHIEF GffSES. [GIFTS FOR WEE SMALL MAIDS, j J J'Zf j B ^ 3 ^? ! ~ · 1 ! ilisfeSiv,,- Canrry' ""^f Y-J ' " '--GO^e** 5 ^/ { I 5 ^ s;?;; =-^ ' 11 Jf " ·Hanaerchfefs -are 1 standittrd* giCts "for : ^^st Cbristutas. Quire the^aieest-way _to | and new in L-JIS : "presene'them is in a fancy bosr'Sr-'case- |.T?ss!iab:e i~sterial \AT 'foldinir ca'se of woven ribbon Jn j Xhea for iliss Dolly there is a crad:e and pale sreen is ! WHsrra"ted |-^' f e «a m e!ed wicker, mounted oa wotxi- i-s. · unless her ladyship- is in ! class: in which event a j -.- , - - - - - = - i^al bedstead of tnahosany.' ac- f t ;-wreath of 'rose* n^.fe..^Q^%^ | c : or:p , ale . d wilh bureau to match, ^irh ^^iSS^SL 8 SaS'Srfct SS | S=ass knobs, would be more correct, or hfel "if securely together when the j if something in plainer ta^te is, Gesi.e^ "hVaaVerchiefe are placed inside- Rib- j a m^s'.cn set Is available, bon strips nja.v be attached to the in- ; Naturally with a dolly and a ner face of the h.indkcrobief c:ife or satin "poctets as handkerchief holders A handkerchief ca--e that will ne thss ~!H 5»«t w'-ie up ninth room, yet perhaps contain not only n.indker- cbseVs.. but many O£Q: and ends of lace- ties, etc.. as we'.!. tk.U otherw!--e niicrh: tamule about and ecrere tpeanelves ar the bottom of a irntk. as t'-iey iavaria- 'AAs Artrsctive 2 no iscrr.e Holiday Remembrances. The bpa^od b,-.J shown here is it i ;a-ay ai:d silver :»ot:n;ed en a sHvei ! frtiiie. Be-J-t- effects are very popu j !ar. and bass of ttis sor~ maUe accepoi : ble tokens for ^oza-.-n of all ages. L»it;G I·-·«=- with white back£ro:'aO \v!:: goitl aaci silver be-isl- re-.- of green and red ui tic::-, of the gold and sf.-.ei · S:::::!'. .si 1 .-, s-r ine~h purses, tvith r'cadnpei] ed c'.abr--. :..j^-;.t_~J wlta a _ ·j poi-rua o:"currants, one j wo.-n on a !:=::: -.-e shown with sllre: r-"j o£ citro:- p»ei choppt-a. half a! tctsels at the i -ee points of the tn- ,. .T-Hj of oran=e peel chopped, oaei an-niar sh spc-2 '-wer efee. · nioi:i^e^rora capf»-«f eo^ee. -r,ir-cup--i_ I rui or noHfd cider, three cuptwls of j | : !rfin(!y. fj:u- .npfu: of Cherry wine., | . t(^U'-:'jonfi:l.-STcnad Cinnamon, one i j .;KionV;i; ullspi-e aati one teaspoon | { E^BKOEDEHT BAG. Mix nil tbe ingredients toseflier ex- ' ce"i«t ;*ie s'-erry ::nd brandy and cook', i siotv.'v tor two hcnrs Add tba liquors. ; In p'^ce of the brandy and sherry the j i ^nnie q:i.-ut:tv of c:aer 'tnay be used. | ''· T'pf nvcc°nie:it vfcoiiltl be allowed to ; I ssiud a niontb before it is used. I j \VS.en re-.£(lT to inr.Ue the pies line, '- -'-" pio- nas vTlrli pastry, nil them with ; ·5 are tn 3jO J: ^l,f-;.d ; e a « D then-.. spick and s?rnI the is.':iria«erst ::nJ cover with beaten the | For 7l:c ·-!'.;'-! vrho loves the ssr.u p: e j ; there is a rao*t inert -sting set of -svooj- j ^ ' 2 saiii bly do. Just at the partlju'ar m liked by ti.e :»ro;'ect.\e^r. J The cot.t of tl-e hs«21verch:ttf cnsa :s ansl ~bf-:2 S:...vij it wj; be :e and ::".~«ys .00% c '-r-n, a^ it ' tan be wa»bfc! as oftc-r. ^N :t l-econi'-s . soiled--a £es:r?:_e rc::it accessories. A very ben-Jtif-,:- h-.-. : was covered wlth"Tfr.f-n the bos was ndort.eC ~ ^t": .. !/:rO or. j a branch of :: tvf-i- T". e fv :,-_-e vn^ embroidered in »r;tin =: -c!\ 5 ,:t t'.:e bird ws-s v^rfeed -rtry c^er.l.r i-. '.or.^ and, short stitcl* Tbls sntoh is p::r "ticolnrly effective where n-i.i fo- t' e Tjlunsa^e of a bird "The erabroicery was furher cr. hanced by a darne-J backcrro-si.u. It teaily gives a tao^t es}".s.;« fe:T---ct The entire surface of the ii'ivs. \* cam cd -vrith small stJtcbes in the Cortes; gtiade of blue - o* cherr:^^ mikes i pl^n^in^ for 'he top of o:;e of tho^e ·ys. neatly packed into a JJOTMA"_ unci ^tj.0 v *^». i And s-ir-Iy If there are to be a doll. aon^e ar.d f;:rr.J«hsnss there shouM be at j^ : =t one If not more domestic; nets. T-.' select from. Santa CSaus has · fn2r.y :.:t:e ea^hsbcr-us of bro~a plusli jnst plain dozs of soft, curly, S wb'.te pltisb. very roal looksng Irish ^ terriers of p' or it rsny be the little, _ iaa:tl wonl3 prefer a ccte little p.nk er plus'.s r-:5- - v,I:^o:r.e 'itt'e white woo!- ^ Iv Ir.mb a ror-^ter of :i.-.ny colored felt" o"r a g'tose of i-loO c:."th -Msons" the tjnsn-in? sifts tliat wir, please tlia' small r.nia rt * ei3"t or ten is a WOT=Iba^ tliat -«-ilJ be Lcr very own. Such ' a Te~ts. f -: "** r,-:trate«l :n a canvas; oas deco--tfi with cross stitch. ' ^Vo'xlen erf'sr-ji'lfTv l5oo^5 covfrI with ribbon arc passc'l tfcrouph a cas- :r.c ar.d fonn tl-e handles by -whi"li tl.c, br.c l,ir c.irrj«-l. T'.iis ^ ^» ^".'ir- An ,-,-uno:: % .i-3' rmit cnke: I C:va=» together a capful of sugar and ' r.n:t PS i.'Ht-b butter. Ada two beaten . s^c^, a cr.pfui of molasses ai-d one- · :.r.7f .-"-ru.'nf strong. co5d coffee ta ( 7 ... ^ ;i ^j. jjnv^- dissolved a scan: tea- ;7-..-):ifu; of hakit:^ soda. i !*jis n-p.'Jv three cnpfuls of sifted; J^.i.r o::e cupful of ni:-ed raissns. Sgs · ·'·nil fI,iT«»s. cliopred nee: one cnpfc! of , c."::r.i-j -Jr...-.! currants, one-qcarter. '-·o-.-n-: or citron, cut very fine, and the ; [ ",;:::t o* l.!r.sciieC and shredded al-1 ' -^ ::r.fJ :·- t«.as*" i ooof3l of mixed J t-r:nn.".:.'OR. cloves, aace, net- A bole or two may be easily convert- j ©@ ed into presents. A f.trseeiiss EEatron boaght the tov/eiins and inatle it un into tea. sets. tLe crosspieces foruiing the cloth proper and the dozen sira'l napkins, Sbe fagoted the two s:r:ps together with a coarse biue tluss. thon Japanese letters, one above :ne otter with a dash beneath- The icarLlnij in bl-e was cone in -a corner v. liere tile white backjrrcnnd nreJon:;rs::tc-0- One of her sets, she is sure, win be en303 eu nest sntnrner by a hostess who Uas a veranda furnished in blue and white Arotlier is to De sent to a young bride In whose simple little d'nin^ room blr.t-' and wMte china is used - ^^ XHis'jtowelinjj has a!so been u?ed for t -^f a nursery set. A spread of tec- white ~"*~ cotton crape is bordered with tl:e tow eling, and dresser cover and curfalr^? are made to match. This Japanese maieriai is to appear in a set Tor nn. m' valid"s "brea£:iss: tra? THe ox ul clorl^ shaped to fit the tray, ia bcttouhc-rea an2. it has the napkins to match- A =et of fruit nankins made of the bine an-I vrlute crape Triil be another Christ czas remeaabrauce- The toweling: laau ae-s perfectly-, and frnir stains do not sliovr. A child would enjoy bavins a ba-f cozen of the marked nankins for her "very ovm'' to ase ia her schco 1 ·each bos. T-atindry bacs and. bass for the rable sapery to in the butler's pantry made with the convenient hoop tup art- both pretty and practlcaL Another sift that will not come amiss is a pair of bercstitcbed sash curtains for the sinal 1 - bataroom window. . long Coats 0 * '^j ~ Values e» ^2.00 j 0.00 : 8.00 "$i r.9'8'" 9.98 7.98 5.98 ^; -*i c .1^0. /!·§/* 'i-tS-'$ J y !i jy A s " " ? THE AFTERMATH. - K r E'VE done ot:r :.t;le c^=nt~. £ _ ._ i--,^ Q f**i · i ~i y -- \^ n i zL-f^.i .110.00 Values- :,5,00 = " " v4.00 '·-- ·"- -·-· 2.50 C o S5..98 3.50 '2,50 1.98 -.VAISTS: WAISTS:: I SKIRTS:: ISO messanno -waist 9% open front or back, all t 8® shades, S2.59 -values l ] special: Skirls of the . | herd plaid, the new J Hone-comb cloth, black | and" blue serge. -3 val- | ucs '*' 1.98 1 1-3 OFF!! . . . . TTe'vo csiilcd by uo '- i "\Vb T t!:e hntf-r js mised flavor with ; L . tlie -;rs:j."d ;-' **-- of a lemon. Bake in ,;,... a nio-U'.-jte ovt-a o-:e hour. Line the j f _ v , ;.Tkir.i ry^ VT -^ : - !"-ttered paper, . -^ .. Thi- -". t f w-.;: ren-.cin racist for some, . . ,.,,-,,· n.or.;.'^ .r '-vpt ia a t=a ' fr ;eti*iS. In .l;i.3!g :s often »-.":'5ed doilies - .ire preferred Trsr-i v.'iio 'ike n:::":ty. 'lppo 5 *^ to be c-Ie narres an'i coasted ^ r.ol,Ie T'ria. w Drsrac 1 :-'2 of the ac5,r-.-ns poor sad ' stcr"-o :/ '- 'e^r 7-'^. ·»,- pr"-Jd as Droud c~n '.« '" '-' "Tnss Christmas r-e at :cast." -are : say. "T-.ere i: "d to ;o-ne poor /, EOT:".." . - , } splm ar:p7'e(J 4 v-s-aru r,-fc sacn_ceo a clo.=: ^ 7 Bat hearken, ye. ir.y brothers ai-. ^ " v ard rca-I;--n vrich a. ^a:".;: i r-j^r are a!r.-a;s --it'-, us, an3 » t?;c - 're broken hearted st II. f * rhey'r._"].-.:7is in tr.e.r lortl:ness. ^ A~ rn t5 for Pictorial Revievv- rattera^ *~ --c^ · \Ve give '· H" Green Trading Stamps .- 'S®. rf ^ C9 K-j * *te Hah % -Wliea the '? Ar.d theVre ca'::^. cal'.ms. cal'-irs. I ? ar.d the" as"^ your help nsa:n- ~ A ~e ga-xe ihtra cheer at « ? then we made our liltle bow. ^ *v Bat 12-" w.iter chill Is v,.th them ^ *; su:i, a=d -w-.o will hop them ^ % --KdnWr.a I.ea=iy in ^evr Torfc | ·y Tjn:£S. A RCAST SEEF Oysters on fia'.f Shell. 'er Radishes. Pan. Devi'.ec Crabs- Roast Beel. Pots iocs Roast *"3 1^ Algebra. i Z The science of algebra is said to' y have been the invention of Mohammed 2, of Buziana abo-at 850 A- D. The' y science -nas introduced into Spain by j Z the Isroorn. The first treatise on the ' cnronl at: Gratia. or'ian Punch. Cn'CKtn fie. ana To^rito Sa To3 c f-i !«h PIUT: i'uiliV.r.s. Jinrrt ^iuee Nt-ts. Raisins. Of r.n^s cur.Siy "=0; .-aiwli-in stoa« or a rr«u:i'.' rt by smaller cfatsirse penrl iP.rpe t! «?r.*er of sach a worth a tnaharajab's hti^ma attaches itse'f je.^ri thp=o days, and i,f,ir i»o:ir!s are really ihoir co'or and luster. ...... ft in a rins of fitnail diamonds or rubles, makes a bcaittlfal W Ili HttUj "THE LADIES' SHOP' 1 10 Carlisle Street. Gtt:-sbrirg, Pennsylvania, - x Ov.-?r«* to rcv indention to retire froin ilic milling business O ^ on Saturday, December Bin I hereby notify all persons having grain or other material Afterward- T-aras ir.e dav after Christmas, ar.d throssfc lh * f - at TJO ot- -5.-JLS as bi«33 ss the birds on ma's For rib that the ^is ror the preset at the in:!! that they may secure it during the present vree^. rr-d corre * " - · tnace an the br:c-a- --Judse. For F."r. s =rmarks on VVsIIpapsr. Finger marks on v*-all paper -will j about ir.57. ;ly disappear -when rubbed a eulf dough of flour and Viater. iouu.i J U ; ..-7-f me first English a!ge-[ Laugh and Grow Fat. ' Appreciation. ---. bra was nnuen by Robert Aeconle. J The llttle pcr ase, "laugh and gro^ "That picture/ said the collector. teacher of mathematics at Cambridge. fat » 5s an allusion to Democritus, "Tlie "is a thousand years oiu. -»y- He was the flrat to use j Laughing Philosopher." vrho waxed fat In u. iiii/ua^iuu jt;**.*.? w»"* -- -f exclaimed Mrs. Cumrox, as she A Christmas Tragedy. Jv^t a sr^? °* i"isll»-toe "Knr.s-.rjr-;-. the hall: ^ Just a rnaidon stan^Jns t.-_crc. Pout'.r.q- Sips, coqyett-.s'i "Ws'ey cording do-svn the st.iir. Catches Iinbby-! ? ? ? : 1 That's all. --New YorTc Tiroes. ard. of equality.-- London Stand- , humor and lived to be 109 years old. .. poised her lorgnette. doesn't it? _. It vreara Record Carelessness. The most careless will oa record is probably the distinction to he claimed for tliat of a man name Join McClellan of Armagh, Ireland, who left estate valued at £16,074 10s. 10d., made a *ill m ^hich lie appomteo c.sec-ators, but omitted to dispose of his property. All bills and acco-ants now due will be received^ on or before the above date. It "t : l' '' ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE A" H oQSllflldlj' Letters of Administration on the - - - |S.» JW^4A^A-i-£\^.i* Estate of H-F. Heiges iat 0 i k » 1 and resset? i-^ac- u *.- A - --t- :e of Fraiuc- lin tov-isship. Adams county. Pa., t.e- ceased. having been grantee! to the undersigned residing in Gettysburg all persors indebted to said bstate are requested^to make immedate payment, and t'-iose having claims will present them for settlement, to C. A. TIEIOES, r.u Corel avenue Administrator. 'SFAFLRI WSPAPfcRI

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