The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 3, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1913
Page 4
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THE G^^^^^TM^^m^ Published Daily Excent Sunday Times and Xe»s Publishing Company W. LAVERE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP H. BIKLE. i President, j FREE OF F CHARLES BECKER. i! 2 Hopes For New i rlai Based on Testimony Given by Schepps. URGES PRIMARY IA'REAL PRESENT- PSQNAL NOTES FOR PRESIDENT ANB 1L F ITEMS PHILIP K- BIKLE. editor. 25 cents per month. I RATES Single copies to aon-subscriberg. 2^ cents as second-class matter, under; 1ST9. : ^iEYaeaated $ .Federals Wiio Fased"Slar?allOiL.,. i .ORDER 1 iAHE FlEEiH ^==--^ UNITED PHONE OSe?f^oS^ corner of CentreJ^e^eXty^r^^^ ! Taxpan Reported Taken by Rebels and \ ·': Stese of Mexico City Predicted In a -his PAPER RE?r.£SEMEa FOR ADVERTISING 5^ 'H£ GENERAl- OFFICES NEW VORK AND CH1CAGC- each R e s o I o n s of j J Month. I Ki i'aso, T«,., Dec. :!.--Hasty nrepa ! rati'j:^ a:e unaer -..ay in the ramcs or i ! tLe rebels ior t'ufe occupation or Cai- j 1 h;tri".:::a. the cvii"«tal o£ tiie siute of Chi- s i hi:ahua. which Is reported to have · · at--a e\ sc--:ut«.-a ay -he Federals be-] : cs-jse 01 threatened starvation. ! i l-c.:mias cue that oi the important | strousLo'.sis Iu tl.e aorzh only! -- -- -- · . i:\.jci-al strongLofas ;u t~e uortji o~-. insertion. T\vo cents a \vor«i if guaranteed: ' v ^,^^. am | Caajtias remain. Gea* respect, poetry and memorials one cent; ^ p^.;..,.,, V 2iia, the rebel leader. '· . . i . ,-- -.,; »:.-.r f-hinvl : l!l:l WOUld TO OUH PJEADEKS -- -. b .. ^-1* the base of a; H ^***?£%^^f^^ - ^^^^^^^Fc^fnrViled us by The American Press.Association, a _ ^^;;^ * - · - ' « cc ^. ! :-"juare^ said *Jiat Chihuahua would | ina-le the base oi aggressive activi- j i icerr which gi Onr u-ouid be sent io» Anierica.n jrress .-vosut^iii'^ij ·* n, Democratic,ProhibitioB, or' Ivnon-parto^^ j ^e? to"be^ee^ ,o the United 1 '- \ S:a:es border at Ojinaga v.-i:h 2«0a I '! ncariv famished -FOidters, and Geaer- Bills Are Being Prepared For! JEle ! PROGRESSIVES, ARE JU8ILM e!««r ai:d spar- · dJys" should. To I be sure, in the: sunny southland: Paragraphs of Hews Telling of Happenings io and about Tc People Visiting Here and. IJiosf Saiauroiag EJsewere:. f"ff ~* there w a s uo Mr. and Mrs. E- P.'Milliny' sjw.v. aiid t lTa : surest, v.-ere the guests of- ft c!u!iK.-!i liad to i Nev- Oxford on Tuesday _ i . '. -^fg^yr- coun;lit tiieui-', Prof, and Mrs. C. F. Sanders enter| President WHson's Recommenc!at:cn: .,..jv^ v/ISIi u vi*- rained a number of friends at dlnnee | Was a Complete "Surprise to Lead- }t from s.iara CJaas i» a vvry s:: to at their home on Springs avenue Tues- ers !n BOTH Branches of Congress, j date aerui.:.a^% t-:i tkN £:J !"jc :;;:!tter. J da _. even i nff . . Drew the !iual!e «,bi. !:·»·«« of Thorn-, iir _. c ilant -, DO JI, has returned ; -';as Jeff,rswn had iw: been passedI by.j Fretlerlck fter Y ; S ;U !S ~ for several I aixd i!ie (l-JI^IiJfsi fa-fs ot the IU'!»» · , . . . . ',-, . . . . . Washingtoa. Dec. 3.--Ster;s have been taken by the Hemo-jra [ leaders to carry cut the rccomnzea- j c . o j orei i 1 linos, made by Pr«s:ac-nt \VIlsou Is. ' his annual message that nominees ior | tb« the dear i_^j«jj iiilliUtt*. ijJJi^"J-a*i3,^- *--»"*- --- the presidency hereaiter be- chosen j through direct primaries asii wsifioat the intervention of noiauratsag cos ventioas. Bills are now in coarse oi preparation and will be introduced in the house aad senate \vlttln ^ lew days. The appearance o£ the presidential primary idea in the president's address was a complete surprise to the . . . . 0 ,, , .. wrtn « er P arents °' ! ^ M:Uulc a exceeded UUeir wilder . street. , Mrs-Mervm Bender, of New Oxford, ;uv.- ca;:i'- tlit- irot ia:;iort:ir:t cjucs- ^is visiung re!^t:-.-es in town. illss C«ra T horn, of HarrisLurg, is :oivs th:-t «Iiffere!:i; visiting v.-sth relatives in town for sev: be " ?.Iiss Jane Shields and Mrs. John C. -- j _ l \ , « . - - * - » t k _ i i - i f c - - « . - ^ - « . » · _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ J j a5s Orozco and Sa!a 2 ar. said to have ^^^ of ^ a'-.c-a to ihe mountains. \ iha tieclsneu j ^-- . - - .-, 'U IO-1 to Lis^ ia:ui:*;i,*ii-i^-. * i..^. u.*-^ --- j "-»n * t'» j^ ; »ci l iC r " »er C H S - - ^^-·S ti^= -- -·£ to -=av but declared the rebel advance j £f f h ~ C oVnledise.J mu:.Vr-r. Ana .'».» ;.---ir'» Me-'-'co Cuy v.-ould continue! the conSJei^e place-1 .n "-T -'-?«nio:.y ^" * | T^i n^ ^ VPS 'V ^rarn ^-."'Cpp-'. '-^ *- t:r:#k:y. i Hose's loJbvgo-.. ^..lls :" a !ar^-.- aj^.^- "\Ve will be shooting at tae r a m - j ., re ,j e jel: (i whet'-ier - r «· t a n--.v ·/-*·£·= of "\i-^-=co Ci:y ^itlim a month,"* r n a i i-fto be ?raa-e(l. T:-.e U'st'-K-t at- acEC . UI1 ^ ^_^ . ^ Villa:-^e are ccandent that wh,n w^y ^ a °« r °°f,, »^, ^; "e^l ^ j The proposal to elect the pres:dern , . _ _ - _ » _,,,, ^r--^-. t - ^ i o T t * - * - i-v, ·* *- w*^s _ * _ . * . *" -·*_ " * - . * _ * _ __. E - - _ _ T».-.w.»- V^-»- « * "^s. ·· VT.. t' graru for :he session just Furthc-r:nore the proni:asEce i.-^ic;. the president has given to this issue v.-:ll opc-u ari. collateral questions taa- are bound to g;ve a decided tis-e to the proc-eediuzs of the- third session of the Ss-tyrhird cyn^rcss NEW EAGLE HOTEL 2oom» with b*th ea salt* - McCoBon-y, Prop*«. GHAS. 3. MTJMPEE -- Fire Proof Storags -Warehouse for Purnitnr* a Household Goods *cor«d leiigrtii of tira*. H ^iilC \ lild- » - ^ ^-*_ ^ .^,1.1-.^--t ~ · » : * - - » o^V ^LO'r\ #*'' ^! ff "ll ( ; -i- i*^ 7 ^-^- -' ! * - - - - - ., _. r_- people in the capital realize t-iat | gj-.^;:-" 5r " t j,e"large nicr:-v-. and belov.-1 and vice prus-Jeat by «ire_i »«-f "!· vt- have captured almost all the north j 5^" s e ise;»p3. ' Trimmer's 5 and 10 cent btore. : ! Wiiile they last! Y er T special lot : . : 5 of Ladies' collars. " =·- - : ·??. EL TJPTON -- Pitoteprs.pfassr-- ; . " . 5 Gettyxfaors .Sooyeatr c::d are :n ^iglit of the city's gates tht.y T.-IH \osce tae:r feelings, \.-aioI» tl.ev are new afraid to do, and will elaiior for the downfall of the usurper. A mcb :n the capital can oast Kuerta :c a day.'" : Vt'ich 3501 rebels and sixteen field j p:otcs advanced as far as Carrizal. ety ruiles south of Juaiez en the Ca IT ^r nry T 25 G E N , LAN OF V -.:.- '--. -.1- : flEiCE PRODUCE rnest Cs.«fe-Price*--Paid-for- ' II* IlGtV iU *tTri iWlitli V- o ·--*- *-** --"· ( | "v.-av to Chihuahua. Vina remained to { pj-pnnep f n Prhip !; ccmnuinieate with General Venustiano : IL'pUSG It- UHIL- r I'. Ca'-ranza ".!fore he personally pro-, ! ceeds-soutl'.. At',Chihuahua he expects 1 to join General Chao and orher rebel I leaders, and -.vJth a combined force of 1 iijjsi ie,en. proceed toward' Zacatecas, j i U»der Timem Office, Gettysborg- ,, ..^Hm-irC HirSPr Obli UUiibUlilutb oilubt. ·witboat the intervention ci uie oaHege ik electors will come up. and a aiss will the principle advocate,: In fie Democratic pi-iuorm OE l:nii;-n^ t^e presidency to a single term. Mr- \\ 51 soa ignored the latter prcposal :n ms roessage. tion of the d:sy. Cv«.-rybudy ! Christinas l;!::ifr is \ery aed :or aceordh.^:y. i:at it !t:t;»pc-sifed that these sr^H brothers a:ul s^*« . Sh ^dVof York scteei, are spending of TJioistss JcftV:-vvu. -AUo was not very . . ,, ,, - , ,, . . . . . bis himself, uiu^t be !c:"t to his care : s ^ fc - r - ie in ^rn.burjc. toAiv. whi!,. | S !s ..^KIUJ-.- wear to tl,e ' ^^ Zo ^ rini ^ s of lor f : slreet ' biii hju.-e and u-.-t n-ady for tite . has to Grec-nviHe, where she has .7o"e.--v:i \vas ;t!- : accepted a position as teacher ill the tensor of , . to the . . ci-"-ls-" ' c h u r c h council Tuesday evening, at ;-'*nl'JL ta " ' its iRoaihly incfiting. O%vlng to the 'f-|!-i--' sta""e-ed large amount of routine business tasket"v.-hen t fore the cosncil, no action \vas taken · , uoon the resignation. Rev. Dr. Steck ' \vas recently elected pastor of a Luth. eran church in Carlisle. · Edjjar S. Fabc-r has returned from *-; ' attending a fraternity convention at : "-^j-- · WilHams'cov.-n, ?ilass. jl : George E. Spangl^r -.vas a business Hanover and Littlesto'.vn to- leaders oi ai! parties In and aroused aiore interest and com- pily At t"e hou-^e pretty. Thomas -it:T-j;:-fco!i aiidi-r the v.-t:u!ic of he at last turiseU O;f to the \voous. As ht weut- ii-j heard M5-s Clar i s s a ' s sv/eet voice rjujr oat i:i a Christm:i? euro! , -X^f beneath a icreat i/^^T*) JC~ It already is apparent that ilnl DI , acb of .i lo !iy - V|ggsMi2SS house will pass a presidential priman U n d mistlet-Ki. V ^^S3%'1 lav.- such a? the president desires at I Thtee W e : u t:=o ^-__J ^="^^ this scssioii. The president's | wor as i !e Iieard crlIInEV rr.o-.vDi: 3 ^VjL3i3iv**.i. -- -* ·-- ~* ·*· ; vi v* J to it in his address v.-as -vvaldly ap-{ jj er t-auded by the Democrats ar-1- drew expressions of enthusiasm 'also iross Re'.'i'/ncans and Prosressives. n fast the Koosevei Dee. 0.--li'In-.Is rtant'clJv south 'of Tor-"| extended t-lie right- hr:: ABOUT. IX ME3IORIAM In sad bat loving- remembrance of Adam R. Boiiinger, who departed life December 2, 1'312.!!, farev/ell, my husband dear. I have spent one sad and lonely year. A fe~r rnore years on earth to dweii. And *ve shall ali united be. _ , By Tiis wife.. A father so dear, a father so kind .f as g Ons an( j 5 e ft us behind. · £ease 'O weeo. -for tears are in vain · j chZet before moving tov.-ard i i hua City. Fro*n Juarez to Carrizal not i a Federal v.-as seen, by the "reue-s- Xear Raaeheria xae rebels came on the wreckage of ttvo Federal troop ferai Maelovio Hxie-.-era, commanding well known lines which we have dis-continued. W. H- Douglas S3.50 and $4.00 shoes at $1.98. Others reduced to 98 cents and $1.48. Ladles LaFrance $3.00 Shoes, Now $1.98. Childrens Shoes were 50 cts and $1.00. Now 19 cts and .48. C. B. Kitzinilier ?" { the rebels. \v:re-,l to Villa that he had ;| j given assistance io the wounded Fed- II I erals and had buried the dead. Parts to sell directly to fi- housewives of Ci^^aco it" tnev-.vili only Insure ss a njar^et."" "-as the substance of tire oiessaee seat to the -vrornen by delosates vrho are attending the annual meeting of the Illinois Farmers' Icstiiute. The larmefs-are p'annlns to establish esld storage p'r-its in connection -crth their cream°'-:e^. and instea-l c^ sxhizs "aeir snr-rg surplus "of eggs to the cola storage iu«n tner propose .o sxore them. Tier. s ; tney can establish dirc"~ coicai-v.nicaiion- vi-ith organ'.za- of\he wrecked trains had caught Sre II : f ^^ ^_ :s:on. and TrouadeS Fed- . I j eri'.s ?aid that many soldiers had been' = i L--;rned to death. _ j Ccone: John Medina, chief of Stan · to General Villa, is in the El Paso j co-iniy ja.":. charged v.-ith bringing j ?i.^Ien ropc-rty TO rue value of S50 into | tr-e s:ai°. He v-as arrested when he · ca:.:e to El Paso. tiors of consarr.ers a^d be sure Oi sterdy mar' tiey can dole out t; dt!-'t at -5 cer"^ a dozen and have E^s prices -»-a s^r^zd to many courrrj. Two ·ar tliat ^ ,e-2d as tae fcoycot? ctaer cities in the ;» Chicago fim:3 an ;- -= -rrotild ne opes- Christmas for j;'Od Cbrb;ti!in men'.'- l"r v.-as an o»l carol, and Thomas Jef- ty the K!.a:ii:!S of :t i efore. !ut uow as he \vu!'.:eI :s!onr v.ith so tan ay pood things the Hti'c feilov.- ftat s-j gnitefu! th:=t he longtJ to" share his blfe-smp For fatfcer f jg ar is out o f pain. tritb some- ·;=« less fortunate jLiie we ^^ fd ^ ^-cods seeased utsefttcl. ho-.vever. and . , " ,, - - , ^ -Thomas Jc-fi--'rsoa rwrcheu his cabin ; ^ sio-.iy ssnr, a^-uj 4-itliout met-tl:^- =:ay one. ,, .. · ^'~~- '-"our nearts -ve of ted prayea *The^ cHHlrtra" crowded about him Tha't you might longer sta;c. gj.^-.-.j.i-. l {h ^n could h.irdly un- | B\- his children. til he had opened tHe basket, spread advertisement iti ,_ I .,^.. the cloth r.r:(I diswd the dinner. ; __ KenrescntaUve E.::cker. of jCssouri, T j. ccir . s j.^ersoa '.vas most partscu'.ar r".lairraan OL the coaaiittee on fclec- j as to ^Qf.- h.e diu this. Each plate tlca. ct presider-t. vice president SJidlg-,-^ co: .TMj = .j.., e ^r.c-t share of the rev.- ne-r.:--ers -oi congress ex pressed disapproval-er T.e proposed" plsn O" tha ground t'eac It might be foiUi;! imrjasHiltje to de-.-ise a scheaae ia harir-cnv 'vita tbe constitution " ~~ - - -.'' ^_.~.~.= o: coagress. which j^ilJ have i 5ui--sd:'-t'32. o: the proposed iegisla- j j^~ so ,--;._-:, i:or,. that he --ill call his-; c; .; Wes v.. cor5Tr.;-tee te-iel'H-r vritSin a fe~ days tn i:^~s ? i-'H ^ accordance vita tee re; ^rt a measure early 12 the i-e ·: year. much tnrkey. : "so eat -v.-bcn « knock came The Christmas Table the "We -.voni.i like- to ud-i a fevr far:u= saie. JijoaLave any that y«'« w.;:3ii hands of a Ken! Fsuitf A-^r.ts. wiii i-,- u no matter -whether laig- or .-inali or v "n.-n- '. Or I; toi v.;int to i«y any U-:.\l Il-iatc. ·-· ««r li~t o; Ktal E.-tate for I:k-- tu si-il and plat-e. :» the to l:aa.]ly -^:ue i-»r T«»U; on r-r ?.1.2r.-r- Troxell and Swisher Real Estate Agents 104 Baltimore St. Gettysburg Pa. j TUXPAN'S FALL REPORTED _ 1 Important OH Port Sail to Have Been Captured by Rebels. j7e\:eo C.ty. Hex.. Dec. 3.--A pri- · disnatch received here said that Tis^nan. aa i:rspfrtant port on tae east coast and the key to the oil fields, , had been taken by Insurgents under j Ger-eral Caado AguHlar after a sharp ; T-:x;an is the distributing center for " - r e ·:; i.-rDd:iC',-d by the Pearsor. sii- SC;raie. o-" -vrfnc« Lord Covrdray is the : :-.ca3. it ~rz* e"tonsi\e coaTacts '-vith i ;-..-. ^ov^rr.rient of M°XJCi. the Na- 1 -., -na: rsilw?: sys:em and the British · s ..\c-naien:. I^rge ci-es tolt: of r ---jld not any eggs - : -rorre« at least three cr. -n var:cvi£ n'.r;= of the city and es^3 -K-oul.1 he o.",". -. d for "I cents = aer.-n. Thf :e:a : : :jr ce predominating la C"" = ce.:ro vris -^ c^iits. I-Ispatches froni Detroit. St. Pan 1 ., ICj--'=is r:t T -% j;^:. ^.ore. TTashiagton ar · a drzeii o d"'- vrcrr.cp. v cer.ts a fio^'ii. ~jCi,T'-~ r'.r^ vtorsey vv HkersoE ;--_ r-e'-.;2. "~'~iu~. r .z for a sveeping jnrv :r." i .:^3.tJon of charges aTM'=r.=t rr-c-n -vr.o o 11 stored eggs in C; icago. ""- its a -.^-- to brir-gir:g crjm- c-i-ef-'l^r r=: T district attorney . of M^ir.' ·"· of the Oicagc !-.-'cr ur.'I fS-: ^ a- I as members of a tr"--t ir. rr-.--;r. :.; o. trade before the cn-I e: tie v.-e-,\. -act:cally all of nonhern ^ py?«c??'os of the relrels ; a;..: :.e C«.jsi:tutjorsal:sis rolding im! ' -2rTi:it r-ori=i on both coasts. Mexico ". Cr.y ~ay ;ison be menaced. ! i.c. :.iris money to rim his govern- j 3»:en . i.i an::y thr.atenefi with ma 1 -_:R; an-? h-s coasts lined foreign } ;·!:·? v. hlch at. anv mo^tnt may e · Public Sale · ( -OF- · Valuable Town s i . ST a b - x-sa .e. Hnerta is confront- creat perils. Zelaya Vyi-,1 Return io Spain. vrash ; »? : -J^. Dec. r,.--T!i=- _ 'ntcma tf'-aal ta-i?:^- tnt presence In the U-i.ied Sta:_s of -J. Santos Xeiaya. for n^.er pres.-i'-'Pit of Xicarag;:a. apparent return to Birceiona. Sra.r.. from -wher- he came to the L'nit.e.1 States s. ago. : HE DIDNT KNOW BRYAM Cs3--c-i Doorkeeper Tried to Bsr Sec" retary cT Stale From Gallery. V-"ash:r.g:oTi. U-:-- 3. -- TiT.iiani J- 3r-.aii bar ! ;^o-: c. cand-date for the p-I-..;;-jc''- three ;ir:es and he no'-v o"- c,-- e= the i:!st.s'"j.5Keci office or sec- rel^-y : state. :-7*-.erthc!sss he was i:a':r.Lvr. to a Do'-o-'ratlc doorkeeper eir,:.o;.ed in th_- !r.:::ol. ':.---. Crr-S" c~irc o the capitol to re^r 7res-dent \V:s-. 2 read his an-, ; .^; -ae~-sc."e to empress. Ee had is r v-.t»? -o las sjhc " floor and ba-u startcC ."or his s=c-'- -s-'nen a bjrly do. ke^rer der^ar.-Jf! : is cradenuals. T:-» ser---tar;- oi" ^iate smiled and 77cs aoor.i to* r-or.r:: s .e on his way, vi.jci', i"--': doorkeeper made it plain thai unless he co«l J sr.ow that be had a -· ·'-·-- iv a seat he v.-e:.!! ha\e to oe ofi" : 5 .-c;:-i: Jers'sden""""*! the secretar c," state. iLe doo-. - ---r m:i?:-.]):e.-l aa '·i'il see v.-!:o "t!f.~ ssift Thoiaas -Tef I fer.^oa. ~--Yo:j fhl'.I-n just so ri s ht · a:c:i" '-v:u yo" dinner." j sva«; :i ver%- r:;"t;el l»oy thnt stood , in the dourv-.-iy of the kite-lien. Mis- " pr"!-:v r.o«;- r.J.fl hungry he looked, and T-J^-S j'-r-'-^or-'s 1-cr.rt went out to K«."~ " | to" I:e sni«l. "I ^;i! ue very grate- j fuj. : ravo -;nc- n ionrr way and have ; ·r;:oi;:a~ .leSerson hesitated. H:s n;:::i;:r." vi:'l !i'-t x^profe of giving to tr::r^ps- Kc- ::r,d Et ri^'ht to frivc her fo'-l n-.v.-!y. Then he thought of the Onn-er OK his nir.te. Tl-at was his own w:r::out :sTiy :r.r.I-t- He retiimed to tlie tn5:«^. The vr.-;r«:s of the enrol still ring- ins in hi» Ue?iL The children were too Readin g c:.t'c:an a "T.ea.-li^g. Ta . V-.r.cL. forr 1 :-". .T'IS co-.:r;ty c Man"-" H. io tl.e "i:e' clerk i:ssioners and s t, committed s;:i -self in the barn ,ly --as fo'uiid »y his vx-ldovv ar.d t.,r.:_ .:er. was Sft*--fo«r ysari ·'"*: r-*)d orse of the best known niea ir. t: e ^.-hr.ylkiil valley. Court Mct'se Bandit Dead. Va.. T^c. 3---TJyrd Mar state. tLe aoo: passed en 33,813.C70 In POSTS! Savings. V."ash5rc.;jn. Def. 3 -- Postmaster Gc.'^roi Hs:r'v:on rc:.T: ", o congress Si; '.-^r.s'feJ t-' 1 - ' - » ^ ' r . - and nun-^er o." d-jp' s-tors io ?i-0. From T e . villa co:,ri li^ 1 dead :n the :*··; terra for ir.:cL r.5 0*56 or the noted -hot up the H;l:s · "% March. 3- J l^, i? a! orison at Mounds 3 was tsg. servin SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6TH, AT 1 O CLOCK IVo story, well buiit brick hou^e, seven rooms and bath. Halls all through. Heated with hot air. Stable, outbuildings, etc. Lot 75 feet front, situated at 112 Hanover Street. | Killed In Runaway, t XeTrton. X. J.. Dec. n.--George Drener -was found eying near his wrecked ! \vagon just outside of Ogdensbnrg. Ke ! died soon after. Apparently his team : ran a-sray. May Arrest Mrs. Fankhyrst. Plvrcoiitb. Tisf. ".--It is believe^ that"t?hen the \Ybve Star Ma jestic arrive,! h^ri- Mrs. EmmeMns Par.Khnrst, who is retnrning from he: tonr :n Amerir? --··! be arrested r,p.". TsdsJ V/ave Sweeps " K'lion. Tex., 1,-ec. arc reporte'i io l.avc v. I f n a th:rty foot -.. 'J-IP.C do-svn Xo:aa crce ing. Tl.e creek runs ;. oi :Ise tov.-n. ano f " . were iVx.led anil :. .' c-x:.'Srzorf e-'l ·* t"--C ·· - -- ^ ^ i ^ ^ / ' / - *--^ t n c i 24.*..S-il t o j £=£_3; increase .^meat ol| sate rosias j *fc-v-^ - Ol 10 Dead.] n persons their liies! snss C1UAKISSA SAW TI3LVT THE BASKET WAS m.T.S»- ; \rarc.- ? bnsv to not ice that he tooli tlie plate -. th'i heart f ron1 tbe table nn-1 retnmed with it ·n.d f "liars en ,p{y. Then he set about helping the . rJsLip v.-us; py^ln^ -\Vhen one is very hungry i. . ants. Inves'.-saie "Cusck" Doctors. Ci-'ca~o. IV o. 3.--Invalidation tiie b-.-.slnc^ of the so called ins ·'fn.ia'V not tors ·was started Uie ;. -.·;; BUV»IIV.« ^ . . v - ! the enrol tried in- "qira-h" not tors -was started b ? j c ,, ite f ,,,, ' KP the gwd -»-.-. Postal inspectors pre| · · | and has one's iriouth set for turkey and { substantial sro«l things, even delicious 0 . ? plur.i puddin? does not qnite satisfy. '' Bnt Thomas .Tofferson. reraemberius to Iraasine that he felt feel verv clad to George C. Gottwald tuu* -*i .T-iiKci-. »» -i *-- »-*--'---- u-iv- jj.-*»*-« _ *» - - ---- - * h?ivc liclnofl some one en "this ^-^d nsiy sent back to ;'.-.,: to complete her sen | Sf r ,r c rl «v:dence in coneciion with t-e ^^ ^ ^tijcil with the new cnrccs all tence of three ear-" imprisonn-.ent- j cperauoas ot ihe medical firms v.-iiich; nrtc .. poon ^. ith n ri;; , lt KO vi will. -- -- ^^.yits 1 promised to cure cancer and other · ' Rjit Ujo ; , mo ,, nt f corn hrcnd r i Yenqmen Rob Postoffice. I "Washington, Dec. 3.--More men artj ; "1 ' ' ^ · · ^ ^ ^ ! listen, X- Y.. Dec. S.-Tc gS menJ enllslcd for the navy in the state, of Wrs . and Miss Roosevelt on Way Home r 101 !' 1 '"''^"'^ ^ffi-r^ how-Mn-S ! blew open the safe of the Youngs j New T ork. Pennsylvania and the Dis ' Uma , Peru, Dec. 3.-Mrs. Roosevelt ceat .ill. Thorny ·''»'^'-- I ' Q ..."^;" town, Niagara county, postoffice. se- 1 trict of Commbia than from any othei and Miss L. Margaret Koosevelt ar- I»y* f.-ui cat ..rtor .111 tnat uju.scnas ' curing $25oO in monoy and stamps. sec tion, according to statistics com r ived here and continued their .oumej Sinner. ! The robbers escap-ed across the Niag piled at the navy department. to Panama, i ara river to Canada in a boat. 1 many table favors of - hnts anil houses are to be nowadays that^ it Is not cult to carry out tbe Idea of a table to represent Christmas in an old fashioned villase. This is. of coarse, only possible where a long table is concerned and stdHciest space is available to group the set pieces effectively. Where the dinner table is for a dozen or more covers, however, this can be arranged to make a a very novel scheme. The first investment is that of a sufficient number ot little sowbotmd cottages. Some of these can be altered easily enough so as to look a little dir- ferenc one from the other. In front of one a white pencil stuck in whitened cork--diamond powdered--can, with a little ingenuity, be made to represent a sisn- board to face the coaching inn. An advertisement in a paper frame will make a capita! sign. sprinkled with "rime" to give tbe same effect of winter as the rest. A sheet of looking glass for villnge pond and two or three tiny toy dncks should occupy the center of the table. Among the iK.iny set piece cracker decorations it is easy. too. to pick up lanterns to ho:il Christmas cnn.lles. dovecots, farm wagons nnd carts hi den with, crackers, vv-iil add to tbe realism of the ;»:mtomime h,cece. TY-TWO DAYS 1K1 lf S" jptein ?eck S wear? Home bSJT E£ ALL outstanding tax assessed in JUST received at Wolfs Warehouse FOR SALE- family marc with colt iperience unnecessary. Mail dime for Cumberland must be paid on lcar]oacl eoLlrin sccd meal.--adver'dse- y h c r side. P. M. Bream, Biirlervlllc, I pattern, instructions. Needlecraft, or before December 15,191- ". *· IV, United phone-advertisement 2342, Altoona, Pa.-advertiscment Beard, Collector-advertisement mont Yon Will Be Welcomed In the Stores Today Most Graciously by Grateful Clerks. IV ®

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