The Evening Post from New York, New York on January 28, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1818
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, aPAftTMENTS tVANTF, J. ' SINGLE gentleman wishes t J nt, io or ate lami M near wan - street, n ," t board; fc'JJE "woTd be Preferred. . Tbequiet ' Tneatnrss of thehouse, as well ai the ""P1 sabiht fXTocc - SanuJare particular renui - T i Kne directed to j. C, Veft at this office. - OT? terul, Md TTiTniv ! THIS day ticket ia the Medical Science Lot teryNo. 4 will be .old at !2dolt eacb - To morrow they will be advanced to 13 dollars. Tlie Capital Prizes in the wheelare, 1 prize ol $30,000 2 do of $3,000 'do of 10,000 1 I do of 2,000 J f LO00 6 do of 1,000 And a large proportion of imaller priiei. A fw tickets for tale at the Lucky LotUry Of fice Of r" JUDAH & LAZARUS, Mali) n. Inn A. Where mott of the highest prixet in former lotteries were told. . . Prises ia former Intteriet, and notes of the eastern, northern and loutheni bank. taken in pavmeottor tickets. . .. P A correct check book kept for the examination of all tickets eratis. Cash advanced for pnx es as won as drawn. Jan za S. M. ALLLMo' qrIZE LIST - MEDICAL SCIENCE LOT. 1 TKKi - lite, uayt arawing . ' No. tnh, $100 1 Not. T7839, 5396? 16532, & 12539. 50 dollars eacn. CM at A Ilea'. TlieeVst drawn no. on Monday entitled to 6000 do'lart . . Tickets and shares, price IS dollars. junta Gk ft. WAlTE'S list ol prizes, drawn las. week, in Medical Science Lottery No. 4 10th days drawing. 12,859. $2000; 16,286', tOOj 8842, 17,741, 25.581. 50 each. llth days drawing I ,79J,i 100 5 8525, 1295 599, 50 each, ttlh days drawing. i0 219,11000 $ 21,422, .. .rt - a, i da.i 13th days drawing 4 JH0. $500; 15277, 14,396, $ltW; 3994, 60. 14th day's di awiiif 17, .96, $500. 15th days drawing; No 14,156, 100 dots ; 4447, 5147, 14 173, 50 dols. 16th days draw ing 17265 (first drawn) 1000 1 4358 100 16034 50 i U407 50. 17th day - 87o7 100 , 15532 12532 9839 5396 each $50 All sold at WA1TLS' TRULY FORTUNATE Lottery Office, No. 54 Maiden Lane, 'Where a few more warranted undrawn tickets any be had atf 12 each, but will toon advance, as ti capital prize of 5000 dollart will he drawa ' to the firt number oa Monday next Che 10,000 dollar prite on in Mooday following, and the capitsi prize of 30,000 dl on the next Monday. 17 following pnxet are alio floating in the wheel, and nay be drawn on any day, sis. KOOO dls.aOfJOdhi SilOUdls. xTOOdls Jan 27 I LDiCAL bCIENCE LOTTERY, No. 4 11 X now drawing timet pr week. GKACIE3, 146 BROADWAY, Correct List Pnts, 1 7 th drawing. No. 8787, $100; Not. 15532, 12539, 6396 9839, $50 each. - Pint drawn no. to - morrow will be entitled to $500, and on Monday next, the first drawn no. will be entitled to a capital prise of $5100. Tickets may be obtained until o'clock this evening tor $12; to - morrow they advance to 13 dollars. Jan 28 5.000 OOl.LAIl l'RIZi: THE first drawn nnmter on morning next, will be entitled to the stationary prise of Five thousand Dollars. , Never has there been a Lottery drawn in this city thus far advanced and so many floating pri zes remain in ine witeei, viz : 1 0,000 dollars I 3,000 dollart S,ooo dollars 2,oo dollart 2 of 1,ono dollars. Several of Son. 2no, and loo dollars. Which are all lialJ to be drawn every day. Prizes yet undrawn are 1 of 3t,oou dollars I 2 of yo dollars 2 of dollars 1 of X.oon dollars 2 of 5,ooo dollars I Also,6oo. 2oo, loo.&c. Tickets At Shares for tale, price 12 d.illart. at ALLOc' Truly Lucky Offi.e 122 Broadway Where was obtained a few dav since No. 3320 which drew the Highest Prue ever drawn m America, vis : 100,000 dollars, aod was im mediately tatid the owners. All prizes sold at Allen' have their names 00 the bark and will be paid at their offices No. 122 Broadway, No. 2 !vnth id ttieet Philadelphia, No. 151 .Market street, Baltimore. Jaa - 2t TICKETS RISK TO 13 lKLLARa TO MORROW. NEARLY one third of the drawing of the Medical Science Lotiery is, and none w ne capiiai prut are yet drawn. Ticket! will advance to $13 on 1 harsdar next, outii - 1 j a.. .... . - wuiv.a ubj ukj may ne nna 31 1?, at Truly fortunate Lottery (i - p, 54 Maiden - lane, ipuai rrua in trie v nerl 3",ooo Dollart 3,000 Dollars lo,ooo DiJIart Dollart 6,000 DnUara I Looo Dollart And a num r of f5oo. too. loo. tic. The following are floaiing, and may be drawn D Hart 5,000 Dollart 6,000 Dollart 2,000 Dollart l,ooo Dollnrt. And many of .1n - 9 v inn !.. Ail prises sold at WAITES' will be paid by um wi.nmn anwarrantahly publishing ttie nuiies 01 purcnaters. jHU 53 juaku A gentleman and h a wife, ;ml JLJ) three or four eentlemen. can he - mm. inodated with board by 'applying at SO Vesej. rcn , ,n 1,. - 1i. - fim irt .iltukt.i . . .. .,. . l. . one Quality, landinir Irom arhmuion I ... ... c , ' t r r" . ' wiu Muy Ann, irom luchuiood. fir nle hr , tm U. BETHUNE & CO. Ja" H 92 C. H slip. CUA.XJT I A COOD3. i5 balcscol'd Cat - utta Goods, consisting of Blue Mamodi, booty Km ls Red, hive and white Mtdras Pattern Hdkfs nernaeore and Begery Chks Am"'' Brbo? Corrahs - aU entitled t. oebenlute For tale by HURDfc SEWaLI Jan 50 65 south street MU nti IOHAUCO. - .159 bbla.tuperfme 58hhd. - rrVpr,nCipii!l - V ,'o,' brand, and ll ,H,,ft!uf fin&.eq.iality. sui.a - monH An". ,rora "'" . .w. J jan u D1VIF. RETHDVF. fc TO. st?.h, Ktl lurPe,,tmi aflJat, su J lor R. & C W. DAVENPORT & CO. jan 12 POUR hundred Hides landing this day from , jerverance, and will he fo!d low from the whurf Apply to JOSEPH OSBURN. ' - ,"t 9 28 South - street. T, con on. WESTTY hsles Prime Upland Cotton, fur sale at 35 Pn k - slip. hy t . H. C W. DAVENPORT & CO. a xCCO LAXottD o0 Mils FreJericfesburgOoar t half tierces flaxed hi1 lprime ,eaf tohcco, received per schrs. ! Hery nl Virtfnia - For sale by ?7 WlH k GALLAGHER. 711 HEtiKINGd botes 1 at mnrt I . bncea 1 .t mu ll j .""' 'J Herrings, aowland - no Zd do H for sale i,, CAMBRF.LENG k PEARSON, w 4 hdU rt EORGE W. TALBOT, No. 55 Pine street, J has for sale, i . . t 18 hhds. St Croix Sugar 10 bag superior Calcutta do 40 whole, 1 15 half h ? Bohea Tea, very superior " 20 qr. chests) 60 chests Souchong Tea, Nancy's cargo ' 45 do Young Hyson do do ' do 24 do do do do Natchez's cargo, entitled to drawback: 12 do do do - do Phoenix's cargo 3 or. casks Sherry Wine 17 hampers Ctianipaignc, do entitled to drawback 140 boxes Sweet OiL in bottles 60 do old Castile Soap 16 casks Green Copperas 2 bales Mirzapore Ci.rpeU 4 case Longyt and Sistersoyi Colosne Water. Mustard Seed India Twine nnrl Marline. Jan 16 11 1 . (JtLJiXU CG2iU.v. I mw bales: erv orime UDland cotton, ia store, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by Jan 23 68 South - st HUM. 100 bbls. 1st vL New Humfor sale XV by JACKSON k WOOLLEY, ian 17 75 Wall - ttreet. T.CROIX SUGAR 18 hhds. landing and for sale at 55 Pine - street, b . by Jan 15 GF.ORG K W. TALBOT. T.1NULISH Cannon and Musket Powder, lor lid tale by . LEROV, BAYARD ll CO. dec 9 t STARCH. UNE Hundred and Sixty, kegs Philadelphia Starch, landing Irom sclir. fair Trader, at Old' slip, lor sale by J AU1V9UI WWL.L.I.T, jan 5 75 Wall - street ,t UsCOVAUO SUGAR. 161 hhds. liava - IT L na Muscovado Susar, of superior qualitv. landing from brig Boxer, from Havana, at Jones wnarr lor tale by ouumiu. u inn zl 44 tsouth street, A l OLAsSfca, COFFEE, bUGAR, &c UX ia hhds. molasses, . ft hhrll nA sar, 9 uuia i 32 bags Coffee 60 Cuaaish Hides Landing this day from briz Protection, from St. Thomas', went side Old - slip, for sale by DIVIE BETHUNE U CO. Jan 23 VI OLASSbS, CUFFEt, tc 32 hhds aod IT J. 4 bbls. iviolaspt - s, tirst quality 23 bags Green Coffee, 120 Orv Hides 7 bbls. euear Landinc at Dover - street wharf, from schr. Linnet, iruin rorto Kico, tot sale by Jan 23 1 .Miss 200 ur. boxes iresli I urkey pui'd r is. X' lust received, ana mr sale ny Jan St PETER REMSEN t CO. M OPti. - TTihles Hop, just received for salt 11 by UAUBKLLliXO rtAltJU.X, 67 South street. jan 21 VIILrtRY VVI.M tc 7 qr. casks very choke kJ sherry wine, l - i years old, and 8 ten call, kess very old Muscatel and Paforct Wines, particular) calculated for Inmily use, tor salt bj U. U. S. IIU LAiMi, Jan 7 77 Washington. sireet I .'LULR 6. 1 1 'I At. CO 150 ubis likhmond r City Flour, Haxali's brand 60 do do Country do hhds Prime Old Leaf Tobacco 20 do New do in store, and for sale by TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. Jan 27 1(6 Front street. I I N tc baiea German Shirting and JJ sheeting terms, by Jan 27 Linens, for sale on reasonable G.G. I8. HOWLAND, 77 Washington street. H V VI P AG N E. A few cases still aud spark - y ling Champagne, in cases of one and two docen each, jnt received and tor sale by HENDERSON V CAIRNS, 81 Pine - st. London Particular fadeira Wine,' in hhds and quarter casks; Leoville and Rauzan Claret, of the vintage of 1812. Jan 27 OiTRICH Feathers, Plain tafiu ribbons Fringed do do Plain and fringed sattin do Figured garniture do &attin tat liuings, Linnen cambric Chenelle cords and cords and tassels Plain black and fancy velvet ribbons Artificial flowers. Fancy bonnets Fnncy diadem, Ladies' head ornaments, &c ilk lac veus. Merino ridicules Kid gl. vsi. Tapes, Beads, &c. &c For sab tV "tvnARUs, TAYLOR & WILDr.K. J m 37 Iw 145 l'etrl - st ' to I' I ON. 54 hales Prime Upland, lor sale 1 im Boom - fireeT, ny Jant7 WALSH h GALI AGHF.R VT E. KUV. - 20 hhds. Boston Rum, just re - L. y . ceiyed and tor sale by G G. U 3. HOWLAND. Jan 27 77 Washington street. ITINGLlaH IKON tc SflKEa. 75 tons I mo" Lid flat, round, and square, assorted sites 100 caks Spikes. Irom 4 to 6 inches. The lormer entitled to draw back, for sale by HENOEKSON & CAIRNS, Jan 27 81 Pine street bTOCK OF HAHDMAKK. fcc I J ICHARDi it. TAYLOR, in order to close 1.1 tht ir hardware concern, offer lor snle te remainder of their Hardware. Fancy and Military goods, at y. nr reduced prices, for cash or approved paper And, to let nr leaw, the lower .. A. . i ll I t ,nir amir nun vrnnr Jan - Iw t - i.yuiv iw Don ivKnuiouu Hour, oriu.uKi I J - fSo .... w npiu,CU dtUllirj liniDIII 300 do Petershunril,,. (,,t ihIh st AA Snuth - at. oy WALSH & GALLAGHER. Jan 27 UUM, &c 2 hluis. old Jamaica Rum ; 10 bags sup. Calcutta Sueur, land ine - from sioop satellite, and Tor tale by G. W. TALBOT, jan 10 55 Pin, - , street. 10K.N 10,000 bushels Virgmia corn, ol J prim quality, deliverable alongside a ves sel or vessels at rappabannock. r cr sale by K. UKUVir, Jun 26 90 Pioe - street. 1 OL.tesr.s - - 9 hhds. Molasses, of superior y 1 quality, lying at Dover street wharf for sale by R. & C. W. DAVENPORT ic CO. Jan 26 WINDOW GLASS First quality Russian v f window glan, for sale low by WILLIAM CODMN, Jan 26 4t 28 South - street. UPLAND COTTON. 15 bales prime Up UnU Cotton, landing and for sale by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine street IN STORE, 42 bales Sea Island Cotton, for talc as above. j:.n 23 IfESiP u DUCK no tons st. Petertbursh XX (I lean Hemp hO bolts first Quality Russia Duck For tale by JAMES D'WOLF, Junr. jaaB ol front - street. FTPLA ND COTTON 64 bales prime upland LJ Cotton, iuit received per schooner Laura, rues Savannah, and roraale ny OTIS tl SWAN, Jan 14 157 Pearl ttrwL TVTlCARAGUA WOOD k LIG.SU. vi:. XN 18 toja Nicararua Wood of very good oualitv 10 do Liaourontse For sarebr TUCKAJl k HURIES, Jao 19 29 fcostn - ttrcet. For Sale, Freight tr Charter; The ship DRUMMOND, R. Queries, master, 300 tons; will carry upward. of juyo biiis ; u a substantial vesel and welt louna. For terms, apply on board, at pier no. 17, or at 6(1 South - street, to Jan 27 WALPH GALLAGHER. tor Hale, freight or Charter, The substantial, fast sailing brig M A - RY - A N N, capt. Lewis ; is 1 year old ; carries about 1600 bbls ; lies at pier no. 13, easl river. Inquire ef GOODHUE & Co. Jan 27 44 South - street flitLlQHTfor UyJCHtUOL. About 500 bbls are wanted to fill np the ship DRAPER, Adams, master She lies at the cast side Fly - Market wharf, aod will sail ou Sunday next. For freight or pas sage, apnly on board, or to Jan 27 U. W. ROGERS tc CO. for - CH.itiLt.ij - WA The staunch fust silins schr. LOU - .ISA, W. Napier, master , will tail on I luu - sUay, having the most of her cargo on board. For the remainder, or passage, apply on b.iard, west Bide Hui ling - slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, jan 27 98 Pine - street. tor HA Hit:, ThsfUst sailing - ship FAVOURITE, .Moses llillurd. masters liavini; two ttiii'Us of her cargo engaged and will tail by the 10th February. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, applv to the captain on board, at ! niton street - wharf. or to FREDERICK JENKINS & SON, jan 24 lw No 19 Uurling - slip. tVR The new and last sailing bri? FAME, .built of the best seasoned timber, and laiinluily put together. Her rigging and sails are of excellent quality. This vessel is well calculated lor a southern packet, having handsome accommodations. For terms, and a view of her inventory, apply to GR1SWOLDS 4C COATF.3, Jan 23 61! Soulh - st. tOH iALt., The very fast tailing sloop PARAGON, .burthen 66 too, built at Middletown, Cuitiit'cticoi, of tlie best materials; has made oue voyage to the West Indies, is one year old and can be sent to sea immediately For torms, and a view of her inventoey , apply to GRISWOLUS ic COATKS, Jan 23 6U South - st. torCH,lliLr.bljV, a. C. The fine fast sailing brig ATLANTIC, .Geo. Bailey, muter, has the principal ;.ai i oi her freight engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch For freight or passage, having good accommodation?, apply on board, aast side Fly market wharf, or to HENRY COWING, Jan 23 6t 191 Front, corner of Fnlton - st. for ttight or Charter, The fast sailing substantial schooner , BETSEY, capt. Turner, one year old, win stow about 800 bills, is in complete order .or any voyage can be seen at Dover - st. wharf. ,pply to GOOUHUK SL to. Jao 2 44 souw - st. for t reight or Charier, The chip PERSEVERANCE, bur then 260 tons, in complete readiness to eceive a cargo ; lies east side Ula - ilip. The brig MUSCONGUS, capt Dock - .endorff, burthen 152 tons, wU calculat ed lor carrying lumber and stock ; lies at Bur. liug - slip. Apply to DAKKliH S I1UI'KIH, ' No. 84 South - street. Jt 7o hart for tale, 20 tons clean St. Petersburg hemp 10,000 Calcutta Goat Skint, large size Calcutta Duck 2 bales Russia Calf Skint. 2500 gallons pure winter strained Sperm, oil 8U0 gallons rack'd whale oil 170 boxes fifft quali'y Spermaceti candles An invoice of ekguat French hall stoves 20 ten pig iron Jan. 21 lOt or J,OAJlO.VOkHH V. The fine fat sailing shin FOSTER ,N. Moran, muster, liaiin;; 7 - 8ths of her ;o ready to go on board, will be dospatche lihcut deity. For Ireiglit of 100 to 200 tierce - ..ed, or (lassage, apply to the master on board it pier oo. Ij, orto Jun at) W. & S.CRAIG. tor JVi If - ;Li .ljVi, fa r - gnlar trader) The fine coppered and copwr - lastene ;ng CHARLEiS', capt. Wibrav, now leadint lid 'ill sail on 6'unday next. For ftvight or pai hge, having excellent acrommodttious, apply o the captain on board, or to M'CREA 4: &LIUF.LL, Jan 20 No. 4 1 Suth - st tor Sale, trright or t'hartrr, A new iiilot boat built sCHOO.S t' .about 150 tons burthen, built in the be mau'ier, copper - fastened, in complete order t i eceive a cargo in every respect a good vessel Appl) on board at Burling - shp. or to N. L. U. GRIWOLO, Jan 19 86 South - st i A new pilot boat built schooner, 120 iflltons burthen, built in the best manner, ol good materials, copper fastened ; a very last - ailin? vessel, and may be tent to sea with small expense Apply on board at Burling slip, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, Jan 19 86 South st. ft ERMAN STEEL, BRIMSTONE tic 155 VJT boxes Steel 129 boxes rol. brimstone 1 case Leghorn hats 15 do tumblers 10 packages paper 3 bases chollets SO boxes mould candles 50 do soap, entitled to debenture For sale by JAMES D'WOLF. Jr. jan 13 ay Front - street. utin - iz nnas. nanusone oi.iroii . - ugar, tot tale by JACKSON b WOOLLEY. 75 Wall street. Jan 22 Q RANDY 40 pipes Grayt Brandy, 1st and 1J 4U proof, for sale by JACKSON C WOOLLKY, Jan 50 75 WaU - treet. O.MBAZETTS fc COTTON. 4 bales JO Bombaietu 34 bales .Vea Island Cotton, and 15 do. prime Upland do landing and for tale by SAUL ALLEY, a rine - etreet. 1st Stobs 40 bales Se Island. Applv above. jan 24 fj ULL et BUVV .N E bave juit received by Hit XX I Lon nsn, irm London, Duon's Autii.iiiuus ruls Hkkman's Pills fort tie gravel, Sec. Ching's Worm Oestriying Lotengct Roiikh's Erahrocatioo ThomoMOu'sCheltenliam Salts Hayward's To!u Lon - nges Hen'ry's Calcio'd Magnoin, And a ceneral assortment ul'Bntish Patent Medicines of rtputr, not mentioned above ; war ranted gf - auine, add lor sale at . . . . . Jan 24 lia io run nim. IJlOrl s tl.r:, "Isct: MO si AN, xJ year of ' . age, a good cook and boose - tervant ; has lived m the present fami'y upwards of 6 yeais. Enquire at thu ol&cc, or I J anuaia - tireei. Jaa 27 3UW it BOOTS A!tD SHOES MADE AND WAR - RAM I LD AT REDUCKU PRICES. Rju LS, Boot and shoe Maker, No. 35 Nassau - street, having completed his arrangements, lor the prompt accuiamodation of his friends aod the public, solicits a continuance ul their patronage, which by hit exertions be hopes ta merit Jan iff I w UOMESTIC it UTHLR WARLS. ' pHfc subscribers keep constantly on hand an J. extensive assortment of the tallowing goods, vit I Dutch and English Gunny Bags, tc Popes Jieads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Mall ano Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows . Fine Wire Sieve! Do Hair do Brooms Duster, or Counter brushes Hearth Brushes, fancy and common Head do do do Cloth da Jo do Weave? do' White Wash do Shoe U. Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4.7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Llnet . Sash Cords, Trace Rope Whipt of every de scription Seiue, sewing, wrapping, baleing aod ball i'wine Fish Lines Shoe tc Sadlert Thread Dearborn's Ballan - cet W rough! and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will tell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBRA & CUMING, jan 24 76 Pearl - street. LIGNUM VITjE. 30 tons on board the ship Corsair, for sale by Jii S6 TROKK; - , D WIDfON k Co. A uF oO PER t. K.i. f T7 M. W1LSON.21 John - street 3doors Irom V Nassau - street, liegs leave to inform the public, that he intends in future to do business (for cash only) at the following very reduced prices, vii : A gentleman's superfine blue or black coat $25 00 do other colnrs 23 00 do blue turtout or frock 2H M) do .other colon 26 00 do Marseilles waistcoat 3 7 do Toilanet do 4 00 do Kerseymere or Cloth pantaloons 11 bf And for thosr who preler finding their own c)otl Gentlemen's cios bodied Coat k Trimmings $7 50 do turtout or frock 7 7i do waistcoat . . 2 00 do panUloont 2 75 Lariirt Habits 7 00 do Pelisse 4 SO do greatcoats i " 6 00 Army and Navy Uniforms, Childrens Clothes, and every other article in the Line proportions niy cheap. N.B. All articles cut in the most fnrliionable style and workmanihip equal to any in the city jan 31 iw - GRACE CHURCH. EW No. 98, for sale. Enquire ol No. 70 Wathinston - street. Jan 27 61 THE Society for the Promotion of Industry have at present for tale at the rooms in Anthony - Ureet, and at 112 William - street, ma trasses of different sites for families aud for tliip'c births: comfortables of difTerent sizes: linen and other shirts of various qualities for men and boys ; check and flannel do j and stout home made cloth over froclrt forearm to; thread of different colours lor tewing, knitting and for shoemakers' use. Also, twine and knit bon.o cloths. A great variety of articles for ladies' and chil dren's uie. Orders are received at the House of Industry, and at No. 112 William - itreet, and carefully attended to by the manager, four of whom remain in the house from 10 till two o' clock every day except Saturday. CLV" It is earnestly wished by the member! ol the society that tbe c.tizens should visit the house of industry, and judge for themselves of the benefit it is calculated to afford to indigent females. Jan 27 Iw MECHANIC HALL, F.vtnr Evtr this wtr.K. R - STANISLAS' arrangement with Mechanic Hall having r early expired, he has but a few evenings more of displaying to the enlightened citizens f New - York, that dark and mystic science, which for centuries has astonished the world, and .ed m ny to be' lieve the aid of supe. natural influence, to which he has combined many Scient he Ex penmen s on Llectri. - ity, das, Medium, in &c. His acknowledged superiorly by those hio h.ive ben eye witnesses of litis unrivalled tab nts, ren - Iers a pompous advertisement un ne essury, for they need only see, to be con vinced that he is what E trope has acknowl edged " Master of the profession." rickets one Uo.l .r. Tne room will be kept warm. jan 27 at" MOOIIVS IRISH I UST published and for sale by A. 'I . GOOD - ,J Kit 11 a CO. Io. r4 Brcaaway, corner ol t 'edar - stree t, opposite the City Hotel, a new and rieautilul hot pressed edition or Inn nielndies i rgn nod Sacred Songs, by Thomas Moore, Esq price "Scents, in extra boards. Also, i.ii iy puniitnea, iora uvron't cneiisi B irds and Scotch Reviewers, a satire, price 60 rents. Eccentricities for Edinburgh, being a volume at humorous poi ms, by George Colinan, the ounri , price SO c ents. Jan tl 31 .W. ii - Wt.i. turk.'S zfJMJfAHY, No. 71 John - street. 1.1 ROM the uncommon improvement our chil JL dren have made in their studies, during the short time they have been at this seminary, thiuk it due to the talents of Mr. k Mrs P. to state, thas their institution is highly deserving ol public patronage. J. M. Kradnurst, Abm. Vancleef, Jan 27 2t Rol'. Mitchell. GDORoF HOat a. A FEW pound bottle of Odor of Roses, jusl received irom Smyrna, and for sale by (be 22 KiJrir.K r i.r.rUA. S'PLF.VDID LOTTERY. ROBERT W AITE, Jun. hat the pleature of informing hit numerous friends and customers, that he has made a considerable contract in the If rr im h rYWf r rm J n f D PTr ti V Authorized by the Sutes of New - York and New - Jersey. To commence drawing the 5th May, and to be completed in Twin i s Hats. SCHEME 1 prize of 70.000 Dollars 1 do .15,000 do 2 do 10.000 do 2 do 5,000 do 10 do 1,000 do 30 do 500 do 140 do 100 do 3200 da 30 do 3386 Prizes not two Blanks to a Prize. Only Ten Thousand TickeU. Tick. It - $30 I Quarters $7 50 H Ives 15 Eighths 3 75 Two tickeU in this lottery may gain the enor mous sum of fl0j,000. This circumstance alone renders it superior to every other lottery in the United Slates. The object of this lottery is to facibtate the intercourse between the western parti of the stated New - York and this citv. As has a tendency to increase the resources and wealth of a state and city already pre - emioeht ic the union, it will doubtless meet with the appro bation and encouragement of all th citizen). KOobtvi WAI l L, Jcjib. Jan 23 tf 134 Broadway. Tit RP I.F.T. :1 ' V . .;. ik. ri..u, ihree story brsclt house, ro. 3U Laliertv - street, well calculated lor a hoarding boose. Aptly o SAMUEL S.GOODi EAR, Jaa 7 lOt 120 Watertteeet. KOTICE. fX Tbsrsday syeniug, bL PauTt Cbtnch WiS be opened for Divine Service, at seven o'clock, when an address will be delivered and a collection made for the benefit of the AUXILIARY NEW - YORK BIBLE AND COMMON PRAYER BOOK SOCIETY. The meiu tiers of the Handel and Haydn Society" have literally volunteered their services to perforin, af ter Divine service, the following pieces on that occa - ioo. Rec. Comfort ye my people Air Every Valley Chor. For onto us a child it bora Air Pious orjies, pious airs Chor. O Father, whose Almighty power solo Sound an Alarm Chor. We hear, we bear Solo and Chor. Sound the loud timbrel Rec. Henseasured the waters. Air - He layeth the beams Duetto How beautiful Chor. Break forth into joy Air Angels ever bright and fair Chor. Then round aiout the starry throne Air Tbe trumpet shall sound v. - Air and Lcho strike the Cymbal. Should tne weather prove unfavorable, the address, kc. will he postponed until the Tuesday following. By order of the Com. of Arrangements. Jnn 28 AII.OH. IHEATRt'.. Corner of H oad way and VV arren - strect. MR. W. BLANCH ARD, thanU.iil for the encouragement heretoiore received, will this week ixhii it to the public of this metropolis, hit astonishing talents in Legerdemain - The performance will also be attended with sut prising teats of Mr. Tamaqualia, tlie American Indian juggler.whosc lowers and execution oa the slack wire lar surpass any oUter who hat attempted the same. The peiformunre will commence with Mr. Bluncliaru's executing tricks, which by theii novelty will please a discerning: audience. Mas ter James Belmont it also engaged, wno is undoubtedly considered cue of lite first in tiis pro - fessino. His eround and rofty tumbling will please and umuse the public. For particulars see uie Mils oi titeday. The whnln to conclude with the comic scene ol the Dwarl Dance. . The t lieu t re litis been neatly fitted up lor the convenience cf ompany. Per forraunce to begin at half past 7 o'clock Admit tance, front scats 50 cents; back seats 25 ; Chil dren half price. I ickeu to be had xt the i hen Ire. A select Bnml of Music is engaged to enli ven and eshiiirate the whole. Jnn 21 1 at OCT JOHN C. HAMILTON has remcvd i is cflke to 3S Ban lay ttnyt. - to - '1'he copartnership under the Gnu of.lun - Bon A: Lchnkois, whs didsolved bf mutual ( on - sent on tlie 2d day of January, Utl8. The unwilled biitini ssnl thi'said firm will be :id,ju?te.d by J WIES L EN NEON, who is tlie only one autho rised to settle the business of taid firm. Jan 2T 3t NO I ICE. fjy - The public are hert by cautioned not to trust my wile, Eunice, on tny account, ut I will not pay any debit of her contracting after this date And all persons indebted to ine for rent oi otherwise, are hereby notified not to pay the same to any person but myscii wittinui my wrii ten order. New York, Jan. 27th, 1818 GARRET VAN NOSTRAND. Jan271wj A C l HI). (TJ MR. DELAGB, Milliner from Paris, has the honor of informing the Ladies of thi. citv, that she has just opened a small case of the latest winter Hats received from Paris No. 60 Recdnttreet, 4 doors from Broadway, jan 22 lw GLOBE INSURANCE COMPANY, ft - The annual election for Directors will he hetaut tlieefBce of the Company. No. S'i Wall - street, on Mondny, the second day of February next. The poll to open at li and close at 2 o'clock. Bv order ol the President. RICHARD DUNN, Jun. Sec'ry. jan i tr en t EACLK MANCraCTCRIKO COMPANY. icT - j ne siocKiioiuers oi ine r.aaie munsiac - U,ti'.'',f - i,I,,,.B.n3rare rec)ueted to meet at Uie Bank Coffee House, corner of Pine and William - streets, on I hursaay. the 2Sth Jan. inst. at seven or jes. . together with all and singular the appur o'clock P. M. ou bustuess ol great important e to teum.ces tiiereunto belonging or in anywise ap - the concern. Jan 22129 nertnininir. Oatrd. iew York. Drri - nilM - r 19. fr The creditors ol Mis. SYDNEi HEW - IT 1' are requested to send in Oieir accounts, re - eularlr oroi td. at or lielbre 1st rfnv of Prhrunri next, to Mr. BLAKE, No. 3 Law Buildings, lor the purpose ol having them settled airrcesblv to arrangemenL AM Krsonsneelectins; lo rrsduce Iheir cJaiml ut 10 o'clock in the forenoon of that Ihv. uill he excluded from a participation of the fund which is to ne applied lor uie settlement ol her (li bit. New - fork, January 19th, 1818. GF.OKGK GIBBS,) JOSHUA fcECOR, I A'6wet. Janl912t TAKE NO I ICE. I IVVintn, andalsoaverycapai'ious stone cistern, a uiose inoenieo io uieesiaie oi,, vrimam nogers, deceased, are requested to call upon THOMAS ll AS I LUS, r.qnre, no. UX Wall - street. Lis ted Jan. 19. 1818. ANN ROGERS, Executrix. Jan 21 dim CITV ASSEMBLY. (tr The Managers cive notice that the neit Assembly will take pluce on Thursday, the 29th I inst. Jan is FOR ENGLAND, DIRl.CT. Jy" Letters for His Britannic Majesty's Packet PKINCESS ELIZABETH, (for Falmouth, direct) will be received at the Post - Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 9th day of February. Jan 24 I . w. ll)t)HL, rent. CAM! AUAta MLMOHAULLS JJLS KRA CAIS, IN Esvpte en ltalie, en Ilollande en Alia - Hi maque,cn Prusse, en Pologne, en Espane, n Kussie, en saxe, etc. par r . Koullion, petit. Chaaue peuple. a son tour, a brille sur la terre. 1 ar les Ion, par les aits, et surtout par a euerre VOLT. The above work io two volumes folio, compri - 1 sing an account ol Uie late wart in Europe, era - j twlliihed wiih upwards of forty eleganr engra - vings, among hi n are representations ol tne distinguished battles, fought at Austerlils, Ma - wenfi'tm inimim, 1111,11, ai, wiiii uk , t : ... .... . u.. u l. . i portraits of the principal characters concerned, just received from Paris, and lor tale by PETER A MES1ER, Jan 26 Iw No 28 Wall street. Juvenile tookt, iJtmcted Muni, tit. rTIHEiubscrilier has still oa hand, a general JL and pleasing assortment of bonks lor youth, dissected prints, maps, and cards of amusement. for sale, wholesale or retail, at his store, No. 2 Wilham - streeL Purchaers of particular books, kc. will do well to apply early, as the numbers of some are lov Jan 26 2w THOMAS DARTON. 2? iJVAHHYMKS. IT'OUR experienced Marble Quarrymen are JL wanted immediatelv. None need apply but those perfectly adjuainted with the busi nets i to sucn constant employ ana nucru wa ges will be given. Apply to 34 Beaver - street . TO LET, SliJ A small - siory lire prwi o i uut no r , . . ,, n c fprnnn - 27 Aloore - street, next to me corner Nmth - st. Possession given immediately. Apply as a - bove. no U PkHtf MKHIXO H UOL, CUftU.YitHJibA T TLVE TTS, tu. W ANTED, a quantity of merino wool j also, v v cotton yarn, particularly low numbers, Proposals will also be received for making of sat - tinetts. The manufacturer to be supplied with the materials and the business to be rendered, probably, permanent. A contract is also wanted, for the running ol a cotton mill, of from 1 to 4000 spindles ; the cotton to be supplied, and the yarn to be received at a stipulated price. Apply at 143 Pearl - street, ap stairs. octtJFJtll of or I lo PUBLIC SALES; BY P. L. MILLS CO. ' Thursday, 29lb inst. IX o'dlock, at the auction room, 148 Pearl it. a general ittsortnutnt of fresh imported drygoods. XII o'clock, at the T. C. H. Tlie 4 story Are proof store, corner of SloaU lane in tbe rear of No. 119 Pearl - sL Tbe eel - lar is of the whole size of the houe, and perfectly dry at all timet Uie garret is very roomy and will contain storage at a considerable amount. Its timbers of oak, the roof slate, and every otli' r material of the best kind it has ktrung partition walls, and may be, used for two stores with a very trifling This place was built by the late Mr. Cover neur, and is in every respect as substantial a store as any in this city Its imme iate vicinity to the centre of business, renders i. peculiarly convenient to say alio require an extensive and safe ware - house, connected with their counting - room. BY FRANKLIN 4c MIN'TURN, To - morrow, . . XII o'clock, .it the 1. C. tl. the 4 houses and lots Nos 54J, 643,547 and 649 Pearl - stn et, directly opposite tlie scotch Presbyter ian t hurcb, each lot 2j feet front nod rear and 100 leet ia depth. At the same time, tne elegants story Dncic house and lot No. 7 Chamber st tet, This house and lot are held under a lease from SL James Church for 38 years, from 27th March' 1814 The lot is 26 feet Iront, 476 Itet ia depth. Great part of tbe purchase money may remain on mortgage. At the same time tlie house and lot ol ground No 49 Fratiklin - strt'ct, owned tu.d occepied ly John LaKcar. with the lot in the rear I oa . Leonard - street. The two lots heing 210 lo' t ia depth and in front on Franklin - street 24 Itet and in Iront on Leonard - street '7 feet. At 1 o'clock, in the dining rnooaoMht Mer chants' Hotel, (if not previoutiy disposed oi at private sale) nine years unexpired lease Irotu 1st of May next, ol that spacious and very elrgant establishment now occupied by S ) Gibson, in Wa l - street, well km wn as the Merchants' Hotel, which for convenience as a boarding house, and loroifices, is hardly equalled in thisiountry ; together with the sahles, store - bouses, Kc. For terms and particulars apply at the bar ol the Hotel. Pos - oion at any time between the 1st February and 1st May. Friday, 30th inst. 12 o'clock. T. C. 11. the house and lot No. 52 Maiden Inne ; a well known and long established stand lor business belonging to the eilute of tbe Idle Kobert Curtis, hen k lu utile the. eitata with the heirs. The tale will be pt ry. Terras, tic. may be known by applying as above and at the time oi sale. At the same time, the lot of ground No 558 Pearl - street, the 4th lot above the Scotch I'rts - byterittn Church, near Broadway, being 26 feet in front and rear hd 100 leet ri - i p.. Also, the house and lot of ground No 83 Antliuny - st. five doors from Broadway, containing 6 rooms with fire places the lot it 25 feet front and rear and 51 feet S inches deep on one side and 53 feet S inches on the other side. BY HONES TOWN. Saturday, 3lt of January, at 12 o'clock at thi Tontine Ci'Uee House. SHF.RIFF'SSAI.E. BY virtue of a writ oi fieri facias to me direct ed and ddivered, 1 will expose to sale at the Tontine Coffee House, on Saturday, the 31st day ol January next, at 12 o'clock at noon. a", the right, title and interest of John Kane, of, in and to all that ceituin LOT, piece or parcel of LAD with the buildings thereon erected, situate, lying and beint; in the second ward, in tbe city of New Vork, now in the ocmpatrn or tne said John Kane, boaoded at h Mows, vis. in front oa PenrI street twenty - five feet, on the northeasterly side by the hoae or lot now or lately owned by Isaac Burr, and now occupied by Stephen Gorhana. two hundred feet, on tlie southwesterly side by i t , hmiu unrf lot ol c - rounri nrrur nriuninl i s hamcs Amory two hundred feet, and on the rear 1 lt. he the same mom l17. JAMES L. BbLL, Sheriff. 1 dec 19 Ids I be above prerones consist of a 3 story bricK dwelling house, with a brick hack building ad joining nod communicating therewith, tk 1 - 2 stories hitsb, ai.d hunt in the modere style tlie whole entnnine ninety inree leei ir. m iroui to rear, and contamin 6 rooms with Ore places, 3 rooms without, and garret rooms for sciw am, m'sc 'iw .""nr neain, pom completely sueiveo, snu weu auapi - ed for an extensive dry good business 1 be kitchen is spacious sod near it it an exctlltnt wine and cider vault, with a very convenient cool larder ; both buildings bate tlated roofs in excellent condition. In the yard it well of fine :. conveilienc - el Dumeroui for an ad vertisement. In the rear of this lot and front ine oo Cliff tL It a new 3 story brick store, boilt as a dwelling house, with hign ceilings and two stacks of chimneys ; can be finished at a small expense, suitable for a genteel family As the street has late ly been widened, the situatinn has become a ve - rv nlcatant and a very eligible one. The lots are ry pleasant and a very eligible one. sufficiently deep to be divided into two separate tenements. N. B. Tbe premises may be viewed every day from 12 till 2 o'clock P. M. It is believed a laree proportion of the moneT may remain on mortgage a number of years. flew - fern, Jan. 17, loin. . treoi GLASSWARE 15 hhds. Eng. Glassware, consisting of Wines eyd '''amblers, for sale by CHAS. L. OGJJEN st ABK. OGDEN, jan zz vv atnmgion - tt. JTy House and Ut M. 118 PtaH - ttrttt. um This valuable situated Store and Dwel ii7ie uoiite will be sold at aoctioo at the Tontine CofiVe House, oa Wednesday (to morrow.) i be store is now occupied by MessiS. Arthur Tsi pan ti Co. Tbe house is a convenient residence lor a family, and may be converted into upper store and omces at small exptnee. r or particulars ap ply lo the auctioneers, or ai pn. vran siiecif L. MILLS f O. Ian 27 Auctioneers. it . - .VJ - V . mIs) The 3d day 'ol February isrst, at twelve o'clock, will he sold st public auction, at tne I oo o .iov, will wcoiu .. uiMI wrs. tme Collee House, oy nvonnm . '""' " MY, tl.e two story brkk front bouse, bakery, table and lotoi gmond, o 1J4 ReedHtreet, tbe fourth house below lludxm - street The lot is f rt .ml rear, and 75 ft. deep, and is rent - el this year for 4fit) snd tases. Terms, which .ill he liberal, will be made known at the time of sale, or bj the auctioneer, on application. Title indisputable. Jan 27 tds ton SALE, An anexpired lease cf 4 years from the 1i i May next, of the bouse and lot no. XVI Broad way. coiner of Reed street,oppoite Wash ington Hall. The lower part is divided into two stores, c. miil. tely fitted with shelves, tc. and are eligible situations for business of any kind, r or terms apply at the Collector's office. No. 2, oa Urn basement flr of tbe Citv Hail, between tbe hoe's of 10 and 2, until the id day of February next. Jan Tl ot jf'X COUN I K V SEAT Oft SALr, I:!:fl.4t WaUabout PomL Long - bland, late the rmdeoce of capL Lambert Scbenck, deceased. Ou the premises is a large spacious dwelling - honse and out - bnildings in proportion 24 acres land in the highest stats ol cultivation ; (iv 20 acres of wood - land if required by the pur - .k.... rn. rrlimilari nnul r til Leonard Bleecksr, 37 WaU - sL Martin Scbnk,juu'r. SNsw - lorsX 76 Soalb - street, ) Martin Schenk, WaUabout. Jan 27 1m t TOLL I. T;X Trom 1st February outd May out, a par - j. rt - id two bed - rooms in tbe upper pan oi as. 151 Chamber - street, wiih kitchen, sre. cc Enquire on tbe prtmirer. SiMZi w

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