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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, January 28, 1818
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STW lh TmJml Urdieal RentuitorO. Com tOuUtt prmeeti Carfote The edi - tare kivuif boea sufficiently apprised that the ,tmbi nMdd fraa ihMi torn account of this cats. Um hraentabU Urmiuation of which has spread such a settled gloom over the British ajipire i immediately, on teaming that tb physicians who attended it did not maa to publish any statement (a resolution in Um propriety of which, under Um arcumstancet, they pence uy coincide) strenuously endeavored to obtain eve - . ry Information respecting it, born such sources M coulJ be depended oa. . Their exertions hare feeea successful, and they are bow enabled to . presect a report to tbetr readers, which nay m rvrAraea as stneur authentic - The Driacest Charlotte, prsviotu to ber coo " Caen en t, was in good health, and immediately under Um eye of her accoucheur, sir Richard A AL 111 fil . f ,. MJf SrOSl, DOIWANUblnwnilwumiw p to tha moment in which the was taken HI . Vr. Beilbe, also, was u attendance, cnteny, we hare been informed, on account oi a promise acted from him by Um princess, that he would M near hear on Uui occasion, tier ipmn were excellent, and she anticipated only the most favorable iesae of the event which was hourly M - Motad ' Dr. State arrived at Clermont at two o'clock in the morning of Wednesday, but did not then see the princess ; and, at Um cause ef this baa . been grossly mis - stated, we think it proper, in Um iastincatio of an honorable man, and to . s.: - !.! naitel member at the nroCsssion at UlWff w , sir Richard Croft is well known to be, testate, that we bare been informed, from a quarter ' which we canst credit, that it was proposed by air Richard to Dr. Sua, that be should then be - introduced to the princees ; but both Dr. Sims , 'tmn self and Dr. Baillie thought bis presence at that base could not be productive ol any benefit, bat mid atitaU the patient. Dr. Sims, there fore, declined eaterier Um lyinr - ln - room. No rensiiltstina wae at this period necessary, as the labor was videntl? advinclor , though slowly; ' bat, an hearing the statement of the sitaation of wm princess from sir Micaara croit, vt. uni . eescurred in the opiaioe that every thing should ' MkntvaaUlre.' , A bowl aooa ea Wednesday it was first inspect - . ed that the chad aught be dead, or it might be tnram a stau of sarpendexi animation At Um tormriaUon of 60 hours from the ct . jneariTasiat f the labor, Um princess was delivered, by natural efforts, of a still - born null caua. . Ths prlnoess wat now as wall eempoted as la dies) anally are immediately after delivery ; and i continuM as until a quarter before 12 o'clock - , takmf frequently (mall tappiies of nourishment ; bat at thktiiM she became restless and rather talkative, and complained of being sick. She . van tod, bat nothing was ejected, except a little camphor Julep, which she had taken ; and at thii , atom eat her mum was nrsn, steady, and under a swnarea. A do at nau past ix. However, we breathiof became impeded the respiratory or - fans were evidently andar the influence of spasm, and continued in that state until she breathed hu last, at half part t o'clock, exactly 6 hours and a half after her delivery. In this afflicting state of the case, Dr. Baillie and Dr. 8ima who had been called into the room when the breathing first became affected, Baited their Judgment and their skill with that of air Richard Crofts, bat in vain, to avert the impending calamity. Art proved unavailing, although every thing which it could devise, and which experience could susrest, was attempted. - On the 7th Nor. the body was opened by sir Everard Home, assisted by sir David Dundas, ,Mr. Brande, and the apothecary of prince Leo - r Id's household: and, we believe the following a pretty accurate statement of thcappearances these reotlemen observed : The membranes of the brain presented their natural aspect. The vessels of the pia mater were less distended with blood than was to be expected. The ventricles of the brain contained very little fluid. The plexus choroides was of a pale color, and the substance of the brain had its natoral texture. The pericardium contained two ounces of red colored fluid. The heart itself and the lungs were in a natural state. The stomach contain, ed nearly three pints of liquid. The colon was distended with air. The abdominal viscera were ia a natural state The foregoing narrative throws very little light npoa the immediate cau?e of the death ol the princes. The fluid found in the pericardi um might have obstructed the due action of the heart ; but it if not easy to account for its presence there, nor to conceive bow so large a quantity could have been effused during the abort space of time that supervened to delivery, before the breathing became impeded. Imagination has been busy, and a phalanx of ca sual circumstances hare been arranged to account for the dissolution 1 some of which are an - generously and too unguardedly, not to say maliciously, calculated to attach blame to her attendants ; bat we mast deprecate such expositions, as nnjust to the Individuals concerned, and in no degree honorable 10 the profession. We have been Informed that the whole of the royal family are liable to spasms of a violent description t and to this hereditary predis ositioa, and Um lncreasd excitability of the amiable sufferer, owing to ta - t rdioos nature of the labor, are we left to ascribe an event, which has de - etreyed the flattering hopes of Um nation, and lopped off the fairest branch from the stem of its xaonmlucai locctuion. WED.NESDAT, JANUARY 8. - K baa been suggested that I was less explicit than I asight have been, in the article entiUed Tfu Ftdtrmtiilf in last evening's paper, respecting the saeasorandma there mentioned as left by Gen Hamilton, designating ths respective authors of that work s I, therefore, for the entire satisfaction of Um public, now state, that the memorandum referred to is ia General Hamilton's own hand writing, eras left byhiea with his friend judge Benson, Um week before bis death, and was, by the latter, deposited in the dry library; where it new is, and may be seen, patted ia one of the volumes of TV Fcderulut. Extractor a letter to me editor, dated u NEWARK, Jan. 24, 1818. M In addition to the remarks that yon made in Friday's paper, retpectiqg Um Owego and Mil - ford Lottery, I will thank yon to add, that were are only 10,000 tickets, which, at $30eachnake 30,000; that there is Um capital ram of S70, - 000 divided into prises, leaving but $30,000 and the 15 per cent deduction; making together on ly 70,500 for Um managers ; oat of which they are obligated to pay considerable toward the read. The adventurer in examining the supe - ' nor advantages of the lottery, will find that there are 188 chances in 10,000 of a man's drawing naore than the first cost, and 46 chances of mak leg more than 55 profit, and 6 chances of mak log more than J 320; provided he purchases 1 ticket before they advance. When it is known bow particular the managers of the Jersey lot' teries have been in drawing lotteries heretofore, and their punctuality in paying Um prixes, I think it must tact. JERSEY - BLUE." f W - reieadUMfoUowior rressnUxent the grand - jury, at the last court of general sessions, to the serioas attention of the legislature at Albany j and hope soma able, public spirited msmber will not fed to make it the subject of hit earnest exertions ia the cause of humanity. PRESENTMENT. The grand inquest of the body of the people of the city and connty of New - York, now an session, present to the Judges of the court of general sessions of the peace, held in and for Um city and county of Nsw - York - Thai bciD djwiraus ol aacertaininx the effect of the law pawed by the boa. the legislature of Um state of New - Tor, at weir ibsi seaNoo, asm - tied u an act for the relief of persons Imprisoned for debts leas than 425 in Um city and connty of New - York, passed April 15, 18;7, they have called before than Um sheriff of the city and county af Hew York, in order to receive from that effioar the reqaiaite mibrmatioa, and that it gppean from bis evidence, that previous to Um exacting of Um said law. the number of debtors inoanfinemeat, and supported, (as well as tbeir belplen families,) by the chanty of Um good people of the city, upon an average of two years, ending in Um month of May last past, amounted to 1090 per month that from the month of Jtfay last, (Um time which the said law went into operation in this city,) to Um first day of January instant, us average is 498 per month, making a diSsrence of 592 led by the hand of charity ; and that there is no person in confinement on process issuing from the assistant justices courts in the city and county of New - York, except those committed as freeholders, and as trespas sers, whose cases do not come under Um mean - in; of said act. And the said sheriff hath fur ther stated, that, in his opinion, the extention of the statute abovemeotiooed to all cases not ex ceeding $ 100, would prevent a great deal of misery and moral evil, for various reasons, which his former situation, as keeper of Um jail of this city, has enabled him to investigate and ascer tain. Therefore. Um grand inquest, conaiderin that the present order of things concerning poor debtors is susceptible of further improvement. and that neither the court nor Um corporation of taecity can oner any legal remedy en the premises, nave resolved to request bis honor Um mayor to transmit to his excellency Um nveraor 01 the state the facts aboremeoUooed, with Um prayer that they shall be communicated by him to the boo. Um legklatere, to obtain from that patriotic body the desired improvement of our civil laws cwncerning debtors. By Um law of the state, the attorney, m every suit, is liable for the fees due to Um officers of the court ; and a law making it obliratory on Um plaintiffs and their attornies to provide also for the support of the deKDdaat, while m cooaneaMnt, would be productive of the most beneficial and salutary uecu (Signed) RENSSELAER HAVENS, Foreman. MAT. L. DAVIS, Secretary. New - York, Jan. 17, 1818. M Put tut the light Shakrpeare. Mr, Coleman While walking home last even ing, with all the caution which a very tender re gard for my neck may be supposed to have ex cited, I was astonished at the dexterity exhibited by one of our wtinutnt efdarhuu, in obeying the above injunction of the poet Notwithstand ing the glassy surface of the street, he skipped from side to side with all imaginable alacrity ; and the application of his ladder to the lamp post, and of bis moulh to the teick, was but ths work of a moment in fact, the exertions of the lamp - lighters were totally eclipsed by bis, and justice requires that such meritorious conduct should be duly noticed. The behavior of the Moon, however, on this occasion, was infamous (0 a degree instead of making her appearance, as in duty bound, (vide contractor's almanac), she continued wrapped up in clouds and dark nest; anu the consequences may be very injuri ous to the character of our city, if the affair is not placed in a proper light : I, therefore, sir, hall hold myself in readiness to state to any grand jury, that the "darkness viiille," for which our streets have so long been notorious, is not the result of inattention in lighting the lamps, but that it may be attributed solely to the scan daious behavior of ths Moon, in not shining after they are put out ! Yours, ice. J. T. COMMUNICATION. A Hint to Ik SuptrinlendaU.Tba wood laid up in the yards of this city, with a tew ex ceptions, is owned by cartmen, whs) are allowed to load without an inspector, ceasequsatly never put too much of their own wood ea the cart It is well known many of them purchase with one Mt of chains an J sell with another that is, they ride from the boats to the yard, with chains the legal length, and sell to Um inhabitants with chains two or three links shorter. A CITIZEN. 1st Commow Cowaciu Jan. It. 1818. The city Inspector has the honor to present an AdimiM Report of Deaths, in the citv and county 01 new 1 org, 1 or tne year, iai. Respect fully submitted, UKOKfc GE CUMING. Cilr Inspector. Annual Report of Interments in the city and comtyof New - York icommencinr on the first day of December, I817;sbewins the ages, sex and diseases of the persons who died. ' Men. 763 ; Women, 607 : Boy 67 J; Girls 484 ; Total, 26J7. Of this Butnber 574 died of Con sumption. Jtget. One year and under, 599 ; between one andtwo.zus; between two and Ore, 142; be tweea five and ten, 88 ; between ten and twenty. 146 ; between twenty and thirty, 313; between thirty and forty, 314: between forty and fitly, 268 t between fifty and sixty, 178 ; between six tv and seventy, 110 '.between seventy and eich tv. 96 ; between eighty and ninety, 61 t between ninety and one hundred, 13 ; one hundred and spwards, I. aTbere died in the month of January, 214; Febraary, 213 : March. 188 ; April, 186 ; May, 209; Jane, 184; July 31S; Au - ust, 256; September, 6 t October, 222; November, 195; December, 195. Dutatu. Abscess 13, aneurism 2, apoplex 2 46. asnhvxia 2. asthma IX burned or scalded l cancer 9, caries 1, casualty 12, catarrh 7, child bed 19, cholera morbus 34, colic 6, compresstun of the brain 1, consumption 574, convulsions 176, cramp in the stomach 4, diarrboae 47, drinking cold water 2, dropsy 73, dropsy in the chest 22, dropsy in the bend 87,rtrowned 38, aysentery 1 1, epilepsy 3, erysipelas 4, fever 12, bilious sever 4, necuc lever lanammaiory lever , imerminrui lever 10, peerpal sever 1, poind lever 1, remit - taut fever 23, scarlet fever 3, typhus fever 162, malignant fever 1, infantsle flax 11, fracture 1, rostn 3. (out S, ten vel 2, haemorrhage 1 2, haemoptysis C, herpes 2, hives or croap 60, hysteria X, imrouice ill. inlanlicide 3. infl.imations of tne bladder 3, of the bowels i4 - of the hrain 18. of roe coesx w 1, 01 tne uver 41, of the stomach 7, 10 - fluensa 1, insanity 1 1, iotemperaace 40, killed cr majocrea 9, leprosy i, locfcedjaw 3, lumber abscess 1, manslaughter 1, marasmus 30, measles 20, menorrhagia '., mortioratina 19, nervous dis - ease 10, old ae 96, palsy 29, peripneumonia 12, pleurisy 87, pnenmonia trnbodf - s 7. ou.ncv 9. rheumatism 4, rickets 2, rupture 1, St. Anthony's fire 2, schirus of the Uver 3. schrnfula or kinsrs evil 14. small pox 14, sore throat 1. snasmsS. sprue 20. still born HOistnoe I. strar.cnrv 1. sod - dca death 8, suicide 15, sjphilei 7, tables mcsea - s)fl'tericaS9.tettting S 'fOt unknown 30, whooping courh 14, worms 29. aIaaui The City Inspector respectfully .reports o "f, p. . .insMMnt of the deaths, in the city and connty of New - York, for the year 1817, amounting to two thousand five hundred and twenty se - Ia 1816 the nember of deaths exceeded thatof ths last year hy two hunorea ana tweive. small pox in the former year was very fatal, ha - ring carried off one hundred and seventy nine persons ; whereas in the latter, fourteen only died of that complaint. This circumstance may account for the present decrease in deaths. It is to be lamented, however, that this fatal complaint has again visited our city, and if the exertions now employed fail in checking its learfu progress, it is to be apprehended that the next ra mvirl will nratent a UlFlaBChoJ V Picture of deaths, which might have been avoided, but for the persevering obstinacy of many wno reject vaccination. The consumptive cases, as usual, occupy i MMiibnhU nun in the list of deaths, not how ever, in n greater proportion than was formerly presented ; the same causes continue to produce the same effects, in this widely extended com' nlaint. It is a matter of great consolation that our citv h km avennted from that dreadful com plaint Um fellow Fever , that whilst other cities tha rnntmant avnerienced its destructive visi tation, we, under the precautionary measures of a vigilant board of health, aiuea oy n superin tending providence, nave ercapcu m miuicn Testation. It ma v not be imnrorjer to remark, that a) though the deaths were fewer the last year than in 1816, yet more persons dit d of old age than in the preceding year; ninety - six persons quietly departed, among whom was a woman born in tins city, at the advanced age of 103 ; a proof, ifany were wantinr, that this climate is as friendly to ' I . I . . a. .1 longevity as any oiner, ana uiai u nuiiuucu.c alone it is attributable that we have not many such instances to record. GEORGE CUMING, City Inspector, From tiu AUxmndnt Aivtrtiitr, Jan. 21. One of those bills which are rarely known to furnish matter for long debate, gave, yesterday rise to a discussiou which lasted till past four o' clock. It was an appropriation bill for military purrees: and nrobablv would have experienced bttle opposition if it were not for an amendment of it proposed by Air. Lowndes, tne chairman ot Um committee of ways and means, who reported K, una as oe saiu, at me uenre v uiai vum nut - tee. The amendment went to strike ont a clause which provided a sum of thirty - five thousand dollars for ths payment of brevet oracers. Mr, Mercer opposed this proposition with much ani mation and warmth. lie deprecated it as a vi olation of ths fitith pledged by that boose to the army, and as such not strictly correct or honorable. In Um moment of argent distress, at the commencement of the war, covernmentbcld out this promise of brevet rank not only with its honors, but with its emoluments to induce eur citisens to enter into Ike army ; and now, the war being over, and there being utile or no oc casion for their services, they were to be cast off without their pay, and their claims repelled, and in that bouse baffled with metaphysical distinc tions. The act which passed in 1812, held out, as an incentive, brevet rank to officers in cases where they distinrnished themselves ; and par ticularly specified that they should nave the pay annexed to the rank when employed in posts or districts or departments separate from their own regiments. Mr. Mercer dwelt with great emphasis on the gallant and meritorious conduct of the army, and said that it was not so much for the reward as for the example he pushed the rights or the brevet officers, which were so manifest that he defied any ingenuity to give a construction of the act of 1812 that could defeat them. Till that law should be repealed the committee of finance were bound to provide for the payment of the sums it promised ; and bad no right whatever to propose to the bouse to cancel the debt in the manner now attempted. He was, he said, one of the last who would agree to a reduction of the army. He even thought the amy established for the peace was much too small : yet he would rather reduce tha army than repeal the law of 1812. Mr. Mercer was supported in his opposition to the amendaient by general Harrison, Mr. Ogle, Mr. Baldwin and general crayth, who were replied to by Mr. Clay, Mr. Calbraith, Mr. Serjeant, general Reedand Mr. Taylor. The observations of Mr. Clay are deserving of particular notice. He said, as nearly as we could collect it, to the el - fect that a spirit prevailed of making the army a paramount object of national reward and ag - grandisomsnt, and of a gnitituee without any reasonable limits, as if the obligations it had conferred were such as the country could, scarcely repay, and as if the country were made lor the army: but this extravagant spirit HE would ever oppose knowing that the army was made for the country. From what was constanUy heard, one would suppose that they who composed the army were dragged into it reluclanUy, and that the nation had contracted when their services was over to retain them on their pay list for life. But every one knew that, by their original contract tbev were to be no longer retained than should be found necessary for the prosecution of the war; at ths end of which it was waU understood that they were to return back again to civil life. On these terms they were called in and paid during the service. He expressed bis ardent hope that he should never see in this country daring peace such an army as would keep it nt all times prepared for going to war, being convinced, and he avowed it with regret, that it would end in the destruction of the liberties of the country. Mr. Clay repelled most successfully every insinuation that the military bad not received, to the full measure of their deserts, rreat as those deserts were, every reward, whether of gratitude, applause, the love of their fellow - ci - tixens, or pecuniary gratification, which they tould reasonably hope for. Poets, historians, legislatures, theatrical companies, corporate bodies, and civic assemblies, in every part of ths anion, all concurred in honoring and liberally re warding them. He denied that the grant of; brevet bad pay annexed to it by the law, unless where the officer acted in a separate post and yet what was the consequence of oven that indulgence.' Why, Um war department was incessantly importuned by brevet officers to place them at separate posts not because their services were wanted there; but that they might receive the pay annexed to that situation. To correct, and at one stroke core this grievance. was, he raid, the object of the motion. That if the public exigencies required the services of those officers at separate posts, they were, under the act of 18 12, entitled to pay, he would be the last to deny But to their right to be paid when they got there, solely by their own importunity, be for one, would never agree. It was a flagrant abase, and ooght to be corrected. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. City Gaxette Office, Charleston, Jan. 21 noon. ( From South - A merit A valued friend has furnished us with the subjoined interesting intelligence of the warlike operations in South - America, received from his correspondent at Kingston, (Jam.) under date of the 8th Dec. From a knowledge of both the parties, we have no he sitation in vouching for its authenticity. From the same source we have been possessed of a most eloquent and patriotic address from Doctor Joseph Cortes Afadariaga, canon of Chili, tie. fcc. to his compatriots of Costa Firme. This article is too voluminous for oar limits to - day, but we shall lay it before the public as soon as possible. Very important news from ths kingdom of New Granada, and Caithagena its provincial seaport. fc'amano, lately ntmsd vice roy, anJ retiding t Santa Fe da Bogota, the capital of tha kingdom, officially baa communicated to Montalvo, thaice - roy of the said kungaom, exercuuux ui rnu - tumi of said office, until the aforesaid Sama - no bis socctasor, may assume the command ; that : iamnalhla r him tonrar to sustain the kinr - dom, after having sent a division to the plains of Casanare, Which was completely acsiroyeu "j Um patriots t only Um commander ef the same and 17 soldiers escaping. A second one was immediately afterwards dispatched to said plains, and only its chief and two drummers could cs pane, from this still severe loss. Morillo writes that he is about to execute the officer who commanded a division, that shame fullv retreated from 300 Independents, when those of his own consisted of 5000 men. In Santa Fe a woman was about to be execu ted, in conseauence of there havin been inter cepted a detailed statement of tha Spanish troops which were in said puce, ana wuicn sne nau ior warded to tha Patriots in Casanare. Brigadier Cupini and a lieut col. had arrived at Carthasrena : the only remains of the defeat at Margarita, and said that they were on their route for Peru the former to take command as reneral. On the 6(h of October ult. was taken the province of PamDlona. hv the Republicans, and where the Snaniards where comoletelv defeated This news is confirmed by a sergeant that had arrived at Carthagena, and wounded in Uie said action. In Carthagena! there were collecting a don linn, for the nnri - hnie of nrovisious of every de scription, to be in readiness in case a siege should be established by the Patriots against said city. On the 17th of Nov. and almost every day since that period, three placards were put in different parts or uie city, demanding tne neaas m montalvo Torres, the Governor, and that of Cano, Judge Advocate of said plnce. These placards are supposed to have been stuck up by the sol diersand subalterns, amone whom there was a reneral discontent. Patrols were constantly era ployed in parading the streets, in order to take down tiiese placards. Recent neu$ foom the South Srat. By a cm - tieman lately arrived from Guayaquil and Panama, I am informed by him, in perton, that the army of Chili, in July last, disembarked at Africa in lat. 18, 25, s. to unite themselves to tne powerful armies of Buenos Ayres, wuich had already entered the kingdom of Peru and that the Royalist army in said province had capitulased to the Patriots and that in conse quence of this glorious triumph, all tiie armies were on their march for Lima. Casco, the former capital of that kingdom, bad already become independant, which excited great a larm in Lima, its modern capital, which it is generally believed here, must have fallen long since. The ports of Limi and Guayaquil, are strictly blockaded by the Patriots, who it is said, have upwards of eidity vessels of war i among which are frigates, brigs and' other smaller craft. Not a single vessel has arrived from Lima to Panama, since September, and it is positively believed that the immensely la crative commerce which has been carried on between this bland and the Pacific Ocean, has now drswn to a close, for the Independents armed vessels have even appeared in front of Panama on the 24th of October i and it is sup posed the Patriot flag will float in triumph from Uape Horn to the nortbenmost point in Vinezuela, within the space of six months. From tht Columbian, of Monday. Communication. Ominous. On Friday morning last, at 4 o' clock, the New - York delegation of immacuiates, (the nuier only excepted,) took their scats in the tare and started for Albany. " Each hero look'd as if all was in his heart, and he in !" On drove the stage ; Sharp was the word ; but, alack ! this load of political consequence, and other baggage, proved too heavy for leather and iron, and horse - flesh ; and O ! wonderful and pi teous to tell, wheu ttie vehicle and its cargo arrived opposite the door of .Vr. f'uk ! the advo cate of Mr. Noah, xnlht cote of the italen Utter, (and the Di. At. who is sent for to Washington !j down she came crash ! trunks, politicians. assembly men's bums, fur - caps, instructions of the general committee, bald pates, saddle - bags, addle - pates, mockasins, resolutions at Martliog's, id vice of Jonathan the chairman, files of the Advocate, discoveries of plots, evidence of trea son, new constitution of Tammany, port - folios, denunciations of De Witt Clinton, petitions for office and for pardon, canal calculations, plans to conduct caucusses, portraits of the attorney - general, projects for a new government, lettenvith broken ualt, pamphlets of Noah, a pair of can - vass - backs, stone - jugs of whiskey, with two kegs of old Brom's beer and a pewter mug t all came down, smash ! " Oh what a fall was there, my country men!" Ongh !" says old Paddy. In what part of tne united States do we five exclaims the iron - monger! "Give me an ounce of civit, good apothecary says the lovely young lucifcr. Where's the republican alderman ?" says the Cccntics - slip erncer. O my prophetic soul I" says the whip - maker; " This is one of De Witt Clinton's tricks ! He's at Uie bottom of all this, genUemea take my word for it; the stage - drivers and stage - proprietors, and the horses are all " bribed we shall be upset, broke down and sent to the devil, before we ret back from Alba ny ; what a ketUe of fish we shall make of it ! O dear O dear ! how far is it to Albany, driver."' Department of State? January 23. $ NOTICE. By a communication to this Department, it appears, that Cushion Lapham, James Ferine, and Michael W earns, who claim to be citiiens of the Uui ted States, are confined in prison at Malaira, in Spain, upon a charjre of piracy. It is stated, that they formed part of the crew of the brig I nomas, capt. WebD, winch sailed from New - York on or about Uie first of July last, for Uie Havana That, after encountering some disasters at sea, and their vessel's springing aleak, they fell in with and were received on board a Tucuman privateer, being forced by its situation to abandon Uieir own vessel That not afterwards falling in with any ships bound to the United States, they continued on board the Tucuman privateer till she captured a Spanish polacre brig, wbich Captain Wilson, the master of the privateer, proposed to them to take charge of, and navigate to Buenos Ayres That, with the approbation of Uieir captain, Webb, they undertook this, and while performing the voysge, were captured by a Spanish letter of marque, and carried into Malaga. Lapham is stated to be a native of Boston (bis father residing at this time at Bradford, on Merrimack river) and to have a wife and children at Stamford, in Connecticut ; James Perrin to be a native of New - York, and Michael Weams, of New - Jersey. It becomes important for the defence of these persons upon their trial, tliat documents duly authenticated by a a Spanish con - sal, should be obtained and transmitted as speedily as possible to this department, to be forwarded to the consul of Uie United States at Malaga, establishing the facts above stated, or any others that may prove advantageous to ths prisoners. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 27. A coloured infant. Was left at a door in Dock - street, on Sunday night last, by some inhuman monster, and was not discovered until the next mnrnin, at which the child had expired. The coroner was called, and an inquest held - over the dead body. The officers of justice, nod Uie citisens in general, ought, ia our opinion to use great exertions to discover the wrtrh who tins been guilty of the murder ofiier own child. Snots fall Onr streets are now filled with Snow : and from the solid frost, on which it rpji. we have tiie promise of a loos continued snell nf of fine sleighing. The City Inspector reports fie death of 61 per f liL. i7k tnii tflthdavof Janua - ry, 1818, of the following diseases : V . ' - li. a . .nnl nil In MM - Apoplexy i camm. m v. - yr vaisioos x i aropsv . yvj . - ver 1 1 fever, typhus; hives orcroop f I iniam - matioa of the bowels 1 , inflammation of the chest 5 : intemperance 2 ; killed or murdered 1 ; mea - - i ' . i j i . n - .mnL.mnnw . rheumatism t small noa r t still bom 4 1 tabes meeentenca 3 wnoopins; cougu wmiu . , - ' l - u ! 1 . inftintiririi - 1. Of the are of 1 year and unaer, is , the age oi I ana x years, - , " - . - . tif.len e. 4a and 30.7: 30 and 40,8; 40 - i mT A . m - A C . K mnrl 111. ".... - 1 1 itn a . on 1 Tfl n. 1I anil and oti, z ; on ana ou. t , w i 80. 2 : 80 and 90, 1 ; 90 and 100, 1. GEORGE CUMING, City Inspector. , DIED, Last eveninr. Mr. John Baker, azed 41. The friends and acquaintance of the family, and the firemen generally, particularly no. o, are requested to attend hit funeral to - morrow after noon from no. 7 Chapel - street In SmiUifield, (R. I.) on Tuesday evening last, after an excruUating illness ot touraavs, Mr. Samuel Clarke, a venerable and respecta ble Inhabitant of that town, in the 74th year of his sge. Tilt circumstances which led to the death of Uiis worthy man, were truly distres sing. It appears from the narrative or an in tellieent rrentleman. w ho was on the spot im mediately after the accident happened, that on the eveninir of the 2d inst. when the fami - ly were retiring to bed, a large kettle of boil ing water, intended tor some culinary purposes on the succeeding morning, was taken from the fire, and inadvertently placed in such a manner, that the legs, in a state of in tense heat, came in contact with the joist which supported the hearth and the flames were further communicated to the wood work of the kitchen, the blaxe of which being disco vered by a young man who lodged in an ad ioininir room, the alarm of fire was immediate ly given, when Uie deceased hastened to the spot and while in the act ot attempung io extinguish the flumes, the floor gave way, and he would have been precipitated into the cellar, but for Uie exertions of Uie young man who was present the kettle of water at the same instant Oversetting in a boiling state, the whole of its contents were thrown on Uie body of Uie unhappy sufferer, who was stalled in a most shoe t m c manner Medical aid was pro cured as soon as practicable, hut the wounds were too deeply inflicted to admit a remedy ; he laniruwhed until Tuesday night, in extreme distress, when he was relieved by death. ErEJfWQ POST MJRLVE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Eelizabetb, Tinkham, Dublin k,. morewood. Brig Aorning Star, Allen, Martinique Henry Harbeck. ARRIVED THIS FOtESOO. Sch James, Bartlett, 26 days from Aux Cayes, with coffee, Ac. to A P Kd wards, Smith iL Kerno - chan, J Adams, G S Mumford, A Bell, PScnyeo, snd D. Jitrksin. Left Jan. 1, brig Maryland, Knapp, of Baltimore, disch. ; st hrs. Peace and Plenty, iust arrived from Newburyport ; Constel lation, of Philad. disch ; Happy - Jack, Parsons, sold : shin Frederick. Davis. Portsmouth, disch : schrs New - Packet, Newburyport, do: Mary, of. at Marys; sloop Hope, Munry, irom notion, bound to leeward. Jan 1. on Aux cayes naroor. saw a brig from New - York, belonging to Smith k Kemocnan. bound in. Uth,iatX7 31, long jtj, spoke schr. Ann, Collins, 20 days from Boston, ror Mobile. BELOW, Ship Zodiac, ymar, 60 days from Liverpool, to J. O'den, owner. Bnz Boxer, Kreevort, 1 16 days from canton, with teas. c. to J. J. Astor. Schooner Fenwick, from Charleston, to Van - dewatcr. Wheeler Si Co. CHARLESTON, Jan. 20 - Arrived, schooner Maria, Latham, 8 days from IN l ork. 1 1th ins t. off Cape May, spoke ship Telegraph, Caswell, 6 days from this' port for NY ork. Cleared, French ship Ville de Rouen, Le Pont, Havre de Grace. In Uie offiner, 2 brig? a schr and 2 sloops. The British brig Prince Regent, 23 days from Jamaica, took a pilot on Sunday. THEATRE. frT In conseauence of the non - arrival of Mr, Incledoo, the Theatre is necessarily closed till further notice. THE FORUM Will be opened on Friday evening next, 30th instant, at the Assembly Room, City Hotel, when the following question will be discussed, " Oucht tht United Statu to recognize the Inde pendence of South A merica :n 1 he discussion will commence at 7 o'ciocx precisely. A Ticket will admit a lady and gentleman. The surplus proceeds of that evening are appropriated to the AVto - lork female Auixl - anre Society." Tickets to be had at D. Longworth's, Park, and at the door, at 2j cents each. Jan 23 3t 07" The second anniversary of the"Auxilia rv New - York Bible and Common Praver Book Society ,M was held in Trinity Church, on Mon day evening, the lotn intt. The minutes of the last anniversary being read and approved, the an' nual report was tlien read by Wm. E. Duoscomb Eso. Whereupon, on motion of the Rieht Rev, Bishop Hohart, seconded by the Rev. Mr. Lyell, tne following resolutions were unanimously a - dopted : Resolved, That this Society receive, with much atisfaction, the very interesting Report of the Board of Managers. Resolved, That the thanks of the bociety be presented to Uie Board of Managers, for the zeal and fidelity with which they have prosecuted the objects of the institution. Resolved, That in the opinion of this Society, the increasing number of Episcopalians, who are scattered through tiie new settlements, and the wants of many in other parts of our country, render necessary augmented seal to provide them with the means of religious knowledge and worship, by the distribution of the Bible and Book of Common Prayer ; and that these considerations, while they afford to Uie socie'y, and to the managers, a powerful stimulus toper - severance, under Uie divine blessing, in their labors, will, they trust, . induce tho friends of religion, and Uie church, to co - operate with them io Uieir pious and benevolent work, by extending to Uie institution their patronage and be - uificence. The sorietv then nroreeded f o the election of a board of officers and managers for the ensuing year when the following geutlemea were selected, via : Edward N. Cox, President. Luther Bradish, 1st Vice President Dr. Gerardus A. Cooper, 2d do do. Floyd Smith, 3d do. do. Wm. E. Dunicomb, Corresponding Sec'ry. Wm. Ooderdook, Jun. Recording Sec'ry. John Smyth Rogers, Treasurer. Wm. H. Harrison, Agent. MARACKRS. Dr. John Watts. Jun Chas. Nichols Corns. R. Duffie, John Anthon, Bcnj. HaigM, Thos. N. Stanford. Lewis Loutrel, Ounrxn P. Campbell, John H. Hill, Chas. Keeler Alexis P. Proal, David A. Glarktoa John J. Lambert Chas. W. Sandlbrd John M. Atpinwall Murray Hodman terns ft it, tirnry Barmy On motion, ordered thntthe nmceedinsrs of this evening be published in the di i!y paptrs, and that 1250 copies of the Annual Ri - c - or'. together with the proceedings, be published in the form of, a pamphlet, for the use of the Society. vj uiucr DI MM' OOCICTy, WM. OADERDOSR, Jun. , Recording Secretary. B. Ilaisbt. Esq. the former t!nrrnmiHin" Secretary, having declined a te - election. JOB X3 it. rig PRINCB GEORGE. ny Ata meetmr ef several of the conainM of goodsby the above vessel, bound from London to this port, and stranded near Martha's Vineyard, it was determined to send an agent there for the purpose of attending to the proper - ty, and an adjourned meeting was fixed for tomorrow morning at ten o'clock at the counting bouse of Uie subscribers, when said agent will be ready to proceed on the businea, and it b ear - nestly requested that all concerned may attend. ALEXR. CRANSTON & CO. Jan 28 S8fine - st RS. W. WEST, late oi the Opera House" London, has the honor to inform the La - ' dies and Gentlemen of this city, that ber first PUBLIC BALL, in this country, will takepUre at the City - Hotel, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 4th Febiuury on which occasion she will introduce a variety of new and characteristic Uances, such us are now performed at the Operas and respectable Drawing Rooms in Europe. In the course of the evening, the following fancy Dfa - UCfw I 1. Mioueta Trois, by Mrs. W. Wett nod wo of her nupila. - 2. 3. 4. Ballet Ecosse, (a Scottish national danct) by six young Ladies An entirely new Cotillion by 8 young ladies. Pas Seul Tempo Adagio changing to Alle gro, by Mrs. W. West. 5 Pas de Cinque, by Mrs. W. West and a young Ladies. 6 Un C'hoix des Quadrilles, by 8 young ladies. QSr Ticketsl each, to be had of Mrs. W. West, No. 6 Hester - street, and at the bar of ths City - Hotel. Jaa 18 1 DMWSK TABLE CLOTllb, LINENS &c Just opened at No. 61 Maiden - lane ' 3 cases Irish linens, course to superfine 1 do long lnwm, assorted I do 5 - 4 stout Irish sheetings, assorted ' 1 do diaier and damask table linens, assorted, from 5 to 10 quarters wide 1 do super real doable damask table cloths, part very large tise, with elegant small and large uapkin to match 1 case notted counterpanes together with a geueral assortment of Dry Goods, for piece and retail sales, at very moderate prices. Also fnr Sale by thr. Package, A few cases Irish linens and long lawns, assorted Stout 5 - 4 Irish sheetings, Dmghcads Blarh 7 - 8 lirens glazed. White plaUllatJ Jat28 tf L kC. SUV DAM. r 'fc.8. 300 small boxes Kampoy lea, enti J. tied todeiienture. for sale by CaMBRELENG ti PEARSON, Jan 28 67 South - street. f 1NES. 8 ten gallon kegs very old and V I delicate Muscatel and faforet Wines. Cut op expressly for family use, and will be sold y Uie single kcr. Apply to O.G.& S. HOWLAXD, Jan 23 77 Washington street. COTTON. 40 bales prime Upland Cotton, for sale by R. k C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO. Jnn SHERRY WISE, tc - 8 pipes and 20 qr. casks superior sherry wine 8 qr. casks do. very old 200 qr. casks samos wine 24 hhds. Boston rum fur sale by G. G. & S. HOWLAND, jan 28 77 Washington - street. HERRINGS, f 7 I boxes 1st sort Herrings of superior i ao - avi aot quality. For sale by i Jan 28 ;ambreleng k PEARSON, 67 South street. QUERCU'KON BARK. FIFTY hhds. and boxes of very hoe qualify, for sale by H " G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, Jan 19 If Washington street hOXfc warranted American Tallow JJ Mould Candles, of different sires, from Winship's factory, Charleston, Mass. For sale by RIPLEY WELD, 1Q9 Priinl. rnmpr nf Kullnn - alrM Jan 98 0.E hundred bhls. Bristol Spanish Brown. 20 do White Lead, With a general assortment of Taints, dry sod ground, for sale by RIPLEY & WELD, 192 Front and corner of Fnlton - street. Jan 23 LO?'l , supposed to be stolen, a very line and valuable GOLD CHAIN, about four yards long if the same should be offered lor sale, either whole or iu pieces, infiirmation is requested to be given at this office, and a reward of twenty dollars is offered to be paid upon the conviction of the thief. Jan 23 3t" TWIST ami KlLLi.NG. WILLIAM CAMPBELL No. 197 Pearl - street, has received 1000 lb. of No. 12 and 13 Twist and Filling, from his factory at Patterson, which be will sell on fair terms. A rgu Inr supply of yarn from No. 10 to IB will be received weekly. Jan 28 tf WAN TED. A white girl about 16 years of age, to attend on a laiy and ont child. One who can bring recommendation satisfactory as to her disposition, neatness, fee. may hear of a good and permanent place, by applying immediately at No. 54 Greenwich - st jan 23 TRIMTY CHURCH LOTS FOR SALS ATAUCHOff. ON Wednesday, the 4th of February, will be sold at auction, by BLEECKER & BIB - BY, at Uie Tontine Coffee House, at 12 o'clock, a number of valuable building lots fronting oa Hudsop - street, Spring - street, and a street lately laid out between Greenwich and Hudon - ts. being lots formerly parts of Bren nan's Garden, and adjoining thereto. A plan of the lots may be seen at Uie office of the auctioneers, T. C. House. jan za ti - 15 DOLLARS REWARD. STOLEN last evening, from the entry of house No - 40 Warren - street, one fine blue surtout coat, lined with black silk in Uie sides and skirts, and a reddish brown silk in Uie sleeves. Also, two hatof midlin g size, not half worn, one lined with white silk and dark morocco, hatters name Brewster. The other had a wafer inside The above rew ard will be paid for the re covery of Uie whole er 10 dollars for Uie costs, apply as above. jan 28 tf POST CHAISE LINE. FOR PHILADELPHIA. The POST CHAISE, with every convenience for Passengers and their bngsnge (through in one day) will leave tne Post Chaise Dice, 118 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel every day (3o days excepted) at 7 o'clock in Uie morning, bf way of Newark, and arrive the same day at Philadelphia. The M AIL PILOT, in nnnnaition to the MaH Coach, with superior accommodations for Passengers and their haggase, will leave the sam 1 o'clock P.M. will proceed before theMail,and not subject to the inconvenience of slopping" the numerous Post Offices on the rond, but H'T accommodation provided for the traveller, anrt arrive some hours before Uie Mail at Philadel phia. Fart 7 dollars. JZT Aiigooas ana baggage aime the owner. . ' JOHNN.CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK& SONS, Prircetoe. STOCKTON &: I10VVELiIWdelt: JV. B. Expresses sent to any part of tht Wt States, by L. B AKER & CO. Jan 28 U

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