The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 3, 1913 · Page 3
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, December 3, 1913
Page 3
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Important Notice- To Skin Sufferers Try tliis New Remedy at Oar Risk We know the successful treatment of Skin affections is difficult, and so much money is spent by suffererswitliGut gettingrellefj that they are becoming skeptical and know not what to believe. . Our Generous Offer Know, therefore, all persons -who have any Skra affection that we will supply them -with our new and wonderful remedy--Saxo Salve--on the positive guarsntes--that if it does not beneSt them v/e will refund their money as cheerfully as v/e took it. Tb=re is ao remedy thai will core every disease--bet tbere are sonie tiiai v/e know to be honest, reliable, and of great curative value. Stich is Saso Salve. No Skia Sufferer should therefore beshaia to try Saxo Salve 02 this generous o2er. \Vetakealltheriskand beat eU the erperse if Sazo Salve fails--but as it succeeds in over 90' (, of the cases our risk is not great after alL Up tintil you Have Tried. SELX:O | THE B!G SANITARY T^}SE LOTS FOR TrfE MONEY Do not Give PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE Gettysburg, Pau slv.-a.ys ask for trace or: the basis cf superior gooes and service and right prices. V, r s want your Drug Store trade. Writing Christmas ! BEAUTIES OF "Thank You 5 ' [Notes' ~ c= V/rit2s About Scene the FecciJsr Features Pcsrcssed by Washing-cR. cf F. course Santa Claus v.-ili bring you some not/.; paper. Perhaps '· be will bring you some pret- It is :m;.-o=/;b:e to live m Washing- G - a -- ^ ac 't he smick by some pecul- ty correspondence cards ivith : iar restarts arfl seme peculiar faeati- your initial la the corner. The £r*t l - es which the c?ty possesses. In the use to make of any such present is in writing "Thank yvt!~" "notes to the persons who have seat you t:rst place, its s:ce has a great deal is admirable and charming;, is rising ground Inclosing on j al; sides a level space, and so making Don't let your mother or big sister ! a beautiful amphitheater between hilis tnUe this p!tr:iM:re av.33- from you Kc- ·- ^J^-^»5S«^^- ! :?^-~5rs3'- -V SIMPLE GIFTS FOR CHRIS! MAS TI.V.E. ~ *? ;T- - HERE THE UBIQUITOUS BUTTERFLY COMPLETES A SASH One O- ihe fiainueii. most icminine o; " are agrtiri used as 2. nnlsh. trimmings now tavured ;s ihe t-utter- Fjov.-ered sl!k crepon is th» msierfal. 2y. O* lace or ribbon it nds from the ' sho\ving^ 2. brigrt £ov.-er on an old blue chic tailored hat; of secuin? and net it . ground. The sash is of crepe d£- Chine. completes the evea-ng coiffur^ or trjm This desisn ma\" be copied in size 36 the sown. Ir. making a sash the temp- v. Uh six yares of thirty-six inch mate- tation is very great to have a butterfly ria!. bow in front or back. ?-s the new r:d- Another design attractive in its sim- bons and suki v.:ih thir brigJ.t Orien- plieity is slio-cm !a T71I. The blouse Is tai hues are periect!;.- suited to butter- s!:ght:y craped, and there is an cnder- gies. · biouse of net. Black satfn tr-'^imefi An afternoon frock c:sp:ayln? th« us- v-Ith the tiny iace fri-ling ar:c a butter- most Eirnplicity anj teniurer.e^s in 'is "" sash \vas used i~ the i!!usrration. ^de! t.-" thi is :;-iart of the Christmas ke iz twrk it w;I! be fna. If yctrr o\vu fauit. Commence thinkias Iscfnrchnad ivhar you v.-:iar to say in these ueally writr«n "Thank you"' notes. r?~ yon have soznethin:; all tbotnrbt out" half tbe work is already done. One of the first things you'd think of If yon were speaking uirecdy to the giver tvould be just vrhat the present TK-as. Yon -vvouidn't say to Cousin Kate.^ for Instance. "Thank you for yonr present."' * Vou vrould be pretty snrf to Fay fe^- what the gift ~as. This is^ one of the- bi:r things to rernem- ber tvhen you --nre yonr "Tfcank yoa" notes. Mcnz'on the present in each case." · a rea! persona- touch to youriijote. and;Tircves that you didn't jret your presents mirced cp. If you are"oae oftLfTfortuartte children tvSd jjet ever so !n.-iry pres-c-cts l-e snre,to keep track of the nacaus of the c-vers. Jt there is a card .iiiaeheu don't take it off cnfii yon are sure yon v. :!I re- meraber just 'tvho ~~^.~Q yo;i thatparric- nlar s!ed or doii or nitric Iox. If you are aira:d of spoIHas: some sheets of your pretty neve- paper before yon "et the note uice'y placed jret some one to cut a eounSe of pieces of ordinary paper of just the same size ss yonr Christmas note paper. With a little practice yon vi;i iearn just ho^v far up on the pace to hejrfn and aoont bo-nr far dov.-n on t!;e pajre your i:sra-3 -cvill come. Xo one expects a lor:: letter just at Ciiris-tnias time, bnt every one has a rhrht to expect a prettily expressed, neatly written note of thanks v.-hen there is no chaace for a "Thank you"' in words. O-*- that are rich -vrith v oocs. -svrites I Jarnes Crj'ce, lace Srit:ih ambassador, j := Varlonal Geographic Xasazine. On ths ncrcb. east a~d "vest sidles o" XVashingto^, cr:d to seme extent c^ the seuili. cr Virginia, side also, al- tiorigh there the dif5c-j!:ies long-, straight lines :s sh"v.~ in 752'J. The skirt has tbree broad tucks near the fc-et. each hepded Tvith sev-ral the lines o; tbe skirt ar-3 serve o= tri"n- rr.Ingr. A surpl.-.e '.;-s;^g :c.a.'.t -s tS« ?ize C6 requires for th:s m^de! four me thre=-fourtas yards of thirty-six incri materiaL rc.-. Tf.^O--sizes 3^ to -2. Xo. Till--s:ses 34 t^ 42. h pattern 15 c^n-s. ! '; of loco-1 .i. niotion are greater o" account ot the j "I*O otr*2.n fri^rer pstzcrn il' .^i*2X^il '. -oti* this coupor £"c encase ir- cents stamps or co.s. 3* sure to s-ate nu~ic heavy mud ia the roads, the country i' c ' Pattern and s'.?y. measun-s ever tbe j v TuHest part of the b-jst. Ac5ress Pc-Ttcm . . . . . l! Dcpartmeat, care of this T-T----- miui as thai -- aich ac;oins ar-y of the ' great capitoi cites of Europe, except, of coarse, Constsztizople, ^i::! Its tvonderful Bosnorns . -o European city has so noble a cacaracc is :is vicnity as the Great Xa--e - ) Address !; ji i A Gitt rviother Will Like. Dcinty embroidered and l^ce trim _, . . , ,17-.. - 17 «. ' JT «,· ! Hied, bibi alwavs ro"rm narr of :in in- Th»s Is s Gift Within the Means of Atlc . . , -_;· - . ., , . ; tant s layette. They are beautiful, but ' perishable thuijrs - to handle. Conse- DAINTY NAPERY. and Useful to Ail- Falls of the Potomac--a magnlncenc -r- ae . hor^e-.vTfe'= linen c'o^et i~ never - , - - , , ;-:ec- o j =ceae-^ v-*ii c -- von ~m -' - ·, ' , ~. ., t -°^ e '- 5 - _«- eT ^ ouenuy every jouns mother wnl ie »..=t._ v- _.Bje... x._.c-- _-cu «iu, ^.^ 0 r i ; jf ta ..r v.; ;e f a! ! S ro apprecian thirty leasing prcserve. Vierma has some p:ct-crsq"e coaa- trr. hills and TTOOGS and rceka. ^r a cistance ci ttv-eaty-Sve cr miles. London also has very landscapes of a softer type -^itaia about that distance; bat i kso^. of ao great city ic Europe 'except Ccr.stan- tiaople) ;hat has quite close. :a :ts vary environs, such beautiful scenery c.s has vrashingion ia Rock Creek Park ard in n;any of the woods that stretch aJOEg iLe -Potomac on the north ana also on tie south sid^ tvith the bread river in the center am: richly T.cocpfJ slopes descencins boldly to It on each sfae. Berlin stards in a sa-cy traste. perfectly f:at. v. ith here and there a ! A Prayer For the Children! ^*£^ enever children so ;o .- o sto=-^-=s up with care j ^ E terlrgc e d. owing to namerojzs ncols I prsv trat Santa Clacs sorrjeno-K- · , ^~ and swamps. Paris, again, has some agreeable landscapes within reach. br;t nothing at all striking, nothing nearly so firss 33 hin^ their ; trat Santa find the tsrrie to jouraer there. I prav no l.ttle ch::5 w-;n Tra:-;e At morri to find izpon bis cot Ar. empty stockinj: arid to weep Because old Santa Claus forgot. For Santa Clacs is not a:-*re The patron saint of rich. I'm si;re. But he is loved as dearly by The little chiidren of the poor. Ann so I pray that he rnav The poorest crchiri Jn the 3and And that no Iittie t--iSting- ch;'J ilay wake to weep and cnderstanl- --Ustroit Free I'ress. ET--ampy pond or Inke, ace a si-jg^isa stream meanders through, it. ic faas become, throujrb. the e;Tons of the government and its o~a citizens, an impcs-Ing city; b*ut tie eav;rc=s can never be beautiful, because retire has been very ungracio"3. St. Petersburg lias a sp!enc!5 ~ater frc"t facing i's grai:c river, the Neva. its vast rush of ccic green ^ater. covered -^r:th ice in -srinter aad chiMing seeiaing to chill the land_ scai5e !n suimaer. That, ho--iver. is j the only beauty St. Petersburg has. { The country is fat and in icany places * a cliamied if some oae presents her child wt-!! «?!eci«: ~-f: cf napery. Ainthing a _ Christmas time with a preltv bib from tablecloths to doilies, from fancy ' jj O ig er aheer.x ro pillowcases, will be welcomed · j ust " :te t h i n z is iilnstrated-a bib 1 here is a hemstitched pi!- · ^ -ne of a set. They are all i;e made from a shal!ow . ~ embroidered trirb tbe recipient's iniriai and i:re bandm-de of Sue liaen. i Centerpieces of heavy linen lace and i in:;s!in embroidery are easily made j anu are not expensive considering their; oniatnenral efiTect. ExceedingSy pretty j centers can be eroived from cluny lace! ancl heavy Irish linen, vrirb eye:etiing. I n addition to the napery upon the , large, round paper box. inside and out with some kind of CASE FOE BABY'S BEST crss. i dainty =ilk. ^ «· i a^inty PI-K. anc ' \! j gathered raiEes \\ \ bon. In pale- blue and about the li-i sew of TWO inch satin r;b- or.pinfe. In the cen- i ter is pLiced the Lrsque head of a taby . doll- The 5id is tied to the bottom of '. the box by means of ribbon lies. A I sachet is fitted in the bottom of the ' case. Miss Baby's First Christmas. Don't think: about the baby's present keep .,, _· ^. . . _ _ j ~ - - ~ -- " ~ - " - ! dav. One of tbe trifles which can ne *u« T.-ud wrest as Wasmngton aTiorcs^ in a fine design. , infinitely kept, because it takes up The sains thing may oe sa'.d cf Bed sets, cor.sistin- of spread. j.iUow , scarce i v arjv space, is a hnncer for J^adna. it stands on a level, ana tne ] covers and valance, are always n wei- j p etticoats . T ufc is simply a 4 by IS nioar.tair.s are too distant to conie j come addition to tbe napcrr cIcM?t. and j incll str .- :r of ibia fcoard. padded with effectively into the landscape, and its j what color to select need not worry the only -=»ater is a wretched little brook- ] donor, as the smart thinTM In tbee let called the Mansanares. i outfits is white scrira trin^med with j cotton craslj The Shoppers. Oh. have yea seen the shoppl-s crash TVhere the bargains are? "Kith pallic! face ar»3 Eolernii hush ?.Ian views it from afar, Bat -woman braves tie a'arful f^t Anfl does sot lose her head. And angels, so to speafe. rush in ere others fear to tread. ies-csdjes In each hand Sfeath her elbows, too. '~ sweet and bland ^ j eyelet embroidery or liTet 'n*--rrio~. ] £ O this i -- ] edging and motif. A dozen of hncka- | th-Te a~ -s j bnck towels of extra Jenjrtb. bordered 1 w j lo -n-ni and then covered witl or satin hand painted with ·nv fibres. And if von can't your otrn b STe p i elir y of voting art n-3de*us bacfe towe'is of extra Jengtb. bordered ] w]lo -^5 = : a d3y do it for a dollar. This -n-jtb an app'.ied design la co!or. are j j^,.,^ s ; 2O ; j3 rt i 3O 3d at least ei=;bt book?. useful. If you wou:d carry joy to tbe j ai] ^ |f J O K ji nTe plenty of money-- or for something iiev?. tball giants -woi:3d not chance % broken limbs a^d i:ecks nsk xchom in our ignorance style "the ·weaker sex." n Star. laen there is ocr English I.cadori, wcic!T stands to a ratbe- tame conn try. It is free that there are some charming bits of cniet and pretty rural scenery in Surrey and Sussex, within a distance of from twenty to j housewife's heart send Sier some gnesi j affection for yonr small nit^-e--bave thirty miles, and there are pleasing | room towels in heavy linen wi;b ends j *hes* hocks of soiid silver that thev beech woods covering the chalky hills 1 done sa fourteenth century stitching, j ^3- no: nst any damp sk:rf b^ng "ing covered the 5oarl books, ail that is of broad pink or i tbe centers of ;he Sowers used with j t,j,- e rib,on. tern^natins at the fnstea- A pcpervieight may be made of Christmas ribbon in the form of s bsg ii!!id v/ith bird shot or lead and tied with narrow ribbon at the top. 3» For a small Wetter cut half a 5 dozen different co'ored blotters Q the sire of a postal card, bore a A hole through blotters and postal w card at each end and tie to*y geiher with Christmas ribbori- ^ Choose a card with an appro- '| priata greeting. ^ An attractive way to make a i floral calendsr is to take twelve '· sheets or sketching paper, cut 5? into some neat design and paste on each leaf the floral symbols 4 of each month. You can cut the f flowers from any seed catalogue. . "The ecrlendar leaf should be J* tastefully placed. ^ A gift quickly made is a dec- t orated tablet, which is useful for recording messages. Buy any -K kind of a tablet and carefully remove the cover so that tho g cloth binding will not be spoiled. S Make a new cover from bright V red mounting board 2nd decorate ^ it v/sth holly leaver cut from I, white paper colored green. Ar^ range the leaves in bunches or ? wreaths. A Coat hangers are always ac^ ceptable and are easily made at- X tractive. One covered vjith holly X ribbon, with a bunch of frosted "? artificial hol'y leaves attached to iff jL the v/ire, is pretty. v A useful shirt waist bag may "% be mace from a yard and three/i fourths of white paper cambric- ·'· Use narrov/ -=pe for drawstring ^ and cotton floss TO work the in- i itia!s of the owner. ^ A suitable prsEent for a little % t oirl is a riny k:mono. One can * be trradc in an hour frcm any 'y preferred material. s a e i j Three Big Bowling Matches I j Tues., Dec. 2. Gettysburg vs Biglerville [Duck Pins] I1 Thurs., " 4. " « » [Ten Pins] | Wed., " 10.Table Rock" " [DuckPins] | will be held Roths Bowling and Billard rooms in | Biglerviile. All maches are scheduled icr 8 P. M. ' 1 The public is cordially invited to witness these con- jl tests. No admission is charged. 4!^ 11 i ^3 Practical Girl. The Baltimore girl \vho recovered her health and used as a wedding gown she had made v.-hen told she could not get ·well, is a practical person v.-ho ivill be able to make the skeleton of yesterday's roasc chicken into tomorrow's hash.--L-ojiisviile Cou- rier-Joarnal. Medical Advertising Easy To Barken your Gra? M\ \ oil can Bring Back Color and Lustre wiih Sage Tea and Sulphur vfhen yoa darken your hair \vith Snsre Tea ard Sulphur, no one can tell, because it's "done so na'carally. so evenly. Preparing: ibis mixture, though, at home is mussy and troublesome. For 50 cents 3-011 can buy at any drag- store the ready-to-use tonic called ·'Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Remedy." You just dampen a sponge or soft brush -with it and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. By morning- all gray hair disappears, and. after another application or tv.-o. your hair becomes beautifully darkened, gloss:-- and luxuriant. You v,-iil also discover dandruff is gone and hair has stopped falling. Gray, faded hair, though no disgrace, is a sign of old age. and as -sve all desire a youthful and attractive appearance, get busy at once with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur and look years yocnger. IJSAMPIE FREE' Try ii for nasal and dry catarrh. sneezing, cold, in tie head, hay fever or 2nr complication resuming from chronic catarrh. Keeps the breaihiaz passages open, tires rfvias socsd. restful sleep aad ·^o;rorz-s- Soothes and teals tte inSaaied ^:en:br3=cs. F:=e for aose b-eed- Get Kosdoa's. the orisinal a=d ges^iae Catanii- sl Je!;r. at fir=scis:s or direct, ra saal^ry tubes. 25^ or 50c- Sample free. Tfrite Hondon MIg. Co^ Minneapolis, Mien. For sale by People's Drug Store Gettysburg, Pa. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP ."":icf i- here"5 dven that ibe par- iierrh:r Ia;e]y s-ubsietjiis between ]N-xs5. ^V. Sell and Aar«n ?. SiesrifT. of Kast I Berlin. Adams County, Henna., under] the firm *i ;:w East IJerlin Mining! Coairany, was 15ci!\td by mutual c-on-j sent ai of is:* 1st HAV r.f Xoveml-er. 191 ;. , receive*! 13 sa;-i Aaron S. Si^rist. an31 all demands n tlso r-ar-ncrsliio arc to 5e prest-nt^i to h:n for payment, an! who I an'l uu'ier s-.isonn «anw a~* o'e o-a ner.« "w.'SELL. ' 1 j the scrolls are aiso in yellow stitching | the work is extremely effective. i The Chimney Climber. Quoth Santa Cla-as, 'Tni g-etting fat. And. though Tm not a churl. 1 teinlc the person for this Job - Would be the hipSess girl." --Harper's "Weekly. Old Custom Survives. Labels That Won't Come Off. To label a bottle so that tbe label is The ancient custom "horn dancing"' j took place at Abbot Broailey, Burton- on-Trent, England, recently, when costumed dancers carrying reindeer horns which have been stored in the church for four centuries, and astride hobbyhorses, went through the countryside to the strains of rag-time music. j Perfected Stained Glass. ] 'A Birmingham (Ens.) firm is stat| ed, to have a valuable invention on the j treatment of stained glass windows i which is being patented. As new con! Btructed tbe picture on a stained glass ^ roof and ^^ fail o ^ fte fo] . window can only be seen trom the ffir , Jo ]an recominei , de j ln .Caffi . side of a balding by dayligat but tins : era ^^ A strf Q£ Wack aasse . j invention makes it possible t or the · bin | picture to be seen after teri^ ^nen h round ^ ^ ^, ^^ i no light is shining through it from the inside. Some winaows already i j j placed have proved satisfactory. SHELL oysters always on hand at Evans' Restaurant United Phone.-- adveitisement j done with white ink or paint. A little j hot paraffin wax poured over it makes ! it waterproof. The white letters on a background can 'be read in a very feeble light. ing ends vrith if.s; lx-?rkaots. If the clothes hnujrer is goinc to be too expensive for your pnrse--or your alTection--srnn Miss Dnhy nn ir.niv:d uai Trorkbasket- Tle?e look jio^itive- ly infantile. lccai:se they nre :i!mo«t miniature affairs of white rash, with bottoms and inch Inch sides ami 5iim?:« of pnle !!«? or pale pink quilted satin- Across tbe rim from end to end run narrow ribbon lines holding roels of Sac thread. From one corner swings a silver covered needle and pin book and from the diagonally opposite cor- j ner a big bow of satin ribbon, with ' long ends gathered on to the handle of a pair of tiny scissors and an Ivorr DODGE ZUILL'S "EASY" n \Vas*.tr Uar.d or All Steel, and Copper ^, rts- tilt :o 'f. - - Wcmen C.rcu'str"; fr"e_. Wute our asrtst David Kncuss, Arer.dtovjlle. P.I Don't fail to see these picked teams from nearby towns. The Best Light on Any Subject Rayo lamps give the softest, steadiest light for work or play, for young or old. No straining of the eyes. A constant comfort to all the farnilj'. Solid brass, nicke! plated. Handsome. Strong. Easy to clean and rew'ck. Lighted without removing chimney or shads. .... At.dealers everywhere, or write for descriptive circular. " - - -.:' THE ATLAimC REFINING COMPANY Phikdelpbla Pittibnrga eseare S t y c Great''-- you'llhear that from almost everybody at the table "IseintomZ/ every time a plate of Aunt Jemima's delicious pancakes comes In piping hot from the kitchen. Aunt Jemima's makes the finest cakes that ever went into your mouth--the plump, tender kind--light_as a feather--temptingly ^ browned, and Urn! so delicious to taste. Spread thick with good, fresh butter and lots of syrup, they are greaf- '-'·-. -.,. ~\ Have Anzit Jemima's for tomor- '?% /-\ row's breakfast. Takes just a ^Jl \ minute to stir 'em up. Good for \ and muffins, too. Your grocer has Aunt Jemima's in a bright red package. (Read what it says en the top about the fanny Rag Dolls for the kiddies.) Aunt Jemiiiia/s Buckwheat flour V- comes in white packages, Ask for it. cc Cost More--Worth Most Waverly" Oils and Gasolines Gasolines--Illuminants--Lubricants--Wax--Specialties Waverty Oil "Works Co. Pittsburgh

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