Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 13, 1944 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1944
Page 6
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T. JML IS, 1M4 CTTT GLOBE-GAZETTI fAsks Probe lof Poll Taken ^pf Soldiers *_Waahlafian, « " ) -- C h a i r m a n a-. i .-.*» I * en . D.-R. I.), ol the senate .v.;-;*I*cfaons committee Thursday~de- "£·:·; SWiided'that the war department sSSS^P! 1 ** 16 a sampling ol political gntmnring among American troops g«Jin England, reported by Chairman -SV*a«rraon. Spangler of the. republi- ;^ean\national committee : to have ·S;;«bowh a, trend toward his party. ,*·%. Calling attention to war depart- ii r-h 1 ?*"* ; ? i T cul " r *li" of Feb. 5,- 1M3, : .-; s: ^ frohibitini army personnel f 'polls, 3 ffi^wqiots or 'straw votes' on opinion :·;*[ ;· --^research,' other than those which c-,7 .-'have been authorized by the war ;, «!', department," Green said'in a.let- '·:|W ster delivered by messenger to Seg- '·-* ;-- t : .retaty of War Stlmson Thursday ItSife'P 1 * 88 reports of Monday .state ft-. 7i that -Harrison Spangler, chairman """ -4* r 'tte.-: republican national coth- ».-i-t'H l *.*~ e · sponsored a survey of po- !«·^. Hfacal opinion among our armed ·"""' forces-ill England. ·t :; - : -- : j;"In/common with other mem- |'*;.P«^pf the senate I am deeply con- *i'···'? cerned with this, matter, since it ,i:£v' the midst of a method to ,,j.: nwwre the right of secreUballpt to f,K%f¥«*y member of the armed forces ter~*»} provided in the bill sponsored If-??jointly by Senator Scott Lucas "and f_f^f I · , v ... ."Having in mind the language of ?''£ war department Circular No. 41, ; V/dated Feb. 5, 1943 a^j issued by A5 CSuef. of Staff Gen. George C. ; : s llarshali I believe that a thor- C/iOugh investigation should b« made :''-:by;the war-department. I would ;v appreciate being advised if the r.WWi department has instituted an .-. mvestigation and if so, having a X-.complete report when ready." '-'.-'fi.Spangler told newspapermen in. S:-'-P^?* 0 tnat an informal survey .'.^TMy. ^:reserve officers among troops t-^in..England showed a republican ;·'_:. .trend. ·:7;? Democratic Leader McCormack ,".:«ndBepablican/Leader Martin ex,; changed verbal'darts on th'e-sub- -.riect on the house floor Tuesday, ( -.then agreed informally to.let the ·:,.;'whole matter drop. Is Blamed for Mystery ,-y, (jPK-An "opening in ' of the court house vaults ', seized liquor was blamed ..--.-^.-- - f °r the disappearance of .- ·ome of,the liquor in a report by : tbe : grand jury late Wednesday^ .'·;'i}v-Tne report stated that the grand '"· Jury; "finds no evidence upon V:;-*bJch L lo establish" -a criminal fcen^rge in his case against any per- ·r'fOB'or persons." .- . V%~ ,Tbe investigation was undertak- " «njby. the grand jury at the re----"^pf County Attorney Edward """?.response; to the re-- » ' :of Municipal Judges George '-; Paradise and Beriy sisk about 10 ago. The liquor - h a d been O;-a» evidence, by police 6f- 1 in raids and had iseen stored : 1 6 courthouse 'vault pending '--' i J* ual » c e'.'«rf orders donating it to v*** hospitals. " / - ' - '-'·v ·'.}*£* 1 * -* 1 * IJQuor went, the jury ; ' ° * « . « « . w « through "ah open- wall up toward the ceil- °^"TM8 Jeads into an y: room which is accessible to _ .anyone." ·'-.;;-.; .; . - ; . . : : -^ThV'opening was discoverea by . * - c l«k °f 'the. district court went to the vault to ob- of £les which- are, e, the jury explained. ,·*» immediate bricking up of the opening was ordered and coni- REGAUA -- Haul ! Duekett BWdeb nre feathered dance regalia from a head-huntlnr S*otb American Indian tribe m display -at L*s Aacelea County ,M«etuat of j History, Science ud Art. '' ' POLES STUDY RUSSIAN OFFER Leaders Confer With British Secretary Eden London, (U.R) -- Polish Premier Stamslaw Mikolajczyk and Foreign Minister Tadeusz Romef conferred with British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden Thursday presumably* over the Russian proposal for settlement' of the .frontier, problem.·: - . The cabinet was understood to have completed a statement after 2 days of- consideration of ''Russia's offer to.'coroprpmise the -border dispute, possibly along the "Curzon line".of 1919. . Polish circles anticipated ^ a the statement-would avoid' making a commitment on the border question with the implication that it :ould be negotiated once relations Between the 2 governments, broken last April, were resumed. RUSSIAN; PUBLISH MAPS WITH "CURZON. LINE" Moscow. newspapers Thursday published " large maps showing - the "Curzon -line" of 1919 in relationMo the September, 3939,. Russian-Polish frontier. Publication of. the maps indicated that the Soviets were stand- ng on .their; offer to rearrange the rentier, restoring to Poland at east 7,000 .miles of the territory occupied by the red army at the beginning of'the war. CHilJD TAKEN ILL Nashna^-WiUie, 11-months-old on of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Lee, was taken! critically-ill with pneumo- iia and convulsions'and was taken o the Allen Memorial hospital in Waterloo, lor ^treatment, Bur ,Wir Savinrs Bonds and tamps from., jr.our Globe-Gaxette carrier-.boy; leted, the report discloses, jtt has een rumored that as much as 95 uarts of liquor were missing. Citizens Pleased But Perplexed by Twice Around WoHd ^ ^J ****- K. BTIMBMtGER V l^i « vjJ Iow » »»«y Press Writer) M*r6m thisNew Year fare H^'S a'^t ff lkcs ' thwe Perplexity derived - will- raise Burma sported a ten tweed suit a ^« 7 S ^^'ahvely dressed. ticks and tie He is " ° f rcd enl ivening his won't " Greek and German, Anxious to Battle Nazis, Are Inducted Cw»p Dodte, (/P)--A Greek and a German who said they are anxi- ousrto come to grips with "'Hitter's army were - inducted · ,into. ,,the American armed forces here Wednesday. They are Nicholas Petetelbs, 30, Waterloo, Iowa, who served with the Greek-army ;on the Albanian border iii;1940 and'1941, and Peter Lustig,~22, Ames.ilowa, who came to; this country,Irom his native Berlin in 193$. · · , . ' , .-:, ' Petetelos, who siittered shrapnel wounds shortly before the fall of Greece, has' been -working · in a Waterloo packing phint. His wife and 2 young children still are in Greece.,.: - .- -~ ··:'... . .... .. ·. -.Lusting has : been studying'' veterinary -medicine at iowa State college. His parents are in Amsterdam, Holland arid his brother -is a pilot.with the'British Royal air-, force.' - . .·-'.'·· ·:· Bar \ War Savinci, Bonds an* Stamps from y.ur Globe-Gazette carrier boy. Report San Frantisco, Housing Facilities · . Taxed Beyond Capacity S»» Francisco, (U PJ--yhe Chamber or Commerce "said Thursday that 150,000 new residents are crowding San Fidncisco's housing facilities beyond capacity. The population, listed by the 1940 census as 634,536, has grown to more than, 800,000, the 'Chamber of Commerce said, .fit said thousands were improperly housed and others are being turned away. More" than 2,000. -persons; who fled-Hawaii at the .outbreak of the war are stranded iin^tne city,: uni able: to -return home .because of lack- of^spaae. on, ships carrying military · supplies.'-td the Pacific outposts. -.,; . ':. · : - . = ··.-. ···^ JUMOKS GIVE/PLAV - Forest'city--The junior:ciass;bf the high ^school was;'to .present "Second Childhood" a '"farce-comedy in 3 acts', : Thursday evening, at the civic .center. The play is under the direction o'C Mrs. Mary Wheeler ol Northwood. ' - . . ' ; - GIVES EGG PRICE SLUMP REASONS Receipts Up TO-12 Per Cent From Year Ago Several reasons for the current slump in -egg; prices,- which, has come a few weeks - earlier, than normally, are provided by Ralph Baker. of the Iowa State college extension service. . Receipts of; eggs at 200 midwest markets are up'-12 per /cent above ar.year ago. Major .markets in the nation reported receipts up 10'per cent from a "year ago.. . - ' ' ' · : · SkelT e«c» in iterate at the inajor markets this, week -are »»- vroxlMateljr C2 per cent mere than a year· ago. - ' - . - r , - . .-..-' i. . · - . ' . · The nation-has been eating more eggs than normal, due largely,to meat.rationing..This increased demand may be suffering to some extent from the reduction-in point requirements in meat rationing. This influence will be only temporary in Baker's opinion. Support prices can be expected t»»mrMti Ww 2* a»e Price ttr, tke war aWve 32 cento IB Iowa, Baker prtdlcU. In spite of this, he expects the egg-feed ratio for Iowa producers to continue less favorable than a year ago With egg prices about 6 cents per dozen below a year ago. and with feed costs up from 15; to 20 per cent it is likely that culling of unprofitable birds may offset the reduction in profits to some extent. . .-... .Some .support to the current price. may come : from anticipated heavier, buying by the war food attounistration, now that we are getting into.' the major' egg-drying period, as well as .'from heavier buying by the armed forces. ·· '." · · ' · « · ' - ' -. · · -, . .' ': TOUTH GKOl'PS MEET -- Methodist Youth Fellowship of the Williams church will entertain the Fellowship groups.of the sub-district at Williams next Monday at 8 p. m. The Fellowship- groups invited are froin Alden and Ellis, Dows, Morgan, Popejoy and Lee Center, Radcliffe and Ellsworth Iowa Sends in 41 Tons of Toothpaste, Shaving Cream Tubes to Salvage Des Moint*,,(Pj--Iowa has sent more than 41 tons of empty toothpaste and'shaving cream tubes to the tin salvage institute in the last year for processing into war materials, R. J. Cavanaugh o£ Des Moines estimated Thursday. · He said the Des Moines Drug company, of which he is executive vice president; has sent at least 56 barrels of empty tubes to the Newark, N. J-,-institution and tha't other r. Iowa wholesale' drug companies probably have sent in about 150, barrels more. Each barrel contains about -400 pounds ,of tubes. The-'companies, receive the':tubes from drug stores..'' .; Druggists have been requiring that an empty tube be turned in when a full one is purchased,'but beginning March- 1-this practice will be discontinued,-government officials have announced.. .'.:·:.. The wholesale companies have ; been collecting the-tubes in their own trucks and through, their salesmen. Other tubes-have come in to the" firms lay exprcM. Tho companies pay the expenst.of re««- packing, but the tin salvage'insti. ute pays the freight from the col» lection point, Cavanaugh, ex» plained. DIES AT BLUFFTON , V oftOi--Funeral services were held Tuesday for John P. Donlan. 78, at St Bridget's Catholic church in Bluffton with the Rev. George Mahqiiey officiating.--Buri, lal was in the cemetery adjoining £ the church. Mz-. Donlan'died Saturday evening at his home in Bluffton township of a heart at-' tack after a year"s illness. - . Rectal Soreness G«t R*U*f N*w Easy Way ' ' ' . -- S i t t o Comfort ' T O c . p « » ) « Kli«v«r of itcbim*. Baiafcil rtctal (octal** -MTOOrtooa Khid. n*r aa» ·ecanpnr · piles and fcemotrbMdi. Biiuff Kothinr . ffattol comfort upon contact, fonu pri. tcctioz Sim ov« tore area, bc!n datror . infection* (eras aid Nature beal up raw, '. fl* tifWM. «o«U-no»reai«to»Ufi« f'.othinr. Sold -on money back zaaraBtee. Get tbi ttMieni rtlkl loi»r . . . ut for PROLARMON RECTAL - Hopkim Drug Stoics . SETS 13 NOttTH FEDEKAL. ATE. NATIONALLY FAMOUS . DANCE ·** HOVfLTY IANDS -A~- v ^" S«»*»l-» fl.OO VALUE\ f ,'^u ti . A ,'riir: UPSTKK LADIES CLOTH wmm ^^^if m B-COHPLEX CAPSULES . Dr.LYONS ootfa Powder SACCLHAMN LARGE S I Z E AlpenKrauter -ffi£ 1« VITAMIN B COMPLEX CITRATE * Shave Soap 4 Prophylactic ^;i VlCK'Sv»roi»u« SELTZER Dental PlateBrush45 BISODOL MINTS K HI IN I SHAMPOO ALKA SELTZER RALEIGH °* VELVET mm Soap Box FEEN-A-MINT Hht4c.eP.Hsfnf.r5c Paper T6wds2gr. 11' i veA| DISIN L l a U L FECTAI ^ Jijiiji · Laric Orcutn^ ' ^ VOHlDS 0 P«kci styk ^-. Pot Holders EX. 4 C Cystex a MINTS pM^"n^u-'p, 0 p 3l l c Fttch Shampoo 25. 59° JERGEH'S LOTION Ctothesline 27 C Carters .^TJS Clw.«oi$Skin.; 43 C MIDOL TABLETS Union Leader T2s 6V MUSTEROLE CORONET 25c J ENVELOPES .. . o SHEETS Value EVOTYOUtS I.AUGE _ , 11 OUNCE Value S.S.S. TONIC TABLETS^X-asll' ·nvelopes 15 Thumb Tacks 36^5«|WASH CLOTHS.^10' MSH CLOTHS 2 r»7 e | Orchid Bubble B«tti 39c PEPTO-BlJMIL Stationery.:.;;';, 59- SARAKA CRAYONS6 c .?y/ 4 r Stationery VASELINE MUCILAGE v.,'!v, 3 VITAMINS PLUS MBURS CE CLASS t^^ HERNOMETB.i » OUNCE G R A D U A T E D -NARROW N E C K 5c VALUE $1.00 VALVE · Playing Cards v^. CALOX SHOE LACES SOBiBB'S "SS DEATH TO MOTHS IARVEX BOTTLE BRUSH ABD6 VITAMIN GROVE'S ABD JOHNSON A JOHNSON BAND AIDS... READY OA C BANDAGES09 VITAMIN CAPSULES Potency Guaranteed Handy, all-in-one bandages Tor small curs, burns or blister* CJairol appUcatioo and youTl r«r- S*^ * T *? i" r «« "«« ou loot "oWer." For CWroI yow hair luwrooj ne» color . ' color) Caution I UK only »« directed on f.bcl. FOR USUAL COLD MISERIES 35c SIZE GROVES COLD TABLETS 27 C -- '· · ' · ^^" · ;- · SIZE NEW FAMILY SIZE STIMACij

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